Kor Pen JaoSao Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai Episode 12 (Summary)

Things were pretty intense and it’s time all issues be dealt with.


Episode 12 (Summary)

Vivar-M is worried that she had hurt Pur’s feeling. Lom tells Mee that he will have WanVivarWedding arrange his wedding because he wants it to be perfect. Mee invites them to the VIP room to talk about the details.

Lom asks Rin if she wants to change her clothes first. She says she will follow him soon. He touches her face and says, “Lom loves Rin, you know that, don’t you? Come quick, all right?”

Vivar-M runs outside searching for Pur. Love her red heels. She walks on and on looking for him. Then she spots him.

“Ah Pur!” she shouts.

He runs to her and asks why she came out here. She asks why he walked away from her.

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t see you in that picture. Others might see MookRin but I saw Vivar, Vivar in a wedding gown standing beside Lom. I didn’t want to see more than that.” he explains.

She cries and says she can’t live like this anymore. “I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to be in this stage any longer.” she weeps.

He consoles her not to cry and she must stay strong. He gives her a big hug. Her pain seems to hurt him deeply as well, but he won’t let her see it.

It’s tea time.

Pur asks if she wants some sugar and cream. She says no to both. He grins so she asks what he’s feeling funny about. He says if anyone sees them like this, they surely think that he kidnapped a bride from somewhere. She tells him to kidnap her already because she’s so sick of her situation right now.

He asks for her hands then holds them in his.

He says, “Close your eyes. When I face with awful things and feel that this world is such a cruel place, want to run away from it but can’t, I will close my eyes and think of nice things. Just think of anything which makes you happy, and when that picture is in your mind, you may open your eyes. Every time I do it, I can forget all the bad things. Try doing it.”

Vivar closes her eyes. He smiles looking at her. She opens her eyes so he asks if she can see the picture, which makes her happy, in her mind now. She says, “No, I didn’t see it when my eyes were closed, but when I opened my eyes, now I can see it very clearly.”

A smile starts to spread across his face. “What is it? What picture are you seeing?”

“Well, I’m seeing your face.” she answers shyly.

“You know, you make me very happy as well.” he beams.

PrimPrao is mad that JaiDet’s family didn’t pick up her calls at all when she wants to hear about Vivar’s conditions. She yells at the housekeeper to take away to food on the table.

ChongChok shows up and says the food looks delicious. He says if she doesn’t want to eat it, he will. He says he drops by to get a good meal. PrimPrao chases him out and calls him the betrayer. He asks when she will stop looking at the world in a bad way, and he actually came here because he’s worried about her and wonders if she falls sick. She yells at him to mind his own business and she can live by herself.

He says she’s still filled with pride to live alone when she has all these good people around her. He names them all. He says just because one man walking away from her life, she has shut the door and wouldn’t let anyone get in for half of her life already. “Of course, you can live your life being alone, but doesn’t that make you feel sad?” he asks.

She says instead of feeling worry about her, why not find a way to take back Thai Thanakit for her. He says that’s Pur’s job, not his, and he trusts that Pur will succeed, and he hopes that when that time comes, she will let go of her crazy pride.

When a housekeeper says the food is ready, he tells her that he can’t stay and eat now, because, if an old lawyer chokes on some food and dies here, the news will be ugly once it gets out. He tells PrimPrao gently, “Have your meal, so you will have strength.”

Pur tells Vivar-M that she doesn’t have to return to Lom’s house, and he insists that staying with Lom and KaeUrai is too dangerous for her. “Let’s stay together.” he suggests.

She says she wants to know what plan Lom and his mother has in mind, and if she stays there, she may find out something to help getting the bank back to her family. Pur tries to argue but she says she’s stronger now so don’t worry, and it’s because she has this hero who keeps replenishing her energy. Pur wants to say more but she stops him and asks if he gets the point. “All right, who would dare to contradict this niece.” he says.

“Very good.” she says.

“But, you must promise me that you will take good care of yourself. Just give me your promise.”

“All right.”

“Let’s go.” she suggests.

They walk along and people start taking their pictures.

The police officer is getting mad that Vick slipped away every single time. Another officer comes in and says their spy found Vick and his men’s hideout.

Pur runs to ChanChat and asks how it is. Chan says not good but not that bad, so he let JaoKha take her parents home before they will fall sick and she will come back here. Pur can feel the pressure built up inside him. Chan wants to tell Pur JaiDet’s final decision but Pur stops him. He stresses, “Vivar’s conditions won’t get worse!”

Chan pats Pur’s shoulder, and he’s worried if it won’t turn out the way Pur feels so confident about.

Vick is on the run. The officer tells his men not to follow him, Vick’s back is against the wall now.

Lom knocks the door and asks for Vivar-M’s permission to get inside, he needs to put back his thing. She says the door isn’t locked. He puts his laptop on his desk then sits down on the bed. He says he wants to know if she loves the wedding gown she tried on today. “It’s okay.” she answers.

“Okay? Does everything I did for you mean anything? Or, are you fooling around with me? Or, are you still angry at me since the day I told you to have an abortion?”

Vivar is stunned to hear that. He says after Rin escaped death, not just her who has changed, but him also. She’s lying so still so he says he just wants her to give him another chance, that’s all. He walks out of the room.

Vivar-M gets up and says, “This man had treated you this badly yet you still love him, MookRin?”

Vick got shot earlier so he has to tend to his wound. Sawat calls him and introduces himself as Lom’s uncle, and he has a task for him to do. Vick says he’s busy now and wants to hang up. Sawat says if he hears the price, may be he will become available. Vick says he needs to know what kind of task first.

Sawat says he wants him to get rid of two persons, the former Thai Thanakit’s lawyer, ChongChok, and the former president, Pur Wannadumrong, for the amount of one million baht. Vick says two million baht and hangs up.

Vivar checks Lom’s laptop but she needs to enter the password first. She makes several guesses but it didn’t work. A message alerts Lom on his phone so he gets in the room and takes his laptop away.

Vivar gets up and wonders if MookRin knows the password. Later that night, Vivar gets out of the room and grabs a car key and Lom’s laptop, but KaeUrai shows up and asks if movie stars don’t sleep at night and roam around to hunt for prey, especially, someone rich. Vivar says people with bad habits shouldn’t compare themselves with others and think that others will practice bad habits, just like them.

Pur is having a meeting with important bankers. One man says he’s Thai Thanakit’s competitor but not its enemy. Another says what happened to Pur worried them, and they are ready to support Pur to become Thai Thanakit’s CEO, the Thai Thanakit with Pur as its driving force, that’s what they want to see it happen.

Pur stands up and thanks them, Wannadumrong and Thai Thanakit won’t forget their generous support this time. Pur says he feels confident that he will get Thai Thanakit back, someone is putting all efforts to help him. A man gets up and shakes his hand. “Congratulations, and don’t worry, we are willing to help every way we can.”

KaeUrai wants to slap Vivar-M but Lom stops her. He says she can do it any mistress of his father but not his future bride. Lom says if she continues with it, he won’t live here. KaeUrai says just go, just like how his father left her, and when his wife made him sad, don’ t ever come back here.

Vivar-M grabs Lom’s labtop and gets in his car. Lom runs outside only to see that she’s driving away.


Vivar sends Pur a text that she has it with her already.

Lom gets frustrated and doesn’t understand what’s going on. KaeUrai suggests he listen to this gossip news.

The news says MookRin, who is going to marry Khun Lapit, was found in the pictures hugging tight with Pur Wannadumrong on the street. The pictures were taken by the show’s fan who happened to be there and saw Pur run to MookRin and hug her.

KaeUrai says in the end, the person he loves turned to Pur instead. She says she thought that his father was so foolish to let his mistress fool him, but now Lom is more foolish than his father.

Lom calls Vivar-M and asks where she’s going in the middle of the night. She says it’s her business. He asks why there was a picture on TV of her and Pur hugging. That surprises her. He asks if she’s heading to see uncle Pur, and if she chose Pur over him and loves that man. He wants her answer now, as her future groom.

She says he doesn’t have rights over anything, whether it’s her or Thai Thanakit. She says she’s taking his laptop to the police and they will know who did what to Thai Thanakit soon, and his life and family are about to end. Lom hangs up and tries to connect the dots.

Vivar-M meets with Pur. He runs to her. She says the laptop is with her so everything will end soon. He asks if she’s exhausted. When she says no, he gives her a hug then says, “Let’s go.”

Khun Luk-lub says, “Don’t be happy yet, Vivar. The last phrase of a  storm is always the most dangerous moment. Don’t be happy yet.”

Sawat says he couldn’t believe that his future granddaughter-in-law is a spy working together with Pur. KaeUrai tells him to stop calling that woman that, when she didn’t want that woman to use her family name in the first place.

Kae says she will make sure that tonight will be MookRin’s hell and she won’t be able to give that laptop to the cop or testify. Lom asks what she’s going to do when that’s Rin. She says whoever wants to destroy her life, must be destroyed first. She orders Sawat to add more options to Vick and pay for more bullets.

Lom  says he will do it his way and no one has to die. Lom gets in his car and leaves. Sawat says her son is always this soft. Kae tells him to contact Vick now.

Vick picks up the call and asks Sawat if he wants him to kill MookRin before dawn. Sawat says he will get three million for killing three persons. Vick says it has to be ten million. Sawat doesn’t want to give him that much, so Vick says he can look for someone else to do it within the time frame he wants.

Kae grabs the phone says she agrees to pay him, and after he kills all three by the time given, she will pay him in cash. Vick says that sounds better, he tells her to wait for good news.

Kae says she can even pay a hundred million if she can make those three persons get out of her life. She tells Sawat to sleep here tonight and report to her all night.

Vick locates ChongChok, his first target. Lom is on his way.

Eno and Mee are still working until late at night. Eno shows her the picture of MookRin and Pur hugging while wearing their wedding gown. Mee cringes and is confused what’s going on. Eno says she’s confused but he’s mad at Pur again.

Lom shows up. Eno says his shop is closed already for today, he asks if he came to cancel his wedding judging by MookRin’s picture on the net. Lom tells Eno to tell him now if he knows where MookRin is, before it’s too late.

Pur takes Vivar-M to his room. He says he moved here temporary, the owner is his friend so he asked for his help. He says there are two bedrooms here and she can sleep in the master bedroom while he will use another small one.

Vivar-M says she’s not sure if she can sleep tonight, something is bugging her, and she wants to get Thai Thanankit back as fast as she can. She says she wants them all be arrested and put in jail.

Pur asks if that includes Lapit as well.

Eno says how he would know where his girlfriend is. Lom says Eno is her manager. Eno says he ‘used to’ be her manager, which means not at the moment. Lom says he’s looking for her and she’s in danger now, he must find her and won’t let anything happen to her.

Mee asks what he means by ‘she’s in danger’. Lom says, “My mother is going to…” He stops at that, then says nothing then walks out. He turns to say if they know where she is, give him a call. He thanks them and leaves.

Mee thinks Lom is desperate to find her, like it’s life and death situation, so something went wrong.

Lom is getting worried about Rin’s safety.

Vivar-M asks Pur does Lom not deserve that. Pur says he thinks Lom isn’t such a bad person. Pur says sometimes Lom seemed so weak so may be it’s his mother who’s pulling the string from behind. Vivar-M says no mater what, he did commit wrongdoings, she can forgive him for doing it to her, but not for hurting the bank, her family…and her loved one, so she will never forgive him.

Pur tenderly asks her to give the laptop to him. He tells her to get some rest and tomorrow he will make an appointment with the police, and they will talk to them together. He insists she gets some rest. He asks if she’s hungry, so he will find something for her to eat before bed. She says yes, then grabs the laptop again after Pur gets in the kitchen.

ChanChat asks JaoKha where she is. She says she’s at the hospital, she must watch over her sister tonight for her parents. Chan says he’s at the golf driving range to have a talk with his father about what he did.

ChongChok is about to tell ChanChat the truth but Vick fires his gun at him first. Chan runs to his father so Vick can’t shoot him some more. Vick walks away.

Vivar-M hears some noise outside so she gets up. A masked man tells her to give him back the thing. He grabs the laptop and steps on it. He says she shouldn’t have stolen it, she brought it on herself. When he wants to harm her, she yells for Pur. Pur comes to save her and got stabbed on his back.

“Ah Pur! No!” she shouts.

Pur gets into her room and she’s having a bad dream. She hugs the laptop to her chest.

ChongChok is lying in an ambulance. He tries to tell ChanChat something. “That flash-drive, which kept…” he faints before finishing it.

Vivar-M says she never had this kind of nightmare before. It felt so real. She says the masked man came to destroy the laptop and the data are all gone, and he stabbed Pur, too.

Pur kneels down and says it’s only a bad dream and he’s right here. He says he will sit here until she falls asleep. She says she can’t sleep and wants to know the password of this laptop, and what’s inside.

Vick calls Sawat and tell him that one target down, it’s ChongChok, and he’s waiting for his friend to find out where Pur lives, and he should know it in less than an hour.

KaeUrai says she thinks that movie star went to see Pur so he may find them together. Sawat tells him to destroy that laptop also. Vick tells him not to worry and they should go transfer the money to the account he gave them now. Vick says he will contact them again.

Lom calls Vick and tells him not to harm Rin no matter what. Vick says a job is a job, once he accepts it, he must do it. Lom says he can’t do that. Vick asks why not, even his first future bride, he did it too. Lom is stunned.

Vick says that’s right, he was the one hired a gunman to shoot Vivar Wannadumrong, per MaeTee’s order. “What is this madness?!” Lom shouts.

Vick says last time he didn’t do it himself so the task didn’t have a pretty ending, but this time he will do it himself. Lom says he will give him fifty million baht not to do it to Rin. Vick says how about a hundred million. Lom says all right, find Rin and give her to him, then he can go kill whoever he wants, but not his woman.

Vick says all right, he will take best care of his woman.

ChongChok is being wheeled into an emergency room. JaoKha runs to ChanChat so he hugs her.

JaoKha calls her parents and tells them what happened to ChongChok. Chan and JaoKha wait in front of an operation room. Varunee prays that ChongChok be safe and no more be harmed.

Vivar-M tries many things for the password but it’s not working. Pur says what if the password isn’t something about Lom but something that’s important to Lom. She asks what he means. Pur says a password is something very important that the owner thinks he/she will never forget. He says what if the password isn’t a thing or a pet, but a person.

“MookRin?” she says.

She enters the name but it’s still not working.

“Try 28091989.” he suggests.

“What’s that number?”

“MookRin’s birthday. (She glares at him.) Eh..I searched google.” he says. (LOL)

She enters the number. “Yes, we did it!” she shouts. Pur scrolls down the screen and says it’s Thai Thanakit’s sell-off plan at the last quarter.

Pur says they even plan to slice the bank into pieces then sell each piece off. Pur says those people wants nothing left of Thai Thanakit. She says how they could be so wicked.

Vick calls Sawat and says he knows where Pur lives now. Sawat tells him to hurry and get rid of Pur and if he sees MookRin there, get rid of her, too.

Vivar asks Pur if these data are enough to punish them and get the bank back. Pur says he thinks it could.

The reception desk calls Pur and says he calls from the lobby. Pur asks what it is. Vick knocks the man down unconscious.

Pur tells Vivar they must get out of here fast. She grabs the laptop and runs with him. Pur uses the fire exit instead of elevator. The police gets info from their spy that he saw Vick and he’s heading to Pur’s condo.

Pur and Vivar run down the stairs. Vick is clever enough to intercept them there. Vick greets them and tells Rin that he has a gift from someone for her, and so wants to give it to her. He fires his gun at her.  The bullet hits the rail instead so Pur and Vivar run up the stairs.

The police officer says he wants tonight’s mission be kept quiet, and they must capture Vick alive because he’s the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle of this case.

Lom calls Vick but he doesn’t pick up so he calls Sawat instead. Lom asks if he knows where uncle Pur lives and that Rin is with him.

Lom says he wants to know where Pur lives to go rescue Rin. Sawat tells him enough already, that woman can destroy them all. Lom says Rin is the only thing he wants now, and if he will have nothing left, so be it.

Sawat says he didn’t think Lom was stupid like what his mother said before, but Lom is actually both stupid and crazy. When Sawat refuses to tell him Pur’s address, he says he will tell his mother that he hidden away 500 million baht. Lom asks him again. KaeUrai is upstairs looking down.

Lom speeds up his car after he learns of the address.

Pur and Vivar run outside the building. Pur borrows a motorbike from a group of men. He says he will return it, but if he can’t, he will pay for it. Pur tells them his full name and they can go asking for him at Thai Thanakit Bank. A man recognizes the name and says it’s a big-name banker.

Vick gets on a motorbike and chases them down. Pur tells Vivar they are heading to the nearest police station.

Aww…love all motorbike-chasing scenes.

The police gets a report that two motorbikes were stolen from Pur’s condo, first one by a couple which the girl looks like MookRin, second one by a man carrying a gun. The officer says what this is, so Vick wants to kill Pur? And why MookRin popped up there?

Vick starts shooting. Pur tells her to hold on tight. The police and Lom are heading to the same place. Lom sees Vick. He swears and makes a U-turn.

Vivar lost the laptop because of the gunshots. Pur says it’s all right. Vick makes aim and fires, and the motorbike Pur and Vivar ride on flipped. Pur and Vivar-M are thrown to the ground.

Pur gets up and tries to reach Vivar-M then holds her. Vick points his gun at Pur.

Vick calls Sawat and says he’s pointing his gun at Pur and asks if they have the last message for him. KaeUrai says she doesn’t have one and tells him to kill Pur fast. Pur recognizes her voice.

“KaeUrai, so you are the one behind all these, aren’t you?” Pur asks. Kae says this should be their last conversation. She admits that everything happened were per her orders. She says life is a game and she wants to win every game she’s on it, and the losers shouldn’t be alive to disturb her sight. She tells Pur not to worry about that movie star, because she will follow him soon enough. “Goodbye, Pur!” she says.

Sawat yells at Vick to kill him now. Vick points his gun at Pur and says, “Goodbye, Khun Pur.”

Lom runs fast to that spot. Pur kicks Vick down and they fight. Vick shoots Pur on his leg. Lom is still running.

Vick laughs and tells Pur not to be smitten by just a scratch, but, well, a banker like him is obviously unfamiliar with this kind of wound. He says more bullets will be on Pur’s body soon, then Pur will know what the real pain is.

KaeUrai and Sawat hear him through Vick’s phone. Vivar pokes Vick’s head and helps Pur. Vick grabs her hair and says it’s not her cue yet, but may be she wants to be the first.

The police learn that there were motorbikes broke through the barriers and speeded into a no-entry zone. They decide to go there.

Vick tells Vivar-M that he wanted to let her go at first but now he changes his mind. He will send her off the first one. Both Lom and Pur shout. KaeUrai recognizes Lom’s voice and says, “What is Lom doing there?!”

Lom reminds Vick of their agreement, a hundred million for letting her go. KaeUrai gets mad for such amount. Vick says if Lom wants him to choose, he will choose to shoot this woman and kill her right here.

Both Pur and Lom shout at him not to do it. Lom tries to tell Vick to let her go. KaeUrai yells at the phone, “Kill her!”

“Let her go. I said let her go!” Lom shouts. Vick suddenly lets MookRin go. KaeUrai yells, “I said kill her! Do it!”

Vick shoots Vivar-M from behind twice.

“No!” both Lom and Pur shout.

They rush to hold her.


Despite how it come to this ending scene, it’s undeniable that it was carefully thought of and beautifully done, which is rare for a violent scene to be shown in full scale like this one. It makes sense for everything to end this way, sad but nicely wrapped up.

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  1. hi are you going to complete tai ngao jun as well? thanks for you translations for these 2 lakorns. really made it easier to watch.

  2. Thank you so so so much for the recap. The lakorn is well-done and cant wait for the final ep.
    Can you also recap the rest ep of this lakorn.

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