Kor Pen JaoSao Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai Episode 10 (Summary)

It could have been better and it could be that the PD decided not to be bold and go all the way. However, Great/Matt and Great/Koy had so much chemistry so I loved it so far.


Episode 11

Pur says if he’s really a hero (he just saved her from drowning), he should be able to save his parents’ lives. Vivar (in MookRin’s body) says he’s so young at that time so how he would be able to fight the fire burning down his house to save them.

“How did you know my background?” Pur turns to her abruptly.

*(Vivar-M = Vivar in Mookrin’s body)

Vivar-M says Eno told her that. Pur says he must warn Eno now what to say or shouldn’t say. He says she seems to get along with Eno so fast. The boat’s engine won’t start so he will go check what’s wrong.

They bicker and he says there’s a problem with the engine or could be the helm. When she gets frustrates that they can’t go back, he says she’s the one sneaking on his boat in the first place. She says she did it because she wanted to ask him, but tells him to solve the problem at hand first.

He says he will use his cell phone to call for help, but they are far from shore so there could be no phone receptions, he will try with the radio on the lower deck. He walks down the stairs.

Vivar says she couldn’t win the argument with him even when she’s in MookRin’s body.

There’s no phone signals and the radio is broke. He thinks it’s not a coincidence and someone must want to keep him here in the middle of the sea. Pur recalls there was a man walking pass him, he says someone schemed it.

It’s ridiculous when Vivar-M waves her scarf in the air for help when there’s no boat around. Pur says she should try a comedy film rather than a sexy role. He will try to fix the helm, never done it before but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Later, she jumps into the water. He asks what she’s doing. She says to help him fixing the helm. “Fixing the helm?A movie star like you?” he asks.

“It doesn’t hurt to try. Get the point?” she shrugs.

That’s Vivar’s signature phrase so it alarms Pur.

She pulls him into the water so they can get to work right away.

Eno is freaking out when he couldn’t find MookRin.

Pur and Vivar-M bonds closer and he tells himself looking at the mirror, “Pur, you already gave all your heart to another woman. How could you waver because of another one now?”

Khun Luk-lub shows up so Vivar asks if the boat broke down because of him. He says he doesn’t have that much power to do it.

“It’s fate.” he says.

She’s so sick of the so-called ‘fate’ which intervened yet again. He asks if she’s ever heard that -after the calm sea, a big storm could inevitably follow. “Vivar, it’s time you face another storm, an important test this time. You must prepare well.”

She asks what kind of test it’ll be. He says, “Sorry, no tutors will reveal the exam to his student prior to the test.” She screams that she just wants to get out of this craziness already.

Meanwhile, the board of directors’ meeting convenes. With the help of grandmother and Sawat, they accuse Pur had made grave mistake and they must act fast.

Pur asks Vivar-M who she’s talking to just now. She says no one. He recites exactly what she said to her and even the name ‘Khun Luk-lup’. She couldn’t believe he memorized it so perfectly. She says she was reciting a movie scripts since she has so much time now. “You tried to remember the scripts? I’ve seen your movies and there were very few of your lines, mostly you dressed up sexy and walked here and there in it.” he says.

Vivar-M is pissed off and asks if he thinks MookRin-the star has no brains. Pur ends up saying sorry to her. She says don’t apologize and she wants to be alone. He says he wants her to be alone too, but how when they are stuck on the same boat. She walks away.

In the board meeting, Sawat blames the bank’s president for making a huge investment in a foreign fund and putting the bank at risk, and Pur isn’t here.

Pur tries to reconcile with her but Vivar-M keeps scooting away from him. He says she could fall off boat if she shakes his hand away too forcefully. She says it’s good so she doesn’t have to be on this boat with him.

He hands her a dinner box he made for her. She says she’s not hungry. “I will leave it here then, in case you will eat it even if you aren’t hungry, and this is drinking water.” He walks down the stairs.

In the meeting, grandmother asks them to vote for a removal of Pur from his position.

Vivar-M ends up eating it so Pur sneaks behind her and asks if it tastes good. She chokes on it.

Lom and his mother are heading to the bank. Lom will become the next bank president.

MookRin says his sandwich almost killed her. Pur says he won’t let her die, and if only she didn’t wait until she’s so hungry and ate too fast. They bicker and Pur stops short when he gets confused with his feeling. She says it means he really feels something for MookRin WellMax.

He gets annoyed and asks if she sneaked on his boat to ask this question. She says, “That’s right! I want to know how you feel toward er….me. Truthfully, do you like MookRin, the one standing here?”

ChanChat sends JaoKha a text showing the board issued an order to terminate Pur.

Pur says she came here to ask a senseless question, because it’s on the news that the woman who is standing here is about to marry another man, the man who dumped his niece.

She said Lom told the reporters himself but she never said she would marry him, and she doesn’t love him.

“Even when he had saved your life?” he asks.

Pur says even though Lom isn’t a good man to an eye of a man like himself, the way he saved her life and took care of her at the hospital until she’s fully recovered and went back home, it’s clear to him that Lom loves her very much.

“And if it’s you, will you wait until Vivar wakes up?”

“I will.”

“So it means you love Vivar very much, do you?”

“Khun MookRin, does this have anything to do with the question you asked me?”

“Of course, it is, because what I want to ask you is, do you love Vivar or MookRin?”

The decision to take Pur down has gone through and the meeting adjourned. ChanChat couldn’t believe they took down a capable man like Pur. He meets JaoKha outside the building and apologizes to her, that he couldn’t save Pur.

In the meeting room, ChongChok says he only prepared the documents but the one who talked the board into it was grandmother herself. Grandmother wonders why ChongChok agreed to do it when he admired Pur so much before.

He says the decision to remove Pur will surely hurt Pur’s feeling but he won’t be ruined by that, and once the news spread out, other banks or any investment firms will be happy to have Pur, and Pur’s skills are enough to make them ignore his mistakes, and they might even offer him more.

Grandmother is so disappointed that Pur won’t be destroyed to pieces and will still be happy. ChongChok hints that losing Pur would make the bank and her family business vulnerable. He’s glad to kick Pur out of the loop of her hatred.

Back on the boat, Pur sits back on a sofa.

“Khun MookRin, I don’t understand why you want to know my feeling so much.”

“Because there’s not much time left for me.”

“What time? I don’t understand.”

“Just answer my question already!”

“I you, MookRin.”

“In the end, the answer in your heart is, me, MookRin, isn’t it?”

“No. Let me tell you. Ever since you was saved and we met at the hospital, till today, I could feel that you’re not the same MookRin I knew. The old MookRin was a stuck-up star, pretty and charming, and quite artificial. But the new MookRin isn’t at all like that. You are lovely, funny and gentle, and you’re charming in your own way without those artificial maneuvers. I don’t know what happened to you, but I do think it’s good for you. The viewers will love you even more once they meet the new MookRin, just like how I can feel you now. But, it isn’t good for me.”


“Because it confused me. It made me ask myself how I really felt for you. But since you brought it up first, I will answer you straightforwardly that, I like you. I like you how you are now, but I can’t love you.”

“Why? Is it because I’m marrying Lom?”

“No…because I love Vivar.” (Aww)

Pur adds, “I loved Vivar all this time ever since I first met her, and now that she’s going to leave me and just lying there like a sleeping beauty, I love her even more. I promised her that I would love and take care of her for the rest of her life whether or not she will wake up.”

He walks to her and says, “MookRin, you may think I’m crazy but sometimes when I was with you, I saw Vivar and not you. Even that time I saved you under the water, it’s Vivar I saw, so now it’s clear to me how much I love Vivar. It’s to the point I saw another as Vivar all the time.”

She asks if he saw Vivar under the water. He says that’s right but once she came to surface, she turned into her same MookRin, as if nothing had happened.

MookRin sobs. She says she will prove something to him. He asks what it is. She runs outside.

Aww…I love love this conversation. It’s so sad she can’t reveal who she is to him.

KaeUrai shows up at the meeting room then tells grandmother how they manipulated it and already took over the bank, and WannaDumRong family is no longer the shareholder with the largest shares.

Khun Luk-lub warns Vivar not to do it, it never happens before. Vivar says she will make it happen. He says she had her second chance and there may not be the third one. If something happens to MookRin’s body, she may not be able to come back. Vivar yells at him that it’s better than staying in a body which is not hers.

“It’s not the time for you to do that!” he shouts.

“Enough already! It’s my life and I want to prove it. I want to dictate my own life and my own time, and I think it’s worth trying.”

Pur asks if she can tell him now who she’s talking to and what it’s about, and what she thinks of doing.

KaeUrai tells grandmother that Lom will become the next president and she will become an adviser to the president, but don’t worry, they won’t be in the positions long, because they will sell the assets off piece by piece. She says all this time grandmother looked down on her as a stupid woman, but now it’s grandmother’s turn to be the stupid one.

Before he leaves, ChongChok says the lesson he wanted to teach grandmother is, extreme vengeance is like the flame inside a crematorium, as long as everything isn’t burned into ashes, the flame will never burned out, and now, she’s turned her bank into dust.

Lom sits on the president chair to get the feel of it.

“Come find me, and prove to me that it is what I think.” MookRin tells Pur. She jumps into the sea and Pur follows her.

After another heart attack, JaiDet tells the doctor that they want to change their decision about medical procedures of Vivar.

Under the sea, Pur found Vivar and sees her as Vivar, not MookRin.

They come up the surface. “Vivar!”

“Ah Pur, what did you just call me?”

Vivar, I said.”

“I did it. I proved it. See, I proved it!” she hugs him.

Khun Luk-lub says, “It’s a miracle.”

(Some condition must be met when the body switched, I think.)

Lom wants to go after MookRin so his mother says that woman is a gold-digger and sleeps around, it’s a fact which will never change. Lom doesn’t want her to say that when his mom doesn’t know anything. (MookRin got pregnant with his child once, they decided not to have it.) He says so the greedy lady will always be the greedy lady. She admits she’s greedy and selfish, but this very same woman had raised him, so be grateful for once! Lom leaves so she cries.

Grandmother weeps and talks to her late brother that she’s stupid and destroyed everything. Flashbacks, PrimPrao yells at the boy Pur for coming to her house, and she hates him. JaRun asks if she hates Pur or Pur’s father. She says she can never forget what Pakorn did to her. He left her when she loved him with all her heart. Jarun says she may think the father is bad so must the son, but trust him that one day she will see Pur differently like how he’s seeing Pur today, this boy will take care of their family in the future.

Present, PrimPrao cries her heart out for the pain she inflicted on her brother all this time. Khun Luk-lub shows up and tells her that now is the time she gets up and fixes her mistakes more. Grandmother could feel someone is in the room.

MaeTee escapes from Vick’s hideout.

Pur puts a blanket around her and says, “Vivar.” She asks if it’s unbelievable what’s in front of him now. She says she can’t think of any reason to explain to him this miracle and it could be that…He hugs her.

Pur now speaks to her like the way he always speaks to Vivar.

He says no need to look for reasons, for the remaining of his life, she come back to him is enough. “Vivar, promise me that you will not leave me again. All right?”

She says yes. He holds her him.

He gives her a hot drink and stares at her. She asks why looking at her, as if he never sees his own niece before. “Let me test something.” he says. He takes a picture of her and it comes out as MookRin. He says it’s unbelievable.

She says she wants to test something, too. She tells him to repeat after her. Then she says she isn’t MookRin and she is Vivar. She tries again and it turns out all right. Before this when she tried to tell him that she’s Vivar, not MookRin, he would hear something else every single time.

“See, Khun Luk-lub, I did it! Yeah!” she shouts.

She almost falls overboard again so he says he won’t go save her this time. She tells him not to try to be strict and scold her, because she knows he will never leave her behind. He pinches her nose and asks how she knew so much.

She asks if he dares leave her. He says, “Never. I know now the life without you how painful it is. I will never leave you again. I promise.”

She says a promise again and it’s just words coming out of his mouth, and how she will know whether it’s true or not. He kisses her then moves back right away.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

She asks so if he means it, he won’t kiss her? She asks if he doesn’t know how a kiss means to a girl, and not like girls can kiss anyone. “We must feel something for him to do that. Get the point? I will give you one more chance. Did you or did you not mean it?”

He kisses her slowly this time then says, “I really mean it.” He holds her close.

Mee and Eno are brainstorming that it looks like MookRin and Pur disappeared together, and his boat isn’t at the pier too. Eno says they must go to some paradise island. He’s mad that Pur betrayed his best friend.

Vivar’s parents learn what happened to Pur so JaiDet asks where he is now and he never let this kind of thing happen. JaoKha says ChanChat is looking for him and they think Pur’s disappearance may be a part of their plan.

JaiDet says in the end, it’s PrimPrao who did this to the bank which his father and grandfather spent their lives building it.

JaiDet says it’s because of her crazy vengeance  and no one knows the real reason why.

PrimPrao shows up and says the real reason is, she’s stupid. She tells the comatose Vivar that she joined those wicked people because she wanted to get rid of Pur, she committed the stupid and worst thing.

“I destroyed everything which should belong to my beloved granddaughter. It’s all my fault!” grandmother say.

KaeUrai removes the bank founder’s portrait and sculpture. Sawat asks what she’s doing. She says these are dated pieces so she will replace it with more beautiful artifacts so that the place will look more stylish with taste. She doesn’t care that workers treated those things with respect.

Lom tells Eno that he heard his phone conversation and asks if MookRin and Pur disappeared all night together. Eno asks how he knew that they’d gone all night. Lom seals his lips shut.

Vivar recites to Pur what he said about the value of a bridge that day. A bridge takes them over obstacles, takes them from one side to another. The ones standing under a bridge will think of it as a beauty scenery. But for the ones who are standing up there, it’s the path taking them home, a path taking them to someone they want to see.

“Value depends on each person’s eyes, but what most important is, we mustn’t let the eyes of others looking at us judge our own value.” she repeats his words.

He says he can’t believe she remembered it. She says her mother taught her to be selective about what to remember: remember the good ones, and not to waste her brain remembering the bad ones.

“My words are that good enough for you to remember?” he asks.

She says not only his words, that day was a good day to remember, and it’s also the day which made her realize.

He asks realize what.

“I realized that you weren’t what grandmother had been telling me all along. I’m sorry for talking to you harshly and misunderstanding you.” Vivar admits.

“Value depends on each person’s eyes, but what most important is, we mustn’t let the eyes of others looking at us judge our own value.” he answers.

He asks what they must do to make her get back into her body. She says Khun Luk-lub didn’t tell her that.

“So who is this Khun Luk-lub? I heard his name for a while now.” he asks.

She says it’s a long story. He says he thinks he has enough time to listen to it when there’s nowhere to go. She gets up and says Khun Luk-lub is her dream man since she’s a little girl, she would dream about him that she would marry him.

She stops short when she spots a boat nearby. She alerts Pur. They both wave, “Help! Please help!”


Everything felt so rush, but the kisses blown me away 🙂

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  1. Tonight will be the last episode? Too soon to end! Wahhh!

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