Tai Ngao Jun Episode 10


Episode 10

Part 1

Get invites both men to join them a game of badminton. Get says Khun Tho can discuss work while playing the game. Pabu says they surely don’t have proper outfits with them. Buri says he loves to exercise so he carries sport outfit in his bag all the time. He asks Tho if he will join the game with what he’s wearing. Tho pauses then says he will ask Khun Pim to bring him the outfit. LOL.

Pabu makes an excuse that she forgot to bring her sport outfit. Bam says she will go home to get one for herself so Pee Flur can wear hers. Get tells Bam he will drive her home. Bam thanks him. Pabu smiles at both men then says how nice. Get and Bam flash her their teeth.

They arrive at a badminton court. Tho tells Pabu that there will be more meetings during this time so that may exhaust her, and they may have to close the restaurant for the event’s preparations. Pabu says that’s all right as long as he pays a huge sum as a compensation.

“Pee Tho!” Jemi shows up. Tho asks her how she could be here. Buri says he called her here so that they will pair up nicely for the game. Jemi asks why they don’t start that game already. Buri says they are still discussing work then he teases Tho that he works all the time, so be careful about his health.

Tho smiles and says he always sets aside his time for sports, so don’t worry. Jemi says no one can beat Pee Tho in sports. Buri challenges Tho for a game, to which Tho says yes right away.

Buri and Tho get ready for the match. “Pee Tho, fighting!” Jemi shouts.

The game is going fiercely. Get says it sure looks like a battle to win the girl. Bam says the heat of the game is more than the Olympics itself. Get asks Pabu which one she’s cheering.

Pabu says no one. “Stop! Are you thinking to play with just the two of you? If you’re going to play like this, should we pair up?”

Jemi says that’s great, she will join the game too. Buri says all right, but who will play with whom. Pabu pauses.

Don recalls how Luk-tan said she would strip that old man of his wealth and Khun Kitja’s now falling head over heels for her. Don remembers that MekPat told him to keep an eye on that woman, and tell him if something unusual happened.

Don walks to Mek’s room and overhears Luk-tan’s voice from inside the room. She says what a relief that that boy didn’t hear a thing. Luk-tan tells Mek that she will go back to her room now and will go take care of his father. Mek tells her to please his father well and he will wait to hear the good news tomorrow. Luk-tan says yes then opens the door. Mek backhugs her so she warns him someone may see them. Don sees them together and is stunned.

Part 2

Don walks to Ton and tells him to go get drunk together. Ton asks if the good-boy is now burst. Don says he’s feeling very stressful. Ton asks what happened. Don says he saw his uncle had an affair with his grandfather’s wife. Ton says what! It means father and son have the same wife! Don says sure does, and he doesn’t know what he should do.

A group of boys come and want to beat up Don and Ton.

A badminton match turns into a fight between Tho and Buri only. Get shakes his head and says, “Love can really turn a person into a kid.” Bam says she couldn’t believe an executive like Pee Tho would turn into this.

Pabu screams her frustration out loud. She asks if the two will fight to death and won’t let others to play in the game. She says if they’re going to play like this then she won’t play, she tells Bam to bring her bag then walks away.

Get follows Flur while Bam stops Tho and Buri from following and says they should let Get sees how Pee Flur is first.

Flur tells Get that she will go back now. Get tells her not to feel bad and those two men didn’t mean to upset her, but they did that because they like her.

Flur says it’s because she knows that that she’s upset. She tears a paper into pieces and throws it into a trashcan. She says she’s confused which one she likes, and even though she knows which one, she doesn’t think of seeing any of them, and she wants to concentrate on her work first.

Get says then that’s her answer which she should tell both men. “Tell them exactly what you say to me, so that they both will realize what you actually want and quit approaching you.”

Flur asks if she should tell them. “Just tell both of them!” Get says.

Pabu walks to Tho then she turns around. Tho says he’s sorry and please don’t be angry with him, and he didn’t mean to make her feel bad.

“I’m not angry with you, but I have something to tell you. All this time, you’ve been so nice to me. I knew how you feel for me.”

“I ‘ll admit that I like you. I…” Tho concedes.

“But I’m not ready! I’ve been trying to avoid and not acknowledge it all this time because I thought it would solve the problem, but it turned out that I might have given you hope instead. I’m so sorry.”

“Is it because you like Khun Buri?” Tho asks.


“Then why?”

“Because I want to concentrate on running the restaurant for you first. I don’t want to think about love just yet. As long as the restaurant isn’t a success, I won’t think of seeing someone, so don’t waste your time with me. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s all right. I understand.” Tho accepts her decision.

Pabu turns around and walks away.

Buri asks Get where Khun Pabu is and if she’s angry with him. Get says no, she’s not, but she wants him to wait for her, she has something to tell him. When Buri asks what about, Get says he will know it when Flur comes.

Flur walks down the stairs and tells Buri, “We need to talk.”

Flur gets a call and says she’ll be right there. Get follows her.

Flur talks to the boys to stop fighting, and just think that she’s asking this of them. She tells them to leave now. The boys agree to leave. Ton tells Don that he will leave first then thanks Flur.

Flur tells Don that luckily things didn’t reach the police or else it could be a big mess. She asks why he turns back to behave the same way again when Get told her that he would study hard. Get asks Don if something’s wrong, and they can talk.

“I’m so stressful. I saw…” Don pauses. Pabu asks what he saw. Don says he saw his friend’s girlfriend cheated on his friend, and he couldn’t stand it.

Pabu says teenagers are like that and he shouldn’t think too much of it. Don says those two persons are his friends and he doesn’t know what he should do. Flur tells him to pretend he didn’t see it, that’s easy.

“Running away from the problem like how you’re doing now?” Get asks.

Pabu tells Don to go home. Don says he won’t go back home and begs them to let him stay in her or his place instead. Pabu says she thought they talked about it already. Don says she don’t understand.

Part 3

Kitja asks Tho that he heard the clients’ thank-you party had some problems. Tho says that’s true but they already moved the venue to ‘La Moon’ and Khun Pabu will take care of it. Kitja asks if she can handle such big event. Tho says he trusts she can do it. Kitja says all right, if he says so.

Kitja asks how Tho and Pabu is doing. Tho says she cleared it with him already, that she didn’t want to think about love and wanted to work first. Tho says she said it this much, he thinks he has to accept it. Kitja smiles and says to expect a woman to say yes easily, normally it won’t be.

Luk-tan interrupts them and says the food is ready. Tho smiles and assures Kitja that he’s all right. Tho suggests they have the meal.

Kitja sits down at the table and says they are all here. He stops Luk-tan from leaving and tells her to join them too. When Luk-tan sits down, Don appears uneasy. Kitja asks Don what happened to his face, picked a fight with anyone? Mathurot says he must have fallen down while playing sports as usual. Kitja says as usual.

Don looks at Mek then Luk-tan. Tho asks Don if something’s wrong. Don leaves saying he will go to school. Kitja tells Mathurot not to pay attention to him, he only calls for attention. He tells Reung and NgamYing to meet him in his room after they finish eating.

Kitja says for thank-you party this year, he wants the two of them to take care of it too. Reung asks why he doesn’t let Tho do it. Kitja says it’s a big event, Tho alone won’t be able to, moreover, the two of them know their long-time clients more, and Ngam arranged it before so she should be Tho’s big help.

Ngam smiles and asks if they should let Mek help them too. Kitja says no, let Mek handle only the condo project. Ngam says she will take care of it.

Reung wants to leave if he’s nothing more to say. Kitja asks if he’s heading to a gambling place. Kitja warns him that he bet heavily these days so he’d better decrease that and use his time to take care of Don instead.

Kitja warns Reung to remember that the inheritance he gave him is meant for investment and it’s the last amount he will give him.

Buri intercepts Flur on her way to work. She says she needs to attend a meeting at the company first. He tells her to go by his car. Flur says yesterday she didn’t tell him yet, she wants to tell him that…He interrupts her and says she doesn’t have to say it because he knows what she’s going to say. Flur is confused and follows him.

Tho comes to work and sees Pabu come with Buri on his bike. That hurts.

Jemi asks Buri why he’s in such a good mood when Flur threw a tantrum at him yesterday. He says that doesn’t mean Flur doesn’t like him. Jemi asks what he means.

Flashbacks, after Pabu says she’s going to change her clothes, Buri checks the paper she threw away, and it’s the pros and cons between him and Tho which Get wrote.

Jemi nods and asks if he doesn’t imagine it himself like last time. Buri says he’s very confident this time. Jemi says that can’t still confirm anything. Buri says there’s more, she set the flower he painted for her as her cell phone’s wallpaper too.

“Serious? In that case, congratulations!” Jemi reaches out her hand. They do a handshake. Buri tells Jemi not to tell anyone because if Khun Pabu hears it, he thinks she will be shy and won’t know how to behave, and if his opponent knows it, he will rush it to win more points from her. Jemi says she promises so he thanks her.

Jemi reports to Tho in his office that she thinks Khun Pabu likes Khun Buri for sure, even the wallpaper of her cell phone is the flower Khun Buri painted for her.

Jemi says if he doesn’t believe it, he can take a look at khun Pabu’s cell phone wallpaper. She suggests Tho should quit feeling for such fussy woman like Khun Pabu. Jemi says she’s worried about him and doesn’t want him to feel sad.

“I don’t want you to feel sad, too. Can you stop feeling for me?” he asks.

Pim comes in and says Khun Pabu is waiting for the meeting. Tho says tell her to just wait and he will be there later. Pim notices something is wrong but agrees to do that.

Part 4

Tho enters the meeting room and notices the wallpaper on Pabu’s cell phone, it’s Buri’s painting. He sits down and tells Pabu that both NgamYing and Reung will oversee the thank-you party too. He says Khun NgamYing arranged the party every year and is very close to their clients so she knows what the clients like or dislike.

Ngam gives Pabu the details of last year party and list of clients’ names for her to take a look. Tho tells Pabu if she has any questions, she can talk to Khun NgamYing directly, and doesn’t have to go through him. Pabu didn’t expect that.

Reung says he couldn’t see how arranging the party at La Moon will be better than a hotel. Pabu says even though it’s a small place, it’s precious to Khun Kitja and this company. Reung shrugs.

Ngam asks if that means she came up with an idea already. Pabu says she has an idea which will surely impress the clients with this small place.

After the meeting, Pabu asks Pim what happened to Khun Tho, he seems unusual today. Pim says she’s not sure but he’s fine this morning. Pabu calls out to Tho when he’s about to walk away. She asks if she can consult him instead about the party, because she feels more comfortable with him. He says all right but he won’t be able to help her as good as aunt Ngam. He asks if there’s anything else. Pabu says she wants more details on the clients. He says he will let Pim help her about that then excuses himself and leaves. Jemi sees them and is happy with what she’s seeing. Pabu is disappointed.

Mek gives the materials’ purchasing account to his staff. She says the figures aren’t the same with what she has. Mek gives her an envelope filled with money then tells her to take a look again whether or not the figures are the same. She takes it and says she will take care of it.

Mek calls the supplier that he received the money and what a fast and nice figures they transferred to him, their prospect of doing business together is looking great. Mek assures him that there will be more purchase orders for him.

The staff is happy with the money she got. Ngam shows up and checks the envelope and asks what in her arms is. The staff says it’s the materials’ purchasing account of Khun ChatChai’s condo project.

Ngam throws both accounts on Mek’s table. He asks what she’s mad at. She asks what he’s doing. He says obviously she gets it so why ask.

“Do you mean to cheat the company?!”

Mek says it’s only a fraction of the company’s money and it’s not like he’s pulling it into bankruptcy. Moreover, it’s his father’s company and he’s only taking what should be his. She asks what if he gets caught. He says he will take the risk, he wants money to start his own business and his father refused to give it when he asked him nicely.

Pim tells Tho there’s a rumor at the construction site that Khun MekPat is changing the supplier. Tho asks what about it. She says this company has a bad name of selling bad quality products. She asks what they should do.

Tho tells her to see if this company’s products are up to standard. Pim apologizes to him before asking if he fought with Khun Pabu. He asks where Khun Pabu is now. Pim say she went back to the restaurant already to talk with Michael about the party.

Pabu is talking to her gang that this party is a crucial event and Khun NgamYing will oversee it too, so it’s their chance to prove themselves. She says all who will come are VIP guests so if they impress them with great food, they will have more customers for the restaurant. Get says it’s such a great opportunity.

Pabu sits down and says she feels like she’s ‘Dae Jang Geum’ receiving the country’s honorable guests. Bam argues that in the end (of that Korean series), the envoy was poisoned and the cook was executed. Pabu says then they must take extra precautions.

Get tells them to stop the nonsense and think what kind of food they should prepare. Michael asks if she’s thinking of Thai or western food.

Pabu says how about the palace’s royal cuisines like Mae Ploy’s in Si Phaen Din (a period novel). Bam suggests they analyze the clients’ profiles first what do and don’t so they can prepare perfect food for them. Michael says that’s good and tells Pabu to come up with the theme of the party to satisfy the clients. Pabu says okay, let’s do that.

Part 5

Tho spends time alone thinking how Pabu rejected him and Jemi told him to stop feeling for Pabu.

Pabu asks the tiny Tho on the model, “What’s with you?!” The tiny voice answers, “If you want to know, give me a call.” She says, “Want me to call? All right!” She dials his number.

Tho sees that it’s a call from Pabu, he decides not to answer. Pabu sends him a text instead, “What are you doing? I would love an interview with your grandfather about the company, to use it for the party. Will you please make an appointment for me?”

“Yes.” he replies.

She’s mad that his answer is too short. She asks what’s with him, reaching his golden age?

Get asks what’s with Khun Tho. She says he’s behaving and talking strangely. Get asks if it’s because what happened at the badminton court yesterday. Pabu says she thought that at first but it seems not.

Get asks if Khun Tho knew that she went to rescue Don. She says she asked Don and he said no one knew.

“Then there’s left only one thing.” Get says.

“What is it?”

“Khun Tho finally realizes that he should stop thinking of Nang Wan-thong, the two-timer, for good!”

Get says good for her so she doesn’t have to feel uneasy trying make a choice anymore, and now she can concentrate on her work like she love to!

Tho comes home and asks for his grandfather. The housekeeper says he’s in the living room. Tho greets his grandpa. Kitja asks why he came home so early today and if something’s wrong. He tells Tho to sit down.

Tho tells him that he talked with Khun Pabu, aunt Ngam and his father about arranging the party already, and there shouldn’t be any problem. Kitja is glad to hear that. Tho tells Kitja that Khun Pabu wants to interview him to use the info for the party. Kitja says he can do that and tells Tho to set the date, the day he’s free so that they can go together.

Tho tells him to go alone and he will be busy working at the company. Kitja asks if he’s all right because in the past when Pabu was mentioned, he would be lively and fresh, but now he looks sad every time her name’s mentioned.

Tho won’t answer him. Kitja asks if he’s still hurt by what she said. Tho pauses then says it’s more to doesn’t know how to react, and he never encountered this kind of situation before, so he thinks he should backup for now then do some thinking what to do.

Kitja tells him not to take too much time pondering or he will lose opportunities to win more points with her.

Tho sits down on his bed looking at his phone.

Flur is releasing her anger on the dough. Michael and Get look at her. Michael says let her do it so she will cool down. Get says he thinks so, too.

Tho’s call comes in while both Flur’s hands are dirty. She hurries wash her hands while screaming, “Khun Tho, please wait, and don’t hang up!” Her hands are wet but she couldn’t locate the kitchen towel so she screams and rubs her hands dry on her dress. LOL.

She greets Tho. He apologizes for not picking up her call. She says that’s all right and asks if he’s busy now. He says no. She says she needs to discuss work with him. He says he knows that and he calls to say that he told his grandfather already. She thanks him and says she thought he wouldn’t call back.

She says she has something to ask him, “Are you angry with me…” He cuts her off and says he’ll have to go and he will call her later. He hangs up. Flur feels upset by that.

Part 6

Luk-tan is very attentive to Kitja and he appears to like it. Mek comes in and says he will go to work now. Don sees them and feels terrible about it. He meets Ton under a bridge and says again today, his grandpa’s wife and his uncle looked at each other, when his grandpa was sitting right there.

Ton asks Don what he will do. Don says he doesn’t know but he can’t stand it that both are sharing a woman and he doesn’t dare tell anyone. Don says he feels disgusted and suffocated that he doesn’t want to stay home. Ton says this woman is scary, like she’s fooling his grandfather. Don recalls her phone’s conversation and says could it be she’s talking to uncle Mek.

Ton says if so, things are worse and it means his uncle is cheating his grandpa. Don says uncle Mek shouldn’t be that kind. Ton asks what he will do. Don says let him find out more to be sure first. “You be careful, your uncle seems very scary.” Ton warns him.

Pabu still keeps the bouquet Tho’s gave her in her room. Get comes pick her up since he’s around here. Get looks at her and says she’s so brave, putting on makeup but not the lipsticks.  Pabu says how she could forget. Get asks if she’s spaced out thinking about the owner of the bouquet.

Get says he came to talk to her about the party, and ask if she came up with some ideas. She says the truth is, she couldn’t come up with anything so she will ask her dad since he arranged this kind of party.

Get says her next door neighbor seems peaceful today. She says could be he doesn’t wake up yet. Buri overhears them, so he begs Jemi to help him since she attended this function every year and her father is their VIP guest, so she must have some info to help Khun Pabu.

Jemi says she has none, and even if she has, she won’t help. Buri offers her some sweets. She says no, it will make her fat. He says no, her figure is just the right, adorable and tui-nui (chubby). She glares at him.

He begs her to help him, if she doesn’t want to help Pabu, or just think she’s helping her Pee Tho instead of him. She says she will think about it, and if her training today isn’t so tiring and she has strength left to ask her father when she’s home today, she may lend a hand, however, she’s not sure if there’s a lot of work to do today. Buri quickly says there’s no work today and for the leftover, let Toi do it.

Mek walks in and says he bought some cakes for her and wants to talk to her.

Jemi chokes on her drink and asks again if he wants her to be his secretary. Mek says he’s busy and is looking for a personal secretary, so he wants her to work for him. Jemi says she never works as a secretary before and doesn’t know how, too.

He says he will teach her. She argues that he will just waste his time and she could ruin his work. Mek says he’s willing to teach her and she will take care of her father’s company one day. He says he talked with her father and he agreed to let her work for him. He says he really wants to work with her and asks if she can join him. She says she will think about it.

Kitja arrives at the restaurant for an interview. He sees the model and says Tho spent days and nights working on it, so it’s here. Pabu invites him to take a seat.

She brings him a piece of cake, newly introduced just for him by Michael. He asks what the sauce is. She says it’s green tea. Kitja tries it and asks for her help with the party for his VIP guests, and he understands that a small place here can’t be compared to a hotel, but Tho trusts her.

Pabu says this small place can’t compete arranging an exquisite event with a hotel, so she wants to use the fact that this place was once his home to be the theme of the event.

He asks how she will do it. She says she will arrange a homey simple small party, like the host invites his guests for a meal at his house.

She says if the atmosphere is heart-warming, the clients will feel relaxed and they can make relaxing conversation with them. She thinks it’s much better than wearing suits and neckties to attend in a hotel, which has stressful and formal atmosphere. Kitja agrees with her.

She says she wants him to tell her his memory of this house, so she can put the idea into good use.

Part 7

Ngam tells Tho that she disagrees to arrange such big event in a small place like La Moon. Tho insists that he’s confident Khun Pabu will make it turn out good and he wants Ngam to keep her words to his grandfather.

Ngam says she will help him but look at Pee Reung, he didn’t show up to help at all. She asks if he heard that his father is running around asking for loan, she isn’t sure if the gambling place took away all his assets. She tells him to find time to look after his father too.

Reung begs his creditor to give him one more month and he’s putting up his company’s name as a guarantee. The man says because of his company that he gave him this much time till now. He says next time if Reung couldn’t give him back the money, he will go ask for it at his company, also will tell his father what else he had put up for the loan.

Kitja is telling Pabu that there was a time when his business was in a really bad shape, Tho’s grandmother had an idea to turn this house into a restaurant to help with the company’s earnings. He says when he got back from work, his wife would force him to help running the restaurant, even serving the food. Pabu asks if he did serve the food too. He says of course, and also a helper he was. He says but it also helped ease his stress of running his company, and his wife’s fighting spirits inspired him to keep on fighting as well. Pabu says grandmother must be a very strong woman.

“She’s exactly like you.” Kitja says. He adds that when the restaurant was very busy, she would force him to get in the kitchen and cook the dishes too. Pabu asks if he knows how to cook too when she herself, as a woman, doesn’t know it.

He says he’s a great cook, especially his ‘Massaman Curry’. He invites Pabu to his house when she’s free and he will cook the dish for her. She thanks him then comes up with a great idea. She asks if he could cook and serve his Massaman Curry in the party, surely his clients will be greatly impressed. Kitja agrees to do it and he will get a chance to show off his cooking too.

Pabu thanks Kitja for coming here and entertaining her with such a great story, now so many ideas popped up in her head.

He says he loves her idea too. He says he will have to go now and recollect how to cook his Massaman Curry. She smiles and says she will wait to try it.

Kitja asks if she noticed that Tho seems to be under stress lately. She says she doesn’t know that.

“My grandson, this one, may appear strong from the outside, but inside he’s very weak and easily hurt, and he would keep it inside and think about it over and over. There’s one time I teased him that I didn’t love him anymore, only that, he felt hurt and kept thinking about it for weeks!”

She asks what he did then.

“What to do, I had to make up with him. I bought sweets for him or asked him to make some sweets together. With that, he felt better. You know, Tho loves to eat sweet things. I’ll have to go now.”

Pabu thinks about what he said.

Pim tells Tho that she informed all the guests about the change of venue. Tho thanks her. A call comes in from Pabu and Tho thinks hard if he should pick up. He greets her anyway. Pabu says his grandfather came to talk to her already and she got some ideas and wants to talk to him about it.

He sighs then says all right, tell him the place where it’s convenient for her. She says she will send it thru LINE. He says all right, see you later. She tells him to wait. “What is it?” he asks.

She tells him to turn on the CCTV cameras, she wants him to look at something. He turns it on.

“Ta-da! Which pieces you would like to have?” she shows him a dessert. She says his grandfather told her that he loved to eat sweets so she made one for him. She asks if it looks pretty. “There’s another one, too. A chocolate one.” she shows him another one.

He smiles and asks if she made it herself or it was Michael. She pouts then asks which one he would like to have and she will bring it for him. “This one is lovely and smells good, too.” she shows him the third one.

Buri and Jemi enter and see her. Jemi clears her throat so Pabu turns around. Tho sees them through the cameras so he tells her she can get back to work first. Pabu says she will call him back later.

Buri tells Pabu that Jemi came to help her with the party. “Isn’t that right?” he asks Jemi.

“That’s right. I went to the party every year and I met Pee Tho for the first time at the party, too.” Jemi says. She says her father knows so many guests so she asked him about what each of them liked, so that Pabu can arrange the party accordingly. Jemi gives her a notebook she wrote all the details.

“So very detailed.” Pabu says.

“Of course!” Jemi returns.

Pabu asks Jemi why she would help her, could it be she overtook the wight-loss pills. Jemi wants to take back her notebook. Pabu says she’s only kidding why mad. “In any case, thank you so much. It’s so touching that my tears are about to fall.” Pabu says.

Jemi rolls her eyes and says she didn’t mean to help her, but it’s Pee Tho she wants to help, and if the party turns out well, it will be good for him too. “And I would like to help Khun Buri to gain more points!”

Pabu is confused while Buri glares at Jemi. Jemi says it’s Khun Buri who asked her to help, so more favorable points should go to him. Pabu thanks Buri for it.

Part 8

Mathurot asks Reung if he used up and gambled all the money in their bank account, it’s the last resort of their family. He tells her to lower her voice. She says how she can stay quiet when he used up all the money his father gave them, and now he’s more debts too.

He says there’s up and down in gambling, and once the luck is on him again, money will return to him. She asks when it will return, next life? She says the creditor won’t wait for that to happen and where they will get the money to pay them back, ask from his father again?

Kitja shows up and asks what happened. He says his guess is gambling debts again. Kitja shouts at him not to lie and how many times he warned him, and in the end, he poured every cent into gambling dent yet again. Kitja asks what Reung will do next, asking more money from him again?

Reung says he gambles because he wants lots of money. Kitja asks if he succeeds. Reung shouts that an idiot like him could only do this much. Mathurot says Reung wants to get money for Don’s education abroad.

Kitja tells Reung that if he realizes that he’s stupid then don’t do more than this. He says he will save him for the last time for Don’s sake, for having such useless father. He says from now on, don’t hope to get any assets from him anymore, it’s the last time.

Don sneaks in Mek’s room. He recalls Ton told him that if his uncle cheated the company, there must be some evidence. Mek enters the room so Don hides.

Mek is on the phone saying she doesn’t have to come to his room and he will get money in ten millions from this project, and he will transfer it to her bank account. Don hears that.

Mek says he will find a way to take as much as he can into his pocket, and she should take good care of his father since she’s now his wife, he could give her some inheritance, who knows.

Mek sees Don from the mirror. He tells her to hold the line then picks up another call. He walks out of the room. Don runs out in a hurry. Mek sees him come out and is pissed.

Reung yells at Mathurot for raising her voice and caused such bad luck, and his father heard it. She asks why he doesn’t blame himself instead of her when it all happened because of him.

Don runs into the room and tells his dad that he’s very important matter to tell him. Reung tells him to say it later, he’s not in the mood today. He chases them out and wants to be alone. Mathurot tells Don to talk to his dad later, he’s in a bad mood today. Don tries to stop his mother from leaving. He gets nervous of what to do.

Don comes out and faces with Mek standing outside. Mek asks if Don has something to consult with him. Don says he came to ask some money to go hang out from his dad but it’s not a good time. Mek says it’s good that he didn’t ask for it, because it could turn bad on him when his dad is now in trouble about money, and he told him already to come to him whenever he has problems.

Mek gives him some money and Don takes it. Don says he will leave now. Mek calls his lackey that he has a task for him to do.

Don comes to see Ton at a net cafe. He says he’s so scared that he doesn’t know what to do. Ton says may be he should tell his mother or Pee Tho. Don says he doesn’t dare do that.

Some kids pick a fight so Don and Ton try to stop them. Someone slips something into Don’s back-pocket.

Mek is on the phone and asks if he did it already, and if he’s sure that no one can bail him out, he only wants no chances for Don to talk to anyone ever again. Mek praises him good job done.

Pabu asks Tho if he likes her idea. He says when his grandfather likes it, how he can not-liking it. She says now that her proposal has gone through, let’s talk about money. He asks what money. She says the expenses for the party, and even though the restaurant belongs to him, as the restaurant’s manager, she also must meet its sales target. She says he can’t do it for free. He smiles and says she’s as stingy as always. She argues that she’s protecting the owner’s benefits.

“You will send me the bill and, at the same time, protect the benefits of my restaurant?” he asks.

She nods so he asks what the price she’s asking for is. She says she will do it per head, at 3,000 each. He says that’s more expensive than the hotel’s. She says 1,ooo will go to food and the rest is the cost of wanting it done fast, having no choice, and the memories of the house. She says if he arranges it at a hotel, he won’t get this theme, and she needs to put more decorations too.

She urges him to pay it when the money will go to his pocket no matter what. It gets out from his left pocket then go straight into his right pocket. She begs him to go for it because she wants to meet sales target with high figures. He says all right, then asks if she has something else.

She says there’s something in the back of her mind which she wants to ask him many times before. He asks what it is. She asks if he’s angry with her earlier, since the day of the badminton game, he’s been acting strangely toward her.

Tho doesn’t answer her, so she asks if he’s angry with her because that day, what she told him.

“I’m not angry that you rejected me. It’s your right. It’s me who should apologize to you, for making you feel uncomfortable, and don’t worry, from now on, I will try to keep some distance between us, and will talk to you about work only, so that I won’t make you feel uneasy anymore. More coffee?” he asks.

When she says no, he gets up and walks to the counter leaving Pabu to somewhat regret about it.

Part 9

Get says from what he’s hearing from her, he thinks Khun Tho is trying to quit feeling for her. She asks if he’s going to do that because of what she said. Get says she told him not to waste his time with her and she didn’t think of seeing anyone.

She admits saying that but why she’s feeling so empty inside. Get asks if she also cleared it with Khun Buri that day. She says not yet and he said that he knew it already. She asks if Get didn’t tell him. Get says no.

Get asks how about Khun Buri, how she’s feeling toward him. She says he’s nice and always takes care of her. “Tell you the truth, I wavered. I’m not Casanov-ie, am I?”

“No, you’re not Casanovie but clearly *Nang Wan-thong, the two-timer!” (*from a folktale)

“Did you just criticize me?”

“Yes, and it serves you right! When he fell for you, you didn’t realize his worth, but now when he’s leaving, you feel sad.”

A call comes in and she says it’s from Khun Tho. She picks up his call then says what? Get asks what happened.

Flur is consoling her mother that Khun Tho should be able to bail him out. Tho comes out and says Don was arrested on the charge of drugs’ procession, can’t be bailed out now. Mathurot asks why that is. Tho explains that during his arrest, he fought with the authorities so they want him to stay one night to calm down first.

Pabu says she doesn’t believe that Don do drugs. Tho says he thinks so too and thinks that someone may slip it on him so he asked his lawyer to check the CCTV cameras. Flur says it’s a relief. Tho says whether Don is guilty or not is doesn’t matter now, the problem is the reporters already knew about it. Pabu asks how they knew it.

Mathurot panics and says why one thing after another kept coming in her life, and what Kitja will say when she’s home.

Kitja yells why Don is so like his father, and now the company’s image and family’s name he painstakingly built it, now gone. Mathurot says she didn’t raise her son well. Kitja asks if Reung hears it already. She says she couldn’t contact him.

Kitja tells Tho to make sure the media hush up the incident and bail his brother out, and not to let this shameful news spread out more than this. Tho says yes. Ngam yells at them for keep making troubles each day. Mathurot says she will go try to contact Khun Reung and walks into the house.

Mek asks Tho how he’s going to save Don. He says the company’s lawyer is taking care of it and Don should come out by tomorrow. Mek says he shouldn’t hurry take him out, let him get locked up and reflect on his misconduct first, so that he won’t do it again.

“I know that Don committed wrongdoings and deserves the punishment, but I’m his elder brother so whatever wrongdoing my younger brother did, I must help him. Uncle Mek, you too, if one day you’re in trouble, I’ll be ready to do my best to help you.” Tho says.

Buri asks Jemi if she sees this news (Don got arrested). Jemi says how she could miss it. Buri says it’s drugs’ procession charge and the news is spreading like crazy. Jemi says it must stress Pee Tho out when the clients’ thank-you party is coming near. She says this news surely ruins the company’s image. Buri says it’s strange how it got to the press so fast.

Jemi wants to go see Tho and give him support. Buri stops her and says they are busy right now and she could get in their way, so better wait for now.

Pabu is on the phone. She says that’s a relief and asks how Don is. Tho says he’s taking him home now. He tells her not worry and he will call her once he’s home. She says yes and he has her support. Tho says he will tell Don that.

Pabu says she meant for him too. She tells him not to think too much about it. Tho says thank you so much.

Get asks Flur how Don is. She says Khun Tho bailed him out and is taking him home. He says what a relief, it must be scary for Don to stay in jail for a long while. She says the atmosphere in his house is scarier, and her mother said Don and his grandfather weren’t in good terms. Get wonders what Don will face when he’s home.

“Don, let’s go home.” Tho says.

Don says he doesn’t want to, he’s so scared. Tho can only pat his back. Don and Tho walk into the house where everyone is waiting. Ngam asks Don if he doesn’t know they are busy preparing for the party, why behave badly and ruin the company’s name.

Kitja says the father is deep in debts while the son is a drug-addicted, what a shame if it gets out.

Don shouts at him that he didn’t do it and the drugs didn’t belong to him. Mek asks how Don couldn’t admit with all these evidences.

“Don, what more do you want? I sent you to the best school, and whatever you wanted, everyone would hand it to you, but you couldn’t be satisfied with that and behaved like a street-gangster. Why can’t you behave like a good person? Why were you born to be my grandson?!” Kitja shouts.

Don asks if he needs to behave well just like him, entertaining himself outside each day, paying so many girls. Don adds that he fell so head over heels for a woman that he doesn’t realize she’s cheating on him!

Kitja throws a cushion at him. Mek slaps Don to shut him up. “What are you trying to do to your grandfather?!” Mek yells. The slap came unexpectedly for Don and others.

“How I behave is my business! If you can’t take it then don’t live here. Get out of this house!” Kitja shouts.

Don shouts back that he doesn’t want to live in this house too, and he’d rather stay in jail. Don walks out.

Kitja yells, “Then go live in jail!” He orders everyone not to follow him. He says every time Don left the house, they had to look for him, how many times he did that already. “Let him go to reflect on his mistakes! The day he regrets it, he will come back by himself! But if you want to follow him then go live with him!”

Mek is satisfied.

Don is packing when his parents barge into his room. Reung tells him not to call him father and he won’t save him this time. Don shouts that he never saved him anyway, and even when he’s in trouble and wanted to talk to him, he never paid attention to him, and he only cares about himself.

Reung shouts that his own problems are hard enough for him yet Don kept making troubles. Reung says Don is an unfortunate thing, the troubled one. Don says if he’s that to him then he will leave. Reung shouts at him to go away, go die wherever he wants.

Reung stops his wife from following Don. When she insists to follow Don, he asks if she didn’t hear what his father said, so just stay put for now before things get worse. He asks if she still doesn’t get used to it that Don ran away from home for so many times. “He leaves by himself, he will come back here by himself!” he yells.

Don runs out of the house and hears what Mek is saying. “If I were you, I wouldn’t step on this house ever again.”

Don gets mad and asks if he got arrested because of his doing. Mek says why he would do that to his grandson. “I will tell the truth to everyone!” Don shouts. Mek asks what truth, why anyone would believe a drug-addicted like him. Mek suggests he leave quietly in this situation, or he may face with something worse.

Don runs out of the house.

Tho comes to talk to Kitja. Tho asks if he will let Don go like that. He says he trusts that his brother didn’t do it and his behaviors improved a lot lately.

Kitja says he doesn’t know if Don did it or not, but he shouldn’t be in that kind of place. “Don should stay home and live his life like a normal student do, and this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened, would it?”

Kitja says when Don didn’t satisfied with something, he ran from home, and he kept doing that all this time and the household had to look for him and beg him to come home. He asks how many times already it happened this way.

Tho tries to give his opinion but Kitja cuts him off and says let Don leave, because Don thinks that soon Tho or his mother will come looking for him, and if he lets him do it, the situation will repeat itself all over again.

“But grandfather, Don is still young.” Tho argues.

“Trust me and let Don go, to help correcting his behaviors. And you, do not secretly follow him. Cut ties means cut ties, so Don can reflect on his wrongdoings. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.” Tho says.

Mek found Luk-tan in his room. He warns her not to get in his room like this, what if others see them. She says others are busy with that boy so no one will pay attention to them. Mek says because she thinks like this that she failed many times. She asks if he will let that boy leave like that, how he can be sure that the boy won’t talk.

Mek says he knew him since he was born, a problem child he is, and he believes that he doesn’t want to set foot on this house ever again. She says he shouldn’t be reckless. He says at least that boy pulls away the attention from the company, now he can get things done easily.

Jemi asks Pabu about Don, if he was bailed out. Pabu says Khun Tho bailed him out already. Jemi says what a relief or Pee Tho would be so stressful. Buri asks Pabu how the party’s preparations is going, it’s a few days from now.

Pabu says she’s done with the food, what’s left is decorations and performance, so she wants his help and Jemi’s too. “Me, too?” Jemi asks.

Pabu says she heard Jemi could perform many things. Jemi asks why she needs to help her. Pabu says not her but her Pee Tho, and if she comes helping, Pee Tho will be impressed and she will get to show off as well.

Buri urges Jemi to reduce the work load on her future husband’s shoulder. “All right, what do you want me to help you?” Jemi agrees to do it.

Pabu gets a call from her mom then rushes out. Buri asks Jemi where she’s going. Jemi shrugs.

Mathurot is weeping. She tells Flur that she’s so stressed out about Khun Reung’s debts and Don running away. Flur asks if grandfather is very angry. Mathurot nods and says she never sees him this mad, and it could be that Khun Reung just made a trouble, and now Don. She says Khun Tho refused to talk to his grandfather for her. She says Don is still young and how he can live without any money, and he wouldn’t pick up her calls. She begs Flur to talk to Khun Tho for her, to go look for Don.

Flur says she will talk to him, she’s worried about her brother too.

Don is on the phone. He tells Ton to meet at the same place. Don listens carefully behind him. Ton asks why he turns quiet suddenly. Don says he feels like someone is following him all day. Don takes off and there’s man coming after him. Don hides behind some bushes so the guy lost him.

Episode 11 Preview

Flur: “This isn’t good and that is bad. If they taste so bad then don’t eat it!”

Buri: “No matter how sick, or fatter you become, I can still carry you.”

Tho: “You rejected me, but why are you still keeping the bouquet I gave you?”

Flur: “Well, I…”

Don: “Uncle Mek is having an affair with Pee Luk-tan!”


Seriously, I felt bad for every parent out there, and also young boys and girls. Sometimes you may have to learn it the hard way getting to know the way of the world. The burdens every head of the family has to carry, sometimes are obscured by strict rules and orders, because priorities in life won’t mean anything without cash flows, despite the kids’ expectations of a loving family. The truth hits hard and it depends on which player you are in the game  🙂

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