Kiss Me Episode 2

Something real, something manga  🙂


Episode 2 “You are actually kind.”

TaLue’s letters to TenTen got exposed and it’s so embarrassing. TenTen walks into the classroom so YuYi asks shouldn’t an IQ200 guy be more of a gentleman. TaLue tells her it’s all right. (She sobs by the tree alone.)

Khu (teacher) Haeng comes in and tells them to take a seat. King glares at TenTen. TenTen motions him to go back to his seat. Khu Haeng talks about the clubs each of them has to choose to join. He warns them to sign on quickly as the popular clubs will filled up pretty quick. He tells them to get it done by this Friday.

He says the Agriculture Club asked him to tell the ones who might want to join their club that it wouldn’t be hot but quite cool this year as the activity would be done in a glass house, so please consider joining them.

The students make a fuss that they aren’t interested. The teacher says it’s fine if they aren’t interested. He tells TenTen that the Math and Science Club ask if he will consider joining them.

YuYi says how about a club of Ethics. Another girl says also a club of Humanity.

“TenTen, how about Writing-Letter Club?” a girl teases.

YuYi asks that girl if she wants to join the Mouth-Slapping-Until-It-Drop Club with her. Khu Haeng tells YuYi to cool down then he starts today’s lesson.

Any students who tease TaLue about her letters will face with YuYi.

Paeo says loudly that normally she doesn’t like to act bigwig, but today she feels like it. She asks the students at one table that it’s late in the evening, and if they won’t go home. The whole table leave to make room for them to sit down. TaLue asks if they aren’t going to hate them. Paeo asks each one around if he/she hates them, they all say no.

Arm suggests they all go eat at TaLue’s house today. TaLue says she will ask her dad to prepare them a special recipe. YuYi and Paeo tease what kind of recipe it will be.

TaLue says it’s only-best-friends-get-to-eat recipe. Paeo says such a dramatic name. King says then he won’t get to eat it. TaLue asks why not when he’s her best friend, too. Arm wants to explain but King won’t let him.

YuYi says whether it’s for-best-friends recipe or falling-for-friend recipe, she will eat it because she’s so darn hungry.

Dad is preparing food for them and the chili paste has such a strong smell that they sneeze. Dad asks King what’s with TaLue today, she looks very upset and if anyone bullied his daughter. Dad says just tell him because TaLue is quite slow at it. King assures him that he will take care of her and won’t let her be this upset again, he promises.  Dad thanks him.

YuYi asks TaLue what she was thinking to write those letters. Paeo says don’t tell her that she still likes that guy even when he did this to her. TaLue says she’s not sure because she doesn’t think anything at all.

Dad brings them food and YuYi wants to dig in but dad stops her and says, for this meal, they must praise friendships first. They cling glass and dad says to friendships and sincerity. YuYi asks if they can start eating now. Dad say sure. Then Paeo asks a question which makes dad recount the story of his friend, Bomb, yet again. YuYi tells Paeo that it’s her 200th time listening to it, thanks to her.

Dad tells them to close their ears and open their mouths to eat, if they don’t want to hear it.

Dad says he and Bomb met in a party where they were dancing like crazy, then they bumped into each other on the dance floor. They wanted to punch each other but stopped when they were wearing exactly the same shirts. Then they became friends and introduced their wives to one another.

Dad asks Paeo if she knows where the climax of this story is. Paeo asks where that is. Dad says when he asked for that man’s name.

The guy yelled against the loud music that his name was Bomb. But it took Han a while before he could hear it correctly.

Dad, TaLue and others laugh. Paeo asks what’s so funny about it. Dad says when the guy told him his name was ‘Bomb’, suddenly a bomb exploded.

While dad is saying, the cooking-gas tank explodes and causes a huge damage to his house.

The reporter asks Han if he has any enemy or business rival. Han leaves message to the perpetrator that such person doesn’t want to fight face to face. He says he isn’t scared. Han says but he forgives that person this time because (he pulls TaLue over) his daughter is unharmed.

A man steps to the front and says there’s no such person, and Han changed from using a (charcoal) stove to burner today, so it’s cooking-gas explosion. The reporter asks if Han thinks the building will collapse after the explosion. Han says the building is strong and he will prove it to them.

Han bangs on it several time and nothing happens. Everyone cheers. Then it collapses right before their eyes.

TaLue walks to school feeling down. The teacher sobs looking at her.

Khu Haeng comes asking if she’s all right, he saw the news last night. TaLue says luckily no one was hurt. He tells her to think it’s just another bad day of life. She thanks him. He tells her to keep fighting and now give him a big smile. She smiles at him.

TaLue walks outside the classroom and her gang protects her from anyone would love to prick on her wound.

At night, TaLue comes back and asks her dad if they will sleep at aunt Dao’s place today. He nods. She asks if she will have to sleep in this uniform again. He says she doesn’t have to, their neighbors donated lots of clothes today. TaLue checks them out and pulls out a huge pink bra. Dad says what a donation and it won’t fit her.

Dad says they can pick up their life piece by piece. She says they can do it. Dad says he feels bad for her mom’s portrait though. She asks if he can paint a new one. He says of course when TaLue is here, she always reminds him of her mom. TaLue beams. He says her mom is all over her, the gleam in her eyes and the smiles.

TaLue hugs him and asks if mom was cleverer than her. Dad nods and says, as the matter of fact, she’s cleverer than both of them. She asks why mom liked him. He says it’s what he’s been searching for his whole life that how a clever and good girl could fall in love with him.

Dad goes on and on saying his bad traits and says his profile is the lowest one. TaLue says she wants to say what he said isn’t true but….He adds that but it’s true. They both take turn saying ‘I love you’. He picks up his wife’s portrait and says the three of them love one another.

King waits for TaLue in the morning. When she comes out, he asks why it took so long. She says the uniform isn’t totally dry and she has only one to wear. He asks why she doesn’t buy another uniform. She says dad just gave her money to buy it.

He says she can tell him if she needs anything. She says textbooks, because hers were all gone with the explosion. He says it’s pricey to buy the whole set of textbooks, but he will take care of that for her.

King sticks an announcement on the board. TaLue bumps into TenTen so she apologizes. He just walks away. She found the textbooks she needs on her desk.

Paeo says it must be him. TaLue says must be, since there was no one around there. YuYi says TenTen has IQ200 so may be he doesn’t need these textbooks. TaLue is delighted and says, “See? I told you he’s kind, I knew it, he’s secretly kind.”

YuYi says no, not kind for someone who exposed her letters. Paeo says that’s right, could be that her house exploded and he just doesn’t need it, or could be someone else who saw King’s announcement.

TaLue grabs all the textbooks and says, whatever, she will think they are his so that she will study hard to deserve TenTen’s textbooks. Her friends scratch their heads.

TaLue is watering the plants and it spills on TenTen who is sleeping there. She says sorry then changes to, “It serves you right! For someone who did that to other person’s letters, he deserves more of that. Wait, thank you for the textbooks.”

“It won’t help you much.” he says.

“Why not? I’m in need of it.”

“Because, based on my estimation, I think you will understand only 26% of what’s on it.”


“What did I tell you?”

“What’s that?”

“I never said things which were untrue.”

She says that’s right, but she’s glad that it’s more than she thought. “What more?” he asks. She says it’s 26%!

He sighs and asks where her house located. She says nowhere because it exploded recently. He asks where she stays now. She looks down at the floor like she’s right here. He asks, “Let’s me try again. Where will you stay tonight?”

“Aunt Dao’s house. Do you want to come see me?”

She tells him the direction from the school to the place, which is across the street from where her house was. He turns to leave so she hurriedly says she will stay there only a short while and will move out, and she will let him know her new address.

TaLue tells her dad that she got the whole set of textbooks today, someone gave it to her. He asks what he’s going to use then. She says that clever student gave it to her and he doesn’t need it. Dad tells her not to forget to thank him.

A man comes calling Han. He says he’s so bored, surely some reporter came and he will charge them this time. He shouts to the guy that he’s coming.

The man turns around and says he came to pick him up to live with him.

“Bomb!” Han calls out. Both TaLue and aunt Dao duck under the dining table. LOL.


Han jumps on him and hugs him tight.

Han thanks Dao for letting them stay in her place. She says it’s just a couple of nights, helping each other in time of need. Aunt Dao asks if they won’t take this pink bra, may be one day TaLue can wear it.

Han says he will leave his car with her and will come get it later. They say goodbye. She wishes him good luck.

They get in the van. Han asks Bomb how he could find him. Bomb says from TV news, he thought the face looked familiar and realized it’s him. Han asks if he came back a long time (from abroad). Bomb says less than three months and he was busy finding school for his child, and unpacking. Han says what’s odd is he was telling how they first met to the youngsters and then the explosion, “Bomb!”

“Hurray!” Bomb laughs. He praises TaLue that she turned so cute growing up. He asks if she remembers him. Han says how she can remember him, how many years he’d gone.

Han asks how his naughty child is doing. Bomb says his son is so handsome that he thought Kaew (his wife) had an affair. Han asks which of his organs he used to come up with such idea because if he didn’t marry Kaew, no one ever would. They both laugh.

Han starts describing Kaew’s shortcomings. Bomb tells him to stop it, she’s his wife after all. Han says he won’t dare say it in front of Kaew or he will get a slap. They laugh.

TaLue gets nervous, what if TenTen comes to see her today. If he comes today, they will miss each other. She prays that he won’t come.

“TaLue! Why don’t you wait for me?” TenTen shouts and collapses to the ground (in her own thought).

King is disappointed that TaLue moved out without telling him and he doesn’t know where to.

TaLue and her dad arrive at a huge house. Han gapes at how big the place is. Bomb says there’s a huge backyard for an outdoor party too. Bomb stops him from walking in. He says there’s one rule before he can enter. He tells Han to stand straight and now he must feel first that this is also his house.

Han swears and says he can feel it now. Bomb tells him to come along.

“Hey, dad!” TaLue calls out but no one listens.

She walks to another direction. “Wow!” she looks around. She greets a cat, “Hi! You look familiar. Have we met before? Many days ago I found a cat, too. But it’s smaller than you, or, may be the same size. So cute. What’s your name?”

TenTen comes behind her and says, “Talking to a cat again?”

She nods and when she realizes it’s TenTen, she stumbles backward. He holds her to stop her from reeling.

“TenTen?!” she asks.


So far, TenTen could turn into a wow factor pretty soon, and TaLue came out quite a cute clumsy girl, and very kind. It’s a remake so the storyline isn’t new so it’s up to the execution. We’ll see.

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  1. Thanks so much for recapping this series.

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