Tai Ngao Jun Episode 7


Episode 7

Part 1

Pabu comes with Get and tells the lady at the front desk that she came to book a room in the employees’ condo. The lady says every building is now fully occupied but she can leave her name and they will call her if someone moves out. Pabu gives her her name and says thank you.

Get asks why she changes her mind to move out when she said she didn’t care. Flur says she didn’t care at first but now it’s changing, and for everyone’s peace of mind, she can move out to end it. He asks if it’s because of Jemi yesterday. She says a little bit, she sympathies with her. Get looks around so she asks what’s with him. He says nothing.

Buri calls out and asks what they are doing here. Flur asks him the same question. Buri says he came to pay the rent. Get gets nervous so he tells Flur he’s going to the restroom, he needs to take a leak badly. Buri hears him and says he needs to go too so let’s go there together. He pulls Get along. Get asks if he won’t pay the bill now. Buri says he can do that later.

They get in the restroom. Get just stands there so Buri asks why he doesn’t take care of the business. Get says he thinks he needs to take a dump. LOL. Buri tells him to use the toilet behind them. Get thanks him.

Buri asks why they are here. Get says Flur wants to move into the condo for employees. Buri says there’s none available because people won’t move out, and this building is fairly new, if they move out, they will keep it to sell to others. Get asks if there’s such thing. Buri says it’s against the rules but they will talk and reach an agreement among themselves. He says people who aren’t in the circle, will never know which room is empty.

Get comes out of the toilet and tells him to ask his friends for them. “My friends? That’s right, I can manage so that the room is empty.” Buri pats his face and says thank you so much. Get cringes by his touch.

Pabu looks at her iPad and asks Get if the rent is twenty thousand per month for a 30 square meters room. She says why it’s so expensive. Get says it’s normally for city center, a business area. He says if she wants it cheap then go back and stay in Khun Tho’s room, and she won’t have to pay too. Get says the best way is to go back to her father’s house so that he won’t be worried.

Pabu says no way, she won’t go back there and has that aunt Kate criticize her. He says how about staying in his house. She says she’d rather not and wait for employees’ condo to be available.

She gets a call for her to come take a look at the room this evening. Flur hangs up and tells Get that she’s getting a room, to which totally surprises Get.

Pabu and Get walk along a corridor and she says the height is quite scary. She says it’s this room. Toi opens the door and asks if she’s going to rent this room after he moves out. She says yes and what a small world that it’s him.

Buri comes out of his room and greets them. He asks Toi if she’s going to rent his room. Toi can only smile.

Pabu asks if Khun Toi’s room is next to his, what a coincidence. Buri says yes, totally a coincidence. She asks Toi why he suddenly wants to move out. Toi recalls how Buri come to his room and help cleaning it. Toi is so happy and asks what he’s doing.

“Khun Pabu will move in here, and you will stay in my room for the time being.” Buri says. Toi says he won’t do it when this is his room. He asks if Buri likes Khun Pabu so he wants to live next door to have more chance to earn more points with her. Toi then says he knew it! Buri says so now he understands.

Toi says no. Buri says he can move in his room first and when Nick (or something similar) moves out next month, he can move in there, moreover, it will be convenient for him to teach him work. Toi disagrees and says he waited for so long before he could get this room so no way and dream on.

Buri grabs his shoulder and asks if he forgot who found this room for him, who got him a job, and who helped teaching him…Toi says that’s enough and asks, “Seriously, do you like Khun Pabu?”

Buri nods and says if she moves in here, he will have more chance. Buri begs him and says he will let him stay for free and get to sleep on the bed too, and even wash his clothes for him, okay? Toi thinks about it and says all right, but, know that he’s doing this because he loves him or else it will never happen. “Toi, I love you too!” Buri hugs him tight.

Back to present, Pabu asks so why moves out and where he will stay. Toi tries to come up with an answer so Buri says Toi has money problem so he will share the room with him and pay half the rent, they also have a project which they work together.

Pabu thinks that’s odd but doesn’t say it. Buri tells both to take a look at the room. “I’m telling you, this room located the best in the building, good wind flow, the room is nice and cool, no direct sunlight or rain coming in.”

She takes a look at the windows. Buri assures her that moving in after an architect moved out, she shouldn’t worry that she wouldn’t get a good room, even though it can’t be compared to the room of the company’s owner.

She says she thinks the room is a bit too small. “Will you take it?” he asks. She says all right, she will book this room. Get asks if she won’t think about it first. She says she’s taking this room. She tells Buri that she will go pay the deposit and if everything is all set, she will move in right away.

He smiles and says that’s good. He asks if she won’t take a look at the toilet too, it’s nice. Pabu walks to that direction.

Part 2

Tho asks if Khun Pabu will move to the employees’ condo. Mathurot asks if he still doesn’t know it and she thought he wanted his room for someone so he arranged for Flur to move out. Tho says he doesn’t know it at all. She says may be Flur doesn’t get a chance to tell him and she just heard about it too, and it worries her so she came to ask him. She is afraid that the place won’t be safe for Flur when she’s woman living by herself. He tells her not to worry, he definitely won’t let Khun Pabu move there.

At a construction site, Pim tells Tho that the project has 30% left before completion, which are painting job and decoration. The foreman tells Tho that there’s 30% left and it will be completed on time.

Pim says he didn’t come to construction site like this for a long time. He says if he has time, he will love to take a look at every project himself.

Tho asks if she knows about Khun Pabu moving in the employees’ condo. Pim is surprised because normally there would be no room available then how she could find one. “Surely, Khun Buri found one for her.” she says then bites her lips seeing Tho’s reaction.

“Then, please cancel the room Khun Pabu booked for me and give me the deposit she paid.”

Pim asks if doing that won’t offend Khun Pabu. Tho says he will talk to her not to move anywhere. Pim smiles.

At a coffee shop, Tho seems nervous to bring up the topic. Pabu asks if he has something to talk to her. He drinks his coffee some more. “Are you hungry? Should we order something to eat?” she asks.

“About the room, if you feel uncomfortable to stay in my room, you can stay in a client’s room. I think the employees’ condo is unsafe for you.” he explains.

“If anyone can stay there, why can’t I?” she asks.

Tho says he thinks she can’t stay there when the room is very small, stuffy, occasionally loud outside, and there’s a lot of confusion in there. “That bad?” she asks.

“That’s right. First, the surroundings (Pabu walks in and some drunken men tease her.), then you may encounter a building-mate unexpectedly ( Pabu screams seeing a cockroach.) , and problem with the next door neighbor, which you know well that architects love to work at night ( Pabu gets annoyed by her neighbor making  noise at night.)” Tho gives her some ideas.

“Please stop, that’s very clear, images, the sound and the smell.” she cringes.

He says, “Trust me and stay at my room, and don’t think too much about it.” He pulls out an envelope and apologize for taking the liberty of taking back the deposit.

“I really don’t want you to move out.” He smiles then realizes it so he says it also worries her mother so please stay for her mother to be at ease. She accepts the envelope from him.

They are walking back to the office. Pabu says she thinks it must be good, then she sees NgamYing and Mek further away. Ngam says ever since Khun Pabu works here, their president changes a lot, he used to be a workaholic but now is interested more in a woman.

Tho says even if other things interest him, he never leaves his work unattended, unlike her, who always keeps her personality in tact, interested in other people’s business. Tho walks away.

Mek asks Pabu about what they talked that day, and if she’s sure she won’t change her mind. “I think I was very clear that day.” she says and walks away.

Buri happily tells Jemi that Khun Pabu is going to move in the employees’ condo soon. Jemi says she’s happy for him and it means what she told her that day is working. He says that’s correct.

Toi runs to him and asks why Khun Pabu took back the deposit. “Really?” Buri asks. Toi asks if Khun Pabu didn’t tell him and they called him just now. “That can’t be! She said she loved the room a lot and you were there too.” Buri says.

Toi says Khun PimPun took the deposit back herself. Toi gets a call so he walks away. Buri says he can guess whose doing this is, wait until he’s a company’s owner one day.

Jemi says she won’t let it happen. He says he won’t too and it’s her Pee Tho who ruined his plan. She tells him not to blame Pee Tho on it, he may have to let her stay out of good manners, and if his ‘Khun Pabu’ insists to move out no matter what, how Pee Tho will be able to force her to stay, so it’s his Pabu’s fault. He says whatever whose fault it is, he won’t be defeated by her Pee Tho! He says seeing her face, it spoils his mood so he’d better leave. He gets up and walks away.

Part 3

Buri comes to see Pabu and says he heard she canceled the room-booking. He asks if it’s Khun Tho who don’t allow her to move out. She says both Khun Tho and her mother, they won’t allow it.

She says she has to book the room under Toi’s name for now and please tell him not to give the room to anyone else. Buri says he will do that but she shouldn’t take too much time thinking about it, and if someone else makes a better offer, he won’t be able to help. She says that’s very stingy of him, then asks if he came only about this.

Buri says no, he lets her take a look at the design of the menu. She says he got it done so fast when she only told him a few days before. He says there’s no office work these days so he does it first. He tells her to take a look.

Tho walks over and says, “Don’t let your department head hear that, he will think that you aren’t pay attention to your work.” Buri says it won’t be like that, his boss must appreciate  it instead that he does the company’s special project during his free time. Tho says he works very fast.

Buri says if he doesn’t get the job done fast, his boss wouldn’t choose him to help with the restaurant project in the first place. “But it also depends on whose order it is, because if Khun Pabu asks for it, no one will dare refuse her.” he adds.

Tho says that’s right, the owner of the building himself yet couldn’t find any room for her. He asks if he knew already that she’s not going to rent that room anymore. “Whether she will rent it or not, it’s up to her.” Buri smiles.

Pabu breaks the silence by asking Buri to go see Get and Michael at the restaurant together so that they will start arranging the courses of the menu. Buri says all right.

Tho says it’s about the menu so why Khun Buri needs to go there too, and he thinks his boss could be needing him for some other work, and that may ruin his job.

Buri says it won’t ruin his job when his boss already paid him the allowance for working in this restaurant project, so he should work what he got paid for. Buri says he may join them if he’s free.

Tho calmly says he’s having a meeting. “Then I’ll get going.” Buri smiles. “Please do.” Tho smiles back.

“Let’s go.” Buri tells Pabu. She picks up her things and excuses herself then leaves. Tho doesn’t look pleased seeing them leaving together.

Pabu asks Buri if he wants to find a new job for talking to his boss like that. Buri says with the level of his skills, it’s others asking him to join their company more and it’s his boss who kept his eyes on him, if someone will scout him.

She says that’s overbearing. Buri asks, “Didn’t you hear Khun Tho’s last sentence, figuratively, did you get what he’s trying to tell?” She asks what it is. Buri says, “If you aren’t this good, I will fire you already for thinking…” He stops short.

“Thinking what?” she asks.

“Don’t know, I can’t think now.”

She asks why Khun Tho acts quite strange towards him. He says he has no ideas, may be he gets annoyed with something and take it on his employee, that’s the benefit of being the owner of the company.

They get on the elevator.

MekPat is on the phone. “You found it? Great, then do it.” MekPat apologizes to ChatChai who says it’s all right, he’s looking at his work and it’s very interesting. Mek thanks him.

ChatChai says about building a condo on the restaurant’s land, he has to decline  because he doesn’t want to offend Khun Kitja and Khun Stayu. He says he heard that that plot of land used to be Khun Kitja’s home in the past, so he doesn’t want to touch it.

Mek says that’s all right and he can understand. ChatChai says about the condo project that he will invest with SaSiWong, he thinks his idea is very interesting. Mek says besides introducing a new concept, it will save on budget too, and he believes that this kind of project will return ChatChai with more profit.

MekPat asks if he can request that he be the one responsible for this project. ChatChai stares at him. Mek says Khun Jemi and Khun Stayu are having a problem recently, so dealing the work with him directly won’t make him feel uncomfortable. ChatChai says he will think about it. Mek thanks him.

Pim teases Tho that he’s capable of dividing his concentration and be able to have a meeting, if it’s her, her mind would probably be at the restaurant. Tho clears his throat so Pim stops talking. LOL.

Tho gets in the meeting and greets everyone. Tho suggests they start the meeting. The man asks if he heard about Khun MekPat, he’s busy trying to become the project manager of Khun ChatChai’s project, and he even secretly asked the design department to draw up the design and already submitted it to Khun ChatChai.

Pabu and Buri walk into the restaurant. She asks if they should have more flowering-plants over there. He agrees it’s a good idea. She gets a call so she tells him to go inside first. It’s Jemi on the line. She asks why Pabu didn’t move out from Pee Tho’s room yet when she already found a room for herself. Pabu tells her to go ask Pee Tho herself, she’s not the one taking back the deposit. Jemi says Pabu can always choose to leave, so she will say it for the last time or she will…

“Will what?” Pabu asks.

Jemi says she will keep calling her and nagging her until she lose all of her happiness. Pabu laughs and says if she calls to talk about the same old thing, she will hang up now because she has work to do. “Bye!” Pabu hangs up.

Jemi is frustrated. She tells Mek that Pabu wouldn’t listen to her. He says what she said is enough and should make Khun Pabu scared of her a lot. He asks if she’s free today and if they should go hang out somewhere. She says she hasn’t done with her work yet. He says it’s all right and he can wait until she has free time. Jemi excuses herself to go back to work.

At the restaurant, Michael says this is the special menu, made only for this restaurant. He opens the cover and says it’s the Honeymoon Roasted Chicken. He says he uses a special sauce to marinate it, the taste is kind of sweet but not oily, with a touch of herbs’ aroma. He invites everyone to try it.

Get slices it and puts it on Buri’s plate first which surprises both Michael and Pabu. “Don’t overdo it!” she warns. Buri asks overdo what. Pabu says, “Get, don’t over-eat, you can get fat.”

They taste it and Get says so delicious. Buri agrees, so unique. Buri asks Pabu if it’s so tasty that she can’t speak. She says it’s so good that she doesn’t want to swallow and is afraid it will be finished soon.

Michael says she can eat all she wants and he can make another one for her. She says she thinks their restaurant will become a big hit for sure.

Pabu dreams of being interviewed. “How do you feel that the restaurant is very well-received?” Pabu says she feels glad that the customers love the restaurant and come here this many. The reporter asks if she feels so happy that they received so many awards. “As the restaurant manager, I have to say I’m so glad. We just received these four awards.”

Get snatches the fork from her hand and says, “Don’t overdo it!” Michael says this place has Pabu as restaurant manager and him as chef, but they don’t any servers or other positions to do other things.

Buri says that’s true and the restaurant is opening soon. Pabu says about the servers, she already screened some. She shows them a list of applicants and Michael can select anyone he likes to do the interview. Michael requests a chef’s helper and servers. She says all right, no problems.

Michael says he made a deal with someone who should arrive pretty soon. Bam runs to them and greets them.

“Bam! Dad sent you here, didn’t he?” Flur asks. Bam says not really, she wants to learn how to cook and can help with the marketing. Flur says no, she doesn’t want to have an argument with her mother. Michael asks how she can’t separate personal matter from work and her sister already showed him her skills. He says if Pabu doesn’t take her, he will think she doesn’t respect his decision. Flur asks when they did that, then calls Bam a tricky girl.

Bam begs her to let her work here, and she’s bored with their house like her too. Flur says all right but if her mother comes messing at the restaurant, she must stop. Bam tells her not to worry about her mother, she has a way to handle her.

Part 4

Karakate is worried that Bam isn’t home yet. Manoo says she told him that she had to finish a report with her friend. Kate asks which friend and where they do it, and what time she will come home. He says Bam isn’t a two years old girl so just leave her alone. Kate says Bam is going to be a trainee soon, and asks if he knows where she will do it. He says he knows, so she asks in which company she will do it.

He says he’s not going to tell her because she will mess around with her life again. He says he’s feeling full then gets up and walks away. She asks why he didn’t wait for her and let her eat alone like this.

Buri and Pabu are heading back. She tells him to send her off here. He nods and says he’s leaving now. Pabu gets a call then she feels someone is behind her. She turns around and someone splashes some kind of acid at her so she screams.

Mathurot asks which hospital she’s at and she will rush there. Tho overhears it and asks her what happened. “Well,…” she tries to say.

At a hospital, Flur is waiting in front of an emergency room. Mathurot and Tho arrive. Mom hugs her and says what a relief to see her all right. Tho asks Flur if she’s really all right. Mom asks if they should let the doctor check on her.

Flur says she’s fine and it’s Khun Buri who saved her. Mom asks how he is now. Flur says he’s fine. Buri comes out and asks how she know that he’s fine. Flur says his voice is so clear like this, so he must be fine. Mathurot thanks him for saving Flur. Buri smiles and says that’s all right.

Get shows up, “Flur!” then he asks Buri if he’s all right and if he’s injured anywhere. “Get!” Flur glares. LOL.

Tho asks so what actually happened. Flur tells Buri to recount it to him.

Flashbacks, Buri narrates that after he sent her off, he’s about to go get his bike, then he saw the culprit. (Buri fights with him and got cut on his arm. The man runs away. Buri asks Pabu if she’s all right. Pabu hugs him and says she’s so scared.)

Back to present, Get says he couldn’t believe there are people out there who still use this kind of method, what an ancient way, but it suits her well.

Pabu thanks Buri and if he wasn’t as fast as a monkey, she couldn’t think what she would turn out now. Buri asks if she’s touched by it, that he risked his life to protect her like that. Flur shows him her tongue instead.

Tho says from what he’s hearing, it shows that the man intended to harm her. He asks if she suspects anyone, or fought with anyone recently. Flur says there’s none and she didn’t have a fight with anyone. Get asks if it could be Khun Jemi since she threatened her on the phone just recently. Pabu says she doesn’t think it’s her.

Tho suggests they report to the police first, at least put in record, this time he failed so he’s afraid he may do it again. Pabu says she doesn’t want to make it a big deal and they also don’t have any evidence, and she’s fine.

Buri nags that’s because he’s the one taking the bad luck on her behalf. “If something happens to me, you take responsibility for my entire life!” Pabu says that’s too much, she can pay the medical bill for him. Tho smiles and says Khun Buri can claim medical expenses from the company. Buri nods. Tho suggests they should leave.

MekPat is yelling that they failed the task yet asking for payment, jerk! He hangs up. Luk-tan asks why he needs to be angry when he meant it to be just a threat. He says he hoped it would injure her somewhat so that the opening of the restaurant would be delayed.

She says if Pabu got injured, it’s a pity for her pretty face. He says that’s why he selected this method, that woman frustrated him for a while now. He says she treasured beauty so much, now she wouldn’t dare holding her head so high for many days. Luk-tan says so that’s it.

He asks how her task progressed and if she gets the combination of his father’s safe already. She says he’s his son and he doesn’t trust him so how he will let her know it so easily. He tells her to keep pleasing him what she can do, right now his father loves her more than him. “Do you understand?” he asks. She smiles and says, “Yes, I do.”

A housekeeper knocks the door and says Kitja calls for him. He answers that he hears it.

Mek walks to Kitja and asks what it is. Kitja asks if he had a talk with Khun ChatChai about the condo project. Mek says yes, only to purpose his ideas. Kitja cuts him off and says he’s giving him a chance to do it. Mek asks if it’s true. Kitja says such small matter and he wants him to repeat it.

Kitja says he’s giving him a chance so he’d better do it well. Mek says thank you so much and he promises he will do his best.

Kitja says if he want to say thank you then do it to Tho because he’s the one telling to him to let Mek do this project. Mek asks if it’s because of Tho. Kitja says that’s right, even when he dislikes him, Tho is being very generous to him. Kitja asks if he can behave like a good uncle (father’s younger brother) to Tho.

“Do this project well and don’t fail it. If you fail it again, now you can consider yourself exactly the same as what the fortune-teller said.”

“Do you seriously think the loss on your business is due to my coming into this world?! (Kitja shrugs.) That’s why you hated me this much!”

Kitja doesn’t answer him so Mek asks if it’s because his mother cheated on him. Kitja bangs the table and says he’s in a good mood today, so don’t get him annoyed. “Go away. Just get out!” he shouts. Mek grits his teeth then leaves.

Get hands Flur a cup of drink so she thanks him. Get says luckily it didn’t get on her face or else it would turn so rotten. “Don’t say that!” she says. Mathurot asks if the man will come back again, in that case, Flur shouldn’t move anywhere when it’s safest place here. Mom begs her to stay.

Get asks, “Seriously, are you suspecting anyone?” Flur recalls how MekPat threatened her. She says since she stared working here, there’s only Khun MekPat who made it clear that he’s her opponent, but she doesn’t want to be firm about it because she doesn’t Khun Tho be depressed. She tells Get not to tell anyone, the fewer the better, she doesn’t want to make it a big mess, especially to her father. “I swear I won’t tell anyone. Okay?” Get asks. She says her best friend is so adorable.

Bam calls her so she glares at Get. He avoids her eyes. Bam asks if she’s all right and if she got injured. She says Pee Get updated it on FB that Pee Flur was splashed by some acid. Flur glares at Get. Get says, “I posted it but didn’t say it.” LOL.

Flur tells Bam that she’s perfectly fine and her face is still in tact. “But you can’t tell dad about it or he could go crazy and start nagging me to come back home.” Bam says she will make sure dad won’t know….Bam realizes Manoo is standing behind her. Bam tells Flur that she thinks it’s too late.

“Flur, what happened? What did you tell your sister to keep it from me?” Manoo asks. Flur answers quickly that it’s about she’s moving and she’ll have to go now, then she hangs up.

Manoo gets serious and tells Bam to clear it with him right now. Bam asks what about. He repeats his question. Bam is reluctant to tell him.

Part 5

Buri yells at Jemi that he didn’t think she would use such dirty method to harm Khun Pabu like this. Jemi is confused and doesn’t want to hear it. He says how she acts like she doesn’t know when she hired someone to splash some acid on Khun Pabu.

“What? Khun Pabu got splashed by some acid? Hey, I didn’t do it!”

“But you called her and threatened her. There’s only you who kept picking on her!”

She asks if he thinks she’s so mean that she send someone to harm Khun Pabu. “It means, all this time, you don’t really know me.”

Buri realizes he may judge her wrongly so he says he’s sorry, he couldn’t help thinking it could be her. He asks if she really didn’t do it. She says of course, she didn’t. She asks if Khun Pabu is all right or got injured. He says she’s fine but it’s him who took the bad luck. He shows her the wound on his arm. She asks if it hurts a lot. He shakes his head.

Jemi says Khun Pabu must be so impressed that he risked his life for her. She suggests he uses this chance to earn more points with her, may be she will fall for him. She says he can use this wound to ask for her attention, to be attentive to him, and love may blossom. Buri thinks about then smiles.

Pabu looks at the mirror and is overly dramatic about her face. It turns out to be just her imagination.

Manoo calls her and says he knows everything about what happened. Bam apologizes to Flur and says dad forced her to tell him. He tells her to come home and he will have his driver drop her off and pick her up at work everyday, so that he will feel relieved. Flur says no.

He asks if she isn’t scared that she lives there alone, what if the man comes back and doesn’t miss it this time, what she will do if her face turned ugly. He says even with plastic surgeries, a scar is always a scar. He asks if she can handle seeing scars on her face. Flur says no, she can’t and it’s better that she dies rather than appear like that.

Manoo smiles then says it means she changes her mind to come home now. He will drive there to pick her up right now. Flur says no, she will find a way to take care of herself, her own way. She hangs up. Bam asks if Pee Flur won’t come back home. He says no.

Flur is tiptoeing in the parking lot to get to her car as fast as she can. She feels someone behind her so she practices a self-defense tactic and hits the man hard repeatedly with her bag. Buri tells her to stop it, it’s him. He says since he known her, he face with harmful threats all the time, and he’s so sick of it.

She argues that she needs to protect herself and why he come hiding. He says he’s worried so he followed her here. He shouts at her that his good deed didn’t pay off and not even a ‘thank you’ from her. She says, “Thank you!”

He says his old wound isn’t fully healed and now he’s getting a new one. He says he risked his life for her but she didn’t even call to ask how he’s doing, that’s very cruel of her.

She argues that she was very frightened yesterday, “I will take really good care of you. I will call you everyday. Are you satisfied now?” He says that’s the way to do it and she should pay more attention to him than the work Khun Tho gave her. He says she worked so hard for him but when she faced with danger, he didn’t do anything for her at all. Pabu just walks away.

They arrive at the restaurant. Pabu asks what’s going on. Michael says Khun Stayu sent someone to install CCTV around the place, he must be afraid that someone may come to harm her. Pabu can’t help feeling impressed. “Ver!” Buri lets out (o-Ver-do it).

Tho is happy to see the restaurant from his office. Pim says she already had security cameras be installed at every corner and every spot in the restaurant and had it online too. She says he can watch it from his computer or his cell phone. Tho smiles and says thank you very much, the picture is so clear.

“Don’t get carried away and only keep an eye on Khun Pabu.” she warns/teases. He turns slowly to her. She says, “In that case, will you please excuse me.” She gets out of the room. LOL.

Tho looks at his monitor and sees that Pabu is making a phone call. “Who are you calling during working hours then smile like that?” he wonders. His phone rings and it’s her on the line so he beams.

Pabu says she calls to say thank you for installing the CCTV, and thank you for being worried. He says her mother is worried so he had it installed, and he also intends to check on the restaurant from his office. She says then thank you for being worried about her mother’s feelings. He says this bad incident happened, he asks if she still wants to move out. “Don’t move out yet, my room is surely safer than the employees’ condo.”

Buri calls out to her to come take a look at the trees in the backyard for him. Tho looks at the screen. Pabu tells Buri she will be right there. Buri comes to stand behind her.

Tho tells her to go do her work and not to be confused, because he’s seeing her from a camera installed above. She turns to look at it and calls him a stalker, so now he will see whatever she’s doing. She waves at him and asks if he can see her. Tho smiles.

Suddenly Buri cries out in pain (LOL) so Pabu tells Tho that she will call him back then hangs up. Tho checks the camera. Pabu asks what happened. Buri says he’s all right and he thinks that table should be over there, which look much better. He asks her to help him. She asks if he can do it. He says he can do it. They lift the table together.

Tho turns off the monitor and realizes what Buri is trying. He gets uneasy at first then calms down like he come up with something. Haha.

Part 6

NgamYing asks Mek if he knew that Tho installed cameras at the restaurant, and able to see it from his office. Mek says Tho really likes that woman. Ngam asks if it’s Jemi who did it. Mek says firmly that it wasn’t her. She asks how he can be so sure. When Mek smirks, she says, “It’s your doing again? Didn’t I tell you to stop it? Even if we want to defeat Tho, there must be a limit to it.”

She tells him to stay put and she will take care of Tho, she’s finding out about the time he was born. “Wait for you? And when will we know?” he asks. She says she now has some clues and soon they will know if Tho is Pee Reung’s biological son or not.

Pabu tells Michael to take a look at the draft of the menu. He asks why she wants him to take a look when she’s the manager, so she should do it. She says he’s the chef so just help her with it. Get asks does she not have an appointment to interview an applicant today. She says she totally forgot.

A man shows up and introduces him as George. He came for the job interview. Michael asks if he’s really the person they called for an interview, his face doesn’t look the same as the photo he sent them. Pabu agrees then checks his photo. She says it looks like a different person.

George says that photo hasn’t gone through any app, but here is his real looks, his natural handsomeness. All three of them gape. George says if they accept him, they won’t be disappointed because his earned a nickname ‘George-a hundred plates’, and he can serve 108 tables per hour, he can show them now.

“That’s enough! You got the job.”Pabu says.

He thanks her for giving him a chance and he will do his best. Pabu tells him to calm down and sit down first. She says he will let Get take him around. “Yes sir, Khun Manager!” Pabu smiles to hear she’s called that, so she tells him to repeat it. She says it sounds so cool.

Michael says, “See now, how great it feels to give someone a chance on a job.” She says seeing George, it reminds her of herself when she newly ran from home and applied to many jobs but no one was willing to give her a chance. He says all right, today she has given someone a chance on the job.

“So giving somebody an opportunity makes you feel this good.” she says.

Tho tells Pim that he will leave early today so if there are some documents for him to sign then bring it now. Pim says she will do that. Tho gets into his office and found that Jemi is inside.

Jemi says she came to clear the matter of Khun Pabu. She’s afraid that he’s thinking that it’s her who harmed Khun Pabu. She says no matter how much she hates or dislikes her, she never thinks of harming Khun Pabu, she never kills even one ant. He smiles and tells her not to think too much because he and Khun Pabu don’t think it’s her. She thanks him for believing in her.

He looks at her and says he thinks she dressed up prettily today. Jemi sits down and says he really likes Khun Pabu’s style. He stops short then says, “Jemi, you don’t have to change the way you are for me. Dress up the way you used to, it’s lovely and fits you well.”

She argues that when she dresses up like that, still he doesn’t like it/her. He stares at her so she tells him not to worry, she’s now trying to get in shape and work hard, for she wants to become his future good-wife. She tells him to hang in there and wait for her. She smiles so sincerely that he has to smile back.

Kitja is searching for something. Luk-tan asks if he wants her help. He says no, and he couldn’t find his gold ring when he’s sure he put it in here. He asks if she saw it. She says never. He says she came into his room everyday, and never sees it? She shakes her head. He wonders where it could be.

Mek enters and asks what he’s looking for. Kitja says so how many people will ask him this, “My gold ring disappeared!”

Mek asks, “A ring?” Kitja asks if he saw it. Mek says may be it isn’t about what had disappeared. Kitja asks what he means.

Luk-tan tells Mek to tell him the truth. Mek says Don stole things in the house days ago, the watch he collected, luckily Tho caught him, and they fought which made Tho injured and have his wound stitched up. Kitja is stunned to hear that.

Part 7

Don says he didn’t steal it and how many times he has to say that. Kitja says a person with bad records like him, who would believe him. He yells at Don for trying to steal things from the house and luckily Tho caught him.

Don asks if Tho told him that. Kitja says it’s not about who told him but Don really meant to do it. “You misbehaved, didn’t attend classes, picked a fight with several others, all these I let it ride and didn’t pay attention to it, but now you injured people in this house and there’s blood.”

Don gets it that it’s because his beloved grandson got injured. Mek tells Don to accept his mistake and his grandfather only wants that. Don says he really didn’t do it. Kitja says he didn’t do it this time and what about last time, what he will say about it.

Kitja says at this age, Don already thought of stealing in the house, so whatever he give him in the future, he will surely spend it all. Reung and Mathorot walk in and he says that day will never come because he already gave everything to Tho, so there will be nothing left for Don to spend.

Kitja says instead of worrying that his son committed a wrong doing, he’s worried about assets and gets mad at others. Kitja says because Don has this kind of father, so the son turned into a thief! Don yells at him that all right, he’s a thief, and when no one believes him, he will accept that he’s a thief. He asks if Kitja is satisfied now.

Kitja asks why Don couldn’t be even half like Tho. “I’m not Pee Tho, so how could grandpa expects me to be like him? If this house depends on Tho on everything, I don’t want to live in it too!”

Don walks out. Kitja says whoever follows him must leave this house too. He tells Reung to stop spoiling Don and once he regrets it, he will return by himself.

Tho comes home and bumps into Don. He greets him and asks where he’s going, then asks if anything happened. Don tells him not to try to be nice, he started to feel better towards him, but in the end, he’s just someone who loves to tell on others, to show it off to grandpa, “I shouldn’t fall for your tricks at all!”

Tho asks what he’s talking about. Don walks away so Tho shouts at him to come back and talk.

Tho tells Mathurot that he strongly believes Don didn’t steal it. She asks what they should do when Don already left and wouldn’t pick up her call, and she called Ton (Don’s friend), he said he didn’t come to see him.

Tho tells her to calm down and it’s not the first time Don ran out, so when he feels better, he will return. She argues that, this time, it hurt Don’s feeling so much. Tho says he will look for Don for her. She says about the thing stolen, if Don didn’t take it then does it  not mean there’s a thief in their house. Tho thinks hard about it.

Mek scolds Luk-tan luckily he saved her in time or else their plan would be ruined. She argues that he’s the one ordered her so how he could blame her. He says she should have been more careful, and it’s because Don had trouble recently that his father believes him.

Ton asks Don if he’s okay. They are at an internet/game cafe. Don thanks him for not telling his mother. Ton says he can sleep at his house and his mom would only complain but won’t chase him out. Don says he’d rather not, he doesn’t want to face with a drama in his house too, he could end up feeling more stressful. Ton asks where he will go then. Don says don’t know that, if nowhere to go, he will just go home. Ton says if he wants his help, just let him know.

Pabu tells Get not to worry and she can live by herself. Get says no, she can’t, because her dad ordered him and what if the culprit comes back, is she not scared. She tells him to leave now and the culprit won’t come here at this time. A masked man grabs her shoulders so she turns around and hits him.

Don says it’s him after taking off the mask. He says he waited for her a long time now. She asks why he came, and if it’s for money, she doesn’t have it this time. Don says he only pays her a visit because his mom told him someone splashed acid at her, so he’s giving her this (the mask) to wear it. LOL.  Pabu tells him to leave if he came here for that.

When Get and Pabu get on the elevator, Don tells them to wait, he needs to take a leak. She says there’s a restroom on this floor over there, go straight, and to the right. Don says he’s also thirsty. She says there’s a coffee shop on the basement floor.

“What else? Say it!” she orders. Don asks if she won’t invite her guest to her room, he doesn’t want to use public restroom and doesn’t want to pay for his drink. “Okay?” he jumps in and they go up together.

Part 8

Pabu gives Don a glass of water and tells both of them to leave after he finishes the drink. Both men don’t pay attention to her. Don asks if it’s true that Pee courted her. She says it’s not true. He says that’s great and asks if she could believe that Pee Tho loves men. Get almost chokes up.

“I think, before this, he mustn’t know himself (Get perks up.) and I never see him fall for any women. He’s the kind who is confused with himself so, Pee Flur, you shouldn’t be near him, and Pee Get, you too.” Don suggests.

Get couldn’t contain his anger. He argues, “Why? Is it so strange if Khun Tho loves men? Loving men means he’s a baddies? Feelings is a sentimental thing and can happen to anyone, and who knows, may be one day, you too may have good feelings for a man before you even notice it. Clear?” Get gets up and walks away. Pabu glares.

Don asks what happened to her friend. “Don’t know, all I know is you used the restroom and finished your drink already, when are you going to leave?” she asks. Don says mom told him to come staying with her, to keep her company.

“I’m sleepy now, let me sleep here tonight. Okay?” he lies down on a sofa. She says all right but let her call mom and ask her first. Don tells her not to. She says tell her now what happened and why he is not going home. Don admits that he fought with them.

Mathurot says she’s relieved that Don stays with her. Pabu tries to tell her mom to send someone to pick him up but mom says she will leave him with her for the time being. “What?” Flur asks.

Mom says Kitja is still angry at him so if Don returns, she’s afraid that things may get out of hand. Flur tries to protest but mom says, in a way, it’s good because she can stop worrying about them both. She says she will call again later then hangs up. “Mom!…” Flur lets out. Don asks what she said. Flur just gets inside her room.

Kitja tells Tho to sit down. Before Tho can start, he asks if he came to talk about Don. Tho says, “Yes. Please don’t be angry at Don and we don’t have any evidence too, and I don’t believe it’s Don who took it.”

He says he’s not mad about Don for thinking of stealing, but he’s mad at him because Don thought to steal and it caused Tho to get injured last time. Tho says it’s not like he’s badly injured. Kitja asks how many stitches he got stitched up and yet he’s trying to find excuses for his brother’s behavior. Tho says it’s just a small matter. Kitja says if Don didn’t get caught by him, he would already steal.

Tho says he’s still young so he may do things without thinking. Kitja says Tho has a good heart and always thinks of others, that’s why he loves him and trusts him on everything. “Even if nobody knows your heart, I do.”

Tho beams and thanks him. “If one day I make you sad or I’m not the person you wanted me to be, will you still love me?” Tho asks.

Kitja says he’s not sure but he thinks Tho won’t make him sad and that day will never come. “Right?” he asks. Tho smiles and says yes.

NgamYing says she came to find out about Tho from Pee Reung’s close friend. Mek asks what she got. She says his friend said after Reung’s wife funeral, he came to his house and talked to him strangely saying he got a baby girl not a boy. “A girl?” Mek asks. Ngam says his friend isn’t sure because Pee Reung was so drunk that night, and she will find out more because now they know which hospital and the date the baby was born, and it shouldn’t be that difficult to find out.

Mek smirks and says if Tho isn’t dad’s biological grandson, he must be very sad, and a man like him will surely kick Tho out right away. Ngam says what left is, finding the persons in the delivery room so that the truth be revealed. Uh-oh.

Don comes out wearing a bright-colored tee and pants. He sighs and asks Flur if she doesn’t have a better clothes for him, and if she doesn’t have one then he will wear his same clothes. Flur says she sent it to the dry-cleaning already. He asks how she could do that. She says just wear it and don’t make a fuss.

Don asks if he can stay with her. She says no, and why he doesn’t like staying at home. Don asks the same question to her. She glares at him. “My house is so boring, filled with people who love to look down on others and compare me with Pee Tho. Everything I do is always wrong, so I don’t know why I have to stay there and offend people in that house. Just wait and see, I will become a really bad boy!”

“Being sarcastic with your life for what?” she asks.

Don says when he did good thing, no one would believe it. “When I didn’t steal, didn’t do it, some of them still accused me of it.”

Flur says she thought just like him too in the past, and was sarcastic with her life like him too, but in the end, she realized she was wrong. “Do you know why?” she asks.

“Why?” he’s curious.

“Because my being sarcastic with my life had turned around to ruin my own life. You should change yourself for the better and stun those who look down on you. The more you  misbehave, the more you will become what they told you. Isn’t that right?” she asks.

“That’s correct, but I won’t do it? So what?” Don returns.

Part 9

Tho is pulling Don out of the room. Don yells that he won’t go back home. Get tells Tho to take it easy. Tho asks Don how he can live here and how a person in this room would feel. Don asks why he can’t stay when Pee Flur didn’t say anything, so he won’t leave. They push and pull so Flur comes out of the bedroom and asks why they don’t have any consideration for the room’s owner.

Flur is horrified that Tho sees her in her undergarment. Tho gulps.

In the park, Flur tells Tho not to worry, when Don feels better, he will go home by himself. He asks what makes him feel so unhappy. She says there are several issue, but mainly, people in his house love to compare with Tho with him.

He asks if it’s just about that. She says it may be a small issue to him because he’s forever the number one, so he mustn’t feel anything. Tho stops walking and turns to her. Flur says she can understand Don well because her father loves to compare her with her sister too. “Sometimes simple words from parents can hurt their children’s feeling real bad.”

Tho says that’s true, parents might say and didn’t really mean it but their children would absorb it no matter what. He asks what he should do with Don. “You felt the same way like Don before, so you know, don’t you?”

She says it’s not so hard to do, first, stop comparing Don with others, whether it’s his friends, siblings, next door neighbors, or whomever. Second, stop bringing back his past mistakes and scolding him about the same old things over and over. Tho says as if he can talk to Don only once and he will get it.

She says, third, do praise him and give him compliments from time to time. She says whatever he wants him to do, ask him nicely and talk to him, and give him reasons.

She smiles and teases that’s all and he should try doing it, may be his life with Don, as a couple, may get better. She says she will talk to Don to go home. Tho says then he will leave Don to her. Flur reaches her hand out, “That’s fine, just pay me a handsome amount of service charge, that will do.”

Jemi asks Buri if Khun Pabu moved to Khun Toi’s room already. He says not yet, when that incident happened, Khun Mathurot asked her to stay in the same place for now. She asks how much points he earned with Khun Pabu already. He shakes his head and asks how about her.

Jemi says Pee Tho was so busy that it’s hard to see him so how she could earn more points with him. She says his situation is much better than hers because he works with Khun Pabu. He says it isn’t, the work at the restaurant is all done and Khun Pabu will inspect all of it for the last time, so he will have less chance to go to the restaurant. They both are feeling down.

Buri asks Pabu if she wants anything else for the decor, if not, then he will call it job-closed. She says everything is in place so she thinks there’s none. He asks if there’s nothing at all. She says yes, everything is so perfect. He suggests she recheck again if there’s something to modify or add.

She says she, Michael and Get already checked so he can go back to do his regular job now, and she already feels bad enough for his time. She thanks him for his design, if it’s not him, this place wouldn’t turn out this nice. He smiles and says what a skillful man he is. She says he could be a little humble.

He asks when she will move in the employee’s condo. She says soon, then says she couldn’t believe it’s completed this fast. Michael says the place is now completed and now they’ll have to do everything to make people know about it. Bam tells them not to worry when she already prepared the way to promote the restaurant.

Get and Pabu are handing out the restaurant’s leaflets. She tells the passerby it’s ‘La Moon Restaurant’, and the food isn’t expensive. Tho and Pim see them and smile. Mek is displeased to see them. Toi and Buri are also busy putting the restaurant ads on the wall.

Bam says she already opened the restaurant’s webpage. She shows it to Michael.

Pabu is handing out the leaflets while saying La Moon Restaurant is now open. Buri sees her and smiles. Tho gives her a cup of coffee so Buri is a little upset then walks away. Tho helps Pabu handing out the leaflets.

“Cheers!” they clink glass. Pabu thanks everyone for helping with the restaurant. “Especially you, Michael. Thank you so much.”

He says it’s all right. She says may be it’s a little too late to bring this up, but she wants to apologize for what she did to him while in the US.

Michael says she doesn’t have to feel guilty about it when he thought of quitting that restaurant too and she only made it easier for him to decide. She pouts and says why he didn’t tell her before this and let her feel guilty for so many years. Get tells them to leave the past behind and he hopes the two of them won’t fight again just like in the past. Pabu says no way, it will never happen then she asks Michael. He agrees.

Michael gives her a list of seasonings, fresh ingredients and all, and the shops he already made a deal with, also the price. Pabu takes a look and screams that it’s so expensive and how her restaurant is going to make any profit.

Michael insists they must use only good-quality ingredients, he mentioned it in the contract. Pabu says but this is extremely expensive so surely her restaurant will benefit a worse loss. Michael reminds her that she accepted his conditions in the contract that day. She says but not this extreme.

Get tells them to stop arguing. Bam wonders if they will be able to survive.

Pabu tells her staff that Khun Kitja will come here today so please clean it thoroughly. Buri teases her that Khun Kitja will only visit here, why so excited. Get asks what she was thinking to ask him to come here. She says he’s the important person of this restaurant. She asks if inside is all set. Buri says Michael is looking at it so don’t worry.

Buri asks her if she already told him that she’s going to move out. When she hesitates, he says then he will let Toi let someone else have the room. She tells him to be patient, she’s looking for the right time to bring it up, and wrong timing could mean a problem. Get asks until when she will wait. She says she will try to tell him today, definitely.

Kitja arrives with Tho and Pim. Pabu greets him. He says he didn’t see her quite a while yet she’s still pretty just the same. She thanks him then greets Tho. He smiles back.

Pim asks Get if the food is ready. Get invites them inside. Pabu tells Kitja that he’s an important person for this restaurant so she wants him to be the first one to see when it’s completed. Tho says Khun Pabu said it would mean auspiciousness for her too.

“Thank you so much. It has a warm atmosphere exactly what I want.” Kitja says. He looks around and says he’s happy that this house will come back to life once again. It’s the first house he built on his own income so it’s filled with happiness, sadness, and fond memories of persons he loved, and that’s why he wants to keep this place, in remembrance of the memory he still has. Pabu says that’s why he kept this land for a restaurant instead of a condo.

Kitja says his children and grandchildren want to build a condo on this land, because it has a prime location and will turn in a lot of profit, it’s only Tho who understands him and made his dream come true.

Pim walks over and says Khun Michael says the food is ready. Kitja says he feels hungry now and let’s see if the food is as great as Tho told him. Pabu says of course, it’s great.

Flur tells Tho she has an important thing to talk to him. He waits to hear it but his phone rings so he excuses himself.

Michael tells them to enjoy the food.

Buri asks if she didn’t tell him yet. She says she didn’t have the courage, seeing Khun Tho’s face, she couldn’t say it. Get says she’d better tell him today. Buri says if she can’t say it, after they finish eating, he will say it for her, okay? She asks loudly if he’s crazy. Tho stops eating and looks at them. Kitja chuckles and says looks like Tho met with a strong contender.

Pim agrees with him and says another party is younger and has more sense of humor, and if Khun Tho continues to seal his lips and keep his cool front, then be careful, he might lose. Tho glares at her so she continues eating.

Tho asks Kitja what he wants him to do. “All right, I’ll tell you. Just ask her out, start on it today.” Pim says it’s the right time when Khun Tho will have a magazine interview today. Kitja tells Tho to ask for her help, choosing a proper attire for him, and if he sees anything nice and pretty which suits her, buy it for her.

Tho keeps staring at him so Kitja says why still looking confused, and why he needs to teach him this kind of things. He orders Tho to go for it, starting today, and not to ruin the reputation as his grandson. “Grandfather, do you really mean it?” Tho asks.

“Hey, I said this much, I’m not joking.” Kitja gets annoyed a bit.

“Khun Tho, fighting!” Pim says.

Tho turns to Pabu and stares her.

Episode 8 Preview

Flur: “I’m going to move in the room for employees.”

Tho : “The room in the employees’ condo which Khun Pabu moved in, is it Buri’s room?”

Buri: “I want to help you unpacking, an extra service from me.”

A bouquet man: “From Khun Stayu.”

Get: “Don’t you know it at all that Khun Tho and Khun Buri are interested in you?”

Flur: “I do, for quite some time too. They showed it out clearly and I’m not that stupid!”

Get: “If you have to choose, which one will you choose?”

Flur: “Why do I have to?”


Looks like both men are stepping up their game and our girl seems to know it too, and as confident as she may be, she will have to decide one way or another but, why now? Hehe.

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