Tai Ngao Jun Episode 6


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Episode 6

Part 1

Jemi apologizes to Buri, he came out of nowhere so it startled her. He says he didn’t think she would take easy way out, he knows that she’s innocent, sensitive and all but she shouldn’t think of ending her life just because of a man like this. He continues before she could argue that if she doesn’t love herself then think of her father….She interrupts him and says she wasn’t going to kill herself and only came to recall her past with Pee Tho. “Recall your past?” he asks.

She says when she was a kid, she’s drowning and Pee Tho saved her, “So I…, (she weeps) Pee Tho!” He tells her not to cry. She says he won’t understand, Pee Tho is forever her hero and always there to help her with everything. She doesn’t have eyes for others all this time except him, then suddenly someone snatched him away right in front of her.

Buri says it could be a misunderstanding. She says how it could be when Pee Tho made it very clear. He says but it doesn’t mean Khun Pabu think of her Pee Tho the same way. She says if Khun Pabu doesn’t feel that way then why she agreed to stay in his room. This time he hesitates. “See, I was right, wasn’t I?” she confirms.

Pabu recalls how Tho told everyone then calls Get. He tells her to calm down and talk slower. She says she’s so confused, she doesn’t know if Khun Tho was kidding or serious about it. She says it couldn’t be that he likes her, his face and gestures were so serious that if he’s acting in a movie, he would probably get an Oscar. Get chuckles. Pabu tells him to say something because she’s going crazy.

“What if Khun Tho really likes you, what will you do?”

“I don”t know…probably don’t know how to react.”

Get says if she’s scared of the answer then don’t ask, but if she wants to know so much that she can’t do anything, then ask Khun Tho directly so she will be cleared about it.

Tho bumps into Pabu at a coffee shop. Both feel awkward to even greet each other. Flur types the message on her phone to Get that she met Khun Tho at the coffee shop but he acts like nothing happened. Get replies, “I just don’t know.”

Tho sends her a message asking if she has something she wants to talk to him. She replies politely that she doesn’t have one.

“But I do.” Tho stops her from leaving. “Please meet me at the garden at the side of the building.”

They have a talk. Pabu asks what it is for calling her out here. He says he’s going to explain about what he said. She says she wants to know too what he meant by that. “It means like I said.” he explains.

“But what you said, what does it mean?” she asks.

“I meant…”

“You meant…what? Or, you really think like what you said. You really like me?”

“Yes…I think I like you.” Tho answers.

He continues, “Tell you the truth, I don’t know since when I had this nice feeling for you, and when I noticed it, I liked you already.”

Pabu smiles shyly.

It appears to be her imagination. Tho comes behind and calls her…twice. She turns around and realizes she’s daydreaming.

“Are you all right?” he asks.

“Yes, I’m fine. What is it that you call me out here?”

“I want to explain about what I said. I said that because…”

“You don’t have to say it!…er…I understand. You wanted to end it because you didn’t want anyone to misunderstand me, didn’t you?”

“Somewhat…like that.”

“What a relief! I thought you really felt like what you said, and if it’s like that, I wouldn’t know how to react, and wouldn’t know how to keep working with you.”

“It’s good that you understand so you can feel at ease, and about the room, you don’t have to move anywhere.”

“All right.” she smiles.

He apologizes about Jemi, he didn’t know she would scold her like that. Pabu says it’s all right, she’s also a woman so she totally understands. She wonders how Khun Jemi is now and asks if it won’t affect his business for talking to her like that. He says he called Khun ChatChai (Jemi’s father) and told him all about it, he understood and said it’s good to talk straight to the point, so that Jemi  would stop feeling for him. Pabu says it’s good that he understands, she was afraid it would have a (negative) impact on his business.

“Thanks for caring.” Tho says.

Aww…he’s not sure whether or not he got rejected.

Part 2

Jemi comes home and her dad says he waited for her a long while now. He asks why she came back so late. He picks up a teddy bear and says, “See, Pee Tho also waited for you for a long while too.”

Jemi says she helped her senior employees do the work so she came back late. She excuses herself to take a bath. “You don’t have to act  that you’re strong. If you’re feeling sad, it’s all right to cry. I know all about it.” ChatChai says.

She cries in his arms and says he warned her before that Pee Tho didn’t like her that way but she didn’t listen. He says it’s all right, if no one loves her but he still does and very much so.

Buri sits alone and calls his mother. Yo says she’s missing him. He says he’s missing her too. She says she thought he fell for city girl and already forgot this woman. “Madam, how could I forget you? You are my first lady, you know.” he says.

She asks why he’s calling when it’s very rare that he call. “You were dumped by a woman?” she guesses. He doesn’t say anything so she says, “So you really were dumped. That red cheeks girl? It’s good so you will stay with me for a long time.”

He says no, it’s not that and he’s only missing her. She asks what he’s doing this late at night and he should go to sleep. “Yes, madam. I love you, mom. Jup-jup (kiss-kiss)”

“I love you too.” she gives him a kiss then hangs up.

Breakfast time, Kitja says if he doesn’t force them to have breakfast together, he won’t get to see all of them together for sure. He says this is a house, a little too big, but it doesn’t mean everyone would live like living in a condo. Mathurot says it’s good to have breakfast together every morning. Kitja says that’s true.

NgamYing says before making everyone have breakfast together, she should take care of her husband well first, and if he didn’t just come back from the gambling dent this morning, he would still be sleeping for sure. Reung says to meet every morning and get bashed like this, it’s better they live separate ways. Rueng wants to continue but Kitja interrupts saying the food isn’t rotten but why they keep throwing rotten mood at one another. He calls for a stop to it.

MekPat suggests they should discuss about Tho and Khun Pabu. He asks Tho if he told their father already. Rueng asks what it is. NgamYing asks if he doesn’t know that he’s getting his stepchild as his daughter-in-law.

“Pee Tho, you like Pee Flur?” Don asks.

Tho doesn’t answer him. Kitja says he wants to talk to him about it too. “What’s the story?” he asks. Tho smiles and says it’s only a misunderstanding at the company, nothing really. Kitja says if he doesn’t want to talk about it, it’s fine. He says he also thinks Khun Pabu is pretty and lovely, and suits him well, and if he’s getting her as his granddaughter-in-law, he feels glad. Tho keeps his silence while Mathurot smiles.

Tho asks his father if he’s not going to work today. Rueng says he’s feeling tired so he’s taking a day off. Tho argues that he’s the department head and come to work like every other day, sometimes didn’t show up then show up, so what others will think of him.

Rueng shouts that his position and job are by name only, without him in the office, work will still be running just fine, so why go to the office and exhausts himself. When Tho tries to point it out, he yells that he can think for himself what he should do. Tho spots Luk-tan upstairs listening to them.

Buri isn’t in a good mood. One of his colleagues says if she were Khun Pabu, she would date Khun Tho too. “Young good-looking executive, have rich father, nice habits and skillful too! Who wouldn’t have him?”

She asks Toi what happened to Pee Khan, he’s in a bad mood since morning. Toi whispers, “Don’t know, probably possessive of his gig.” Buri throws a paper ball at him, “Toi, I can hear you.”

The lady asks Buri why he’s still here when he has a meeting with Khun Pabu at 11 a.m.  Buri says a little late would be fine. Toi warns him that be too close to Khun Pabu, Khun Tho might be jealous. The lady thinks so too since Khun Tho came out so strong like that.

Buri gets up and says, “Why would he be jealous of me when I’m not good-looking, my father wasn’t rich, I have bad habits, and just an architect. I wouldn’t dare compare myself to him!”

Buri walks away.

Pabu is having a meeting with Tho. She says she wants vintage furniture so it would feel like home. Tho says it’s pretty. Buri enters the room and sees them. Pabu tells him to sit down and why he came so late.

Buri sits down and apologizes that he didn’t know Khun Stayu join the meeting too. Tho says it’s all right and he saw the logos he sent to him, they are beautiful but he needs more time to choose which one to use. Buri nods.

Flur says she’s relieved that he likes them and Khun Buri did his best to come up with it. “Didn’t you?” Pabu asks. Buri nods. Tho says he knows Buri has his regular work in his department and working on the restaurant would add more work-load and be more tiring. He tells him not to worry because he talked to his boss and he will be getting special allowance for this project. Buri thanks him.

Pabu tells them to go back talking about the restaurant. She tells Tho she will talk him through the menu and all the restaurant’s details today. She starts telling him about the menu. Buri looks at them talking and doesn’t feel good what he’s seeing.

Part 3

Pabu congrats Buri for getting a raise (his salary). He just nods so she tells him not to act cool, if he’s glad then smile. She asks where he’s going. He says to the restaurant. She says that’s great and she will go with him but first let her go get her bag. He says he needs to go somewhere and tells her to go there herself. He says he’s leaving then gets on the elevator. Pabu says so unkind of him.

Pabu sees Buri at the restaurant so she asks he said he needed to go somewhere. He says his errand finished quickly. Buri tries to avoid her but she doesn’t notice it. She asks if he saw the cooking book. He says no then walks away.

Michael and Buri look at them. Michael asks Get if he knows what’s with Buri. Get says may be a heart disease. “What happened?” Michael asks.

Get comes out to where Buri spends time sulking and stares at him. “What?” Buri asks. Get still stares at him. “What’s with you?…”Hey, whatever just say it, that’s frustrating!”

“You’re frustrated? Then why don’t you just say it? Others here feel the same too when you’re like this. I don’t know what problem you have or if you have any problem with Flur, but running away and avoiding her will only make it worse. “

“What do you want me to do?”

“Why don’t you face with it? Talk to her and may be things aren’t that bad like what you think.”

Get nods to give him an encouragement, but he got carried away and stares at Buri too long. Hehe. Buri asks if he’s all right. Get says it’s nothing and he will get inside now, but he ends up heading the wrong way. LOL.

Michael asks Get how his talking with Buri is. Get drinks several glasses of water so Michael asks if he’s all right. Get says he’s not sure, he feels somewhat thrilling. Michael wonders what happened to people in this restaurant, they are all strange.

Pabu asks Michael if things in the kitchen are all there and if he wants something else. He says most of them are here. She asks if he sees Get and Buri. He says Get is in the kitchen while Khun Buri is at the front. She says Khun Buri is a nice man, he didn’t ask her about the rumor and make her feel bad at all. Michael chuckles and says he didn’t ask, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to know, and may be he’s waiting for her to tell him what between her and her boss is. “He told you that?” she asks. “Nope. That’s what I think.” Michael says. She asks if she should talk about it with Khun Buri. Michael just shrugs.

Buri is talking to the landscape gardener. Pabu walks to him and asks if he wants to know about her and Khun Stayu. He says not at all, and she doesn’t have to talk about it, and he understands. She’s glad that he understands her and what a nice man he is that he never asks about her and Khun Stayu and makes she feel bad even a little bit. She says at this moment, she had faced with bad things and many are misunderstanding her, but it’s only him, her good friend, who never asks her at all.

“If you misunderstand me like others that I’m Khun Tho’s girlfriend, I will feel terrible.” she says.

Buri hides his smile and asks, “That’s true. So you and Khun Tho really aren’t in any relationship?”

She says no! He says she’s staying in his room like that, anyone would misunderstand. She says she didn’t think about it, he’s her mother’s stepson so she thought she’s just staying in a relative’s house, and that’s all. “A relative?” he asks. She nods.

“Even though you don’t like Khun Tho like that, who knows, may be Khun Tho is approaching you in a roundabout way.” he says.

“Listen to me, I already cleared it with Khun Tho. He doesn’t feel for me and I don’t for him. Clear? Don’t ask me about this anymore.”

Buri beams while Pabu gets back inside.

Part 4

Tho asks Pim if Jemi comes to the office today. Pim says since the incident yesterday, she didn’t see her at the office at all, and she walked to Design Department and saw that she left her things there. He tells her to let him know whenever Jemi comes to the office. Pim says she’ll do that.

Jemi is reluctant to go to the office. Mek sees her and says Khun ChatChai told him that she would take leave from work for a while. She says she forgot her things here so she came to get it. He offers to walk her there but she says no, she’s not ready to meet anyone, especially Pee Tho.

He says he can understand and if she still doesn’t feel comfortable, should they go listen to some music while sipping some wine, and he knows many good places. He says he will drop her home after that, her father won’t scold her about it. She agrees to leave with him so he says he will go tell his staff some work first.

Mek makes a phone call to someone and orders that thing be prepared, he’s taking his special one there today. Mek is walking back to Jemi when Buri calls out to her and asks why she didn’t appear for her training. “How could you leave your work behind to run away from a problem like this?” he yells at her. She asks where he’s going and if he’s not heading home yet. He says he’s still working because a trainee isn’t here to help cutting model pieces for him, so it gets done slower.

Jemi says she can go and help him. Mek interrupts them but Jemi apologizes to him, today she needs to help Khun Buri with his work so she can’t go with him today. She says she’s really sorry. Mek says he already booked the place.  Jemi says sorry again. He says all right, it can be next time. Jemi excuses herself to go to work. Buri and Toi leave with her.

Buri hands Jemi a drink so she thanks him. He asks how she’s doing. She says she still can’t take it and isn’t ready to meet anyone. She asks how about him, if he can accept it already. He asks, “Accept what?” She tells him not to pretend it, she knew for a long time that he likes Khun Pabu, she could sense it. “Just confess, it’s not like you killed someone, there’s nothing wrong about it.” she says.

“Well, I don’t know, may be…I like her.”

She says the way he acts now, it’s so obvious that he doesn’t have to answer. He tells her to step on it completely (keep it a secret) and not to tell. She says she definitely won’t tell anyone. He nods and tells her stop feeling sad, being paranoid, or avoiding people and not coming to work already. She pouts. “Running away from a problem won’t help anything, face with it, fight it, talk it out and may be things aren’t that bad like what you think. (He quotes Get’s, LOL). “Think positive, what a wonderful world, isn’t that your expertise?” he suggests. “You’re right. I must face it. I must fight and clear it with him.” she agrees. “Good!” he smiles.

She asks what he’s going to do about his. He says what he has to dare to compete with Khun Tho. Jemi smiles and says he can compete with him, he has good mood, is kind and has nice personalities. He smiles.

“Pee Tho is only wealthier, more skillful, better looking, more polite…(Buri’s smile faded.)…er…but you are working closer to Khun Pabu than him so you have a better chance to earn more points, and about the looks, Khun Pabu may like a monkey face like yours. Hey, I’m your supporter, go ahead and approach Khun Pabu. Fighting, for our love!”

“All right! I will make Khun Pabu fall for me and won’t back down because of Khun Tho! I will fight, for our love!”

They do a mug-clinking and say, “To our love!”

Aww…they are so cute.

Pabu asks the painter that he said he would finish painting the back of the restaurant two days before. He says it’s raining. She asks if it rains everyday would mean he won’t get it done or what. He says he will finish it. She thanks him.

Michael tells her to sit down next to him. She says there were so many problems, and she couldn’t believe that she could turn a run-down place into this. “See, I told you I could do it.” she turns to Michael. Get tells her not to be too happy when it’s only the beginning, she will face more in the future.

MekPat and NgamYing stop by the place. Pabu asks them if there’s something for coming all the way here. NgamYing says she came to inspect her father’s restaurant, how it progressed. She looks around and praises that Pabu is quick getting it done. Mek says it’s pretty and looks so much different. Pabu says not only the place is pretty but the food also is great. Mek says he wants to tour the place and asks Pabu if she can walk him around. Pabu says certainly and invites him inside. Michael invites NgamYing to another way.

Pabu says inside, she means for the customers who don’t want to sit outdoor, or a birthday party or small function, and they can move the tables around. He says that’s a good idea. She wants to explain more but he cuts her off saying he heard that she ran from home and this was her first job. He says she didn’t work before, it must be quite difficult for her. She says it’s difficult and she didn’t think making a living herself would be this hard, but it’s something to feel proud of. She asks if he wants to say something.

“I want you to stop working this restaurant and I’ll pay you double what Tho gives you.”

“Are you buying me out?”

“Let’s say I’m giving you an offer. You know now that running a restaurant isn’t something easy.”

She says even if she doesn’t do it, Khun Tho can find someone else to do it. She asks if he will keep buying them out, “Or…did you do this before?”

He says it’s none of her business. She says she doesn’t know what problem he has with Khun Tho for stabbing him from behind like this, but he shouldn’t waste his time with her, it’s a waste and he’d better use his time doing his work. He says he will take it that he warned her already, and she’s putting herself in trouble for Tho. She shrugs so he leaves.

Part 5

Mek gets in his car and Ngam asks how it was. She says she told him not to talk to her that and what if Pabu tells her mother, what they will do now. He says even if she tells, what Mathurot can do to them when she’s no voices in their house. She says they should stop thinking about the condo when the restaurant gets done this quick. Mek says no way and she knew that it’s not just about using this land for a condo, he wants to defeat Tho. She says she knows that but they can find other ways to do that. He insists to do it this way. “I know the way. I know how to take care of him. Whatever he loves or loves to do, I will destroy it all!” He stares at Pabu intensely.

Get says Pabu shouldn’t talk to Khun Mek like that, he may hate her for that. She says it can’t be helped when he looked down on her first. Michael says it’s unbelievable that she chose to exhaust herself instead of money. “Even though I’m a material girl, I won’t be bought easily.” she declares.

Get asks if she hesitated or regretted about it at all. “A girl like me? Why wouldn’t I hesitate?! I regretted it too. Who wouldn’t choose money, however, righteousness must come first, isn’t that right?”

“Wow, so great, my best friend.” Get laughs. He asks if she will tell Khun Tho about it. She says no, she doesn’t want him be depressed. “Michael, what is it?” she asks.

“I don’t know, this man, MekPat, seems strange, and scary.”

Buri greets Get that the delivery arrived so fast. Get feels awkward still. Buri asks if there’s something he can help. Get says no and tells him to go help Flur instead, she and Michael are inspecting the delivery. Buri says Khun Pabu has Khun Michael helping so he wants to help him more. “Are you checking on these? Let me see.” Buri leans over. Get gets up suddenly and says he will leave it to him to do it. “Wait!” Buri stops him. Get asks what it is. Buri thanks him about yesterday, his words made him realize so many things. Get smiles and says you’re welcome. Pabu calls out to Get so Buri asks if she’s leaving when he just arrived. She says she’s going to have a meal with her father so take care of the restaurant for her. “Sure, don’t worry.” Get assures her.

Buri recalls how Jemi told him to start approaching Khun Pabu, and if he picks her up and drops her off frequently, her heart may waver. Buri asks Pabu where she’s heading to and if she wants him to drop her off. Pabu says don’t have to.

Pabu sits in a restaurant and there’s a man waving at her and asking for her phone number. Pabu waves at Manoo and the man gets up thinking she’s waving to him. Manoo sits him down and asks if he wants his phone number. LOL.

Manoo and Bam sit down with Pabu. He says he can’t help feeling worry when she lives alone by herself. Bam asks what worries him. “Her job, some danger, social threats, or…a man who courts Pee Flur?”

Manoo says all that and she’s the restaurant’s manager so she has to see many people. Pabu tells him not to worry when she’s already a grown-up girl. He says for a father, he will always see his child as a little kid. Bam suggests he lets her work at the restaurant if it makes him worry, she wants to learn how to cook and she can be his eyes and ears. Pabu says stop it, she doesn’t want any problem with her mother. Bam pouts.

Pabu asks him why he asked her out here today. He says to happy birthday her in advance. “You remembered my birthday?” she’s surprised. “Of course, I remembered. It’s the day I saw your face for the first time, so how could I forget?” Pabu says remembering isn’t enough, there must be a present too. He says of course, and she can shop all she wants today, he will pour out his money. Bam tells her to swipe credit card all she wants and spends some for her too.

He asks if Pabu and her friends will have a birthday party tomorrow because Get called him and asked if he’s free. Pabu asks if Get called him. Bam stops him, it supposes to be a secret. Pabu says her friends must be thinking to surprise her. Manoo says may be it’s not that…Pabu says don’t try because she knew. Pabu says all right, she will pretend she doesn’t know.

“Happy Birthday to you!” Get and Michael shout at Pabu who is still in bed. “A surprise!” Michael says. Pabu is too happy. Buri turns to her with a cake in his hands. “Happy Birthday!” he says. She screams, “OMG, thank you so much! It’s the best birthday I’ve ever had!”

Get tells her to make a wish. Pabu makes a wish and blows out the candle. Get shoves her face down the cake and they cheer. “You bullied me?” she yells.

She falls down on the floor and it’s just a dream. A call comes in from Get. He asks what time she will come to the restaurant and she’d better hurry, there’s a delivery coming in early morning. He says that’s all then hangs up. Pabu says obviously he’s going to surprise her and she knows just what he’s up to. She thinks of how the confetti will make loud noise at her, “Don’t tease me, you know I’m scared.”  LOL

Part 6

Pabu walks into the restaurant and stops to powder her face. “You guys must be preparing to secretly take my photos, therefore, I must look perfect in every angle. I’m here! I’m about to get in there!” she greets them.

“I’m here!” she walks in but no one really cares. Buri asks why she’s only here now when Get called her already that the delivery arrived, and there’s a lot of work to do.

“Aren’t you going to..? Like…” she stammers.

“What?” Get asks.

“Nothing.” she says.

“If nothing then get to work. What they delivered, it’s all wrong. Some aren’t there and some are missing so we need to count them again.” Get says.

She asks him is he not forget something. He asks forget what. She asks what today is. Get says what day is today…Wan Phra? (a religious day). She asks what the date today is. Buri says the 12th and why she asks. Pabu asks then why Get had to call her father. Get says to ask him to come taste Michael’s food. “But today is…?” Pabu starts to say but Michael calls Get and Buri to come helping him in the kitchen.

Get shouts, “Okay!” He and Buri tell her to check these and walk to the kitchen. She clenches her teeth and says today is her birthday.

Three men laugh in the kitchen. Get says Flur’s face turned so disappointed and she must think there would be a surprise for her for sure. Buri says she’s even fully dressed up too. Get says luckily Bam called so they knew beforehand. Michael asks what next, and if they will let her check the things they already checked over and over, he feels bad for her. Buri suggests they tease her a little longer because there’s a rare occasion they can get back at her like this.

They peek at her and Buri says she must be feeling so sad that no one can remember her birthday.

“Happy Birthday to you.” Tho shows up. Three men are stunned. Pabu couldn’t be happier. She asks if he remembers it, when all her friends couldn’t. “You’re the first one who can remember.”

“I saw it in your job application form. It took me only one glance to remember.”


He says he came to ask her to go make merits on her birthday with him. She says she’s not done with her work yet. He says it’s all right, and since it’s her birthday, he’s giving her a day off. “Will you come?” Tho asks. She says, “All right.” Buri’s face twists a little.

Tho takes her to an orphanage so she asks if he can tell her already why he’s bringing her here. He says he heard from her mother that she wished to treat the children at a orphanage, so he arranged one for her. The children come lining up. They hung a sign saying ‘Happy Birthday P’Flur’. She looks at him and says, “Thank you so much.” He tells her to walk to the children, they are waiting for her. They spend a memorable time together.

“Are you ready? See the way they are staring at you.” Tho asks.

“I’m ready.”

“Then do it.”

“Anyone wants P’Flur’s icecream?…Then come!” she tells them.

Tho tells them to get in line. He hands it out and tells them to say thank you too, “Here you go.” She couldn’t scoop it up in time so he does it for her.

He says they are waiting for her. “Are you ready?” he asks them. They say they are so he says then do it. They play a game of stepping on a balloon on others’ ankles. She tells them to wait then takes off her shoes, then she joins them in the game.

Part 7

Pabu thanks Tho for making her gone back and be a kid again. He says he didn’t feel fun like this for a long time. She asks him to help pushing the swing for her. He smiles and says, “But I’m your boss.” She argues that today is her birthday. He asks if there’s such condition, then says all right.

He pushes it very gently. She says when she was a little girl, she loved to let her grandmother do this for her too. “Besides being your dad, now you are making me your grandmother too?” he smiles. He asks if her grandmother push a swing for her. She says only when she felt sad or was in a bad mood, she would only do it then. When she was young, her friends would make fun of her for not having father and mother.

Flashbacks, a boy asks the girl, Ploy, if she’s done drawing. Ploy tells him that this is her father, mother and herself. The boy asks Flur why her drawing has only herself and grandmother in it and has no her parents, and how the painting can be called ‘my family’. He warns Flur that their teacher may scold her. Ploy tells the boy that Flur has no parents.

Flur sits alone and cries. Grandma asks what happened. Flur asks why she doesn’t live with her parents like her friends. Grandma says that’s because her father and mother work at different places. Flur says grandma is lying, her parents don’t love each other and don’t want to be with her. Grandma says it’s not true, her parents have to do this because they love her. She asks if Flur can take it if she’s seeing her parents fight everyday. The girl shakes her head. Grandma asks if she isn’t happy staying with her, and she asked this very often that it hurts her feeling.

Flur backhugs her and says, “Grandma, I love you, as much as how big the sky itself.” Grandma says it’s the same with her too, loving her as much as the sky.

Pabu narrates that she felt bad from time to time just like a little girl would feel, but her grandmother taught her and gave her love to her, which helped didn’t make her feel lacking in any way. Until grandma passed away that she felt she lost both father and mother all at once. It felt like she’s alone in this world. She had to live with her father’s family. It’s like living with strangers.

Back to present, Pabu asks Tho if that’s quite a drama. He says it is if not looking at her face. He asks if she feels the drama like what she told him. She says a little bit but she doesn’t see the need to think about it and make it a weak point in her life. It’s better to look for happiness in life. She says at least she’s luckier than the children here, she had her grandma look after her and knows which family she belongs to.

“That’s true, actually my life is pretty much the same as your life. When I was young, my friends made fun of me for not having a mother, but I didn’t care. My grandfather taught me to be strong and raised me so well. Whenever I wanted something, he would get it for me, which sometimes made my friends, and even my family members feel offended. Sometimes I wanted to receive love from everyone in the house, more than what my grandfather given me.” Tho confesses.

Pabu looks at him and says that’s the real drama. She suggests they change the subject after talking much about heavy dramas. He says it’s a good idea and he thinks the listeners may be bored with them already. He teases her with a stronger push at the swing. When she’s startled, he says she wants him to do this for her. She says it’s a little too strong.

Tho comes to drop her. He sees that she’s limping so he asks if she’s all right. She says her feet hurt a little, may be she ran and played with the children. He says it would be strange if her feet don’t hurt when she ran and chased them like that.

He asks if she can walk. She says  she still can. He suggests she sits down. She hesitates so he takes off his jacket to cover her lap while sitting down. He touches her ankle and says it’s fine (when she’s startled). He asks if it’s the spot right here. She says yes so he starts massaging it. He asks if she feels better now. She says yes, it’s better.

When she’s not looking, he presses harder which makes she cry out. He tells her to try standing up. She says it’s gone now and asks how he could do it. She asks if he secretly took some massaging class.

Jemi and MekPat see them. He says looks like they can’t talk to Khun Pabu today. Jemi says it’s all right, she will come again later, she must clear it with Khun Pabu. Mek suggests she stops her feeling for Tho. She says she’s okay, then walks away.

Tho walks Flur to the elevator. “Thank you again for today.” she says. When she turns to leave, he calls her. “Khun Pabu, (he pulls out a small gift box from his shirt pocket.) Happy Birthday.” He hands it to her. She accepts it and says thank you so much. He says he hopes she’ll like it then smiles shyly.

Pabu calls him, “Khun Tho!…(He turns to her, still in a daze.) I’m going up now.” She waves and he says all right. The door of the elevator closes and he realizes the gift box is still with him. He decides to leave it for now.

Part 8

Pabu gets in her room and someone grabs her hand in the dark. She screams then kicks and shoves the man away. Suddenly the light turned on and everyone shouts, “Happy Birthday!” LOL.

Get teases that she’s still in a shock and her beauty is now gone. Flur calls him crazy. Michael says this gives her a lesson on her birthday so that she won’t pick a fight with anyone, when danger could be this close to her.  It’s Buri who got kicked. “Hey you, pay attention this way too! I got hit so hard.” Pabu says it serves him right.

Get runs to him and asks if he’s all right. Buri says of course, he suffers a colicky pain, “Why don’t you try it!” he says. Get asks if it hurts anywhere.

Get holds a cake at her face and tells Pabu to make a wish. Pabu glares at them. Buri says the candle is almost burned out already. Mathurot tells her to blow the candle.

Pabu makes a wish then blows the candle gently. Mathurot gives her a gift voucher for her birthday. Flur thanks her. Don says he doesn’t have any present for her, and may she get slimmer like she wishes. Get says just like his wish, he and Michael intended to buy this for her. Pim gives her her present. Pabu opens it and says thank you so much. Get says he will go cut the cake.

Buri gives her his present, a candy machine, and says he remember that she liked it when they went shopping together, and she said she asked her grandmother for some coins to play with it very often but she wouldn’t give it to her. He says it’s for her to enjoy. She thanks him and says it’s so cute. Someone rings the door bell so she gives it back to him to hold it for her.

Flur opens the door and it’s Tho at the door. She asks if there’s any problem. Tho is about to give something to her when Buri asks her loudly who dropped by. Tho pulls out a balm and says the drug store downstairs is still open. She thanks him and says they are having a birthday party, she asks him to join them. Tho says yes, so Flur invites him inside. Tho thanks her. Buri lost the fun mood a little.

MekPat and Reung are talking. Kitja walks by so he asks if Tho isn’t home yet. Reung says he wouldn’t know since Tho doesn’t report to him every footstep of his. Kitja says he too shouldn’t have asked a father like him. He asks what they are doing. Mek says they are talking about the company’s work. Kitja says they are working hard.

Before he leaves, MekPat asks if he can let him look after Khun ChatChai’s condo project, because Tho is having a problem with Khun Jemi so he’s afraid it will affect the company’s investment. Reung says Mek’s skills aren’t that far from Tho’s. Kitja says he will let Tho continue looking after the project and if any inconvenient occurs, Khun ChatChai will let them know himself. He says for a project this big, he doesn’t trust him on it and is afraid he will fail it yet again.

MekPat asks the reason why he never let him look after any project, he asks if it’s because of that prediction (from the foretune teller). Reung asks how he could use it to decide Mek’s life. Kitja says just like how he used story in the past to decide Tho’s life, and that’s why he treated his own son this way. MekPat seems confused what he just heard.

Part 9

Luk-tan consoles MekPat to calm down and if she gets a chance, she will help talking with his father. She tells him to smile. NgamYing knocks the door and enters the room. Luk-tan says she came to give Khun Mek a cup of coffee. Mek thanks her so she leaves the room.

Mek asks NgamYing what it is. She says she heard he got scolded by their father. He says it always happened anyway so she doesn’t have to care about it and she’d better care about Tho instead. She asks what about it. He says he starts to think that Tho isn’t Pee Reung’s son, because just now Pee Reung took his side rather than his own son. She says that’s normal for Pee Reung. Mek asks that she said before the day Tho was born, something strange happened, what it is, he wants to know.

“About that?” she asks.

Flashbacks, Kitja asks when she’s going to bring his grandson home, he wants to see him so much. His wife says she will take care of the baby while he should help Reung with the funeral. Reung is in deep sorrow that he can’t do anything.

Present, NgamYing says when Pee Reung’s wife delivered Tho, her mother didn’t allow anyone to go there, even their father. She asks if that isn’t strange. He asks what her mother would do that for. Ngam asks if he remember that dad’s company was in serious trouble at the time, and there was a fortune-teller telling that a man would bring them luck, that’s why dad had so much hope on this grandson.

Mek asks if she’s saying that her mother might do something so that their father wouldn’t be disappointed. Ngam says that’s correct. She says just think if Tho isn’t Pee Reung’s son and isn’t dad’s grandchild, he wouldn’t love him this much, and the positions in the company could be changed.

Mek asks if they find out about this, Tho may be kicked out of the company. She nods.

Mathurot gives Flur a box and says she wanted to give her for a long time but there wasn’t a chance. Flur opens it and sees many birthday cards inside she wrote for Flur each year. Flur says she thought she forgot her. Mathurot says how she could forget her, all this time it’s Flur who might forget her or be angry with her thinking that she left her behind. She says she never really left and always came to look at her, but didn’t dare go to her because she thought Flur didn’t want to see her.

Mathurot says she thinks Khun Tho seems interested in her, and normally he wouldn’t attend this kind of function. She says since Flur come to work here, Khun Tho changed a lot. Pabu glares at her and says she said she wouldn’t talk about this anymore. Mom says to think about it, Khun Tho is quite okay, whether his looks, personalities or career. Mom says a man this type is hard to find.

Pabu says she told her already that Khun Tho didn’t think like that with her. Mom asks, “Right, so what if he does think of you like that, will you think of him the same way too?” Pabu looks at Tho then says she won’t think anything and only think how to prove herself to dad and her stepmother that she can be successful on her own. Mom says thinking like that is good too, it’s challenging and if Khun Tho knows it, he will know that her daughter isn’t a gold-digger.

Don asks if Pee Tho courts Pee Flur. Flur tells him to lower his voice. Don says no way, Pee Tho is gay so she’d better be careful, and he’s warning her. Mathurot tells him to stop talking nonsense. Don says it’s true, he wondered about it a while now, uncle Mek and aunt Ngam too, but no one had the courage to say it.

Don says could it be that he courts Pee Flur to hide his real nature, and to have a child to cover it up. Mom tells him to stop talking and tells Flur not to believe him. She thinks someone who’s gay would be more crisp with more gestures.

Flur says that an ancient gay during her time, for modern days, it’s developed so far beyond. She says some man can look perfectly normal and he doesn’t even know himself, there are a lot like that. Flur stares at Get then the other three men.

Get sneaks a glance at Buri and isn’t sure what he’s feeling. He gets up to sit alone. Flur comes behind him and calls out. He pulls her to him to sit down. Flur asks what it is, he looks confused with life. Get says he doesn’t know what’s with him, he feels weird. “What weird?” she asks.

“I felt hot then cold, hot then cold.”

She asks if it happens when he’s near someone. Get doesn’t get it. She says she thinks she knows what’s with him. “What’s with me?” he asks.

“You like Khun Buri!” she declares.

Get cringes and says no way, and he’s a man. Flur says she saw so many men who loved men. Get says no way. She asks if he feels like that when he sees Khun Buri. “Your heart is beating fast, your face heats up, you feel thrilled kind of your hair standing up.”

Get recalls his time with Buri. “Like  you can’t control yourself.” she says. Get nods a little. “And you’re happy to be with him. You think of him all the time.” she asks. Get thinks about it then sighs. “I’m in big trouble.” he holds her hands. She says, “I got suspicious for a long time already! When you had a girlfriend, it wasn’t long before you break up, and you didn’t feel sad about it at all, and then after that, you didn’t have a girlfriend who’s a girl anymore. You don’t like to look at women, and most importantly, you understand women more than men! “

Flur says the first time he met Khun Buri, he looked at him in a strange way, and he paid more attention to him. She says when they voted about the food, he took his side and was so obvious. Get asks when that was, he didn’t know. She says his gestures started to show little by little. “The latest one, you were worried about him more than me! (at her birthday party) Clear?” she asks. He blinks. She holds his hands and says there’s nothing wrong for him to like him (Buri), love doesn’t harm anyone. Get nods then realizes what he just did, “No, I don’t believe it. I have to prove it.” he gets up and bumps into Buri. LOL. Get is so stunned that he walks away.

Buri asks what’s with him when he only wants to ask the way to the restroom. She points him the way then leans closer, “And you…are quite charming.” she smiles and leaves the room.

The party is over. Pabu tells them that she will send them here and thank you so much. Mathurot kisses her and says happy birthday. They all leave.

Pabu turns around and sees Jemi is standing there. Jemi asks where she went with Pee Tho today, and she went to see him at his office, they told her that Pee Tho took her to celebrate her birthday. Jemi says if she doesn’t stop messing around Pee Tho, don’t say that she didn’t warn her enough. Pabu laughs. Jemi asks what’s funny.

Flur says she’s funny and don’t try to act like a villain. However much she tries, she won’t look scary. Jemi says she really means it, she will never be defeated by her. She will make Pee Tho turn back and love her. Pabu says how many times she has to explain this to people. “Listen to me, read my lips, I don’t feel anything for Khun Tho and he doesn’t feel anything for me! Understand? So now it’s clear.”

Jemi says but others in the company don’t think like that, the way she interacts with Pee Tho contradicts what she just said, so no one will believe her. Flur asks what she can do if they don’t believe it. Jemi says because she stays in his room, so it makes others think. Jemi says if she doesn’t feel anything for him then she should move out of his room.

Buri says he told her to clear the matter with her, not to pick a fight. Jemi says he told her to face it, to fight and talk it out, so she went to talk with her. He says he meant she should stop running away and talk to Khun Stayu, by to fight, he meant for her to use sadness as her positive force to change herself for the better.

Jemi says she was mad, how many years she done everything for Pee Tho, he never takes her anywhere like Khun Pabu. “Hey, he doesn’t love you today, doesn’t mean he hates you.” he says. He says there’s nothing bad in her and she looks lovely too, and if she is a little slimmer and a little taller, he thinks she will be lovely no less than Khun Pabu.

She asks if he really means that. He nods. She says she will get slimmer and look better than Khun Pabu, just wait and see. Tho’s call comes in but she hesitates to pick up. Buri asks if she still doesn’t have a talk with him. She shakes her head. “Then talk to him now.” he picks up the call for her. “Yes, Pee Tho.” she answers.

Tho gives her something to drink. He sits down and asks why she didn’t pick up his call. “You are still angry with me, aren’t you? I didn’t want to make you feel bad but I really think of you as my sister. I’m sorry.”

“Pee Tho, you don’t have to apologize. I never get angry with you. It’s me who thought it myself all this time and never once ask how you feel. Before this, I kept lying to myself but I won’t do that anymore because now I know what I should do. (Tho smiles.) It’s all right if you don’t like me, but I will keep liking you. I hope it’s all right with you!” she beams.

Tho doesn’t know what to say.

Episode 7 Preview

Tho: “I definitely won’t let you move there.”

Flur: “Others can live there, so why can’t I?”

Flur: “Why don’t you be considerate to the room’s owner!”

Tho: “Here, some coffee.”

Flur: “Are you crazy?!”

Kitja: “Looks like Tho met with a strong contender.”

Jemi: “Why didn’t you move out of Pee Tho’s room yet? I will say for the last time or I will…”

Flur: “Will what?”


The war is still underneath the rug. I’m waiting to see more actions from both Tho and Buri, fighting to get the girl  🙂

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  1. I couldn’t wait so I watched the next and about the episode 11 the story of Get and (?) became really interesting 😍. I hope to more on screen of the both

  2. I am team Tho. His personality balances with Fer. I see Buri as the type to be best friend forever kind of guy. Fer will need someone who can handle her spending. Buri’s mother is a bit possesive and I am not into guys where their mother obsess over them. The teasing from the earlier episode was a bit too much. I didn’t find it funny that his mother played with Fer.

  3. I will reply honestly even though I know d ending as I have seen d BTS clip of Pabu’s wedding.
    Buri is perfect for boyfriend material as easy going, fun loving, d cute bickering, he SHOWS what he feels for Pabu, I think him n Pabu not much age difference, so they will have more similarities. More Sizzling chemistry, which is good in shot term but both being hot-headed, if married they may have difficulties down d road.
    While Tho is perfect husband material: sweet, understanding, has patience, can afford Pabu’s shopping, d chemistry is there, more mature and slow built up, he will let Pabu do what she wants and not say NO, but will quietly do what he wants n not upsetting her as she won’t know 😀
    I guess Pabu can have fun with Buri n then can marry Tho 😀 😀 😀
    Sorry If I have offended Team Buri or Team Tho fans ❤

    • You know, I discussed with my friend how a girl could feel nice to both men at the same time and there’s nothing wrong about it, as long as she’s still single 🙂

      I’m waiting how the story will be wrapped up. I liked how the novel ended, Pabu kept her character till the very end.

      At the time the novel was published in a magazine per chapter each or something like that, readers argued who Pabu should end up with, and just think if we were there and didn’t know who the hero would be when the author herself still wasn’t sure, how frustrating it must be.

      • I totally agree… It is better to date both guys 2 b sure who is d ONE coz it’s a life long decision. No one says anything when guys date more than 1 girl, so why d double standard if a girl decides to do that 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Same here… Even I am waiting…
        U have read d book here n there, so how satisfied are you how d lakorn has been made? Happy with d cast? changes? etc…

        • I liked how Khun Stayu was brought to life. I didn’t get to read about Buri but I read comments from readers that Buri in the book was a heart-warming guy, better than in the lakorn. Let’s say in the first half of the book, he shined. For Jemi, I read that she wasn’t there in the book till the very end. I don’t have time to read the whole book yet 🙂 I liked the lakorn so far and that’s why I’m still here typing.

  4. Hello,
    I am all team Kuhn Tho. They have great chemistry together and she made him think more about life and love. He has never truly felt the warmth of love from anyone except is grandfather and now that he feels it he wants more. We should all notice how much he misses Kuhn Pabu when she is not around. Just hearing her voice fills him with laughter and love. Remember how cold he used to be .
    I think Kuhn Buri and Kuhn Jemi are a better fit. He pushes her without here even realizing it.
    Let’s go Tram Tho

    • Agreed. Buri is easy-going and makes Pabu feel nice when around him, but her habit of spending money may not suit him that well. Tho can provide for her and scold her at the same time. Actually, I like both. Hehe.

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