BangRaJun Episode 17

Be warned: approach this episode with a smile then you should be all right  🙂


Episode 17

Part 1

“KrungSri Ayutthaya”

Thub is detained. He says, “I did my best, my RaJun fellows…”

Cannonballs continue to hit RaJun Camp.

Thub says, “I could repay you only this much….”

Sang and Khab duck the blast. Feng feels a sudden pain in her belly. Feuang tells her to sit down. Feng says she can handle it. Feuang tells her not to be stubborn, at least think of another life inside her. Feng says their enemies are coward attacking them with cannons, but they must make them see that they aren’t scared to die. “They will never defeat RaJuns’ hearts! Let’s go!”

Villagers are trying to put out the fire.

NuatKaeo feels sad looking at lives lost. He tells the camp seniors to get out there and fight, whether death or alive, let them see their courageous hearts, and not to let the enemies insult and call them cowards who get frightened by cannons. “Let’s not be like that. If we will become captives, let them have corpses!”

Khun San says he likes what Kaeo is saying. If they stay put, they will die anyway, but if they fight, they will only die sooner, but will trade with some enemies’ lives.


“Our volunteered group to die will line up and take turn to let them kill us. The defeated ones shouldn’t stay alive to be insulted. Let’s get out there and let them wipe out Rajuns!” Khun San shouts.

They cheer.

In tells NuatKaeo, “Go, my friend.” then he orders, “Open the gate!”


They march out of the camp.

Chote shouts, “Close the gate!”

“Ban Khun Lok Camp”

Suki is giving order to his troops. He says they will attack them at the back of the camp and fire cannons to stop them from fleeing, none of them must survive.

“While I, will lead the troops to attack at the front. We will have a good time circling them and slash them from the front and the back. We mustn’t let those Rajuns know and be alerted.” Suki says.

Ong Nai hides from them while listening.

Khun San reaches the front line. Ava soldier sounds the drum.

Suki shouts, “I’m confident that I and my army will destroy those Rajuns to pieces!”. The troops cheer.

Mayi-woon runs to tell Saya that there are Rajuns coming close to their camp. Ong Nai is worried.

Khun San and his group run to face with their enemies. More Ava troops rush out of the camp for a counterattack.

“BangRaJun, fight!” Khun San shouts.


More Ava troops keep pouring out of their camp. Rajun forces are outnumbered, and Khun San got shot from behind.


Part 2

PunRueang tells ThongSaengYai to get down from the tower and console the campers. There are only two of them left now. ThongSaengYai asks if he’s sure that Khun San and Jun (NuatKaeo) will not return ever. PunRueang asks if, until now, he still thinks those warriors will come back.

With teary eyes, ThongSaengYai asks if he’s not going to let him have a tiny hope left at least.

“We are the camp’s leaders, do not show them your weakness. They ran from troubles to rely on us. They thought we could protect them. Just go down and console them.” PunRueang says.

ThongSaengYai wipes his tears and walks down the stairs. The villagers get back to work fixing the wreckage.

PunRueang looks far beyond on the top of the tower, hoping for a sign of any survivors.

Back to the front line, Khun San bravely marches toward Ava gunmen and got shot again. NuatKaeo fights all his might, nevertheless, he gets slashed many times all over his body. Both Khun San and NuatKaeo continue to fight even when they are severely injured.


Back at KrungSri, a soldier splashes a bucket of water at Thub’s face. Thub appears bruised and blue from being tortured. Meun Sri asks Thub if he will tell him who sent him here or not.

“I came from RaJun Camp.” Thub says faintly.

Meun Sri punches his face. “You’re lying! Would a traitor like you even pick up a sword to fight the battle? You had deserted. A spy is hard to speak out. Splash him! Get him out and I will whip him till he dies in my hand.”

“Stop! Do not whip him!” A official walks over. He says Thun JaoKhun Rattanathibet asked him to bring this prisoner to him. Meun Sri argues that he told him already that he would interrogate this man himself.

The official says he can’t do that because Khun Luang Wat Pradu gave a royal command for him to come take this man for an audience. Meun Sri turns away and wonders why the matter has to reach the ears of the king’s (ordained) younger brother.

The official orders the soldiers to release Thub.

Part 3

Thub is having an audience with (former) King Uthumphon (who entered monkhood). He lies on the floor feeling too weak to get up. The monk comes to stand in front of him.

Thub pays respect to him.

“Khun Luang Wat Pradu RongTham (King Uthumphon)”

“I’ve heard so many accounts of Bang RaJun villagers. I must praise their courageous hearts for being Thai. You take so much after your father: honest but prideful, bow to no one should that person doesn’t uphold the moral precepts.” the monk says.

“Your Highness, I have no one to turn to. Without cannons to fight them, BangRaJun Camp will be completely destroyed. People inside the camp will all die.” Thub makes a request.

The monk sits down and asks  how many cannons he will be able to defeat them. He says the enemies have thousands of cannons and to take away cannons from the capital at this time is highly dangerous. He says he can’t see how they will be able to push through a hundred thousand of Ava troops to reach BangRaJun.

The monk adds, “I will have to beg you, even though KrungSri may have as many as thousand cannons, artillerymen cannot be dispatched outside the capital wall. There’s no way that can happen.”

Thub says without His Highness’s kindness, he begs to be released to die in Rajun Camp. He wants to return there and die with Rajuns. Thub cries.

The monk turns to JaoKhun Rattanathibet, who says he has another way to do it. He says High Highness gave a royal command for him to take a molder to mold cannons at BangRajun itself.

The monk tells Thub to hurry and take Thun JaoKun Rattanathibet to BangRajun. He says he heard that Ne Myo Thihapate’s army is thinking of marching from the mouth of the Prasob River to Pho Sam Ton, and if that happens, he may never reach BangRaJun Camp.

“Thun JaoKhun, BangRaJun is also Thais, so go and help us Thais. For His Majesty (the king), I will inform him of this matter myself. But, you must return to protect the city wall in time, before the Ava army seals all the entries.” The monk orders.


Thub bows to the monk’s feet showing him his deep gratitude. Thub weeps.

“Go now. At this time, whether it’s the king or his subjects, they are equally sharing the same heavy burden of how to protect this land for Thai children and grandchildren.” the monk says.

Thub touches his monk robe to his forehead.

*Not sure if it’s correct to use ‘His Highness’ for the monk

At Rajun Camp, the women are at it again. One asks where the cannon is, and no one even came back since they left for battle. Pliu (the chubby one) says all of them must be dead already and they are next ones to die.

Arb asks Pliu how she could say that when those warriors went out to fight for them and if they are going to die, they will die for them as well. He asks why not feel grateful to them. Chuang yells at them that for those who do nothing and kept asking for help, why  not try helping themselves first!

Khab tells Arb and Chuang to stop it, it’s not the time to quarrel. He tells Pliu and the group to get some rest and they will take care of things here.

A woman yells that he can’t answer when they will get the cannon. Chuang shouts back that they are in this camp together so who will know when Thub will bring back the cannon. A woman says may be they all got killed by Ava already.

Aerb jumps in and says he can’t take it anymore. Fak stops them from fighting during this crucial time. He tells them to get back to work.

Sabai and Feng walk pass them. A woman shouts at Sabai that her husband fires cannons at them. Another woman chases Sabai out to live with her husband. Juang wants to slap her.

Sabai stops Feng from fighting with them. She says it’s unfair for them to say that when she’s also Thai and it’s this land she was born into. She says the reason she’s still here in this camp is so that they’ll see that she will die with them and won’t flee. Juang says that’s right, while Pliu and her group wanted to leave the camp.

Pliu argues that they never have Ava husband who fires cannons and causes this wreckage. Sabai steps to the front and says, “Don’t call Ava my husband anymore, anyone who fires gun or uses a sword to cut Thais’ heads is also my enemy. Anyone called Ava and come to seize this land from us, I can kill them all, including Pee Jai. If I see him and don’t cut off his head then don’t you call me a Thai!”

Pliu says she will wait and see. The group disperses.

Feng asks Sang if he thinks Pee Thub will bring back cannons. Sang says Thub is his best friend and he once asked him to risk his life to spy in Ava Camp, and he did everything he asked, so whether Thub will bring back cannons or not, he thinks Thub must have done his best. He asks if Feng can understand what he’s saying.

Feng sobs. Sabai tells her that it’s not important anymore whether or not they have cannons, now they have a duty only. No matter how small this camp is, they are willing to sacrifice their lives for it, and Thub must be thinking the same thing. Feng tries to suppress her tears from falling.

Part 4

At Rajun Camp, a man on the tower shouts that Khun San and Jun (Nuatkaeo) return. Everyone rushes to the gate. ThongSaengYai tells them to open the gate.

They gently lie Khun San and JunKaeo down on the ground. A man says they both passed away.


Flashbacks, Khun San aims his gun at the enemies and stresses, “This land is mine!”

We see how Khun San and JunKaeo get shot.

“Even though we lose, we are the brave warriors who win at the camp’s front. Hail with me. Hail BangRaJun Camp farewell. Hail our warriors’ honor. Hail together three  times those who win and stay alive to bury us. After hailing last three times, I bow to those who defeat only our bodies. The hearts of Rajun men will remain Thai (free) and never bow, never become captives of those who win. Only our corpses, they shall have!” JunKaeo thinks.

Khun San thinks, “Goodbye, Rajun Camp. Goodbye, my homeland. I bid both farewell. May you be the fame and honor of this warrior. Even when I died, let my honor and my name remain known to this land and be mentioned by its descendants. Cherished trees and green sky be my witness, today warriors leave this world in honor of Rajun Forces.”

Both Khun San and JunKaeo fall down and pass away.

*Their last words were more like a poetry, so not sure if it’s all in here.

Khab kneels down and cries. He says, “Por JunKaeo and Por Khun San, please wait for us in heaven.”

“Your act of bravery, I shall remember.” Sang says.

PunRueang tells them to take the two back to the camp. “Por JunKaeo, you had kept what we promised. You protected Rajun Camp with your life.”

“You two had done your duty of protecting your homeland. Here on, Thai children and grandchildren, the whole nation, will forever be indebted to the two of you.” ThongSaengYai sheds tears.

They bow down to pay respect to the perished and carry them inside the camp.

A man on the tower shouts, “Por ThongSaeng, there are men approaching!”

ThongSaengYai says that’s Thub, he’s returned. He shouts, “Open the gate!”

“ThongSaeng, but where are the cannons?” PunRueang asks.

Feng enjoys chewing raw mangoes with shrimp paste. Feuang gulps and says it’s sour. Feng says no, it’s not and it’s delicious. Juang runs to them and says Pee Thub is back. As soon as Thub’s name is mentioned, Feng gets up and rushes to leave the house. She feels dizzy but is delighted.

Juang says Pee Thub brought some officials from KrungSri too. Feng asks what about the cannons. Juang doesn’t answer her which makes Feng realize they are in for a disappointment.

*Oh boy, part 4 took my strength away. I need a long break….

(Took a break of 16 months…it’s now Feb 2017)

Part 5

Phra Ya RattanaThibet says he met Thub by Chao  Phraya River and learned that eleven of them were able to withstand Ava Forces several times. PanRueang says this is what is left of them, Por Thaen and Por ThongMen died before he arrived at the camp, while Khun San and JunKaeo took Rajun warriors to fight with those Ava at Ban KunLok, knowing full well they wouldn’t be able to return. The two didn’t want Ava to have fun firing cannons killing them each day.

Phra Ya Rattanathibet says such honorable spirits they all have.

ThongSaengYai says that’s why they sent Thub to ask for cannons from KrungSri, so that Ava can’t barge in and destroy RaJun Camp.

Rattanathibet explains that he had discussed it with several high-ranking officials and concluded that bringing cannons here, surely all would be taken and used to fire at KrungSri City Wall instead.

ThongKaew asks if it means he will let them die one by one until no one is left. IN tells him not to think they are scared of dying when they intended to use their bodies as the wall for the campers, and won’t regret it.

Chote tells Rattanathibet to think how they won’t be able to withstand Ava troops if they come in two thousand when RaJun only have a thousand or so. He asks if KrungSri won’t have any sympathy for them at all. There are many women, small children and elders here. He asks if they will let them all die without helping.

DokMai says KrungSri should reinforce RaJun Forces and make it strong to be able to withstand the enemy.

Mueang says not just let them fight on their own and leave them alone like this.

Rattanathibet says his one voice couldn’t oppose those of majority officials. He says he realizes full well that even though they are villagers, their hearts are those of patriots. He motions Luang YutthaSoraDej (a western man) to show it to them.

It’s a blueprint of cannon making. Rattanathibet says when he couldn’t bring cannons here, he will make it for them.


Thub nods when Klerm asks if it means they are going to have cannons to fire at Ava. When Aerb and Chuang are too delighted, Rattanathibet warns them to let him finish first, that firstly there is one problem to solve.

SaengYai asks what it is.

Thub comes out and Feng runs into his arms.

Sabai asks if they will make cannons themselves. Sang says they will do it together. Sabai asks Khab if they can do it when it isn’t easy. Thub says the process will be supervised by Luang YutthaSoraDej but what Rattanathibet is asking from them is to donate whatever kind of metal they have, whether it be steel, lead, copper or others, for the making of bronze cannons.

Khab says what hard to find are pure silver and gold. He begs them not to regret and just donate, those who brought along and kept it with them. The more they have, the more cannons can be made.

A woman argues that when she ran from Ava, she had only this piece of cloth to cover herself, so where she can give them silver and gold. The crowd falls silent. Thub looks at Feng and nods.

Khab and Feuang are busy packing whatever they can give. Khab nags if she doesn’t want to give Thub and Feng’s child a friend. She asks why he ask her. He holds her close and asks if she wants him to ask other house’s daughter. Feuang slaps his arm and says she meant why not ask Juang of that. He says Sang probably asks that from Juang as well. He kisses her cheek and suggests they give Thub’s child some friends, may be two or three kids. He asks if that’s a good idea. She blushes and says they’d better hurry gather things to help them with cannon making.

Thub tells Feng that they must gather more of what they have, these gold won’t be enough. He asks if they should give up all knives and swords. Feng feels dizzy so he asks if she’s all right, why becoming so pale. He says he specifically ordered Sang and Khab to take good care of her, these two deserves some smacks. Feng stops him from going after them and says she’s just tired. He says must be that she’s busy looking after the campers escaping cannon balls.

Feng explains that she’s tired because whatever she eats, she would throw up. She puts his hand on her tummy and says she’s having his baby. Thub can’t hold it in and runs out to shout at Sang and Khab that he’s getting a child, he’s becoming a daddy. Thub holds her tight and says whether it’s a boy or girl, he would love it since he loves its mommy…loves more than his life.


*May put wrong name to the wrong face, so many characters….

Part 6


The camp is busy gathering all kinds of metal. Feng hands Feuang her valuable possessions. Feuang sees what she is giving then says once they win this war, finally they can go back to Ban KamYard.

Sabai gives Juang a sword. Juang asks is it not her father’s sword. Sabai says during this time, everyone  must lend a hand. Campers donate their possessions and this is only what she has, so please take it. Sabai puts Juang’s hand on the sword and says what she has left now is only this land and she’s thinking how to chase the enemy out so that she can go back to Sam Ko and grow rice like before.

When Sabai lets go of her sword and walks away, Feng follows her.

The making of cannons started.

At Burmese Camp, Saya tells Suki that his soldier reported to him that those Rajuns are making their own cannons. Suki smiles and admits that these lot really never says die then says, but he loves it, courageous lot who isn’t scared of dying. He orders Saya to move cannon towers closer to their camp faster. Jai, who is also sitting there, gets up looking worried. Suki eyes him but doesn’t say anything.

At Rajun Camp, Feng gives Thub what senior campers telling him to wear. Thub nods then tells her to eat and talks to the baby inside her that he knew that he’s hungry also. Feng asks what if it’s a she. Thub says then he wishes she will be as pretty as her mom. Feng says it’s many months ahead before she will get to see their baby’s face. Thub smiles then turns sad so he stops eating. She asks if he’s done. He says yes and drinks water she hands to him.

Thub says he hopes the baby will be born when the war is over so that difficult conditions won’t be there for him. Thub feels her tummy then talks to the baby that once the war is over, he will hold him and groom him, also his younger 4 to 5 siblings. Feng stops short and asks if that isn’t too many. He nags her for 5 kids or he won’t have enough labor for rice farming. She pouts.

Thub says they are making cannons to fight with those Ava, who will be defeated and retreat their army back home like the last time. He kisses her hand and says they will go home then and have Kamyard Gang of 4-5 members running and  playing around.  He snuggles his head against her chest. She reminds him to go help them at the temple since he’s done eating. Thub nags to let him enjoy hugging their baby first.

Part 7

Jai (Ong Nai) gets caught by Saya for trying to sneak out of the Burmese Camp. Saya asks where he is heading. Jai says he’s leaving to survey a route to move cannon towers closer to Ban Rajun. Saya says it’s not his job and also blindness of his. Jai argues that he’s familiar with Rajun Camp and went out during moonless nights before, blind or not isn’t an issue.

Saya says if he intends to sneak out to tell Rajuns to evacuate and get away, it will mean he’s betraying their country. Jai ponders on it.

Cannon making rites are on the way. Juang gives back Sabai’s sword to her. Sabai feels glad to see it but asks why they didn’t melt it. Juang says she doesn’t dare do that and thinks Sabai’s heart will feel warm carrying it. Tears brim her eyes, Sabai thanks her. Jun says it’s best to keep it with her. Sabai leaves her sword with Jun to do other chores.

*The word they used for metal to make cannon is Na-wa Lo-ha which consists of 9 kinds of metal.

Luang YutthaSoraDej sighs and says if this is all Na-wa Lo-ha they have, then only 2 cannons can be made. Khab says the enemy has more than ten cannons, can they fight them with just two. Sang says only two, he will fight them no matter what. Other men nod.

RattanaThibet says he’s amazed what Rajuns’ hearts are made of, vastly different from those of KrungSri people, if only they could stay united like this before Ava reached the city’s suburban area, KrungSri wouldn’t be in this big trouble.

Phra Thammachoti says Arise and Fall are natural, when they came with intention of making cannons then do so, with just this, Rajuns are happy enough already.

They start the process. Sabai tells others she will go carry buckets of water here.

During the process, thunders appear loudly in the dark sky which scares onlookers. RattanaThibet wonders there’s no wind or rain so how thunders appear. Phra Thammachoti stops chanting looking up the sky. RattanaThibet asks him to continue with the rites. Sang tells his friends there must be some mishaps, just look at Phra Thammachoti’s face.

Thammachoti is reluctant to continue. Thub tells his friends there are no such things. RattanaThibet begs Thammachoti to carry on and they must make it a success no matter what.


Sabai tells women on the way to go there first and she will follow later, the rites are moving forward pretty quickly. She sits down alone looking up the sky.

RattanaThibet orders Luang YutthaSoraDej to get on with it.

Luang YutthaSoraDej turns to Thub and says if they succeed, it will truly be Thub’s accomplishment. Thub bows and says he didn’t do it for fame or favor, only doesn’t want to see this land be abused by foreigners, foreign-speaking lots. He says this is his homeland where he lived and grown rice to make a living since ancestors, to let other nations besiege it deems ungrateful, and his ancestors will probably curse him to forever burn in hell.

Part 8

Sabai recalls how she told Jai she hoped she could change him with her love, but her love for him could never make her betray this country, and she couldn’t trade the love for her homeland for an enemy’s love.

She speaks to the void, as if telling Jai, that she’s never stopped loving him, why they had to be enemies.

Quietly Jai shows up and she’s overwhelmed by the sight of him.

Feuang says Sabai disappeared for too long. Feng and Juang head off to check on her. Both inform their moms they will go looking for Sabai.

Jai is forcing Sabai to leave with him. She asks how he got in here. He tells her to listen. She says she won’t then slaps his face. She repeats her question how he sneaked in here then calls him betrayal.

He says listen well, not just in here but even KrungSri, there are so many Ava’s spies. Their army leader was given a specific order that KrungSri Ayutthaya name be purged no matter how. This time, Ava Army is well prepared and will never retreat like last time, and even with flooding outside city wall, Ava Army will never retreat. This round, KrungSri Kingdom definitely will disappear from Suvarnabhumi (area in the region – google it ^^).

Sabai steps back. He grabs her wrists and says, at this hour, KrungSri’s back is against the wall, Ava Forces have surrounded its city wall in every direction and people inside the wall will be starved.

She doesn’t believe him. Jai insists that both Rajun Camp and KrungSri Kingdom will fall and be taken by Ava. Jai tries to reason with her that the way Rajun Camp is being hit by cannons, no way it will be able to withstand. He tells her to come with him. When he drags her along, she screams for help.

Feng and Juang run over and see Sabai’s baskets on the ground. They suspect bad thing happened to her. Juang found footprints so she calls Feng over. Both follow in that direction.

Jai pulls her along and says this is where he hid a boat, just sail north and they won’t encounter Ava Forces. She says she won’t go. When Feng calls out, Jai covers Sabai’s mouth with his hand and hides deep in the wood.


Jai tells Sabai he won’t harm Juang and Feng if she stays quiet. When he tries to pull out his weapon, she stops him saying Feng is pregnant. Jai is stunned so Sabai runs to the girls before they leave. Jai doesn’t show himself to them.

Feng asks Sabai what she’s doing here. When Sabai appears nervous, Feng says must be Jai. Sabai stops her from approaching him. Jai quietly retreats.

Feng asks why he came back. Sabai says he wanted to take her and flee. Juang tells Feng to go back, there could be some Ava soldiers waiting. Feng says she isn’t scared and wants to go after Jai. Sabai tells her not to when she’s pregnant then suggests they go tell the men to come watching over this spot, and she thinks Jai must have left and made it quite far by now. Juang tells Feng what Sabai said is right. Feng pulls Sabai along with her.

Daylight, Thub and friends run to the girls and says they searched all over but couldn’t find Jai. Sang says if found, he will cut off his throat himself. Khab asks Sabai if Jai said anything to her.


Sabai has to sit down before saying that Jai told her Rajun Camp would never survive, Ava would keep firing cannons at it and destroy it to pieces. She weeps and says he said KrungSri Ayutthaya name must be purged. Sang gets mad and calls Jai bastard. He says if what Jai said is true, this war is far more cruel than (Burmese) King Bayinnaung marched an army himself.

Sabai adds that he even said even flooding season, Ava Army wouldn’t retreat. Juang asks if they plan to stay until flooding season is over. Thub asks if Ava knows they are making cannons. Sabai says probably. Sang says Jai must think they have no way out.

Feuang says Jai must think they will keep fighting and that’s why he took the risk to come taking Sabai. Sabai turns to look at her.

Feuang says he must love Sabai so much. Sabai says through her tears, that she won’t flee alone and will stay to fight with everyone here, at this camp. Feng gently grabs her arm and says they are about to have cannons to fight them, let them know that Rajuns will fight to death.

Part 9

Jai walks back avoiding Ava troops on the way.

While meditating, Phra Thammachoti foresees future incidents. RattanaThibet asks what premonition he did see. He answers that it looks like they cannot avoid the nation’s fate. He tells him to take his men back to KrungSri, this is the best he can do and he has no time left, he must hurry and go back to protect KrungSri wall, for Rajun Camp, it’s the campers’ duty.


Phra Thammachoti recites phrases of Buddhist teachings, which makes RattanaThibet realize what is about to come.

RattanaThibet asks how the campers would feel, they will lose hope. Thammachoti tells him not to let them know and leave quietly through the back of the camp. RattanaThibet begs to let him see Thub, this one person. Thammachoti says he will tell Thub to follow him to the back of the camp.

Later, Thub meets with RattanaThibet who is asking if he already heard from Thammachoti why he needs to hurry back. Thub says yes. RattanaThibet says he can’t leave without saying farewell to him and apologizes that he can help them just this much. Thub kneels down with gratitude and says they are feeling so grateful with what he’d done. Thub tells him not to linger on when the route to enter KrungSri must become tighter by now and his group might  not be safe.

RattanaThibet praises Rajuns’ hearts, so courageous, it’s so fortunate of him getting to see them all in person. Thub says he swears he will protect this land with his life. RattanaThibet also swears that he will protect KrungSri Ayutthaya with his life as well. Thub nods and cries then says no matter what, KrungSri is far more important than their lives here.

RattanaThibet argues that there’s no land more important than our land, and they are willing to die for because it’s our land. Thub bows down to him for the last time.

After they left, Thub has no time to be sad when the drumming sound  calls all campers to gather. He gets on his horse and hurry back.

Rajun senior warriors look over the tower.

Suki stands on a tower and looks out. He declares that today, his cannons will finally get to fire over the wall of Rajun Camp.

Sang, Khab and Thub arrive to be with the senior warriors.

“Cannons! Ready!…Fire!” Suki shouts his commands.

Cannon balls fall from the sky inside Rajun Camp. Chote shouts let’s get their cannons to fire at them, take it out from the molds. Men cheer and follow him. SaengYai tells Thub to hurry and stop them, if it isn’t time, the molds mustn’t be cracked open. More cannon balls are dropping down with loud explosions. Thub runs fast.

SaengYai asks PunRueang what they should do. PunRueang says if not with cannons, what they can use to fight them.

Juang runs over calling for Sang. He runs to her and asks why she came to the frontline. She says she’s worried about him. Sang tells her that the seniors are thinking of getting the cannons out. She says Ava keeps firing cannons like rain pouring down so for how many days they can survive. He tells her to stay back at the back of the camp. She begs to let her be with him.

Sang tells her to stay back and take good care of her mother. She nods and tells him to take care. He kisses her forehead and ushers her to hurry back.


Klerm and Thub can’t stop the men from cracking open the molds before due time.


Fak takes both moms to a safe spot. Two elders beg him to go bringing their children. Fak runs out.

Men are cheering that finally they have their own cannon. Sabai is busying showing the women to safe spot. Jai shows up and says he came with good intention, and this is his only chance. He tells her that Suk-kayi plans to attack before full moon so she must flee. She asks if he thinks she’s a coward. He explains that because Rajuns aren’t cowards, won’t run away and stay united, that’s why Suk-kayi had to use this cruel tactic. She says she’s willing to die here and won’t run away with an enemy. When Jai steps closer, she declares that she will think that death already set them apart, so just forget her already.

Jai says he won’t forget. She says even he remembers, his hope won’t be fulfilled. He grabs her to him and says he won’t forget even when he’s not breathing. Sabai tells him to leave before she has to call someone to cut off his head.

Men are looking at their new cannon. Feng tells Thub why not use it. Feuang asks Khab what’s the matter and if they took it out from the mold before due time. Khab nods. Feng tells Thub let’s go tell the senior warriors to use it. Thub tells her to calm down, the cannon has some cracks. Feng is horrified and asks Feuang if it isn’t true.

Jai holds Sabai tight and tells her to remember that he loves her, why he came here knowing well he might be captured or get killed, because he means to save Rajuns and will take them all out of here. Every Rajun was nice to him.

Sabai looks up hearing all that.

Episode 18 Preview

Suki: “If you are still Ava, today you must bring me the head of the woman named Sabai.”

Jai: “Sabai, you must flee.”

Sabai: “Do you think I’m that coward? Go away!”

SaengYai: “Let Rajun Field be my witness, if I cannot protect this land then let Rajun green grass turn red, to remind them how much we love this land!”

Suki: “Fire!”

Sang: “Let those Ava come in, I will fire our cannon and take revenge.”


Please disregard any mistakes such as misspelling, issues of inconsistency etc. Also, I might put wrong name to the wrong face. It’s the reason why it took me so long to complete this episode. It required more of my time to check the cast diagram every time I forgot who got to be who. After a long break, surprisingly, I still find the episode engaging. Kudos to the cast and crew.

Pics cr Pantip

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  1. Hello,
    I want to thank you so much! Your translations are very helpful and so much appreciated. 🙂
    I know it’s been over 4 months since your last post on Bang Rajun however, I was wondering if you could do more translations? Would it be possible for you to recap episode 10, 11, the rest of ep 17 and the final episode? PRETTY PLEASE^^
    I could only find subtitles until ep 9 and then your recaps from ep 12-17 really saved me. It is a really huge favor I am asking you but I really hope you could help me. Many thanks anyway! Love your blog btw 🙂

  2. OMG I NEED MORE! I just started Banrajun and I’m finishing it up right now and your synopsis are helping so much! ): ❤

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