Kor Pen Jaosao Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai Episode 1

Wow…what an intense episode one. It did a great job introducing the key players all at once and they are such an attitude, and I mean all of them.


Episode 1 (Summary)

Vivar walks along the aisle and when a pastor asks if the groom is ready, a man answers that he’s ready.

“Khun Leuk-lap!” (Mr. Mysterious) The pastor asks if the bride didn’t see the groom before, judging by her reaction and what a name he has. The man says that’s not his name but it’s Vivar who came up with it. Vivar says she asked him many times but he didn’t tell her so she called him that. The pastor asks if she doesn’t even know his real name on this wedding day. Vivar explains that Khun Leuk-lap often come in her dream, “Wait, a dream? Am I dreaming?” she realizes.

“That’s right. You are in a dream and I came to warn you that it’s time you wake up.” he says.

When she asks why, he asks if she forgot that today is her important day. She realizes it’s her day today and wants to look at the time, but he’s not wearing any wristwatch so she runs saying she’s late. Then she trips and falls down.

Vivar wakes up and says she had a dream of him again. She looks at the time and screams that it’s late.

A man wearing a business suit enters the building and is greeted by everyone. He stops to bow at a portrait then continues on his way. The meeting is going on discussing the world money market and how they should look at it. The man, standing in the front, talks about how their bank already transferred all bonds to China ahead of time, by the vice-president’s order. Another man says that would mean this week their bank sails smoothly without any problem. He says their vice president should get another job, a fortune-teller, because he could predict the world economy so precisely. He says then they don’t have anything to worry about.

Pur (pronounces ‘Poon’) turns around and says no, there are things to worry about. He talks about the possibility of Yuan devaluation by the Chinese Government, and if it happens, they must be ready with a backup plan. Then he orders Khun Ekasit to ask Analysis Department to keep an eye on the move and if, after 5 p.m. local time, nothing happens then they can be at ease.

The man calls the meeting done because the VP has an important business to do. Pur gets up and tells P’Sawat that the way he calls him VP, it makes him feel shy so call him ‘Pur’ like before.

“Yes, sir, Mr. Vice President!” he still addresses him the same way.

So now we know that Pur is a capable banker with a jealous staff in hand.

MokRin, a famous actress, and Bee, her manager, walk into the building. When asked, Bee tells the lady at the reception that they came here to see Khun Pur. The lady asks if they made an appointment with the VP. Bee starts to yell that the lady doesn’t show respect as this is a famous star, then yells at her to let them pass. The lady says a rule is a rule and insists that she cannot let them see him.

Pur walks over and Bee is so delighted and tells him how that lady wouldn’t let them see him, there should be an exception in a rule, especially for MokRin WellMax. Pur disagrees and says why have a rule when there’s an exception. He asks if MokRin thinks so too.

MokRin says she told him already to call her ‘Rin’ instead. She greets him with a peck on his cheek and it’s clear that he’s uncomfortable. He asks if they both came to open an account at their bank. LOL.

“Such an honor for Thai ThanaKit.” he says the bank name.

Bee laughs and says they didn’t come to deposit money but to leave MokRin here, to attend the event tonight with him. He’s confused. Bee explains that MokRin happens to receive an invitation to this important event too. Pur tries to refuse but Bee says he needs to take care of another actor/actress so he’s asking him this favor. When Pur doesn’t agree to it right away, Rin says if he’s uncomfortable to take her with him then she can go by herself.

He sighs and says, “Is there any man who wouldn’t want to accompany Khun Rin?”

“Job-closed! Khun Pur, please take care of her, and Rin, you take care.” Bee says.

Rin asks Pur to let her accompany him to the event. Pur says yes politely. Bee secretly takes pictures of them together, then he calls a magazine editor, Tong, and says he has a great stuff for him and guarantees his magazine will sold out the minute it hits the shelf, only one magazine will have this privilege, then he reminds him not to forget his share (money) like always.

“MokRin, you were born to give me wealth! Job-closed!” Bee smirks.

Khun-ying KaeUrai walks into the airport to pick up her only son. Lom (or LaPhit) greets his mom. She says she thought he’s already dead while in Paris. He says he will long to disturb her life. She says he called her twice only, both to ask for money. She says he made her wait at the airport then changed his flight many times and disappointed her.

She says if he followed her plan, he would have hundred-thousand million baht with him by now. He asks if the plan is still on. She says why ask now or she wouldn’t make him come back. She gives him a suit to change into. He tries to argue but she yells at him that it’s her job to think and it’s his duty to follow, that’s it. She urges him to dress up fast and  he must make it to this important event in time.

Vivar gets in her car and speeds up. She’s late.

PrimPrao, JaiDet and his wife, Varunee, arrive at the event. They are Vivar’s grandmother and parents.

E-no, P’Mee and JaoKha (Vivar’s younger sister) are in the event. Eno tries to man up his postures to satisfy PrimPrao. Eno says P’Mee knows well how PrimPrao dislikes every kind of gay or tomboy. They greet  PrimPrao. JaoKha hugs her mom. Varunee says there are a lot of guests. JaiDet says the event turns bigger every year.

“AnoThai!” PrimPrao calls E-no.

“Kaaaa!” Eno answers (the girl’s way) then he stops himself. LOL. “Yes, sir!” PrimPrao asks what startled him and she only wants to ask where her granddaughter, Vivar, is.

Vivar is still on the way and she prays that Eno already took care of everything. She speeds up and rudely passes another car.

PrimPrao repeats her question. JaoKha says Vivar isn’t here yet but she did contact her already. PrimPrao shouts that how it could be when Vivar is never late and always arrives early. The event is about to start so she tells JaiDet to call Vivar if she’s all right.

So, now we know that grandmother loves Vivar very much.

A BMW intercepts Vivar’s car so she gets out to yell at the driver. It’s MaeTee, her business rival. He asks what this envelope is about. She asks if he has never seen a court order before, a man like him should see it many times already. He says she dares to file him a lawsuit, what he’s done.

She says he plagiarized her ideas, her wedding gowns, her ideas of event and everything ‘WanVivar Wedding’ come up with, and his low-class ‘Miracle Wedding’ used it. He argues that he worked with her before and a lot of works there were his ideas too.

She says, “Ideas, inspirations or copies, it’s up to a shameless person to call it! I let you plagiarize my work and cut down the price then accuse me of overpricing it. You destroyed my base customers and framed my store with many false accusations. I wanted to sue you since last year but P’Mee stopped me because she didn’t want a mess, and if I did it that time, no way you would be standing here to argue with me!”

MaeTee asks if she thinks a lawyer threaten him or a court fine him, will make him scared. She says she’s not interested in the fine, and she would donate it to save a stray dog. He gets angry and says because of her sharp tongue, no one dares to be her boyfriend.

She asks then who kneeled down and begged her to have him as her boyfriend, also that night, she should have called the police instead of only firing him and giving him a chance to attack her ‘WanVivar Wedding’. She says  a dumb girl would have him as her girlfriend and a man like him shouldn’t even touch her. He tells her to remember this well, because she will regret it and come kneeling down begging him one day.

She stuffs the court order at him and threatens him not to get tricky and try to damage her WanVivar Wedding anymore, or he will see things from behind bars. The argument put MaeTee on edge. “Vivar, some day! Some day!” he shouts.

Inside the van, Lom asks his mom if she thinks Vivar will marry him for real. She says he told her himself that they fallen for each other since they were young, and every time she played arranging a wedding, Vivar always chose him to be her groom. Lom says that is when they were kids and Vivar was cute then, but once she’s a grown-up, Vivar turned into a workaholic, over-confident, and loved to throw a tantrum, so now he’s unsure if he still likes her.

Mom orders him to like her for the sake of all the assets. Lom asks if there’s any moment when she’s not thinking about money. She says yes, there is, when she’s dead!

Mom says she’s afraid of one man who could be a stumbling block to their plan. Lom asks who.

Pur and Rin arrive at the event. JaoKha’s gang look at them. Mee gapes and says he came with MokRin WellMax. Eno says it will make a headline on gossip news for sure. JaoKha says be on the news isn’t as bad as get scolded by grandma PrimPrao.

Eno says Pur is good-looking, smart, has great body and he can go on and on for four years and can never finish describing his characteristics, and he can’t understand why JaoKha’s grandma hated him so much. JaoKha says both grandmother and P’Vivar hated him. Her gang wants to know why. She says she doesn’t know it.

Eno gets a call from Vivar who says that she’s arrived. He runs to get her dressed up.

At a pub, Vick asks MaeTee what’s the occasion he’s celebrating to get drunk in this daylight. MaeTee says he isn’t celebrating. Vick says then something offended him.  Vick says he should know that he’s at his service. MaeTee says there’s a thing but he’s not sure if it’s time. Vick asks when that time comes, what he will want.

Pur excuses himself from the reporters and says he will let other guests to come take pictures. The reporters request Rin for an interview so Pur lets her.

PrimPrao tells JaiDet to call Pur here.

Rin tells the reporters that they are friends only and if she has someone special, they will know it since she’s open about it. A reporter says they were crossing arms walking in here. Rin says if she didn’t do that, they wouldn’t be interested in her, and these days they love to interview new stars more than her.

JaoKha tells Mee that she knew it that her grandmother would send her father to call uncle Pur over, to scold him. Mee tells her to stop her grandma. JaoKha says how she can do that.

Pur walks to PrimPrao and apologizes to her, that he didn’t notice that she’s already here. Grandma asks if he didn’t notice or he’s ready to overlook her. She says he’s acting like he’s so great greeting the guests here and there. Vivar’s parents try to stop her but grandma asks what happened to people in WannaDramRong family these days, to let this unrelated-blood have control over, and overlook everyone, even a grey-haired like her.

Pur says he never thinks like that. Grandma says he came here with an actress so that he would be on the news. She says if P’JaRun didn’t take him in and raised him, how he could be here today. She asks if he ever thought, without it, that any actress will pay attention to a man like him. Pur stands still not saying anything.

Varunee says Vivar is here. Pur turns to look at her. The reporters leave Rin to ask Vivar about her new collection. Vivar says they will see it soon and it’s surely as exquisite as last year if not more. Vivar sees Pur so her mood turns darker. She walks to him and greets him, “Sawasdee ka, uncle Pur.” He greets her back and smiles tenderly. Vivar walks pass him to greet her grandmother and her parents. She invites everyone inside. Everyone moves into the hall and pays no attention to Rin and Pur.

The show started with Vivar introducing her new bridal gown collection. Rin puts her hand on Pur’s lap when Vivar is looking at them. The models come out showing Vivar’s new collection. Rin says WanViVar’s wedding gowns are so beautiful. Pur says it’s because the person who made them had dedicated herself. Rin says she hopes she will wear it one day. He says a woman like her, will surely get to wear it. She says she’ll wear it but with whom, she will stand next to. Pur turns quiet. Rin gets a call so she walks to the restroom.

ChanChat comes sit down next to Pur. Pur says Chan told him he would come help his girlfriend but he came just now.  Chan says he’s in the kitchen helping her, she’s so busy making cocktails. Chan sees the models and is stunned. He teases Pur that he isn’t interested in them for sure when he has a great one beside him. Chan asks where she is.

Rin picks up a call and makes excuse to another man that she’s busy with some fashion shoots, and she really wants to have a meal with him. She says she’s busy but he has other actresses to ask her out.

“Disgusting!” PrimPrao utters. JaiDet asks her what about. She says it’s Pur, he kept changing women beside him, a singer, a model, then tonight he came with an actress. She says he kept making scandals, one after another, and ruining their family name so the word ‘disgusting’ fits him perfectly.

ChongChok, who sits behind her, teases that she called him disgusting. She says she didn’t talk about a veteran lawyer like him and how come he came to this event. He says his son, ChanChat, asked him to come, and an old lawyer like him has a young heart.

She warns him he may have a heart attack looking at young girls. He says if he dies, who she will scold at then. PrimPrao says she will be so delighted if that happens. He says, on the contrary, he will be in shock not be able to live and give her a nag. He says besides being a legal adviser to WannaDrumRong, he feels proud to be the person who constantly gets on her nerve.

Rin says she will go see him when she’s not busy, then hangs up. She makes a boring face. She hides when seeing someone is coming. Lom and his mother arrive. Mom is pissed that they couldn’t come in time and the event already started. Lom says why worry when she’s not interested in this event anyway. She says she isn’t interested but she needs to show off.

Lom tells his mom to get inside first while he will check his clothes. She asks why he didn’t do it while in the car. He asks if she still wants him to look nice to earn more points from Vivar and her grandmother. She says all right but if he doesn’t show up soon, she will come dragging him in. “Make it quick!” she orders.

Rin intercepts him and gives him a forceful slap. She says she thought they would only talk on LINE. He pushes her inside the restroom.

“And this is my masterpiece!” Vivar announces to the guests. The show is done and Vivar comes out. Varunee gives her a bouquet and her team kisses her cheek.

Lom says Rin is still like fire. “You are still a playboy, LaPhit.” she says. He says a playboy and a bitchy are meant for each other. She says she isn’t someone’s toy, once he got to play with it then kicked it out. He says he never sees her like a toy. She argues that still he doesn’t see her as something to be serious with, that slap is his reminder. “So what are you exactly?” he asks.

“A sharp tool which you need to take precautions.” she answers.

Lom says that’s why he’s obsessed with her more than other girls. She says he’s obsessed but doesn’t love enough to marry her.

He lost the mood and says he forgot he needs to get inside the event. She asks if he’s in a hurry to see his future bride, which he told her about. He says he also heard all the way to Paris that she’s dating a bank’s vice-president. She says that’s correct and he knew well that there isn’t enough warmth in her life, so whoever can give it to her, she will choose him. He says he thought she did everything for money. She says a man like LaPhit, does he not marry for money too. He says it means they are from the same lot. She says that’s right, people of the same kind are always pulled to each other.

She stops him from kissing her and says she forgot that she needs to get back in there too, which also what he needs to do. She tells him to go before the flowers withered. Lom can’t do anything but leave.

An after-party is going on. Grandma praises Vivar that she’s great. KaeUrai comes greet Vivar. When Vivar calls her aunty, she tells her to call ‘mother’ instead. She compliments Vivar’s dress and the event. ChongChok says Vivar is great but that woman is fake, and he heard that she came late but she is acting like she’s here since yesterday. Varunee tells him to lower his voice or he will get scolded by grandma. He says he gets used to it, and couldn’t sleep without it.

PrimPrao asks KaeUrai when Lom will come back from Paris. Kae says he came back already, he wanted to come back faster but he needed to work on his thesis. She says when he arrived at the airport, he begged her to take him to Vivar’s event right away. She says he’s here too but should be at the front. She tells Vivar that Lom will be here soon.

JaoKha tells Chan that Eno is busy gossiping Khun KaeUrai. It’s his hobby whenever he’s free.

Vivar turns another way as soon as she sees Pur looking at her. Lom congrats her then kneels down to give her the bouquet. Lom gives her a hug. Vivar loves the way Lom treated her. Pur’s eyes are always on Vivar. Rin comes back to him and apologizes for talking on the phone too long. Pur says it’s all right.

Mee says the most stand-out couples tonight are these two couples. Rin pulls Pur onto the dance floor and moves closer to Lom and Vivar. This is so awkward.

PrimPrao comes checking on her brother, JaRun. He asks if the event was fun. She says it’s great just like every year. She says in 2-3 days, she will talk to KaeUrai about Lom and Vivar’s wedding. He asks if she asked their granddaughter already if she wants to get married. PrimPrao says everyone in this house knows that Vivar dreamed of having a wedding of her own, and tonight Vivar showed the most beautiful wedding gown to the guests and she knew right away that she made this dress for herself to wear on her wedding day.

PrimPrao says it’s normal for a woman that after she reaches a certain age, the worry of getting married will be on her mind.

Japan says wanting to get married, is understandable, but with whom, is what needed to think through very carefully. She says Lom is perfect for Vivar, they knew each other since they were young and Vivar is close to him more than other men. She says KaeUrai’s family has long been Thai ThanaKit’s shareholders, so if these two marry each other, the assets will go nowhere but keep increasing, so their granddaughter will live a comfortable life.

He says, “If  money increases, she will live a comfortable life, you think? PrimPrao, look at me, what stage I’m in now. Do I live comfortably? I’m Thai ThanaKit’s president yet I can’t even go to work. Luckily, we have Pur…”

“P’Jarun, stop it! I don’t want to hear that name.” PrimPrao says.

He says long time has passed, something can be forgotten, so she should forget. She says no, she won’t, never. She can forget other things but not this one, she will keep hating him. She says it’s late so they’d better not talking about this nonsense, and she will head back to get some sleep too.

“If it’s such a nonsense then it’s unuseful to keep remembering.” Jarun says. He says at their age, why she still keeps inside her heart the thing which pained her. PrimPrao doesn’t say and just leaves.


Lom drops Vivar off at her house. He wants to spend the night with her here. Vivar says he can’t do that, what if grandmother sees them. He says grandma probably gone to bed already and her house is huge, no one will notice.

He teases if a confident girl turned a frightened now. She says she isn’t frightened but she thinks it’s not a good thing to do. Lom concedes so she pinches his cheek for obeying her. Lom says he missed her, he missed the little girl who loved to play arranging a wedding and always forced him to be her groom.

He’s about to kiss her lips when her phone rings. She says it’s uncle Pur. Lom gets annoyed and asks why he’s calling her at this hour. Vivar says it isn’t strange when he loves to manage everything in her life. She says she’s going in now and tells him to drive back safely.

Vivar sees Pur and asks why he called her on the phone. He says it’s late and she didn’t come home so it worried him. She chuckles so he asks what she feels funny about. She asks if he thinks she’s a elementary-school girl. He says for someone older, he will continue to see a girl as a girl no matter what.

Vivar says she’s a grown-up, so where she went or what time she came home, is her business. “Are you telling me that you, arrogant uncle Pur, is worried about his granddaughter so much that he couldn’t sleep?” she asks.

“Yes, because father Jarun asked me to promise that I take care of you, so I must keep my promise.” he says.

She says if he said that to make she feel touched, she doesn’t. No matter how good he is to her or how much he tries to build his good image, she knows him too well. “A man like you, do everything for WannaDrumRong’s assets. Grandmother always taught me, that the most fearsome person is someone from outside our family. So now you get the point, don’t you?” she wants to leave.

“The car’s film is transparent. (She turns around.) The film on Vivar’s car is transparent. Anything you want to do in your car, you must be careful. If someone sees it, it will become inappropriate, and if you don’t care about it, I will ask your staff to put darker film on your car. So now you get the point too, don’t you?” he drops the bomb and walks away. Vivar stomps her feet in frustration.

At Vick’s pub, Vick tells MaeTee to calm down, and he doesn’t want him to forget his order and blame him later. MaeTee says that woman really pisses him off and he wants to kill her. He pokes himself and says no, he can’t do it.

Vick says seeking revenge doesn’t have to start off with killing. MaeTee asks what he can do. Vick suggests him destroy his/her beloved thing. He says everyone always has something they love so much, and if they destroy it, it could be more painful than dying. MaeTee asks when he can do it. Vick says when he gives him his order. Then Vick asks, “But whose beloved belongings you want me to destroy?”

“WanVivar WannaDrumRong.” MaeTee tells him Vivar’s full name.

 Some thugs appear and destroy the showroom of Vivar’s wedding studio.

JaoKha is on the phone with ChanChat. She asks if he’s home now and threatens him not to let her know that he stops by to have fun somewhere without telling her first, or he will be dead.

Vivar comes in so she hangs up. Vivar says, “I’m bored, sick of it, annoyed!”

JaoKha asks who could make her pretty sister throws a tantrum before bed. JaoKha asks if Lom said something not nice to her. Vivar says it wasn’t Lom, he wouldn’t dare once she scolded him. JaoKha guesses it’s their father, but he went to bed already. Vivar says not their father but arrogant uncle Pur!

JaoKha asks if uncle Pur warned her about something, he did it because he meant well. Vivar says she can’t understand why people love uncle Pur. JaoKha says she can’t understand too why there are just Vivar and grandmother who don’t like uncle Pur.

Vivar asks how many times she has to say…JaoKha recites her words to her, that he’s a tricky man while keeping a decent front and…she goes on and on then asks if it’s what she’s going to say. Vivar says that’s it then turns to leave.

JaoKha follows her to her room. JaoKha says she doesn’t see uncle Pur as baddies at all and Vivar only believed what grandmother told her. She says if Vivar wants to see the truth, she suggests she take a look at grandfather Jarun’s room, how great a man uncle Pur is. He would spend night after night looking after grandfather and sometimes he would stay until dawn, with this, she can see clearly that uncle Pur loves grandfather so much and he’s a good man.

Vivar says may be he knew that she’s looking so he pretended to be nice and when she left, he came back to his real nature. JaoKha waves a white flag and leaves.

Bee asks Rin if Khun Pur’s bed is so soft and comfortable. Rin says she pretended to be drunk, still Khan Pur didn’t care at all and said he had work to do early in the morning so he needed to leave. Rin says he came to drop her then leave right away, not even one step in her room.

Bee screams and tells her not to let anyone know that someone didn’t take her bait. Bee tells her that may be he’s playing a game with her, who loses herself/himself first. He tells her to keep trying and he will eventually fall for her.

Someone rings the door so Bee says could it be Khun Pur. Bee tells her to close the job today and she will live comfortably for the rest of her life. When Rin sees that it’s Lom, she hangs up without telling Bee who’s there. She opens the door for him.

 She asks how he knows she lives here. He asks if there’s anything LaPhit won’t know if he wants to. She says she thought he would be with his hi-so future bride tonight. He hugs her and says tonight he wants to be with her only.

Tho takes care of Jarun and tells the nurse she can go rest for now. Vivar peeks at him and sees how Pur take care of Jarun. Pur sees a picture of Jarun and Vivar so he smiles.

Flashbacks, Jarun takes Pur (a teenage) into his house. Vivar and her friends are playing, arranging a wedding. She tells her friends to sprinkle flowers once the groom walks in. Lom, the boy, asks why they need to do that. Vivar says they always do that in a wedding so just trust her on it.

Jarun tells Pur that from now on, this place will be his home, WannaDrumRong House. Jarun calls Vivar over. He asks what she’s doing, obviously the wedding for her and Lom again. Jarun tells Pur that this is Vivar, his granddaughter.

“And this is Pee Pur, no, you must call him uncle Pur.” Jarun tells Vivar.

“Uncle Pur?” she asks. Jarun says he will live here from now on so they should get to know each other. He tells the girl to ask Pur to play the wedding with her. “No, uncle Pur looks dirty. Vivar doesn’t like him!” she runs out. Pur is mesmerized by how cute she is.

Back to present, Pur sits down to read. Vivar peeks at him.

Rin lies down and says she missed the day she met him in San Francisco, but those days will never come back since he’s getting married. He gets moody and asks why she has to talk about that. She says he’s going to marry the pretty celebrity but why it annoys him.

Lom says Vivar’s outer-front looks good and charming, but once getting closer, she’s such a boring, she kept throwing a tantrum each day…unlike her. He says he has to follow the scripts (the way he talks to Vivar) his mother told him, and for him, marry Vivar is just business, no love involved. Rin says she sympathizes with his future bride and wonders if she realizes that he thinks this way.

He says he doesn’t care whether Vivar realizes it or not, and all he knows is, once he marries her and gets a whole of her assets, then game over. He asks how about her and uncle Pur. She asks if he’s jealous. He says that’s right, he’s jealous and possessive too, and doesn’t want her to be with anyone, especially uncle Pur.

She pushes him away and says she told him already that she isn’t for anyone to own. She says don’t worry, between her and uncle Pur is also about business.

Vivar peeks at Pur some more. Flashbacks, Vivar is playing with her friends and Lom, arranging her own wedding again. Then she sees Khun Leuk-lap standing further away. She greets him and asks him to come play with her. He asks if he can be her groom. The girl says no, Lom must be her groom. He asks if Lom is the only one who can be her groom. The girl says that’s right. “Vivar, you should open your heart and let others be your groom too, because one day, Lom may not be your groom.” he suggests.

The girl asks if it isn’t Lom then who it is, could it be Khun Leuk-lap. He stands up and says may be. “May be I’m the groom Vivar is waiting for…(He leans down.) Or not?”

Vivar wakes up and says she had a dream of Khun Leuk-lap again. She repeats what he said and says what’s going to be. Vivar comes to check on Jarun and wants to ask about Pur. The nurse says when she came in this morning, she found him sleeping beside Khun Jarun as usual. Vivar asks where he is. The nurse says there’s a call coming in then he left in a hurry. Vivar says must be some girl called that’s why he had to leave in a hurry. The nurse says she has no ideas.

Pur looks at Vivar’s wedding studio which is damaged. He tells Mee that he called the police so they will hear some clues and why they did it soon. Pur tells Mee to do everything she can not to let Vivar see WanVivar Wedding like this, or she will become so mad that no one can put a stop to it.

Eno and JaoKha plan to stop Vivar from heading to WanVivar Wedding.

Vivar comes down and asks Eno what startled him. Eno says he’s amazed at her eyeliner. Vivar says she used it everyday and asks why he came all the way here. They try to give Vivar some hilarious excuses and realize later that it didn’t work when they hear her car leaving the house. Eno screams in horror.

Vivar asks Pur why the police are here and what happened. Pur tells her to calm down first. He says he won’t let go of her until she promises him that she will keep herself calm.

“It’s my business, my store! Let go of me!” she shouts.

Vivar asks Mee what happened. Mee says around 1 a.m. last night, they came and poked the guard’s head, he lied unconscious over there and they did what she’s seeing now. Mee says when she found out, she’s horrified then she called Khun Pur.

Vivar picks up a ruined wedding gown on the floor and asks, “But why didn’t you call me? Everyone knows about it, including Eno and JaoKha, except me, the last to know it! I’m the owner of this place and not someone else (she looks at Pur)!”

Pur says everyone doesn’t want her to feel bad. She tells him to stop seeing her like a little girl. “I’m a grown-up. I can take care of myself. I can take care of my store! Uncle Pur, you don’t have to mess with this matter. Just leave! I will handle it myself.”

ChanChat tries to explain to her but her glare leaves him speechless.

“Vivar, calm down and tell me how are you going to handle this?” She yells at him that it’s not something she needs to report to him. She picks up the baseball bat which the thugs used and says, “Whoever did this, must take responsibility.”

At ‘Miracle Wedding’ of MaeTee, a customer says the wedding gown looks very similar to that of another store, WanVivar. The staff tells them not to tell anyone that the designer of that store resigned from this place, was scouted by some rich, and that’s why that store plagiarized all their work, also they take advantage of the customers with high price-tag.

The customer asks if that’s true when that store is famous and was  featured in many magazines. The staff says people in the circle are talking about it.

Vivar enters the store and tells them to move out of the way. Then she hits the mannequin having a wedding gown on it. Then she cuts the gown in half. MaeTee shows up and asks what she’s doing.

“I’m doing exactly what you did to my store!”

“What did I do? Stop it!” he takes the scissors away from her hand. Vivar continues to break his mannequin. He says he will call the police. “Great! Do it! Then I will clear both incidents at my store and yours all at once, and how you cheated me too! So everything will end already!”

Episode 2 Preview

Pur : “A promise has nothing to do with your age or the length of time at all.”

Vivar: “But ‘WanVivar Wedding’ is mine! A 100% mine!”

Pur: “How about a glass of water?”

Vivar: “No!”

Lom: What if, once grandfather Jarun’s will is read, Pur doesn’t get anything. Aren’t you afraid you had picked the wrong target?”

Rin: Wrong target? I can always choose a new one.”


I like how, in one episode, so many things were unfolded. The writing was tight and we had no time to stop and process what’s going on until credits rolling. I think I will try to follow this lakorn as long as it’s not harmful to my blood pressure. I don’t think I will do another episode on this one. Hope it gives you a glimpse of the story and now you can decide for yourself  🙂

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  1. [Spoilers Alert!]

    I hear some confusion so here it is.
    Pur (the spelling of his name suggested “Purana” with the sound of ‘a’ omitted)

    I finished the novel so there’s a clearer picture in my mind now. Let’s start with the lakorn. Pur is a banker adopted by Vivar’s grandfather, so Pur becomes one of his children, aka a younger brother of Vivar’s father, which makes him her ‘Ah’ (father’s younger brother) or ‘uncle’ in English.

    Are Vivar and Pur blood related? The answer in the novel was very clear and grandmother’s painful past was caused by her ex-lover, who’s Pur’s grandfather. Get it?

    Does gradma’s grudge justify her deep hatred? Oh, yes! I fell off chair what happened to her. The author revealed it almost at the very end.

    Based on the novel, Pur loved Vivar for the longest time but suppressed his feeling due to ‘appropriateness’ MookRin is Pur and Lom’s lover. Later she commits suicide while Vivar got shot and falls down a river (I think). The angel makes mistake and Vivar’s soul gets into MookRin’s body instead. The condition is she will stay there 2-3 months only (I forgot how long for sure) but she mustn’t commit any sins during that period. Vivar’s soul can travel anywhere while MookRin is sleeping, so she ends up help putting all the puzzles in place.

    How Pur found out about Vivar’s soul inside?
    I will say ‘through skinships’ and MookRin behaviors’ 360-degrees turned, and she talks, eats and does things exactly like Vivar, and Pur knows his niece too well to ignore, and the reflection in the mirror *wink*

    Vivar pushes for MookRin and Lom’s wedding just because ‘let me be the bride for once’ and she knows that in real life Pur and herself can never be together. MookRin (Vivar inside) demands WanvivarWedding to arrange her wedding and Vivar’s dream wedding gown (she made to wear on her wedding day) must be her wedding gown. It offends Pur since it’s Vivar’s dream to wear it herself. That’s how Pur steps into MookRin’s life once again.

    It’s a couple of pages left before grandma could forgive and forget.

    The author’s message I got, marriage is more than a beautiful wedding, it’s what after that, so shouldn’t a woman choose wisely? Yet most girls still dream to become a bride one day. I would say the novel is much lighter than the lakorn with a nice touch of fantasy, souls, angels and all.
    Still, I like how the lakorn handled the story so far, just the editing which kept jumping from scene to scene instead of letting the feels resonate. I wonder how the lakorn will make Pur realize it’s Vivar inside MookRin, at the same time, makes sense. Let’s see.

    I think it’s better you guys wait and see how the story played out. So far, Koy, Matt and Great were doing a good job, just the editing, grandma and Eeee-no sometimes were unreasonably loud. Love Ah-Pur to bits! *fanning self*

  2. i dont really understand thai so i rely a lot on this blog for the quick updates to really understand the lakorns. but as far as i can see the grandmother’s grudge towards pur is somewhat towards his father. and if i am getting the story correctly without any translation the latest episode shows she had a flashback and the guy dumping her. which i suspect is pur’s father. now that the story has entered the body switching part. its kinda getting boring. hope the pick up the pace quickly.

    • You are correct. The Grandmother is condemning both father and son for her personal grudges. Just because the man did not loves her that she is turning into an evil witches and strike and innocence person like Purn.

      • I was guesing Sin of A Father. What Purn father did to the grandmother is affecting with Purn right now. That the grandmother want to causing pain in Purn’s lives. Look it this way, if the father did not rejecting her loves, it could be worse, and Purn will not be in this situations.

    • I am very annoy with Nang’ ek friend ( the gay guy whom working with her), she is not an enjoyable to watch at all….

      • Agreed, E-no (aka AnoThai) was too loud at times, but he did shade some light on Vivar that may be, just may be, she’s falling for her uncle. Uncle Pur is biting his own heart due to his status as her uncle, but love will find its way. Huhu.

        • I guest E-no has her own reason as to be in this series. Her characters is to share some light as Vivar bestfriend whom supported her friend no matter what happened!!!!

          • Do you know which characters the most, it is the grandmother. I don’t get it, what is her grudges against P’ek anyway. Can she just forgive and forget all her painful past.

            • The Grandmother is very annoying and loudly irrated, don’t you guy thinks so….

              • If anybody have watching this series, I have a questions to asked….So far, the spirite of Mookrin is already crossover to the other side while Vivar spirite is inside Mookrin body. But when Vivar tries to tell anyone whom she is very are, the power of heaven stopping her. Well there is a scene where Mookrin and R’ Purn have to taking a photo together for somekind of magazine, it seems that R’Purn is uncomfortable to be around Mookrin. What gives? What is that he felt that he might falling in love with Mookrin?

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