Tai Ngao Jun Episode 11

I appreciate how friendships played an important role in this lakorn, very endearing.


Episode 11

Part 1

Ton tells Don to stay in this snooker place for now, it’s safe here. Don asks if he ran from a tiger only to face with a crocodile. Ton says this place may not look that safe but he guarantees on it because his brother is in charge here, moreover, Don’s uncle won’t think Don will stay here.

Don thanks him and says he must keep it from his mother. Ton agrees and asks if he won’t tell about uncle Mek to others. Don thinks about it and says who will believe him if he says it.

Ton says if he were those people, he wouldn’t believe Don, too. Don says no matter what uncle Mek is his uncle so he must think carefully what to do about it. Ton says he has his full support and only let him know when Don needs his help. Ton tells Don to go meet his brother.

As soon as Tho arrives, Pabu yells at him for being so cruel to his brother, to let him run from home. She asks if he is worried about him at all. Tho tells her to hear him out first. She says no, she won’t listen, and she didn’t even grow up with Don yet it worries her. She asks if he can stay this calm when she criticizes him this much, and why he’s so cruel to his brother.

He asks if she’s done using up her energy and it’s now his turn to speak. She nods.

He says Ton called him and Don is now with him. She asks why he let her criticize him that long. He asks if she paused long enough for him to speak up. She asks why he didn’t go bring him back when he knows where Don is.

Tho says his grandfather is furious at the moment and forbidden him from bringing Don back. Tho says he disagreed with him at first, but now he understands, his grandfather wants Don to live on his own so that he will see for himself that life outside home is a difficult one.

Pabu says that sounds familiar, so like her, and her father must think this way too when she ran from home. He asks if she can see now that it works, she’s changed and grown up a lot.

She argues that he should put himself in Don’s shoes too, how he would feel when no one cares about him. She says she’s a grown-up when she left home, she still felt lost and didn’t know where to go, and Don is still young, a student with no money. “Tell you the truth, I feel for my brother. I sympathize with him.” she says.

Tho says he feels the same way too, but it had to be. He tells her not to worry about Don and he sent someone to secretly look after him from time to time. Pabu asks for Don’s address. Tho refuses to give it to her, because if he gives it, she will give it to her mother, then her mother will secretly help Don again.

Pabu argues that a mother can’t resist feeling worry for her child. He says Don stayed in his friends’ houses quite often so he believes Don can take care of himself. He says when his grandfather stops feeling angry with Don, he will go bring Don back himself. She warns him not to wait a long while because she’s scared something bad might happen to Don.

The restaurant’s staff is getting ready for the party. Pabu glares at Tho and Jemi sitting next to each other and forgot what she’s doing, until Get calls her name twice.

Mek is happy with the amount transferred to him.

Tho is in his car secretly staring at Don.

Ngam is picking on the plants around the restaurant, it should be the kind with flowers. She likes the place to be colorful with flowers, also pebbles must be spread evenly so that her clients won’t trip and fall over, and how tables and chairs are so dusty. Tho hears her and smiles. He notices Don is hiding behind, staring at Pabu.

Part 2

Pabu and Get are satisfied how the place turned out. Pabu says there must be no mistakes tomorrow at the party. She orders George to sleep here to look after the place. She orders him to check if the fridge’s plugged in and the soup is there every half hour, she doesn’t want it to happen like last time. Get praises her for being more thorough. She says of course, lesson learned.

Ngam arrives and says she’s here to inspect the place for the last time. Pabu invites her to look around and more decorations will arrive today. Ngam looks around and says it’s good but isn’t as good as a hotel. She says the atmosphere is too simple, too relaxing. Pabu says it’s in line with the concept, feel like home.

Ngam says overall is okay but not great. She inquires about the food, and she has to taste every dish before the event. Get and Pabu didn’t prepare for that. Ngam tells them to prepare the table for her.

In the kitchen, Pabu complains that Ngam is being too picky. Michael says it’s good and she’s taking every precaution, so the event should turn out well.

Ngam starts trying the dishes. She says the steak meat is too rough, the pork needs more salt (Pabu says more salt would mean a kidney problem), too much cream sauce. Michael tells her to try the soup. Ngam tastes it and says it’s okay. She orders them to fix the rest before the event.

Ngam tells them the food presentation isn’t good, poor taste. She asks with their many eyes helping and it turned out just this. Pabu says this isn’t good, that isn’t great, then don’t eat it. She flips all the dishes over then asks if she’s satisfied now.

Get calls Flur twice. Ngam asks if Pabu heard what she said. Pabu’s mind comes back to reality. Ngam says the dishes are too simple. Pabu says she will fix it. “Good!” Ngam says then leaves.

Tho smiles seeing Pabu is pouting. He says that’s how aunt Ngam is, so don’t mind her too much. Pabu says she will do that then says the place and food are ready, and she ordered George to stay the night here to look after the place, so things like last time won’t happen.

Tho says he ordered his security guards to stand guard this place too. He says he’s more worried about the servers and staff who will be taking care of his clients, he thinks it’s important and he doesn’t his clients to feel agitated when they ask for something. Pabu says Khun NgamYing hired extra servers herself, so his clients will be well taken care of.

Pabu asks if he went to see Don at all. He says Don came to see her quite often. She says then why he didn’t come to her and he didn’t pick up her calls at all.

Tho says Don must want to be alone, but don’t worry, after this party, he will talk to his grandfather and bring him home quickly. Pabu says may the event tomorrow pass by without any problem so that his grandfather will be in good mood.

That night Pabu has a bad stomach. It’s so bad that she calls Buri on the phone but he doesn’t pick up, so she crawls to his room. LOL. She masked her face white so when Buri opens the door and she grabs his ankle, she scares the heck out of him.

Part 3

Pabu wakes up in a hospital. Buri says she crawled to his room then fainted so he took her here. She says she had bad stomach, someone surely poisoned her.

He laughs and says that couldn’t be and tells her to try to think what she had eaten, it could be food-poisoning. She says she ate only Michael’s food. She recalls how she tasted all the dishes because Ngam said they weren’t that good. She stuffed herself to its peak.

Pabu says she ate sour tamarind after that. She says it couldn’t be it because she ate it all the time. She says when she got back to her room, she’s so feeling so full and scared that she wouldn’t fit in her favorite dress, so she…Buri asks what she did.

She says she took a laxative and expected only a minor effect. He asks if she now realizes the consequences of wanting to be pretty and slim. She pinches his arm and says a man like him won’t understand. She says she has to thank him for saving her again, thank you.

He bends down and says even if she becomes sicker or fatter than this, he can still carry her. Flur is touched by that.

Mathurot and Tho arrive. Mathorot asks Flur how she is, while Tho glares at Buri. Buri explains that the doctor said she had diarrhea due to overwork and stress, so the doctor wants her to rest here. Mathurot thanks Buri for taking Flur here. Buri says it’s all right then tells Flur he will leave now since her mother is here. Flur thanks him again. Buri smiles then leaves.

Don tries to call Pabu but she doesn’t pick up. Ton gives him some money. He says Don did the same when he’s in trouble, and he knows Don is broke now. When Don hesitates, Ton says he can pay him back twice the amount once he has money. Don takes it and thanks him.

Ton tells him to consult his sister about his uncle if he doesn’t want to talk to his mother or brother, he can’t just be on the run forever. Don says he thought so too and called his sister but she didn’t pick up, so he will go to the restaurant tomorrow and tell the truth to everyone, he won’t run anymore.

In the hospital, Pabu had a bad dream about someone breaking into the restaurant, and unplugging the fridge and harming George. She calls George on the phone but no one answers, so she wants to pull off IV drips. Tho stops her and asks what she’s doing. She says she will go to the restaurant, she’s scared that someone will come ruining the place again, and George didn’t pick up her call.

He holds her close and says may be she thinks too much about it. Flur stops struggling when she realizes she’s his arms.

He releases her and says his security guards will call him if something happens. She says she doesn’t trust anyone and wants to see with her own eyes. She begs him to let her go and she’s totally fine now.

He leans down and suggests she stop thinking about work tonight and get some rest. She resists and begs him to let her go, if not today then tomorrow she will leave here anyway. She wants to prep for tomorrow’s event.

Tho says there’s enough time, before the event, to get discharged tomorrow. He makes a deal with her, he will bring her belongings here so that she can get dressed right here.

She says there are so many of her things so how he can bring all of them here.

“No matter how many, I will bring them here for you.” he insists. She says she warns him already, so do not complain.

Part 4

Tho gets into Pabu’s room and calls her. He says he’s now in her room. “The beige dress? Inside in the closet?” he asks. She says he mustn’t pick the wrong dress. He found it. She orders him to pick up her earrings on her dressing table, the gold-colored pair. She says just bring it, every pair is pretty. “All right.” he grabs the whole tray.

“And my beauty treatment kit, too.”

“You use all of these?”

“That’s right. Day-cream, night-cream, serum and the thing uses before face cleansing, toner, eye-mask and face-mask. Don’t forget them, all right? And my makeup bag is in the drawer, also the lipsticks. I want pink color.”

Tho opens a box and there are many pink lipsticks inside. He says they are all pink. He takes the whole box. She tells him to bring her cell phone too, it’s on the headboard. She thanks him.

Tho bends down to pick up all the items then sees the bouquet he gave her.

Toi comes back and tells Buri that he saw Khun Pabu’s room door is opened when he told him she’s at the hospital. Buri beams and thinks she’s returned. Buri walks to Pabu’s room while Tho’s coming out.

Tho says he came to take things for Khun Pabu. Buri says he thought she’s back so he came to see her. Tho says he will leave now or she will wait too long. Buri is clearly upset.

Tho gives all to Pabu and tells her to check if all she ordered him are here. She checks everything and says they are all here. She thanks him and says he’s quite good. He says her pink lipsticks, there were so many so he took them all.

He says he couldn’t understand why she needs to have so many lipsticks for pink.

She says they are different, light/strong color, matte/glossy. She says she also has the shimmering one. He says all right, he gets it.

He asks if she still keeps his bouquet. “You rejected me, but why you still keep my bouquet?”

“The truth is…I…” she stammers.

Tho’s phone rings. “Yes, Jemi. I would like to thank you too for helping my work. Which restaurant? Okay, I promise when the event is done, I will treat you a meal.”

Pabu doesn’t like the way they are talking so she pretends to have a stomachache. Tho has to hang up to look at her. He calls the nurse and asks if she can stand the pain. She says she can’t so he tells her to wait then runs out. She smiles to herself once he’s gone.

Get hears it from her and he couldn’t believe she would try to get his attention that way. Flur says she didn’t think she could too, but it came naturally.

Get says good, jealousy stirred up her true feeling. She says that’s nonsense, go get some sleep if he’s sleepy. Someone knocks the door so she says she’ll talk to him later at the restaurant and hangs up.

Tho comes in with a nurse who says a wheelchair is coming. She asks Pabu if her stomach still hurts. Pabu says it’s better now and thanks her. Pabu stares at Tho and says he must give her a raise and compensate her also. He asks compensate her for what. She says for risking her life while on duty and having good spirits of heading back to work right away from the hospital.

Tho says it wasn’t his fault, he didn’t order her to take a laxative. She asks how he knew but she actually got allergic to the food she’s tasting while on duty. He smiles and asks why it didn’t happen to others at the restaurant too. She argues that it depends on each person, and he can ask the nurse if he doesn’t believe her.

The nurse agrees with her that some is allergic to seafood, some to milk or meat. Pabu is satisfied then asks her what most people are allergic to, she’s arranging a party so she can avoid it. The nurse says for seafood allergy, it’s mostly prawn.

Part 5

Kitja is preparing his Massaman Curry for the guests. Tho and Pabu arrive. Kitja tells her to taste it. Pabu tastes it and says it’s delicious. She wants to help him make it but he says it’s done already. Pabu asks him for a photograph together.

The party begins. Kitja greets Khun ChatChai and thanks him for coming. He serves him his curry and apologizes for not arranging the party in a hotel this year. Tho tells ChatChai that this curry cooked by his grandfather. ChatChai is surprised and delighted. Kitja tells him to taste it first and not to judge by its good look. He tells him to enjoy the food.

ChatChai and Jemi walk to Mek. He says he brings Jemi to be his secretary. Mek asks if she accepted the job. Jemi says yes and because her father talked her into it. Mek says he will train her for the job. ChatChai tells him to scold her all he wants. Jemi says she’s not a little girl anymore.

Pabu comes to the kitchen and tells them to bring out more main dishes. Ngam comes in and orders one dessert for table no.10 then she praises Pabu for arranging it well and she hopes nothing will go wrong. Pabu says there will none, unless someone wants to stir up troubles. Ngam says Pabu talks like she doesn’t trust someone.

George comes running and says one client couldn’t breath and he doesn’t know why. Tho and the staff are taking the sick client out. Pabu asks what happened. Kitja says the client was eating the food then he threw up and fainted.

Mek asks Pabu if she had put something in the food. Ngam yells what if the client terminates the contract when they need to buy things from him. She tells Pabu to take responsibility for it, if that happens.

Kitja says what happened was an inevitable event, if he will terminate the contract because of it, then he shouldn’t do business. Tho walks over and tells Kitja to come to the hospital with him, then he asks the rest of them to take care of the situation here. Ngam says she will go with them. Mek says he will take care of the clients here.

Reung apologizes to the guests then he sees Don. Just when Don wants to tell him about MekPat, Reung gets a call and tries to explain the incident happened then he tells Don he needs to take care of their clients then walks away.

Get gives Pabu a glass of water. Pabu asks how it could happen and what she should do next. Get tells her to calm down first while Michael and Bam are finding out what went wrong. He suggests they wait for news from the hospital first.

Don runs to her and says he has an important thing to tell her. She asks what it is. Don says uncle Mek is having an affair with Pee Luk-tan, and he also heard him talking on the phone about cheating the company. Pabu says that couldn’t be and he must misunderstand it. Don tries to say that it’s the truth but Bam comes to tell Flur that Michael wants to see her in the kitchen.

Flur turns to Don and says if he wants to talk about this then do it later then walks away. Get tells Don that there’s a problem here so he will call him later and everyone is in chaos right now. Don nods and leaves.

Luk-tan and Mek come out. They heard everything. She asks if he can see now that his grandson can’t be trusted and he can’t let it go on like this. She says luckily everyone is busy today, and Don must try again other days. Mek says he knows that. He calls someone and says he has an urgent task for him to do.

Part 6

Michael says he checked everything and there’s noting unusual. Bam asks could it be someone deliberately did it. Get says they have to hear it from the hospital what he’s allergic to.

Tho calls so Pabu puts it on speakers. Tho says the client is allergic to seafood. Pabu says how it could be when she ordered Michael to avoid all seafood. Michael confirms that he avoided all seafood. Pabu says it starts to sound suspicious.

Pabu tells Tho that she will prove quickly that it’s not the restaurant’s faults and won’t let it damage his company’s name. Tho thanks her then hangs up.

Tho tells Kitja that the client is allergic to seafood. Kitja wonders what happened to their family, these days unexpected things turned up one after another. Tho suggests him go back home and get some rest and he will take care of it here. Kitja says he wants to meet the client in person to apologize to him first. Ngam walks over and says the doctor allows them to see the patient now.

They get into the patient’s room. Kitja apologizes to him for what happened. Tho tells him that they will take care of all the medical fees. The client says it’s also his fault for not informing them that he’s allergic to seafood. He apologizes to every one of them for causing such chaos. Kitja says it’s all right.

Pabu shows Tho a footage from CCTV camera. A server came to add something into the dish. Tho asks who this server is. She says he’s hired by Khun NgamYing to help in the event, and she knew it that Khun NgamYing must want to pull her leg. Michael says when Khun NgamYing learned that the client got allergic to the food, she appeared truly terrified. Tho says this footage isn’t a definite proof and it could be a misunderstanding. Pabu suggests he ask Khun NgamYing directly.

Tho says even if aunt Ngam orchestrated it, she won’t accept it for sure.

Tho and Pabu walk outside. She apologizes to him for causing him a trouble and she didn’t look after the restaurant well enough. Tho says it’s not her fault, on the contrary, it’s his family member who caused such incident. Tho says she had done her best.

Pabu tells him that Don came to see her today. Tho asks what he said. She says she was hectically busy so they didn’t really talk. She suggests he bring Don home if he’s worried about him and he said after the party he would do that. Tho says he intends to talk to his grandfather today. She gives him her support and hopes his grandfather will grant the permission.

Tho comes home and Kitja asks if he got some news. Ngam asks if he knows now who did it. Tho says he found out that it’s the server she hired. She asks what he’s trying to say. Tho says he means what he just said, and it’s all right if she doesn’t know anything about it.

She yells at him that she only hired staff to help in the party and nothing more. After she walks away, Kitja says she didn’t do it, she’s good at babbling but isn’t capable of such thing. Tho says he hopes so, too.

Tho tells Kitja that he already took care of the client’s medical bills and sent him an apology gift. Kitja says despite what happened, the party went well and most clients understand that it’s an inevitable event. Tho says there are many clients who want to join the investment with them. Kitja smiles.

Tho asks him about Don. Kitja asks if he’s asking for his permission to bring Don home. Tho says yes. Kitja says he has his permission and by now Don should already learn something. Tho says his permission is a surprise to him. Kitja says he knew that Tho would talk to him about this after the party. He says his guess is never a wrong one.

Tho says he knew him so well. Kitja says he also knew that Tho sent someone to look after his brother. Tho asks if that’s because he too sent someone to take care of Don. They both smile.

Pabu meets Buri in the laundry room. He asks if that is her laundry, and if he’s hallucinating that she’s doing the laundry. She asks what’s so strange about that. He says he never saw her doing it so he thought she wore her clothes just once then disposed it. She grits her teeth so he asks if that wasn’t funny. “Yes, very funny. Ha-ha-ha!” she exaggerates.

Buri says Jemi called him yesterday about what happened at the party. He asks what happened to the client. She says allergic to seafood but Khun Tho already took care of it. Buri asks if she’s feeling better now. She says a lot better and thanks him again, she didn’t say it to him yet after she’s discharged from the hospital. Buri says just treat him a meal. She says she can do that.

Buri says these days she’s so busy that they didn’t have time to go out. She says she’s busy about the restaurant. He’s asking her out since she has less work to do now, but a call interrupts him.

Pabu picks up the call and asks Tho if he talked to his grandfather already. Tho says all done and asks if she wants to come with him tomorrow to bring Don home. She says she will go with him and will set the time with Don so that he will be happy. Tho says all right. Buri walks pass her and says he’s leaving. Tho asks if she’s with Khun Buri and says he calls her to let her know that. He says see her later and hangs up. His sudden hang-up confuses her.

Pabu calls Don. He asks if she will see him tomorrow, but he wants to talk now, it’s very important. She says they can talk once they meet, it’s just tomorrow and she also has good news for him. Don gets frustrated but agrees to meet tomorrow. He suddenly feels someone is following him so he hails a motorbike taxi and gets on it. He tells the driver to leave fast.

Part 7

Luk-tan tells Kitja to eat a lot. Tho tells Kitja he’s heading out to bring Don home. Kitja asks if he won’t eat first. Tho says he made an appointment with Pabu and doesn’t want her to wait. Luk-tan hears him and gets nervous. Kitja asks Tho if he told Don’s parents about it so that they can be happy. Tho says not yet because he wants to talk to Don first and he’s still not sure if Don will come home, so he doesn’t want to disappoint them. Kitja nods so Tho leaves.

Luk-tan says she will go bring him coffee. She gets into Mek’s room and informs him that Khun Tho is heading to meet that boy, and what his lackey is doing. Mek calls his lackey and says Tho is going to meet that boy now, so capture him right now.

Don waits for them at the park. Pabu walks Tho to the meeting spot. When Don sees them, he’s delighted and walks toward them. A man intercepts and shoves him into a van.

Tho checks the backpack on the ground and says it’s Don’s. Pabu calls Don on the phone and says he doesn’t pick up. Tho gets nervous while Pabu tries to reach Don but he doesn’t pick up her calls.

Inside the van, Don tries to get out so the men beat and tie him up. The lackey reports to Mek that he had captured the boy so what’s next. Mek says do anything so the boy can’t talk to anyone, but don’t kill him.

Don stirs awake and finds himself in a van still. A man comes in so he pretends he still faints. When the guy sticks a syringe on his thigh, Don shoves him away and runs.

Tho shows up and tells his men to capture the guy. A gunshot makes Tho run to Don.

The gunman sees Tho coming so he fires his gun at him. Don frantically runs to Tho while the gunman is coming after him. Tho pulls Don to him just in time. The gunman fires his gun at them.

Part 8

Tho got shot on his arm and falls over with Don in his arms. Don is glad to see him then loses his consciousness. Tho’s man goes after the culprit. Tho shouts at Don trying to wake him up.

Don wakes up so Get asks if he feels painful. Get says this place is a clinic of a friend of his brother so no need to be scared, and he’s safe now. Don asks how Pee Tho could come rescuing him.

Get says Tho’s man called him so everyone took off to save him in time.  Get says after Don left home, his brother hired men to look after him from a distance, so when he’s captured, they followed him and called Tho right away, so Tho went after them.

Get says Tho always kept men to cover Don’s back and when Don didn’t have money, Tho gave it to Ton to give it to him.

Get tells Don that his brother never left him behind, he’s very worried about him and loves him so much. Get says Flur told him that when she saw Khun Tho jumped in to save Don, she knew right away that he loved Don more than his own life. Get suggests Don’s change his attitude toward his elder brother.

Don asks where Pee Tho is, he saw him got shot.

Tho is talking to the culprit. (I think the wound on his arm is a minor injury then.) Tho asks if it’s uncle Mek’s order to attack Don. The guy confirms it. Tho asks why his uncle would do that and don’t lie to him. The guy says he doesn’t know why but he ordered to make the boy not be able to talk anymore.

Tho says he couldn’t believe it’s real and what between uncle Mek and Don is, why he did this cruel thing to Don. Pabu recounts how Don came to her and what he said to Tho. She says she was busy at that time so she didn’t pay attention to him and thought he only asked for attention, and she didn’t believe what he said.

Tho says uncle Mek gave the order for Don’s attack.

Pabu feels bad and says if she only paid attention to what Don said, this wouldn’t happen. Tho says no one wants it to happen. She says luckily he had men follow Don or else they might lose him.

Tho says the luck was on him too for making quick decision, and a tiny wrong move could mean the loss of life of an important family member. Pabu asks what he would do to Khun MekPat. Tho thinks hard.

Mek and Luk-tan are comfortably cocooned in his bed. He picks up a call and says if it’s about money, he already took care of it. The culprit tells Mek that the boy got allergic to the med they injected and stopped breathing, so what he wants him to do with the corpse.

Mek is stunned and says he doesn’t believe it and he’s obviously lying. The culprit says he will send him the picture as proof. Mek is in shock so Luk-tan grabs his phone and asks the guy what happened.

She orders him to destroy the body and leave no evidence. She listens to him then asks where she can find that huge amount of money for him. She says all right, after he destroyed the body, contact back.

Luk-tan tells Mek to get a whole of himself, and it’s good that Don is dead so it finished. She tells him it’s not his fault and it’s an accident.

Pabu asks Tho if this method will work. Tho says once uncle Mek believes that Don is dead, he will stop going after him, at least Don’s now safe.

She asks if they should hand the culprit to the police. Tho says hand it to the police now will only alert them, so just keep him here until Don is safe and he can come up with a way to take care of uncle Mek. Pabu says she will record the culprit’s crime confession on her phone and will send Don’s picture to Khun MekPat so that he will believe it.

Tho tells his man to lock up the culprit here and keep it a secret.

Part 9

Tho asks his doctor friend how Don is. He says he’s all right but very exhausted so he gave him medications. He asks Tho if he’s sure that he won’t report it to the police. Tho nods and says he doesn’t want it be a big mess and he thanks him for it. The doctor says it’s all right and he can rely on his help if he needs one.

Tho looks at Don and says, “Don, I’m sorry. I must have been an awful brother all this time. I couldn’t take care of you over this small matter. I’m so sorry.”

Don opens his eyes so Tho asks if it hurts a lot. Don shakes his head. Pabu asks Don what really happened and if he’s enough strength to recount it to her. Don nods.

Get says it’s unbelievable that Khun MekPat set everything up for Don’s drugs arrest that day. Pabu says it isn’t as shocking as he’s cheating the company and had an affair with Khun Luk-tan.

She asks Tho if they should report Khun MekPat to the police. Tho says they don’t have any evidence beside Don’s words. Pabu says he must be feeling very bad about it. Tho says no matter what uncle Mek is his family and he doesn’t want to hurt his grandfather’s feeling, and doesn’t want his company to be on the news with damaging story. Tho says he needs to go over it very carefully and asks them to keep it a secret for now. Pabu and Get agreed. Get asks what he will do next.

Tho says uncle Mek should stop looking for Don by now because he thinks Don’s dead, so, in the mean time, he will put Don in a safe place.

Pabu asks where he will take Don and to any of his family’s estates will surely alert Khun MekPat. Get comes up with a place where Don will surely be safe.

Get takes them to his beach house. Pabu says she never knew that he had such place. Get says it’s his grandfather’s house, when he passed away, no one would live here. Get says it’s safe for Don to stay here. Tho thanks him.

Get tells Tho he can stay here as well while thinking what to do and it will also make Don feel safe.

Tho calls Pim and asks if there’s any urgent matter. She says none is that urgent. Tho orders her to cancel all his work this week. Pim asks what he wants her to say if someone asks. Tho tells her to say that he flew on a company trip. He thanks her then hangs up.

Pabu calls Michael that she and Get won’t go to the restaurant for 3-4 days, she will leave it to him to take care of it and she called Bam to go help him already. Michael says all right and asks where she’s going. Pabu says she needs to take care of some business out of town. He asks what business. She says she will tell him when she gets back then hangs up. Michael says it sure sounds suspicious.

Mek is on edge trying to reach the culprit.

Pabu sits by the beach and recalls Tho’s reaction when Don fainted in his arms. Get comes sit with her and asks what she’s thinking about. She says about today’s incident. He asks if it still shocked her. She says when she saw Khun Tho got shot, her heart stopped and she was scared she wouldn’t see him ever again. She says she never thought she would face this kind of thing in her life, so many shocking things all day today.

Get says but it makes Don see how much his brother loves him, and Khun Tho finally sees Khun MekPat’s true nature.

“And for you to finally know your heart.” he adds. She says she feels bad for Khun Tho, it must hurt him deeply about Khun MekPat.

“One is his uncle, another is his brother, and there’s also his grandfather. He must be so distressed.” Get says.

Pabu says how  a family member could harm one another. Get says it’s always about money, many siblings fought for assets so it’s nothing strange. She says Khun Tho must be so depressed.

Tho comes sit with Don. He asks Don if the wound is still hurt. Don says not much. Tho asks if living alone out there was a tough one. Don says a little bit but not much, because he kept helping him in secret. Don says Pee Get told him all of it and the money Ton gave him was from Tho.

Tho nods and says, “I’m sorry for all this time. I must have been not-so-good of a brother. If I had been nicer, you would have told me about uncle Mek a long time ago, and everything wouldn’t turn out this way.”

Don says it’s all in the past now. Tho says he must be so scared at that time. Don says he was so scared to the point that he couldn’t tell anyone. Tho puts his arm around him and tells him to be scared no more from now on, he will stay beside him and help him with everything. Tho says he promises he will take care of it the fastest way he can, so that they can go back to live in their home together.

Buri doesn’t hear from Pabu at all so he wonders where she’s gone.

Get says it’s all done, their beds’ arrangement. Pabu scolds Get for not telling her that there’s only one bedroom in his house. She says she’s a woman so how she can sleep in the same room with men, that doesn’t look good.

Don says he’s her brother so he doesn’t mind. Tho says he’s also her brother.

Get says, “For me, you knew well I don’t like woman. (Tho and Don turn abruptly to him.) I mean I don’t like woman who is so fussy like Flur, and we are too close to differentiate ourselves by gender, right, Flur?”

“Is that so? Oh, yes, that’s right.” Flur answers.

She says she will sleep in another room, there’s an empty room there. Get says that’s his grandfather and grandmother’s room, go ahead if she wishes, but his grandmother passed away in that room. Pabu says in that case, she will sleep in this room, and in the middle too because she’s scared of ghosts.

Don says he will sleep on this end. Tho stops Get from sleeping next to Pabu. Tho says Get is a man and isn’t related to her in any way, so if he sleeps next to her, it doesn’t look good. Get argues that Tho isn’t Flur’s siblings by blood, too. Pabu asks what the conclusion is.

Later, Pabu asks why she has to sleep at this spot. Get says it answers to the equation, no one will sleep next to her. Get gently asks Don if he can sleep there. Don turns to him and smiles that he sure can. Get feels some-thing so he turns away and asks Tho the same question. Tho says of course. When Tho’s eyes meet hers, they both turn away.

Sun rises and Get is preparing breakfast. He asks Tho if Flur and Don are still sleeping. Tho says they are in the room and turns to go for them. Get says he will go instead. Tho thanks him.

Get knocks the door and calls Don out for breakfast. He found Don lying so still. He holds him and calls his name.

“Flur! Flur! Don! Don’t die!” Get shouts.

Don says, “Pee Get.” Get releases him right away. Flur comes out of the restroom laughing. Get asks what prank they are pulling. She says Don is fine and she just wanted to test her makeup skills, and it’s quite good since he really believed it.

Don says Pee Flur is sending his picture to fool uncle Mek. Get is still horrified and he was worried sick. Don apologizes to him. Get pouts at Flur for pulling such prank.

Ngam asks Mek if he knows that Tho didn’t come home last night. Mek says he doesn’t know that. She wonders if Tho went searching for Don day and night. She asks the housekeeper if Khun Tho came home already. She answers not yet.

Don’s picture arrives on Mek’s phone. He sees it and tries to pull himself together. Ngam asks what happened to him. Mek says nothing and he’s done eating. He excuses himself and walks away.

At the beach house, Pabu tells Tho that she sent Don’s picture to fool Khun MekPat already. Tho thanks her.

Pabu asks Tho if he couldn’t sleep last night. Tho says a little bit. She teases that he normally sleeps on a huge bed, sleeping on that bed, he couldn’t go to sleep. Get teases that must be because he slept next to her. Tho says he was thinking about uncle Mek and still doesn’t know how he should take care of it.

Pabu says then don’t think and let his brain get some rest. Don agrees with her that Pee Tho has been working all this time and no time to rest. Pabu says when Don is worried about him this much, he should quit feeling stressed out already. Tho smiles and says all right.

Get says there’s a fisherman’s village selling seafood on the back of the island. He asks Flur to go there together to buy fresh seafood for today’s dinner. Flur says it’s a good idea then she will go with Khun Tho. Get says it’s all right, he can take her there.

Pabu stresses that it’s all right, and if he comes with her, who will take care of Don. Get gets it. He says he will let her go with Khun Tho while he will stay here and prepare the kitchen.

Episode 12 Preview

Jemi: “Pee Tho disappeared!”

Buri: “Khun Pabu didn’t come back last night!”

Jemi: “They didn’t go together, did they?”

Pabu: “Keep fighting, Khun Tho!”

Buri: “I felt that Khun Pabu is acting pretty strange these days. We live close by but, don’t know why, it feels like we live far apart.”

Pabu: “I’m busy about Don nowadays.”

Buri: “So you need to give Khun Tho a special support? I, too, need a support.”

Toi: “Just ask her so you’ll know!”

Buri: “I don’t dare do that. I’m scared of the answer.”


I disagreed with Tho for keeping the matter from the police, but his efforts of trying to keep his family together is understandable. For a family member, the question stays. Should we or should we not give him/her another chance? It depends, I’d say  🙂

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  1. I said that Tho character and Pur character are very similar, don’t you think so….

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