Soundtrack: Miss Thong Soi, the No.1 Maid (2)

I watched the ending of this lakorn and it was cute, and put a smile on my face. I heard this song inserted here and there and loved it, but couldn’t find it in the list of soundtracks for this lakorn, so I searched by its lyrics and there it’s found. Love to share it with you.

Song title: Kon Thi Young Mai Ru Wa Krai (that someone, or, someone I don’t know who it’ll be)

Artist: No One Else

Official Lyrics Video

Someone said, that in this world there is

Another heart, hidden for us to meet

But why I didn’t meet yet, could it be that someone like me, doesn’t have a soulmate

I just want to know, who is my soulmate

* [ I want to have you, who’s still in my dream

To have you, who would stay my by side

To hold hands while lying down and chat all night long, and whisper I love you when waking up

Don’t know if I will ever have that someone

** [ Who is that someone (That someone)

The one I still haven’t met (Just give me someone)

The one I will give the word love, with all my heart

Only I still haven’t found who you are

If that someone (That someone)

Really exist, then where are you (Just give me someone)

Let me have that someone who, for me, it’s the one,

How long will I meet,

That someone ] ]

The one created to be my soulmate, what must that person be like.

Will we fall at first sight

Or we must start off badly, like a prime-time lakorn’s plot

How many winters will I have to endure, before I finally meet that someone

(Repeat [*])

Who is that someone

Who will feel the same way with me

Tell me


Who is that someone

Where are you, don’t just stay in my dream

Don’t know if we will ever meet, or if you even exist at all

(Repeat [**])

We will meet one day, that someone  🙂


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  1. Love the lyrics and the song. Thank you. You are a gem! Muah!!

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