Tai Ngao Jun Episode 5


What a woman should do if she falls for both guys at the same time (not a two-timing thing but sincerely comes from her heart)? I guess, in the end, it will come down to who she wants to spend the rest of her life with, if she’s going to choose, that is  🙂

Part 1

Buri runs and calls his mom. Mom comes down and wants to give him a hug. Buri stops short and says Chup told him she was sick and couldn’t eat for days. “You lie to me again?”

Buri glares at the pink girl. She says she tried to stop his mom. He turns to Luk-chup who says it’s his mom’s idea and not hers. Mom says it’s because she missed her Ling-gang (pig-tailed macaque), her son, so much. “I didn’t see you for a long time, come on, let me give you a kiss.”

Mom sees Pabu and asks who she is, then says he didn’t come visiting her must be because he’s hooked to a girl. Buri says no, he’s not and introduces his mom to Pabu, “This is Khun Nai (madam) YoThaKa, my mom, and this is Pee Duen, the one back there is Luk-chup.”

Buri tells his mom that this is Khun Pabu, a colleague of his. Mom asks if she’s his colleague or girlfriend. “His girlfriend, aren’t you?” she stares at Pabu.

Duen says he said it’s a colleague so that must be it. Mom asks her if Ling-gang ever brought his friend home. Buri says, “Okay, mom, a girlfriend it is. Khun Nai Yo, are you satisfied now?”

“How can you like her? Her legs are so limp like a Ta-pad (Golden Tree Frog), and put on thick makeup, and her cheeks are red like a monkey’s butt!”

They sit outdoor. Duen and Chup bring them food. Mom says they are all Buri’s favorite dishes since he come visiting her.

He asks if it’s true (that they are all his fav dishes) then asks why they don’t eat in the house. Mom says for a nice change since a guest came so she should welcome her.

Mom introduces Luk-chup as Khan’s future fiancee. Chup says no, she’s not and is only a neighbor. Duen tells them to eat first.

Mom says today’s dishes are fried frog with chillies, fried frog with garlic, and the most delicious dish – barbecued paddy-field mouse. Pabu wants to cry hearing it. Mom wants her to taste fried frog with chillies so she puts some on Pabu’s plate.

Buri tells his mom that Khun Pabu isn’t familiar with the dishes to eat it. Mom says when an elder puts it on her plate, if she doesn’t eat it, it’s a bad manner.

Pabu looks at them then says, “All right, I will eat it.” She eats it and says it’s so tasty. “What is this? Fried frog with garlic? Please allow me to use my hand.” She takes a bite and says it’s delicious and she’s never tried it before. “What is this? Paddy-field mouse? Let me try.” then she says it’s so delicious and asks them to join her. Mom pouts that her plan didn’t work.

Later, Pabu finishes an entire bowl of water. “I didn’t ma-no (imagine it – a slang), did I? Did I really eat frog?!”

Buri says both frog and paddy-field mouse. He asks, if she couldn’t take it then why she ate it. She says if she surrendered, it would mean his mom defeated her.

“Well, what can you do when she has a good-looking son. Isn’t it normal for her to be possessive?” he asks.

“A monkey face like yours and you call it good-looking?” she asks.

“As if you are so pretty!”

Get calls and asks Pabu if she bought anything. Michael says sorry to her that he didn’t go help her carrying it. She says she finished buying and they will deliver it so she didn’t carry it herself. Get tells her that he’s at Michael’s house and asks if she will join them here.

“I can’t go. Khun Buri’s mother is sick (she glares at Buri) so I had to come with him. I’m in Lopburi now.”

“Lopburi!!!” both men let out.

“That’s right. I’m in Lopburi, the town of Ling-gang!”

“Lopburi?!” Tho asks. Pim says Khun Buri’s mother falls sick so they had to leave urgently to the countryside, so the meeting (he will talk to her about work) will have to be postponed. Tho asks why Khun Buri had to take Khun Pabu with him, “Khun Pabu’s boyfriend doesn’t say anything?”

“You mean Khun Get?” Pim asks.

Tho nods. Pim says Khun Get isn’t Khun Pabu’s boyfriend but a close friend, she misunderstood it at first too. Pim asks what they should do with all the food they prepared for Khun Pabu to taste it.

“Well, now she doesn’t have to.” he says sternly then walks away. Pim smiles.

Part 2

Buri’s mom says he should at least stay a night or two coming all the way here. Buri says he didn’t take leave from work, but he will find time to take a vacation to be with her for a long while. Mom tells him not to lie. He says he won’t and tells her not to tease him like this again, he was so scared something might happen to her. Mom says it’s because she missed her Ling-gang so much.

Before they leave, mom gives Flur some fruits from her garden. She says women these days love to eat fruits to go on diet. Flur accepts the bags and says she will bring Khun Buri to visit her often. Mom acknowledges that and calls her ‘Miss Red Cheeks’

“Let’s go, darling!” Buri says.

Mom points finger at him that it’s not funny, so he says he’s just kidding.

They drive along sunflower field where Flur screams that it’s so pretty and what a fresh air. She tells him to pull over, she wants to take pictures.

Flur gets off the car and runs into the field. She screams why they are so pretty and so many of them. She wants to take pictures and post it on her IG. She says surely she will get so many ‘Liked’

“Woo! I feel like a princess!”

“Hey, princess, haven’t you seen sunflowers before?”

“I have, but not this pretty and so many like this!”

She tells him to take pictures for her because she wants to jump. He asks which pose she’s going to do it first. She says she wants to jump. Then they continue taking pictures.

*Lopburi is famous for its sunflower fields and monkeys

Flur says she can’t decide which pictures she should post on IG, they are all pretty. Buri asks if she’s interested in living here. She says no, she misses her house so much and wants to go back there.

She sees there’s some smoke coming out of the hood of her car. She asks what that smoke is and what happened to her car. He opens the hood so she asks if there will be an explosion. He’s exasperated and says no, there won’t be and he guesses it could be boiler leaking or something.

I think Flur calls her car ‘Minnie’.

Buri calls Duen and says he’s on the short-cut route to town and his car broke down with smoke coming out. He tells her to send Piek (a person) here to take a look.

He tells Flur that he called one of his worker here and will take the car to the garage in town tomorrow, which means she has to spend the night here. It’s not a good news for Flur. Buri says it’s late in the evening and all garages must already closed for today and no one will come fixing the car for her.

“What an unlucky day for me! I was dragged here by you, got bullied by your  mom, my car broke down, and now I have to stay here for the night!”

“Wait a minute, I didn’t drag you here. It’s you who offered.” Buri argues.

Buri lets out a smile when she’s not looking.

At a hospital, Luk-tan bumps into Kitja and asks him to help her, someone is trying to kill her. She says she came to visit Cherry here but her brother’s creditor waited to harm her here. She says they follow her everywhere, her house, her friend’s house, so now she has no ideas where to stay.

He tells her to calm down and there’s no one here. He says no one can harm her. She begs him to help her, they are really going to kill her.

At home, NgamYing asks MekPat if he knows that Tho brought someone to stay at his penthouse. He asks how she knew about it. She says Jemi told her and now she already has someone find out about it, and soon they will know if Tho is hiding some girl just like their father.

MekPat sees Kitja walking in so he says they are talking about him and here he comes.

Kitja tells Luk-tan that she will be safe staying here and the creditor won’t be able to find her. She thanks him and says she will do the housework in exchange. He says no need for that, they have housekeepers here.

NgamYing marches to them. Kitja introduces them to Luk-tan as his children. Kitja tells both his children that this is Luk-tan who faced a little problem so he brought her here to stay.

NgamYing says he can’t do that. Kitja says just think that she’s saving a baby bird or baby crow. NgamYing says just wait and see, this baby crow will turn into a hawk one day, and they don’t even know if this woman can be trusted.

MekPat tells NgamYing to calm down. Luk-tan tells Kitja that she can live somewhere else. Kitja says no then tells her to go take a look at their room upstairs. He tells Mek to have someone send Khun Luk-tan’s belongings upstairs. MekPat says yes. He tells NgamYing that it’s enough and calm down first.

Kitja shows Luk-tan the room and says she should be able to stay comfortably in it. He tells her to endure his daughter’s sharp tongue and she will get used to it. She thanks him and says she will leave as soon as she finds a safe place to stay. He says it’s an empty room anyway so she can stay for a long time. He tells her to get some rest then leaves the room.

MekPat gets inside and locks the door. He kisses Luk-tan’s forehead and praises her good job done. She says it’s because he properly set it all up or else there’s no way she can stand here in his house like this.

*You know, this is why you shouldn’t have too many rooms in your house or you may not know what’s going on in one of the rooms.

Part 3

Tho comes home and NgamYing asks if he already knew about his grandpa bringing a girl here. He says grandpa called to tell him that he would let the person who saved Cherry live here temporary. She criticizes him for letting grandpa do that so easily when they don’t know the woman’s background, what if she’s a bait. She warns him that may be the girl will let her gang break in their house.

Tho says that also disturbs him. She tells him to go tell his grandpa when he’s his beloved grandson, it’s only him that he will listen.

Tho says this is grandfather’s house and he has every right to let someone live here, so what he can tell him. She nags that he’s so strict about other things but doesn’t dare touch his grandfather’s matter. She asks if it’s because he’s afraid he would no longer be the beloved grandson.

“Aunty, if I can do it for you, I certainly will. I’ve been trying to please everyone everyday that I don’t know what else I can do. If you don’t like grandpa’s decision then go talk to him yourself. Why have it all on me? If there’s nothing else, please excuse me.” Tho says.

NgamYing calls him stuck-up, one misstep of his, she will step on it till he’s buried deep under. She calls someone and asks if he/she found out who it was. She scolds the person when he/she says Khun Tho didn’t bring anyone up to his penthouse. She says it can’t be and that’s a bad job done.

Buri’s mom tells Flur to sleep in this room tonight, it’s Khan’s room. Flur asks where Khun Buri will sleep. Mom scolds her for inquiring about a man. Mom says Khan loves to sleep outside and she will let Luk-chup and Duen sleep here with her tonight so it won’t appear inappropriate.

Flur teases if she’s afraid that she will tiptoe to her son. Mom says it’s for Flur’s own good more (her reputation). Flur thanks her.

Luk-chup tells Flur not to think much, Buri’s mom speaks frankly and is possessive of her son. She asks how long Flur and Pee Khan been dating. Flur says they aren’t dating. Luk-chup is disappointed, she thought she had an excuse so the elders wouldn’t pair them up. She says they grew up together like brother and sister so how they can marry, moreover, she already has a boyfriend.

Luk-chup says she will go get a towel for her. Flur notices all the drawings on the wall and takes a look at the ones on the desk. She gets scared by a drawing of common lizards, thinking it’s real.

At night, Flur calls Chup to walk with her to the toilet. Both girls don’t wake up to go with her. Flur walks out alone and steps on Buri who is lying on the floor outside. He cries out and asks how she could step on him. Flur argues that who told him to sleep on a walkway. He argues back that who is sleeping in his room.

Flur gloats who brought a baby monkey back to his mommy. Buri concedes but complains that she doesn’t apologize at all for stepping on his foot. She continues on her way stepping on his foot one more time. LOL.

Buri comes sit with her outside and offers her some bananas. She says she doesn’t want it. She says now she knows why his mom called him Ling-gang. She asks if he wants more bananas.

“As if the nude color on your lips was so pretty.”

“It’s call fashion and a Ling-gang like you won’t understand.”

Flur apologizes for what she did just now (step on him) and asks if it hurts a lot. He says how she can ask when her weight is quite something. She tells him to remember that women don’t like him to talk about her weight. He smiles and says okay.

She looks at the night sky and says it’s so filled with stars and she’s never seen them this close. He looks at her tenderly.

Flur says she’s envious of his family, living a simple life yet somehow so happy, unlike hers.

“Just like they said, the front yard of others always looked prettier than ours. If you seen this since you were a kid, you might not say this.” he says.

“True, I’ve never experienced this kind of life. My dad raised me pretty much like all-you-can-eat buffet. You can do what you want and he doesn’t pay attention much.”

“But it gives you freedom, unlike me, madam Yo managed everything, asked me all the things in detail. I had to report to her in real-time mode and if she could put a tracking device on me, she would have done that.”

She says his mom is quite lovely. He says each family has its own pros and cons. Flur says that’s also true, some family may appear nice and warm upfront but they may have more problems than their families, who knows.

Tho couldn’t sleep and looks at his phone wanting to call Flur.

Flur answers the phone saying once she arrives in Bangkok, she will rush to him, and about the things she bought today, the shop will deliver it.

Buri is chewing bananas like gum looking displeased at the way she’s talking to Tho.

Buri grabs her phone and starts talking, “Khun Tho, this is outside working hours, why you kept calling?”

Flur scolds Buri how he can talk to Khun Tho like that.

“Why not? I can’t take it anymore….(to Tho) Hey, even though you are the boss, there should be a limit, not calling days and nights like this. I want to spend time with Khun Pabu too. Could it be you are thinking of courting Khun Pabu?……”

Flur tells him to give her phone back but he won’t.

Buri wakes up and it’s only a dream.

“What were you dreaming about? You writhed like a worm.” Pabu asks.

She demonstrates how he had rolled about. “No, I won’t give it to you! No!” she mimics.

He runs away. She asks him not giving what.

Part 4

Tho comes down the stairs and is stunned to see MekPat touching Luk-tan here and there. Mek tells him to have breakfast together. Tho says he’d better not and thanks him.

*Again, Tho always speaks politely. That’s how he’s different from Buri. Just so that you know.

Flur is so delighted to see her baby (her car) come back in good shape. She tells her car not to be stubborn or naughty next time. Yo says this woman seems a bit crazy. Duen says the more she looks at her, she’s quite cute.

Buri tells his mom that he’s leaving now. Flur thanks Yo for fixing her car and doesn’t charge her for it.  Yo says she didn’t want to pay for it, she actually made a curse so her car broken down, so that her son would spend longer time with her. Yo gives the car key back to her and she hopes it won’t have problem again.

Buri kisses his mom goodbye and asks about Luk-chup. Yo says she didn’t her since this morning but she will let her know.

“I’ll get going now…Khun Mae (mommy)!” Flur teases.

“Ya! (Right!)” Yo returns.

Flur gives the key to Buri to drive.

Get gives Buri a killer stare (not sure if he’s jealous of Flur or Buri, lol). Buri stammers his apology for taking Flur without prior notice. “But don’t worry, I had Khun Pabu sleep with my sister while I…”

Pabu interrupts him why he needs to explain so much to Get when he’s not her guardian. Buri says he’s afraid that her boyfriend would misunderstand.

“Boyfriend?…You think Get is my boyfriend?”

Both Get and Pabu laugh. “You thought it yourself all along and I let you…it’s fun.” Get grins.

“You teased him!” Pabu says.

“It’s fun…see, look at him.”

Buri doesn’t think it’s funny though. Haha.

Toi greets Buri who just came back. He asks why he smiles so much and is in such a good mood, just like a man in love.

“Why? Am I being too obvious?” Buri smiles.

“I was only teasing, but it’s for real? With whom? Luk-chup?”

Buri shakes his head. “Not her? Then who?” Toi asks.

Buri says he’s not going to tell. Toi says he’s not going to have secret with him so tell him now. Buri won’t say it and gets in his room. He looks at a sunflower key-chain in his hand.

He recalls his time in Lopburi with Flur, the monkeys and sunflowers. Flur picks up a key chain at a stall and asks if it’s cute.

Back to present, Flur shows the key chains to Michael and Get. “Here, souvenirs from Lopburi!”

“Thanks, it suits you perfectly.” Michael says.

“Looking so fresh like me, right?”

“It has big face like you.” Get says.

She throws it to them. Michael asks what Buri’s home is like. She says it wasn’t that fun, they went to visit his mother and not like taking a trip or anything. Get asks if his mother has such a good mood like Khun Buri, and if his home is beautiful.

Flur glares at him then says it’s nice, naturally beautiful house, it’s in the field like a house in a lakorn. “I want to see it!” Get says.

“I will tell him that you want to go there sooooo bad!”

Pim comes to the house and says Khun Tho heard that Michael was sick so he asked her to come visiting. She gives him a gift basket. Michael thanks her saying he’s not that sick. Pim says they are all here.

Pim asks Flur when she came back and if she gives Khun Tho a call because he said he wanted to talk to her about the menu since yesterday. Flur says she totally forgot about it and excuses herself to give him a call. Pim smiles knowingly.

Tho picks up her call. Flur asks if he’s available to talk now. He says he’s clearing some work but they can talk. Flur apologizes for calling him so late, she just returned from Lopburi then went to visit Michael.

Tho calmly acknowledges it. She says Khun Buri’s mother was sick and then her car broke down and the garage was closed, what a chaos, and it was the next morning that someone fixed her car. She says, “But about the menu, I already made a list of Michael’s great dishes and that day of the cooking show, I let Get come up with a questionnaire asking the guests who came to taste the food their opinions, so that Michael can develop new recipes.

Tho remains quiet.

“So what do you think?” she asks.

“Yes, what you said is good, but about the menu, I couldn’t decide whether we should go for Thai food or Western cuisine. I think…how about we meet tomorrow and talk about this?”

She says all right, and she will give him the time to meet at the restaurant tomorrow. He says let’s meet at the office tomorrow and find something to eat first, then go to the restaurant together.

“Okay, see you then.” she hangs up.

Darnit, Khun Tho is killing us with his tender smiles whenever he’s talking to Flur.

Tho is working on a miniature or a model of something.

Part 5

Don runs to help his friend and gets kicked by a group of young men. A guy tells Don’s friend if he can’t give him back the money, he’ll be dead.

Don’s friend apologizes to Don who says it’s all right and they should figure out how to find the money to give back to them first.

Don tells his friend to pick any watch he likes. A friend says there are so many great things in his house and he can’t believe Don never takes any, if it were his house, he would take it all.

Don says he’s never desperate for money, but now grandpa gave the company to Tho and looks like he may fire his dad. He tells his friend to do whatever he wants here.

His friend picks one watch and asks if his elder brother could really fire his dad. Don says, “Is there anything he cannot do? He never thinks of anyone except himself and grandpa!”

“That’s right! I can do everything including calling the police that you’re stealing things from the house!” Tho shows up. He asks Don if he doesn’t know that that watch is grandpa’s beloved.

Don shouts at him, “So what? I’m taking it! (to his friend) You take it!”

“You can take it, but don’t forget to pray that your father won’t forget to bail you out.” Tho warns.

His friend says he doesn’t want it now and will wait in the car instead. Don yells at Tho for thinking of calling the police to arrest him. “Go ahead and do it! Let it be known that the elders in this house put assets before his own children and grandchildren! Arrest me! Do it, but just be careful not to ruin Sasiwong’s name.”

Tho yells, “Don, I talked like this to you yet you don’t accept your mistake? What if grandpa knows it, how much it will upset him!”

“So what? Has he ever recognized my present here?”

“Don, stop talking!”

Don says he’s an outcast grandchild who came with these inborn traits. Tho tries to stop Don from leaving the house so Don shoves Tho away so hard. Tho falls backward and hurts his arm in the process with some shattered glass. Don is horrified then runs out.

MekPat shows up and asks what happened. “Tho!” he calls when seeing Tho got injured.

Flur comes to the office. The girls in the elevator stare at her and notice the floor Flur is heading.

Tho is having a meal with Flur. She asks what happened to his hand. He says it’s cut by some glass, he wasn’t being careful enough and bumped into a glass cabinet at home. “It took so many stitches to stitch it up.”

She asks if it won’t hurt wearing his shirt over it like that. “I don’t want to answer questions from many people.” he explains.

“But it didn’t conceal it from my eyes.” she teases.

He says it’s good that it wasn’t his right hand or else it would be a big problem for him. “Let’s eat.” she says. When she sees that he can’t use his hand properly, she offers her help slicing the food for him. He says thank you feeling touched.

NgamYing walks in and greets them that she found him here. Flur greets her. NgamYing nags that now Tho has someone to have lunch with. She asks what happened to his arm. Tho says it got cut by some glass. NgamYing is quite surprised then asks if his penthouse is still empty because she wants to borrow it from him, for her friends from abroad to stay for 2-3 nights.

Tho looks at Flur a bit then says, “I’m sorry, that room isn’t for guests. You should ask Khun Kanok if there’s any room available.”

NgamYing says he doesn’t use that room anyway so he should let others use it or rent it out, and the rental income could be hundred thousand per month.

Tho says she also has so many Mercedes cars, why not rent them out too. She scolds if he’s crazy, how she can let others use her cars. “That is my room too. Whether or not I let someone use it, it’s under my authority.” Tho says.

“You excise your authority by letting other person live in it? Keep building your image, you aren’t that far from your grandfather.”

“Aunty, what do you mean by that?” he asks.

“You should know what I mean.” she glares at Pabu then leaves.

Flur asks why he didn’t tell her that she’s now staying in that room. “It’s unnecessary when I think she already knows.” he says. Flur says it must be yesterday when she got on the elevator and there were some employees coming in, and they must think that she went up there to do…that.

Tho tells her not to worry about it, if there’s anyone thinking like that, he will take care of it and he guarantees she won’t be ruined by it. She says thank you. He lets out a smile then tells her to continue slicing the food for him. She says of course, then says she has a souvenir for him. She shows him the key chain and says a souvenir from Lopburi. He accepts it and thanks her.

Pabu and Tho arrive at the restaurant together. Jemi is delighted to see him while Tho is quite surprised to see her. Jemi says she wants some recipes from Khun Michael so she asked Khun Buri to let her come along, and she also heard that they were going to discuss about the menu so she volunteered to help.

Tho says he thought she went to the countryside. Jemi says she will leave this evening. Flur hands Jemi a souvenir from Lopburi. Both Tho and Buri are clearly disappointed that Flur gives the same thing to everyone. LOL.

“Thank you. I didn’t think you would think of me.” Jemi nags.

“I bought it for everyone!” Flur says.

Get shows Flur his and says he’s using it and it’s so cute. Jemi says, “Don’t you think that buying thing for me will make me trust you!” Flur doesn’t pay attention to it.

“Ling-gang, what were you doing just now?” Flur addresses Buri in that name.

Buri says he’s thinking of the dishes’ names together with Get. “Let me take a look.” Flur says. “All right.” Buri and Flur walk away together.

Tho starts to notice how close these two are.

Part 6

Michael says he thinks of doing Thai food and sticking with the menu of the previous restaurant, the taste should be okay. He asks what the rest of them think. Jemi asks if selling Thai food would be so out of trend.

Flur says Thai food ranks high in the world so how it could be out, and this is Thailand so she thinks Thai food would fit the dinners’ taste. Jemi argues that the restaurant’s name is so western-er but they are going to sell Thai food, is that not conflicting itself.

Buri suggests they go with spaghetti or steaks and their chef come from abroad too. Get says he agrees with Khun Buri and it will fit the atmosphere of the place which Khun Buri designed. Jemi says she agrees with them.

Tho says, “But I love Thai food. I think we can do fusion so it will suit the name of the restaurant and its atmosphere.”

Pim suggests they make a vote so they can reach the conclusion. Tho says that’s good and he votes for Thai food. Buri votes for Western cuisine. Get says he agrees with Buri. Jemi apologizes to Tho saying Thai food isn’t her cup of tea. She walks to sit next to Buri to cast her vote.

Michael says he’s with Khun Stayu. Pim says she’s with Khun Michael. Now everyone turns to Pabu. Buri says now 3 votes vs 3 votes so everything now lies with her, so what’s her decision.

Pabu says she loves both so how about they sell both. Tho says even they do that, one thing must dominate another in order to have the restaurant’s selling point. Buri says he agrees with him so what’s her choice.

“Okay, I choose Thai food….and western food. Both has different advantage and most importantly, we will be able to reach more target groups. Then, we are selling both. Clear?” she says.

Buri grins while Stayu isn’t quite pleased.

Mathurot is telling Luk-tan that inside is after-breakfast med while outer side is after-dinner med. She asks if Luk-tan can remember that. Luk-tan says yes. NgamYing walks in and says they are all here, she hopes she (Luk-tan) won’t switch the medicine for her father.

Kitja says no one thinks in a bad way like she does. NgamYing sees Mathurot so she asks Kitja if he knows that Tho brought someone to live in his penthouse. Kitja says he doesn’t know (and who cares). She says she wants to know if it’s his friend or girlfriend. Kitja says whoever he brought is his business and why she needs to butt in.

NgamYing says she can’t never touch his beloved grandson. Kitja says of course when this grandson never misbehaves so he needs to protect him, unlike someone who spends time getting jealous others each day instead of using time to think of something which benefits the company.

Mathurot talks to Tho. She thinks Khun Ngam must already know about Flur and today she seemed trying to pick on her, she could feel it. Tho says Ngam mustn’t sure whether it’s Khun Pabu or not so she came to check on her. She asks what they should do now. Tho tells her not to worry, as he said before, should anything happen, he would take responsibility for it.

At night, Luk-tan comes to Kitja’s room. She says she’s bringing his before-bedtime med to him. He tells her to put it by the headboard and get the cheque book for him. She hands it to him and means to leave. He tells her to sit down. He gives her a cheque to shop for her necessities. She hesitates so he tells her to take it and think of it as her wages for taking care of him.

She says she doesn’t want Khun NgamYing to scold her. He sighs and says he’s giving it to her so why afraid of NgamYing. “Take it!” he orders.

Luk-tan accepts it. He says he told her not to pay attention to his daughter, the sharp-tongued, and this house is filled with strange people. There are only two normal ones, himself and Tho. He asks if she met Tho already. She says yes and he’s lovely and looks like he loves this grandchild a lot.

“I love this grandson of mine the most. Tho brought fortune to me.”

She asks how that is. Kitja recalls how it happened.

Flashback, at that time his company is in jeopardy, got cheated by a client and many contracts were canceled one after another. A fortune-teller is telling Kitja that there will be a boy entering his life and he will be his lucky star and his life will get better. “Raise him well and he will bring you good things forever.”

Not many days after that, Tho’s mother is pregnant. Kitja’s wife says the baby inside may be that boy the fortune-teller was talking about.

Kitja gets excited to see the baby boy coming home for the first time. After Tho was born, the business keeps getting better like how the fortune-teller said. Kitja picks up a call and is happy that his company won the bid for a project. He hugs Tho feeling very happy.

Back to present, Kitja says Tho brought him luck, he brought only good things to the company and it remains in business till today. She asks about Khun Mek, she heard he’s as skillful as Khun Tho but he didn’t talk about him much.

“None is interesting to hear. Let’s talk about something else.” Kitja says.

She apologizes for asking too many questions but it made her wonder. Kitja stops talking and turns his attention to reading. MekPat overhears it and feels angry.

Aww…it’s sad if Kitja loves Tho just because he brought him fortune.

Part 7

MekPat throws his dad’s photo to the floor. He says even to talk about him, he doesn’t want to, what he had done to make him hate him like this. He recalls how he got scolded in the past for wanting to play with his younger brother and Kitja says what if it puts his younger brother in danger.

Flashback, MekPat comes home to hear NgamYing asking Kitja to pay attention to Mek when he’s a good child and studies hard doing everything so that he would love him, but he doesn’t give him his attention at all. KitJa asks what attention is needed when he raised him well like this, and it’s good enough that he didn’t send him back to his mother. KitJa gets up looking for Tho and tells her to have dinner with Mek instead. MekPat (college student) looks at the award he received as the best student of the year. He means to show it to his father.

Back to present, NgamYing knocks at the door so Mek picks up the photo and throws it on the bed. She looks at him and asks if something gone wrong. He says nothing so she says she told their father about Tho hiding a girl, and she got scolded for messing with Tho’s business instead. She’s so mad that she can’t touch Tho at all. MekPat says is it not always like this for a long time.

“But there must be a day that Tho makes mistake and I will make dad hate him. Just wait and see! I’m so sick that, in the end, we can’t discredit him with this thing about the room.” she yells. He contradicts her, “Who said we can’t?”

Tho walks in the company and notices that even though the employees greet him as the president, they all have mischievous smile on their faces.

Later he is stunned to learn that they are thinking that Khun Pabu is his mistress. Pim says they are saying the reason Khun Pabu got a job in this company and became the restaurant’s manager is…Tho asks what it is. She says because she traded her body for it. Tho says if Khun Pabu hears it, she probably will be so angry. Pim says it ruins her reputation so she could be mad at him as well.

Tho asks if Khun Pabu knows it already. Pim says she shouldn’t yet, she went to restaurant since this morning and should return in the afternoon. He tells her to call Pabu that she doesn’t have to come to the office today, and give her any excuse to make her work at the restaurant for now, and tell every manager to tell their staff that they must not talk about this rumor. Pim says she will take care all of that.

Pabu gets a call and asks if she doesn’t have to go to the office when she prepared many documents for Khun Tho. When she hangs up, Michael asks her what happened. Pabu says Khun Pim called to postpone the meeting and she doesn’t have to go to the office, and has one day off.

Michael says that’s good so why stressed out. Flur says Pim talked strangely, she could feel it. Get says may be she thinks too much and it’s good for her to have one day off. Flur says she will go for some exercise to keep her tummy in shape. “You two men, please take care of the restaurant for me.”

Michael tells her to leave. At the fitness, Flur overhears the girls talking that it’s unbelievable that Miss Bu..Bu something is Khun Tho’s girlfriend and even lived together. The girl tells her friend to stop talking about it because Khun Tho ordered it and Khun Pim gave their manager a call herself, probably afraid it will offend his girlfriend. Another girl says she’s not as pretty as her. The girl says pretty isn’t enough, she needs to be willing to lose some to gain some.

Pabu is pissed so she closes the locker door loudly. The girls recognize her and quickly leave.

Pabu marches into Tho’s office. “You ordered Khun Pim not to let me enter the building because there’s a rumor that I’m your mistress, isn’t it?!”

Tho says, “That’s right but…”

“That’s it. That’s all I want to know.”

“Aren’t you angry at me?” he asks.

“It’s just a rumor so I don’t care. I can understand it. I got angry because you didn’t tell me directly more.”

Pim explains that Khun Tho didn’t mean to hide it from her, but he’s afraid it would upset her. Tho assures Pabu that he will clear the rumor for her and will make sure no one misunderstand her. “All right?” he begs.

“Whatever, I’m not a popular star. They are just having fun talking and I don’t care.  Even with a pop star, it took only 2-3 days for a rumor to subside. I seriously don’t mind.” she smiles and shrugs.

Tho is surprised by her frankness.

Pim says they are lucky that Khun Pabu didn’t get angry. Tho says that’s right, it’s totally not what he expected. She says she will find out the source of the rumor, who did it. Tho says, “You don’t have to find out. I know who it is. At least, we are lucky that Khun Jemi isn’t here or else there will be more headache for sure.”

Pim says Khun Jemi will return tomorrow. “Khun Tho, please don’t see it as messing with the boss’s business, but you can’t keep avoiding Khun Jemi like this forever, and about using Khun Pabu to block Khun Jemi, I think you solve the problem at the end result. It’s better you do something to make it clear about this matter.”

“So it’s time for me to be resolute with Jemi, isn’t it?” he asks.

Pim says yes and about the rumor, even though Khun Pabu said it’s all right, in the end, the one who got ruined is her. “As a woman, I just think it’s unfair.” she says.

Tho smiles and says he didn’t say he wouldn’t do anything about it. He definitely will find a way to save Khun Pabu. She asks how he will do that. He smiles but doesn’t say it.

Part 8

Buri walks into his office where his friends are talking about the rumor. Toi asks him if the story about Khun Tho and Khun Pabu is true and if he knows how long they’ve been dating.

“There, you knew it and didn’t tell me. I want to hit you for it!” Toi accuses.

“What about?”

“Don’t you know?”

“What it is?” Buri repeats.

The lady says about Khun Tho and Khun Pabu are dating, not only that, she moved to Khun Tho’s room already to live together. She asks he worked with her a long while yet he doesn’t know about it. She says she got suspicious from the get-go why Khun Tho accepted Khun Pabu to work with him when normally it’s so rare he would take someone. She asks if they also know that Khun Pabu came from abroad but without any degree, she doesn’t know how to work and only dressed up nicely to sit in front of Khun Tho’s office. She goes on and on until Buri asks, “Who said she couldn’t do any work? She worked hard and also did everything. About Khun Tho, it’s just a rumor. Khun Pabu isn’t in any relationship with Khun Tho. Most importantly, stop gossiping already!”

Buri walks out so the lady wonders what happened to him. Toi says he has a wisdom-tooth toothache. LOL. She asks if he had to be that mad for a toothache.

It’s Yoga’s session for mom and daughter. Mathurot asks if working with Khun Tho is okay. Flur asks if she wants to ask about the rumor. Mom grins and says yes. Flur says she’s one of the gossipers too. Mom tells her to say it already whether or not it’s true. Flur says it’s not true. Mom is disappointed and she was delighted at first.

Flur asks instead of feeling happy that the rumor isn’t true, but a disappointment. Mom says Khun Tho is a good man and she thought about it, it seems Khun Tho is interested in her. “Trust me, my instinct is always precise.” Mathurot insists.

Flur tells her to change the subject. Mom concedes. Flur asks about Don, he called her this morning to borrow some money, which he lost it, to pay for a tutor class. Mom asks if she gave it to him. Flur says she didn’t have much so she transferred some of it, she asks what happened. Mom says he brought a friend to steal things from the house and got caught by Khun Tho so they had an argument making Khun Tho’s hand got cut by some glass. It took many stitches to stitch up his wound. Mom says it’s fortunate that Khun Tho didn’t mind it or else the house could explode.

Flur realizes that it’s his wound that day. She asks if mom knows what Don use the money for. She says she doesn’t know that and asks her to find out what he uses it for, it worries her if he will use it in a bad way.

Get guesses that Don could use it to hang out, eat, treat girls or play games. He says there are a lot of ways to use it. Michael says when he was young, he stole things from his house and sold it to pay for his cooking class. He thinks Don may be desperate for money now. Flur asks so what he uses the money for. Get says he doesn’t really know her brother so it’s hard to guess, and she has to figure it out from her brother’s character.

Flur says her mom said after the incident, she was strict with him and he only went to school, so she couldn’t think where he would spend the money. Michael says then it’s at school. Get says that’s right, school is like a second home and if she finds out at the school, she will surely get some info.

Pabu gets an idea and stares at Get. “Why staring at me?” he asks.

At school, Get and Flur come out of the restrooms for teachers. Get asks if she’s serious to do this and if they get caught, it will be a big trouble. She nods. He asks why they need to dress like this. She says he’s lucky that she didn’t make him wear a student uniform.

“What’s next? Where to?” he asks.

“Looking for Don, obviously.” she says.

Some students walk by and greet them as teachers. Get asks where to look for Don when the school is so huge. She answers, “At the land of heaven for people who skip classes.”

“The land of heaven?” Get asks.

She pulls him to the men’s restroom. She asks if he never skipped class and stayed a long time in a toilet. She tells him to get in there and they may find out something. He asks why it has to be him. “Because you are a man!” she says the obvious.

Flur is getting impatient so she walks in there. “Where are you?!” The boys and Flur scream. Get comes out and says there’s nothing there. A student runs to his friend and says Don’s group is being kicked at the storage room by Chet’s group. He tells him to hurry go there.

Flur asks what happened to Don and where the storage room is. He asks who she is. Flur takes of her glasses so he recognizes her, “Pee! (sis!)” Flur asks again where the storage room is.

Tho comes to talk with Don’s teacher at his school. He says he’s worried if Don has some problem at school. He tells her to please take care of his brother. The teacher tells him not to worry, she will look after him. Tho spots Get and Flur downstairs running in a hurry.

Don tells Chet that he gave him some money already and will hurry give him the rest. Don’s friend begs Chet for more time, he really can’t find money in time. “Can’t find in time?” Chet asks then allows his gang to kick them some more.

Flur records the clip on her phone as an evidence. A student snatches her phone from her hand but she grabs it back. Flur composes herself like a teacher. “I’m the one should be asking what you all are doing here? Tell me your names, which grade and class you are in. Tell me now and I will report it to your advisers!”

The student asks if she’s a teacher when he never sees her before, and what course she teaches. Flur comes up with a hilariously long abbreviation of a course name. Get can only gape.

Don turns to look at her. The student wonders what course she’s saying. Flur yells at him that she teaches every course and asks his name. “Your name? Tell your teacher right now!…”

“Pee Flur!” Don shouts feeling delighted, but it’s the end of story for Flur.

“Your sister?” Chet asks then tells his friends that she’s not a teacher but Don’s sister. Flur shows them the clip and if they harm her or her brother, she will upload it on FB and YT and that will be the end of their future.

Chet tells his friends not to listen to her and get her phone. They push and pull then her phone dropped to the floor into pieces, twice. Flur gets so mad that she keeps hitting them. A teacher arrives with a guard, she says it’s them again and she will tell their advisers about this. Chet and his gang run away.

Tho comes with them too. He notices who is standing here. “Khun!” he says.

Flur and Get turn to him and she lets out, “Khun!” Tho looks at her from head to toe. Flur realizes she got caught and lets out a cheap smile.

Part 9

Flur asks Tho what he’s doing here. He says it should be him asking when she disguised herself like this. He asks if she wants to become a teacher and doesn’t want to work in the restaurant anymore.  Flur says it’s not that, her mom is stressed out about Don stealing things in the house so she came to find out what problem Don has. She asks how about him.

He says the same with him too. He feels Don acting strangely these days so he came to consult with his teacher. Flur laughs.

“What are you laughing about?” he politely asks.

“Your method is so nerdy. You must be someone who loved to report on others when you were a kid, didn’t you?”

Tho doesn’t think that’s funny so she stops laughing. “All right, I’ll laugh no more.”

He asks if she found out what’s with Don. She says Don’s friend is addicted to soccer-gambling and he is chased after about his debt, so Don helps pay the debt for his friend.

“Addicted to soccer-gambling?”

“You don’t have to be so alarmed. He only loves his friend so much so he volunteers to help. He didn’t bet himself.”

She says if he had a talk with his brother when they fought that day, he would have known it a long time ago. “So it’s my fault for not asking my brother?” he asks. She tells him not to scold Don once he goes home.

“I’m only worried about Don. I don’t want him walking down the wrong path. I have only one brother so I want to  look for only good things for him. I put him in a good school yet this kind thing could happen.” Tho says while Don is standing behind a corner listening.

Flur says putting him in good school only makes him stay in better surroundings, but everything still depends on the family and not throwing all kinds of burdens at the school. Don leaves the spot.

Flur shows him her broken cell phone. She wants to claim for a new one since it was dropped while she’s on duty. “What duty? Isn’t Don also your brother?” he asks. “I’m not giving you one.” he answers.

“But..” she stammers.

” ‘But’ what?”

“So stingy!”

Tho smiles.

Tho gives Don’s friend the money to pay back his debt. He tells him to quit gambling. Don’t friend thanks him and promises he will quit. Flur threatens him if she knows he’s back to gambling and brings trouble to her brother, she will call the police to arrest him. The boy insists he won’t do it again.

Tho tells Don that he will head back first. Don walks away so his friend follows him. Tho thanks Flur for her caring of his brother. “Your brother is also my brother.” she says.

“Eh…are you okay with the rumor at the company? I never had such rumor with anyone, so when it’s you, everyone is especially interested.” he asks.

Flur says she doesn’t care about others but Khun Jemi, and her life may turn upside down once she hears it.

Jemi reads her card, “Jemi went to Chiang Mai and bought coffee and sweets for Pee Tho. Please enjoy eating.   — Jemi.”

Someone is uploading a photo of Tho and Flur on the net.

Toi sees it and calls Buri over, “Khan, come here fast and check this out!” Toi says whoever did this must want to stir up trouble for sure. Buri keeps his emotion in tact and says it came out the day Khum Jemi return too.

“Everyone! I bought so many souvenirs for you.” Jemi walks in in a really good mood. She asks what they are looking at and wants to take a look. “No, you can’t!” Toi stops her. Jemi says they hide it so fast like this, it must be something great (in a fun way). Toi says it’s a photo, to stir up a wild tiger, which Khan loves to look at while he’s working. Buri looks at him, huh? Then he says if she wants to take a look, she may do so. Jemi says so gross!

Buri asks what she bought for him. The lady walks in without noticing Jemi and shouts, “Everyone, did you see Khun Tho’s photo, his leaked photo?” Then she realizes it judging by the horror on both men’s faces.

“Pee Tho’s leaked photo? What leaked photo?” Jemi asks her but she walks away in no time. LOL. Toi scoots himself away from her while shoving Buri to her instead.

“There’s something I’m unaware of, isn’t there?” she asks.

“Nothing!” Buri gulps.

“So you’re not going to tell, aren’t you?”

“There’s nothing to tell.”

She finally sees the photo on the laptop and is horrified.

NgamYing asks MekPat if the photo is his doing. MekPat nods and says in the party he saw the way Tho look at that woman and he could guess what he’s thinking, so he had someone find out until he got these great photos. She says why he didn’t tell her long back and let her find out alone like crazy. He says if he told her, her reaction could jeopardize his plan so he waited to release this great thing. A lady rushes inside and tells them that Khun Jemi is about to have an argument with Khun Pabu.

Pabu sees the photo and notices two men are trying to stop Jemi from barging in.

“Why did you lie to me? Why did you do this to me? You knew I loved Pee Tho so much, loved for a long time. You said you didn’t think anything of him then what’s the meaning of the photo showing you went to Pee Tho’s room, and the rumor that you lived with him in his room!” Jemi asks Pabu.

Pim tells her to calm down, about that photo, she, Khun Don and Khun Get were there too. Khun Don was so drunk that they needed to take him to rest in Khun Pabu’s room. Flur says she and Khun Tho aren’t in a relationship, and about the room, it’s Khun Tho asking her to live there but he never once went to see her there.

“That can’t be! Pee Tho is very cautious, there’s no way he would let someone whom he just knew live in his room! It’s you who flirted with him, didn’t you? Didn’t you?!…” Jemi gets louder and louder.

“Jemi!” Tho stops her. He suggests they talk in his office. Jemi says no, she will talk here and doesn’t care about others. She tells him to explain now what’s meaning of all the rumors.

NgamYing and MekPat enter and wait to hear it too.

Tho sighs and says, “Just like Khun Pabu said, I was the one asking Khun Pabu to live here.”

“Why did you have to ask her that?” Jemi is about to cry.

“He asked that, to have me keep you away from him so that you realize he doesn’t like you.” Flur says then tells Tho to tell her when things gotten this far.

“Pee Tho, you fooled me?”

“Jemi, I didn’t fool you. All this time, I tried to express, tried to tell you that I see you as my sister only, but you never paid attention to what I tried to say at all. It’s all my faults. I should have told you straight away from the beginning. I’m sorry.” Tho tries to soften the blow.

Girl, he said to talk inside. Aww…how sad for a girl to hear this among the crowd.

Jemi yells at Flur that she planned to catch Pee Tho so she instigated all of it and made him turn this way.

“Jemi, Khun Pabu wouldn’t do such thing. (He looks around.) Then I will say it right here for everyone to hear so that you wouldn’t misunderstand things and would stop talking about Khun Pabu in a way of ruining her. (He pauses.) There’s never a sign from Khun Pabu that she likes me, but if it’s what the rumor said, must be me who tries to make it happen.” Tho concludes then walks away.

Everyone is so stunned to hear that. Jemi cries and leaves the scene, including Buri and Toi.

Toi recites Tho’s words to his colleagues, “There’s never a sign from Khun Pabu that she likes me, but if it’s what the rumor said, must be me who tries to make it happen. Khun Stayu said this, people!” The girls squeal.

“What? ‘I try to make it happen’ ?”

“It obviously means Khun Tho likes Khun Pabu. Done?”

A girl shrieks that they are a beautiful woman and handsome man, such a perfect couple and she’s so jealous of her. Buri hears them. Toi says the person they should sympathize with the most is Khun Jemi, and he doesn’t know where she’s now drama-ing. Buri thinks of Jemi and walks outside.

MekPat says he means to discredit him but it turns out that everyone gets so excited that he finally has a girlfriend. NgamYing says that’s right, he must have made great merits in his past life that they couldn’t harm him in any way. She feels bad for Jemi who must be feeling so sad now that she can’t do anything, and where she ran out to.

“Mek, why don’t you use this chance to court that girl? A broken-hearted would be in need of someone to lean on, and if you approach her now, that girl may change her mind and like you instead of Tho!” she suggests.

He says that’s interesting only if Jemi wouldn’t commit suicide because she couldn’t handle it. Ngam says he’s just joking.

Jemi walks alone to the dock and Buri sees her. “She’s not thinking of taking a short way out (suicide), isn’t she?…Khun! Khun!” he shouts and runs to her.

He backhugs her and yells, “Don’t do it!…” She struggles free which makes him fall down the river instead. LOL. Jemi calls out to him.

Tho continues working in his office while Pim keeps staring at him. He says this project he approved a long time ago but why the construction made no progress. He orders her to take back the documents of this project so that they know in which department it got delayed.

Pim bites her lips dying to ask. “Is there anything?” he asks.

“What you said in front of everyone, what does it mean?”

“Well…it doesn’t mean anything. I said it because I didn’t want Khun Pabu’s reputation be damaged.”

“Only that? You seriously don’t feel the same way what you said?”

He perks up.

“It’s all right, you don’t have to tell me, but you should explain and make it clear to Khun Pabu. She must be confused by now.” Pim suggests.

Episode 6 Preview

Tho: “Happy Birthday to you.”

Tho: “I think I like you.”

Ngam: “Pee Rung, don’t you know that you’re getting your stepchild as daughter-in-law?”

Get: “Why don’t you face with it? Talk to her, and perhaps things aren’t that bad like you’re thinking.”

Jemi: “If you don’t stop messing around Pee Tho then don’t blame me for not warning you enough!”


I don’t blame the employees  for gossiping when the topic was so ripe for discussion, but not to the point of looking down on any person or making the matter worse. Poor Jemi, she’s so honest with her feeling that she shouldn’t learn how Tho felt that way, however, creating a scene in the company would benefit no one. Buri is starting to realize that his love rival isn’t someone to reckon with. Tho is  like a big wall bouncing off everything when he determines to do something. I hope he will stand strong when facing a huge storm coming his way.

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