Soundtrack: Miss Thong Soi, the No.1 Maid (1)

Miss Thong Soi, a famous columnist from a wealthy family, ran away from her wedding, then she has to disguise herself as a maid, speaking in dialect,  and lives in Khun Klang’s house.

I didn’t follow this one but took a peek here and there, and thought Khun Klang and his driver were a perfect match. LOL.

ThongSoiOST MissThongSoiOST

Song title: Sa-doot (stumble over)

Artist: V Violette Wautier

Official MV

Just someone who passes by

Just someone ordinary

Doesn’t feel like stumbling over

Doesn’t feel like you are someone that important

But something you done for me, changes me

And I start to stumble over, and see you more important than anyone

*The closer to you, the more my feelings shaken

Seems like my heart filled with only the word ‘you’

** The closer we are, the more it feels

The closer we are, the more I keep thinking

Every morning when I wake up, and every late night, I keep thinking,

Deep inside, I love you. Do I?

[Repeat */**/**]

Every morning when I wake up, and every late night, I keep thinking,

Deep inside, I love you…I’m in love with you. Do I?


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  1. Can U please recapped the whole series of Throngsoi, please….I am way behind, and I don’t have much time to watching it, so I was hoped to reading your recapped instead. Thank you, for listening….!!!!! Hoped to hear from your responses!!!!!!

    • I can only do the ending scene for you, since I didn’t watch the whole series and I’m quite busy with Tai Ngao Jun. Here you go.
      Episode 12 (Final Part)

      Khun Klang follows Soi to Vientiane, Laos.
      Soi asks what he wants (for coming here) and he can say it. He shows her the picture he drawn and wants to give it to her. She asks why gives to her. He tells her to open it and take a look. It’s a picture of the time they spent together when they were young. “Bonjour, Madam Fondue.” he says. She greets him back in French. He says he came for her autograph as her fanclub who followed her for a long long time, and from this picture, it should be around 20 years already.She asks how he knew.

      He says her hand-writing which she wrote the food recipes for Jia, is similar to the one on Madam Fondue’s blog, and he started to search since then and hoped that Madam Fondue would be this girl (in the picture), which is now true. He asks why she didn’t tell him from the get-go. She says it’s business confidential. He asks if it’s also because of Khun Waeo.

      He says he thinks she already heard what happened between him and Khun Waeo. She says she knew about it and felt sorry for him. He gives her a pen to sign her name on it. After she signs it, he says he brought it for her. She asks why gives it to her. He says as a gift, an apology to this little girl. He promised to return to her but he never did, and he did try to, but never achieved it.

      Flashback, Dad tells Klang to get in the car, he has an urgent matter to take care. Klang looks at the girl when the car is moving away.

      Back to present, Klang apologizes to her and asks if she can forgive him. Soi says she understood it and never felt angry, and knew that there must be some necesscity. He says a woman like ThongSoi can understand things easily, as long as there are enough reasons to support it. She thanks him for this picture. He says she’s the one who inspired him to finish it. He says people in his house send her best regards, Khun Jeo no.1 – LINE group. He says they tried sending her texts but she didn’t open and read it at all. Soi says she switched off her phone. He suggests she reads it.

      Soi looks at their messages. They greet her with “Sawasdee, ThongSoi!” and the driver says Soi is in Laos so they must say, “Sa-bai Dee, ThongSoi!” instead. They say they missed her, still love her. The girl wants to eat food of Michelin-starred Madam Fondue. Klang’s sister (Khun Yai) shows up and asks Soi to give her brother a chance, and he missed her very much. Khun Lek says Khun Yai already gave ThongProi the green light. Khun Yai says she gives Soi a green light too. In unison, they say, “ThongSoi, please come back!”

      Soi looks at Khun Klang and says she won’t go back yet and doesn’t know when she ever will. He asks if she heard what P’Yai said, so please give him a chance. Soi gets uneasy. He says before coming here, he went to ask for permission from her father, to allow him to be her boyfriend (lover). “Khun Klang!” she lets out. He says, “But it’s no use. It’s not important how I feel for you, but it’s how you feel towards me, and if we feel the same way, we will go back to your father and he will stop forcing you right away.”

      “What if I say no? Khun Klang, I’m sorry. I’m really not ready.” she walks away.

      Soi sees her father. She drops the picture and looks around. He says he came alone and wants to talk to her. He says he came having good intention. Soi says she doesn’t believe it. He says then he came with not so good intention, is that what she wants? She says see, he always had something behind his back. He says enough already, he’s tired, so let’s talk frankly. He says he’s sorry and he admits that he’s lonely and wants all his chilren to stay close to him, but he doesn’t know how to express it.

      He says he knew that she’s angry with him, and when he said he didn’t accept it, he meant he wouldn’t accept to hurt her feeling and her heart any longer, but P’Sathorn interrupted him before he could finish. “The truth is, I conceded.” he says. She is surprised but says she couldn’t belive it. He says, “Just belive it.” She says not sure when she was hurt many times before. He says he already apologized. Soi says she also apologizes to him for running away, and she should trust him more. He thanks her.

      He looks at his late wife’s photo and tells her that their daughter has apologized to him. Soi tells her mom that she has apologized to dad too, and she feels very happy right now. He talks to his late wife, “She should be happier than this if…she can just concede to some…one.” Soi says why he changes his mode so fast and who he’s talking about. “You knew who it is. That man who follows you here!” he says.

      “I rejected him already.” she says. “Why rejected him?!” he yells. He says she’s crazy when she won’t find a good man like Khun Klang in this world, and she always ruins his plan. Soi asks what plan. He says he built him up to come looking for her and made him ask for her love. He says he put a man on a tray and served it to her yet she rejected him, why she did that. Dad asks could it be she doesn’t want to pee over someone’s else trace. Soi asks if he talked with Nae already. He says that’s right and he couldn’t understand why she let other destroy her chance. Soi says it may be nothing to him but it’s her pride.

      He says there’s fine line between pride and foolishness. She says be foolish is better than letting others gossip behind her back, she won’t have it. Soi bids her late mom goodbye and says she will come see her again, but not with dad! Dad curses her to stay single until she dies, and he can provide for her until then too. He says he will take good care of his health and will live long, and will die after her. He says, “You crazy daughter! Have we ever talked decently more than 1-2 minutes?”

      Soi gets a video clip from Khun Waeo. Waeo tells her not to pity her when she’s not that pity. “Remember this, I will wait for the day you fall, the day Khun Klang dump you, and remember, I didn’t give up on Khun Klang but I’m simply waiting for the day Khun Klang dump you.” Soi tells her to keep on waiting, because she won’t let her.

      Soi runs to her dad and says she now concedes to give that man and herself a chance. She asks for his blessings. He tells her to make it great *wink* Then they tease each other (not sure what they said).

      Dad and Soi kneel down in front of mom’s grave. Dad talks to his late wife, “You know, raising a child has been quite exhausting, but it brought happiness as well. Now I understand why you dedicated yourself to all of us. I love you, my angel.”

      “Mom, give me your blessings too.” Soi says and hugs her dad. They walk together and see his late wife in front of them, then she walks away and disappears. Dad says she must rest in peace now. Soi says she needs to hurry then she runs. Dad shouts what about then he says looks like it’s going to be great this time around.

      Soi searches for Khun Klang. She checks her phone and there are many missed calls. She calls him and he picks up. She asks where he is. “I’m behind you.” he answers. She’s so delighted, “Thanks god, you’re still here!”

      She says where he went. He says he’s heading back to Bangkok when he found this. He shows her his picture. He says it was left behind on a sidewalk so he thought she might forget to take it or intend to throw it away, so he called her many times but she didn’t pick up, and that’s why he walked to this spot, just in case he would find her here, so that he could ask her, “If you’re going to throw it away, can I have it back?” Soi says no, he can’t. She grabs it. “It’s not so important to you.” he pulls it back. Soi says no, he can’t. He says what she means that he cannot. Soi says if he’s taking the picture back then he must take her back too.

      “What do you mean?” he asks. “I concede…to let you step into my life, to get to know each other more.” she explains. He smiles so she asks if he’s going to stand here and smile like this. He asks what she wants him to do, he feels glad so naturally he smiles. She says, “Well,like…hold my hand…look into my eyes and say…” He grabs her wrist and tells her not to guess his mind. She says if he doesn’t want to her to make a guess then say it himself. He says, “Thank you.”

      She waits for more but he stops at that. “What? Just that? I ran all the way here because I was scared you had left, but you said only that?” she’s disappointed.

      “Who told you I would say just that?” Then he says, “Walk with me, we will walk together. Come back to our home.” he says. Soi beams. “Isn’t that grand enough?” he asks. “Very!” she answers. They walk together hand in hand. Then they see themselves, the younger version, running by. They stop to look and then smile, and continue on their path. [The End]

      All right, dear ThongSoi’s fans, I wrapped it up for you. Hope that helps *wink*

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