Tai Ngao Jun Episode 14 (Final)



Episode 14

Don asks why Tho doesn’t talk at home but here. Tho says he will send him abroad to study, he’s afraid uncle Mek might harm him again, and he thinks that grandfather’s fall was uncle Mek’s doing so he doesn’t want Don in danger too.

Don says he can take care of himself, his father stopped gambling and spent more time with him these days, so he thinks uncle Mek won’t dare do anything to him.

Tho says he’s taking a precaution so Don should leave now, may be taking a language course first, then college entrance exams. Pabu and Get walk over. She says it’s for Don’s safety and his brother to be at ease. Don says it’s too soon and he’s not ready yet.

Get says he will go with him. Tho says he asked Get to go with him. Pabu says do it for his future, and his mother will be proud when he comes back. Don finally agrees to leave.

At the hospital, Tho gets a phone message, it’s DNA test’s result which confirms that  he’s not Reung’s child. Tho rushes outside to talk to Mek.

Mek asks if he’s in shock, and says that’s right, Tho isn’t Pee Reung’s child and grandfather fell down because he learned that Tho isn’t his grandson by blood.

Mek asks Tho if it’s clear to him now that the person who made his father got into this stage is Tho.

Tho comes home and shows the result to Reung, and asks what it means. He asks if he’s not his son and whose son he is, and why did he not tell him the truth. Reung asks who told him. Tho says that’s unimportant because now he wants to hear it from him.

When Reung hesitates, Tho says no matter what the truth is, Reung couldn’t possibly hate him more than now, and he couldn’t possibly feel worse than now also. Tho begs him to tell the truth.

“You are not my son. You aren’t my biological son. Satisfied now?” Reung asks.

“In my life, I have two children. It’s Don and another one who died the day he was born. You are just a baby I picked up to replace my child, so that father wouldn’t feel hurt!”

“Is this why you hated me so much?”

“That’s right. You came from a family I don’t know, yet you lived comfortably on top of my child’s wealth, and you even take everything away from Don!” Rueng yells.

Tho leaves the room and sits in his car. The pain starts to sink in and he cries.

Tho calls Pabu. “Hello, honey!” she greets him. He lets out a smile through his tears and asks what honey. She says she changes the way she call him to ‘honey’ and he must call her that, too.

“Honey, so why are you calling?” she asks.

He says he needs to hear her voice, to see her face. She says they met this morning and now he’s missing her already. She asks if he wants to come see her. Tho asks where she is now. She says she’s shopping for something and will go back to the restaurant soon. Tho says he will pick her up there. She says okay and see him then.

Buri reports to Get that his friend had officially rejected him. Get says sometimes when we see our loved one happy, it makes us happy too. Get tells him to accept it and leave it at that.

Buri asks how he can do that when she went out with him all the time, even secretly gave him a bottle of drinking water and even wrote the comparison checklist which leaned toward him. Buri says all that, how could he not think in his favor.

Get gets nervous and explains to him that both the water and the comparison checklist were all his doing. Buri asks if he did everything and made him get wrong idea.

Get tells him to just let Khun Tho defeat him, the two of them (Tho and Pabu) had been through things together and are many ways in common such as their family matters, problems in life and many more. They fill the gap for each other.

Buri says if he had behaved sympathetically then Khun Pabu would have liked him and he would have earned her sympathy as well.

Tho hears that and stops in his tracks.

Get says it’s not like that. Buri says it’s enough to prove that Khun Pabu likes Khun Tho because she feels sad for him.

That hurts Tho’s feeling right at its core.

Tho wants to leave but bumps into Pabu. She greets him and asks why he’s looking at her like that. She says if there’s a problem, tell her, she’s worried about him.

Tho asks why she’s worried about him. She asks what’s with him when he was fine when they talked on the phone just now.

Tho says he needs to know why she’s worried about him. “You are nice to me and treat me nicely, is it due to your sympathy for me? Can you say to me that what you felt for me isn’t sympathy?”

Pabu hesitates so he leaves. Buri sees them.

Tho comes to see his grandfather. Kitja stirs awake. “Grandfather!” Tho moves closer to him. “I’m not your grandfather. I heard the truth. You are not my grandson. Get out of here!”

“Grandfather, do you really mean that?”

“I said get out. I know you’ve invested your life working for me, but now things changed. I will give you some money to start your new life. Leave now and don’t come back. Just leave.” Kitja says.

Tho turns to leave. “Wait, change your family name too. I don’t want you to use ‘SaSiWong’ anymore.” Kitja says.

Tho wakes up from having a bad dream. Phew!

Tho walks to Kitja and holds his hand.

Pabu is having a dream too. “What’s with you? Why don’t you talk to me?!”

She opens her eyes and sees an empty glass and the bouquet on her bed. She wonders when she put it there.

Mathurot calls her. She asks if Khun Tho contacted her at all. Pabu says no, not since last night. Mom asks if he told her where he would go. Pabu says no, he didn’t, and asks what’s the matter. Mom says there’s a problem in this house, Khun Tho just knew that he’s not Khun Reung’s son.

Pabu asks how it could be. Mom says she just knows too that Khun Reung adopted Khun Tho. Mom says if he goes to her then take care of him, he should be deeply hurt. Pabu says all right and hangs up.

Pabu and Jemi arrive at the hospital. Jemi asks Pim where Pee Tho is. Pim says she doesn’t know. Jemi nags at Pabu if she also doesn’t know, and why he wouldn’t tell his precious one. “Could it be, precious not?” Jemi blinks.

Pabu says she’s too precious so he doesn’t want to worry her. Pim says Khun Tho isn’t here, he asked her to take care of Khun Kitja since last night. Pabu asks if she knows where he went. Pim shakes her head.

Kitja’s children comes to visit him at the hospital. Ngam asks why Pim is here. Pim says it’s Khun Tho’s order. Ngam tells her she can leave and she will take care of her father herself. Pim says she can’t do that because Khun Tho ordered her to watch over Khun Kitja all the time, and not to go anywhere.

Ngam says Pim may not know that Tho isn’t related to her father, and he’s not the company’s president anymore, he has no rights over anything. Ngam asks if Pim will still follow Tho’s order.

Pim says she will, and she doesn’t know what happened but Khun Tho is her boss. Ngam says once she becomes the company’s owner, she will fire her the first one.

Buri asks if it’s true and she doesn’t make it up. Jemi confirms it and she was stunned too when she overheard aunt Ngam and uncle Mek’s conversation. He asks if she knows where Khun Tho went. Jemi says she called him many times but he switched off his phone. He must be very sad now.

Buri says it’s such a heavy drama, and of course, Khun Tho needs time to adjust to it. She says luckily Pee Tho doesn’t know another thing about uncle Mek or else it would put more stress on him. Buri asks what it’s about.

Jemi says her father gets suspicious that uncle Mek embezzled money from the company which caused the condo to collapse, and he has someone find out about it now so the truth will come out soon.

Buri says the wrong one should be punished. Jemi says why there are only stressful matters these days. He holds her hand and says, “Fighting! All right?” She’s quite affected by his touch and smiles at him.

LukTan tells Mek to kill his father, if he doesn’t do it first, when his father wakes up, he’ll be the one in deep trouble. She says she told him before, when his father’s healthy, he hated him that much, now that he harmed him this bad, she asks if he thinks his father will let him get away.

She says now it’s a good time to do it because Tho isn’t around, and if he doesn’t have the courage, she will do it.

Kitja wakes up alone in the room. He hears someone is coming so he pretends to be sleeping.

Mek and LukTan get inside. She orders him to do it fast or Pim will come back. She gives him a pillow. Mek recalls how Kitja yelled at him before he fell down. “That’s right, I’m bad, since I’m already bad, let me be worst!” Mek says.

Mek stops and says he can’t do it. Luktan snatches the pillow from him and presses it over Kitja’s face to suffocate him.

Pabu and Pim come in. Pabu asks what she’s trying to do to grandfather. Mek says he came to visit his father and he’s still asleep so he will leave now.

Pabu calls the nurse. Kitja tells them what they were trying to do to him but Pabu came in. Pabu asks him what actually happened.

Kitja says he and Mek had an argument, and Mek shoved him and he fell down and Mek just left him there. Pabu says it’s exactly how she thought. Kitja asks where Tho is, and if Mek told Tho anything. Pim says Khun Tho left a letter for him with her, and ordered her to take the best care of him.

Flashbacks, Tho is writing a letter.

Grandfather, you should know the truth by now that I’m not really your grandson. I’m sorry for not being your blood relative and disappointing you. Now that I’m no longer related in any way to SaSiWong, I would like to return all the things you given me including the position in the company and the assets back to you, because I don’t deserve it. I’m sorry for not saying goodbye to you in person because I don’t have the courage to look at you. Thank you for raising me so well and loved me like one of your grandsons, even though that isn’t the fact. Lastly, please take good care of your health.

Love and think of you always,


Kitja finishes reading it and says he wants to see Tho. Pabu says she wants to see him too but doesn’t know where he is.

“I think I know where he is.” Kitja says.

Don tries to reach Tho but fails. “Aren’t you coming to see me off?” Don says and his tears fall.

A phone message comes in from Tho, Study well, it will make your parents and grandfather delighted. Don, you are everyone’s only hope, remember that.


Don is happy to hear from his big brother before he leaves the country.

Tho sits by the dock feeling sad. Kitja walks over. “Tho!” he greets him.

“Grandfather!…Khun Kitja.” Tho says.

He says this Kitja is his grandfather no matter what, it remains unchanged. “Let’s go home.” Kitja reaches out.

“But I’m not your grandson. We are totally unrelated.”

“I knew about it long time ago and never paid attention to it. Whatever it is, you are a good boy. You never disappointed me. All your good deeds come from you, yourself and nothing has changed. Come home with me. No matter what happens, you will still be my grandson. I said this much, can you still leave me?” Kitja holds Tho’s shoulder.

Tho asks what his story and who he is.

Kitja says before Reung’s wife got pregnant, his company was in trouble. There’s a fortune-teller came along and said there would be a boy who would make the company get better, so when Reung’s wife got pregnant, he waited and put so much hope in this grandchild, but in the end, she and the baby died all at once. (The doctor tells Reung that the baby died since it’s in her womb.)

(While Reung is crying, a woman leaves her baby by the stairways. He asks what she’s doing. She says she really can’t raise it and says sorry then leaves.)

KitJa continues that as if fate’s on his side, his wife was afraid he would be sad if he learned that the real grandchild died, so she took Tho in and made him be the grandson instead, without telling him. Not until she passed away that he learned about it, but at that time he already loved Tho.

Kitja says since Tho was young, he noticed that his father didn’t love him or pay attention to him at all. It made him decide to be both Tho’s father and mother.

Time went by and he loved Tho more each day.

Kitja says it’s good for Tho to know it now, because after he dies, someone may come to Tho and use it to take advantage of him.

Tho bows down to Kitja’s feet feeling grateful. Kitja hugs him and tells him to be relieved now. “Grandfather, I do love you.” Tho says and cries.

Pabu looks at them feeling overwhelmed.

Tho asks how he got here. Kitja says it’s Pabu. Kitja holds both and says nothing to worry about anymore. Tho says he may accept him as his grandson but what about his children. (He still calls Reung his father.)

Kitja says he can take care of it so Tho doesn’t have to worry. He tells Tho to ease up his mind since he’s been under stress lately.

Ngam walks into Tho’s office and sits on his chair. Buri comes in and gives her a load of work to approve and make decisions. She yells at him to do the same he used to do. Buri says normally Khun Tho will make the decision himself and he can’t decide on it. She yells at him to quit the job if he can’t.

Toi brings in more documents saying Khun Pim wants him to give it to her. Ngam screams why so much work and tells them to take it away, and why wasting money paying them when they have to ask her everything. She gets a call and someone wants her at the hospital. She’s leaving the office and tells them to take the documents out of her office, all of it.

Buri and Toi look at each other. Buri calls Pim and says he did as she told him and now Khun Ngam is heading to the hospital.

Ngam rushes to the hospital. Pim tells her that Khun Kitja stopped breathing a few secs so they put him on a respirator. Ngam asks how it could happen when his conditions were fine the other day.

Pim say she’s not sure what happened but the doctor said he was all right now and should wake up in 2-3 days. Ngam asks Mek if they should hire a private nurse to look after their father.

Mek gets in the room and walks to Kitja who is lying on the bed. “Father, I will make you sleep soundly.” Mek says and reaches for the oxygen mask on Kitja’s face.

Kitja opens his eyes and pushes his hand away. Mek asks if he’s actually fine.

“Disappointed? You came to harm me here but I got away from it.”

Mek asks what he’s talking about. Kitja says he shoved him and he fell over, but instead of helping him, he and Luktan ran out.

He says he heard everything he talked to Luktan. KitJa says he knew Mek had an affair with Luktan and cheated the company, he knew it a long while, but because he’s his son so he didn’t want chaos in their house.

He says even Reung knew that he harmed Don, but because he’s his brother so Reung didn’t say. Instead of regretting it, he tried to kill him at the hospital. Kitja asks how he could be this bad and so ungrateful. He asks what kind of devil he used to be, to born into this world.

Ngam and Reung come out. She asks if he really thinks of killing father, and how he could do that. Kitja asks what he should do with this wicked blood. Mek walks out of the room bumping Tho on his way out.

Kitja says to Ngam and Reung that he heard they wanted the company so much. He asks if they can take care of it when Tho wasn’t around. He yells at them that they don’t know how exhausted Tho’s been running the company, and the hard-work he had done. They just think Tho lives such a comfortable life and all they want is the inheritance and his assets. There’s only Tho who is taking care of the company.

Kitja shows them Tho’s letter and says once Tho knew he’s not related to him, he wrote this letter to return everything back to him. Ngam turns to Tho in disbelief.

Tho walks to Reung. He recalls how Kitja asked him to make up with Reung, they are father and son after all.

Tho sits down. Reung says Don told it to him before he left how Tho saved his life.

Reung says, “Thank you and I want to apologize for all the bad things I did to you. The reason I hated you, not because you aren’t my son, but because every time I looked at you, it would remind me of my perished child. I tried to tell myself that if you weren’t there, my child wouldn’t die and my life wouldn’t turn out this way, when in fact, it wasn’t your fault at all. Tho, you must hate me so much, mustn’t you?”

Tho shakes his head and says, “Never. How can I hate the man I called father?”

Reung looks at him in a different way.

Tho tells Kitja that Don arrived safely at his lodging and he told Don that grandfather came home already.

Kitja says Don must miss home a lot and tells Tho not to worry about him, Don can take care of himself. Kitja tells him to worry about himself, he’s been busy catching up with his work, he should give himself a time off and give time to Pabu, too.

He says when Tho wasn’t here, she’s worried about him so much. Tho says he’s been so busy and didn’t have time to talk to her much, but she said she understood.

Kitja chuckles and says her mouth said that but her heart might be hurt. Tho says he’s a bit scared about that and she must be sulking by now.

Pabu is in the kitchen complaining. She says after Khun Tho came home, he didn’t have time for her at all. She cries (while chopping onions) and says why could he not squeezing time at least 5 minutes to come see her or give her a call.

She sniffs.

Michael says Khun Tho is taking caring of his family and also his work. He asks did she not say she understood.

“I’m understanding!” she yells. Michael asks if this is how she understands him. He tells her to chop the onions finer! She asks, “Doesn’t he think of calling me at all?!”

A call comes in but it’s from her mother. Mathurot says she came to the garden house to take care of something for grandfather, but she forgot the house key. She asks if Flur can get it and come giving it to her. Flur says all right and asks where the key is. She tells Michael to chop it himself while she needs to run an errand for her mother.

Pabu arrives at the house and calls her mother. Tho shows up and says he’s the one asking her mother to call her here. She asks why he didn’t just tell her to come. “As if you would pick up my call. I called you many times.”

She asks if that’s his number, he didn’t call her a long while so she forgot his number. She hands him the house key and wants to leave. He tells her not to be angry at him. She says she isn’t angry.

“But you are upset with me, aren’t you? I’m so sorry. I had so much work to do.” he says.

She says she has to go back to the restaurant now, there’s a lot of work there too.

“If you want to go then leave. If we can’t understand each other with this small issue, I don’t know how to explain it anymore!” he says.

She pouts so he picks a flower from a tree and calls her to turn to him. He touches it lightly on her back and tells her to stay still, there’s a caterpillar on her back. She starts screaming then realizes it’s his trick. He says she teased him first. She pinches his shoulder and says he becomes trickier nowadays.

He says when his girlfriend is both tricky and good at acting, he needs to upgrade his skills, otherwise he couldn’t catch up with his girlfriend. She can’t help smiling.

“Let’s make up.” he says. She’s back to pouting.

She asks if the matter of his family is okay now. Tho says he had a talk with his father. He says he secretly felt guilty in the past for being the cause of his mother’s death, which made his father hate him. But today he knows that it’s not it.

He says he thought about it, that since he was young till has grown up, his father never hugged him even once, and never paid attention to him, so he thought his father was a cold man, until Don was born. He realized then that his father wasn’t at all that, he’s the father who loves his child dearly. He tried to be a really good boy to satisfy his father and everyone. Whether it’ll be the president pose, a car or a luxurious condo, nothing has ever made him truly happy.

She holds his hand and gives him an encouraging smile.

“Until I met you, I started wanting to do something for myself. I’m feeling happy when I’m with you. I want to spend time with you everyday.” he adds.

He holds her both hands and says, “Please marry me.”

She didn’t prepare for that. He says if she doesn’t say no then it means it’s a yes. He leans over to kiss her so she closes her eyes.

“What’s with you? Didn’t you listen to me at all?”

Tho’s voice brings her back to reality. Pabu opens her eyes and turns to him. “What did you say just now?”

“I said let’s wait until you succeeded in running the restaurant like you had wanted first, then we would get married.”

She sulks and says can they not marry right away. He holds her and asks what she said just now. She says nothing and wants to turn away. He pulls her back and says, “If it’s not a rejection then let me give you the deposit for now.” He gives her a peck on her cheek.

She says she must be imagining it. “Hey you, one more on the other side, too.” she boldly says it and she turns another cheek to him. He gives her another peck. She just shrugs.

He asks if she won’t at least play coy or be shy. She says why she needs to, when it’s just her imagination. He asks what imagination. She stops short and wonders if it’s not.

He says no, it’s not and it’s real. He kisses her cheek and asks if she believes it now. “No way!” she utters. He kisses her cheek again and asks, “Definite?”

She smiles and asks for one more, a really definite one. He kisses her cheek repeatedly then her forehead. She squeals.

“Back to reality now?”

“Give me a minute.” she says and kisses his cheek. “It’s real!” she hugs him.

Aww…I can see their life ahead as husband and wife.

Mek checks his money in the bank and there’s a few left. He calls LukTan but her phone is switched off.

Mek intercepts her while she’s trying to flee. He asks what’s the meaning of this, why his money is gone. She says she used it all up. He yells at her how she could do this to him and flee, how she could betray him.

She runs so he goes after her. They push and pull and he ends up strangling her to death.

Mek gets in his car. The lady at the company calls and says Khun ChatChai found out that he cheated the company, he’s mad and is going to sue him. Mek asks how he knew it and if Tho told him.

“It’s because of you! You made my life like this!” he yells.

Mek walks into the office building.

Pabu is on the phone with Tho. She says she’s here already and how he could be late on their first date. She says sure, he will see her face the minute the elevator door opens. She hangs up and sees Mek walk into the fire exit.

Kitja, Tho and Ngam walk out. Ngam says Khun ChatChai doesn’t agree to drop it so what will happen to Mek, does it not mean a long period in jail. Tho says let’s wait until his mood cool down and he will talk with him again. Kitja asks if he knows the problem boy’s whereabouts.

Mek walks to them. Tho asks where he’s been and if he realizes there’s a lot going on in the company.

Mek pulls out a handgun and points it at Tho.

“Mek, what are you doing?” Ngam shouts.

KitJa steps in front of Tho.

“To kill him! He made my life turn so low!” Mek shouts.

Kitja asks if either one must die before he’s satisfied. Mek says that’s right, he wants Tho dead and he will be satisfied then.

“Since Tho was born, he stolen everything away from my life, your love and everything in this company. I tried to do everything to make you love me. I did all the good things to defeat him but never succeed. Father, you never cared about me!”

“He’s not your real grandson, but you don’t care about it, while I’m your real son, yet you raised me like a pig or dog!” Mek shouts.

“Uncle Mek, I never thought of stealing anything from you!” Tho shouts.

KitJa yells at Mek that he did it all to himself so how he could love or care about him. He asks if Mek has ever done anything beside getting jealous of Tho.

“That’s right. I’m filled with jealousy and bad traits, but this wicked blood all come from you, father. If you hate me so much, why did you make be born into this world?!”

“If it’s my fault to let you born into this world, then kill me! If it will satisfy you, then shoot me! This has nothing to do with Tho!” Kitja yells.

“A gun is pointing at your head yet you are worried about him rather than yourself?”

KitJa shouts at Tho to move away. He shouts at Mek to shoot him.

“Then both of you just DIE!” Mek yells and means to shoot.

Pabu jumps on his back to stop him.

Mek shoves her away from his back. She is thrown to the wall and faints. The men try to get the gun from Mek. “Let me go! Let me go!” Mek shouts.

At a police station. Mek sits down in front of KitJa handcuffed. Kitja asks why their family turned out like this. He says Mek kept making troubles in their family and asks when he can put a stop to it.

Mek says their family turned out like this because of him. He built his business empire and always kept telling every employee to build a house with their heart.

“Father, you built happiness for other people’s homes, but have you ever cared about our home? You are cold. You don’t exercise your love. You never cared about the feeling of everyone in the house. After work, you would find happiness elsewhere, outside home. You spent time with your mistresses.”

“But I earned a living, I painstakingly earned money to let you all live a comfortable life. Isn’t that satisfied you enough?” KitJa asks.

“I don’t want money. I want you to love me. I want you to…love me. Can’t you care about me at least? If you gave me that just a bit, I wouldn’t be like this.” Mek cries and gets up. He walks away from him.

Mek is behind bars. Ngam apologizes to him and says it’s her fault to make him become this. She kept instigating him to hate Tho, and that’s how things were getting out of hand.

Mek says it’s not about her, and even if she wasn’t there, he would hate Tho anyway. He says since Tho was born, his life kept going down. He asks if she can see how he is now.

She says Tho didn’t make their lives turn lower, but they did it to themselves. She says last night Tho said he would give everything to Mek, and he didn’t want anything.

“I don’t believe it!” Mek counters.

She says Tho is finding a way to help him now. She cries and says even though they treated him this bad, he forgives them. “Mek, perhaps jealousy has blinded us from seeing Tho’s good intentions.”

Pabu is on the phone with Tho. She says she came back and tells him not to worry, she doesn’t want to stay in the hospital. She tells him to take care of his family’s matters.

Buri waits for her at the door. She asks him why sitting here. He says he bought things for the injured one, and he also bought a new guitar so he wants to do a solo for her. She asks what’s his mood today. He says sentimental.

He says to think about it, he didn’t do anything for her, didn’t play her a guitar so she doesn’t know how charming he can be. She cringes. He tells her not to fall for his charm later. She says never, then tells him to show her one song. He says sure.

Flashbacks of their moments together.

Tho tells Mek to confess to his crimes and it may help reduce his sentence, their lawyer is putting all efforts to help him.

Tho says if he kept this silence, how he can help him. Mek asks why he would help him, he’s in jail like this should make him happy.

Tho asks if he can recall the time when Don was in jail and he asked him why he needed to help Don, and he answered him that if one day he’s in trouble, he would put all of his efforts into helping him as well.

Mek says no matter how nice he’s to him, he will still hate him. Tho says it’s fine to hate him, but please do not reject his help.

Mek says even if he gets out of jail, he still has to see him outside, so it’s still an unhappy life for him.

Flur is sitting in front of a mirror putting on makeup.

Bam teases Flur that if it’s that hard then don’t put it on. Flur says can’t do that or Khun Tho will think she’s not pretty. Michael takes a peek and says she’s putting on such a pale color, like a sick person.  Flur says that’s what she want, looking sick but naturally beautiful. She looks at the time and says Khun Tho is going to be here soon.

Someone knocks the door. Michael says Khun Tho is here so what’s next. Flur asks them if she’s looking okay now. Both nod. She tells them to open the door. Flur jumps into her bed and lies down like a sick one.

Tho greets her and sits down. He asks how her arm is. Flur says it still hurts and it’s still difficult for her to move her body, so she has to let Bam help her.

She says her arm is aching and she feels dizzy so he must take responsibility for it.

He asks responsible for what. She motions to the bowl of porridge and says she’s hungry and her hand is still hurting. She tells him to spoon-feed her. He says all right and accept the food tray from Bam.

He asks but did she not hurt one arm only, another arm is still free. She grabs his hand and says it isn’t free now, it’s holding his hand. She begs him to do it. LOL.

Pabu walks him to the elevator. She says he should be proud to have a tough girl like her be his girlfriend.

He says he will build her a monument then. The elevator door opens so she says she will send him off here, and tells him to work hard.

She adjusts his tie for him. He says people in the elevator are waiting. He asks if he’s handsome enough. She says the most handsome of the three worlds. He gets on the elevator saying he will go back to work.

Toi walks over and says while his friend is having a tough time, she seems so happy. Pabu says the thing between her and Khun Buri has ended, clear?

Toi says it ended for her but, for his friend, it’s painful so he quit and packed his things, and went home already.

Toi says his friend couldn’t take it and doesn’t want to see her face. Flur says that can’t be when they were teasing each other yesterday. Toi says that’s his farewell.

Jemi runs to them and asks if Khun Buri quit and why did he not tell her about it. Toi asks why she needs to cry. Jemi says she doesn’t know too but she feels very sad. She says she won’t get to see Khun Buri anymore and how she would live without seeing him.

“Could it be, I secretly liked Khun Buri?” Jemi wonders.

Pabu and Toi gape at that. Pabu asks what about Pee Tho of hers. Jemi says she gave him to her already. Jemi asks herself if she likes him for real, then says there’s a sting in her chest. Pabu cringes. Jemi hugs her and cries.

Pabu says if she likes him then go after him. Jemi perks up, “Go after him?” Pabu says that’s right, he must be with his mother now and she knows the way there.

“You must bring him back. All right?” Pabu encourages her. Jemi nods.

Mom asks Buri, judging by the way he looks, he must have a broken-heart because of that red-cheek girl. LukChup says what a pity, she’s pretty and cute, but it’s normal for her to choose a good-looking rich man, a country bumpkin (?) like him eventually got dumped. Buri nods. Mom glares at her.

Mom tells him to live here with her, no woman will love him like she does. She tells him to believe her, do not get himself a wife. Buri says that’s right, mom knows him well and loves him the most, so he will stay here. Mom beams.

Jemi arrives in a BMW. “Why is she here?” Buri says. Mom gets annoyed and says who she is again. LukChup says mom’s possessiveness is back at work again.

Jemi smiles at him and greets his mother. She introduces herself as his friend and her name is Jemi.

Mom is at it again. Jemi isn’t used to drinking from a big bowl. Mom says LukChup is Khan’s future fiancée. Both say they are not and cannot be, they are too close.

LukChup wants to go picking some plum mango for her father. Mom tells her to bring this woman to help, so that it will get done fast.

Mom says she’s not sure if the city girl knows how to do it. Jemi says she will try. Buri tells her not to do it. Jemi says she’s confident she can do it.

It’s obvious Jemi doesn’t know how and she’s wearing high heels, too. Mom glares at both LukChup and Buri not to help her. Jemi finally got one fruit and is so happy.

Mom tells her it’s just one, there are so many up there. She tells her to pick all of them. Jemi pauses then smiles. She says she will do it and she didn’t get to do it in the city, she just loves it.


Buri and Jemi are walking together. He says just ask what she wants to ask. She asks why he quit and left without telling her. She asks if he knows how empty she suddenly felt when learning he’s not around.

He says which broken-hearted in this world would announce it to the world, they would all leave quietly. She says they are friends and when she had a broken-heart and was very sad, she still told him about it.

“We aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend so why do I need to tell you everything?” Buri asks.

She says but she wants to hear everything about him.

“Then you must wait until we are boyfriend and girlfriend.”

She stops short.

“So? Do you want that?” he asks. She doesn’t know what to say. “I know how you feel for me. Toi told me all about it.” he says.

“What did he tell you? Did it slip from my mouth that I like you?” she asks then wants to bite her tongue.

“Fine, if you don’t like me. Wait until my heart is healed from Khun Pabu first, then I will go after you myself.” he grins.

“And, I didn’t quit, only took a holiday leave. Toi just wants to make Khun Pabu feel bad, that’s all.”

It’s just so awkward for Jemi to say something. Buri says he has to thank Toi and Khun Pabu, at least, he knows now that he’s important to someone.

He grabs her hand and pulls her along.

“Four Years Later”

Don comes home and shows KitJa his degree. He says he’s giving it to him. Tho greets Don.

KitJa tells them to sit down so others can talk to him. KitJa says Tho won’t get married if Don still doesn’t graduate. Tho waits for him to come to his wedding.

Don says he could just call him back here because he wanted to come home so much. Tho says if he let him come back in the middle of it, he wouldn’t go back there. Don teases that Pee Flur must be waiting for Pee Tho until she withered.

Flur calls him so he says she must call because he will go see her today. Don grabs his sweater and asks if Tho is going to leave his brother when he just got back.

Tho says he’s home now and let him just talk to her. Don tells him to choose between him and her. Tho says he chooses Flur. Everyone laughs. Kitja tells him to talk to her right here. Tho says he feels embarrassed here and walks away.

Tho arrives at the restaurant but her phone is switched off.

“Khun Tho!”

He turns around and calls out, “Flur?”

(He changes from “Khun Pabu” to “Flur”, a nice touch here.)

She comes out and the lights suddenly turned on.

She grabs his hand and kneels down. “Please marry me! Since Don now came back and I waited for you for a long time already. I want to get married. I want to wear a wedding gown. The more we wait, the older I become. I don’t want to get old with lots of wrinkles. If I wear a wedding gown and don’t look pretty, it will be your fault!”

Tho just smiles.

“If you don’t answer then I won’t get up!”

She says she purposes to him, will he not say something. “Will you or will you not marry me?!” she threatens.

“Of course, I will. Come here, just get up first.”

Tho says he will marry her no matter what, because he knew that she surely will be able to protect him for the rest of his life. He pinches her cheek and says she shouldn’t beat him to it.

He shows her the T-shirt (she gave him) he’s wearing and says he intends to wear it today, to become her ‘elephant’s front legs’. He asks if she’s ready to become the keeper.

She says, “An elephant’s keeper? That’s so unromantic. But I get to marry so it’s okay.” She holds him and tells him not to worry, this keeper will protect and take care of this elephant from now on. She jumps on his back. He asks what she’s doing. She says a keeper must ride on the elephant’s back.

It’s the wedding day. We have Pabu and Tho exchange role. LOL.

Pabu giggles thinking about it. He asks what she’s laughing about. Tho gives her a cell phone from Don, who said it’s from Get.

Pabu gets angry how Get can be busy on her wedding day and said he had to take care of a business, but wouldn’t say what about. Tho tells her to take a look first.

It’s Get on a video clip.

“Flur, I’m so happy for you. Finally, you’ve found the one! And you will become Mrs. Pabu, too. Even though you marry the person you love, it’s only the beginning and there will be many more for you to face. Therefore, you must quit ma-no-ing (imagine things), fussy-ing or Khun Tho won’t be able to endure it and you will come drama-ing on me, I won’t be responsible for that, all right. I wish you a lot of happiness. I love you the most and sorry I didn’t go to your wedding, because my roommate is sick so I need to stay to look after him….”

A man comes sit with Get and puts his arm around him. Flur grits her teeth, “In the end, you put a man before me! Get, you are such a…”

Tho shushes her not to swear. He says she’s very pretty today. “Are you ready, my bride?”

“I’m ready since the day you took that handbag from me.” she says.

The wedding ceremony begins.

Beautifully filmed, I’d say.

As Pabu walks along the aisle, she narrates, “If my life after I left home compared to a road, it would be such a chaotic road. From an incompetent girl who didn’t finish school, mocked my father and ran from home, had to run to a mother, who I thought had left me, for help, which turned out she kept watching over me all this time. I got to meet my stubborn brother who is like my own’s reflection and made me realize what a headache my father had been through because of me.

Then I experienced the taste of friendships, friends who always there to help me in everything, and the man who once made my heart beat so fast and always helped me like Khun Buri, but now he’s snatched away by that naive-looking doll.

Finally, the most important man who trusted me and helped me since the first day I ran from home. I’d say, without him, today’s Pabu wouldn’t exist.”

Tho thanks Manoo for giving her to him.

“Me and him, we don’t come from heart-warming families but he told me that we would use our lessons in the past to make our family be a perfect one.”

The ceremony goes on.

“Getting married is only the beginning, and the road ahead of me, I will face many more things. Am I seriously Mrs. Pabu now? But, for Khun Tho of mine, I will let it changed.”

Pabu throws her bouquet in the air.


What a sweet ending, its tone was kept in tact from beginning to the end. Pabu’s character is a relatable one. She wasn’t perfect and was sometimes tricky but she wore her heart on her sleeves, and I think that’s how men fell for her.

She didn’t finish school so she approached life the way she could think of, with friends she could count on. She learned not to feel sad too long and kept her mind with what’s in front of her. Her painful past, she managed it well and it would only pop up when her mind was weak. I’m happy for her to meet good men like Tho, Buri, Michael and Get. Without them, the story wouldn’t be this colorful. The cast and crew did a great job introducing us how to look at life differently and find happiness no matter how bumpy the road we are on.

Thanks to you guys for keep pushing me, or I wouldn’t be able to finish this one…for sure  🙂


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  1. THANK you for the recap…I was able to understand the deep Thai words that I don’t know. I just finished watching this. Any other lakorn with a happy ending you could recommend? What about Mario’s latest you have the recap too? Kop khun mahk na kha….

  2. Great. Thanks 🙂

  3. Yesss!! thank you so much for completing this series. it is more like a modern day fairy tale with a modern day twist. really love the story line and a lot of us would not be able to understand it if it was not for you.

    • Well said, a fairy tale with a girl standing on her own feet!

    • Song HuaoJai Nee PuerTher ep.1
      Section One

      Tarathon is a businessman with a bad temper. Tarathon find out that one of his employee steal the money from his investment in his company. His decision to fires that employee infront of the Chairman of the Board. That employee breakdown and cry in fron of the board. The rests of the Board disagrees with his method of running thing in the company. When Tarathon are upset thing are started to goes haywires. He has a special power to moves thing or making thing exploded, so no one dares to making him mad. Tarathon bad episode made alot of employees in his company fear of him. He often dream of the woman in his dream. In his dream, a woman in Thai Traditional outfit, she was kind and proper, and it seems that he has felt in loves with the woman of his dream. Tarathon has one best friend whom happened to be a doctor. He called his friend and asking him to meet at his house to discussing about the woman of his dream. Back at Tarathon household, Krit, Tarathon friend just arrives, meet with Tarathon sister, whom has worried that Tarathon are not yet home. She called him but he told her he is still in his office. It seems that he felt asleep in his office. Tarathon sister told him that if he didnot get home in an hour, she and P’ Krit will going out (probably partying, and having a good time somewhere). In responded, Tarathon told his sister to taking an easy on going out at night.
      Gawarin, and her team of Paramedic/Rescuer are getting ready to go out and tries save a victim from badly car accident. It seems a biker has crashing with a big truck. The biker did not wearing any helmet. On the way home, Tarathon are stuck in the traffick, when all of suddenly, a teams of rescuer run passingby then he saw her a woman of his dream. He was speechless and surprise. So he decided to get out of his car, to go sees what in the commotion is about. The rescuer just save the victim and putting him in the peremedic car, while Tarathon just standing there watching her like the rest of the people in the crowd.

  4. Thank u for ur wonderful recaps of this lakorn 🙂 Thanks 2 u, I was able to understand and enjoy more ❤
    Btw how was this lakorn taken by d audience in general? Any clue? Was it appreciated?
    Will u recap any other lakorns? For example d upcoming Mario-Mint lakorn?

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