Soundtrack: Kor Pen JaoSao Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai


Great’s role as Pur (Poon) here is quite similar to Khun Tho (Tai Ngao Jun) but the pain just cut deeper.

Song title: Chi-wit Jing Mai-chai Ni-yai (real life, not a fiction)

Artist: Ton Thanasit Chaturapush

Official MV

Can be just someone, who doesn’t have the right to love (you)

That’s all I can be, and I know well enough

Can be just someone, who keeps worrying (about you)

Secretly looking at you from far away, and doesn’t dare step closer

* [ How I love you

The more I love you

I must keep it inside

No one must know it

** [ Must keep it in my heart, as deep as it can be

No matter how painful, must accept it

We can never love

It will never come true like in a fiction,

Which concludes in the end with love (fulfilled) ] ]

Can be just someone, who is unimportant

Must stay away from you, or my heart will love you even more

Can be just a breeze passes you by, to comfort you

Be what I can be, it’s more than enough

(Repeat [*]/[**])


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  1. Love the lakorn and the this OSt so much! Thank you, dearie!

    • Now I know why the grandmother hated our P’ek so much. Is because what P’ek father did toward Grandmother 20 years ago by rejecting her loves toward him that she is holding a grudges against him. Eventhough the man she loves is already dead, she is still comdemn his son to the same misery she felt. Poor R’Purn, anything he did or do turned out wrong! That is not fair. Isn’t?????

      • I watch this Lakron on youtube (Thai tv3 official YouTube channel). Only can understand few contents (still learning Thai language). wonder why grandma hate poon so much from 1st episode till now (gosh it is 9th episode now). Now I get the answer. I hope I could watch this lakorn till last episode.

    • What makes Vivar-trapped-in-MookRinBody awesome is, Vivar gets to hear how Lom criticizes her so harshly while trying to sleep with MoonRin, and Vivar gets to see how far Pur can go for her sake. For a confident girl, to realize she’s totally misjudged people around her is her grand prize. Well, at least, to me 🙂

      In the novel, Pur would spent his days and nights sitting beside the comatose Vivar, talking to her. When he told his relatives how he loved Vivar (to have her as his wife), everyone cringed and he got rejections all around, but no, he kept trying 🙂

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