Tai Ngao Jun Episode 9

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Episode 9

Part 1

Pabu asks her stepmother where her father is. Kate says he went to the restroom. Pabu asks how the food is. Kate says it’s good and congratulates Pabu that finally she got something done. Pabu says she has to thank her for being her inspiration, if that day she didn’t force her to leave home, she wouldn’t encounter such fabulous job and life.

Tho overhears them. Kate says she’s quite surprised that Khun StaYu trusts her when she didn’t finish school, had no experiences and no good qualifications. Kate says, “Don’t tell me that you got this job because you exchanged your body for it.” Kate adds that Khun Tho seems interested in her too so she’d better tie him down fast and marry him, so that she won’t come back home anymore.

MathuRot shows up and thanks Kate for her advice but she thinks her daughter won’t do that. “So, this is Flur’s mother?” Kate smirks. MathuRot says yes, this is she, and she should be Khun Manoo’s new wife, and Flur talked about her a lot.

MathuRot thanks her for being so picky that her daughter had to run from her father’s house, or Flur wouldn’t be so successful today. Kate asks if this can be called successful. MathuRot says for someone who didn’t finish school but is able to get a good job in a big company, for her, that’s called successful.

MathuRot says it’s better than someone who got a college degree but doing nothing and just spending time on botox-ing each day and letting her husband provide for her. Kate asks if she just criticizes her and wants to slap MathuRot. Tho runs to stand between them and begs them not to pick a fight. Manoo and Bam help taking Kate away.

MathuRot asks Tho if he’s all righ. Flur asks her mom if she’s drunk because she never seen her this way. MathuRot says must be mother’s instinct do the work.

Manoo and Bam push Kate in the van. He tells her to stay here and calm down first. Kate says no doubts Pabu takes after her evil mother. Manoo tells Bam to keep her mother here. Bam tells Kate to calm down, bad mood will ruin her beauty. Kate pauses at that.

Manoo comes to apologize to Mathurot that Kate talked to her rudely. MathuRot says it’s all right and she’s not the kind to hold grudge. When he starts to leave, she asks if he’s been doing well. He smiles and nods then asks how about her. Mathurot says she’s fine too. He thanks her for helping Flur when he’s such a bad father, couldn’t even protect his own child and made Flur run away from home.

MathuRot says he’s done his best while she didn’t get a chance to be her mother at all. “Just think that you are letting me share the job of raising our child. You would feel better that way.” she suggests.

Manoo smiles and says thank you so much, truly. MathuRot says she had to thank his mother for raising Flur so well when Flur didn’t grow up having her parents by her side, and she’s so happy that Flur turned into a good girl.

Flur joins them and asks what they are trying to recollect. Manoo says they are gossiping about her, how she was stubborn, naughty and difficult to raise.

Flur says since she could remember, she never saw them talk like this at all. She tells them to take selfies together.

Flur says she couldn’t believe what they prepared all sold out today, and if it’s this good everyday, all investment will return soon. Get says he thinks so too.

Tho tells Flur that he brings her a present for the restaurant’s opening. Flur asks if it’s from his grandfather again. Tho says it’s from himself this time.

He shows it to them. It’s a model of the restaurant. Flur asks if he did it himself. Tho says yes and he intended to make it look like this restaurant so that they can display it here. Get says it’s cute and there are  all of them on it too. Flur thanks Tho and says she likes it a lot.

George asks why he isn’t on it. Tho says he came to work with them recently so he couldn’t do it in time. Tho says he will put him on it next time.

Buri tells George not to be upset when he himself designed the place but he isn’t on it too. Flur can feel the tension between two men. Tho says he knew that Buri knew how to do it, and he’s afraid it wouldn’t come out as good as his. Get says he wants to see Buri’s skills making one too, it must be so cute. Buri says of course.

Michael asks Flur if she will report about the thief yesterday to the police. Flur tells Tho that she will leave it to him because today’s event passed by nicely and she doesn’t mind it. Tho says he thinks the same way too.

Get says from now on, they must be extra careful.

Part 2

Get asks Buri if he’s thinking about Flur. Buri nods.

“You want to tell her but you can’t.” Get guesses. Buri asks how he knows. Get says he experienced it before. Get says Flur wants to concentrate on her work, but if he keeps fighting, she may get softened one day.

“This guy likes Pee Flur too? You’d better give up. Pee Flur won’t be interested in a man like you!” Don shows up.

Don says Pee Flur likes a western guy with six packs, big eyes and prominent nose, which isn’t him at all. Get asks when Flur said that for him to keep babbling. Don asks where Pee Flur is. Get says he doesn’t know.

Tho found Pabu sleeping with her head resting on a table in the garden. He stands there until she wakes up. She asks why he’s standing in the sunlight. Tho says for his body to absorb vitamin D, he normally stays in the office and rarely feels the sunlight on him. He says he feels fresh in the sunlight like this. Flur says he can sit down.

“If I sit down, you will be hot (due to sunlight).” Tho says. Flur beams. He says he has something to talk to her about Don. He thinks he may have a bias against Don, so he will let him study abroad. Flur is happy to hear that.

Tho says he will let Don take some courses for three months and if he doesn’t attend class, he will go bring him home and will never mess with his life again. Flur tells him to tell Don quickly so that Don will be happy. Tho says he intends to tell him later, because he’s afraid Don won’t pay attention to his class in Thailand once he knows it.

Flur says she’s so happy for Don. They stare at each other then Tho says he will go to kitchen to talk with Michael about the menu.

“See now, how much your brother loves you?” Flur asks Don who walks out from behind the bushes. Don pauses then walks away.

Manoo comes home and says he didn’t think Flur would grow up and take such responsibilities. Bam says the restaurant looks nice and the food is great too, and they couldn’t serve it fast enough. Kate argues that the place is simple and the food is so-so. Bam says if the food didn’t taste good, she wouldn’t order these many take-away(s).

Manoo says Flur has changed and grown up so Kate should stop her biasing. Kate says his daughter would behave nice only in front of him. Manoo sighs and tells Bam to take care of her mom. Bam wants to leave too but Kate asks since when she knew that girl’s friends. Bam says through Facebook, then she excuses herself to pick up an incoming call.

Luk-tan says she was terrified when his grandson walked in, so do not make her do this kind of risky task again. Mek says he only wants to know how the will was written. She says why he needs to know, once the result of the DNA test comes out, the will may be changed. He says that’s right, once the test result comes out, Tho’s life will change for sure.

Tho drops Flur back to the condo. He says she doesn’t look well and he thinks she could be sick. Flur says she just feels sleepy. He tells her to get a good rest. She thanks him then walks inside.

Buri waits until he hears that Flur comes back then he plays his guitar loudly. Toi says he’s trying to work here. Buri continues with it. Toi repeats again that he wants to work. Buri says normally she will shout or knock at the door by now. He opens the door and makes loud noise again.

A girl-man comes to the door and yells at them, what’s with this noise. He invites Buri to go play in his room if he wants to continue. Buri says sorry. The man threatens him not to do it the second time or Buri will come play with him at his room. He asks if Buri is interested. Buri shakes his head. The man tells them to be careful then closes the door and leaves.

Buri knocks at the door of Pabu’s room but no one answers. He imagines a cop found a dead body in the room so he says he will do whatever it takes for the one he loves. He means to break the door but Pabu opens it first. Buri hurts himself while charging at the door. She asks if he’s really going to break the door to come inside. He says it’s because she didn’t answer him, he asks if she’s well.

She says she’s tired and fell asleep. He checks her temperature and she has a fever. He asks if she took some medicine. She says no and she doesn’t have it. She says it’s all right, only a nap and it’ll go away.

He tells her to wait and he will…She asks if he’s going to the drugstore. He says he will get it from his room, then tells her to wait a sec. Buri runs back to his room while Pabu closes the door.

Part 3

Buri actually bikes to a drugstore to get medicine for her. He comes back and tells her to eat boiled rice then take the med. He says one tablet every six hours and stops once her temperature lowered.

Pabu stares at him so he asks why staring. She thanks him for going out to buy it. He says he didn’t go and got it from his room. She looks at the receipt and asks if his room could print this out. He grabs it and puts the receipt in his pocket.

Pabu is touched and says, “You are always nice to me and help me. I don’t know how to thank you enough.” He says that’s all right.

She asks why he came to see her earlier. He says he came to give her a present for the restaurant’s opening. She says but he came empty-handed. Buri sends a picture to her phone, a painting with a tag line, “This flower will never rotten and stay with you forever.”

Buri says his flower may not be as expensive as her boss’s, but it won’t get rotten and she can carry with her everywhere. She says it’s rotten from the first sentence he wrote (cheesy), but thank you so much.

She asks why a sunflower. He says, “I’m not sure, but you are similar to a sunflower.” She asks, “Bright and cheerful?”  He says no, broad face which looks pretty only in the morning, after sun sets, it’s a raw face. LOL.

He tells her to eat already. When he finishes doing the dishes, Pabu already falls asleep.

Tho calls Flur and Buri sees it. Buri hangs up on him. Tho sends her a text asking how she is and if she’s sleeping, then tells her to get a lot of rest. Buri answers for her that she went to bed already, do not disturb. Tho feels bad a bit while Buri is satisfied.

Tho tells Kitja that he’s exercising this early. Kitja says or he won’t be fit and firm like his grandson. Kitja asks if there were a lot of customers at the restaurant yesterday. Tho says there were many and they all complimented the place. Kitja says it’s good if it’s going to be like this everyday, but he’s afraid that Pabu will be so busy that she has no time for Tho. “That’s true. She’s so busy that she doesn’t know how I feel.” Tho agrees.

Kitja asks him why don’t tell her how he feels and suggests Tho find time to tell her what kind of his feeling for her. Tho asks if it’s a good idea and not too soon. Kitja says what era they are in now, so why too soon.

Kitja suggests Tho ask her to the opening of a shop he will attend since she loves fashion, and take this occasion to show her to everyone. Tho says he will think about it. Kitja says don’t think too much or he could lose her. He says Tho’s opponent is quite something, and he heard they moved to live next door.

Tho asks how he knew it and if Pim told him. Kitja says he could learn it himself and no need to hear it from anyone.

Don is heading out so Tho asks where he’s going. Kitja tells him to come exercise together. Dong greets him then leaves without a word. Tho tells Kitja not to be angry at Don and may be the hurt from last time is still there.

Buri waits at the door when Pabu comes out. He gives her a med box filled with medicine and a label on it. He wrote the details how to take the med in the box (i.e. after meal). She is impressed and says thank you. He tells her not to forget to take the med or she could fall sick again. He feels her temperature and says the fever is still there so he will drive her to work. Pabu nods while Buri turns around and lets out a smile.

Part 4

Pabu arrives at the restaurant and there’s no customer at all. Michael says for a newly opened restaurant, it’s normal. Pabu argues that there were many came yesterday. Get says most of them were relatives and very few were customers. Pabu says that’s right.

Michael tells her to wait for lunch break or after working hours, some may come to try the food here. Buri secretly takes out Tho’s small figure from the model and smiles like a boy. When Pabu tells him to eat something before he leaves, Buri says he’d rather go now.

Get sees the way they say goodbye, he teases what is between them. Bam says Pee Buri comes in the morning and again in the evening, Khun Tho is now at a disadvantage. Bam says she called Pee Flur last night but Khun Buri picked up and said Pee Flur was sick.

Get tells Flur to tell them now why they were together. Flur recalls how she woke up and found Buri in her room, and he tenderly put a cold pad on her forehead to help reducing the fever.

Flur tells them there’s nothing and stop imagining it. She gets up to get to work.

Get says could it be Flur likes Buri already because she’s never this shy. Bam says so many men came courting her, but she was never shy. Michael says no, looks like nothing can be confirmed just yet.

MekPat says the contract is very interesting. The man says if he makes orders from his company, his boss will give him 3 times more of his share than the last time. Mek asks about the quality of their products. The man says it lowers somewhat but he guarantees no one will notice the difference. Mek says he needs to think about it, it’s too risky because last time Tho doubted him and he doesn’t want trouble. The man says he can contact him anytime if he changes his mind. He gets up and leaves.

Mek picks up a call and asks Ngam if the DNA test result has come out yet. Ngam says not yet, but the hospital should call her soon. He says all right, see her at home.

Don and Ton are in a net cafe again. Ton sees that Don is surfing the net about a guidance on higher education. Ton says if Don wants to look at this kind of websites, he can do it at home. Don asks per his character, what he should become (his future career). Ton says a sucker, to suck his parents’ money out of their pockets and spend it. Don pokes his head.

Ton asks if his sister had brainwashed him to become this good boy who likes education. Don says he doesn’t change one bit and only seeks revenge on those who looked down on him. Ton says it’s the same thing!

Ngam and Mek are disappointed that the test result confirms that Tho is Reung’s child. Mek says how Tho could be this lucky and asks if there’s no way they can attack him. Ngam asks what they should do next, and if their father dies, Tho will probably get everything and won’t give them any respect, look at how he treated them nowadays.

She asks if they should ask some money to open their own company from dad, and if something happens in the future, they won’t have to beg Tho because they will have their own company. Mek says he will find the right time and talk to father. Ngam says he can seriously court Jemi, and if the luck is with him, he may get to take care of Khun ChatChai’s company after him.

“I know that, I’m working hard on it!” Mek says.

Part 5

Mek is trying to woo Jemi. He asks if she thinks about continuing her education, and management field would be a good choice for her, so that in the future she can take care of the company. Jemi says but she doesn’t like that field and doesn’t think she will work in the company.

Mek asks who will take care of her father’s company then. Jemi says she doesn’t know that and she doesn’t pay attention to it. He says she should pay attention to it and he’s worried about her. Jemi smiles and tells him to continue eating.

Buri is in a really good mood. He asks Jemi how her date with Khun Mek was. “What date? We just had a meal and went shopping.” she says. Buri says that’s exactly it. She asks what he wants to tell her, just say it.

He says last night Khun Pabu got sick and he had a chance to earn more points taking care of her, and he sent her to work this morning, and she asked him to have a meal together too. Jemi says nothing that special at all. He argues that he could feel that she feels good about him. He asks if she thinks Pabu knows that he’s courting her.

Jemi says why she wouldn’t know that, she must act indifferent to date both men at the same time for sure. Buri says that shouldn’t be. Jemi says he’s innocent to women’s tricks, and if that really bothers him then confess and ask her, then it will be clear to him.

Jemi tells him to ask her out tonight then confess and ask her, so it will all end. He says he’s not sure if that’s a good idea and he doesn’t have the courage. She says then she will do it for him, she tells him to hand over his phone. Buri says it’s not nice to do it that way.

“Aren’t you afraid that Khun Pabu will fall into Pee Tho’s hand?” she asks. Buri gives her his phone immediately. She sends text and tells him she already sent a text asking her out. Buri says that easy? She returns that why make it difficult.

Tho recalls how his grandfather suggested he ask Pabu out, so he sends her a text.

Pabu receives both texts. Get teases that one man asks her to attend a prestige event with him while another man simply asks her to go hang out together. He asks which one she will choose to go with.

Tho waits for her reply but it doesn’t appear to arrive. Buri is so happy and tells Jemi that Pabu accepts to go out with him. Jemi is happy for him and says she will think of a way for him to confess his love. Buri thanks her and grabs a piece of cracker from her hand and eats it. Jemi says that’s bird’s food. Buri runs in circles, the world is such a joyful place.

Tho also gets a reply from Pabu and he beams.

Get couldn’t believe she accepts to go out with both men. Pabu says she doesn’t have to choose, and it’s at a different time, so she will go out with both.

Michael says what she’s doing is wrong, giving hope to both men. Get says that’s right. He says Khun Tho buys things for her morning and evening because he’s trying to win her over, but she turns a blind eye and keeps taking his gifts. Get says clearly she’s fooling him for gifts.

Pabu says she didn’t ask for it and he bought it himself, while Khun Buri didn’t have to buy her anything and only took care of her when she’s sick. Get says that’s called using him.

Pabu says she didn’t use him, he came to help her on his own, so what she could do about that. Michael says the problem is both men will be nicer and nicer to her each day, so she’d better clear it with both and not turn a blind eye keep taking his gifts or his services like this.

Get says if she’s still not sure then use this opportunity to really notice whom she is happier to be with, perhaps that will help her be clear about it.

StaYu and Pabu come to the grand opening of a fashion boutique together. Tho tells her he will be right back. Pabu says all right.

Tho hands her a drink and says he notices she loves fashion so he brings her to this event. Pabu thanks him. He says if she likes it, there will be a thank-you party later. He invites her to join him. Some reporters come and ask Tho for an interview so he tells Pabu he will be back.

Pabu walks around and isn’t crazy about the event. A text comes in from Get, “How is choice no.1?” She looks at Tho and replies that she isn’t sure if she will love this kind of life, and she’s now a bit bored.

Get warns her to switch (train) tracks fast and be on time to jump on board choice no.2 tonight. Pabu just pouts.

Part 6

Tho and Pabu are taking a stroll. He asks if she’s bored today. She says not at all, it’s a pleasure. Pabu thinks of Get’s advice to take this chance to talk about Khun Tho’s life and see if it fits her life’s style.

She asks what he normally does in his free time. He says he would exercise and read books. Pabu thinks that’s o-kay because she loves to exercise too.

She asks the kind of books he usually reads. He says books on stock market and stocks’ trends. “So boring!” she thinks. She asks where he loves to hang out. He says he loves to visit other countries which have beautiful architectures, and will use it as the company’s inspirations. She says it seems he dedicates on his work.

Tho says that’s right, if he puts his best efforts (cares and attention) into it and makes it strong, no matter how long time has passed, the houses and buildings he constructed will remain there, that’s why he always tells his employees to put their best efforts when  building houses.

Pabu says put best cares and attention to other people’s houses, but don’t forget to do that to his own house too. She tells him not to work hard until he has no time for people around him like her father. He says looks like he resembles her father in many ways.

Pabu says so many ways, especially when he’s with Don. Tho says today she asked him many questions, so let him ask her too. She nods.

Tho thinks of his grandfather’s advice to be straightforward and ask her how she feels for him. Tho turns to her and says it’s said that a woman would love a man who resembled her father, he asks if she thinks it’s true. She says it depends on each person. He asks, “How about you? Do you like a man who resembles your father?”

She says she likes that, and she also likes a man who filled with warmth and kindness, capable with his job and, most importantly, must have lots of money for her to spend, just like her dad.

Pabu feels awkward when he keeps staring at her. She asks him what kind of woman he likes.

He pauses to look at her then says, “I like woman who is capable, confident, expresses herself well, talks straightforwardly, sincere and won’t back down easily, pays attention to her work, fashionable, pretty, and wears short hair.”

The more he says it the more Pabu feels uneasy.

“That sounds familiar. It’s just like me.” she says.

“Of course, it’s you and what I mean is…”

Pabu gets up suddenly and says they should go back now and it’s already very late. She walks away and Tho knows what it could mean. He’s a businessman so the message she’s sending won’t go unnoticed by him.

Tho drives her back to the condo and thanks her for accompanying him today. She says, “My pleasure and thank you for dropping me.” She gets off his car and he drives away.

Buri calls out to her and says, “You went out with Khun Tho and then joining me next?” She asks if he wants to take her then. He says of course, but his car isn’t as luxurious as Khun Tho’s. He asks if she wants to come. She says if his car is still working, she can sit in it, and she won’t be the one who drives so she’s fine with it.

She says she will go change first. Buri insists that she can come like this. She asks where he’s taking her. He says she will know once she’s there.

They walk along a street market together. She screams when seeing some paper dolls. He asks if she knows it too. She says her grandmother bought it for her and she had like hundred dresses of it. Buri says no wonder she takes after these dolls, since he known her, she never wears the same dress twice. She asks if he wants to dress like these paper dolls. He tells her to keep choosing. She can’t decide which one to buy.

They stop at a stall selling dolls. When she learns the price (big one is 200, small one is 20), Pabu says it’s so cheap. When she picks a monkey doll and says. “Ling-gang!”, Buri picks a woman doll and says it looks like her. She asks how. He says the doll’s face looks like she’s going to throw a tantrum all the time. LOL.

She picks a full basket of small dolls and one big one, and tells the saleslady that this man will pay for it. Buri has to pay for it while Pabu continues on their way.

Part 7

Buri thinks of how Jemi told him to put the ring inside an ice-cream then confess his love. He argues that’s outdated. She says it’s so classic and romantic, like how people purpose. He asks if that’s true. Jemi confirms it since she’s a woman so she knows best, she already feels shy thinking about it.

Buri smiles and hands Pabu a cup of ice-cream. Pabu says she’s having such a great time today and she got to buy things from when she’s a kid too. Buri says she told him how her grandmother bought her this kind of things so he brought her here.

Pabu thanks him so he beams. He recalls that Jemi told him to talk about their good times together in the past while she hadn’t found the ring.

Buri tells Pabu that they knew each other for quite some time now, and she always brought him trouble such as…, she fought with street boys, her heels broke, got splashed by acid, and got sick when he went to see her.

She says it seems she fell unlucky every time she met him. He says on the contrary, he’s her knight in shining armor when she’s in trouble. She says it’s true, since she left her dad’s house, there’s only him who helped her all the time.

“Feeling touched?” he beams.

“Quite touched.” she thinks about it.

Buri tells her to hurry finish the ice-cream so they will walk around some more. Looks like Pabu knows the trick so she gives the cup back to him. He asks if she finished all of it. She says yes and it’s delicious so where he bought it from. He says the one over there. She says she will buy one more then walks away.

“Did she swallow the ring too?” Buri says after checking the empty cup.

Pabu takes the ring out of her mouth and says she almost got in big trouble.

Don comes to the restaurant and asks Get where Flur is. Get says she went back already. Don says he came to deliver her good news. Get asks if what it is. Don says he intends to study hard and wants to study abroad. Get is glad and asks why he changes his mind.

Don says he heard Pee Tho would let him study abroad. Get is happy for him. Don says but Pee Tho may change his mind later. Get says he doesn’t have to care about that when he can enter exams for scholarships, these days there are so many around, so he doesn’t have to beg his family.

Don asks, “Me? Taking exams to compete for scholarships?” Don says just pass an exam in his school is good enough for him. Get says if he really wants it, he can do it, and if he won a scholarship, everyone would be stunned. Don gets excited and asks what he needs to do.

Kitja asks Mek if he’s asking for his money to open his own company. Mek says he wants to have his own small company, to start from scratch like him. Kitja says Mek just begged to let him oversee Khun ChatChai’s project recently, to which he’s still not sure if it will survive. Kitja asks if he should give it to him.

Kitja says the current company has grown so big and only needs good development plan, yet he couldn’t do that. Mek says if he’s given a chance, he definitely will be able to do it.

Kitja says to open a new company is not something to do for fun, and he knew him enough that he won’t survive, he won’t make it.

A housekeeper comes to tell Kitja that Tho came home already. Kitja gets up and tells Mek to think about it again and if he’s confident about it, he may allow him to do it, but with his own money only, then that can be called start from scratch just like him in the past.

Kitja walks away. Luk-tan says he must hurry to ask Khun Tho how his date with Khun Pabu was. She says if his father doesn’t want to give him money then leave it, why start a new company and exhaust himself.

She suggest he works in the current company and takes as much as he can out of it, it’s easier that way, and if he’s scared that his father may find out, he can deposit the money into her bank account instead.

Mek says he thinks so too, when he asked for it nicely and he wouldn’t give it to him, then he will just take it all from him. He says he will make him an old man with nothing left.

Mek is on the phone and says about his offer today, he will accept it, let’s talk about the details tomorrow.

Part 8

Kitja sits down and asks Tho if he told Pabu his feeling already. Tho says not yet, he felt that Khun Pabu was trying to avoid it so he didn’t say it.

“Did she try to avoid it?” Kitja asks. He says in that case, he think they should give her more time. Tho agrees and he thinks he may have pressed her a little too hard so she now feels uncomfortable. Kitja says it’s all right and they only need to change tactic, let it happen slowly. He tells Tho to impress her little by little.

Tho chuckles so Kitja asks what’s so funny. Tho says grandfather appears more serious than himself. Kitja says he suddenly feels fresh like he’s doing something for the first time. “Also, I’m glad that my grandson falls in love for the first time, finally.” Kitja says.

Tho feels shy and Kitja stops him right away. “Never show you are shy in front of Khun Pabu or she may see you belong to another spectrum, and that will ruin my reputation.”

Okay, it makes me laugh here. I mean Great Warin, shy? Nah.

Buri walks Pabu to her room. Pabu thanks him for everything he’s done for her, and it leaves her with a really good impression. “Have a nice dream.” both say at the same time. He says he will get going for real now. She nods.

Toi asks how his date with Khun Pabu was. Buri sits down and beams. Toi says judging by his face, she likes him, does she not.

“Not yet. I haven’t asked her yet.” Buri says.

“Then why this big smile like a satellite dish?” Toi asks.

“I’m in love!”

“You’re in love by yourself, and squeal like this already. Tell me, how was today?” Toi asks.

Buri says even though Khun Pabu didn’t say a thing, he could feel some kind of energy that she’s so impressed and felt very nice, and she said he’s a good person and he helped her all the time too.

Toi is happy for him and says he should have confessed his love today already so all be done with. Toi tells him to send her text and tell her to secure his selling. Buri starts typing, “Actually, today there’s something I want to tell you.”

Pabu sets Buri’s painting on her phone to be a home screen. Buri gets a reply from her asking what it is. Toi tells him to type, “I like you.” He urges him to do it.

“I felt very happy today. I like you a lot.” Buri pauses and says he doesn’t dare send it. Toi does it for him and tells him wait for her reply.

Buri gets a reply which says, “Me, too.” He shouts. They hug each other because it only means she likes him back.

Jemi asks to be sure that Khun Pabu said she liked him. Buri says he didn’t tell her in person but sent a text to her. Jemi says no way, that fussy girl won’t commit herself easily. Buri asks if she’s cheering him on it or what, she urged him to say it and once she said okay, now she won’t believe it, then why told him to do it then.

Jemi says she urged him to express his feeling but she didn’t think Khun Pabu would admit this fast, it’s odd. Buri accuses her of feeling jealous that he earned more points than her. She asks if he’s imagining it.

He shows her Pabu’s text. Jemi takes a look and laughs out loud. She tells him to read it again carefully. Buri reads it and swears. He misspelled the word ‘I like you a lot’ to ‘I thank you a lot.” (looking similar in alphabets)

Jemi teases either he was overly excited and misspelled it or his eyes were too small to notice. “It’s all right. There will always be the next time. Oh, I-thank-you-a-lot. Haha.” Jemi stresses and leaves.

Get asks Pabu how her dates were last night and if it’s so great. She says what great, she almost choked because of a ring. She says she meant to get to know them, but both men launched at her wanting to confess their love. She says Khun Buri put a ring in her ice-cream, luckily she didn’t swallow it.

Get asks what the conclusion is, which one makes her feel good. Pabu thinks hard about it. Get says Khun Buri is nice, she will feel good being around him, and it seems he loves her very much, and that time she got splashed with some acid, he really put himself in danger to rescue her.

Bam says but with Khun Tho, once she marries him, there will be no problems of mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law, because Flur’s mother and her husband’s mother are the same person. “So true! With Khun Buri, his mother will surely come mess with you.” Get adds.

Pabu says not that bad, she’s just possessive of her son, and she’s actually quite lovely. Bam and Get smile that Pabu makes an excuse for Buri’s mother. Bam asks which one interests her then, no.1 or no.2

Pabu can’t answer that.

“I knew it! I knew you would be this indecisive so I’ve prepared, on paper, the pros and cons of both men for you, which promotion or package you should choose to fit you perfectly.” Get shows it to her.

Bam reads it and says it’s really into detail. “Khun Tho -> give job and find a place to stay. Khun Buri -> has good mood, feel happy to be with, kind, come to rescue when some acid was splashed, very attentive when falling sick, won’t contradict her whatsoever (she points her finger and says it’s a bird, then he will say it’s a bird too), so if they get married in the future, he will be…scared of his wife!”

Pabu asks if Get has so much free time to write such nonsense. She walks away but turns back to grab the page, then she walks away with it.

“What did she just say?” Get asks Bam.

They both say, “Nonsense!”

Part 9

Pabu studies the pros and cons really hard. Get and Bam come behind her and he says by looking at her back, he knows right away that she’s still confused. Bam says then they must prove it. She suggests they call both men here and keep an eye on Pee Flur, how she will react to each of them. Get loves the idea.

MekPat signs the contract and says the condo project under him will purchase materials soon. He asks the man if, for sure, no one will notice the difference of the products’ qualities. The man assures him that. Mek tells him to deliver the goods on Monday because others will be busy with the customers’ thank-you party, and he will pull Tho’s attention elsewhere. The man agrees to do that.

Luk-tan says it’s good that he signed the contract so money will reach their pocket sooner, and she will strip Khun Kitja of his wealth too. She assures him that Kitja is now head over heels falling for her.

She hangs up then notices Don is nearby. She gets nervous but sees that Don has earphones on him. She asks if he won’t go to school today. Don says no, he skips it. He tells her not to tell his grandfather about it. She says she won’t tell him because she did it too when she’s in school. Don thanks her and walks away.

Don rounds the corner then takes a deep breath. It appears he heard everything she said. Don calls his dad who is busy gambling. Don says he needs to talk with him. Reung asks what it is. Don says he heard that Pee Luk-tan was fooling grandpa. A man interrupts the conversation so Reung didn’t hear him well.

Reung asks again what Don said just now. But when he lost the bet, he lost the mood to talk too. Reung tells Don they will talk at home and hangs up. The boy is lost on what to do. Luk-tan walks over and Don walks away immediately which makes her feel something went wrong.

Mek gives Buri a document. He says he asked someone to design and make purchase orders for the project already, it’s on the document. Jemi looks at the design and loves it, it’s beautiful and modern. Mek tells Buri his job is to oversee that the construction follows the design he wants only.

Buri looks at the document and is surprised. Mek asks if there’s any problem. Buri asks why he purchases materials from a different company, when he thinks the previous supplier is already good. Mek says this company offers a cheaper price.

Buri says there’s a rumor about this company that they sell below-standard products, so he thinks this company shouldn’t be trusted. Jemi asks if that’s true and if her father’s condo will come out good.

Mek says it’s just a rumor, and discrediting competitor is normal. Mek repeats that Buri’s job is to oversee the design so just do his job well.

Tho tells Pim to make sure the thank-you party for their clients will turn out well and leave them with good impressions, and he doesn’t want a single mistake on it. Pim asks if he wants her to send someone to inspect Khun ChatChai’s condo project. Tho says no, he doesn’t to hurt uncle Mek’s feeling that he doesn’t trust him.Tho says he will trust him this once. Pim says it’ll be great if Khun Mek knows that he cares about his feeling.

Pim gets a call that the party got canceled. She reports it to Tho that the hotel canceled the party due to fire broke out in that room and they can’t fix it in time. She says they send him their apology and are willing to find a new venue for them in another hotel. Pim says during this time, most hotels’ event hall are fully booked, so what they should do.

“How about we have the party at ‘La Moon’? What do you think?” Tho asks.

Pim agrees. He says even though La Moon is simple and small, Michael’s food is up to par with any hotels’ chefs. Tho says about the place, more decorations should do it, moreover, the restaurant belongs to them so it should help impress their clients. Pim smiles with relief.

Michael asks Pabu if she’s sure to accept this event. She says just to entertain the clients, what’s so hard. He says their restaurant is newly opened and many things didn’t fall into place yet, so how they can do a huge event.

Pabu says but it will help promoting their restaurant, and because they need to do it in a hurry, she can extra-charge Khun Tho the same amount as a hotel. She says the most important thing is Michael will also get a chance to show his skills. “Don’t you love any challenge?” she asks. Michael stares at her.

“So? If you’re okay with it, I will tell Khun Tho right away.” she asks. “Please!” she begs him.

Luk-tan tells Mek when she was talking to him, his grandson showed up out of nowhere. She thought he heard them at first, but luckily, he put on his earphones. Mek scolds her for not being careful, and it happened many times already, they could get caught. She says she didn’t mean it and tells him to test the waters with Don, see if he heard anything, because it’s been disturbing her.

Mek says he will take care of it and orders her to tie his grandfather down already, then she can stay here having no one gets suspicious of her.

Mek comes sit down with Don. He says if his father is busy and he has any problem or needs some money, he can come talk to him. Don smiles and thanks him. Mek says he needs his help about Luk-tan. Don perks up and asks what it is.

Mek says he doesn’t trust this women, she could be a gold-digger hungry for his grandpa’s money. Mek tells Don to keep an eye on her and if there’s something suspicious, tell him right away. Don pauses so Mek asks if he saw something strange already. Don hesitates then says no, nothing and he will tell him should something turns up. Mek is satisfied.

Get asks Bam how the plan is going. She says she called Khun Tho and when he said he’s on his way here, she didn’t say anything. Get says he called Khun Buri too and he’s heading here. Bam says all right, now they can keep their eye on Pee Flur, which man she will react oddly when she’s around him. Get wishes that both men won’t be here at the same time, if so, Pabu will stay put as usual.

Tho and Buri arrive at the same time. LOL.

Tho asks Buri if he stops by to have a meal. Buri says yes and will wait to take Khun Pabu back too. Tho says but tonight he had an appointment to discuss work with her. Buri says it’s all right and he can wait.

Tho says Buri will just waste his time so he will drive her back himself. Buri repeats that it’s all right. They look at each other.

Pabu asks Get what kind of theme they should use for the party. She sees both men walking in and panics. Get whispers that trains will collide for sure. Pabu asks Tho why he’s here and why he didn’t give her a notice first. She also asks Buri why he came.

Buri says he came for a meal and will take her back to her room too. Tho says he came to discuss the clients’ thank-you party with her, and will drop her off too. Pabu tells Buri to go have a meal and Tho to come discuss work with her, but, none of them needs to drop her off.

Buri asks why, when they will go back the same route. She stammers that she will meet with her friend for an exercise after the restaurant is closed.

She turns to Get and asks if they agreed to a badminton match tonight. Get says that’s right, then he invites both men to join them too. He says more people more fun. Pabu couldn’t believe Get is doing this to her. LOL.

Episode 10 Preview

Tho: “I’ll admit that I like you.”

Pabu: “But I’m not ready!”

Tho: “Is it because you like Khun Buri?”

Pim: “Did you have an argument with Khun Pabu?”

Tho: “From now on, I will try to keep some distance between us and will talk to you only about work, so that it won’t trouble you anymore.”

Pabu: “I’m not Casanov-ie, am I?”

Get: “You’re clearly *Nang Wan-thong, the two-timer!” (*from a folktale)

Kitja: “Don!”

Don: “I will tell everyone the truth!”


Both men stay true to their feeling while our girl hasn’t yet come to term with her own, which is quite understandable. Pabu didn’t prepare to settle down but circumstances are pushing her to it, surely that needs some adjustment on her life’s agenda and she seems reluctant to do so. In her mind, well, why hurry?

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