Tai Ngao Jun Episode 4


Love every scene where StaYu, Buri and Get stayed in one single frame. It was such a joy hearing them communicate in each own way of formality, or not. Also, I don’t dislike Jemi because of the actress’s lovely face and her cute feminine voice  🙂

Episode 4

Part 1

Get comes behind Buri and asks what he’s doing here. Buri pulls him away to talk. He asks if Get also followed Pabu here in secret. Get asks if he followed Flur.

“You saw it, she’s with another guy. Are you feeling okay?…” Buri asks.

Flur greets Get that he’s here already, then she asks how Buri could be here. Buri says he came to pick on her, for leaving him work by himself. He says for himself, it’s all right, but how she could leave Get to work for her then has a good time dating with her new gig (a slang). “How can you do this to him?!”

“A date with a gig?” she asks.

Michael comes calling Flur that her friends are here. It’s Tho and Jemi. LOL.

Get smiles knowing what’s going on. Flur asks why they are all here.

Tho turns to Buri instead and asks, “That’s right, Khun Buri, why are you here when it’s working hours?”

“Start with you first, Khun StaYu.” Flur asks.


Flashback, Tho paces back and forth then decides to ask Pim if Khun Pabu didn’t come to office these days. Pim couldn’t help smiling. She says yes, and may be she’s working at the restaurant.

Jemi interrupts that it’s not true, she heard from Khun Buri that Pabu didn’t go to the restaurant at all and left it to her friend to take care. She heard Pabu’s so hooked to her boyfriend and not working at all each day.

Tho says it shouldn’t be true, Khun Pabu isn’t like that. He thinks she misunderstands it. Jemi tells him to come with her to prove it, and if it appears what she said, he must fire Khun Pabu.

Back to present, Flur asks again, how he could be here. Jemi says if he wouldn’t say it, she will. She says she’s the one taking Pee Tho here, so that he can see for himself that Pabu skipped work to have a good time with her boyfriend.

“Me? Have a great time with my boyfriend?”

Jemi nods.

Flur says so that’s what they think and why both of them are here, obviously to pick on her. “Let me announce it here, I came to negotiate with a chef to work for the restaurant, not that I’m not working like you think.”

Michael suggests they have his sweets. Flur says since they are all here, “Let me introduce to you, this is Michael, our future chef.” She introduces StaYu to Michael, the restaurant’s owner.

Michael says he didn’t yet accept to be her chef. Pabu says at this point, don’t play hard to get. Buri tells himself, “She has Michael too when she has Get already.”

Everyone looks at him so he says, “I mean you brought a load of friends to work with you, so it’s like a business for friends.”

Jemi says that’s right. Flur says she didn’t pick Michael because he’s her friend but because he’s a great chef, just try his sweets and they can see for themselves.

“Let me try it, how can it be that good?” Jemi tries it and is amazed.

Flur asks how it is, and that’s just a casual recipe from him, a more serious one will definitely make them die tasting it. “One more?” she asks Jemi.

Flur walks with Tho and asks if he can see how she told him that Michael was a great chef and he can do both main dishes and desserts. She says if he hires him, it will be so worth it.

He says, “Okay, now I believe you. You did a good job, and now my father won’t have any excuse to interfere with the restaurant. However, I still need to look at Michael’s resume and taste other dishes of his, if they really taste great like you’ve been boasting.” She says of course, he can do that.

Tho says it seems she and this chef aren’t normal acquainted, and she begged him more than usual, it seems out of her way.

Flur says she had done bad things to him in the past, but now it’s been cleared. She says if there’s nothing else, she wants to get back to Michael.


“What is it?”

“That I followed you here without telling, not that I didn’t trust you, and you know how I couldn’t refuse Jemi. She wanted to take me here so I had to…”

“It’s all right. I understand.” she smiles and walks away.

Get looks at Flur doing the dancing and asks if she isn’t overdoing it and she may faint. She says she has to get rid of fat and protein she enormously consumed while she followed Michael around.

Get asks, “How did you trick Michael…eh…how did you do it, to make Michael become your chef?”

She says, “Everything. I had to trade myself for it and do everything he ordered. I was abused and put to work more than a slave!”

She says Michael volunteered to teach children at an orphanage how to cook, so she followed him to help, hoping he would . She says Michael made her do everything, and she had to face with those children.

Flashback, Flur teaches a girl how to beat the mixture with egg, she encourages her to do it faster and faster, then the mixture spills on her face. “It all right, Pee Flur loves children, so it’s fine. Is so funny, isn’t it? It’s fine really.” she says through gritted teeth.

Michael shows her his conditions, and if she can follow all of them, he will work with her.

She reads: chef must take part and think all the restaurant’s menu himself; all ingredients must be fresh, non-toxic and within standard; they must put food quality and consumers’ happiness before the restaurant’s profit.

She asks why so many conditions. He says if she can’t accept all of it then they don’t have to talk anymore. Flur pouts.

Back to present, Get nods and asks if her boss will accept the conditions. He says Khun Tho is a businessman and he runs the restaurant thinking about the turnover, while Michael is artist having high ideal of cooking, so how they will get along. She says, “I don’t know. They must meet half-way. Let me try.”

Mom calls Flur, “What? Where? You intercept Khun Tho, and about Don, I’ll take care of it. All right, mom.” she hangs up and thinks. “Get! Let’s go!” She pulls him along. He asks where to.

Part 2

Pabu and Get come to a nightclub. A guard checks her ID and has to look at her again. Pabu shows him her face (to compare with her ID) and says it’s a new trend (the way she dresses). She asks if she can get inside now. The guard invites her in.

Pabu asks Get what he’s laughing about, and he’d better locate her brother fast before his elder brother learns that he sneaked out of the house. Pabu wants go separate direction so Get stops her and asks what her brother looks like, he never sees him. Pabu has to pull him along with her.

Back at the house, Tho knocks Don’s bedroom door and it’s MathuRot inside. She gets nervous what she should do. Tho tells Don to open the door for him, he turns quiet when Don doesn’t answer him. MathuRot is relieved.

Pabu and Get still look for Don.

Tho gets inside the room which spooks MathuRot. He asks where Don is. When MaThuRot couldn’t say it, he says Don sneaked out again, did he not. She says she doesn’t know.

Don is dancing while a call comes in, he checks the number and doesn’t pay attention to it. Then another call from Tho, this time he hesitates. Pabu grabs his phone and asks he sneaked out at this young age. Don’s friend asks Pabu what kind of dress she’s wearing and they all laugh. She says if they don’t want to die then shut up. Pabu pulls Don away.

Pabu picks up Tho’s call instead and says Don is with her. She says she’s moving her things so she asked Don for help, and now it’s late so she thinks Don should sleep here.

Tho asks if Don is really at her room. He listens to her then says thank you so much.

Pabu pokes Don’s head and says it’s so fortunate that she found him first, and if Khun Tho knows it, his house would probably explode. She says next time if he wants to sneak out, plan well, so no one will get in trouble.

She threatens him not to ever make her mother stressed out again. She asks if he gets that, and when Don doesn’t answer, she grabs his chin and asks again. She tells him not to turn his face away and asks again louder.

Don cries out that it hurts then jumps behind Get. Pabu asks again and she will throw the cell phone at him if Don won’t answer. Get tells her not to be too harsh. Don asks if she’s a dog or what. Pabu yells at him that she will allow him just this once and if there’s next time, he will be dead.

“Flur, just calm down and talk…” Get says.

“Be quiet!” she orders.

Don begs Get to save him.

MaThuRot thanks Flur for taking care of her brother last night. Pabu says it’s all right. Mom says if it’s not Flur, she doesn’t know who to rely on, and nowadays, Don sneaked out at night so often and fought with Khun Tho almost everyday, and the only thing she could do is not to let Khun Tho know. If he knows it, they will fight even more.

Pabu says it’s only that crucial time of a teenager. Mom says she doesn’t know what to do with Don, and if she lets it be like this, Khun Tho will surely learn of it one day. Pabu tells her not to worry, she will find a way to teach her brother a lesson. She says she’s also stubborn like this in the past, so she knows how to handle this kind of youngster.

Tho looks at a small fountain at the restaurant and smiles. He stops smiling when Pabu walks over and asks if he feels fresh.

He asks how Don could help her arrange her things yesterday. Pabu says she had to move some things so she LINE-ed Don and Don said he’s available and felt bored at home, bored with someone who kept on babbling, and he didn’t want to go home.

Tho says, “Tell you the truth, I don’t trust Don at all. I didn’t think he knew how to do this kind of thing.”

She asks, on what matter he ever trusted his younger brother. He says Don misbehaved and done nothing useful everyday, what there is for him to trust.

“Let me tell you, because you always are so strict and kept scolding your brother without trying to understand a teenager like Don. That’s why Don was so bored that he had to run.”

“Run? From what?”

“Run to my room to help me move things, to relieve his stress!”

He chuckles and asks if she thinks he believes her, so it’s better she tell him the truth.

“What truth?”

She gets a phone message then says looks like Michael is here, so she will go walk him in.

Michael invites Tho to taste his dishes. Tho starts eating.

“So? Does it taste good?” Pabu gets anxious to know.

“Khun Pabu told me that your family was very rich. If you had everything like this, why didn’t you open a restaurant yourself?” Tho asks.

Michael says his family wants to open a restaurant for him but he doesn’t like doing business with his family, it’s confusion and he doesn’t like to run any business, he just wants to cook for people, that’s all.

“You seem very independent. What if one day you change your mind and don’t want to work for my restaurant anymore, what should I do?” Tho asks.

Michael says the restaurant doesn’t open for business yet so why worry already about him quitting. He says he isn’t such unreliable, but if he wants to quit, he will write down the food recipes, which he guarantees the taste of the food won’t change at all.

Tho likes it and nods. Pabu hands him Michael’s little conditions. Tho reads it and asks Michael if it isn’t too much, just one breach of contract, and he will resign.

“Everything is up to you whether you will take a risk with me, or don’t have the courage to.” Michael answers.

Tho tastes the food some more then says, “That’s right, business is taking the risk…and your food is very delicious. I’m willing to take the risk. (He stands up.) Welcome to SaSiWong.”

They shake hands and Michael says thank you. Pabu is overwhelmed and claps her hands.

MekPat comes to see Jemi at Design Department. He asks why she’s here alone and where her buddy is. She says Khun Buri went to the restaurant. He asks if it’s almost done. She says she doesn’t know that, and only knows Pee Tho got himself a chef, a highly skilled one. He asks if that’s true. She says it is and she already tasted the food and never in her life that she ate such delicious sweets. It’s so tasty that she almost fainted. He asks if it’s that good. She says it is and she thinks once the restaurant open, many people will come for sure. This news doesn’t please MekPat at all.

MekPat is on the phone praising the person (Luk-tan?) on the line for good job done. “If I’m unhappy, others must be too. You do everything to make him trust you so much. Do you understand? I’ll have to go. I will contact you again.”

He sees Don come out of the house. Don is surprised to see him and wants to make some excuse. MekPat asks if he’s sneaking out to have a good time. He says just go. Don smiles and thanks him.

Don joins his friends at the nightclub again. A friend challenges other friends that anyone can get the girl’s phone number, he will give that person a treat. Don asks which girl. “That one.” they point her to him.

A girl is dancing with her back turning to them. Don tells them to take a look then walks to her.

“Hi, pretty girl.” Don greets her.

She turns around and says, “My brother, so you want my phone number?”

Don says don’t tell him that she came to take him home.He wants to walk away.

“Wait, today I came to party with you.” Pabu says.

His friend comes over and says Don is so cool then wants to tell her his name. Don says it’s his sister. Another friend says it’s that sister who wore a weird dress that day.

Pabu says she’s in a good mood today and intends to treat them, but with this mouth of his, just pay it themselves. The boy says sorry. Pabu says today it’s her treat, if not drunk then not going back. The boys are happy.

MathuRot asks Tho where he’s going. He says to find Don, and she doesn’t need to keep it from him because uncle Mek told him that he saw Don leave the house. She tells him not to worry because Flur went with him too.

Tho asks if Pabu went too, how and where she went.

Part 3

Don and Pabu get drunk and, in the end, Don tells her that he can’t drink anymore. Pabu is so drunk and says he said he wanted to drink so much, so finish all of it. She looks around and asks where all his friends are and how they could leave him here.

Tho and Get arrive. A waiter says they seem to be these two customers’ relatives. Tho says yes. He asks him to take them home because the place is closed now. Tho says yes.

Tho pats Don’s shoulder. He turns to him and smiles, “Tho!” (which makes me laugh because he supposes to say ‘Pee Tho’, by leaving ‘Pee’ it’s like he’s his friend or older than him). Tho says he’s so drunk so he’d better go home. Don says, “It’s really Tho here.”

Get takes Pabu outside.

Don throws up so Tho asks how he’s feeling. Don says he’s feeling very sick. Pabu says, “That’s great. So remember this feeling and how you suffer.”

Get asks Tho what they should do with this brother and sister. Get says he will take Flur back to her room so that Tho can take his brother home.

Get is taking Flur back when Tho stops him. “Hold on, it’s better that I go drop Khun Pabu myself. She isn’t fully conscious and you are a man, so how can I trust you? I and Khun Pabu are brother and sister, so it won’t look inappropriate.”

Get argues that they are not real siblings and only get to know each other not very long, so how he can trust him. He reminds Tho that he and Flur knew each other since they were kids, much longer than him.

Flur yells at them so whom they want her to leave with. Tho still doesn’t feel comfortable to let them leave together. In the end, they all get in one car with Tho sitting in the back with the drunks. LOL.

Get is driving and keeps telling Don not to throw up in his car, he just washed his car recently. Tho tells Don to take a deep breath. Don says he’s going to puke. Get orders him to swallow it down. Pabu yells at Get to pull over (she wants to puke now). Get says he can’t when there’s a car behind them, and he will stop at a gas station for her.

Tho tells her to calm down. Get tells Tho there’s a bag at the back of the seat. Tho finds it and says sorry to Pabu then covers her face with it. LOL. She grabs it off her face then tells Get to pull over now or she’s going to throw up and make a mess. Get says he will do that right now. The drunks get out of the car and throw up.

Pabu wakes up in the morning and sees Don on another bed. She wakes him up and asks how he could be in her room. She tells him to go home. He looks around and asks how he could be in this place, and asks if she carried him here. She says what carried so he asks who did it.

Get walks in and asks if they are now resurrected. Pim comes in and tells them to have a drink first so they will feel better.

Get tells Pabu to drink first. He says she was so drunk last night while Don also kept throwing up just like his sister did. Don thanks him for taking him back here. Get tells him not to thank him but thank Khun Tho instead, because he took care of him all night.

Don recalls how it was last night and smiles. (Tho looks after Don who’s throwing up. He asks Don how he is. Don says he feels like dying.)

Pabu teases Don that he feels overwhelmed thinking about his brother. Don feels awkward and says no then walks away.

Tho asks Pabu, who’s eating an ice-cream, how Don is. She says he still had a hangover so she let him sleep some more in her room. Tho smiles and says  it’s because she made him drunk until he lost the grip on himself. She says it’s his brother who wanted to try it so she assisted him, so that he would stop wanting to drink, to the point of hating it. Tho says Don would probably be afraid of it for a long while.

She apologizes for taking Don out and not telling him first. It’s her mother’s request because she didn’t want anyone to quarrel.

“It’s all right, but don’t do it again.”

She asks if he’s been so strict with his brother like this since he was a kid. Tho sits down and says no, they were very close when they were kids, and he doesn’t know how it got to this point. “I’m trying to be a good brother, but everything I do seems to offend him.”

She says may be he loves him too much and that turns into a pressure. She says he’s like her father who told her not to do this or that, but the more he did, the more she wanted to beat him.

“You felt happy on top of your parents’ pain?”

“You sound like I’m an ungrateful child. I was just…asking for attention.”

He says she must be missing her father, then why she doesn’t visit him from time to time. “Your grandmother is no longer around so it’s your father who loves you the most now.”

“How did you know about my grandmother?” she’s stunned.

He smiles and leaves her to ponder on it.

Part 4

Pabu walks into the restaurant and wonders why she couldn’t remember anything. Buri asks if she just came. She nods. He stares at her so she asks why he’s staring at her. He asks why her tired face, a hangover?

She touches her face. He asks if she cry when she’s drunk. “Crying?” she tries to think. Then she recalls what happened that night.

Flashback, Get tells Tho that he will bring the car around so he will leave Flur with him. Flur asks Get if he’s going home now. Get says he will go get the car.

Tho has both Don and Pabu in his arms. Flur scolds Don why he behaves like a problem child when he has such a great house, a lovely mother and a father who lets him do anything. She says having a rich family, it’s such a joy.

“What’s so great about it? So boring!” Don answers.

She asks if Don knows that her parents went separate ways since she was a kid, and she had only a grandmother raising her alone, and she was so happy then. Don says, “Right.”

Pabu starts to cry and says no, she wasn’t happy. When she lived with her grandmother, it was all right then, but once her grandmother passed away, she had to live with a cruel stepmother. “My life is so sad…like a nang’ek (heorine) in a lakorn! Grandma, I missed you! Dad, I missed you too!” She weeps and Don has to cover his ears.

Tho consoles her that it’s all right. She looks at him then screams, “Dad! I missed you. Don’t leave me! Dad!” She hugs Tho tight. Tho says all right (as if he’s her father). She keeps repeating to him not to leave her.

Back to present, Pabu is horrified. “What did I do? No, that’s not true!” She runs out. Buri wonders what got into her.

Tho enters his office. Pim asks what they will do with “The Miracle” project. Tho says they have to fix it until the customer is satisfied, and if the current set of workers can’t achieve that, replace the whole set. Pim says yes.

Tho asks her what it is (on his desk). She says it’s the receipt Khun Pabu paid when entertaining Khun Don’s friends. She left it for him.

Pabu wrote, “You may transfer 7,590 net! no service charge, to my payroll account^^”

He smiles. A call comes in and he says, he’s talking about her and she calls. Pim teases that their hearts appear feeling the same way. Tho gives her a glare. She stops smiling and excuses herself.

He picks up the call and greets her. Pabu tries to bring up what happened last night. He tells her not to think too much of it and that he understands. He says it’s a nice change to see her from a different angle. She pouts.

He says they should talk about the receipt she left for him more. She says it’s the amount she paid for the liquor last night.

“How that has to do with me?” he asks. She says it’s the cost of teaching his brother a lesson. He says his brother is her brother too, and asks if she won’t take any responsibility.

She says, “Do I have any money?And I was lenient that I didn’t charge you for my labor and time.”

“I took the role of being your father too, but I didn’t charge you for it.” LOL.

“Okay! I’ll pay for it. I’ll get to work now.” she hangs up and says, “So stingy!”

Get walks over and starts laughing. She tells him to tell her now what actually happened last night.

“In short, out of manners, drunk, ugly…it’s your style.

“That bad?”

“From ‘Flur’ to ‘Fe’ (rotten).”


“And you almost threw up on Khun Tho too!”

“What? Did he scold me?”

Get shakes his head and says, “He’s such a (gentle) man taking good care of you and your brother, and even called Khun Pim to help.”

“Now gone my image.” she says.

She gets a message from Tho, “Dad (Tho calls himself her dad) already transferred the money to you, you don’t have to return the change, it’s your tip.” Pabu screams so Get wants to take a look but she won’t let him. “Flur, let me see it.” Buri comes out, clearly heard their conversation.

Buri asks Get where he, Khun Pabu and Khun Tho went together. Get just looks at him. Buri says how they are colleagues but didn’t ask him to join them when hanging out, and won’t tell him about it too, it hurts his feeling.

When Get still doesn’t say, Buri says they are colleagues so they shouldn’t keep secrets from one another, so tell him now. Get asks if he really wants to know. Buri says very. “Then bring your ears closer.” Get says.

“Go on wanting (to know)!” Get pats Buri’s shoulder and walks away. LOL.

Tho asks Pim if Don went back already. Pim says he did, then asks him about Khun Pabu. He says she should feel better by now. Pim says it’s so fortunate that no one saw him take Khun Pabu and Khun Don to the room or else it will be a big issue.

Jemi comes out and asks if he spent the night here. She heard from uncle Mek that he came home almost dawn, and she also heard that he went upstairs to the room with someone in the middle of the night.

Tho asks whom she heard it from. She asks if it’s true. He pauses then says, “It’s true. I took Khun…” Pim intervenes, “Khun Don spent the night here with his friends, so Khun Tho let them stay here.”

Jemi is relieved and she thought he hid a girl in his room, to which she will never allow that.

In the meeting, Tho declares the meeting is over and thanks everyone. Rung gestures MekPat to say it. MekPat asks Tho to tell them about the restaurant in detail and he heard he already got a new chef.

NgamYing says she wants to hear it too. She asks where this chef come from and if his cooking skills are good. Tho says he’s a great chef. She asks which award he achieved to guarantee that.

Rung says even though this restaurant belongs to the former president, it runs on the company’s budget, so the directors should take part in approving and inspecting it.

“Father, don’t you worry about that. I had prepared the document. If the restaurant the last time were strictly inspected like this, it wouldn’t fold.”

“What do you mean by that?” Rung whispers.

“I meant what I said.” Tho says.

“If everyone is having doubt about the chef, I will ask my chef to prove how good he is to you. Do you agree?” Tho asks.

Meeting adjourned. Tho stops his father, uncle and aunt from leaving. He asks his father if he had offended him in any way for them to keep picking on him.

Rung says who would dare picking on the president. MekPat says they asked because they were worry and no one wants to make him feel uncomfortable.

Tho says it’s fine if that’s what it is, but if it’s because they want this land for a condo, he asks them to give up on the idea, because he will never hand over the restaurant to them to build a condo.

NgamYing says he said that a million time already, no one wants to touch his restaurant!

Tho says this restaurant established by the effort of his grandfather and grandmother, it used to be grandfather’s restaurant, it’s the restaurant they had happy time together. He asks if they could remember that.

Rung yells if that’s all he wanted to say. “Let’s go. Let him be crazy obsessing over an asset alone!” Rung tells his brother and sister. They leave.

Tho tells Pim to tell Khun Pabu about telling Michael to show his cooking skills at the company.

Part 5

Michael doesn’t understand why he needs to show others his cooking. Pabu tells him to calm down. He says if they don’t trust his cooking then don’t hire him and she should know well that he doesn’t like being picked on. “So noid!” he says (paranoid).

She says, “Don’t noid yet, I don’t want it like this too…but I think it’s also a good thing.”


“I will use this opportunity to introduce the restaurant and you! I will arrange a huge event to make you shine!”

Michael doesn’t buy it. “Don’t you love a challenge? You can show those who look down on your cooking and make them stunned. (He’s chewing his food.) Don’t you want everyone stunning by your food like me? (She tastes his food.) Very good! Please! Michael, please!” she begs.


“Thank you. Michael, thank you.”

Pabu visits her dad at home.

Manoo complains that Pabu didn’t call him at all and when he called, she’s busy. He misses her so much. Pabu says she’s busy these days both about the chef and her brother. He says at least she could stop by and let him see her a bit. She says she knew that he would be upset so she brings her chef’s dishes for him to taste.

She tells him to try it then says she will spoon-feed him. He says it’s extremely delicious. He enjoys the food a lot. Flur asks if in the past she was very stubborn and caused him a headache.

He touches her forehead to check her temperature. He asks if she’s fallen sick to ask him this. She says it’s because she faced with her brother’s stubbornness exactly like hers. She says he’s stubborn, self-centered and listening to no one. It’s like she’s seeing her own reflection for a mirror.

Manoo laughs and says now she knows, to face with someone like her, how bad a headache she gave him, it’s pricking his brain. Flur asks if it’s that bad.

Bam comes home from school and is happy to see Flur. She says she missed her so much. Kate sits down at the table. Flur greets her sternly. Kate starts eating while asking Flur if her restaurant is close to fold already.

Flur says no, it’s not because it has a great chef who cooks delicious food, even a dinner can’t stop eating. Kate doesn’t think so. Flur says it’s true, the dinner eats without asking whose food it is. Kate wonders if it’s as tasty as the food (on the table now) of this restaurant.

Manoo tells Kate that all she’s eating is Flur’s chef cooking which she brought for them to try. Kate stops eating right away. Flur asks if she won’t continue, and she didn’t try this dish yet. Flur puts some on Kate’s plate and tells her to taste it. Kate eats it.

“Is it delicious?” Flur nags.

“Quite eatable, but who knows, may be you bought it from other good restaurant and referred it as yours.”

Flur says in that case, she must attend the event she will arrange to launch her new chef and restaurant. She invites Manoo too and he accepts  it.

Flur talks to her mother on the phone saying it’s a pity that she can’t come, and she really wants her to taste Michael’s food. MathuRot says sorry, and she’s really unavailable today but she’s sending her her full support. Flur asks if she doesn’t want to see her dad, that’s why she won’t come. MathuRot says it’s not that and she really has to run an errand with Don.

MathuRot asks Flur how she did it because Don doesn’t go out at night that often like before. Flur smiles and says it’s a secret then ends the conversation.

Tho and Pim walk in and he asks Flur if everything is all set. Flur says yes and now Michael and Get are preparing everything for cooking.

Michael asks Get if everything is all here. Get checks the ingredients and says they are all here.

Jemi walks into the room and looks at the ingredients. She recalls how MekPat told her that, if she doesn’t want the restaurant be opened, she must do what he told her. Jemi has a small bottle in her hand and is looking very nervous.

Flur meets all the guests and says they are going to show them seven dishes according to the judges’ budget. She invites them to watch.

NgamYing tells MekPat that, with the budget they gave them, there’s no way it would be enough. Michael starts cooking.

Food is being served to the judges. Flur invites them to taste it. Everyone’s reaction to the food appears positive. Flur asks them how it is.

NgamYing says they spent all the budget with these six dishes, so the seventh one must be an empty plate.

“No, it’s not.” Flur assures her.

Flur serves them the last dish and says it’s Michael’s menu highlight. Michael says he mixes the leftover of all today’s ingredients and turns it into this dish, he invites them to give it a try. They try it and Manoo gives Flur thump ups.

Flur asks if there’s any disagreement with the taste of Michael’s cooking. When no one voices any opinion, she announces, “Then, congratulations to Michael, the handsome chef of ‘La Moon’ restaurant!”

They give Michael a round of applause.

Jemi comes out and MekPat asks her why she changed her mind and helped Tho. She says it’s true that she likes Pee Tho, but she doesn’t want to put others in trouble. He says he already warned her many time, then if anything happens, don’t regret it later. She asks why he had to be Pee Tho’s stumbling block when he’s his grandson, should he not support him instead.

He says he did it all for her, and doesn’t want her to feel sad. He says once Tho starts running the restaurant, he will have less time for her and become closer to Khun Pabu. He asks if she isn’t scared. He says he’s seen her love Tho for a long time so he wants Tho to marry a nice woman like her.

Flur comes out and asks her dad if he’s leaving now, and she didn’t have time to talk to him at all. He says if she wants to talk to him a lot then come back home, and he will spend time talking with her everyday.

He says he really means it, now that her work is quite settled, why not come back home, and she can consult him when she has a problem. Flur hesitates. He says if she’s worried about Kate, he will take care of it. He will talk to her not to bother her again.

Flur asks him to let her think about it. He sighs and says then he will leave now. They hug each other. He says he will wait for her to come back to their home. She says yes.

Manoo walks away then Kate walks to Pabu and says she hopes Flur won’t swallow back her words and come home. She says even though Khun Manoo wants her to come home, she can tell her now that Flur will end up bringing trouble to him more than happiness for sure.

Flur asks Kate if she’s jealous and scared that her father will love her more than her daughter. Flur says even when she behaved badly, her dad still loves her, so if she changes, how much he will treasure her.

Flur asks Kate if she’s so scared to keep her away from him this bad. Kate admits that she blocked her for him because nowadays her family is a happy one and they don’t have to fight because of her, and she doesn’t want her house to be in flames again.

Flur says she doesn’t care, if she wants to go back home, she will.

Kate says the three of them live together as parents and a daughter, and if Flur wants to go home and become an excess baggage, then go ahead. Kate says if it were her, she wouldn’t go back to be a parasite to anyone.

Flur says she doesn’t care what she said since that house is already filled with parasites. “I will get back to work now, bye!” Flur cuts her off.

Tho hears it all and looks at Karakate.

Flur starts to cry when she’s alone. Tho walks to her and tells her not to pay attention to what her stepmother said. He hands her his handkerchief. She accepts it to wipe her tears and says thank you.

She says now he saw her drama side. He says it isn’t quite a drama and his is more a drama than hers. She asks if his is really a drama.

“Of course, for you, you fought only with your stepmother, but you still have your father who keeps loving you and taking your side. But for me, I have to fight with the entire house who always keeps picking on me, especially, my own father, and he didn’t even come today.” he answers.

“But you still have your grandfather who loves you very much.” she argues.

“If I don’t have my grandfather, I don’t know how my life will turn out.”

“The same with me. Once I lost my grandmother, I’m totally lost like this.”

She wipes her tears and gives the handkerchief back to him and thanks him. He smiles and says it’s all right, she can keep it and it’s fortunate that she didn’t wipe her runny nose with it too. She says she’s not a weepy girl. He smiles looking at her tenderly.

Part 6

Rung looks at picture of his late wife. He recalls how he lost her in the past.

Flashback, at a delivery room, Rung asks the doctor if the baby is a boy or a girl. The doctor expresses her condolences to him. He asks what it is for. The doctor says his wife has passed away. He asks if it’s not true and begs her to save her life.

Aww…a glimpse of the past.

Back to present, KitJa walks over and says what’s the use of feeling sad for the past and someone who passed away a long time ago. Rung says this kind of thing, it can’t be forgotten.

KitJa says, “Can’t be forgotten, then will it make any different? Why don’t you think of the ones who are with you now such as Tho. No matter what, he’s your son.”

Rung says let Tho be the favorite grandson of his alone, Tho is  already lucky that he got his grandfather’s love, and Tho doesn’t want any love from him.

Rung gets up and walks away.

At the restaurant, a party is going on. Tho says, “Khun Michael, let me officially welcome you to SaSiWong, and I would like to say thank you for showing your cooking skills to us.”

Michael says all right and they clink glass. Pim says the guests praised Michael today and wanted the restaurant to open sooner. Pabu says it means her marketing plan is working and their restaurant will surely have good business. She tells everyone to eat all their might, because Khun Tho will pay today.

Pabu tells them to play a game, to say the name of a dish in the menu, and they can use it for their restaurant’s menu too. Michael praises her wit. Pabu says anyone who can’t say the dish’s name, he or she must dance.

Tho asks if he has to join the game too. She says there’s no exception. Pim says it sounds fun. Pabu tells them to start with western cuisine. Michael says he will be the judge whether or not it corrects.

“Start now, spaghetti!” Pabu points at Get.

“One! Two!…” the rest start counting.

“Baked spinach with cheese!” Get answers then he points at Buri.

The rest start counting.

“Fried flour-dipped fish!” Buri answers.

Michael says that’s not it. They start counting.

“Duck…Duck with gravy!” Buri tries again.

Michael says all right. Then it’s Pim’s turn. She says all kinds of steak then says it’s Khun Tho’s turn. Tho says that’s what he prepared to answer, all kinds of steak. They start counting and Tho couldn’t say in time. He gets up and dances a bit then sits down. LOL.

Tho says he will continue with the game, all kinds of soup. Then Michael says Carbonara. Pabu says that’s her answer, she tells him to change it. Pabu couldn’t say in time so she gets up and dances. She says all kinds of sandwich. Others boo her answer. Pabu says that’s what she could come up with now. She points at Get. Get says all kinds of roasted seashells. They point at Buri who stammers, “Tender…loin with black pepper!”

Pim says that’s the same with all kinds of steak. Buri argues that it’s not. Michael says it is the same. Buri has to dance, twice.

A nice editing job here.

Buri walks Pabu to the elevator and keeps staring at her. She asks what it is. He says it’s nothing. She says then he can leave. He says he waits to see her off. She says he doesn’t have to, she can go up there by herself.

“What is it?” she asks.

“Well…tomorrow, I will go shopping for decoration pieces for the restaurant, so I want to ask you to come along and help choosing it. Are you free (tomorrow)?”


“That’s right.”

“All right.”

“Then…I will call you about the time…(He turns to leave then turns back.)…and I won’t see you off now.”

She nods. He rounds the corner then lets out a cheerful cry.

Part 7

Buri is busy choosing what to wear. Toi asks what he’s doing. He says he’s picking a shirt to wear for his shopping for the restaurant’s decor pieces tomorrow. Toi says he will go help him, tomorrow he will go to his work site and after that he’s free.

Buri says no needs for that because he didn’t tell Khun Pabu in advance, he doesn’t want to offend her. Toi realizes that he’s going with Khun Pabu.

Toi teases that he’s picking his attire like he’s going on a date. Buri smiles and tells him not to bother.

Buri waits for Pabu then is stunned seeing her. She asks if he’s stunned then asks if she’s so pretty. He asks if she’s wearing her pajamas, and if she just woke up and her lips look so pale.

She asks if he can spell the word ‘fashion’.

“Please look at Nong Flur’s lips (mimics a TV show), it’s nude (color) ! You know, nude!”

“Nude, it’s nude. I thought it’s jaundice (a disease).” he teases.

“Let’s go in my car.” she says.

He asks if she can’t ride a cheap old car. She says she doesn’t mind his car but she asked Michael to come with them so she wants him to feel nice.

“Michael? You asked him to come?”

“I asked Michael and Get to come along last night?”

“Get too?”

“Wouldn’t it be more fun to go with many people? Do you a problem about it?”

Buri says no, many people come along should be fun. She asks for his hand then puts the car key in his hand. “You drive.”

“Please, madam.” he invites.

They walk to her car.

“Wait, I’m a madam, so shouldn’t you open the door for me first?”

He opens the door for her. “Madam, please.” She gets inside the car.

“Please mind your hands and feet.” then he closes the door.

Pabu rings the door bell of Michael’s house but no one answers. Buri tells her to call him. She calls Michael but he doesn’t pick up. She says Michael is never like this, could it be that something happened?

“Michael! Are you in there? I’m going to break in!” Pabu shouts.

Buri stops her and suggests she call Get. He says they went back together last night. Pabu calls Get and tells him she couldn’t reach Michael.

Get says they are at the hospital now, Michael had a diarrhea because of food poisoning. He says he was busy so he didn’t call her. She asks if he’s all right and what they ate. Get says they tried ‘som-tam’ at a great place, but he’s better now. Get says he’s hanging up because Michael came out.

Buri says they have to go just the two of them then. She says it has to, then tells him to hurry. Buri lets out a smile.

Tho is telling Pim to tell Khun Vichai to check the project properly because he will take the customer to inspect it at the site next week.

Jemi comes to see Tho and tells him to let her help with his work today, because Khun Buri went out shopping for the restaurant’s decor pieces with Khun Pabu, so she’s free.

Pim asks her if Khun Pabu went out with Khun Buri, and she thought she went to the restaurant. Jemi says they went to buy some vintage antiques at JJ (market) and they must have a good time spending Pee Tho’s budget now, and Khun Pabu looks like someone who loves shopping.

Pim says Khun Jemi seems to know so much. Jemi says she knew it from Khun Buri’s IG.

Pim asks if she has Khun Buri’s IG.

Jemi says she has them all, IG, Facebook, Twitter, and she has Khun Pim’s and uncle MekPat’s too. She says whoever is around Pee Tho, she followed them all so that she knows Pee Tho’s news and whereabouts.

Jemi shows them Buri’s IG with Pabu and Buri together in a shop. Tho gets uneasy.

Buri and Pabu look around a shop. She says she will take them all.

Part 8

Tho contemplates on whether or not he should make a phone call. Then he decides to call Pabu. He says he calls her to ask about the menu, and if she already thought about it. Pabu says not yet, but she already made a list of Michael’s tasty dishes. She says she came to shop for the restaurant’s decor pieces now so she will show him the menu which she comes up with in the evening. She asks if that’s okay.

Tho says, “Then see you in the evening.”

“Yes.” Pabu says.

Buri shouts, “Can we find something to eat yet? I’m hungry.”

Tho hears it and Pabu shushes Buri, “Can’t you wait?”

She apologizes to Tho. He says it’s all right and she should eat first, and if she found something, send him a message, and keep it coming. “Yes, boss.” she says.

Pabu hangs up and glares at Buri for interrupting.

Tho means to get back to work but Pabu’s message (she sends him pictures) arrives and it makes him smile.

Part 9

Pabu is on the phone with Tho. She says the pictures are really pretty, and she will take pictures of it and send to him.

Buri says he saw her picking up Khun Tho’s calls so many times since they came. He asks if he normally calls her this often. She says, “Not really.”

Buri says he called to check on her this often, why not follow her here. She says he probably will come if she tells him. Buri thinks that’s odd.

Buri gets a call from his home in the countryside. The girl calls him ‘Pee Khan’. She says his mother falls sick and keeps calling for him, and she didn’t eat for many days now. He asks where his mother is then says he will be there right away.

Buri tells Pabu he’s going home in Lopburi (a province), his mother is sick. She asks how he will get there. He says he will go back to his condo to get his car. She says he can go by her car.

MekPat picks up a call and asks if he/she already sent him the photos, and says he will transfer the money to him/her. MekPat smiles seeing the photos of Pabu and Tho together.

A cleaning lady asks Pim that there’s an air-con maintenance man come to refill the refrigerant in Khun Tho’s suite which Pim asked her to clean it. She asks Pim what she should do. Pim says Khun Tho’s friend now stays there so it will have to wait.

The lady says Pim can ask her to clean the suite again. Pim says that’s all right, she thinks  they will manage. Pim tells her not to tell anyone that Khun Tho’s friend stays there, and that’s enough. The lady says she won’t tell anyone.

Jemi calls the cleaning lady on her way out.

NgamYing asks Jemi if Tho really brought his friend to stay at his suite. Jemi says she heard it herself and asks if NgamYing knows which of his friend. NgamYing says she doesn’t know about it at all. She wonders if Tho took a gig (a slang) to spend the night there.

“A gig?” Jemi is horrified.

“It’s just my assumption.”

Jemi says she will go ask Pee Tho about it. NgamYing tells her to calm down first. Jemi asks why, so that she will know right away. NgamYing asks if she doesn’t want to know whom he brought to sleep there. When Jemi looks terrified, she corrects it to, whom he brought to stay in his room. Jemi says she wants to know it.

NgamYing says they must stay put for now, and if they ask Tho now, he will be alerted. She says she will find out for her. “Okay?”

Jemi agrees.

Buri and Pabu arrive at his house. She wants to powder her face first. He tells her it’s unnecessary when no one will care about it.

“Mom! I’m here!” he calls out.

Episode 5 Preview

Buri’s mom: “A colleague or a girlfriend? A girlfriend, isn’t she?”

Buri:  “All right, a girlfriend.”

Buri’s mom:  How can you like her?…(not sure)… , and cheeks are so red like monkey’s butt!”

Gossip girls: “It’s unbelievable that..that woman, Bu..Bu something, is Khun Tho’s girlfriend.”

Tho:  There’s never a sign from Khun Pabu that she likes me, but if it’s what the rumor said, must be me who tries to make it happen.”


I don’t know how Buri can fight for the girl with his current circumstances. As a president of a company, Tho did a good job keeping it neat and clean wooing the girl he likes. I’m sure both men realize that Pabu isn’t into them yet so they think there’s still room to compete for her feeling. For a woman like Pabu, the outcome could be unpredictable  🙂

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  1. I needs to catching up, I only saw some of it on this weeks episode where Tho and Pabu has already opened their restaurant. Buri has some opportunity to scores some points and be with Fur, while Stayu is losing some point, so he decided to asked his grandfather for some advice how to win Fur over… is very funy……

  2. Hey, if the restaurant fail, at least they can do is turned that whole land into a condo, don’t you thinks so…..

  3. Hehe 😀
    I loved d part where Pabu tries 2 powder her face before meeting Buri’s mom.. This what I loved about Pabu’s character… She is vain, spoilt, blunt but at d same time adorable, 2222 cute for words, kind and smart ❤
    Kudos 2 d author for writing a character with whom we can identify than a candy type of a girl who gets trampled by everyone 🙂
    Kudos 2 u for doing a BANG of a recap ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. It is better grandpa trusted Tho and let him working on the company instead of getting the outsider taking over the company that his build for so hard and so long that is way it will run in the family. Not to the outsider!!!

  5. I thinks that MekPat don’t know how to work in the businesses that is why all his projects is failing. All Tho families wants to do is helps in the company, but they are doing the wrong way. That is why his grandfather doesn’t trust in all his children, though….

  6. Yay, well opening the restaurant that is his grandfather dream, but not his. I wondered what is his dream though….

    • Tho is a working robot now, but he’s changing. Let’s wait and see what he really wants in his life.

      • i agree with you. Tho never really had anyone he could rely on and trust except for his grandfather. It seems kind of sad that his dad hates him since his first wife died in childbirth. I think Pabu has opened up a whole new world for him, He misses her every time she is not around. He finds excuse to either call or see her. He is slowly falling in love with her and the warmth she gives him is slowly melt his heart.

  7. Yay!!!! Thank u for starting 2 recap ep 4 ❤
    I am liking Pabu's interaction with her lil' bro! Only she can handle him 😀

  8. It would be better if they work as a team but team Mekpak is too greedy and only thinks about themselves. Why not compromise with team Stayu, build the restaurant and use part of it for a condo. They never acknowledge anything Tho does . He is so lonely and needs someone to truly love him, We can all see and feel the warmth and happiness he has when Khun Pabu is around . He smiles more something he rarely does. Even his assistant Prim notice and is very happy for him.

    • MekPat’s projects in the past were a failure (grandpa said so), so it’s justified that grandpa turned to Tho for someone who has to oversee everyone’s well-beings.

      Just wait people, may be grandpa will have more to say later 🙂

  9. Team StaYu vs. Team MekPat!

  10. Team StaYu, whom wants to open the restaurant to making his grandfather happy. A Restaurant lover. And then we have team MekPat, whom wants to sale the restaurant to sale and making a condo for sale, whom would the audiences voting for…..

  11. Maybe he should not open that restaurant and sale that land and making a condo instead!!!!

  12. Poor, StaYu, he goes against the rests of his family. I guest his restaurant is going to fail right before he even started, hah……

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