Update: Kor Pen JaoSao Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai Teaser

That’s quite a long name, which is, in short, let me be the bride and be delighted for once. Phew! This lakorn adapted from the novel under the same name, from the author of Kha Ba-din. I hope Great and Matt won’t disappoint us.


Official Teaser

“When you don’t have a hundred-thousand million in your pocket, you are just an arrogant woman…no one wants you as his wife!”

“Uncle Pur, just stop seeing me as a little kid already!”

“You turned me into some kind of trash once again!”

“You think I can’t feel the hurt or pain?!”

“Vi-var is the most precious thing, it’s my duty to protect her and make sure no harms come her way.”

“Uncle Pur, a man like you do everything for WannaDamRong’s assets.”

“I will marry Vi-var!”

This is a pretty intense teaser and I have no ideas what it’s about. I have the novel with me and only know that the heroine owns a successful wedding studio named ‘WanVivar Wedding’ (WanVivar or Vivar is her name) and she wishes to wear the most exquisite wedding gown once she found the one. Chapter One started off with a question – “Miss, do you wish to be someone’s bride?” a staff of a wedding studio calls out while handing out the brochures.

There’s another book from the same author Kor Pen Nang’ek (heroine) Sak Khrang Hai Cheun-jai (let me be a heroine and be delighted for once) which I finished. The heroine is the younger sister of this lakorn’s heroine and she dreams to be a heroine in a story she chooses. It’s different and more a fantasy/horror romance for me (heard another channel bought the license to make it a TV-series).

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  1. Hi… I have a doubt when I saw d teasers… So d 2 girls’ souls changes with each other? So who is d nang’ek from d 2 girls? Matt as herself or when Koy is in her body? M confused… Plz help me out… M confused which girl d 2 guys like… See them both with Matt n Koy

    • [Spoiler Alerts]
      This story involves a very good-looking satan who loves to offer his target (normally a weak one or a misfit) a prize, to get what she/he really wants i.e. a dream which can never happen/exist in that person’s life, but what he asks for in return is quite cruel, and once they accept it, they can’t back track. It will need a powerful will/help to undo it.

      I read the novel of Vivar’s sister and the satan appeared in that story too with Vivar warning her sister the devilness behind it. Again, to me, it’s more a fantasy romance story, not sure how the lakorn will turn out but I heard it’s a pretty intense drama. Of course, (from another teaser) two girls switch their body, but the nang’ek is still Vivar.

      In the second book, Pur loves Vivar (his wife) very much. He’s a serious man, a banker (if I remember correctly), and persistant to how he feels for her. They will walk a bumpy road before they can be together. ( I haven’t read Vivar’s story in the novel so I said based on the second book).

      • So Koy is Vivar? She enters into Matt’s body? So Grate must be d banker… Matt’s soul dies? First I thought that Koy was d villain seeing her seducing both guys left n right. So it was Koy or Matt in Koy’s body?
        Sorry for asking so many questions 🙂

        • Matt is Vivar, Great is Pur. It’s a bit confusing at this point so take it as a glimpse of what we are going to see. Here is more recent teaser.

          “Vivar, you are very lucky…one in a million to have this chance.”
          “…please fix (undo) the mistakes I had done…”
          “I can call this a ‘love scene’, can’t I?”
          Pur: “Even if I have to trade my life to make Vivar come back to me, I’ll do it!”
          “Uncle Pur, it’s me Vivar, not MokRin!”
          Vivar: “Noooo! How long do I have to endure and be in this stage?!”
          This lakorn premieres August 28.

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