Tai Ngao Jun Episode 13

It’s time for Pabu to make her choice and be strong  🙂


Episode 13

Don sees the news on the net about the building collapsed. Get walks to him and gives him a coconut juice. Don thanks him and says he’s taking good care of him more than a five-star hotel itself. Get asks if he’s still worried about what happened to the company and tells him not to, because his brother can take care of it, and the only thing he should worry is his study.

Get shows him the English exam he downloaded it for him, and the lecture at his school, so when he goes back to school, he will be able to catch up.

Tho and Pabu visit the injured worker. He tells him to get well soon and the company will take care of the medical fees, and will compensate him. Tho requests him to testify against MekPat about  his purchase of unqualified construction materials, since he worked at the construction site.

The man tries to say it’s only a rumor. Pabu says Khun Stayu knew all about it. Tho warns him that covering up uncle Mek equals to hurting his co-workers’ well-beings.

Tho says the workers will be taking risk doing their jobs everyday and the end-clients won’t receive the products which are up to the standards. Tho says his years working in this field should tell him how important this issue is. Pabu says he needs only to say the truth.

Buri asks Pabu if the workers won’t testify. She says she doesn’t know what they are afraid of. Tho says he will go talk to them everyday and they may change their minds. Pabu says she will go with him, too.

Buri asks Jemi how she’s doing. Jemi says she knows where uncle Mek kept all his documents, but had no chance to look for it and uncle Mek wouldn’t let her be alone in the room. Tho asks if she knows what the documents they want look like, when she never works here, and he’s afraid that she could make a mistake. Jemi admits that she’s not sure she knows it.

Buri says next time he will get in there and search for it, and he saw those documents before. Pabu asks how he will get in Mek’s office. Tho says they must enter during working hours only, after that his office will be securely locked.

Pabu says during working hours, the building will be crowded so how they can get in. Jemi says she will lure uncle Mek away somewhere. Tho says he will take care of the secretary in front of Mek’s office.

Jemi is having a meal with Mek. He enjoys it and asks why she took him down here. She says if she comes with him, she can be late getting back to work. He says she actually wants to take longer break.

Tho calls Mek’s secretary and tells her to put Mek on the line. She says he went out but will return very soon. Tho says he has some questions about the project, he asks her to come get it from him, right now. She says she will do that.

Buri sneaks into Mek’s office and starts searching. He recalls Jemi said Mek kept the documents in the cabinets but wasn’t sure where he kept her father’s project documents.

Mek wants to leave but Jemi says she wants one more piece of the dessert. Mek’s secretary sends him a text that she’s heading to Khun Tho’s office because he has questions to ask about the project. Mek says he has an appointment with a client and will go back to his office first. Jemi says she will go with him too. Jemi wonders why Buri didn’t pick up her call.

Mek enters his office and found Buri. He asks what he’s doing here. Buri says he came to get the book Jemi told him about. Buri asks Jemi where that book is, the one she told him to come get it. She says she gave it to Toi and asks if Toi didn’t tell him. Buri says no, he didn’t then apologizes to Mek for coming in without his permission. Jemi says sorry on Buri’s behalf. Mek tells Buri to leave and says he will go see Tho, and asks if she wants to come with him. Jemi says yes.

Buri sits down and says he almost got it. Jemi says it’s all right, it can be next time. Tho asks where Khun Pabu is and why she isn’t here.

Pabu arrives and sits down. Jemi asks what she brought. Pabu says it’s MekPat’s documents. Tho asks how she got it. She says she just had a backup plan.

Pabu says she hid inside the restroom when Mek went out to see Tho. She thought Mek and Tho would argue for a while, so she did her mission all the way.

Flashbacks, Pabu searches Mek’s office. She calls her dad where he usually hides his documents. Dad greets her and asks why this question when she didn’t call him for a while. Pabu tells him to just tell her.

Dad says if it were him, he would put it in the space at the back of a drawer. She asks if that isn’t a dated way to hide it.

Pabu looks for it there and found it. She thanks her dad and hangs up. While she’s here, she also transfers all data from Mek’s computer into her thump-drive.

Back to present, she gives Tho the document. He asks where and how she found it. She says thanks to her dad for the idea. Tho takes a look at it and says it’s the purchasing account which he’s never seen before. Pabu tells him to compare it with the one in accounting department and he may find out something.

Buri tells them to look at the documents. Pabu says she will get her computer. Buri looks though the data she saved in the thump-drive. Pabu tells him to take a look at the ‘downloads’ folder, every email would normally be saved there and no one would go there to delete it.

Buri shows Tho the purchasing account on the screen. Tho takes a look and realizes that uncle Mek cheated the company this huge amount. Pim comes to inform Tho that the worker changed  his mind  and will become their witness.

Jemi says uncle Mek won’t be able to get away. Pabu asks if they should take this evidence to make an arrest, so that all be done with and Don can go home.

Jemi asks Tho why suddenly he turns quiet. Tho says he still doesn’t want the matter to reach the police, he wants to talk with uncle Mek first and may be he will turn around, because he’s his uncle no matter what.

Pabu says he’s always this soft. Tho says he won’t just do what he wants, he needs to ask Jemi first, if she wants to take the matter to court because she’s the one in trouble.

Tho says if she doesn’t want it his way, he will report it to the police right away. Jemi says if he’s confident that uncle Mek will agree to stop  and won’t make more damage to her father’s project, she’s willing respect his decision. Pabu pouts.

Tho thanks her and says he will pay her father for the damages.

Pabu is on the phone with Get. She says she can’t understand Khun Tho at all when Khun Mek harmed Don, cheated his grandfather with his love affair and cheated the company, and Khun Tho is too kind to him. She asks if they should give a man like Khun Mek a chance.

Get says she has to understand Khun Tho that, no matter what, Khun Mek is a family member. She argues that Khun Mek doesn’t see Khun Tho as a family member! Get says that’s right. She says if Khun Tho remains this kind, one day Khun Mek will come back to harm him for sure.

Mek and Tho meet at the rooftop. Tho tells him that he knew it all that he had an affair with LukTan, cheated the company and tried to keep Don from telling. Mek asks what he’s talking about.

Tho says Don is still alive and was the one told him all about it. Tho says he has the evidence about his embezzlement, including the worker at the construction site and the person he hired to harm Don. Tho says he won’t put him under arrest, in exchange for taking Don home.

Mek asks if he wants only that. Tho says yes, he will think nothing had happened and Don won’t tell anyone, only he stops doing all the wrong things and chases LukTan out of the house. Tho says if he doesn’t do it, he will report it to the police along with the evidence, and will make sure justice be served till the end.

Mek asks why threatening him when he had the evidence. “Because you are my uncle, a family member. I don’t want grandfather to feel sad even more. Uncle Mek, please stop it.” Tho begs.

LukTan asks if Khun Tho knew all of it. Mek says yes and he said she must leave this house. She asks where she will go. He tells her to go back to her mother’s house and he will look for a condo for her. She yells that he let Khun Tho defeat him so easily and even stops everything.

Get comes to Don. Don says when he’s back home, can he go to see him and let him be his tutor like how it is now. Get says sure. Don says when he’s lonely, can Get come to his house. Get says okay. Don thanks him.

Don says these past days if it wasn’t for him taking care of him, he doesn’t know how he would turn out.

“Pee Get, can I hug you?”

Get nods so Don hugs him. Ahem!

Don serves Get breakfast. Don says it’s the special meal serving right in his room. He says he cooked him the last meal in return for his kindness. Get thanks him.

Don says he got up early and beat him to it cooking breakfast. Get asks if it’s eatable. Don says just taste it, he put all his effort into it. Get tastes it and it’s good.

Don says it’s comfortable living here, it would be great if he can stay with him forever. Get says how he can stay forever, and Khun Tho got the evidence against Khun Mek already, so Don will return home soon. Don says in fact, he doesn’t want to go home yet and wants to live with him here better.

Don says Get doesn’t know how boring his house is, and it’s more heart-warming to  stay here.

“Don, every household has its good and bad memories, but no matter what happens, it’s still a place which comforts our heart the most to live in, because it’s our home.” Get says.

Get tells him to eat together.

Don comes home and his parents are so glad to see him. Reung apologizes to him for talking to him harshly. Kitja tells Don not to do it again, and think how people who love him would feel. Don nods.

LukTan says Kitja is very worried about him. Don glares at her then apologizes to everyone for worrying them. Mathurot asks where he’s been, and she couldn’t eat or sleep. Don explains that he thought of killing himself at that time, but someone saved him and he was hospitalized so he didn’t contact anyone.

Tho interrupts Mathurot from asking more saying Don just got back and may feel exhausted. Mek says he’s glad that Don is still alive. Tho asks Kitja if they should go out and celebrate Don’s return, the restaurant has ‘Family Time’ promotion. Kitja says good idea and let all of them go.

Bam says this promotion brought them more customers. Pabu says seeing this picture making her miss their father. Bam says they didn’t go out together much and every time they were going to, there’s a bomb blast. Pabu tells her to bring dad here when he’s free and also aunt Kate.

Get walks in and tells Pabu that Don is back at home. He says he heard grandfather and his family will come to eat here this afternoon, to use her ‘Family Time’ pro. He tells her to reserve a table for him. Pabu asks if she should close the place for Kitja. Get says that’s overdoing it. Pabu says she will see in the kitchen what to prepare for Kitja.

Kitja’s family is enjoying the meal at La Moon. Reung tells Don he will spend more time with him and reduce his trip to gambling place to minimal. Kitja tells Reung to keep his words. Don says he survived because Pee Tho saved him, that’s how he got away from evil spirits.

Mathurot thanks Tho for searching for Don and found him. Pabu serves Kitja a special menu for the VIP guest. Tho tells her to sit and eat with them. She says it’s all right, she’s now on duty as the manager. Kitja gives the dish to Don, the VIP one.

Kitja says it’s Tho birthday tomorrow, so how about a birthday party for him here. Tho says he’s a grown-up now so no need for a birthday party. Kitja turns to Pabu and smiles.

By a river,

Pabu asks Get what she should do for Khun Tho on his birthday. He says just talk it over with Khun Buri, it’s the birthday present Khun Tho must want the most.

She asks if it’s time to get serious and have a talk with Khun Buri. Get says if not today, she will have to do it someday. He says she’s the one giving him hope, so she should be the one to end it.

She says she’s bad and cruel. Get says that’s right and repeats what she said. He says if he tells anyone about it, they will all blame her and it’s definitely her fault. “But because I’m your friend, so I can understand. Anyone can become indecisive and who wouldn’t want the best and perfect thing for themselves.” he adds. She nods.

Pabu says she wavered then and didn’t know her heart. She asks how to tell Khun Buri and hurt him the least. Get says it won’t hurt him long and he will recover in a nick of time.

Get says when he liked Khun Buri and had to stop it because Khun Buri likes her, even he could do it. He shrugs and says, “Isn’t that right?”

Get tells her to shout it out loud if it’ll make her feel better. They shout loudly together to release the frustration.

Tho tells Kitja that he cleared all the news about building collapsed, and Khun ChatChai is quite dissatisfied, and he will find the cause of it as soon as possible. Kitja thanks him and tells him not to work too hard, his face doesn’t look well. He tells Tho to take care of himself too. Tho thanks him.

Tho says Kitja got stressed out and couldn’t sleep because he regretted what he did to Don as well. Kitja says Tho knows everything. Tho teases him not to get stressed out too much, it will age him fast. Kitja tells him not to worry because Luktan always made him herbal tea to cure his sleepless nights.

Tho asks if he intends to have a serious relationship with her. Kitja says he doesn’t really know and asks if there’s any problem. Tho says nothing.

MekPat listens to them from the doorway. Kitja says he will give him the house by the river as his birthday present, because Tho said he loved this house so much when he was young. Tho thanks him. Mek walks away.

Tho says he won’t accept it, because he doesn’t want his father, aunt and uncle to think that Kitja always gives everything to him, and there are many misunderstandings in this house already.

Kitja asks why it should worry him much when he already gave them assets and land more than this.

Kitja says all right if Tho doesn’t want it. He says he could feel now that Pabu started to feel something for Tho. He says Tho was so busy with work so how he could find time to earn more points from her. Tho smiles shyly but doesn’t say.

Kitja asks why does he not ask her out for a meal on his birthday. Tho smiles.

Mathurot says she’s so happy to see Don again. She says everyone here loves him, even his grandfather become very quiet. She says his father felt guilty for talking to him harshly that day, and he said if he saw Don again, he would stop gambling. She tells Don not to think no one loves him anymore. Don says yes. She says their family will start anew and hugs him. “I love you.” she says.

Ngam knocks the door and comes in to hand Don a tiny box so that he won’t think of ending his life again. She asks if he knew that the whole house was in chaos when he wasn’t here. She tells him not to run away again, she doesn’t want to have a headache.

Don says if he leaves again, it will be because aunt Ngam talks too much like this. Ngam says she will leave then, then she notices a comb on his bed. It looks exactly the same with the one Reung took a string of hair for the DNA test.

She asks Don if that’s his comb. Don says it’s his. She asks if Tho has one, too. Don says it’s unlikely because his friend bought it for him.

Mek recalls how Ngam said that Kitja would surely give Tho something on his birthday, while nothing for him on his.

Ngam comes to his room. She says Pee Reung lied to them about Tho, and the hair they took for DNA test was Don’s hair, so the result came out positive. Mek asks why Pee Reung needs to hide it for Tho. She says he must think they will tell their father about it. She tells Mek to go tell their father now.

Mek says they’d better get Tho’s hair and do the test to be sure about it first, so they will have evidence to prove it to him.

Don is studying in his room and thinks that Get walks over to him for real and says, “Don, hot milk for you.”

Get is strolling alone thinking of Don.

Tho calls and asks Pabu if she already went to bed. She says no and she just got back. He says he wants to ask her out for a meal. She asks on what occasion. He says she will know it when she comes. She says it must be special then see him tomorrow. Tho says he will send her the map to the restaurant, and she mustn’t stand him up, he will wait until she comes. She smiles and says yes.

Buri overhears her.

Toi asks if he’s going to ask Pabu that. Buri says yes, he wants to clarify it. Toi says she won’t say it because she cares about her friend’s feeling. Buri says if she doesn’t say it then her conduct will prove it, he will ask her out tomorrow.

Toi asks if he’s crazy when she has a date with Khun Tho tomorrow, why he wants to ask her out the same day. Buri says the same day will make him know which one she will decide to go out with. “I will take the risk this time. I must know whether she likes me or not.”

Pabu is playing with the candy machine which Buri bought her. “Tell him, not tell him, tell him, not tell him.”

She recalls how Get told her to clear it with Khun Buri fast or it could hurt him more. Flashback, She tells Get she doesn’t have the courage. She feels bad for him and doesn’t want to hurt his feeling. Get asks how about the way she kept some distance and avoided seeing him, does it not hurt his feeling. She says she couldn’t do it. Get says she cares so much about him but she needs to tell him and end it. It’s much better than letting it continue.

Pabu decides to tell Buri. Buri calls her so she says she’s about to call him too. He asks her out tomorrow, he wants to test his new camera. He says if she refuses this time, he will get angry. Pabu says all right, she has something to talk to him, too. She says see him tomorrow then.

Buri is so happy and shouts, “She chose me! She chose me!”

Buri rents two bicycles and they ride along. Pabu spends time with him but keeps checking the time. They look at some monkeys and suddenly Buri turns his camera to her. “How could you get out of the cage?” he teases.

She says his face is similar to theirs more. He tells her to take pictures for him. “This monkey is different from other monkeys. This one is a jak-jak monkey.” he says in a good mood.

She pauses and says, “But I want to have monkey which is a friend more, and I don’t want to see monkey be sad. Monkey should always be bright and cheerful, shouldn’t it? Let’s go look at something else.”

Buri stops smiling. He runs to her and asks what she actually feels for him, because sometimes he feels that she also feels for him. She tries to avoid answering so he grabs her arm. She tells him to let go. He tells her to answer him first or he won’t let go.

She pushes his hand away and says, “Okay, I’ll admit that I felt nice toward you before, but now I know that it isn’t love. When it’s not then it’s not. I can’t possibly explain in exact words.”

“Let me ask you seriously, how is he better than me? I’ve done so many things for you, but why do you choose him?” Buri asks.

“Because, with you, I’m only a receiving party. He didn’t do as much as you did for me, didn’t make me feel jumping up and down, but he made me feel that, I’m precious. Since I left home, he helped me all this time. He’s the first person who trusted me and gave me a job, even my dad doesn’t trust me this much. I don’t know when this kind of feeling started, and I don’t understand myself too that when I see him, why I..”

“Just stop, I get it now. Can I ask of you one thing?”

“What is it?”

“Be with me today, spend time with me for the last time, and I won’t ask anymore of you. Can you do that?”

“I’m thirsty so I will go buy one.” she says.

“Then I will wait for you here.”

“What if I don’t come back?”

“I will still wait for you here.”

“Thank you for everything, Khun Buri.” she says and walks away.

Tho waits for her at the restaurant. Kitja calls him and says he has a date with a girl and didn’t tell him. Tho says it’s only a meal together. Kitja says the housekeeper said he chose what to wear early in the morning. Kitja asks if he told Pabu that it’s his birthday. Tho says not yet, then says he will tell him about it when he’s back home.

Tho doesn’t place order and keeps waiting. He calls Get and asks if Pabu is with him, he has an appointment with her but she isn’t here yet, and her phone is busy.

Get tells him to try calling Khun Buri because she told him this morning that she’s going to see Khun Buri.

“Khun Buri?…Thank you.” Tho hangs up.

Don asks Get which one Pee Flur supposes to meet. Get says he doesn’t know but she said this morning she would meet with Buri. Don nods and says he will get more water.

Pabu runs to Get and hugs him. Get asks is she not suppose to meet Khun Tho. She says she wants to see no one. He asks what happened. She says she cleared it with Khun Buri. She’s crying because she feels bad for him. Get says she did the right thing. Don looks at them.

Jemi gets a call from Buri and teasingly asks how his date was. She listens to him and is stunned. “All right, I will be there!”

Jemi tries to stop Buri from jumping down the river but both fall down the river instead. They are all wet. She says it’s similar to that day he thought she’s committing suicide. He says he won’t do that. She says how she could know that, when she saw him stand there spacing out, so she thought he couldn’t accept the fact about Khun Pabu. Oops! She bites her lips.

She gives him her handkerchief to wipe his wet hair, so he won’t catch a cold. He accepts it and says thank you. He says sorry for calling her here. She says it won’t hurt long and will feel better soon. She cries. He asks why she’s crying.

She says she feels bad for him and for herself, too. She says why both of them got dumped when she’s been good to him and waited for him for many years, but he never sees it. Buri says she’s stealing the crying scene from him, now he doesn’t know how to feel sad.

He says it’s all right, don’t be sad, a handsome man like him, a new girl will come along pretty soon. She laughs and says as if he’s so good-looking.

Tho is strolling by the pool in his house. Don comes and asks if he’s thinking about Pee Flur didn’t show up. Tho nods and says, in the end, Khun Pabu didn’t choose him. Don says he misunderstands it, Pee Flur didn’t go with Pee Buri to have a good time, but to tell him she likes Pee Tho. Tho asks if he’s telling the truth. Don nods.

Pabu sits down in front of the mirror and wonders why her life is filled with problems. She forgot to switch on her phone so she turns it on. Jemi calls and yells at her. Jemi says Pabu is a two-timer and has hurt the feeling of a good man like Khun Buri, and why switched off her phone to hide from the truth. Pabu says she’s sad so she didn’t want to talk to anyone, and asks if it never happens to Jemi at all.

Jemi says she calls to scold her, not to let Pabu scold her. Pabu asks if she’s never indecisive. Pabu says she’s a human being with feeling too, so when a man does nice things to a girl all the time plus he’s good-looking, will she not waver.

Jemi asks if she ever thought how Khun Buri feel. Pabu yells back why no one thinks of how she feels, too. “What did I do wrong? Did I kill someone?!” Pabu gets angry. Jemi says she will post it on the net to humiliate her so that everyone will know, and people will comment and call her the two-timer who destroyed the life of a good man like Khun Buri.

Pabu says if she’s capable to criticize her only that, then stop, she doesn’t want to hear it. Pabu hangs up. Another call comes in so she picks up and yells, “What are you going to scold me about again? I said I didn’t want to hear it!”

“It’s me.”

She gets up and says, “Khun Tho? I didn’t meet you there because…I had a small problem. Well, not that small, in fact, I was feeling so unhappy so I didn’t go there as we agreed. I’m sorry.”

He says it’s all right and asks if they can go out tomorrow instead. She’s delighted and says sure, he’s not angry with her is good enough, and they can go out even two days in a role. He says yes and hangs up, smiling to himself.

Tho waits in his car for her. He gets out of his car and calls her. He says he waited for her an hour already and she hasn’t done yet. She says she’s putting on her makeup. He says she said the same thing an hour ago and still doing it? She says he saw it already how many kind of face-cream she’s using so it takes time to apply each one. She also has to wait for the cream to dry and absorbed into her skin.

“Listen to me, you have your natural beauty so no need to put on makeup. All right?” Tho says.

“Not in this era, the natural beauty, what you see is putting on makeup to make it look natural. I will never let you see my bare face. Khun Tho, I’ll have to go. The more we talk, the more it’s getting late.”

Tho hangs up and sighs. LOL.

Tho and Pabu arrive at a place. She asks he didn’t tell her yet why he brought her here. “To pick up the trail of you and Khun Buri. What did you do, what did you talk yesterday, and what did he take you to see, you must take me there to take a look. Most importantly, did he try to hold your hand this way?” he grabs her hand and holds it.

They spend time together.

Don wonders how Pee Tho and Pee Flur are doing now. Don suggests they follow them and take a peek. Get pokes his head and tells him to put his  mind on the test.

Tho looks at a family sitting there and says, “Do you believe it, in all my life, I never get a chance to go out with my parents like this at all.”

Pabu says it’s the same with her. She says if he wants this kind of moment, there’s only one way, be the father himself.

He asks if she wants to become the mother of his child so that they will have this kind of moment together. She stops short.

“Just kidding! I won’t purpose to you now.” he smiles.

He says he’s jealous of that boy. She says it reminds her of those orphans at the orphanage. She says they are much luckier than them, at least they know who their parents are.

Tho says that’s true, and if it were him, he would be very sad that there’s zero chance to know who his parents were, having no family, no relatives and felt alone in this world.

Ngam and Mek learn of the DNA test’s result that Tho isn’t Reung’s child. Ngam says once their father knows it, he surely will hate Tho. Mek says he will tell him himself. Ngam says she’s heading back and will see him in 10 minutes.

“Tho isn’t my grandson? What are you talking about?” Kitja asks.

Kitja asks if Mek asked Reung about it. Mek says he didn’t ask Pee Reung but he secretly did the DNA test between the two. Kitja says he obviously made it up because he’s jealous of Tho.

Mek challenges him to take those two for another DNA test if he doesn’t believe it. Kitja shouts at him to stop talking, and no matter what Tho is his grandson, and it’s actually him who shouldn’t be his son.

Kitja asks if Mek thinks he doesn’t know what wicked things he’s done to the company. Mek asks if Tho told him and what he said. Kitja asks why he needs Tho to tell him, and he knew about it even before Tho knew, but he didn’t say it because he’s his son and one day he may realize his mistake.

Kitja says but that day never comes and Mek only thinks of getting a commission from the suppliers. He says all Mek thinks is keep taking, without Tho, the company could be out of business by now.

“I’ve become like this because of you, dad! You never love or pay attention to me at all, as if I’m not your son! Everything I do is bad to your eyes. I’m one of your children but you never see me important!” Mek shouts

Kitja tells him to look in the mirror and ask himself. Mek says he asked himself everyday, “How am I different from Tho? I pay attention to what I do and mean well for the company too, but you never see my present at all!”

Kitja asks if what he did is hard-working when it isn’t even half of what Tho did, and everyone has to keep him away from taking advantage of the company.

Mek asks why he made him born as his son then. Kitja says he doesn’t know too and he doesn’t want him born as his son, the one he wants to be his son is Tho.

Kitja says Mek is just like his mother, kept taking what she wanted, selfish and insincere. He asks if Mek thinks he can’t see through his faked face. “I don’t want see your face anymore. Get out!”

Mek gets angry and shoves him to the wall. Kitja falls to the floor unconscious. Mek panics.

LukTan runs to him. Mek says he didn’t mean it and he’s scared now. He tells her to call the doctor for him. She tells him to leave his father here and act as nothing happened. Mek is stunned and asks what if something happens to his father. She says it’ll be great so everything will become his.  She pulls him out or someone will see. Mek wants to go take care of his father but Luktan says she’s his wife, so she means well for him and he should listen to her.

Ngam comes back and sees them together. “You and Luktan?” Ngam is stunned. Mek says he didn’t have an affair because he came before his father, and it’s Kitja who came after him. She asks how he could do this to his father, and where he is now.

Mek says he fell over inside the room. Ngam asks if he’s badly injured. Mek says he lost his consciousness. Ngam yells why he didn’t take him to the hospital. She orders him to call an ambulance. She gets inside the room.  “Dad!” she screams

Pabu says, “Thank you for today.”

“I should say thank you to you more for coming to celebrate my belated birthday.”

She asks in surprise if yesterday was his birthday. He says it should hurt his feeling that she doesn’t know his birthday.

She gives him the present. “Happy Birthday to you!”

He beams and takes it. She says she crafted it. He asks if she gives him a T-shirt. She says not only the T-shirt but also the meaning of what’s on it. He takes a look and asks what it means. She says it’s the same meaning on it.

(It reads, an elephant’s front legs. In a relationship, it means the one who has the honor of guiding the way, to which the two legs behind have to follow.)

Tho thanks her for giving him the honor. She says it’s all right because she is…(she shows him her similar T-shirt). It reads, elephant’s keeper. Tho smiles and says all right, he will allow her that.

Tho gets a call and says he will be right there.

Mathurot says the doctor said there’s bleeding in his brain so an urgent surgery was needed, but Kitja was old so the doctor didn’t guarantee the safety of it.

Ngam asks if he needs a surgery. Mathurot says the doctor said if not doing it, there a chance he would not survive, and he only needed a consent form from the relatives.

Mek tells Ngam that their father is old and they don’t even know,  after administered anesthetic, if he will wake up, and if something happens to him, will they be able to take the blame. Tho shows up and says he will sign the form himself and will talk to the doctor about the risk.

They walk to see the doctor.

The doctor says the patient arrived at the hospital too late so he lost a lot of blood. The blood accumulated inside his brain is too large to administer drugs, so the surgery is a must.

Tho tells him only make his grandfather live, he will take the responsibility. The doctor asks if Khun Kitja became unconscious before he fell down, judging by the nature of the wound, it was rammed into something. Tho says he heard he fainted, but he’s in good health so he shouldn’t faint.

The doctor asks if something tripped him because it looks like he fell over with his face down. Tho says there’s nothing for him there to trip over. The doctor asks if there’s a kid in his house, there was a case where grandfather and grandchild were playing and the grandchild shoved at him so he fell over with his face down. Tho says, “But there’s no kids in my house. Could it be…?”

Tho walks out and asks Mek for a talk.

Tho grabs Mek’s collar and asks if he was the one who hurt grandfather. “I warned you to stop everything!” Tho shouts.

Mek pushes him away and asks for his evidence to blame him. Tho says he called the housekeeper and she said Mek went to see grandfather in his room, and the doctor said he lost a lot of blood because he was sent to the hospital too late, so who it could be.

Mek asks if he doesn’t think that Kitja fainted because of what he told him. Tho says he hopes he didn’t say about him sleeping with Luktan, did he not tell him to keep it a secret. Mek says what he told him was even more shocking. Tho asks what it’s about.

Reung stops Mek before he says it. Reung says father doesn’t gain back his consciousness so why this argument, he begs them not to make it worse.

Ngam asks Reung why keeps it a secret and protects Tho, that he’s not his son. Reung tells them to just know that Tho’s not his son, it is enough. He asks what father said when Mek told him. Mek says father didn’t believe it. Ngam says when father comes out of the operation room, she will tell Tho herself and take this chance to kick him out of their family. Reung tells them to let father decide, because if they make mistake, it will put them in bad position.

Pabu comes sit with Tho. He says uncle Mek did it for sure, just like how he did it to Don. He says if something happens to grandfather, he will make sure uncle Mek be punished. Pabu says doctors these days are very good, so she thinks grandfather will be all right.

The doctor comes out and says the surgery went well but the patient is still unconscious. Tho asks how long he will wake up. The doctor says he still can’t answer that. Pabu holds his hand to give him a support.

Buri has a book cover his face (titled ‘The sufficiency of Life’). A call comes in from his mother. He picks up and she says his voice doesn’t sound all right, so what happened and he didn’t pick up her call yesterday. Buri smiles and says his voice is still as handsome as ever.

She says LukChup went to Bangkok and asks if she drops by. He says she must sneak away to see her boyfriend and uses him as an excuse again. Mom says if he sees her, tell her to come home and that her father is very worried. Buri says all right and hangs up.

Someone knocks the door and it’s Lukchup. She weeps and tells him that she got dumped and he doesn’t love her anymore. Buri asks if the guy cheated on her. She says no, she’s the one cheated on him. LOL.

She says there’s a man come along, very cheerful just like Buri and was very nice to her so she fell for him and got caught by her boyfriend, who got angry and dumped her. Buri nods and says she deserves it.

She weeps and says she has to reject them both so now both men are angry with her. She asks if she’s so wrong that her heart wavered just a little bit.

Buri scolds her that she’s very wrong. He asks if she didn’t realize the man would be hurt by giving him hope like that. He says she must have played around and was nice to him, too. He gets up and asks why she’s such a two-timer.

She asks what happened to him and why he has to be this emotional about it. He sits down and apologizes to her. He felt for those men who courted her.

She yells that she didn’t ask them to come courting her or like her at all. She says it’s not quite right to blame her, and she never said she liked him even once. She asks him how she can reconcile with her boyfriend. She begs for his idea. Buri cringes and says to himself, that he barely survives his own.

LukChup thanks Buri that talking to him making her feel better. Buri tells her to call her father first before trying to reconcile with her boyfriend. She smiles and says all right, and if she doesn’t succeed then he must take responsibility by marrying her. Buri says okay and will be there in a flash. She says she will be waiting in a wedding gown. He teases her to do that. She hugs him goodbye.

Jemi sees them hugging and it stuns her.

“Ms. Secretary, did you come to see me?” Buri greets her. Jemi says he has someone to marry so why courting Khun Pabu. Buri is confused and says, “LukChup?”

She says she sympathizes with him that he had a broken-heart so she bought some sweets for him,  but she didn’t think he would turn around so fast. She’s so disappointed.

Buri asks what she’s disappointed about. She says she feels bad for Khun Pabu.

He explains that he and LukChup aren’t in a relationship, she’s his sister next door and they are very close since they were young, plus she has a boyfriend and got her heart broken so she came for his advice.

“Sister?” she asks.

“That’s right, now why do you have to get angry at me?”

She thinks about it.

“So? Why are you angry at me?”

She says she doesn’t know and stuffs the bag to his chest and leaves. Jemi asks herself why she has to be angry with him.

Ngam asks Mathurot what’s happening and what Tho is doing. Mathurot says Khun Tho is finding out about Kitja’s fall. Don says Pee Tho doesn’t believe that grandpa fell over by himself.

Tho is talking to the housekeepers to keeping an eye on everything. Ngam interrupts him and says father is hospitalized only one day, now he becomes so big and behaves like the master of the house. Mek tells Tho to be patient because father isn’t dead yet.

Tho says it’s because grandfather is still alive why he has to do this. Tho says it’s good that they are here. He tells them to stop visiting grandfather for now, he wants him to properly rest. Ngam asks what he means to say that. Tho says he’s not sure whether someone tried to harm grandfather or not, so he doesn’t yet trust anyone.

Ngam yells at him and asks if he’s accusing her of harming her own father, she isn’t that bad. Tho says even if she didn’t do it, it doesn’t mean others didn’t, because greed can make a person do anything. Mek tells Ngam to let Tho do it if he thinks this way will make father get better.

Michael asks Flur how Khun Tho is. She asks in what sense he wants to hear, if about his family, it’s a heavy drama, but about love, it’s extremely romantic.

Tho shows up so Pabu says she just talked about him and he’s here, during promotion time is like this (newly a couple), a man will come in the morning and evening. She asks why he didn’t tell her that he’s coming.

Tho apologizes and says he came to see Khun Get. Tho tells Get that he needs his help with an important matter.

Ngam gets mad that Tho isn’t their grandson but they have to let him take control of everything, when he doesn’t have the right at all. Mek says it annoys him, too. Ngam says they don’t know if father will wake up, so she won’t wait until then to take care of Tho. Mek says he will take care of Tho then.

Jemi overhears them and she’s horrified.

Episode 14 Preview

Buri: “I think it’s time we both should retreat for real.”

Tho: “Please marry me.”

Buri: “Fighting, all right?”

Luktan: “Just kill your father. If you don’t do it first, once your father wakes up, you will be the one in trouble.”

Reung: “You’re just a baby I picked up to replace my baby, so that my father’s feeling wouldn’t be hurt!”


Family matters are always hard to deal with. You’re angry at them yet you love them, and the story can go on and on without any clear conclusion. Forgive and forget is easier said than done, but time will eventually heal everything, and happy time will surely return to us  🙂

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