Kor Pen JaoSao Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai Episode 11 (Summary)

Not sure why Lom’s mother and grandmother had to shout all the time. Oh, well….


Episode 11 (Summary)

Eno asks Lom how he knew they disappeared together all night. Lom says that’s not the point, the point now is what kind of manager he is when his star disappeared and he didn’t know about it. Eno returns that what kind of boyfriend Lom is to let his girlfriend disappear with another man!

“And before you criticize others, look at yourself first, see if you’re that great!” Eno walks away.

At the hospital, grandma says she won’t hope for them to stop hating her or forgive her, but she will fix it and get it all back. She says she will make Thai ThanaKit come back and be WannaDumRong’s again.

JaiDet asks if she’s so sure, and there’s only one man he can think of who can do that.

At the bank, KaeUrai declares that WannaDomRong’s days with this bank are over, and the workers will realize who they should respect now. Sawat says she should give time for the workers to adjust first. She says whoever is unhappy about it, then just quit. She tells them to throw all these things away before she comes down here again.

Gun-wounded MaeTee walks to the police station. He whispers to the crowd that he’s turning himself in. He tells the officers that he came to confess his crime. An officer starts recording his confession.

MaeTee says he’s the one who gave the order for Vivar to be killed. He says he was mad at her but he didn’t really mean it. The officer asks who he gave order to hire the gunman to. MaeTee says it’s Vick and he tried to stop him but it was too late, and he even back-stabbed him and shot him. The officer asks where Vick is now.

“If Vivar wakes up, please tell her that I regretted it, and I’m…sorry.” MaeTee passes away.

Eno is pissed that MookRin left with Pur and wanting to scratch her face when he sees her again. A hotel staff comes running to tell him that Khun Pur is back.

Two love birds, Pur and Vivar, are holding hands looking at each other. Eno is so mad and upset that Pur betrayed his best friend (Vivar) and disappeared with another girl, whom Lom already declared he would marry her.

Eno refuses to listen to Pur so Vivar-M yells at him to listen. Lom shows up and tells her not to explain anything.

Vivar-M explains to Lom that she was the one sneaked on Pur’s boat. Lom drags her away and says time is up for her to be with the former Thai ThanaKit’s president, and he is the new president.

Pur wants to follow Vivar but Eno stops him and says they took over Thai ThanaKit. Pur asks what happened.

In the van, Lom asked Rin why she had to be on the boat with Pur. He asks if she likes him and it’s the reason she changed a lot after she left the hospital. He says if she thinks of sticking by Pur due to his wealth, well, Pur is left with nothing now, he already took his job.

She slaps him and says, “And this is how you said you loved the woman named MookRin when the truth is, you don’t even know her!”

Lom gets a call from his mom and says he’s heading to the airport already. Vivar-M asks how Lom become Thai ThanaKit’s president. He asks why cares how he got it, when the result is, she will become the president’s wife. He says he admits that he doesn’t feel like he knows her now, but once they get married, he will try to know her so that she will realize how much he loves her. He says she must stay in his house from now on, and not her condo.

Pur and Eno arrive in Bangkok. ChanChat says he’s glad to see him. Pur says it means his boat broken down because someone did it, and aunt PimPrao is among those people, too. ChanChat says he still couldn’t understand how grandmother could be hating Pur to the point of handing the bank to the baddies.

Pur tells JaoKha that Khun PimPrao must be regretting it by now, so it’s unnecessary for them to step on the wound. “I will do everything to take back Thai ThanaKit.” Pur calmly says.

ChanChat asks what if he can take it back but grandmother refuses to give him back the president job. Pur says then he will just apply for a job somewhere else. Eno is frustrated that Pur could make fun of such a serious situation.

Pur says he wasn’t joking when he said that, and he said it before that he came to WannaDumRong family with empty hands, so it’s not strange to also leave them with empty hands. Pur asks JaoKha how Vivar’s condition is now.

Pur rushes to the hospital. JaiDet asks where he’s been and if he knew what happened to Thai ThanaKit. Pur says he heard all of it and tells them that he will get it back, not to worry.

Varunee says her family, the four of them, is no longer care about Thai Thankit. JaiDet says of course, it’s painful to see what his grandfather and father built slips away. Varunee says her only hope now is to see Vivar wake up, but if not, she will…

“You will…what?” Pur asks, and looks like he can guess what they decided to do.

KaeUrai is giving orders for her new office’s refurbishment at the bank. Vivar-M is sitting on a sofa in the living room. Vivar-M and mom enter a fierce argument. Lom takes his girlfriend’s side, then takes her to his room. KaeUrai asks Lom if he wants to see her choke to death to bring this woman home.

Lom says she won’t die easily if she hasn’t yet burned all Thai Thanakit’s money. Vivar-M stops short and listens to them. KaeUrai reminds him that their plan isn’t done yet as long as they haven’t sliced Thai Thanankit into pieces first, then sold it off. Vivar-M gapes at that.

JaiDet tells Pur that his family made the decision, because they don’t want to see Vivar suffer to no ends. Pur says but they still have hope. JaiDet says it’s better they accept the truth. He says they told the doctor already that if Vivar went into another cardiac arrest, they would let her go.

Pur is stunned then asks JaiDet if he believes in miracle.

Lom shows Vivar-M his room. He says his mother normally won’t be home either she goes to a spa or gambling place. He tells her to stay in his room if she doesn’t want to meet anyone and he will go bring her belongings here.

She asks if he brought her to his home or a prison, and if he wants to become her owner. He says if she didn’t go with Pur, he wouldn’t do this to her. He says he won’t try to figure out what happened during her one day and one night on that boat.

He pushes her down the bed and says she changed so much but one thing remains, she loves to provoke him.

When he tries to force himself on her, she asks if he loves her. He stops short and asks if what he’s been doing isn’t obvious  enough. “No!” she answers.

JaiDet asks Pur what miracle he’s talking about. Pur says Jaidet won’t believe it if he tells him what he witnessed, so all he can say is, one day Vivar will return.

JaiDet says Pur sounds like his daughter just went somewhere, and he’s disappointed that a new generation like Pur is talking about superstition, he must stop that.

Pur says he didn’t talk about superstition but a miracle. Pur says he wants him and his wife to believe that miracles exist. JaiDet says he has no beliefs left with his daughter’s current conditions, and his decision will remain, he will let her go.

Time is running out so Pur is nervous.

Lom accepts his defeat and asks Vivar-M how she wants him to prove his love, a new car, new house or diamond. She says he must sleep outside and nothing will happen between them until the wedding, to prove that she’s precious to him.

Lom tries to say that they slept before but Vivar-M says she doesn’t care about it and he must prove to her whether it’s love or sex! He asks if she’s playing some kind of game. She challenges him to play this crazy game, and if he wins, he will get everything he wants.

Lom concedes to sleep in the living room, and come the wedding day, he will take it back from her as much as he can. When Lom gets out, she shuts the door and lets out a huge sigh of relief.

Pur stares at (real) MookRin’s picture on his phone then perks up to look at (real) Vivar lying on the hospital bed.

Pur calls Vivar-M. She picks up, “Ah Pur!”

“Vivar, how are you?”


“I still don’t know what to do about everything happened. We will fight through it together, all right?”

“Yes, we will fight together.” she says.

He smiles and says, “Vivar, take good care of yourself.”

“Yes.” she sobs.

Pur hangs up and turns to Vivar beside him. Pur holds her hands tight. Vivar-M weeps alone in Lom’s house.

ChanChat and JaoKha are hearing MaeTee’s confession at the police station. The officer says the mastermind confessed and died, now it’s Vick they must capture. JaoKha says her family doesn’t want a corpse. ChanChat says they want him and everyone involved be punished by the court of law, to see justice done for Vivar. JaoKha says they don’t want to see more corpses.

Lom teases his mom not to break her back or else she won’t be able to go to gambling dents. She says even in a wheelchair, she will find a way to get there if she wants to. She teases him how he’s chased out of his room and slept in the living room.

Lom says his horrid memory isn’t her usual sarcastic talks but how his father had to endure it with his head bowed low. Lom says what he always wants is, he won’t have a wife like her and he won’t be like his father. Vivar-M listens to them from inside the house.

Lom tells his mother to hurry and get dressed, and he will go get his laptop. He says they shouldn’t make Mr.Chen wait.

Vivar-M pretends to be sleeping when Lom walks back to his room. He picks up his laptop then leaves, without touching her.

Mr. Chen arrives at the bank. Lom asks if they won’t wait for ChongChok. KaeUrai says no, the less that old man knows, the more it benefits their plan.

ChongChok hands in his resignation letter to the new president. He says he worked here for too long but he still has his last task to complete, and it won’t be long now.

Vivar-M is watching television news that, the stock market is in chaos with the news that Mr. Pur WannaDumRong has been removed from Thai ThanaKit Bank’s president post and from all its subsidiaries due to mismanagement and profit earnings in Hong Kong and China stock markets. No official press conference from Thai Thanakit and Wannadumrong family at the moment. Inside source said the person who would takeover the position is Mr. Lapit WongSinWiset.

“This is the second bad news for Wannadumrong family after their highly capable beloved granddaughter was ambushed and shot, and is still in coma…and the police hasn’t yet been able to capture the attacker. You can follow a special scoop on The Unexpected Fall of Wannadumrong at 12 a.m. today.”

Vivar-M calls Pur but he left his phone in his car. A security guard tells Sawat that Pur is here downstairs. KaeUrai tells Sawat to help Lom finish the meeting with Mr. Chen, while she will take care of Pur herself.

“Excuse me, may I know why the former president is doing here?” KaeUrai asks.

She tells Pur her new position so he can address her correctly. She’s now the adviser to the new president. She says it’s good that he’s here because she wants to return what’s left in his office to him. When he’s about to take the box, she drops it to the floor. She says sorry, it’s just to heavy for her to hold.

Pur says thank you for taking care of it for him. She asks why stepping on a place he now has no rights to enter. Pur shows her his bank book and says he has the right as Thai Thanakit’s customer. “Because it’s my belief that Thai Thanakit is a bank that maintained its good financial and management records since it’s founded by *JaoSua Wan, and I’m confident that Thai Thankit’s future definitely will be greater than now, so I came to open my bank account here.”

*JaoSua = a respectable wealthy Chinese

KaeUrai laughs and says what great future when she and her son will cut it into pieces and sell it off one by one, Thai Thanakit will turn into a legend who is no longer breathing. She says if he’s wise enough, he should withdraw all of his money from the account he just opened, before it will be all gone.

“Oh, that junk of yours over there, please take it away from this building. It’s filthy!” she says and turns to leave.

“I deposited 1,ooo baht in this account, and I will turn it into 10,000 or 100,000 times more, and I will make all of Thai Thanakit’s money, which you and your group planed to attack and caused severe damage, return to Wannadumrong and Thai Thanakit, every single baht of it, (he looks around) and I will make Thai Thanakit, which is like a home to all of you, return to you. I promise!” Pur declares war.

The crowd gives him a round of applause. KaeUrai tells them to cease it at once or she will fire them all. ChongChok looks at Pur from behind a corner.

Pur gets in his car then he checks his phone. He waits for Vivar-M at the bridge.

“Ah Pur!”


They speak at the same time. He says he will let her say first. She says no, she will let him first. “Lady first, isn’t it good?” he asks. She says a lady like her is strong enough and it’s fine for her not to be first, and she wants to know what he will say first, too. So say it. “Get the point?” she asks.

“Your ‘Get the point?‘ helps make me feel that I wasn’t dreaming. I want to let you know that, I’m very worried about you. How was it living in that house?” Pur asks.

“I’m safe. A girl like Vivar easily finds a way to survive.”

“I believe you, and what did you want to say to me just now?”

“Vivar missed Ah Pur.”

“I missed you, too.” he smiles.

They stand there holding hands.

KaeUrai is pissed that Lom slipped out to see his future wife. Sawat says may be Lom truly loves that woman. She laughs at the word ‘love’. She says the only thing they should invest all their love into and it will never betray them is, money. She says people who brag about loving this or that person, are all foolish.

Sawat shows her ChongChok’s resignation letter and asks if it doesn’t bother her. She says that old man received both money and shares, so he must be desperate to retire from his job. She says he’s no use to them now and it’s good he will get away from her sight. Sawat tries to argue but she yells at him he must do two things, first, finish the deal with Mr. Chen about Thai Thanakit and as long as this bank isn’t completely destroyed with a pile of money in front of her, she won’t be at ease. He asks what’s the second one.

Pur asks Vivar-M what she’s thinking about. She says she saw Lom carrying a laptop and thinks it must contain info used in Thai Thanakit’s takeover. She says if she can see what’s inside, it may help them get Thai Thanakit back.

Pur says he doesn’t want her to stay in that house any longer. It worries him about her safety.

She reminds him that she knew Lom since he’s young so she thinks she’s familiar with his train of thoughts. Pur still doesn’t buy it. She says, “Let’s go!” He asks where to. She says to eat, she’s hungry, and he must go with her even if he isn’t hungry. “All right? Let’s go! Come quick!” she pulls him along.

KaeUrai says the second thing he must do is, take care of Pur and keep him away from their plan. Sawat says he admits that Pur is a highly capable man, but now he’s alone so what he can do to them. She yells that he didn’t see how the workers applauded. She says the person they must keep an eye on is Pur. He asks what she wants him to do. She says just nip it in the bud.

Pur and Vivar-M come to their favorite porridge stall. He says luckily they have just two bowls of porridge left for them. She says of course, and a lot of livers in his bowl, too. He says it reminds him of the first time they ate here together. She says it also reminds her of that day. She adds that it also could be her last bowl eating with him. He asks why she said that.

She says she almost died but survived, but has to live in this body and she doesn’t know what will happen next.

“I told you before, that we will do everything to make you come back. This is not the last bowl of porridge you will eat with me. The two of us will come back to eat here again till we get sick of eating here together. Get the point?” he asks.

She nods and says, “yes, totally get the point.”

“That’s good.” he says.

What KaeUrai implying scares the heck out of Sawat. She says Vick, Lom’s friend, can hire men to do all kind of jobs for him. Sawat asks if that won’t be too violent. She asks, if Pur succeeds and destroys their plan, does he think Pur will stop at that. She says Pur will surely dig up all the evidences and drag all of them to jail. She orders him to contact Vick to do what she said. He nods reluctantly. She says if he still has some doubts about ChongChok then ask Vick to take care of that old man as well. Sawat is horrified to hear it from her. She says more bullets won’t cost them a lot more.

Vick is pissed off that he has to hide in this small hole. A man comes and hands him a backpack filled with bank notes. He asks Vick why he told him to withdraw all the money. Vick says he could smell something fishy. He asks his lackeys if they know what that smell is. Vick says it’s the smell of the police. He feels they are getting closer. Vick blames them for letting MaeTee get away.

Pur is worried to send her back. She says she knows what he wants to say, “I must take good care of myself and must keep myself safe while staying in Lom’s house. Right, my dear uncle?”

Pur gets a call from JaiDet that PrimPrao wants to talk to him. Both are surprised by that.

Lom is pacing back and forth waiting for MookRin. Vivar-M walks in so he asks where she went. She says she felt bored so she went out. Lom asks where she went.

Vivar-M turns around and asks, if she says she went to see uncle Pur, would it make him feel great. Lom shouts if she really went to see him.

Pur greets PrimPrao. She starts talking about how she would find the best things for her late brother, Jarun, but nothing could replace this old blanket even has a tear on it, and Pur is just like this blanket.

Lom asks if she went to see Pur. Vivar-M says she heard she’s the one he would marry, not his slave to answer all his questions. She says trust must exist between two persons who love each other. She asks if he will find happiness marrying a girl whom he doesn’t trust. Lom holds her hand and apologizes. He says she can go anywhere which makes her happy. He says uncle Pur came to the bank today and made his mother lose her temper and she dumped it on him.

Lom says Pur came to say that he will take Thai Thanakit back whatever it takes. He back-hugs her and says he will never let uncle Pur take back what already in his hand. She says but he stole the thing from its rightful owner. He says he doesn’t care and what belongs to him, must stay his.

Lom says he wants to take her somewhere. She asks where it is.

PrimPrao gives the blanket to Pur. She says it’s such an old disgusting blanket, a worthless thing, but her brother Jarun said Pur was an irreplaceable blanket. She says she felt like the world deliberately played a trick on her since the day that man walked away from this house, and her brother took Pur to live here in his place.

Pur turns to her. She says she told herself that every time she looked at him, he stood for an unrelated blood whom she hated so much, the person who would destroy Wannadumrong to pieces, but in the end, the one who destroyed it is someone in the family, which is herself. She stumbles but shouts at him not to touch her.

A friend asks ChongChok if he’s sure to teach PrimPrao a lesson. He says he isn’t sure because an old stick is hard to bend. He asks if that man came already. His friend says yes, he’s here.

PrimPrao asks Pur if he thinks that she will come begging for his help when she made Thai Thanakit fall into the hands of others. Pur says not at all, he never thinks like that. She says then he’s correct because she’s not begging, but simply asking him to keep his words. She says he gloated to others that he never thought of betraying Wannadumrong or taking all its assets, and he’s here to protect everything which belonged to Wannadumrong. She says it’s his promise to her brother, Jarun.

She tells Pur to keep his promise and if he can get the bank back to her family, it would mean he’s a blanket which is good enough, but if he can’t, it will mean he’s just an old worthless blanket like how she thought from the beginning. She leaves the room. Pur folds the blanket neatly and realizes the task she just assigned to him.

Mr. Chen laughs and hugs ChongChok.

Lom takes Vivar-M to WannaVivarWedding. He says this place is famous for its wedding gown. She asks how he could be sure that she want to wear one. Lom says no girls can resist the most beautiful wedding gown.

Eno is still upset thinking about Vivar. He thinks if he went with her that day, he might be the one who got shot instead of Vivar. Mee tells him to live in the present. Both see Lom and MookRin walk in.

Pur gets in his car and leaves the house.

Eno becomes hostile toward the couple. He says they shouldn’t step on this place. Mee asks what Lom wants to come here. He says he’s looking for a wedding gown. Eno says there’s nothing left, they are all reserved. Eno chases them out to go somewhere else. He also reminds MookRin not to get involved with another man when she’s about to get married.

Lom refuses to back down and MookRin must wear the most beautiful wedding gown from this place. Lom chooses the gown Vivar tailored it for her own wedding. Eno’s mood worsened by that. He says he’s the forget-me-not kind! (What they did to his best friend)

Vivar-M tells Eno that may be his best friend wants him to forget all of it. Eno refuses to hear it from MookRin.

At the hospital, Vivar went into cardiac arrest.

Lom insists he must have this gown and threatens them with the financial supports from Thai Thanakit Bank (which Pur had been very generous about it in the past), and as its president, they could jeopardize it and have to return all money to the bank, and it could mean this business will fold.

Vivar-M tells them to stop arguing and says the gown isn’t that pretty and she doesn’t want to wear it. Lom insists she must wear this gown only!

Vivar is being wheeled into an emergency room.

Pur arrives at WannaVivarWedding and greets Eno who is busy brooding outside. Eno tells Pur to take back the bank or he might choke to death out of frustration. Pur asks the reason Lom came here. Eno says to have his bride-to-be try on wedding gown.

Pur absorbs in his own thoughts then rushes inside, paying no attention to Eno.

Lom is waiting for MookRin to show herself in the wedding gown.

Vivar looks at herself in the mirror, and it’s MookRin looking back at her.

“My mom always said our happiness wouldn’t happen when we saw a big house, a luxurious car or a bag filled with money, but would happen when we saw tiny little things around us in our daily life. Seeing the sun rises in the morning, flowers blossom, the clouds in the sky, a rainbow, people holding hands to cross the street, the smiles of the one we love and loves us, and these are what gives the most joyful moment.”

Vivar walks closer to the mirror.

“This wedding gown, little by little, I cut and sewed, day after day. Those nights and days I looked at everything with happiness in my eyes….But today…, it turns out to be…your body which gets to wear this special wedding gown.”

Vivar turns around with her back leaning on the mirror.

“You are about to get married. You are about to become a bride. I’m happy for you, MookRin.” she sobs.

The doctor comes out and hesitates to relate Vivar’s conditions to her parents and relatives.

Mee asks MookRin if the gown is okay. Vivar-M opens the curtain and walks to Lom. Mee says some adjustments are needed to make the gown fit perfectly on her. Lom is stunned and says this gown makes her the most beautiful bride. Vivar-M says he talks as if he had seen all the brides in the world.

Lom asks if she’s crying. She says no, something irritated her eyes. Lom is cuddling her face when Pur walks in. Pur swallows it all inside and tries to smile.

The doctor says Vivar’s conditions are getting worse, may be due to irregular heartbeats, it’s not critical but she needs to be observed 24 hrs, so she will remain in ICU for now, and she will be brought back to her room once her conditions get better.

JaiDet asks what if her conditions get worse. He says his decision remains the same, if they need to use defibrillator on her one more time, they will let her go.

“Hi, Ah…eh…Khun Pur.” Vivar-M greets Pur.

Lom greets him and asks what he’s doing here. Pur says nothing much then hands some documents to Mee. Lom thanks him and says from now on, he doesn’t have to do it anymore, because he will oversee this place himself.

Pur smiles and says, “I’ll leave it in your care now, Lom.”

“All right.” Lom nods.

“But I won’t let it be in your care for long.” Pur adds.

Lom says he took Rin here today to try on wedding gown. Pur clearly recognizes the dress Vivar-M is wearing. Lom says, “That’s right, it’s the gown Vivar made. It’s so beautiful that I want Rin to wear it in the wedding. I haven’t set the date yet but I want it to happen as soon as possible. Should be no later than next month.”

“Next month?!” Mee asks.

“That’s right. I don’t want thing to be too slow or we will miss an auspicious time. I and Rin will personally go to hand our wedding invitation to you at your house. Wait, where are you staying now? Because the bank’s condo you previously stayed in, you had to move out, hadn’t you? But if you want to continue staying there, just tell me, I will be willing to help.” Lom says.

“Thank you so much, Lom. But it’s all right, I’m not in such bad condition to find a new place to live.” he glares at Lom then turns to Mee and says he has to leave now to take care of some business.

“Lom, congratulations in advance.” Pur says.

“Thank you very much.” Lom nods.

Pur steps closer to Vivar-M and his eyes linger on her wedding gown. “Ah Pur!…” she whispers.

“Congratulations.” he stares at her then walks away.


Love love the mirror scene and the last scene. It’s sad but came at the right time. Just imagine if we wake up in someone else’s body, someone whom we hate so much. Eh…we will be busy pulling our hair, won’t we? Then Vivar has been doing great so far  🙂

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