Kor Pen JaoSao Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai Episode 13 (Final)

It’s time to say goodbye to this lovely couple. I know these two were together in many lakorns, but I want to see more coming!


Episode 13 (Summary)

After shooting MookRin, Vick tells Lom that his hundred million baht doesn’t give him the right to order him around. He says rich people are always like this, paying to get things done, but not with him when he can earn for himself.

Vick shows Lom his cell phone, he recorded his uncle and mother’s voice and the price for it will be enormous, because no way they will risk going to jail. Sawat yells at him that he back-stabbed him.

Lom can’t take it anymore so he launches himself at Vick. The sound of a gunshot stuns everyone and it’s Lom who took the bullet. “Lom!” Pur shouts.

“Lom, you’re so stupid! You are the last person I want to shoot.” Vick yells.

“No!” KaeUrai screams. She yells at Vick not to shoot Lom.

Vick asks Lom if it hurts so bad, in that case, he will have mercy on him by giving him another bullet. Kae begs Vick not to shoot her son. “Lom, talk to me! Talk to me!” Kae screams.

Vick shoots Lom anyway. Kae breaks down in tears.

Lom tries to reach Rin. The police arrive when Vick is about to shoot Pur. The officer tells Vick to stop it. Vick tells him to let him finish his business with his best friend first.

“Drop the gun! Don’t make me shoot you.” officer says.

“Captain, how could you try to force someone who also has a gun in his hand?”

“Vick, drop the gun now!”

Vick pretends that he’s dropping the gun then starts shooting at them. The police officers fire their guns and Vick drops death on spot.

Lom holds Rin’s hand.

“Vivar! I won’t let it end this way. Vivar!” Pur shouts.

“Rin…Rin…” Lom utters.

Pur turns to look at him then turns back, and now he sees MookRin’s face in his hands instead. Pur looks around, “Vivar! Vivar!” he shouts into the void.

Pur sees Khun Luk-lub. “Who are you?”

“I’m the man Vivar talked about.”

“Khun Luk-lub?”

“It’s strange that you can see me now, but leave that, you must fight another round, because if it’s too late, there will be no chance for you to save Vivar again, ever.”

“How can I save her? How?!” Pur asks.

“You must help Vivar get back in her body.”

“But where is she now?!”

“Something is happening with Vivar’s body at the hospital. Khun Pur, stand up now!”

At the hospital, JaoKha wonders between the injured one in the room and the ones waiting outside, which party is suffering more?

She says sometimes she wants to get sick instead of Pee Vivar, who is skillful and clever, while she’s unskillful, not clever and unimportant, so she should be the one got shot instead. (*This reflects how JaoKha thinks of Vivar in the second novel, where she is the heroine.)

Chan says no one is more or less important, and it’s up to, for whom, they are important to, and for him, she’s the most important one.

A nurse comes running and asks if they are Vivar Wannadumrong’s relatives. She says her conditions are becoming worse and her body starts to stop responding!

PrimPrao gets the news of Vivar.

Pur is heading to the hospital on a motorbike.

Eno and Mee arrive at the hospital. JaoKha tells them that the doctor said Pee Vivar’s is in critical stage. Eno asks where her parents are. Chan says they are discussing with the doctor about the procedures. He says JaiDet’s decision remains the same, that is, if Vivar’s conditions worsen, they will soon switch off the respirator.

Eno is getting hysterical. He yells, “How can you leave all of us like this? I won’t allow it! I won’t!”

Mee says no matter how many times he repeated it, Vivar won’t wake up anymore. PrimPrao arrives and asks to see JaoKha’s parents right now.

Grandma asks Vivar’s parents if they’re going to let go of Vivar. Varunee says she wants Vivar to leave in peace. Grandma asks how they got the idea that letting Vivar go will make her be happier than staying alive.

JaiDet says Varunee is Vivar’s mother so she has the right to make the decision, and it’s PrimPrao who should stop it already.

“For Vivar’s life, I and Varunee will make the decision.” he strongly insists.

Grandma begs the doctor not to let Vivar go. The doctor politely says the issue belongs to the parents, and they already signed the consent form.

“10 minutes for the relatives to say farewell to the patient. If you are ready, please do so.” the doctor informs them.

Everyone starts crying.

Pur arrives at the hospital and tries to get to Vivar. Grandma just sits outside the room very still.

They lay white roses on Vivar’s body and weep. “You rest in peace and I will take care of your mother and sister.” JaiDet tells Vivar.

Pur asks Khun Luk-lub what’s happening to Vivar right now. He answers that Vivar’s body can’t take the treatment any longer and stops responding, but that’s not the problem, the problem is JaiDet and Varunee are letting the doctor switch off the respirator.

“You must stop them and do everything to make the doctor preserve her body until dawn and the sun rises tomorrow!” Khun Luk-lub orders.

“Vivar’s life is now in your hand.” he stresses.

Pur runs up the stairs.

Varunee tells Vivar that she loves her with all her heart, and if next life do exist, let’s be mother and daughter again. She weeps.

The doctor starts the procedure. Pur arrives and greets PrimPrao, and rushes inside. PrimPrao stands up as if Pur is giving her some kind of hope.

Pur comes in and begs them not to let Vivar go just yet, and he has something to tell them.

“Pur, what are you talking about and who is Khun Luk-lub? Vivar was in MookRin’s body and will get back into hers? That’s crazy!” JaiDet shouts.

Pur says he told him before and he himself wouldn’t believe in such thing too, if he didn’t encounter it himself.

Pur says he also knew that if he told everyone, they would think he’s crazy, but he must tell them because it’s the truth, even if it’s hard to believe.

Pur kneels down and says, “I’m begging you. I’m asking for three more hours from now, and if Vivar doesn’t wake up by then, I promise I will let her go according to your wish. Please!”


Pur stays alone with Vivar in the room waiting.

“My Lord, if you can hear me, I wish to make a request, a plea.” Khun Luk-lub says while looking up into the dark sky.

“Vivar, please wake up. I and everyone here are waiting for you. Vivar, it’s time you come back.” Pur begs.

Pur waits by her side.

“By the name of Wannadumrong’s guardian and all the good deeds I’ve done. I ask for your mercy on Wanvivar Wannadumrong.” Khun Luk-lub makes a plea.

The clock is ticking. Pur starts to feel the sense of uncertainty and tears welled up in his eyes.

Until the sun rises, Khun Luk-lub stays on his knees.

Time’s up and JaiDet declares that it’s enough. Pur accepts defeat and turns to leave the room. “Vivar, I love you.” he lets out and opens the door.

“Ah Pur.”

Pur looks back at her and is in shock.

Vivar gets up and says, “Ah Pur, I’ve come back to you.”

“Vivar, it’s really you, isn’t it? You really come back, don’t you?” Pur says then hugs her tight.

Pur calls the doctor and nurse that Vivar gains back her consciousness.

Khun Luk-lub is quite surprised by it too. He beams.

Vivar comes out to see everyone. JaoKha, Eno and Mee scream and give her a welcome-back hug. Vivar greets her grandmother and says she’s returned to her.

Khun Luk-lub smiles and feels happy for them.

Chan comes to see his father. Dad greets him and asks if Chan thought he would die that easily, an old lawyer is hard to die. ChongChok says he heard doctors and nurses gossip that Vivar woke up physically fit just like that. JaoKha says everyone says it’s a miracle. Chan says he should hear what Pur told them and he will be stunned, and if it’s not Pur who said it, he would never believe it, in fact even it was Pur, it’s still hard for him to digest it.

ChongChok asks if it’s the same feeling when he couldn’t believe he join KaeUrai and her group. Chan asks him for the truth.

ChongChok says he might play it a little too rough, but at his age, he knew that teaching someone with words wouldn’t work, and without prescribing strong medicine, a particular hidden disease wouldn’t go away. He says what he did should open Khun PrimPrao’s eyes somewhat.

ChongChok asks where the flash-drive Chan transferred all data from his laptop is. Chan gives it to him. ChongChok says all evidences and explanation are all on it, and just hand it to the police and everything will be revealed. “It’s about time we get back Thai Thanakit.” ChongChok says.

Pur keeps staring at Vivar. She stirs awake and he gives her some water. She thanks him and asks what he’s feeling so glad about. He says he’s glad that finally she’s returned. She says she didn’t actually go anywhere and only resided in MookRin’s body.

She turns quiet so he asks what it is. She says she couldn’t believe so many things happened to her: an order for her to be killed by MaeTee; resided in MookRin’s body who was actually dead; almost got married with Lom; Thai Thanakit was taken; she was hunted down. She says if she tells it to somebody, he/she will think she’s nuts.

Pur holds her and says what she said just now, he already told everyone about it. She asks if they believe it, especially her father. Pur says but everyone got her back so it’s unimportant now whether they believe it or not.

Pur says JaoKha took her parents home and they will come back to pick her up, also her grandmother went home already. Pur says now it’s his turn to leave. She asks where he’s going. He says he will go get Thai Thanakit back to Wannadumrong as he promised.

He asks if she can be alone. She says of course, she can. He kisses her forehead and says he will go now.

“Ah Pur, please come back soon. I will be waiting.” she says. He says yes. “Promise?” she asks. He holds her hand and asks if he ever didn’t keep his promise. She shakes her head. Pur leaves.

The officer says based on the information gathered from both Vick’s recording and ChanChat’s flash-drive, they now can say that Khun-ying KaeUrai, Mr. Sawat and Mr. Lapit participated in unlawful misconduct in order to takeover Thai Thanakit Bank. Pur and ChanChat look at each other.

Sawat wants to flee but KaeUrai wants to go to her son. The police intercept them. KaeUrai tells the officers to arrest her and to take her to her son. An officer tells Sawat he needs to go for an interrogation at the police station, on the charge of contract killing.

(Sorry if some legal/med terms sound funny to you, out of my comfort zone)

It’s on the news the arrest of KaeUrai and Sawat while trying to flee, they were brought to be interrogated at the police station, while Mr. Lapit wasn’t brought here due to his ongoing treatment at the hospital. Mrs. KaeUrai and her accomplices were arrested as suspects on the case of contract killing Mr. Pur Wannadumrong and Ms. MookRin WellMax, and may connected to Mr. ChongChok got shot and severely injured earlier at a golf driving range.

Vivar comes home. Eno welcomes her by saying, “Finally, the sleeping beauty come home to her castle.” (He sings the tune ‘Let it go..let it go…’)  They get inside the house.

The officer tells KaeUrai in jail that they finished interrogating Sawat, he and his lawyer remain firm to deny all charges and fight in court, despite solid evidences against him. He tells Kae if she confesses, the judge may reduce her serving terms. If she regrets what she did.

Kae says she knew her brother would do everything to get away from it, but she isn’t him. Officer asks what she means by that.

She says she will admit to all charges, not because she wants anyone’s sympathy. “I knew well that I lost in this game. The losing party must accept its fate. It’s the game’s rule. All the things I did, I thought of it carefully, and if time is turning back, I will still do it. The winner like you wants my confession so I will give it to you, under one condition only.”

“What do you want?”

The police takes her to see Lom. Officer apologizes that he can’t take off the handcuffs. She says that’s all right when she got what she wants already. He says she has 30 minutes, so use it wisely and he will be waiting outside.

Kae walks into the room where Lom is lying on a hospital bed. She calls his name so he opens his eyes. Lom says it hurts. She tells him to be strong and he will recover soon. Lom asks what happened to Rin and he wants to see her.

Kae tells him to get well first before worrying about anything else. Lom asks if Rin is dead because he saw her lying there very still. He says he will follow Rin very soon. Kae tells him not to say that.

She tells him to listen to her. She will do everything to make him recover and he will not go to jail, because she will say that he totally has nothing to do with it, and she will make sure Lom won’t be implicated in it by Sawat.

Lom sees the handcuffs and panics that she has to go to jail. She says as long as her son is okay, she can accept anything. She whispers that she had set aside some money just for him so that he can live the life he wants.

Kae says even though to his father’s eye or others’, she’s a wicked woman, but this wicked woman can do everything for her son. This wicked woman wants her son to live the most comfortable life with a lot of money, and respected by many people, because this wicked woman loves her son with all her heart.

She says from now on, there may be less time for them to see each other, or they may not see each other again, so take good care of himself. She tells him to promise her that he will live and be happy for her.

Lom gets up and apologizes to her that he never looked at her in a good way. She says it’s all right and she never gets angry at him. Lom cries and says, “I never said this, is it too late for me to say that, I love you, mom?”

“I love you, too.”

He asks if she hears it. Lom keeps saying he loves her. He passes away in her arms. She screams, “Lom, don’t leave me! Doctor, save my son!”

The officer comes to hold her. The doctor tries to save his life. KaeUrai breaks down in tears.

Vivar tells Pur to come eat congee.  Pur smiles and says she just left the hospital and got up so early to buy congee. He says she could sleep a little more and no one would blame her. She says she wasn’t sick and only moved out to live in other person’s body for a short while, but if he wants her to really fall sick then she will…He stops her, “Please, don’t say that ever again. If you’re lying there like that again, I can’t take it anymore.”

She asks if he can endure to have her wake up then bicker with him like this.

“Of course I can, no, I should say I never think it’s something to endure, that’s more correct. Because I know the real Vivar must bicker with me like this. Isn’t that right?” he teases.

She says she totally gets the point and says let’s eat the congee. A housekeeper says grandmother is asking to see him.

Pur comes to see PrimPrao. She says that small building Pur used to live, there was a man lived there before, his name was Pakorn. He’s her father’s assistant. He’s poor but worked hard, was a good man and clever. She says part of Thai Thankit’s growth contributed to that man. Her father loved him very much, and she also loved him, loved like how a woman would love a man, but he didn’t love her.

One day, he hurt her feeling so much. He ran away to marry another woman. He was willing to quit his job at Thai Thanakit and leave everything behind. She says it hurt her deeply so she tried to avoid hearing his news, but all of a sudden, her brother, Jarun, brought an orphan, whose house was burned down, to live here and told her that his name was Pur…Pakorn’s son.

PrimPrao tells Pur that he’s the son of the man she hated, and every time she looked at his face, it would bring back the memory of that man, so she promised herself that she would hate Pur forever. She says anger and hatred had shielded her eyes from seeing Pur for who is and the things he’s done, because her heart was blinder than her eyes.

Pur walks closer to her.

PrimPrao says that morning, the day Pur walked Vivar out from ICU, sunlight was shining brightly all over his body, and it somehow healed her blindness and made her see him for who he is, for what he does, all of it, and not just her eyes but her heart as well.

“This old woman had stepped on you so badly, thinking that a man like you could be just an old badly-torn disgusting blanket, a worthless one. The fact is, it wasn’t at all like that. You actually are the most valuable blanket. (She holds his hand.) Can you forgive this old woman who had misjudged and misbehaved all this time?” she cries.

Pur kneels down and says, “Aunty, there’s no need for me to forgive you at all, because all this time, I’ve had a high regard for you. I may be born somewhere else, contain unrelated blood, but I grew up within the wall of Wannadumrong, with you looking after me. Only you understand me, it already makes me very happy.”

She touches his hair and says, “Thank you, Pur Wannadumrong.”

Tears welled up in his eyes.

PrimPrao says those who sneak behind may come out now.

Eno, Mee and the rest join them. Eno says he only passes by and doesn’t want to take a peek at all. JaiDet says they are happy to see this picture in this house.

Pur asks PrimPrao if it’s all right to ask one more thing from her. She says it depends on what he will ask of her. “I wish to take care of Vivar forever, not as her uncle, but her boyfriend. I would like to have your permission, to let me marry Vivar.” he asks.


Pur’s heart drops.

“The person you should ask isn’t me, but Vivar. Therefore, you  must ask Vivar herself. if she loves you…I will love.., too.” PrimPrao explains.

What a relief for my Pur.

Vivar is pacing back and forth waiting for Pur. When Pur comes out, she asks if grandmother scolded him again, and what about, she will go have a talk with her for him.

She asks if he’s okay, say something and don’t be this quiet.

“I told you I would go talk to…” she stops short because he hugs her tight.

“Everyone, our president is here!”

Pur, ChongChok and ChanChat pay respect to Jarun’s portrait at the bank. Pur’s back in his office again.

Vivar and Pur visit the graveyard where MookRin and Lom were buried. Vivar says MookRin would be so happy if she knew that, in the end, everyone came back to love her.

Vivar talks to MookRin that the time might be short when she was in her body, but she hopes she achieved something MookRin wanted to do. “I may not know you that well, but you taught me this world, you made me realize the real happiness in life, which isn’t fame, wealth, fortune or other things, but the real happiness is we have someone we love, and love us.” she says and looks at Pur.

Both lay bouquets on the gravestone. “If heaven does exist, I hope you are up there, and meet with Lom, too.”

They hold hands. “Let’s go.” Pur says.

Pur comes sit with Vivar and asks what she’s looking at. “It’s your wedding gown.” he says. She says it was hers but not anymore, she let Eno put it for sell and it’s sold. Pur asks why she sold it if she loves the gown so much.

Vivar says may be the gown was cursed, she almost got to wear it, MookRin almost got to wear it, but in the end, no one got to wear it in on the wedding day for real.

“If that’s the case, then I think it’s time we get rid of the curse.” Pur says.

Eno brings the gown to them. He says as soon as he put it for sell, Ah Pur bought it right away.

“Ah Pur, give it to your bride, no, your niece, no, your girlfriend. Oh no, what should I call her?” Eno asks.

Pur thanks Eno and Eno runs off to leave them alone. Pur gives the gown to her.

“This wedding gown should be worn by someone who put all efforts into cutting and sewing it, with love. I know you love this gown very much. Can I ask you to wear it in the wedding?” Pur asks.

She accepts the gown and he pulls out a ring and kneels down. “I may not be the best man, but I promise you I will love and take best care of you. Please marry me.”

He puts the ring on her finger.

He gets up and asks if she won’t say anything. He says she accepts to wear this ring, does it mean she’s saying yes, to marry him. Vivar says yes. He hugs her.

Aww…I feel happy for Pur, as if he’s one of my relatives  🙂

It’s the wedding day.

Pur is stunned to see Vivar in her wedding gown. Pur thanks JaiDet who says he’s putting her in his care. Everyone is feeling happy for the couple.

Pur and Vivar exchange vows.

Pur says, “I take you to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. I promise.”

Vivar says, “I take you to be my husband……….I promise.”

They exchange rings. When they turn around, it’s Khun Luk-lub standing in front of them and says “I now declare you husband and wife.”

They kiss then walk along the aisle. They slowly exit the venue.

Vivar thanks grandma for letting her marry Ah Pur. PrimPrao says what if she didn’t let her. Vivar only smiles and hugs her. Grandma says Pur is a good man so he’s perfect for her dear granddaughter. She gives Vivar a locket and says she wanted to give it to her since she woke up. It belongs to ‘JaoSua Wan’, her great-grandfather. She says it’s time Vivar take care of it after her.

Vivar is stunned when seeing the picture of her great-grandfather inside the locket. Khun Luk-lub is actually her great-grandfather. She asks grandma if it’s his photo when he’s a young man. Grandma says that’s right. Vivar says she thinks he’s such a handsome young man. PrimPrao says if he could hear her, he would be so happy. Vivar smiles at JaoSua Wan who shows up.

Grandma tells her to wear it from time to time so he will protect her from harm. Vivar says she always believes that he’s been looking after all of them. Grandma tells her to leave now or Pur will wait too long, and have a safe trip.

Vivar turns to smile at Khun Luk-lub (aka JaoSua Wan) before she leaves the room. Grandma makes sure no one is in the room.

Vivar comes out so Pur asks if she’s ready. She says she’s ready. They get in the car and drive away. “Just Married” is the sign hanging on the back of their car.

On his yacht, Pur kisses her temple. She says it’s beautiful (around here). He says very pretty. She asks what he’s staring at. He says the pretty girl.

Pur asks if he can ask her something, why she decided to marry him. She asks why he asked that. He says a woman like WanVivar Wannadumrong could have a better man than him, a hundred, a thousand times more.

“But where are those men? I’m happy to sit with the man sitting in front of me now. The man who loves me. The man who never goes back on his words even once. It’s enough for me.”


“No ‘but’, I made it very clear but if you still have more questions, I will get angry and won’t love you. Get the point?”

“Yes, I-get-the-point.” he confirms. He smiles and pulls her to him. He kisses her forehead.

Aww…so sweet.

The couple sprinkle flower petals into the sea.

Somewhere filled with flowers, Lom is looking around feeling lost. Suddenly he hears someone humming a tune. It’s MookRin.

She greets him. He asks if she’s waiting for him. She says she’s always waiting for him here. He hugs her. She asks if he’s exhausted. He nods.

He says his life was a worst one, but Rin was the best thing in his life. He says he never took good care of her, and he tried to make up for those bad days and wanted to marry her, and make her happy forever, but it’s too late now. He says he’s sorry and he feels so sorry about it.

She argues that she never feels sorry about it, because, at least, now she knows how much he loves her. His love for her, she can feel it and that’s enough for her to forget everything.

“Do you still love me? You still love me, don’t you?” he asks.

“Why don’t I? I love you, and only you.”

Lom is so happy and says he won’t leave her again, and wherever she is, he’ll be there with her.

“Forever? Right?” she asks.

“Forever.” he answers.


I was a bit skeptical about how Lom come to love Rin so much toward the end. I guess I have to read between the lines. I don’t mind they skipped the bank issue and gave more time to other things (hugs and kisses!). I love how they showed us more joyful moments of Pur and Vivar in the end, they so deserve it and it’s in the lakorn’s title  🙂

Somehow this lakorn adds more meaning to a wedding gown. It’s not the gown you wear, but the story behind it. Aww…I miss uncle Pur already!

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  1. Absolutely loved this drama! From beginning to end, it was just wonderful. And I never doubted Lom’s love for Rin. From episode one I understood his feelings were real, he was just very, very misguided and henpecked. He was pitable but not pitful, so it was hard to feel bad for him, however I loved that this drama explored two completely different loves, between two very different couples that were equally true, deep and sincere.

    • I thought about it even after it ended, that somehow it’s not the usual lakorn I’ve seen before. Each character had layers, and I loved how the scripts were bold enough to let Lom meet quite a tragic end only to redeem it later, something fantasy, something very real. Even Primprao and KaeUrai last bits made us want to forgive everyone involved. Aww…and uncle Pur’s love for Vivar was very sincere. He was humble but never gave up.

      In the novel, Pur would come to Vivar’s wedding studio quite often and just sit there looking at the wedding gowns on display, he didn’t even hope to see her there, just be there for his own peaceful moments looking at her works, and he did the same to the comatose Vivar, sitting there everyday talking to her. The adaptation was done well and made more solid storyline. Kudos to the cast and crew 🙂

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