Kiss Me Episode 4

Kaew was a bit funny but if we think of a heart yearning for a little girl of her own, it kind of makes sense and makes you grin at the same time 🙂


Episode 4  “You know, I’m not dumb since I was born”

Khu Muay (the lady teacher) is looking at the math problems used in the contest. She says the last problem was so much easier than the first. She asks TenTen what happened, why he gave that kind of answer.

Khu Haeng interrupts them and says she should have seen it today. She asks if he means seeing that they got second place. He says teachers of other schools praised her that from the fourth or fifth rank, they moved to second place and with scores so close to the first place too.

She smiles and says she didn’t really do much since students in ‘king’ class are a tiny bit exceptional. TenTen says they are good but may lack confidence. Khu Haeng asks TenTen to help him carry things to the classroom.

When TenTen walks in, his classmates congratulate him cheerfully with TaLue looks rather upset. Khu Haeng asks TenTen if he has something to say to his classmates. TenTen says he would rather not, it isn’t a big deal.

A girl says why it isn’t a big deal when he makes them be able to walk proudly with their chin up. YuYi asks if he knows that never before someone in their class entered the national contest.

TenTen says, “In that case, I’m sorry for getting only the 2nd place.”

Arm says they normally get three digits (in rank) in the beginning then two digits later on, but this time it’s one digit and the second place too. They cheer and dance.

“For the one you love, you are willing to lose.” TaLue thinks.

King calls out to TaLue while she’s walking home. He tells her to hop on his bike and he will drop her home, but he doesn’t know where yet.

She says there’s no need for that. He asks how she will go home and if she knows that her friends are worried. He asks if there’s something and why she won’t tell him. She says he asks too many questions again and it gives her a headache. She says she only needs to be alone. She tells him not to follow then she leaves. King pouts.

TaLue walks into the house. TenTen and Turbo are playing some game. She’s feeling down and the two boys won’t even look at her.

Han asks why she came back late. Kaew asks why she didn’t come home with TenTen. TaLue asks instead if there will be guests today because they are preparing a lot of food. Kaew says no one coming, it’s the father cooking for his son to celebrate. TaLue says she was there to cheer him too and TenTen should have gotten the first place.

Kaew asks Han if he’s going for a clear soup or thick soup. Han looks at the sky and asks the question, then he says all right, the clear soup.

Bomb and Kaew come to look at the sky. Bomb says he actually celebrates that finally TenTen gets out of his shell to do something. Kaew says she thought that too, it’s rare for TenTen to enter any contest. Kaew asks what he’s looking at. Bomb says he follows what Han did. Han says it’s in the ancient recipe and he won’t tell.

Kaew asks TaLue if she knows why suddenly TenTen entered the contest. TaLue thinks in her mind, it must be because of his love for that woman, what a great love he has for her. Kaew tells her not to think too much and help her bring the food to the table.

Bomb looks at Kaew and TaLue, and tells Han that it’s good to have TaLue here and Kaew seems to be in good mood all the time. Han nods and says TaLue isn’t as quiet as usual too, as if they are fill the gap for each other.

Bomb tells him not to be so dramatic about it and reminds him to go back to his tom-yam (spicy soup) in the pot, it’s boiling hard now.

Talue tries on the pink bra and looks at herself in the mirror. She thinks she has nothing to compete with that girl at all. She sits down and thinks she won’t give up and will make him turn his attention to her. She will get good grades, wait and see. She ends up sleeping on the book instead. LOL.

Kaew comes to wake her up and tells her to go shopping for clothes with her today. TaLue calls her aunt Kaew. Kaew stops short and says if she calls her that, TaLue will be grounded inside the house for three months. TaLue changes to, “Mae Kaew (mom Kaew)” instead and Kaew loves it. She tells her to hurry take a bath.

They come shopping at a department store. They are like mom and daughter spending time together. TaLue found a leaflet, a tutor class ads, 100% guaranteed.

Kaew chooses two gowns for TaLue to try on. She doesn’t want to and it looks expensive. Kaew says they can afford it. TaLue asks her one thing, to change from these gowns to a tutor class instead. She wants to be clever like TenTen, and she won’t have any occasion to wear such gowns, it’s only a waste of money.

TaLue shows the leaflet to her. It’s three months for one course, and a 100% guaranteed.

Kaew says let’s do this, buy all these gowns because she wants her to wear it, and for a tutor class, she has a good one in mind with 1,000,000% guaranteed. TaLue is delighted and thanks her for it. She insists she doesn’t need these gowns. Kaew tells her to try on and that’s it.

Talue comes out and Kaew loves the dress on her. TaLue says she couldn’t think of a place or event to wear this dress. Kaew asks if she wants to wear it somewhere. She smiles and admits she wants to, but still can’t think of when to wear this dress.

TenTen gets up in protest. He asks what he did wrong to punish him so severely like this. Kaew begs him to help her. He argues that she doesn’t know this girl’s brain that well. Kaew shushes him to cease calling her that. He tries to calm down.

Kaew pulls him to her and asks him, “One hour everyday, except weekend. She only wants to be good at math like you.”

“Not in a million years!”

“What did you just say?” Mom gets a little louder.

“Okay! Let me explain it in an easy way. Before any scientist makes an experiment of something, he must have an analysis that his logic is correct, and if he wants to make an experiment of a chimpanzee, and an analysis proves that that chimpanzee (he turns to TaLue) cannot speak human language at all, will he try to teach human language to this chimpanzee? The answer is..absolutely not!”

“Stop it! It’s you who should talk in easy human language and tell me what do you dislike about it?” Kaew asks.

TenTen says she wants him to teach her math, when her left-side brain has a size of a seed of green bean, moreover, the way Kaew makes her wear such dress while he’s teaching.

Kaew says it’s pretty and she wants her to wear this kind of dress. She says TaLue tried to stop her and said to her sadly that she wouldn’t get a chance to wear it in her life, that’s why she wants her to wear it.

TenTen collapses on a sofa.

TaLue tries to give them her opinion but Kaew stops her.

Bomb looks at them behind a corner. Han asks what he’s doing. Bomb shushes him to be quiet, mom and son are at dispute.

Kaew says she wants TenTen to be TaLue’s tutor because she’s not good at studying and he should know why. She also wants her to wear pretty dress during the tutor class, and if he doesn’t want her to wear it then he must take her out to for dinner wearing these dresses she bought.

TenTen gapes at what she said. He says okay, he will be her tutor for one hour everyday but he wants Friday off too, and she can wear this dress while he’s teaching her just twice. Kaew negotiates for three times.


“Three!” mom argues.

“Three!” TenTen says.

“Two!” mom says.

“Deal!” TenTen says.

Kaew asks TaLue what she just said. TaLue says two. Kaew yells at TenTen that she bought three dresses, or he can take her out for dinner instead. He concedes to three.

“Anything else I can serve you?” TenTen asks.

“When will you start?” Kaew asks.

“Eh…” TaLue tries to say.

“Today!” Kaew says.


TenTen sighs and says all right. He tells TaLue, “See you at 7 p.m. in your room, or my room which you took-over, and you are allowed to wear this dress. If nothing else, may I take my leave? Have a pleasant day and it’s my pleasure to serve you all.”

TenTen storms upstairs.

Kaew gets TaLue dressed up cheerfully. TaLue says she feels bad for TenTen, he doesn’t like to be around her and now he has to teach her, too.

Kaew says he likes to be around her, just trust her on it. TaLue tells her not to console her when she knows what’s the truth, but with her being kind to her, it already makes her very happy. She says she doesn’t want to become TenTen’s burden and doesn’t want her to force him.

Kaew says she has a story to tell her and now TaLue thinks too much like this, she should tell her now and may be it will make her feel better.

Kaew says she and Nuan (TaLue’s mother) were very close because they got married with such close friends like Bomb and Han. At that time, Bomb earned here and there from drawing-for-hire job, but he didn’t earn much. The four of them lived together and Han took care of electrical and water bills, rental fees, and cooked for everyone everyday. Han wouldn’t complain at all because he wanted his friends to live together. She and Nuan got pregnant almost the same time. She was very fat while Nuan was very skinny and wasn’t healthy. The day Nuan was in labor, everyone was so excited. She was the one taking her to the hospital while Bomb went to look for Han at the restaurant.

Kaew says she got too excited so she went into labor too. TaLue was born in the morning and TenTen was born at night. TaLue’s name is TeeraPat while TenTen’s name is TatRaPee, it’s backward sound of each other. Then things got better. Bomb got a job at a big company and asked Han to work there too, but, Han didn’t want to go and wanted to stay taking care of his wife who wasn’t well. After Nuan passed away, Han was very sad, so she raised her together with TenTen. They grew up together  and did things together, and because she liked little girls so she dressed them both as girls, and they were like twins and went everywhere together. TenTen wouldn’t eat his meal if TaLue wouldn’t, and the girl thought that TenTen was a girl.

Flashback, little TenTen asks Kaew when she will stop making him wear skirts. Kaew asks why when it’s cute and TaLue loves it too. The boy argues that TaLue cannot like a girl and she will like a boy so TaLue must know that he’s a boy. Kaew asks why that is. The boy says he loves her and will marry her. Kaew laughs and says it’s still a long way.

Until one day TaLue found out the truth. The girl told TenTen to go away. TenTen shoved her to the ground and she fainted. After TaLue woke up, she turned dumb.

Present, TaLue cries. Kaew says not that dump but the fall affected her brain and she couldn’t remember anything. She couldn’t remember her, Bomb or TenTen at all.

Kaew tells her not to cry and she apologizes on TenTen’s behalf, he was very young then and very sad that she said that to him.

TaLue says she doesn’t feel angry or sad, she’s just happy that she wasn’t born dumb so there’s chance she will be clever and good at studying.

Kaew tells her to stop crying and says she will go get something for her to take a look.

Kaew shows her an album filled with pictures of  TaLue and TenTen. TaLue takes a look and asks if she can keep one picture of TenTen. Kaew says she can have it but must keep it a secret, because TenTen thinks these pictures were long gone from this world, so she mustn’t let him know that she still keeps them. TaLue says yes.

Kaew says she will look for TenTen and TaLue should get ready. After Kaew leaves the room, TaLue laughs looking at TenTen dressed up like a girl.

Both brothers lie on the bed.

“Teach her math?” Turbo asks.


“Definitely a disaster.”


“Luckily foolishness isn’t contagious.” Turbo says.

“Hey, don’t say such scary thing.”

“How could mom do this to you?” Turbo asks.

Kaew reminds TenTen that it’s 7 p.m. through an intercom.

“Yes!” TenTen answers.

“Fighting, my brother!” Turbo gives him his support.

TenTen walks into TaLue’s room and says, “All right, are you ready…?”

He stops short when she turns to him. Kaew comes in with sweets which is good for their brain and gives them energy. TenTen accepts the food tray from her and tells her to leave now, he’s starting his lesson.

TenTen turns to TaLue and says let’s start. While he’s teaching her, she keeps thinking about the  pictures in the album. “TenTen, from now on, we will be together everyday.” she says.

Each day went by and either TenTen got frustrated or TaLue wanted to quit and he had to pull her back.

She ends up going back to basics reciting multiplication table aloud.

At one point, he writes an equation of 4+D = 10 and expects her to give him a correct answer. She grabs a pen from him and draws two circles around the equation. He asks if she’s certain of her answer, and when he looks down, she draws a man face around the equation instead. Haha.

He falls asleep on the table. She looks at him from under the glass table and tries to kiss him through the glass.


Now that background story was told to us, it started to make sense why both families love each other so much and why both TaLue and TenTen had such close connection to begin with.

It didn’t win me this one but it’s still interesting to see how TaLue will breathe life into TenTen’s cold front, and make him turn back to that little boy who once spent days with her like they were twins.

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  1. Thank you so much for recapping this! I loved Aom and Mike in Full House, I see they still have great chemistry. I really liked the changes they did in that version and I think the changes in this one is making it more enjoyable to watch too.

  2. Thanks again for another great recap.

  3. I want to watch it but I don’t find it. Can you tell me where you the video ? pleaaaaaase 😫

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