Kiss Me Episode 3

I like how light and fluffy this series is, and it’s also a tease to the  way the teens see the world. Acceptance from friends plays such an important role in daily life and to ‘fit it’ sometimes means so much more.


Episode 3  “We live in the same house”

“TenTen!” Talue lets out when he’s holding her.

“How could you search all over and find me here? You’re so good. Aunt Dao is great too, she could tell you the way here.” she beams.

Kaew runs into the scene bumping TenTen out of her way, then squeals when seeing TaLue. She says TaLue is so cute and she missed her so much. TenTen wants to walk away but Kaew pulls him back. She tells him to call his dad and Han here, the food is ready.

TaLue connects the dots, “Dad? Han?Han is my father, so you..?!”

“And you figure it out just now?” TenTen asks.

Bomb family and Han family are joining at the dining table. Bomb says this occasion must feel familiar to everyone here except TaLue, so he will explain it one by one to her.

“This is Aunt Kaew or Mom Kaew, she’s your mother’s best friend and raised you since you were young. Do you remember now?” he asks TaLue.

TaLue turns to her dad. He nods at her.

“For me, I’m Han’s very close friend. In my life, I never met anyone so kind like him. I love him so much like we are comrades, and sitting opposite you is TenTen, your close friend. You two grew up together. Do you remember?”

“Close friend? Very close?” TaLue wonders in her mind.

TenTen glares at her. Bomb says this empty seat is for Turbo, TenTen’s brother. He will come home late today. He attends a tutor class, and they will meet if Turbo comes back in time today. Bomb says they are now one family.

“Or two families are joined (in matrimony).” Kaew adds.

“Mom!” TenTen glares at her.

They start eating. Bomb and Han hilariously exchange food from their favorite dish.

Kaew shows TaLue a room. “Welcome to TenTen’s room!”

TaLue says, “Mom, it’s so beautiful. Does TenTen love pink?”

“Nope, but I do.” Kaew says.

Kaew checks TaLue’s clothes and found the huge pink bra inside. TaLue says it’s a donation. Kaew says even for herself, it won’t fit. She says she will take TaLue shopping this weekend to buy her a new wardrobe. Kaew says she’s so glad that they live together once again and doesn’t know what to say. Kaew kisses TaLue’s cheek and says, “Sweet dream, my daughter.”

After Kaew leaves the room, TaLue screams silently and jumps on the bed. She thinks, “I’m lying down on TenTen’s bed! Am I lying on top of him or next to him? Which side is he turning his face? If this side then our faces will almost touch. Aww…crazy TaLue!”

In the morning, TaLue walks downstairs and hears the little boy saying why they didn’t tell him first before taking someone into the house, and why Pee TenTen has to sleep with him and cramp the bed. “Do they realize that they put us in trouble?” Turbo asks.

Kaew says Turbo is babbling on and on. She tells him to eat his breakfast, and take off his glasses too. When TaLue walks in, Kaew tells her to have breakfast.

“Hi! My name is TaLue.” she greets the boy.


“Let me sit here with you.” TaLue sits down.

The boy gets up suddenly and glares at her. “Mom, I’m leaving!” he shouts while running out. Kaew comes in and tells TaLue that these days Turbo only read books and if he could eat books instead of food, he would.

“Eat books?” TaLue is startled.

“I was only implying. He reads lots of book.” Kaew explains.

TaLue is relieved. Kaew tells her to eat a lot. TenTen walks in and checks the time. He grabs a toast. TaLue waves at him. He turns away to leave.

Kaew asks TenTen if he won’t eat her boiled rice first. He says he will be late. She asks how his younger one will go to school. He says Turbo left already. She says she’s talking about ‘TaLue’ , they have TaLue in their house now.

“Of course, you have it or else how you could cook? (TaLue = spatula)

“TenTen! You take Talue to school with you.”

TenTen stares at her so TaLue gets up and says she will go by herself. Kaew asks how she could when she doesn’t know the way. She will tell her driver take her to school in their van. TaLue says she can go there by herself, she only needs to tell her how and which way.

TenTen says she gets it quickly. He tells his mom not to worry, she will reach school for sure. “Now, I’m leaving.” he turns to leave.

“TenTen, my dear!” mom stresses. She orders him to sit down and eat his breakfast then take TaLue to school with him, leave anything else for now.

Kaew orders the same thing to TaLue. Mom looks at the lifeless TenTen and says, “TenTen, eat breakfast and be cheerful.” Suddenly TenTen starts shaking and I’m lost what he’s doing.

TaLue runs after TenTen. He gets on his bike and tells her to hurry or he will be late. She asks where she needs to sit. “Front wheel.” he says.

TaLue sits on it. He couldn’t believe it and sighs. “Hold on to me at the back, quick!” he orders. She touches his back and squeals.

“If you are not coming then I will leave you here.” he says.

“I’m going!” she gets on the back.

They ride along until he stops and tells her to get down. He tells her he doesn’t want anyone to know they live in the same house. She nods.

“Do you get it for sure?”

“Of course.”

“What do you get?”

“I get it that you don’t want anyone to know that I live with you in the same house.”

He nods and says, “Very good.” He rides off. She says to herself that he must feel embarrassed about it.

King waits for her at school. He asks where she disappeared. She says she didn’t disappear. He says where she disappeared last night. “Last night? I didn’t disappear. Hey, I’m a human, not a ghost to disappear.” she argues.

He tells her not to make fun of him. She says she doesn’t make fun. He asks why she didn’t tell him she would move out last night.

“I stay at a friend’s father house, no, a father’s friend house! I suddenly moved out so I didn’t get to tell you.”

“And where is your father’s friend house?” King asks.

“It’s far.”

“I asked where it was.”

YuYi and the gang walk in. YuYi asks TaLue where she went last night because King called her, he threw a tantrum and she couldn’t sleep.

King says she went to a friend’s father house. Arm asks whose father it is. TaLue corrects  that it’s her father’s friend house. King says that’s right.

“Where it is?” Paeo asks.

“It’s far.” King answers.

Paeo says she doesn’t want to know that, she wants to know where it’s located. King says that’s how TaLue answered.

When her friends pressure her for the location of the house, she says she has a headache because they ask too many questions, so she won’t answer and walks away.

“So whose father house is it?” YuYi concludes. LOL.

The lady teacher asks TenTen if he makes a decision which club to join. He says not yet, but he thinks he won’t join any. The teacher tells him to do more activities beside studying.

She says the math teacher asked her to ask him to enter math contest this year. She gives him math problems of every previous years. She says she will just put his name in the contest and thanks him. She leaves while TenTen doesn’t say anything.

Khu Haeng tells his class there is a wonderful news, one student from this class is invited to enter the math national contest. He tells them not to try to guess and that student is TenTen.

Khu Haeng says whatever happened before, let bygones be bygones. TaLue agrees. Everyone looks at her in surprise. She says just let it go. YuYi asks if she won’t hold any grudge at all. TaLue says their teacher just said let bygones be bygones. Everyone accepts her decision.

Khu Haeng tells them to be there to give TenTen a support at the contest, and they must dress properly according to the school’s dress code.

TaLue tells TenTen that she will be there to cheer him. Khu Haeng says before cheering math national contest, let’s study math school first.

TaLue writes, “TenTen, fighting! (and two hearts)” on her lesson book and shows it to him.

Turbo asks TenTen if he’s entering the math contest. TenTen nods. The boy says in that case he should prepare a condolence for his school, this is like sending a tiger to bite a pig. Turbo says Pee Diva asked him a lot about him. TenTen asks who she is and what a strange name. He says it’s his competitor but he thinks TenTen won’t be defeated by her.

Turbo says her real name is NamKang. She’s clever with good IQ, pretty, tall, fair, long legs, and a tiny S. TenTen pokes his head.

Turbo says she’s good at both sports and entertaining. Whatever contest, it will be her mostly to enter, so they call her Pee Diva. He says TenTen will like her.

TenTen says nope, he doesn’t like girls in contests. Turbo says she’s freaking cute.

TenTen asks if he’s trying to match him up too, and just mom doing it is enough for him. Turbo tells him not to compare her with the girl their mom is trying to pair him up, she’s at a different level. TenTen thinks about it and smiles.

TaLue is dancing while cleaning.

Turbo asks which girl he likes more and what his type is. TenTen smiles but won’t answer him.

“Fighting, TenTen!” TaLue talks to the empty space beside her on the bed.

In the morning, TaLue sees Turbo again at breakfast table. She carefully sits down and smiles when there’s no hostile Turbo today. The boy asks if she will go to the contest today. TaLue says of course. He asks if she won’t cheer him too. She asks if he’s also in the contest and that’s amazing. He says no, he’s only in Por 5 (grade) but he means his school is his brother’s rival in the contest.

Turbo says he chose this school because overall GPA is much better than her school, and he couldn’t understand why Pee TenTen chose her school which filled with the low test-scored.

Turbo says he feels bad for Pee TenTen because he has to face with the girl he loves in the contest.

“What?” TaLue asks. He says Pee NamKang who represents his school is the girl Pee TenTen likes a lot. Turbo describes her great features and she’s very clever, but she won’t be able to defeat his brother. “Well, Pee TenTen must choose between victory and love. I feel bad for him”

Turbo finishes his milk and gets up to leave. “Pretty, tall, fair, long legs, very clever…”the boy describes NamKang on his way out.

TaLue is feeling upset. Han sits down and asks if she won’t go to school, and where others are. He asks what kind of boiled rice she’s eating. She says ‘buay’ (Chinese plum or low/at bottom) and ‘haeo’ (water chestnut or disappointment).

TenTen calls out to TaLue and tells her to hop on his bike and not to make him late. She says he will be in the contest today.

“Get on!”

“I will cheer you.”

“Will you get on or not?” he wants to leave.

“I will!” she gets on his bike.

While they bike along, someone on a motorbike drives close by and looks at them.

The math national contest, the final round, is going on. TenTen walks in and hears someone asking if she knows who is her competitor this year. The girl says yes. The teacher says her teammates are better than last year so they will be a good help. The girl says yes, she prepared well for it.

TenTen listens to them.

The teacher tells the girl that the school’s reputation is in her hand. After the teacher leaves, the girl screams out that she’s so sick of it. She mimics her teacher’s voice that the school’s reputation is in her hand. She sticks out her tongue. She turns around and sees TenTen so she walks away.

The MC tells team B of each school to get set. The girl and her teammates sit down.

TaLue and her friends enter the hall. The MC calls team C of each school to get ready. As soon as TenTen walks up the stage, TaLue and her friends call his name and dance. LOL.

TenTen looks at them feeling weary. The MC tells them to quiet down, it can disturb other contestants. TenTen looks at the math problem to solve then he writes down the answer.

The MC asks all the three team finalists to get on stage for the final round.

YuYi points to TaLue TenTen’s rival. TaLue recalls how Turbo described her. “It’s bad.” TaLue tells herself.

YuYi says no, not bad, and that girl has only IQ170 or “Could that be her height?” YuYi wonders.

“170!”  TaLue utters.

YuYi says she will go find out. TaLue says whatever, she won’t be able to compete with her. YuYi comes back and says both her IQ and height are 170 even. YuYi describes her perfect features.

King tells Arm that since he’s the best in class, tell him what’s up there on the board (math problem). Arm looks at it and says, “Well, sometimes we don’t need to know everything.” LOL. King asks if they should take that approach. Arm nods. King says he thinks so too.

TenTen finishes solving it ahead of time. TaLue looks at NamKang and thinks she doesn’t have any qualities of the girl TenTen loves at all, and they are such a perfect match, and if she could be like her, TenTen wouldn’t feel embarrassed to tell everyone that they live in the same house.

The MC says now it’s the last problem to solve and soon they will know if the champion last year will be able to keep the position. TenTen looks at the problem on the board.

TaLue wonders what TenTen will choose, victory or love, and if he chooses to lose then he must like her very much.

TenTen writes down his answer and recalls how the teacher pressured the girl.

The MC says the final scores come out, and the winner is Paradise International School. NamKang is so delighted while TaLue’s heart sank. The MC says it’s the fourth championship of this school in consecutive years. TenTen’s school comes the second place.

TenTen’s teammates says his friends came cheering him while they have been in the contests and no one would come. She thanks him.

Paeo is impressed that they got second place in the national contest. The MC says TaLue’s school moved up with exciting speed from its previous rank.

“In the end, he chooses to lose.” TaLue thinks.

NamKang waits for TenTen beside her motorbike. She thanks him. TaLue sees them together. TenTen says it’s not that important. NamKang says for him, it may not, but for her, it’s very important. He says good for her and congratulations. She tells him her name and he says his. They shake hand.

TaLue thinks they are confessing (in her own thought).

“For our love.”

“Yes, for our love.”

They hug. TaLue walks away.

“Can I ask you who is that girl on your bike this morning?” NamKang asks.

“Her name is TaLue. We live in the same house.”

TaLue gets on the escalator and turns around to look at them.


This series brought back the feels of teenagers where big issues at that time became so small later in life, but it’s nice to know  🙂

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