Kiss Me Episode 1

It’s Started With a Kiss: Thai Version  🙂


Episode 1 “Who is the real you exactly?”

“Two Months Ago”

A girl is begging a cat to come down from a tree at school. A boy comes along and shushes her from saying more. She closes her eyes and thinks, “Could it be, my first kiss?”

The boy clears his throat and says, “Wake up!”

She opens her eyes and sees her cat in his arms. She thanks him and says he’s so great. He arches his eyebrow a bit and walks away.

A teacher is talking about the new student, TatRapee WaroPath, who has such a high profile. His father moved back to run business in Thailand. His IQ is 200 which may be higher than some of the teachers here. She nags at teacher Haeng.

The boy walks in and says he’s TatRapee. The teacher says she’s talking about him with teacher Haeng just now. He hands her his documents as a new student. She praises that he’s on time and it’s three weeks from now school will start, and he definitely will be in the ‘king’ class (a class filled with exceptional students).

A girl rushes in and greets her teacher. She’s TaLue (means a spatular). The lady teacher quickly asks what time her appointment is. She greets the teacher and sees that the boy she just met is there, too. TaLue says 9:00 a.m. The teacher sarcastically asks if she came late because she’s in the class for misfits, or it’s because she’s late which made her belong to that class. She reprimands TaLue’s teacher to keep his student behaved.

When the lady teacher tells TatRapee that she’ll see him when the school starts, he asks her to put him in the class for misfits instead, because he wants to conduct a study on behaviors of the misfits.

“Lue!” teacher Haeng calls her. He points at the cat in her shoulder bag.

TaLue talks to her cat that her teacher scolded her because of it. She says so boring, they always mention her class as misfits’. She sees TatRapee so she greets him and says it’s good they will be in the same class. He asks if she’s late because she’s trying to save the cat. She says yes and that’s kind of stupid. He says no and he just asks. She asks what he’s asking. He says noting. She says okay. He asks she’s okay that easy. She says but he said noting.

She shows him the cat and asks, “What are we going to do with our cat?”

“Whose cat did you say?”

She says she can’t keep it and suggests that he keeps it, it seems they both like each other. She begs him to keep it since it doesn’t have mother and father and if they leave it here, it could die from dog-bite or getting stuck on a tree. He says all right and when she wants to see it, he will bring it to her.

“Serious?” she asks.

“I never say things that aren’t true in my life.”

“Serious? (He walks away with the cat on his shoulder.) Thank a lot!” she shouts then beams.

At home (the name of the family’s restaurant suggests they are selling ‘Pad Thai’ dish), her father clears his throat. TaLue asks if he has a sore throat. Dad says no, just calls for her attention.

“What are you doing?” dad asks.

“Folding a paper.” she answers.

“I knew it, all right, one more time, why are you folding a paper?”

“I’m going to write a letter.” she says.

Dad shows her the correct way to fold it for a letter. Dad says he learned how to do it since his 5th or 6th grade, and asks if she’s doing it to hand it to the teacher. She says no, to hand it to a man. The customers perk up so dad yells at them to do what they are doing, don’t be nosy and it’s his daughter here. TaLue tells dad to go do the cooking or the customers could get angry and chase him with a knife, and if there’s any progress about her letter, she will let him know.

A customer walks in.

Dad: “What? Pad Thai?”

The customer: “Yes.”

Dad: “Sit down.”

TaLue writes,

“To you, who I still don’t know the name,

Hi, my name is TaLue. A cute name, isn’t it? I got this name because when my mother was in labor, my dad was so excited that he took ‘talue’ (spatula) with him to the hospital. My father’s name is Han. He studied how to paint before and he’s good at it, but he painted only one drawing then quit. He said, “It’s so peak!” He loves to say ‘peak’ which means awesome. He loves to do peak things so his ‘Pad Thai’ is very tasty. People love it but they have to wait a long while. Some customer fainted while waiting for it. Some was so pissed and pulled out a knife. (A guy pulls out his knife and threatens dad if his Pad Thai is ready yet, he’s so hungry. Dad pulls out a bigger kitchen knife and asks if he can wait, if he can then sit down.)

Since I met you, it’s peak for me too. Never feels this way, truly never. (She shouts at us, “He’s so cute!”). I’m writing to you now because I want to tell you that I like you a lot. I like that you are so kind and you are a good man. It’s nothing to do with your cleverness with IQ200, or may be, I’m not quite sure at the moment. I don’t know how you feel for me, but for me, I was so peak when I met you. That’s it for this introduction letter. I hope you will want to become my friend.


Another day she writes,

“What’s like for an IQ300 person? Everything must seem very easy. I’m the kind who is bad at memorize things and having very few good qualities. My dad said I wasn’t a stupid person but a human being who’s quite slow. I can help my father somewhat and luckily my dad is quite slow too. When we have so many customers, King (her friend) will come and help us willingly. We knew each other since Mor.1 (a school grade), and he’s also in the same class with us. You will like him. He may appear disobedient but he’s actually not. He’s so good at chasing dogs away. Dogs love to bark at me. When a dog barks at me, King would show right up there. It’s a few days before the school starts and I’m so excited. I will hand all these letters I wrote, to you and will get to know your name finally. Let me tell you again, my name is TaLue, and I like you.


School starts. Students take off their shoes to get in class. The spot with shoes is labeled ‘parking lot for dumb’.

TaLue walks in her class. King arrives and asks why she came alone when she said to pick her up. She says she’s excited for the first day of class.

Her friends rush to them and YuYi asks if they heard there’s new student coming in from abroad. Paeo says she heard he’s a good-looking male unlike him.

TaLue says he’s transferred from Japan. King asks since when she knew the guy. YuYi says they said he’s freaking handsome and very clever, not dumb like them. Paeo says he’s very clever with an IQ thing, good at sports, also play music and write songs. King says so many abnormal things about him and how he feels sad for the guy.

The teachers and TatRapee walk in the classroom. The lady teacher tells teacher Haeng to let his students to put away their baby first. A student runs to put away a glass box with a snake inside.

The lady teacher tells the whole classroom that it’s such a joy to have TatRapee here in this school and he chose to be in this class. She says his profile is now on the information board so they can have a look to get to know more about their new friend. She hopes this semester will be a hard-working one for everyone.

Teacher Haeng tells his students to stand up and introduce themselves one by one to TatRapee or TenTen.

“My name is…not only love dogs but also love you.”

“My name is…I had a boyfriend at first, but now not really.”

“My name is…If you are single, you will be lonely, but if you become my boyfriend, you will feel fun.”

“My name is…I already have a boyfriend, so don’t come hitting on me, he’s a jealous man, but for a courageous one, it’s okay.”

“My name is Jane, love to pet snakes. I had a dream last night that I met my mate, and he looks like you.”

“I’m Arm,…, that’s it.”

“My name is Paeo. My full name is….(she says her phone number.)”

“Hi, my name is YuYi. My prominent spot is my looks, but my awesome spot is my hip.”

“Hi, my name is….Even though I’m not good at studying, I’m an expert in Love.”

“I’m King, don’t like good-looking people, and for you, simply plain.”

“Hi, my name is TeeRaPat. (Two kids pop up in TenTen’s mind) My family name is AingKuraNon. (A little girl says from now on do not come play with her and do not come near her anymore.) My nickname is TaLue. (TenTen turns away from her.) Eh…I…nothing.” she sits down.

Teacher Haeng tells TenTen that his seat is next to TaLue, only one seat left. King suggests TenTen sit in the front row, but no one listens. Teacher Haeng tells them it’s their last semester so study hard.

Two girls from another class come peeking and delivering a letter to TenTen. He doesn’t care to look at them at all.

YuYi looks at her phone and says those girls from class eight already set up a LINE group TenTenMyDarling. TaLue takes a look and says so many girls like him. Paeo says girls from class two are trying hard to make him take the bait, but fail. TaLue says he’s not an obnoxious, but a kind man.

YuYi asks if she knows that the bet is on, whomever he talks to first, will get free lunch for the whole semester. Paeo adds that also free a slap-service after school.

TaLue says he talked to her quite a lot during school break, and if adds up his words to her, it will be free meal for the whole semester. YuYi asks if she has any evidence. TaLue thinks about it and says the cat. TaLue recounts that day to them. Her friends aren’t sure if a cat could be an evidence. YuYi asks if, for sure, she talked to him. TaLue says she might be off with other things but with him, she’s certain.

Three girls rush to TenTen. TaLue asks him how the cat is. He doesn’t answer. TaLue asks if he named it and if it eats a lot, and if it will recognize her. TenTen perks up to say that he doesn’t raise a cat.

The fact that he talks to TaLue causes quite a commotion among the girls.

“What does it mean?” TaLue asks.

“Can’t you understand what I just said…..?” he’s exasperated.

The girls squeal, “Two sentences!”

They tell others to give them the bet money. He hears it and doesn’t like it, so he gets up and walks away. TaLue runs after him.

She says he said he wouldn’t say things which were untrue, so why said he didn’t raise a cat. She says it’s that cat on the first day they met. She accuses him of saying an untrue thing. He says he didn’t, and he doesn’t raise a cat and doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells her to stop bothering him.

TaLue is upset. She’s looking at the tree. King comes along and asks if she wants him to drop her home. She says she must be possessed by some ghost. King gets confused what she’s saying. She says leave it, let’s go home.

At home, dad sits with TaLue and asks if her homework is too hard. She says a homework for her is never easy. Dad says they can have the lowest test scores but must never give up. She says there’s a person with IQ200 at her school. Dad tells her not to pay attention, that person isn’t as normal as them. She says that’s quite true, he’s on and off, and it confuses her which is true or untrue, which is the real him or fake.

Dad tells her not to get confused and what they must do is finding out if he has more good sides then the bad sides or vice versa. TaLue thinks about it and says that’s too hard for her. He agrees with her that it is so.

At school, TaLue tries to call the cat to come out at the tree.

“I’m not the person who raises the cat, but it’s fine, don’t worry.” TenTen says and turns to leave. She calls out to him and pulls out all her letters. “I wrote them to you.”

He slowly grabs it and walks away. She beams.

At the locker room, TaLue imagines TenTen’s response, that he comes to say he read it and feels glad that they feel the same way, he’s been waiting for a girl like her for his whole life. She blushes.

King comes and pulls her along. “TaLue, what are you doing here? Come quick!”

All TaLue’s letters are on the board and everyone is looking at it.

King asks if those letters are hers or someone is playing a trick on her. King reads them and then tears all of them. He tells TaLue to be strong. They turn around and see that TenTen is also there looking at them from upstairs.

A voice narrates that TenTen makes TaLue’s tears fall, which means a war to King, the forever TaLue’s bodyguard.


I’m not familiar with this channel’s productions so the dialog didn’t sound promising to my ears. I got confused at some lines. However, it’s only the first episode so it could get better. Still not sure it’s my cup of tea though.

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