Tai Ngao Jun Episode 12

I saw Great in an event by chance. He’s on the stage and I stopped in my tracks because he’s very very handsome. I mean I didn’t think he would be this swoon-worthy!


Episode 12

Pabu is preparing the bicycle and Get runs to her and asks what she thinks of doing. She says she thinks what he’s thinking. He asks if she really thinks that.

She says she will win him back by pretending she doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle, then she will ask him to teach her. She’s pumping air into the tires so Get asks if she wants him to do it for her. She says it’s all right, she can do anything for love!

“All right, fighting!” Get tells her then walks away.

Tho bikes along with Pabu on the back. She asks if he can teach her how to bike. He teaches her while holding the bike straight. The bike is unsteady while she’s biking. He says he will hold it so it won’t fall to the side. Pabu giggles and tells him not trick her.

“Shall we go?” Tho asks. It makes Pabu come back to reality. She jumps down the bike and says, “Yes, let’s go!” She waits for him to take action but he says he doesn’t know how to bike. Pabu couldn’t believe it and asks, “A man who doesn’t know how to bike, still exist in this world?”

Tho explains that his grandfather’s afraid he would have an accident, so he forbidden him since he’s young. To herself, she utters, “Fight for love.”

“What did you say?” he asks.

Her plan of a romantic bike-ride is now ruined.

She says nothing and let’s go. “Sit on it, young master!” she orders him to hop on. He sits down with both legs on one side. “That sitting pose is for women!” LOL.

Tho sits down again with his legs on both sides. “You brother, hold on tight and I will hit the road! Are you ready?” she asks. Tho says he is. She starts biking and says he’s overweight. He argues that he’s a standard weight.

Pabu asks when they are going to reach that place. Tho says Khun Get told him that after passing this coconut field, it’s about 5 kilometers, and they will arrive at the back of the island.

“Five kilometers? My thighs will be swollen by then!”

Tho apologizes for taking advantage of her. He suggests they walk instead. She says it’s all right and she only isn’t used to biking with someone on the back.

She says when she’s biking with Khun Buri, he would drive and she would only sit in the back. Tho jumps down right away.

Pabu realizes she shouldn’t say that. He says he will walk so that she won’t be exhausted. She walks to him and says, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that and only…”

Tho interrupts her and says it’s all right, he understands her. She begs him to let’s go.

“It’s fine, really.” Tho walks along, his back turning to her.

“Go ahead and walk! What a sensitive man you are!”

He turns to face her. “Isn’t that right?” she shrugs. He jumps on the bike and takes off. She stops him and asks that he said he didn’t know how to bike. He smiles and says he wants her to do some exercise.

“Did you lie to me?!” she’s getting angry.

“Are you hurt? If so, then you will have to walk.” he takes off again so she grabs him and says she will cease that now. He tells her to hop on. He asks why she ceased it so easily. She says she will continue with it when they are back at the house. Tho smiles and off they go.

Ngam comes to Tho’s office, he needs to sign some documents for her. Pim says he left for Singapore on a business trip. Ngam is appalled that she didn’t hear about it at all.

Pim says that’s because nothing concerns her or else Khun Tho would have told her already. Ngam yells at her why she didn’t ask him he went there for what reason. Pim says for the boss’s business, when he didn’t say it, it means he doesn’t want her to know. Ngam calls her an incompetent secretary and leaves.

Mek is on the phone with someone, he tells him to do as he ordered and keep his/her mouth shut.

Ngam tells him that may be Tho went away to  make some business deal behind their backs. Mek says why she needs to care when they will do everything easier when Tho isn’t around. She asks what he’s going to do again. Mek doesn’t answer her.

She asks if it’s the first day for Jemi to work for him, she orders him to woo her since she’s such a rich girl. Mek asks if that’s the only thing she wants to talk to him, he walks away.

Jemi enters Mek’s office and asks where her desk is. He sits her down in front of his desk and says she’s his private secretary and only needs to check his work schedule.

He gives her a bouquet and a gift to welcome her on her new job. Jemi is delighted and says when her boss is this kind, she must work hard too. She asks what she needs to do.

He shows her his schedule and says she can give him a call any time if she’s in doubt about something. When he leans too close, Jemi moves away.

Mek asks if she knows where Tho went, he didn’t come home last night and doesn’t show up at work today. She says she doesn’t know it and nowadays Pee Tho doesn’t talk to her much. Mek wonders where Tho went.

Buri comes sit with Jemi and teases if her first day went well as a secretary. She says it’s quite good, much better than when she worked for him. She says uncle Mek is kind and gave her flowers and gift, and didn’t make her too hard like he did to her. Buri says that’s because her new boss is hitting on her.

He asks why she’s sitting here. She says she tries to reach Pee Tho but couldn’t. She says uncle Mek said he didn’t come home since last night. Buri says Khun Pabu didn’t come back to her room last night and wasn’t at work today, too. Jemi says, “They didn’t go together, did they?” Buri perks up at that.

Ton gets nervous that Don disappeared. He comes to Don’s house wanting to see him but Mathurot says Don hasn’t come home yet. She asks if Don isn’t with him. Ton says Don left for home yesterday.

Mathurot tells the whole family that Don disappeared. Ton tells Ngam that he called his friends and no one saw him, moreover, Don said to him that he felt like someone was following him. Mathurot panics. Reung says if something happens to Don, Kitja is to be blamed, for chasing him out.

Mathurot wants to call the police but Mek tells her not to, it could ruin the company’s name. Reung says a family member disappeared, how it could harm the company. Ngam says what if Don disappeared to do a bad thing. Mek says he will ask his detective friend to look for Don, so thing will be done quietly.

Mathurot says before Don left, he appeared a bit strange. Reung says Don may hide something from them then.

Kitja asks Ton if Don picked a fight with anyone, or Ton suspects anyone. Ton looks at Mek a bit and says no one and Don didn’t tell him anything.

Mek gets in his room and Jemi calls him. She asks where he put the documents of her father’s project, in case he needs more information in the meeting. He says he kept it in the cabinet in his office and she can go though it if she wants.

Jemi asks if Pee Tho came home already. Mek says not yet and they are searching for Don, because he disappeared. She gapes at that and says she hopes he doesn’t think of ending his life.

Mek asks why she thinks that way. Jemi says she saw his Facebook days ago, he wrote how he felt bad toward everyone. Mek gets an idea so he says he’ll have to go and hangs up. Jemi calls Buri and says she wants to see him.

Buri comes to the restaurant where Jemi is waiting. He asks why she wants to see him here. She says she came to find out where Khun Pabu disappeared to, and if she’s with Pee Tho. Buri asks if she’s really serious to do it. She nods.

George greets them. Jemi asks him if Khun Pabu isn’t here. George says no, and he heard chef said something about the sea. Jemi asks with whom Pabu went there. George is about to answer her but Bam calls him to get in the kitchen, chef wants to see him. She says she will take the order for him. After George left, Jemi tells Bam that she isn’t sure what to order yet and will let her know later. Bam says all right and leaves them to think about it.

At the beach, the group is enjoying seafood barbecue. Tho tells Don that he won’t force him what he wants to do or study anymore, when he goes back home. Tho tells him to let him know which country Don wants to go, he will ask Khun Pim to take care of it.

Don thanks him and says he intends to compete for a scholarship, it’s Pee Get’s suggestion. Don says when he left home and lived alone, he learned many things and he must be a bad boy like he said, so now he wants to do things on his own.

Tho says if they spent more time together, understood one another more, their family wouldn’t turn out like this.

Pabu smiles then comes up with an idea, a promotion, 30% off for customers who come with their family at La Moon. Get says how she could come up with such when now is a sentimental moment between brothers.

Get says it’s a good idea because having a meal is the time when the whole family come together and ask how each of them is doing.

Tho says there are problems in his family because they never spend time together, it’s a house but no different from a condo. Pabu says she used to think that her mother left her and didn’t love her, because her mom never said or expressed it.

Tho looks at her and offers to peel off the prawn’s shell for her. She thanks him.

Get and Don are taking a stroll together. Get says for a workaholic like Khun Tho, it’s hard to believe that he left work to be with his brother.

Don says he couldn’t believe too that his brother, who was so cold and loved to give orders, would love him. Get says for some people, before they know who love them the most and who took advantage of them, it’s too late, so Don is the lucky boy.

Don thanks him for reminding him to come to his senses, and he always feels so nice when talking to him. Get says he doesn’t have to thank him, and thank his brother instead.

Don and Pabu look at Tho. Don says he himself normally wouldn’t care about anyone in the family, but once he learned about uncle Mek, it stressed him out and didn’t know what to do, so for Pee Tho it would be worst.

Don tells Flur to find a way to give Pee Tho some support so that he will feel better.

Tho walks to the beach and asks Pabu on the phone where she is now, and why told him to come out here. She tells him to be patient, turn left, walk 5 steps then look at the ground.

Tho does it and looks down. He reads what’s written on the sand.

“I know you’re stressed out.”

“But you still have Don and me.”

“Every problem has a way to resolve it, don’t be discouraged.”

“It’s right here, just look up.”

Tho looks up and it’s Pabu standing there by a swing. He smiles and sits down on it. She says when she’s stressed out and feeling sad, her grandmother would push a swing for her. She says last time he did it for her, so it’s her turn to do it this time. She holds the ropes on both sides and says, “Khun Tho, fighting! You have my support.”

“Thank you so much.” he says and slowly covers her hands with his. Aww…

Tho says he’s heading back to Bangkok today. Pabu asks why so soon. He says if he stays too long, his family will get suspicious, and he wants to go take care about uncle Mek. Don asks what about him. Tho says he has to stay here for now. Get says he will take care of Don here. Tho thanks him.

Pabu asks how Tho will take care of uncle Mek. Tho says he doesn’t know yet but first, they have to find some evidence, just Don’s words won’t do. She tells him to hurry because if his uncle knows it, he may do more harmful things.

Tho gets a call from Mathurot. She weeps and says Don is dead.

Tho and Pabu arrive at a place where Mathurot and MekPat are waiting. Mek says he checked Don’s Facebook last night and he posted this place so they followed him here, and found this letter.

Pabu says it’s a suicide letter. Mek says the owner to the homestay said they saw Don walk into the sea and everyone tried to save him but couldn’t find him. Mek says he thought it was an accident at first but when he got inside the room, he found this letter.

Tho says he wants to talk to the owner in person.

The lady says that boy rented this room and he looked sad and didn’t talk to others much. She says he went to swim in the evening like he always did, but he never came back to shore. She says she sent many people to look for him but didn’t find him and found this letter in his room instead.

Pabu wails that it can’t be true. She bangs on Mek’s chest repeatedly (LOL). Pabu asks the owner why she didn’t report it to the police.

She says she doesn’t dare do that and lose customers, they may get scared to stay here.

Tho says that’s not true, Don won’t die. The lady gives Tho a shirt, and it’s belongs to Don. Mathurot faints.

Tho tells Mek that they must call the police right away. Mek tells him not to, and just hire some villagers to look for Don instead. Tho asks him why that is. Mek says if they call the police, the matter will be big and it may ruin the company’s name. Tho says it’s Don’s life and he doesn’t care about that.

Mek says the company had many scandals already, and it could agitate his father. Mek insists that he will hire a professional team to look for Don if Tho is still worried. Tho says he’s giving him one week only, and after that, if there’s no progress, he will take care of it himself.

Pabu takes Mathurot home. She tells her mom to calm down and may be Don is still alive. Mathurot gives the letter to Reung. He reads it and is in shock.

Mathurot says this house is like it’s at war, grandfather doesn’t love his grandchild equally, Khun Ngam loves to compare Don with Tho, while Reung never listens to Don when he’s problem, and Khun Tho kept forcing Don, so Don said he didn’t want to live here anymore.

Reung can’t accept it and throws it at Tho. He says Tho forced his brother, that’s why his brother ended his life. “If something happens to Don, I will never forgive you!”

Kitja tells Reung to stop blaming others when he’s not a good father himself. Reung shouts at Kitja that he chased Don out. Kitja orders Tho to keep looking for Don, and not to stop looking if Don isn’t found.

Ngam yells at Tho that it’s all because of him, if her father doesn’t love only him, Don won’t be dead.

Tho tells Pabu to take Mathurot to her room, to get some rest.

Kitja sits down in his room and recalls how he yelled at Don. Reung sits alone and recalls how he didn’t pay attention to Don’s request. He says it’s his fault, he chased him out to die, and he’s sorry.

Ngam and Mek walk to him. Mek tells Reung not to be sad and just think him and Don had it up to here. Ngam says a person in the family died, how they can’t feel sad.

She says their father only who doesn’t feel sad but if it were Tho instead of Don, he would surely get out there and keep searching for Tho.

Mek reminds Reung that he still has Tho left. Reung says he has one son only, Don, and Don mustn’t die, the one who should die is Tho.

Reung walks into Don’s room and found Tho there packing.

Reung shouts at Tho for daring to get in here. He says because Tho was too strict and dictated Don’s life, it made his brother want to end his life. “You must die! I will never forgive you!” Reung shouts.

“I have to die in Don’s place to make you feel better, haven’t I?!”

“That’s right. You must die in my son’s place!”

“Aren’t I also your son to think of me this way? What did I do to you to make you hate me this much? What is it? If I’m not your son  then say so! Why this silence?” Tho shouts.

Reung just leaves the room.

Pabu walks in and asks how he’s feeling. She says sorry, she didn’t mean to pry and only came to say she’s leaving. She turns to leave but he grabs her hand. She gives him a hug. He cries.

Tho walks her out of the house. Pabu says the person Reung should scold at is Khun Mek, and Tho actually risked his life to save Don. She says she just wants to tell them the truth and be done with it. Tho says part of what his father said is quite right, he loved to force Don.

Pabu says he did it out of good intention. She says one day his father will understand so don’t think too much.

Tho says he will be all right but he’s worried more about her mother, she’s very sad. Pabu asks if she can tell her the truth. Tho says he wants to do that but it could put Don’s life at risk. He tells her to come taking care of her mother often. She agrees to do it.

Pabu tells him not to worry about others and forget about himself. He says yes. She says then she will go now.

He says, “Yes…but I really don’t want you to leave.” She stares at him so he smiles and opens the car door for her.

Tho walks back into the house. Ngam says they don’t know yet if his brother is dead or alive, but he uses this time to get closer to a woman. Tho walks pass her.

She yells that if Don’s soul knew it, he would be very sad. Tho turns back to say, “If yelling at me makes you feel better then do it. I’m willing to take it.”

Pabu is walking back to her room and is on the phone with Get. She says she feels so sad for Khun Tho, everyone blamed him and he also blamed himself.

She asks what she should do to reduce his stress. Get says give him support and be with him, and for her mother, give her hope that Don could still be alive. She says she will try to do that. She asks how it is over there. Get says it’s okay but Don become a bit lonely. She tells him to take care of Don so Khun Tho will feel at ease. She says she will call him again and hangs up.

“Looks like you’re so worried about Khun Tho.” Buri’s voice startles her.

She asks why he’s sitting here. She asks if he’s eavesdropping. He says he just sits here and her voice just gets into his ears. She says that’s called, he intends to listen to it.

She opens the door so he asks where she’s been, he didn’t see her for many days. She says she went take care of some business out of town. He asks what business. She hesitates so he asks if she went with Khun Tho. She asks why she has to tell him, and if there’s nothing else, she wants to get inside.

He says these days they didn’t talk much and she didn’t have time to go out with him at all. He asks her to go find something to eat together today. She says sorry, she’s so exhausted today. She gets inside and just leaves him there.

Buri gets back in his room looking upset. He tells Toi that she seems strange. Toi says she may be sad about her brother, so don’t be sad yet. Buri says he thought that at first, but now he thinks she may be worried about the elder more than the younger brother.

Jemi calls him so he says he’s thinking of her too. She asks if he’s free and she needs to consult him about something. He says he has something to ask her opinion too, so see her at the same place. Buri tells Toi he will back.

Buri tells Jemi that Khun Pabu seems strange, they live close by and meet often, yet it feels like they live far apart.

Jemi says it could be everyone is stressed out about Don. She says she called Pee Tho, his voice didn’t sound all right and it seemed like he tried to avoid making conversation.

Buri asks what she wants to consult him about. She stammers that uncle Mek is acting weird toward her, he said openly that he liked her very often. Buri says he told her already that the man liked her. Jemi says he even leaned so close and tried to touch her when teaching her his work, and she don’t know how she should react.

He starts yelling at her how she let him do that, what a naive girl. He orders her not to stay alone with MekPat anymore and she should ask her father to transfer her back to his department, to work with him. “You shouldn’t become his secretary at all!” he yells. She says, “Hey, I came to consult with you, not to have you scold me!”

Buri apologizes but she leaves anyway.

Get comes talking to Don. He asks if he can’t sleep. Don say he missed his home and wants to know what happened. Don asks if he can let him call home, or Pee Tho, or Pee Flur because he’s nervous. Get says he can’t let him, it’s Khun Tho’s order and he will contact them himself. Get says if it leaked out, it will become a big trouble.

Get comes serving Don breakfast in his room. Don thanks him. Get gives him  a list of scholarships. He tells Don to see which college offers the field he wants to study.

Don says he’s worried about his house. Get says he told him already not to worry and his brother can take care of it. Don says he doesn’t want to just do nothing. Get tells him to study hard and it will make his brother very happy. Don nods. Tho calls so Get gives his phone to him. Don runs outside to talk to him.

Tho tells Don that uncle Mek lied that Don committed suicide, and his mother is trying to cope with it.

Tho asks how he is. Don says he’s okay and Get will be his tutor for the scholarship test. Tho says he has to thank Get for changing Don’s attitude drastically. Don says not only Pee Get but also Pee Tho, which he saved his life that day. It made him realize he has a brother. Don thanks him. Tho hangs up and beams.

Mek looks at Don’s picture. “I didn’t do anything wrong and you can’t blame me. You knew something you shouldn’t, and was allergic to the drug and died yourself. I didn’t do it! Do you understand?”

Ngam walks in which startles him. She asks if he’s missing Don. Mek says yes. She says even though Don is stubborn, she couldn’t help feeling bad when he’s not around. She says that picture reminds her of the days when he’s young, that time, Mek got scolded very often by father and Don would always run to her to come to his rescue.

Mek wants to confess, “Pee Ngam, I’m the one who made Don….” He stops then says, “Am I the one who made Don leave this house?”

Ngam says it’s Tho and their father who made Don leave this house and die, not him. Mek looks confused so she holds his arm.

Jemi comes to see Tho at his office. Buri walks over and she pouts at him. “Hello, Ms. Secretary! You are late for work today. What are these? You bought it for me? Wow, you’re cute and also kind. Let me take a look.”

She doesn’t let him and says it’s for Pee Tho. She says she made it herself for him because Pee Tho needs a lot of support at this time, and she must stay by his side.

Buri shouts that everyone all says ‘Pee Tho’ , in that case, he should ask for some attention too, so that someone may pay attention to him as well.

Pabu is preparing food for Tho too. Michael says she didn’t come to the restaurant for many days, but once she came back, she suddenly wants to cook for Khun Tho, which means something happened during that time she disappeared?

Bam says it’s for sure, because she didn’t see her do domestic things before. Michael says it’s the behavior of someone in love.

Pabu says Khun Tho was nice to them when they were in trouble, so when he’s in trouble, they should return him their kindness. Bam says it must make Khun Tho very happy that she cares about him this much. Pabu leaves with her food in good mood.

Pabu enters Tho’s office and asks him to join her the meal when she prepared…He’s reluctant to say yes. Pabu begs him that it won’t take long.

Pabu stops short when Jemi comes in and says he can’t do that because he made an appointment with her already.

Jemi says she woke up early to cook all his favorite dishes, and Khun Pim is arranging it in the guest room.

Tho asks if Pabu would like to join them. Pabu says it’s all right. Tho tells her to wait for him because he has something to talk to her. Pabu says yes. After Tho and Jemi left his office, Pabu grits her teeth.

Tho sits down and looks at all the food. Jemi asks if there are so many to choose. He says two persons won’t be able to finish it. She says whatever he likes, she prepared  it all.

Tho asks how she’s working with uncle Mek. She says she’s still learning. He teaches her that, for their own work, no one will take good care of it as good as themselves, so she shouldn’t trust anyone.

Mek tells his staff that Tho is busy now so they must hurry and finish the construction. The staff says the steel he ordered, the foreman said that it couldn’t hold such weight and strong said it couldn’t be done at all. Mek says if the man can’t do it then fire him and get a new one to do it.

Ngam comes in and says he should listen to the foreman when he had more experience than them.

Mek says it’s not that dangerous. She says she never contradicted him in using cheap materials to do things, but not the building’s structure. She says he shouldn’t use unqualified materials, what if the building collapses. Mek tells her not to overreact and it will never happen.

Tho walks to Pabu outside the building. He asks if she waits a long time. She asks about his family.

He says he tries to tell his grandfather about Luk-tan but couldn’t find to right moment, and about uncle Mek, he couldn’t do much either or it would alert him. She says if he needs her help, let her know. She will be glad to help.

Tho notices the pink food-carrier inside her bag. He recalls that Bam asked him if he tasted the food Pee Flur brought for him, Pee Flur helped Khun Michael making it herself.

Tho asks what she brought. She doesn’t answer him, so he asks for whom she brought it for and if it’s his. She says it’s from Michael, but she saw he had Jemi’s food already so she thought she would eat it.

Tho says how she could do that when Michael made it for him, and if he doesn’t eat it, it would hurt Michael’s feeling. “Isn’t that right?” he teases.

He takes a look at the food and smiles. He says the first bowl already looks tasty and he thinks, judging by its look, it shouldn’t come from Michael.

Pabu shyly admits that she made it herself. He says all of them look delicious and says he would like to start with the desserts first. She gives him spoon and fork.

“Wait, let me add sweetness to it first.” she pours some honey over it. They smile at each other.

Man, that pink thing and the formal suit he’s wearing made me grin.

Get couldn’t believe she cooked for Khun Tho. She says Khun Tho said they were all very delicious. Get tells her not to fool him because her cooking is the worst kind, even instant noodle (MAMA), she could make it taste so bad. Don asks if that’s true. Get shoves him away.

She argues that it’s because his taste’s bud isn’t up to standard. Get says he thinks Khun Tho lied because he didn’t want to hurt her feeling. He asks what she’s thinking to cook for him. She says to give him a support like he told her, but Jemi beat her to it.

Get asks if it’s clear to her now that she likes Khun Tho. She says she isn’t sure if she likes him, but it warms her heart to be with him, and she wants to make him happy and wants to be with him all the time. She says when she saw him feel sad about Don, she felt sad with him too.

Get says it’s so clear now, though he feels sad for Khun Buri. Pabu says Khun Buri is very nice to her so she thought she liked him. She says she feels so guilty now.

Get says ‘the nice one’ isn’t always be ‘the one’ or else nice people’s love in this world would all be reciprocated.

Buri is shouting in his room, “I won’t be! I won’t be!…”

Toi asks what he means. Buri says he will play coy, don’t care, don’t call her, and will wait and see what will happen if he disappears from her life. Toi asks if he can really do that. Buri says he must, and won’t be her sure thing anymore. Toi praises him that he’s firm about it.

But when Buri hears Pabu’s screams, he, after a tiny wait, rushes to the door to get to her.

Buri asks what happened. She says there’s a house lizard in her room. He asks if she’s screaming this loud because of it, and he thinks her screams should already scare it away.

She tells him to get it out of her room, then changes her mind. She says she’d better do it herself. He asks why, and if she no longer wants his help. She says she just wants to do it herself.

“Don’t be scared, it’s such a lovely creature.” she consoles herself wearing a pair of gloves.

When he points to her where it is, she jumps and screams. He says he will do it and won’t ask her to be grateful about it. He grabs it. She tells him not to kill it. He says she’s scared of it but worried about its safety. He says he should thank it because he now can see her and talk to her.

She says she’s busy about Don nowadays. He asks if that’s why she needs to give Khun Tho some extra support.

“What about me? I, too, want some support.” he says. She says she can’t give a support to anyone and she said already that she doesn’t…he cuts her off and says he will go put it away or it could die.

Reung got drunk the whole day thinking of Don. Tho takes care of him. Reung keeps says, “Don, I’m sorry.” Tho apologizes to him that he had to lie to him.

Kitja asks how Reung is. Luk-tan says he gets drunk all the time. Kitja shakes his head and says instead of looking for his son.

Luk-tan says after what happened to Don, everyone in this house is affected by it, luckily there’s Khun Mek taking care of the work at the company. Kitja perks up.

She says when Khun Don isn’t here anymore, their hope lies on Khun Tho and Khun MekPat. She suggests Kitja give MekPat more work to do, it looks like he’s capable of it also.

Kitja says it seems she’s interested in the company too much, and since when he asked her to be interested in it. She says she heard Khun Ngam talked about it so it somehow worries her.

Mathurot is looking after her husband. Reung opens his eyes and cries. He says sorry to her, he talked to their son harshly, that’s why he left them. She tells him to fight it. He says it’s too late to fight, a bad father he’s been and he won’t forgive himself for the rest of his life. She says if he gives up then who will look for Don, and Khun Tho said there’s still hope and now everyone was searching for him. She tells Reung to take care of his health.

Kitja tells Mathurot to come talk to him in his room.

Mathurot sits down. Kitja gives her a credit card and tells her to take Reung to live somewhere else, and when he feels better, she can bring him back. He says if they let him continue to stay here, it could get worse, and he’s afraid that Reung may follow his son.

Mathurot thanks him, but Khun Reung must stay and accept the truth.

Kitja sighs and says if he didn’t chase Don out, his life wouldn’t end this way. “It’s my fault. I’m truly sorry.” he says. She says no one wanted it to happen. He says sorry to her again and leaves.

Pim gives Tho the documents of the project which Khun MekPat is overseeing and the materials’ purchasing account. She asks why he told her to bring so many old documents. He says he wants to check something. He tells her to bring him the list of companies uncle MekPat made purchase orders, and must keep it a secret.

A staff rushes inside and says Khun MekPat’s project, the building collapsed and injured the workers. Both are stunned.

Mek is yelling at his staff how they could let it happen. The staff says he told him already that the materials he used were below standards, the steel wasn’t up to what specified so it couldn’t handle the weight.

Mek says it’s because they didn’t do a good job not him. He orders him to make the workers shut their mouths and no one must know it. The staff says the workers’ families won’t allow it and ask for compensation for the damage. Mek tells him to use money to seal their mouths. He tells him to get out.

Ngam walks in and says he told her it would be fine, but now people were almost died. He shouts at her to stop talking. She’s stunned.

He apologizes and says he’s trying to think what to do. A staff comes in and says Khun Tho calls for an urgent meeting.

Tho says he warned him already to take good care of this project, so how it could happen.

Mek says it was an accident and he didn’t want it to happen. Tho asks if he’s sure that it was an accident and not because below-standard materials were used. Ngam says may be the workers were reckless. Mek says he used construction materials according to the specifications. Mek assures him that he will find the cause of it.

Tho tells him not to do anything and he will take care of it. He says he will appoint a committee to look into the matter, what went wrong. He tells Pim to send someone to take care of the injured and contact the reporters for the press conference.

“The incident which happened, I hope it be a lesson for everyone how important the building’s foundation is. We must build the stablest and strongest one, because if we are careless, in the end, the building will collapse on us just like this.” Tho says.

Toi is pissed and says it’s the first time it happened since he came to work here. The lady says that’s why she said it over and over to build a house like building our own house. Buri recalls how MekPat changed the supplier and rushes outside.

Buri tells Tho that when he’s working for Khun MekPat, he found the purchasing accounts didn’t have the same figures. He thinks Khun MekPat is cheating the company and caused this tragic incident.

Tho thanks him for telling, he will look into the matter in detail. Tho thanks him again for being able to separate personal matters from work. Tho says he’s glad that Sasiwong has a man like him.

Buri says he doesn’t want to see the clients and workers’ lives become the victims of someone’s greed.

Tho says Buri’s words aren’t enough and he needs some evidence. Buri says Jemi is MekPat’s secretary now, so why not ask for her help.

Tho says it’s the company’s matter and he doesn’t want to pull Jemi into it. Buri says it’s her father’s condo project that’s in trouble, so she’s the one in deep trouble. Buri says Tho should tell her.

Luk-tan asks Mek if Tho knew that it’s his doing and how he could make such huge mistake. Mek tells her to stop talking, it’s stressed him out right now. He tells her to give him the money tomorrow, to shut the workers’ mouths.

She asks what money. He says the amount he transferred to her account. She says she used it all up in stock market and selling it now will only make a loss. “Why didn’t you tell me before?!” he asks.

Kitja comes behind and asks what argument they are having. She says she heard the news so she came to ask Khun Mek. Kitja asks if she’s done with it because he wants to talk to Mek. She says yes and walks away.

Kitja yells at Mek that he warned him already and he failed it again. Mek says sorry. Kitja says what’s the use of saying that when the company he built, now gone with the building he ruined. Kitja says he gave him the chance and he failed it, and now Tho has to  come fixing it for him.

“You’re my bad luck since you were born!” Kitja shouts and walks away.

Jemi says she couldn’t believe that it was uncle Mek who caused the incident of her father’s condo project, and harmed Don, too.

Tho says that’s correct and he’s thinking that uncle Mek embezzled money from her father’s company too. Pabu says he’s scarier than they thought.

Jemi asks what she can do to help her father. Buri says she can help finding the materials’ purchasing records, then they can arrest him. Jemi says she will look for it in his office. Buri says he will ask his friends in other companies, may be they will get more information. Tho thanks him.

Jemi won’t go to lunch with Mek and says she wants to finish her work first. When he gets back in his office suddenly, Jemi says she’s looking for the document he would need for the meeting this afternoon. Mek gives it to her. After he left, she sits back down feeling relieved.

Buri walks into his office feeling weary. Toi asks what happened, and why this lonely-dog face.

Buri says today he could feel some kind of chemistry between Khun Pabu and Khun Tho, she must like him already. Toi says how it could be when he said she liked him. Buri says he thought that at first, but after that, he felt it could be not. Buri says actually she never said that she liked him at all.

Toi tells him to ask her and be done with it.

“I want to know, but I don’t dare ask it. I’m scared of the answer.” Buri says.

Episode 13 Preview

Buri: “I will take the risk. I must know if she likes me or not.”

Flur: “I have to get serious and have a talk with Khun Buri?”

Get: “It won’t hurt him very long, he will recover in no time.”

Flur: “I don’t have the courage. I feel bad for him. I don’t want to hurt his feeling.”

Jemi: “Hey!Khun Buri, don’t jump!…”

Kitja: “I don’t want to see your face anymore. Get out!”


It’s that awkward moment, when you know for sure he/she isn’t the one for you and wonder how you could possibly soften the blow. Personally, no matter how a person handle it, the result would still be the same, and life goes on.

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  1. Sin Chronincle Episode 1 of The Secret of Love recapped by Patty

    Aimerin and Pawit are a lovely married couple with everything in their lives seems to be perfect, on the outside. However, looks can be deceiving…

    Aimerin is a writers and a staying home house wives. Pawit is a business man. They lives in the small urban house with Pawit’s annoying mother, whom are a gambling addicted. Pawit mom like to annoying Aimerin with her pestering her about money. One day she asked Aimerin if Pawit ever leaving money for her. Aimerin told her mother in law that Pawit never leaves any money for her, she has her own money by working as a writer.

    Her mother in law try to borrow her money, to spending at the Casino with all her friends, but Aimerin decline to gives it to her. So, her mother threatened her to telling her son that she is rude and won’t care of giving her the money. To testing her that whom her son will listened to, his mom or his wife. Aimerin told her mom in law to stopped goes in the casino because gambling it is bad and illegal, but the mom won’t listened. Then the mom said that fine, she will find her own way to getting the money, so she left to go to her son room, and opened the safe to steal away all valuable stuff, like money and jewlery. Aimerin came into the room and they has an arguement. They struggle for a fight. The mom knocked her down, but Aimerin chasing after her, trying to get her money back!!!!!……

    Then the show cut to Pawit scene where he gone to visiting his father in law, to get the guiding book for Aimerin as her requested. Only to find his father in law passed out of the floor with an alcohol bottle beside him. He was delirious and drunk, and he asked him to buy more alcohol for him, which is pathetic.

    Pawit returned home only to find his wife Aim is working on her novel. She is greeting her husband just like everything, asking him “How was your days, dear?” and she thanking him for getting a book for her. He asked her if his mom leaves for her trip already. Aim said that yes, and she will calling you in a couples of day. The next day, just like any normal morning when Pawit and Aim woke up, Pawit get ready to goes to work. Aim work a little on her writing a novel, listens to her classic record (only this times, there is no mother in law to interrupting her peaces and quiet time, with her TAI CHI moves). Afterward, she is working on her garden, when all of suddenly, someone from her work place called her, telling her to comes to retreive her check for the writing. So she left to go getting her check.

    On the way home she stopped at the mall, she is thinking what will get eat for today, when all of suddenly, she saw her husband Pawit is talking to some beautiful woman, handing her a money envelop. That lady asked him to gives her more of the money, but he said that is enough. When she saw that, she could not believe that her husband is cheating on with a mistress. She has tear in her eyes. She left the scene before he even saw her.

    That night Pawit get home, Aimerin greeting him just like everynight. She is pretending that nothing happened. Pawit asked her that his mom ever returned or calling her, And she said “No”. Then Pawit decided to called his mom because he is worried about her. Once the phone ring, then he thought that she has returned home, but when he called against to tracking that ring only to finding her cell phone on the floor downstair. Aimerin told Pawit that she must in the hurried that she has forgotten her phone. ” No biggie, I’ll keep it for her until she get back from her trip”. Pawit face seems to show worried for his mom. When Pawit is no longer on sight, Aimerin burried her mom in law cell phone.

    Flesh back

    On the staircase, Aimerin ahd her mother arguement, and struggling. Aim tries to get the purse back (where all her valuable stuff is inside that purse, but the mother won’t gives it to her without an fight). The fight between them is heated it aggressively, then Aimerin accidenly pushing her mom in law downstair, and she is out cold with blood surrounding her. All of suddenly, Aim panick.

    She rushed down the stair, check on her palse (see if her mother in law is still breathing). Then she got scare, because she is not breathing.

    “No, I did not mean to kill you, I didn’t do it….”

    Aim stumble on the floor on the panic and scare mode. Then her cell phone ring.

    Pawit: ” Aim I got the book that you wants, I will be home earlier because I have finish my work earlier. I’ll see you when I get home”.

    Aimerin covered her track of murdering her mother in law by burried her dead mother in law at the garden.

    End of Flesh back

    Back in the present….

    Aimerin covered/ burry real good one more time on her mother cell phone.

    Aimerin:” Oh, mother, your son is cheating on me. What I have to do on your son?”

    The Next morning at the kitchen table where Aim is having her breakfast. Pawit comes down the stair looking all handsomely, all dresses up nicely wearing a perfume or a aftershave.

    Aim has asked him if he is going to work now. She was surprises that why he is so dress up nicely and smelled good with perfum. He told her that his boss will coming into the shop, so he wants to looks presentable for him. Then Pawit phone ring, so he execuses himselves to aswered his phone called, it turned out it is his mistresses calling him asking him for more money.

    Pawit once against told his mistresses not to calling him, unbeknowing to him, Aim pick up the shovel and about to strike him down. Pawit ended his phone called and turned around to find Aim with the shovel in her hand.
    Aim acted naturally, like nothing happened.

    Pawit: “Owe, Aim, are you going to do a garden”.
    Aim:” Yes, I am”
    Pawit:” Do you wants any helps, today!”
    Aim:” No, thank. I’ll thinks I’ll do it by myself. I needed exercises anyway.”
    Pawit: “Suit yourself dear”.

    Then someone is ring the bell at the door. Pawit said that he will get it. But Aim said,

    ” I’ll get it.”

    Then she left to go sees whom at the door.

    Aim opened the door of the house, surprising to seeing someone that she did not expected. There is this man whom greeting her playingful. And she was at dumbfound to seeing him.

    At afar, Pawit withness this scene, suspiciously of whom this man are……!!!!!!

    End of Episode 1 of The Secret of Loves: Sin Chronicle.

    Staying tuned for my comment at this episode tonight. And I will cut and pasted this episode from the youtube, so if anyone of your guys interested of watching it, you are welcome to check it out….!!!! later…..

    So for now sees your guy later, on Wednesday for The Conclusion of this series!

      • Sin Chronicle The Secret of Loves Episode 1 Analyzes and Commentary Part One by Patty

        The first times I ever saw this episode of Sin Chronicle, I felt like I am watching a movie called Unfaithful. The story of Unfaithful it is about a husband found out that his wife is cheating on him, so he decided to confronted his wife lover one day and something is out of hand, the husband accidenly killes the wife lover. The husband tries to covered it upthey are suspiciously thinks that Ed and Connie is having something to do with Paul murderer. Now Ed and Connie have to living with guilt and ashamed for what they did to Paul. Can their actions without thinking about consequences cost and destroying their marriage and families , but his actions coincidently comes back to biting him and his marriage lives in the asses. When the polices found Paul body, and lives. How can they lives with themselves, that is the questions…….I thinks that is kind of similar with The Sin Chronicle The Secret of Love. In this episode we have a marriage couple with a family domestic problems. Pawit, which is the husband character, a businessman, happy marriage lives with Aimerin, a writer. His mother did not getting alone with his wife. Then we have Aimerin, a novel writer, has a father whom is an alcoholic. The marriage couple both kept a secret, for Pawit, it is about his father in law asking his money to buy an alcohol. As for Aim, the mother in law wants her money to go gambling. Geez, both parents should get an award for the parents of the years, don’t you think…..

        First of all, Pawit mother is a gambling addict. Pawit mom hated Aimerin greatly because Aimerin it is not her ideal of a daughter in law for her son. Pawit mom often asked to borrow Aim money to go gambling with her friend, but Aim refuses to gives it to her because she thinks that gambling it is wrong and illegal. She even lecturing her mother in law about it, but the mother in law won’t listens to her. It is a classic problems between Aimerin ahd her mother in law. I thinks that the mother in law was not a bad evil person, persay, but I thinks she is a midguided person, whom are lonely and has too much times in her hand. The situation of Aim mother are out of hand, when Aim caught her mother in law tries to steal money from her (from the safe), Without thinking clearly, she accident murderers her, and tries to covered it up. It is a same thing with Ed, whom let his anger clouded his judgement, and end up killing his wife lover, the only thing is that he did not covering his track very well that someone tends to found out about. I would say that this both families needs a therapis. They needs to try to thinks clearly before resolves their problems with violences.

        If Aim and Ed tearned how to control their anger and try to reason with the people whom causes problems such as Aim mother in law and Paul, Connie lover, things would not getting out of hand isn’t. Both marriage couples are not very happy with their marriage lives, they are often thought that they are lacking of excitement in their marriage lives, unbeknowing to them, they are walking in the dangerous threat of road of destruction, which causes them families to plunging down.

        I would said that both movies gives us a clear messages of thinking clearly before doing something that will regarding of the consequences that will followed later on. Secondly, I would said that having a secret are badly can bringing down destruction to the families.
        Well, that it is for now, now I have to go watching the second part of this episode of the sin chronicle. I will be writing the summary of the second part of this series later on…..Then I will be writing the finale of commentaries of the second part of the series…So staying tune….!!!!!!

        By for now!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanking for the Recapped!!!!

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