Tai Ngao Jun Episode 8

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Episode 8

*Please note that sometimes one video for one episode is shorter than what actually aired during the live broadcast.

Part 1

Tho asks Flur what it is for calling him out here. She argues that it’s him who called her out here. He says that’s because he thought she had something to talk to him. She says she thought he had something to talk to her too.

“All right, I will say it first. I think I will ask you to go…”

“To where?”

“To…take a look at the trees in the backyard. You arranged it beautifully.”

She’s surprised that it’s only about that. He asks how about hers.

“Well, about the room,…”

“What about it?”

“The room, I will move…”

“Move what?”

“Move…the kitchen!”

She says she thinks moving the cabinet somewhere else, it will give more open space. She asks what he thinks about it. He agrees with her.

Pabu comes back to her room to find a group of teens jumping up and down in her bedroom. “All of you, get out!” she screams. She yells how they could get on her bed, then orders them to take all those snacks away. Don’s friends run  out of the room. Flur tells Don to get out too.

Don says he only took his friends here and why she needs to be mad. He calls her a narrow-minded. Flur throws his back at him and tells him to get out. Don asks why she has to chase him out and then apologizes to her. He says, next time, he won’t bring those friends here, okay?

Flur says if he doesn’t have any problem with his family anymore then go home. She says the longer he stays away from home, the wider the gap. “You can ask for some attention, but not so much. Clear?” she says.

“In the end, no one wants me!” he shouts.

Flur says it’s not that she doesn’t want him to stay, but she has to move out of here too. “You won’t follow me to live in a tiny room, will you? (He pauses.) It’s time you prove yourself to everyone, and make those who looked down on you fall of chairs. I trust you can do that.”

Tho is busy working on a model. He recalls what Pim said, “I think right now Khun Pabu may not know that Khun Tho likes her.” Then how Kitja said, “It’s not that hard to ask Pabu out, much easier than taking care of a company.”

Tho starts typing on his phone, “I have a magazine interview and notice that you are good at choosing clothes, so I would like you to come and help choosing it for me. Will you have time to come with me?”

Tho repeats what he just typed then cringes, it’s cheesy. He deletes all of it and re-types, “I have a magazine interview and want you to come choosing the clothes for me. Khun Pim happens to be busy. Will you have time?”

He shakes his head then deletes it again. He starts typing, and what Pabu finally gets is, “Are you free? Can you come with me to go shopping?”

A message arrives so Tho looks at it. It turns out to be a fortune teller’s ads. LOL. Then another text arrives from Pabu and her answers is “OK” so he beams.

Part 2

Flur is on the phone with Buri. She tells him to come help her move tomorrow. He says all right then he asks if she won’t regret moving out of such luxurious suite. She says if he’s going to nag then she’ll have to go, then she hangs up.

Mathurot tells Flur that she will take her brother home now, then asks if she’s sure to move out, and she totally disagrees. Flur says she made a decision so please don’t stop her. Mom asks if Khun Tho knows about it, and if he does, he must feel very disappointed. Flur says she didn’t tell him yet but she will do it tomorrow.

Next day, Tho gets dressed up. Buri waits for Flur then shouts, “Are you done yet?!” She comes out and says, “I’m ready.” He looks at her from head to toe and asks if it’s the dress to carry things out. She says why not, this is her oldest dress and she thinks of wearing it for the last time, before she will turn it a sweeping cloth.

“Right. Wait, I’m really curious. (He walks to the rack.) I remember you just moved in here, but why these many?” he asks.

“What many?” she utters then says she’s late so they’d better go. “Wait, you’re late? Where are you going in a hurry?” he asks. She says she had an appointment with Khun Tho. He asks then why she doesn’t ask Khun Tho to come and help rather than him. She says because he doesn’t know that she’s moving out, and she intends to tell him while they are hanging out.

Buri asks where they will go. She says to have a meal, go shopping, then watch a movie. He says those are couples’ activities and she said she wasn’t interested in him.

She’s getting annoyed so he says all right, he won’t scold and because she’s moving out so he believes her. “All right, let me walk you out.” he says. She shrugs then leaves. “Come quick!” she shouts. He says okay.

Flur comes out of the building and asks Tho if he waits a long time. Tho says not at all, then he sees Buri come behind her.

Buri greets Tho who greets him back. Tho praises him of working hard when today is a holiday yet he’s at the company. Buri says he loves his job and is worried about his work, so he came to check on it a bit. Tho says he’s working hard like this, he will have to give him a special consideration. Buri thanks him.

Tho tells Flur that they should leave now, because today they will have to go to many places. They get in the car and leave together.

Jemi sees Buri so she greets him and says he came to the office today too, she asks if he wants to come with her to the fitness. She asks what’s with him to make a lonely-dog face. He says how could he not when her Pee Tho is having a date with Khun Pabu. “What? When?” she lets out. “Just now!.” he says.

Tho and Flur walk into a shop. She tells him to hold three suits while she’s looking. She chooses one and tells him to try it on in a dressing room over there. He tries it on and she picks this one. They do more shopping while Jemi and Buri are upset thinking of them.

Flur is going to paint Tho’s nail (to check the color) and when he doesn’t allow her, she says do it just a little then he can wash it off. She paints one color and does another color on another finger of his. He says she said she would do just a little. She says only one more finger, a lighter color.

She says she picks this color so he says all right. Then he sees the same color in a smaller package, so he asks if they are the same color. “Then?” he asks. She runs to the cashier taking the bigger package. Tho smiles.

He offers his hand for her to try on lipsticks’ color. Jemi and Buri are killing their time in a coffee shop together. Jemi checks her phone so he asks if she’s checking IG. She says it’s her business.

Tho and Flur are playing game. “What do I need to do?” he asks. “Are you ready? Okay!” she says. They dance along with the video.

They have a meal together. Tho says looks like she loves to dance because he saw her do quite a good dancing. “As if you didn’t dance so well yourself. Were you have a good time?” He says he had a good time. She argues that his face doesn’t say the same thing. “If we ask Khun Buri to come with us, he surely would love it so much. That man is quite a dancer.” she says.

Tho asks if she came here before with Khun Buri. She says never and she only thinks that if he were here, he would love it. She says she can’t dance again like that, she’s so exhausted, it’s all right to do it only once in a while.

He says he thinks so too. He says today reminds him of that day he first met her in a bag store.

He asks what she normally loves to do besides shopping. She says there are so many things i.e. go to spa, do a face spa, do the manicure, go to a hair salon, but what she loves the most is, go to fitness.

He says he thinks she loves taking pictures more. He says the food is cold already but she still doesn’t finish taking pictures. She says sorry, she forgot about that. He asks if he can eat now. She nods.

Part 3

Jemi keeps checking IG so Buri tells her that she’s wasting her time. Then it’s updated so she’s delight. “She’s up (dated) it!” Buri pokes his head with hers trying to see it. She calls him clumsy and says he acted like he’s uninterested.

Buri says they are eating then wonders where at. Jemi says she knows this place and asks him to come with her to check on them. He stops her and says there’s no need to do that. Jemi asks him why that is, she wants to go there and peek rather than sitting here doing nothing.

He says her Pee Tho won’t be happy for long, because Khun Pabu is going to tell him the bad news very soon.

Tho drops Pabu off. He thanks her for choosing clothes for him today. She doesn’t get off the car so he asks if she has something to say to him. She says she already moved out to stay at a room for employees. Tho asks her why when he gave the deposit back to her already.

Pabu says she processed it all over again and apologizes for not telling him first. She gives him back the key-card to his suite. Tho accepts it and says it’s up to her then, and if she needs his help, just let him know. She’s surprised and asks if he won’t blame her at all. He asks why he needs to do that.

She says he wouldn’t let her move out at all before, then asks if he doesn’t think of scolding for at least a bit. He smiles and says not at all. Pabu asks to be sure if he won’t beg her to stay or pull her back or something to that effect at all. She says it’s totally unexpected. Tho smiles and says when he allows her easily, she doesn’t like it. He asks if she wants him not to allow it then.

She shows him a script she wrote, in case he wouldn’t allow her, how to argue with him. He says she can go ahead and say it, and he will listen. She says she’d rather not when the mood is lost. She says she will leave now and gets out of his car.

She turns around so he asks what it is. She says thank you so much for everything, for giving her a job and a place to stay when she’s in a difficult situation, and without his help, she may end up going back to her father’s house and behave nothing useful each day, and she would be out of job, unlike today. She thanks him.

He asks if that was in the script she wrote too. She says no, it’s totally from her heart. She excuses herself then leaves. Tho is clearly disappointed. He calls Pim and asks her to check if the room Khun Pabu moved in is Buri’s room. Pim says no but it’s the room next to his, and it was Khun Buri’s friend room. She tells him the name of Buri’s friend.

“The room next to Buri’s room?” Tho asks. He thanks her then hangs up.

Pabu is startled that Buri is in her room. She asks how he can get in here. Buri says he climbed in here. He says he wants to help her unpacking (arranging her room), an extra service from him. She says thank you so much. He touches her hand accidentally and Tho stirs awake. He asks himself if he kept thinking about it until he had a dream of it. He is frustrated.

Pabu has a pink facial mask on her face while talking to Get on the phone. She says the room is too small, only a little larger than the bathroom in Khun Tho’s suite, and she felt like she’s an angel falling from a heaven.

Get says it can’t be helped when she chose it so stop babbling. She says she just talks about it, and the room doesn’t worry her than someone may break in, and he knew well that all her things are expensive.

Buri and Toi are playing guitars so Pabu shouts, “Be quiet! It’s too loud.” When the guys continue with it, she tells Get she gotta go then hangs up. She calls Buri on the phone but he doesn’t pick up.

“You want to mess with me? All right!” she says.

Toi asks Buri if he’s using this to call for a girl’s attention. Buri says not calling for attention but calling her here. “Just wait and see.” Buri makes louder noise. Pabu bangs at his door so Buri says it works.

“Ling-gang!” Pabu yells. Buri opens the door and is taken aback. She says what startles him, when women at home all appear this way. “Stop playing the guitar! It’s too loud and it gets on my nerve!” she orders.

Buri says must be she doesn’t have ears for great music. Pabu turns to leave so he asks if she had a good time with Khun Tho. She says it was fun and if he were with them, he would love it too. Buri asks if Khun Tho scolded her for moving in here. She says no then asks if he’s going to ask more questions, because she wants to leave and her face is feeling so tight.

“No more, and welcome, my new neighbor.” Buri says.

She says if it’s a welcome then stop playing guitar so loud. “Thank you in advance.” she says before heading back to her room. Buri smiles.

Part 4

Bam whispers into Manoo’s ears that Flur moved already into the condo for employees, and it shouldn’t worry him because Khun Buri lives next door, so there would be no danger at all. Dad says it’s this man who worries him. LOL. He says he doesn’t trust any man except Get.

He orders Bam to keep an eye on her sister while working at the restaurant, and not to let this man court Flur. KaraKate overhears it and asks why keep an eye on Flur. He says he asked Bam to find out from Flur’s friends if any man is courting her. Kate asks Bam how she could get to know that woman’s friends. Dad winks at Bam so both practice a yawn then say they need to go to sleep now. Kate follows them and asks what the secret they kept from her.

Tho arrives in his office and gets a call from Jemi, so he asks the reason she calls him early in the morning. Jemi says she just missed him then she asks if he knows that Khun Pabu moved to live next door to Khun Buri. Tho says Khun Pabu told him already.

Jemi asks his opinion if Khun Pabu doesn’t feel anything for Khun Buri, why she moves to live close to him. Tho asks her back that when Khun Pabu moved into his room, does it also mean that she felt something for him too. Jemi couldn’t answer that.

Tho says it’s good that she calls and asks if she heard about her father’s condo project. Jemi says she doesn’t know much but her father said it’s a good idea, would save cost, and it should return him with a huge profit. She asks if there’s any  problem. He says there’s nothing and he only asks. Tho thanks her then hangs up.

Tho flips through the documents Pim handed to him. He asks if Khun ChatChai’s condo project has more documents on it. Pim says there are only these. Tho says judging by the list of materials and estimated prices, the cost shouldn’t be this low. He asks if there’s any mistakes. Pim says there shouldn’t be when she went to take the documents from Khun MekPat herself, but she will recheck it. Tho thanks her.

Tho asks about what she suggested him about Khun Pabu, if she had taken care of it. Pim smiles and says she had and he can wait for the outcome.

Pabu sees that Buri is still sleepy so she asks why he doesn’t go back to sleep instead of going to the restaurant. He says it’s working hours and if he goes back to his room, it will mean he skipped work, but if he says he went to fix some work at her restaurant, his boss won’t mind. Flur says she will report him to his boss. Buri begs her to help him because he couldn’t sleep last night. “Watching porn movies?” she teases. “Are you crazy?!” he answers. She asks then why he couldn’t sleep.

Buri recalls what happened last night. He switches on and off the lamp then gets up on his bed. Toi teases that he can’t sleep, tosses and turns on his bed because a girl is sleeping nearby. Buri wonders if she’s sleeping already. He leans over the balcony and peeks at Pabu’s room. Toi says if he’s going to lean over like that then he’d better climb over and break in her room already. Buri tells him to stop bothering him.

Back to present, Pabu repeats her question what he was doing last night. Buri thinks hard then says Toi was snoring last night and it’s his first night sleeping with him, so he still doesn’t get used to it and kind of feeling excited. She says as if he entered the bridal room on the first night.

A man delivers her a bouquet and says it’s from Khun Stayu. She accepts it and thanks him. He tells her to sign the paper for him. Buri asks her if there are flower-deliveries between them too. She says he must thank her for helping him with his shopping. Buri asks just to say thank you and he needs to give her flowers. Pabu glares at him. He asks if she doesn’t want to read the card what Khun Tho wrote. She says no, she doesn’t want to know then she says she will be back and needs to go to the restroom first.

Pabu rounds the corner then squeals. She reads the card, ‘This bouquet is to say thank you for help choosing things for me yesterday. I hope you love it.” Pabu is so delighted and says it’s so cute.

Pabu is taking a selfie with the bouquet. Get says if she doesn’t like Khun Tho then why she accepts his flowers. She says he doesn’t give flowers to court her but just to say thank you. Get asks if she’s trying to come up with some excuse, or pretending she doesn’t know. Pabu changes the subject and asks what about him and Khun Buri. Get says nothing, and he neither tries to stop his feeling nor tries to own him. Pabu cringes. Get asks where he is when he came with her. She says he said he would look for a spot to sleep. Get asks where he’s sleeping.

Get found Buri sleeping inside the restaurant so he smiles. Buri wakes up and sees a bottle of drinking water on the table so he asks Pabu if she’s the one putting it there for him. Pabu gets confused and asks what water. Get calls out to her so she realizes it must be Get who did it. She tells Buri that she saw him looking tired so she put it there for him. Buri beams and thanks her. After Buri left, Pabu turns to tease Get (not sure what she says) so Get pouts then walks away.

Part 5

Ngam is happy for MekPat that he gets to do this project. She tells him to do his best and shy away Tho. Ngam gets a call from the detective she hired that the nurse in the delivery room, the day Tho was born, is finally found.

The nurse says she remembers Reung very well, he was very sad when his wife died and kept blaming the doctor. She says she felt sad for him for losing both his wife and baby at the same time. Ngam asks if this man’s child died that day too. The nurse says that’s right, the baby was physically weak and died shortly after birth. MekPat says Pee Reung’s child died then what about Tho.

Reung says they are misunderstanding, and even though he hates Tho, he’s still his son. Ngam says that can’t be true when the nurse strongly confirmed it. She asks if Reung is lying. Reung says they can see how much he hates Tho, then why he will want to protect him. Ngam asks why he hates Tho so much. Reung says for whatever reasons, she doesn’t have to know.

When they still stare at him, Reung challenges them with a DNA test and he can help them do it. Kitja enters the room and asks what they are talking about. Ngam is going to tell him but Mek cuts her off and says about something at the company and nothing more. Kitja says in that case, he needs to talk to Reung. They leave together.

Ngam asks Mek why he had to interrupt her. He suggests to wait until they have a concrete proof first, if they say it now, it could turn them against their father, that they frame his beloved grandson.

Kitja asks Reung if Don come home already, he didn’t see him at all. Reung says Don came back for many days now. Kitja asks why Don needs to avoid him and if he doesn’t want to see his grandfather. Reung says must be he’s hurt that everyone thought he’s the one who did it. Reung asks if he really thinks that Don stole his thing. Luk-tan overhears them.

Kitja says not really, and he still couldn’t find any evidence against the person he suspected. Reung says from the way he said, it seems he’s suspecting someone. Kitja says he’s keep an eye on that person and he will let him know when he’s sure about it.

Luk-tan comes to MekPat’s room and tells him that looks like his father is suspecting her. Mek says it serves her right and she appears suspicious too. She asks what she should do. He tells her to do nothing for now and keep pleasing his father until he trust her. She says as if his father will turn around to trust her again easily. He says he will handle that, only she turnovers what she had stolen to him.

Buri comes back to his room with the water bottle now labeled “Do not drink. First present.” in his hand. He puts it on the table to use the restroom. Toi comes back and drinks it. “Toi!” Buri shouts and grabs the bottle. Toi says why so mad when he’s only drinking water. Buri asks if he couldn’t see the label, “Do not drink”

Toi asks why so obsess over some water, as if it’s a holy water of some sort, and what “First present” means. Buri forces the water down Toi’s throat since he’s so thirsty. Their noise disturbs Pabu’s peace yet again so she yells why fighting again.

Get suggests they go take a look, what if something happens to Khun Buri. She says Ling-gang’s room is always this loud so no need for him to go take a look. Get says she’s not lonely at all staying here. She asks if he wants to move in with her.

Get asks, “Seriously, don’t you know it at all that both Khun Tho and Khun Buri like you? (She pauses.)…So?”

Pabu sits down and says frankly, she knew a long time ago. They made it so obvious like this, and she’s not dumb. Get asks if it means all this time she’s pretending to be dumb, ever so neatly. She shrugs. He asks if it’s because he likes Khun Buri, and if it is so, he tells her to change her mind about it. “I’m happy that you are the one he likes. Two persons, whom I both liked, are liking each other, it makes me very happy.” Get says.

“That’s so nang’ek! (heroine)” she teases.

She says it’s not about that but it’s about she doesn’t know how to react (behave), moreover, she wants to concentrate on her work to prove herself first. “Won’t touch love, and put my mind at work. Clear?” she says. Get says her answer is so sup’tar (superstar). He asks, if she needs to pick one, who she will choose. She asks why she has to choose when her life just started, there will be so many opportunities come along for her to choose. Get asks if she thinks of keeping both. He says there must be one person whom she feels better than another.

“I feel better with…with…with…Oh, I don’t know!” she says. Then she says she needs to use the restroom. Get sighs.

Part 6

Reung gets a string of hair on a comb and tells Ngam to take it for the DNA test, so that she will stop the suspicious of this nonsense. She asks about his hair. He says he has it for her in his room. He tells her to hurry and get out or the housekeeper will see them and get suspicious.

Tho comes to MekPat’s office and says he wants to see the documents on Khun ChatChai’s condo project. Mek asks if there’s any problem. Tho says he thinks the figures seems odd so he thinks there may be some mistakes. Mek tells him not to worry because he takes care of this project very carefully so definitely there’s no mistakes.

Tho wants to say some more but Mek says this is his first solo project and he wants to prove himself to his father, so he will not make any mistakes. Tho says he’s only worried but if he’s confident about it, then he won’t touch it. Mek assures him that he won’t fail this project because if it fails, it will mean he fails too.

Tho warns him to take every precation doing the construction, because the condo they build means a house to their clients, who put their lives in their hands.  Tho tells him to pay attention starting from the materials he’s going to use, because sometimes not paying attention to small detail, a loss may occur. Mek says he knows that and asks if Tho has anything else to say. Tho say no more. Mek says then he wants to go back to work. Tho leaves.

Pabu tells George to trim off those dry leaves, also check on food, (drinking) water and soft drinks which will be delivered, and ice too. She says it’s all right, she will do all of those herself, and he can get inside to do other things.

Get says he sees her busy checking this and that since morning, so she should take a break or she could faint before they open the restaurant. Pabu says she can’t do that when the restaurant is going to open tomorrow, and she wants no mistakes whatsoever.

Get reminds her to call Khun Tho to come check this place beforehand. She says she totally forgot about it.

Tho is in the meeting room. He tells Buri now that the restaurant is done, he will assign him on Khun ChatChai’s project next. Buri says yes. Tho gets a call from Pabu. She asks if he has some time to come inspect the restaurant today.

Tho smiles and says she can do that alone and he trusts her. She says she will leave it to his conveneince then.

Tho apologizes to Buri for making him wait, it’s Khun Pabu calling him to talk about the restaurant. Buri says it’s all right, the restaurant will open tomorrow so she must want to talk to him about work. Both exchange a challenging glare. Pim interrupts them to continue with the discussion of Khun ChatChai’s condo project.

Tho tells Buri that he will let him take care this project and, from now on, he can deal with Khun MekPat directly. Tho says he’ll leave this project in his hand. He tells Buri not to disappoint Khun ChatChai because he specifically chose him for this project. Buri asks if Khun ChatChai really picked him. Tho says that’s right, he wants him on this project.

Jemi is on the phone with her father. She asks if he talked to them for her already. She thanks him. She sees Buri coming so she hangs up. Jemi asks Buri what P’Tho called him for. Buri says to assign him on her father’s project. She says really? He asks if it’s her pulling some trick. She denies it, so he asks if she told her father to put him on this project.

She says all right, she’ll admit it and he doesn’t have to show her his angry face like that. She says she told her father to ask P’Tho and uncle Mek to put him on this project, because she wants a chance for him to join a good project and she also wants him to work for her father. Buri thanks her for her well-wish for him. She says what well-wish then asks why he’s staring at her. He says he’s looking at a girl whose heart is so kind. She says what kind then tries to ignore his praise.

The housekeeper asks Kitja if this is what he’s looking for that day. Kitja is surprised how the ring could turn up over there. Luk-tan comes in and says the car is ready. He shows her that he found his gold ring he’s looking for. She says what s relief because she’s an outsider recently live in this house so others might think that she took it.

Kitja tells her not to think that way and no one would think that. He says he’s heading out. She asks where he’s going. Kitja says he’s going to buy new clothes for the restaurant’s grand opening, also he has a small task to fulfil, to please his future granddaughter-in-law. She asks what task it is. He says if she wants to know then come along, and he will buy new clothes for her too. Luk-tan says that’s all right, she always stays home so she doesn’t know whom to get dressed up for. Kitja says do it for him. Then he pulls her along.

Ngam tells Mek that the housekeeper called to tell her that their father found the ring. She says he’s an old man and his memory come and go, but he blame it on others. She feels bad for Don who got scolded for nothing.

Mek asks about the DNA test. She says she handed it to her doctor friend already and the result should come out in a few days. She says she wants to know what the result will be. Mek says he too then asks if she will attend the restaurant opening tomorrow. She says she has to, to congrat Tho on his another project’s success, and Tho will get to show his face to their father too. Mek says just wait and see whether he will get to show his face or lose it.

Part 7

Pabu tells George to come out and show them the La Moon’s staff uniform. George thanks Pabu he dreamed to wear thing like this. Get says it looks trendy. Pabu says Khun Buri designed it, but from her idea. Michael says this man, Buri, do everything she says.

Bam says tomorrow her mother will come too so she may not be able to help her, but if it gets really busy, she will sneak in the kitchen and help. Pabu says it’s all right, just take care of her mother not to ruin the event, that’s helping too.

Three men come in and one asks which one is Khun Pabu. Pabu says it’s her. The man says Khun Stayu sent this delivery, for all of them (he calls them by name), including George. He says Khun Stayu said they would be tired preparing food for tomorrow so this food is to celebrate the restaurant’s opening, and he also extends his support to all of them, especially Khun Pabu. Pabu beams and says thank you.

Get says Khun Tho doesn’t shy away at all when courting her, but, it’s good for their appetite. Bam says her (future) brother-in-law is so kind then she must give him her full support.

Kitja is on the phone and asks if they delivered it to Pabu’s restaurant and what she said. He listens then says that’s good, thank you.

Tho picks up Kitja’s call. Kitja asks if he’s going to Pabu’s restaurant today. Tho says he will go there. Kitja says he earned him more points with Pabu today, and if she says something when he arrives, just go along with it. Tho asks what it is about. Kitja says he will know it himself then asks when he will go there. Tho says right now.

Luk-tan says looks like Kitja wants Khun Pabu to be his granddaughter-in-law so much. He says he wants to see Tho happy, and at this age, Tho still doesn’t know how to court a woman, which frustrates an old man like him.

She says so a veteran Casanova lends him a hand. Kitja asks what Casanova, just someone who been there before and now he has no jobs, so it’s kind of fun. It’s a happiness of an old man.

George brings some plates over. Tho walks in so Pabu says she received the delivery. Bam says Pee Flur loves the pendant a lot. Pabu thanks him. Tho pauses.

The rest, one by one, says thank for the gift. Tho says they are misunderstanding, all these are from his grandfather and it wasn’t him who paid for it. George says when he bought a gift for a girl, he said his mother bought it for her too, so it’s all right. Bam says that’s true. George tells him to send more often, he likes it.

Get teases Flur why she’s blushing. Tho suggests they eat while also discussing work. Pabu says that’s good. Tho asks if there’s anything she’s still worried about when the restaurant will open for business tomorrow.

“Tell you the truth, I’m scared there will be no customers.” Pabu admits. Tho encourages her to believe that all will be well. She thanks him.

They are leaving for the day. Pabu tells them to go home safely and not to come late tomorrow. Get says they know that already, and teases her not to get so excited until wake up late. She tells them to leave already.

Tho says he will drop her off since he notices that she didn’t bring her car, and he wants to pick up something at the company too. She says if he didn’t say he needed to pick up something, she might think that he tried to find an excuse to drive her back. She says sorry, she brought her car today and it’s parking over there.

He turns to look then wants to say…she asks if he’s going to walk her there, and she’s in need of that, because it’s very dark there. “I’ll have to trouble you.” Tho smiles and walks with her.

Someone sneaks in the restaurant that night.

MathuRot reminds Don to attend the restaurant’s opening tomorrow. She pulls off his earphones. Don is annoyed and says he knew it already. She tells him to quite using this tactic already, putting on earphones not to hear when she scolds. Don says Pee Flur said when mom scolded just pretended he couldn’t hear so he wouldn’t pick a fight with mom.

She asks if he went to see his grandfather and Pee Tho, and if he knew that they don’t feel angry at him anymore. Don says it should be him who got angry, grandfather scolded him when he didn’t do anything wrong, he’s such an old man, his memory comes and goes but he always blames it on others. Mom warns him to stop.

Don says he won’t talk to those two first. She says he’s young, right or wrong, he must walk to the elders first. Reung walks in and says that’s an old-fashioned way of thinking, these days people decide on who’s guilty and won’t just blame the youngsters. Don says that’s right, it’s them who should apologize to him and come to talk to him first.

MathuRot says in whatever era, the young ones should respect the elders. She blames Reung for teaching Don wrongly and that’s why he never listens to her. Reung says he wasn’t home all the time, so it’s her who been teaching Don. Both father and son laugh when she walks away.

Pabu asks her dad on the phone if aunt Kate will come tomorrow too. He says he will take her, so that she will see how capable his daughter is. Pabu says that’s good and she’s here today because of her, so she has to thank her for forcing her to leave their home, or else she won’t be here today.

He asks why she didn’t go to bed yet or could it be she’s excited. He warns her she may not look pretty tomorrow if she doesn’t get enough sleep. Pabu quickly hangs up to go to bed.

“So, it’s tomorrow, my day!” she gets in bed. A call comes in from George. “Hello, George, what?! (Buri hears it from outside.) Say it again. What about the restaurant, can we still open it tomorrow? Call others too and I’ll be right there!”

Pabu changes her clothes and rushes outside. Buri intercepts her and asks where she’s going. She says she’s heading to the restaurant, some problem arises. He says he will drop her there because he’s thinking to go out for a drive. He tells her to go by his car. She agrees to leave with him. He warns her about the thing on her head. She thanks him and hurries taking a hair roller off her hair.

Part 8

Pabu comes to the kitchen and sees the mess inside. She’s stunned and tears filled her eyes. She asks if it’s just her own imagination. Get says it’s for real. Michael says all the fresh ingredients they had prepared are now ruined. Pabu asks how it could happen.

George says he’s excited and couldn’t sleep so he came to check the restaurant again, then he saw everything was lying around like this. The soup and things inside the fridge were thrown out. He says he doesn’t know who did it.

Tho asks if they checked the security cameras. They check it and the culprit was wearing a costume which concealed his face completely. Buri says they can’t see his face. Tho says the way the culprit moved around, looks like the motive isn’t to steal but make a mess. Pabu wants to take to the videos to the police.

Tho says to look for the culprit now, they may not make it, so they’d better brainstorm how to fix the damage for tomorrow. Michael says they don’t have any ingredients left, the sauce and soup (and stock) were thrown out. Pabu is shaking and asks what she should do now. Get tells her to, first, come back to her senses.

Tho suggests they go find all the ingredients all over again and make new soup. Michael says okay, he will stay here to make the soup. He tells Get and George to stay and help him while Pabu go to the market. Buri and Tho say they will go with her. Michael says he will write down the list to buy for them.

Two men and one woman are staring at a pile of fish at the market. Pabu tells Tho to choose some fresh ones. Tho cheaply says he thinks it’s better she do it. She admits that she doesn’t know how to choose, then she asks if Tho know how to do it. Buri says let him do it.

Buri explains how to choose, first, the fish’s eyes must be wide-opened and clear, not empty holes, and the gill’s color must be bright red like this, and when push down the flesh, it should spring back, and most importantly, the smell must not be bad.

Pabu praises Buri for knowing it so well then she says she’ll buy five fish. Buri chooses five fish then the saleslady tells them the price. Pabu tries to bargain it down but unsuccessful.

Buri flashes the lady a big smile and says he will come to buy her fish everyday and calls her pretty lady, then begs her for a cheaper price. The lady smiles and accepts the price they want (from 590 to 500 even). Pabu gapes that the lady gives him the good price so easily. She asks Buri if he uses some kind of spell on her. Tho looks at them and feels like he’s left out.

Next, they buy some vegetable. They come back and Pabu asks Michael to check if what he needs are all here. Michael starts cooking while others help prep the ingredients. Sun rises and Michael declares the soup is done.

Pabu says she thought they wouldn’t make it, and how exhausted she is now. She prays that many people will come today, and no more obstacles. Tho suggests they disperse to get some rest and meet again at the restaurant’s opening time. Buri says they should go now.

Flur sees that George is taking a nap by himself so she teases him with pot-banging noise. George gets up right away and says, “Welcome to La Moon!”

They all laugh. Pabu tells George to go home now.

Part 9

Pabu screams looking at the time that she’s late. She gets dressed in a hurry, and already a group of people are waiting at the restaurant’s front gate when she arrives. They yell at her what time they will open and they were waiting a long while now.

George shows up and apologizes to Pabu that he woke up late. She says why there’s no one here! She tells George to call Michael now. Flur calls Get and asks where he is. He says he’s at home, he woke up late. Flur asks George how about Michael. He says he didn’t pick up the phone.

Flur tells George to hurry open the restaurant. She screams why problems keep popping up one after another.

Get grabs her wrist and says she’s daydreaming. She looks around then apologizes to the customers. Flur asks if Get didn’t wake up late. He says it’s her who woke up late while others came a long time ago. She asks where Michael is. Get says he’s in the kitchen. Flur asks to be sure that everything is doing well. Get says yes and they have more customers than they expected. Flur beams feeling very happy.

Kitja, his children, and Luk-tan arrive. Tho and Flur greet them together. Mek says the place looks nice. Tho says yes. Kitja thanks Tho again that he made his dream come true. Reung says it’s just a simple restaurant, nothing extraordinary, and anyone with money can build one, why dad is so impressed with it.

Kitja asks if Reung can complete it, or he can but keep stalling for time because he doesn’t want it complete. NgamYing says first day in business is always like this, why he not wait and see if it doesn’t go under first, before he praises Tho. Rueng says that’s right, the first day always turns in a good income.

Flur invites them inside and she already prepared a table for them. They walk inside. Tho helps Kitja take a seat and says he will go outside to help Khun Pabu. Kitja whispers to him to keep earning more points from her. Tho tells everyone to enjoy the atmosphere then walks outside.

Kitja looks around and says it reminds him of the past, they all grew up in this house. He asks if all of them can remember. Ngam says she can’t and doesn’t want to. Kitja says that’s why he kept this place, in memory of their mother, but they all want to sell it.

Reung asks why he wants to recall the past when it won’t make money. Kitja says that’s why he doesn’t want to give him anything. He says children these days are strange, their parents made hard-earned money to build them a house and money to spend, and instead of feeling grateful and preserving the place as a reminder how their parents worked so hard, all they think of is, selling it!

“Something is more precious than money, and one day all of you will realize it.” Kitja says.

Ngam asks why he couldn’t think like this when he was a young man, and at that time, he only thought about making money and the company while leaving her and Pee Reung to stay in this house alone, so what there is for them to remember, that their father thought of making money only while leaving his children behind?

Kitja asks if that’s what made them live comfortably till today. He says he can see clearly how they’ve had a great time with the money and assets he had worked hard for.

Kitja asks what they’ve been doing each day, walk here and there while holding their heads so high in the company, such a waste.

He turns to Reung and says, “And gambling, (he turns to Ngam) messing with people’s business. You are burning away my assets, have you ever made it grow?”

Ngam asks if he’s talking about the assets he will give to Tho, so if they don’t spend it now, when they will be able to. Mek follows Ngam to the restroom. Reung smirks feeling satisfied.

Mek asks Ngam why suddenly she got so mad. She says she’s so sick of dad, since he’s a young man till he’s an old man, never once talk nicely to his children, and he raised his children like they were his employees. Mek tells her not to pay attention to him, and she still has him with her. Ngam thanks him and says she already gets used to it and will feel better soon.

Flur tells George if any table clears the bill, clean it as fast as he can. Tho walks over so Flur says she thought a bomb would explode. He says it’s normal for his family and he’s not sure how many bombs may have already exploded inside.

Manoo and his family arrive. He congrats Flur. Flur says she waited for him for a while now and asks if it’s difficult to find this place. He says not at all when Bam told them the direction. Flur greets Kate calling her aunty, long time no see.

Flur introduces Tho to Manoo as the restaurant’s owner and the president of SaSiWong Group. She tells Tho, “This is my father, and that is aunty..aunt Kate, and that is my sister, Bam.”

Manoo says he heard about him for a long time and he’s more handsome than seeing in the magazines. He thanks Tho for giving Flur a job.

Tho says she’s a capable staff and he would regret it if he didn’t accept her. Manoo says she’s not that good. Tho says he really means it, and Khun Pabu did everything here, from designing to finding a chef, while he’s just funding.

“See, dad?” Flur asks. Manoo says he’s so proud of her and the restaurant is fully packed now. Kate says must be only on the day of the opening. Flur says no, people who come here today will come again, and they will tell others that the food here is…exceptional!

Manoo tells them to go take pictures together. He invites Tho to join them too. Tho tells Flur that a bomb in her house wasn’t bad too. Flur says it’s normal. She tells him to take pictures together.

Jemi, Buri and Toi arrive and they see the family are together taking pictures. Toi says Khun Pabu and Khun Stayu are taking pictures and receiving guests just like they are bride and groom in a wedding. They are adorable!

Buri and Jemi give him a fierce glare. “If I were you, I would stand still not saying anything.” Jemi says.

“In other words, just shut up!” Buri adds.

Toi says bride and groom who are this sweet, will probably break up soon, he saw it too many times. LOL. Buri says he didn’t change his color fast enough.

Pim asks Jemi if she has a table. Jemi says not yet so Pim invites her to come along.

Mek is on the phone saying what kind of job the lackey did that Tho can open the restaurant on schedule. Luk-tan wonders how Tho could do that. Mek says today she’s home alone so she’d better complete the task he ordered. She tells him not to worry and she’s waiting for his grandson to get out of the house.

When he knows that Don is still at home, he says he will take care of Don.

Mek calls Don and asks if he’s at the restaurant yet and his grandfather asked about him. Don says what’s the fuss. Mek says it’s an important day for Tho and if he doesn’t show up, grandpa will be angry with him again.

Don says just the restaurant’s opening, what’s a big deal. He says uncle Mek, his mother and Pee Tho are annoying, they keep calling when it’s so obvious that the restaurant can open without him.

Don says he knows that, he will hurry there. Don leaves and forgets his wallet on the bed.

Mek texts Luk-tan that Don is leaving. She walks to Kitja’s safe and tries to open it. Don yells for someone to call him a taxi and runs upstairs for his wallet.

Luk-tan talks on the phone that all the combinations he gave her didn’t work. She argues that she’s not a kid to mix up the combinations, she asks if what he gave her is correct. Don walks inside and looks around. “It sounds like Pee Luk-tan.” he wonders.

When he sees no one, he leaves the room. Luk-tan comes out from behind the curtain feeling worried.

Kitja says if Tho marries Pabu, he will give this restaurant to him and a wedding present. Tho says he must be joking. Kitja says he means it, he wants Tho and Pabu to look after this restaurant just like how he and Tho’s grandmother did.

Tho says even if he doesn’t give it to him, he can still look after it so he suggests they keep this place a central asset under the name of his father, aunt Ngam and uncle Mek. Kitja says those three siblings will sell it in less than a month.

MekPat overhears it and gets so mad. Ngam greets Jemi and asks if she’s doing well with the training. She says if Buri makes her work too hard, just tell her and she will transfer her to a new department. Jemi says it isn’t hard at all and she just asked uncle Mek to transfer her to work on her father’s project.

Ngam is delighted and says Mek wanted to take care of her but he’s busy with her father’s project, so it’s good that she works close to him now. Jemi calls Buri to come sit with them. Buri hesitates so Ngam says he can sit here and she’s getting off soon. She tells Jemi she will go taking care of the guests.

Buri sits down and asks what Khun Ngam was doing, and if she tries to match her with Khun Mek. Jemi wants to throw some food at him. He says, “Hey, that is delicious.” She puts it in her mouth instead.

Flur comes to the kitchen and says she can’t believe they have so many dinners today. Bam says she will help in the kitchen. Get says he will go help George taking orders.

George says a customer calls to order food but he wants it delivered. He asks what he should do. Get laughs and tells him to calm down, he will handle it. He tells Bam to help in the kitchen.

Michael asks Flur if all the orders are here. She says yes.

Episode 9 Preview

Don: “Just give up, Pee Flur won’t be interested in a man like you!”

Buri: “You ask her out tonight then confess and ask her, so all will end.”

Kitja: “You ask her if she will come, then use this occasion to show her to everyone.”

Tho: “Grandfather, is that a good idea?”

Get: “What? You accept to go out with both?”

Flur: “It’s at a different time, so I will go with both!”

Flur: “How about you? What kind of woman do you like?”

Tho: “Fashionable, beautiful, and wears short hair.”

Buri’s voice: “I like you a lot.” (Flur reads text)

Buri: “She said same here.”

Toi: “She likes you! She likes you!”

Buri: “I came for a meal and to take you back to your room.”

Tho: “I think it’s going to waste your time, so I will drop her.”


Don’t blame the girl just yet for being indecisive when it’s two nice good-looking men on both sides, and who will want to pick one in a hurry? *wink*

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  1. Sounds really good. I guess I will have to make time for this soon :-D. We mostly land up liking the same sort of lakorns so I figured that if you are recapping this then it’s worth watching :-D.

  2. Really trying to find time to watch this series as you seem to like it so much and are recapping it but just have not found the time as yet. I hope you are doing well :-).

    • Well, hello! I loved the dialogs and it also made me laugh. The scripts were done well, a chic story of modern office workers. There were love, friendships and family issues all in one neat package coated with a sweet sense of humor. A girl who didn’t have a degree, a top spender, found her place in a workplace. It also shows how working women nowadays willing to wait and choose what she really wants, and how children learn to cope with their family and vice versa. There were meanful phrases to ponder once you noticed it. Also love Great, Margie and Pheun in this, also the actress who portrayed Jemi! LOL.

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