Tai Ngao Jun Episode 3

One man comes with a lot of baggage, yet very gentle and kind (also very rich). Another man, you always have a good time being around him, and both men also set both feet down when it comes to the girl they want to spend their life with.

For working women these days who depend on their own income, I wonder which man they will choose, or stay single isn’t that bad after all ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


Episode 3

Part 1

Get gestures Pabu that everyone behind her is looking. She turns around and introduces Get to everyone. She says these are Khun StaYu, her boss, and Khun Buri, her colleague. Pim looks at the way they are holding hands so tight.

Get greets Tho with a handshake then Buri, who he doesn’t want to let go of his hand when Buri pulls back. LOL.

Pabu asks Tho to let her go talk with Get. Tho pauses then says please do. She thanks him. After they leave, Pim says they must be very close. Tho and Pim disperse while Buri is still in a daze.

In a cafe, Pabu asks Get if he knows that, during the time he’s not here, what she had faced in her life. She says she fought with her stepmother and had to leave her house, had no money and had to find a job and they looked down at her. She says when he’s not here, her life turned sooooo bad.

Get tells her to drink first before she will choke. She asks where he disappeared to, and why he didn’t contact her at all when she LINE-ed and Face(book)-ed him, and she thought he’s out of this world. She asks when he came back.

He says he just came back yesterday. She asks so he knew that she’s here. He says he went to see her dad and he told him about it, so he came here for a surprise. He wanted to see if she really works here.

“So? Do you believe it now?” she asks.

He says all right, he believes it. She says she wants his help since he knows many people. She wants him to find her a great chef. He says he will do that, but she should go see her dad first, he’s worried sick about her.

“Flur, our life is short, and we don’t know what will happen today or tomorrow. I have a friend who is exactly like you. He fought with his (or her) father and yelled at him harshly, then ran from home. His father had a heart attack and he didn’t get to see him in time, and now he regretted it and can only feel sad wanting to turn back time to go back to his father.” he says.

“Are you cursing my dad?” she asks.

“When did I do that? I said it so that you would think of it. Go back to him, let him see your face at least. I don’t want you to regret it later like my friend did.” he insists.

At home, Manoo looks at Flur’s photo and talks to her that when she’s not here, the house seems so quiet. “So that you know how precious I am.” Pabu’s voice comes up.

“You are always precious to me.” he sulks. Then he perks up and turns around, and it’s Flur standing there smiling. He hugs her and says he missed her so much. She says she too but she can’t breathe now, so please let go first.

He says sorry, it’s because he missed her so much. He asks if she came back to stay and where her bags are. She says she’s not coming back yet. His smile faded.

She says she came to say she has a job and a place to stay now, so he doesn’t have to worry. She shows him her name-card, a restaurant manager, and a place for her to stay comes with.

Bam asks if that’s true. Pabu stares at her dad and says since he already sent Get to check on it, he can Get if he doesn’t believe her and Get met her boss already.

Get confirms to him that he already checked it out for him.

Manoo says even that, it’s best for her to come home, and he’s very worried about her. She says she wants to do everything by herself, also doesn’t want aunt Kate to criticize her.

“What? Who talked bad about me?” Kate appears.

She says so it’s Miss Flur. Get greets her while Pabu just do it swiftly. Kate asks if it’s because she didn’t make it alone so she had to come back. She asks where are those senseless things she took with her, surely she sold them all for money. Manoo tells her that’s enough. Bam begs her mother not to quarrel.

Pabu says she better leave now and she thought she picked the right time, what an unfortunate of her. Kate chases her out and Flur should know that since she’s not here, how happy this house become. Pabu says of course Kate is happy because she extends her compassion (prays) to her every night. Get takes Flur away before things will get worse.

Rung waits for Tho at home. He says he heard grandfather gave him the company so congratulations! Tho thanks him.

Rung tells him to work hard for stepping on his head to get up there. Tho doesn’t say anything when he leaves.

KitJa comes behind and tells Tho not to care how others think and only prepare to do a good job being the president, that’s enough. Tho says yes.

MathuRot gives Don some money and asks why he spent so fast when she only gave him yesterday. He says it’s just several thousand baht, how that could be enough. He says they didn’t allow him to study abroad so he will stay here spending away money.

She says if he wants to go then behave better, and he should try to please grandfather too, and just see how Pee Tho is now, he’s the company’s president.

Don gets up and yells that he can never be like him (he’s not that good), and even if he could, he wouldn’t. He tells her not to try to please grandfather anymore because they will never get in his eyes. He storms put.

Flur walks into (to be) the restaurant and closes her eyes trying to be creative. She imagines herself looking around the restaurant (already completed) and says, “My restaurant!”

She opens her eyes and sees Buri standing in front of her. “Khun Pla-bu, daydreaming?” he asks. She says that’s her business but what he’s doing here. He says he came to check the restaurant’s dimensions in case he will move the furniture here.

He says it’s good that she’s here so she can be his helper. She says how he can put her to work. He says it’s all right if she doesn’t want to help, but he will have to report to Khun Tho that he has a problem working with her.

Pabu recalls how Tho told her that he would remove her from the position if she couldn’t do what she said, or there’s any problem. She calls him the kind who loves to report others. She says what he wants her to help, say it.

“Great, then follow me.” he turns to get inside.

Part 2

Buri tells Pabu to hold the measuring tape so that he will do the measurement. She grabs it. “Hey, you have to pull it out too.” he says. She jerks it out and pulls. He says okay, then step back.

She says she is helping him not because of his threat but because she’s kind.

“Right.” he retorts. He starts measuring and tells her to move forward, and do it quickly.

He says to the left, her left. She says why he didn’t say left but move forward. He sits down with the tape. He says, “Hey, sit down!” She complains that it’s difficult to do (with her dress and all) then sits down.

He moves to the side so he tells her to follow him too, and do it nicely. She asks if he’s done yet. He says it’s done and stands up. She lets go of the tape which makes it swing back to him so fast, then she says oops, she didn’t mean it. He gets a call so he gives the tape to her to do it, then gets out.

She says he thinks he’s her boss or what.

Buri’s mother calls him to say she wants him to marry the girl she likes at home. He says that’s fine and she can find the date then give him a call, and he will go back to marry at once. Mom tells him not to make fun of it. He says when he’s serious, she accuses him of making fun. He asks if she really wants him to marry so soon. “Mom, don’t you love me anymore? What if I love my wife more than you once I got married, you can’t be feeling hurt then.”

Mom says he can’t do that and how he couldย  forget her once he has a wife. Mom says all right, she won’t talk about it, but when he will come back to visit her. “I missed you.” mom adds.

“Yes, mom, I love you. Jub..jub!” he kisses his phone. Mom says she loves him too and sends him a kiss too.

“Jub…Jub!” Pabu teases. He is exasperated and turns around, he asks since when she came. She says (mimicking his voice), “Mom, if I have wife and love her more, don’t you pout…jub, jub!” she makes face too.

He says she gets back at him as soon as she gets the chance. She says she can’t help it and he eavesdropped her conversation many times. He couldn’t argue about that.

She asks if he’s stressed out being forced to get married. He tells her to survive her own matter first. She asks where he’s going, “Khun Jub-jub”.

Pim tells Tho about Khun ChatChai’s housing project, the contract’s done. She says about the function to congratulate him, Admin Department will take care of it.ย  (Tho’s family business is mainly a contractor.)

Pim notices that his mind is somewhere else so she says KhunPabu went to see the work at the restaurant today, and she should be back soon. He says he’s wondering why she didn’t come to work.

Pim says and one more thing, they need to find a new place for Khun Pabu to stay because the room’s owner is coming back soon. He says he knew that already. She asks what they are going to do next. He tells her not to worry about it and he already had an idea where to have Khun Pabu stay.

Pabu tells Buri, “See you at the company.” Then she sees her car is full of papers sticking on it. She screams, “Who did this to my baby (her car)?”

The words written, for example, are ‘beware of mad dog’, ‘wish you…will never have a husband!’, “(the restaurant) will go under for sure’.

Pabu wants to call the police, they are all offensive words. Buri asks what she’s doing, call a cop? To check for fingerprints? He asks if she watches too many movies.

She yells at him to back off when it’s not his business. He says all right, then he will go back now. She stops him and says he’s a man yet has no kindness, why can he not help her a little such as pulling these off.

He asks,”Then who yelled at me just now?”

She says sorry, it’s because she’s frustrated. She asks if he won’t get angry, if it happens to him. He nods. She wonders why she has to face with this kind of thing, so unlucky. She says it must be those men.

Flashback, a group of men tease Pabu when she walks out of the restaurant. She gets in her car and opens the window to shout at them that it’s them who ruined the front of her restaurant, and she’s been looking for them for a long while now. She asks why they don’t go talk somewhere else. She yells, “Next time, I will call the police!”

The men walk to her car and tell her to come out. She puts a piece of paper on the front window. It reads, there’s a camera in the front and they are recorded, they will go to jail!!

She points the camera to them so they take off. She smirks and says they aren’t that brave.

Back to present, Buri asks who she had a fight with. She says there’s none and how a petite girl like her could pick a fight with anyone.

He says those people must dislike her a lot, and each one they wrote is so like her. He shows her the one reads, “Fierce like a dog!” then laughs.

She gets mad so he says just kidding and will help pulling them off her car. She tells him to pull it off softly or else her car paint will come off.

Pim and Tho show Pabu her new place. Tho says there’s a little problem with the room she’s staying, so he’s moving her here. Pabu loves it but asks him that surely this isn’t a room of a normal customer. Tho says it’s his room which comes with his position, but he rarely lives here because his house is only a step away.

She looks around and tries not to make it too obvious. He asks if she has any problem with it. She says this room is too good for her. Pim tells her not to think too much, this room is normally empty so just think she stay here to look after it.

“If you don’t want to stay in this room for free then you can work for it in exchange. I have a special job for you.” Tho offers.

“What kind of job?” she asks.

“I want you to be like a bumper guarding me from Khun Jemi, like the day we had a meal together.”

She stares at him so he says he doesn’t dislike Jemi but he sees her like his sister, and he thinks he already made it clear enough but she doesn’t seem to listen, and more importantly, her father is SaSiWong’s important client.

“So you want me to act like I’m your girlfriend? No, I don’t want to.” she says

He smiles and says, “When did I say that you pretend to be my girlfriend?…I think you are quite slippery (she turns to him), eh…I mean you can handle well the problem in front of you, so I think you should be perfect for this job.”

“I will think that’s a compliment, but do you think that’s a good idea?”

He tells her to help him only as much as she can. When she hesitates, he says if she doesn’t feel good about it then it’s all right, and he will find another room for her.

“I will stay in this room!…Well…I don’t want to trouble you to look for another room for me.” she explains. She says she will go pack her things to save time.

Tho stops her then says, “Wait, there are two bedrooms in here, my bedroom and guest bedroom. It’s up to you to choose.”


She decides quickly that the guest bedroom is fine then hurries leave to pack her things. Tho smiles to himself. Aww…the boss is kind of neat, isn’t he?

Part 3

MathuRot is on the phone with Tho. She says she heard that he let Flur move to his room and she’s afraid that…he interrupts that he knows what makes her worry.

He says that room belongs to him so he has the right to let anyone stay there. She says she still doesn’t feel at ease about it. He assures her that if anything happens, it will be under his responsibility.

“Yes, Khun Tho.” she concedes.

Pim comes in and tells Tho that she finished clearing the room and it could be moved in this evening. He says that’s good.

“If I didn’t know you better, I would think for sure that you do this to get close to Khun Pabu.” Pim teases.

He says it’s good she didn’t think that way, and he did it only because Khun Pabu is Khun MathuRot’s daughter. Pim smiles and leaves. Tho smiles wider once she’s gone.

Tho tells Pabu if she wants to cook, she has his permission. She thanks him. Pim tells a bell boy to put it right there. Tho’s eyes turn wide seeing plies of Pabu’s things. Pim excuses herself and leaves.

“You took the entire house with you?” he asks.

Pabu says no, she chose only what she liked.

“Meaning there still are a lot more at your house which you don’t like?” he asks. LOL

She tells him not to make that face. She says women buy clothes is similar to… men crazy over soccer!

He thinks it calls wasting money. She turns to him abruptly.

“Excuse me, do you get to wear all them in one month?” he asks.

She says her dad said exactly the same, but it’s women’s world and a man like him will never understand.

“Let’s talk about the conditions you wanted my help.” she shows him what’s on her phone. “This is our contract. I didn’t print it out yet but you take a look first.”

He looks at it and it’s a hiring contract. He says she had to draw up a contract, it means she doesn’t trust him. She changes her mind and says just a contract in their hearts is enough then.

“Let me ask you this. Don’t you regret it? Khun Jemi is so pretty, rich and loves you so much too, also her father is a real estate giant and she will take over from him later, so it’s great you two be together, so that money connects money, and you will be so crazily rich!” she suggests.

He smiles and says he doesn’t want to be crazy yet…and because there are people who think like her which is why he has to keep some distance from Jemi. “I don’t want anyone to misunderstand or think that I’m looking for some benefits from Jemi. If my work is a success, it must come from my skills only.”

She stares at him then says, “Wow…so handsome! Your words are so ‘pra-ek’ (male lead in a lakorn/movie)”. Tho doesn’t know what to say so he excuses himself to leave, since everything is all done.

ChatChai calls for Jemi so she says she’s in the bathroom (dressing room). He enters the room and asks where she’s going (seeing her trying on a dress). She asks him to help choosing which dress to wear to Pee Tho’s party. She asks if it should be this dress or a new tailor-made one.

He says she doesn’t have to wear an official dress since it’s just a small party in the company, or she would end up standing out more than the host themselves.

She says how she shouldn’t stand out when she’s Pee Tho’s partner. “Did you first ask him that?” dad asks. She asks what he just said. He says he’s worried that she thought of it alone by herself and he doesn’t want her to be sad later.

She says she won’t be sad because if she marries Pee Tho, her father’s business will expand too, so he should support her more.

“If Tho loves you, I won’t object it. But I think he only sees you like his own sister.” dad says.

Jemi says how he could know that and Pee Tho might not make it obvious and kept his feeling inside, like a male lead in Korean series. He says she watches too many series.

She says she wants the party come sooner. She gets a call and learns that the theme of the party has been changed. She excuses herself from her dad and runs saying she’s no dress to wear, what to do.

MekPat is giving order to his lackey. “The company’s party is in two days, do as I told you and don’t miss it!” He gives him an envelope (money, I think).

It’s party time. Truthfully, the music sounds a little off to my ears. KitJa tells Tho that he arranged the party to his liking and it reminds him of the time he’s a young man. Tho says KitJa loved to talk about the days he newly founded the company so he arranged this theme just for him.

KitJa thanks him and how he knows him so well. He says the company is his from now on, so take care of it well and do not disappoint him. Tho says yes. Behind them reads, congratulation to the new president.

Pim congrats Tho and says Khun ChatChai called to apologize that he couldn’t attend this party. Tho asks if it means Khun Jemi won’t come too. Pim says she will come in Khun ChatChai’s place. Both men turn heads. KitJa asks Pim about other important guests. Pim says they arrived and are over there. KitJa tells Tho he will go meet them.

Jemi congrats Tho with a bouquet. He thanks her. She says her father couldn’t make it so he asked her to congratulate him on his behalf. Tho tells her to send him his thank you. She puts her arm around his and asks him to go celebrate just the two of them after the party.

“But…” he hesitates.

“Pee Tho, please! Please!” she begs.

He says all right. She asks if he can walk her around the party. He says all right.

Pabu walks into the party and looks at the line of food.

“Flour, egg, aww…sugar! No, or the exercise I did would mean nothing.” She turns away from it then turns back, “Just one bite should be all right.”

She picks one and starts to eat it when Buri shows up. “Miss Pla-buuu!”


“Looks like Miss Pla-bu wants some sweets. Hey, just eat it, it’s not going to make you fat.” he says.

She says a man like him will never understand. He snatches it from her hand and chews. He says it’s so delicious and asks if she really won’t have it. She says he won’t be able to tempt her, then walks away.

Part 4

KitJa gets on stage and says, “We all know that we have a new president now. The good things are he’s younger than me, more capable than me…and more handsome than me…(crowd cheering) just a little bit. All right, don’t you be too happy girls, you like it, don’t you? I won’t talk much since all the details are there in the memo. Now my grandson, come up here and say something. Come on!”

Tho walks up the stage and says, “Sawasdee everyone. First of all, I would like to say thank you to my grandfather…thank you for trusting me to take care the company after you. Also, I would like to say thank you to all my employees who took part of looking after our company and made it grow over the years until today. I promise you that I will take good care of the company and every employee, and we will prosper together, and for today, please enjoy the party. Thank you.”

Pabu sends Tho thumps up which doesn’t go unnoticed by MekPat, so he smiles.

MekPat approaches Jemi and offers his help taking selfie for her. He asks why she’s here alone and not with Tho. She says Pee Tho is with the guests so she doesn’t want to interrupt him, because the two of them will go celebrate alone later.

“He’s with the guests? I saw him talking with Khun Pabu over there.” he says.

“May be they are talking about the restaurant.”

He says talking so closely just the two of them, it looks suspicious or may be he think too much of it. She says she doesn’t care when work is work, and it doesn’t worry her because Khun Pabu is like Pee Tho’s sister. MekPat argues that they aren’t real brother and sister, and Khun Pabu is very pretty. Jemi starts to worry about it.

Jemi looks around for Tho and bumps into Buri who is also looking for Pabu.

“Why stand here?” she asks stiffly. “And you?” he returns. He says searching the place like this, looking for Khun Tho? She asks if he saw him. He says no.

He asks if she saw Khun Pabu. She says no. Then she perks up, “Khun Pabu is not here and Pee Tho also, could it mean…” she turns to Buri.

“Could it be they left together?” he says. Both don’t like the idea at all.

Don sits alone on the balcony’s rail when Pabu found him. She asks why he’s here alone and doesn’t get inside the party. He says it’s a party for Pee Tho and not for him, so no one will care if he’s not there. “Definitely an answer from a problem child.” she says. She smells his shirt so he asks what she’s doing.

“It’s so clear…and you’re chewing gum. You just smoked, didn’t you?”

“Yes, so what?”

She hits him and asks what’s good about cigarette to keep smoking, so quit now. He says no, she also loves to put on lipsticks and if he wants her to quit, can she do it?

She says lipsticks doesn’t ruin her health.

“When you keep swallowing entire bars in a month, and that doesn’t ruin your health?” he asks.

She says it’s up to him when it’s each own life, and if he wants to die having cancer, it’s up to him. She warns him to be careful, if Khun Tho sees him…then she sees Tho is heading this way. She tells him to go away now because Khun Tho is coming, and the smell on him is so obvious.

He says so what, he doesn’t want to leave, and he’s not scared of him. She says he’s not scared of him but when he fights with him, their mother will be stressed out. She shoves him down the balcony. LOL.

Tho rounds the corner while telling his driver to bring the car around. Pabu asks him where he’s going. He says he’s leaving. She says she will drop him off and that surprises him.

Part 5

Tho thanks Pabu and says she can send him off here because his car is coming. She says it’s all right but why he is leaving so soon when the party just started. “You get to be the president now, so you should stay and celebrate.”

“You want me to be in a party which makes people in my house hate me more?”

She says there are many more who love him and want him in this position, and she’s one of them.

“Pee Tho kaa!” Jemi pops up. She asks what he’s doing here and she was looking for him all over. “Well, I and Khun Pabu are…” he starts to explain when his car arrives.

Jemi sees the car so she asks if he’s preparing to leave with her as he promised. She says that’s great because she’s hungry and the food in the party doesn’t taste that good.

“Well, Jemi, I…” Tho stares at Pabu that it’s time to help him. Jemi asks why wait, let’s go now.

Pabu suddenly faints which startles both Jemi and Tho. “Khun Pabu!” Tho gets down and holds her. Jemi asks what happened to her. Pabu opens her eyes and whispers, “Just take me to the doctor.” It confuses Tho at first then he gets it. “Jemi, I need to take Khun Pabu to the doctor.” he tells Jemi.

Jemi says just take her to the infirmary is enough when she’s only fainting. Suddenly Pabu is having a seizure. LOL.

“I think I must take her to the hospital. Please tell Khun PimPun for me.” Tho says. He carries her to his car and accidentally pokes her head on it. Pabu cries out. “Sorry!” Tho whispers. He tells Jemi to open the car door for him and do it fast. Jemi does it for him.

He gets Pabu in his car and tells Jemi, “I’m leaving.” then drives away.

“Wait, Pee Tho, what about me?!” Jemi yells. Buri sees them and feels upset.

Jemi tells herself that Pee Tho only helped Khun Pabu and they are just brother and sister. Buri nods, “That’s right. They are brother and sister.”

“Pee Tho won’t like that woman for sure.” she says

“Yes, no way….But why do I have to think hard about this?” Buri wonders. Then he gets up and points at Jemi. “You!” both say it at the same time.

“Well, well, and I thought it’s the sound of some wood fairy. What are you doing here?” he teases.

“I just…wait a minute, so you…like Khun Pabu?” she asks.

He’s startled.

Tho stops the car and chuckles. He says he doesn’t know that she’s this good with acting, it’s so real. She says the circumstance carried her away, “Have you heard ‘The show must go on’ ?”

She touches her head and wonders if it’s wounded, it’s bumped so hard that her hair pin almost pierced her head. He looks at it and says it’s not breeding so it should be fine.

“Since we left already, how about we go taking a stroll?” he asks.

KitJa thanks his guests and walks them out. He sees MekPat standing alone so he walks to him and asks why he’s standing alone looking so lonely. MekPat asks if he notices him too. KitJa asks if he feels hurt that he didn’t give the company to him.

“Does a mistress’s son like me have the right to feel that with you? I just want to know what I did that makes you never give me a chance!”

KitJa wants to explain but a call from Cherry interrupts it. He tells her to wait for him in his car and see her then. MekPat asks where he’s going. KitJa says, “More party with Cherry.” then leaves. MekPat makes a phone call.

KitJa walks alone in the parking lot where Cherry is waiting. A mysterious man enters the parking lot carrying what looks like a baseball bat in his hand.

Tho and Pabu are taking a stroll together.

Pabu says it’s unbelievable for a president to know this beautiful place. He says she dresses like this, it suits her well. She twirls and asks if it’s pretty. “Very pretty.” he says. She beams. “I mean…the atmosphere.” he explains. Haha.

She says he talks like this then she won’t save him from Khun Jemi next time.

“They said pretty girls considered only their own interests. I think that’s true.” he says.

She gives him a glare then says he seems scared of Khun Jemi. He says more to being courteous. She asks why Jemi is obsessed with him. He says it must be that he saved her life when she’s young. “Khun ChatChai is the company’s long-time client and I couldn’t remember where I went for a seminar and Jemi’s drowning. I happened to walk by so I saved her.”

“Wow, like a cheap novel in a lakorn.” Pabu says.

He chuckles and says that’s quite it and Jemi trailed behind him since then. She asks if he ever talked to her how he feels. He says he did and Jemi felt very sad and stopped eating or sleeping for many days. He felt sorry for Khun ChatChai and didn’t know what to do, so he let it be.

Pabu says that’s quite stressful hearing it. She thinks about it then says, “See here, just think that having someone loves you is better than having someone hates you.”

“But sometimes we need something that’s just right. Let’s do this. If you can make Khun Jemi stop liking me, anything you want me to do, I will do it.” he says.


“I never lie.” he says.

“Except Khun Jemi!” she teases.

Tho gets a call and turns serious, “What?!”

Part 6

Tho and Flur rush to the hospital. Tho asks grandpa how he is. KitJa says he’s all right but Cherry is quite critical. She’s in a coma. KitJa says Cherry was robbed and the thief took the car, but he already called the police to intercept the car.

Tho asks where it happened. KitJa says in the company’s parking lot. Tho couldn’t believe it’s in the company’s area. KitJa asks if he can take care of Cherry, and anything they need, just give it to them and give her some money as a compensation too.

“You talk like you’re going to break up with Cherry.” Tho asks.

KitJa says what break up when he and Cherry aren’t in a relationship yet. A lady walks to him. KitJa tells Tho that she’s LukTan, she was there when it happened and helped them when Cherry was harmed.

KitJa introduces Tho to her as his grandson. He turns to Tho and tells him to take care of Cherry and he will go to drop LukTan off.

NgamYing gets a call then tells MekPat that Cherry was robbed and she’s in coma right now. “Server her right!” he says. She says it’s strange that the security cameras were broken at that time, so they don’t have the thief’s picture. She says now people are speculating that it’s someone inside’s doing. What an unfortunate!

MekPat says she deserves it for come digging his grandfather’s money. She says she heard grandfather dumped her. He says he knew it, how a man like him would truly love anyone, and she’s not even a cripple, only her face got ruined and he doesn’t want her already.

“Wait a minute, how do you know that her face got ruined?…Did you..”

He smirks. She asks if he’s gone crazy, what if the police catches the thief, what he will do.

Tho apologizes to Pabu for not being able to send her back. She says it’s fine and her friend will come to pick her up.ย  Get shows up so Flur tells Tho that she’s leaving now. Tho says yes and notices how the two of them are very close.

At the condo, Get looks around and says Pabu created her landmark so fast. He asks if she’s sure that Khun Tho doesn’t feel anything for her, to put her in such a luxurious suite.

Pabu says she doesn’t stay here for free and has to work under the condition like she told him. Get says, “Be careful, you two will really fall in love!”

She says no way, even though she’s so pretty, Khun Tho thinks of her like his sister. Her mother is his stepmother so he won’t think crap like him.

“But you’re not really brother and sister…different father and mother.” he whispers.

“But we have the same brother, my dear friend, clear?”

“I’ll wait and see!” he pouts.

She asks if he will report to her father to ask so many questions like this. He says no! A call comes in so he peeks, and it’s from StaYu. “See, I didn’t even finish talking about it? I better leave, so you can speak conveniently.” he gets up and leaves.

Pabu picks up and says, “Yes, Khun Tho.” He asks if she’s back at her room already. She says yes then asks how about him and if that woman is all right now. He says her condition is out of danger now. She says if he wants any help from her, just let her know. He smiles, her kindness warms his heart, “Thank you so much.”

Flur asks Get why he follows her here and if he has so much free time or what. He says he comes to look at her restaurant so he can report to her father correctly. She tells him to inspect the place the way he wants.

Get looks around and says the place looks chic with a touch of vintage feel. He asks if she’s doing it alone or someone is helping. She says Khun Buri helps with the design.

“Khun Buri? Is he the one I met that day?”

She says that’s right, he’s the company’s architect. “And he has to come helping you? What’s he like? Are you working well together? Will he come here today?” he asks.

She says he will come today then asks what’s with him to ask so many questions about him. He shakes his head. “Are you sure?” she asks. He nods. She asks if he gets jealous and is afraid that she will be close to other person more than him. He says, “Not at all!”

“Don’t worry, I love you the most no matter what, all right, my dear friend? Come here, let me give you a hug.”

He struggles to peel her off while she tells him he should give her a support. “People are coming!” he alerts her.

Buri, Tho and Pim are stunned seeing them like that. Pabu greets them. Pim says looks like they came at the wrong time.

They sit down at a table. Pabu says Get followed her here to see the restaurant. “Hey, you, he likes your design.” Pabu tells Buri. Buri smiles and thanks Get. Buri asks Pabu how she was yesterday, he saw her faint. “You saw?” she asks. He nods.

“Well, I…”

“Must be she didn’t get enough rest. Let’s talk about work.” Tho answers for her.

Flur tells Tho she wants to change the name of the restaurant to ‘La Moon’ (my guess here). Tho says “La Moon? It’s nice. All right, you do that.”

She says she wants to doctorate it with a warm feel like in the mid of moonlight, a little romantic with many corners to take pictures, so people who came can take pictures of the restaurant and post it on IG or Facebook, in a way, it helps promote the restaurant.

Buri smiles and nags, “Everything to serve your own needs.” LOL.

Pim says she likes the idea. Pabu asks Buri if he can do it. He says there’s no problems about that and he will send the design to her. Tho says decoration doesn’t worry him but it’s the chef, he’s worried about. He asks Pabu if she found one already and she said she had one in mind.

“That’s right. I said before, no matter how beautiful the restaurant decorated, if the food doesn’t taste good, it won’t be any help.” Buri steps on it.

Pabu keeps smiling.

In a cafe, Flur screams at Get where she can find a chef. She tells him to think hard and he must help her. He tells her to calm down. She asks how she can do that.

“I already got one for you but didn’t contact him yet, that’s all.”

“Who’s that?”

“Michael, chef of the restaurant you worked as a waitress in the US.”

“Michael! How could I forget him? If Michael works at my restaurant, it will be a hit!…But when did he come back and why didn’t I know about it?”

“Where have you been? Michael came back and now lives in Thailand.”

She tells him to hurry contacting him for her. “Wait, why don’t you go talk to him yourself? You’re closer to him more than me.”

She cringes and says, “Well, you’re cute and good at talking, with principle. If you talk to him for me, he will come work for my restaurant for sure. Please!…Please!” He says she always uses this trait on him.

Michael bangs a plate full of sausages on the table so hard, “No way! If I have to work with your friend, I’ll let it ride. Understand?!”

“Why…not?” Get stammers.

Michael says he’s still sick of his friend. Get says Flur has a strong intention to do this restaurant and really wants him to come helping her. Michael says he can’t believe that a woman like Flur can become a restaurant manager, when she couldn’t even serve the food, and he doesn’t want to work with a girl who doesn’t work hard on anything like his friend. “Do you understand?”

Get gulps.

Part 7

Flur asks Get if Michael really said that, which means he’s still angry with her. He asks what she had done to make him so sick of her. “Well,…” she stammers.

“Well what?”

“We fought a little like how colleagues do.”

“What ‘a little’ of yours? Tell me now!”

“I just made a little mistake while working.”

Flashback, Michael tells Flur to add some salt in the stock for him. He shows her the left one is salt, the right one is sugar. “Got that?” “Okay!”

Later, he throws it away and asks why his stock turned syrup like this. Pabu says he didn’t say it clear enough, whose left or right, hers or his. He tells her to accept her mistake when it’s her fault. He says he knows that her family is rich and she works here because she wants that crazy bag, but she should put her mind at work. He says also this morning, the order is for two yet she made it four. He asks if she had any senses.

Back to present, Flur asks that was a little mistake, wasn’t it? Get says for a chef, it’s a big mistake. She says Michael was mad that he had to cook the same dish again very often because of her. Get asks if it’s just that or she is hiding something from him, because with this much, Michael wouldn’t be this mad.

She says sometimes she seasoned a dish wrongly for him, she didn’t pick things for him fast enough, and….

“There! What is ‘and’ ?”

Flashback, Flur seasons a dish for a customer.

“I seasoned a dish mistakenly using a fish sauce which the customer was allergic to, he had a seizure and had to be sent to the hospital….so Michael, as a chef, had to resign to take responsibility for it.”

Get says it serves her right, and she’s lucky that Michael didn’t slap her with a frying pan. Pabu says she was young and immature at that time, but she grown up now so she won’t do things like that anymore.

Get suggests she go to him and apologize, then talk to him with reason. “You must bring back your credit and you must make Michael believe that you are the new Flur !” She pouts and says she can find another chef.

Get says it’s just a few days away and how she can find a great chef like this. “Listen to me, Michael is your only hope. You must make him feel confident in you, and agree to be your restaurant’s chef. Get it?”

Jemi tells her dad on the phone that she drops by to give some sweets to Pee Tho.

“Wow, you came morning and evening (for a man)!” Buri greets.

“Don’t you bother!”

The elevator opens and she makes a gesture so he waits to let her get inside first. Pabu comes running and calls them to wait. Jemi tells Buri to press the button already to close the door, she’s in a hurry to see Pee Tho. “Wasting my time!” she complains.

Pabu steps inside. Jemi says last time she made her not be able to go for dinner with Pee Tho. Pabu grits her teeth and secretly presses the button for every floor. When it stops at one floor, Flur gets off and tells Buri that she forget she had something to do at this floor, so see ya!

“May you meet Pee Tho quickly. Bye!” Pabu tells Jemi.

The elevator ends up stopping at every floor. “It’s because of you pressing the button to wait for that Pla-bu!” she scolds.

Buri tells her not to blame others, and she won’t die seeing Khun Tho a little later.

“But I will die!” she argues.

“You spent time chasing Khun Tho everyday. Let me ask you, don’t you have to go to school?”

“I’m in senior year, no classes!”

“Good, then be a trainee, do something useful. Chasing after a man everyday is ridiculous!”

“You!” she’s mad.

Part 8

Jemi is pacing back and forth and when her dad comes home, she asks him to help her with one thing.

NgamYing announces that from today onwards, Khun Jemi will be a trainee at Design Department, she asks Buri to be her buddy.


NgamYing tells Buri to take care of her so he has to say yes. NgamYing tells Jemi to call her if there’s anything, then leaves. Jemi thanks her.

Jemi walks to Buri and says he doesn’t have to make face like it’s so horrified. He asks if she’s sure to be a trainee here. She says he’s the one gave her the advice so take responsibility of it, moreover, if she works here, she will get to see Pee Tho everyday and he will see that she works so diligently. Two birds with one bullet, thanks to him for giving her such idea.

She asks where his desk is. He says it’s over there. She walks to his desk and he grits his teeth.

MekPat says his secretary told him that Jemi requested to be a trainee here. NgamYing says yes, Jemi wants to work with the architect who designs the restaurant, so she let her have her way, because they can find out about the restaurant through Jemi.

He says she must want to be close to Tho so much. NgamYing says Tho doesn’t have that girl in his eyes. She asks why MekPat doesn’t approach her instead, and if Jemi likes him, he will have a way to open his own company without begging their father.

He says leave that for now, so what about they want Pee Rung to take back the restaurant project. She says Pee Rung will talk to Tho today. She says please let it be a success so that they can do things easier.

Rung tells Tho that he will take back the restaurant project and do it himself. Tho asks if he came all the way to his office for this. Rung nods. Tho says he really can’t give it to him. Rung asks, “Why?!”

Tho says because he already prepared everything. Rung says he already prepared his staff too, and Tho has so much work so how he will find the time to oversee it.

“I can manage that. I have my own system.” Tho answers.

“What about a chef? Where will you find one? I hope it’s not a no-name one or the restaurant could fall again.”

Rung chuckles, “You still couldn’t find one, could you? I give you 5 days and if you still can’t find one, I will have to take back this project and do it.”

Tho assures him that the new chef will definitely be better than the previous one. Rung says he’ll wait and see.

Pabu tells Tho not to worry, she already has a chef imported directly from abroad in hand, both his looks and skills are perfect. She asks if he doesn’t believe her, then shows him Michael’s credentials.

She says Michael was a chef in the Thai restaurant she worked at, he can do both Thai and Western cuisine, and his cooking skills is grade A++++

She says the customers were hooked to his dishes that the restaurant she worked at were very crowded because of him, and when he quit and moved to another restaurant, people followed him until her restaurant she worked almost go out of business.

She shows him the dishes cooked by Michael on her iPad, and they are just simple dishes of his. She asks if the dishes look tasty.

“Tasty…Michael.” Pim agrees. LOL.

Tho turns to her so she says she means the food.

I don’t know how these actors kept their straight face. Haha.

Pabu adds that this is only his brief credentials. Tho asks if he will come work for them. She asks him one week to take care of everything. He calmly asks if he can ask her for only 5 days. She pauses then says she will try. He says thank you.

She says one more thing, she wants her friend he met at the restaurant to come helping her, he also graduated from chef school so he should have ideas for the place, and about his salary, he can hire him when the restaurant is completed. Tho says all right, only that the restaurant be finished on time is enough. “Anything else?” he asks.

She says no, and she will go talk with Khun Buri about the design next. Tho pauses then says, “Then let’s go together. I also have some business and need to go to that department.”

Pim asks what he’s going to do over there, she can take care of it for him. Tho turns to her and blinks. She nods then keeps quiet. LOL.

They walk to Design Department and see Jemi there. Toi greets Tho. “Wait, how can Khun Jemi be here?” Tho asks. Toi says Khun Jemi is a trainee here, Khun NgamYing came and asked Pee Khan (Buri) to be her buddy. Toi excuses himself and walks away.

“Hey, I think you’d better run now.” Pabu tells Tho.

Tho turns to leave but it’s too late. “Pee Tho! How do you know that I’m here? You came to surprise me? Aww…you’re so cute. Then let’s have lunch together.” Jemi suggests. Buri lets out a huge sigh.

Buri tells Pabu, “Who think she would be serious and come train with me?!” She says it serves him right for giving her advice. He complains that how she could come training in designing a house when she’s in fashion design, and when he brought that up, she talked back repeatedly that it’s also in ‘design’, and he doesn’t want to think about the future ahead.

Pabu sees KitJa in a restaurant. “That’s Khun KitJa, he changes to a new girl again? But she looks familiar. The entire company knows how womanizer the former president is. He has small girl, tiny girl, mature girl, so many of them.” Buri says.

She says it’s his business so why he has to bother. They walk away.

KitJa gives Luk-tan a small gift box for helping them that day. He says if it’s not her, he would be in bad shape and Cherry would be more injured. She says she can’t accept such expensive gift. He says he bought it for her, so take it. She says he brought her here to have some sweets is enough, thank you so much. He says that’s all right, just accept it, it’s his intention.

A call comes in and she appears frightened seeing the name. KitJa says if there’s any problem, she can consult with him, and if it’s not too much, he will be willing to help.

She hesitates then says she’s being threatened by her brother’s creditor. KitJa turns quiet.

KitJa comes home and NgamYing stands there waiting. “You came home so late! Where did you go?” she nags. He asks how about her, why still didn’t go to sleep at this late hour and behaves like a house spirit. She wants to argue so he says he visited Cherry, it’s his answer.

She says she thought he already fallen head over heels over his new girl. He says why she has such a good memory, and it doesn’t hurt to forget some of it, and how her ears and eyes are so nosy knowing everyone’s business. She says she doesn’t really want to know but she’s worried about the company’s image, because he went to the company with his new girl and everyone saw it.

She asks, “Don’t tell me that you moved that girl into the penthouse?”

He says where he put her is his business, and may be, he may bring her to stay in this house! He whistles a tune and walks away.

Buri gets a call from Toi and says that’s right, he’s at the restaurant. He says, “I won’t go to the office today, take care of my work, my junior.”

Toi lowers his voice and asks if it’s his excuse not to take care of Khun Jemi. “Don’t you dare. You-come-back-here!” he clenches his jaws.

Buri smiles and tells him not rant, and he will treat him at Peed’s boiled rice when he’s back there, okay? He hangs up.

“Hey!” Jemi yells at Toi. He cringes. She asks where Khun Buri is and why he’s not here yet. Toi says he went to his work site and probably won’t come here today. He’ll be here tomorrow.

Buri walks inside the restaurant and wants to surprise Pabu. He waits by the curtains and pops out when someone comes out. It’s Get instead. Buri brings back his normal composure andย  apologizes.

Get asks if he thinks he’s Flur then says Flur won’t be here today and he came to oversee the work for her. Buri wonders where she went.

Part 9

Pabu follows Michael to an orphanage. “You listen to me. I definitely won’t work with you!” he says.

She says if he’s still angry with her from that past, she’s sorry. She says she was young at that time but now she grown up, and she changed now. She says she will trail behind him until he concedes.

“Let me help you!” she helps carrying boxes for him.

He picks a heavy one for her to carry and asks if she can handle it. She says yes. Children come helping her instead.

Both Buri and Tho try to reach Pabu but unsuccessful.

Pabu helps Michael cook for the children. Buri keeps looking for her while working with Get.

Pabu asks the children who want to have her macaroni. “All right, let Pee Flur show you. Start with garlic, then down the onion, stir well, then the prawns!”

Michael takes a look and tells her to continue. “You want me to continue?” she asks. He nods which makes Flur so happy.

When the dish is done, the children say it looks tasty.

Get gives Buri a bottle of soda. He thanks him. Buri starts with, “Your girlfriend won’t come to work at all?”

“My girlfriend? I don’t know.”

Buri asks if they are together (as a couple) for long. Get says for a very long time, since they were kids.

“It’s so strange. Your girlfriend disappeared but it doesn’t worry you one bit.”

“And you, why worry?” Get returns.

Buri says he only wants to ask her idea about the design and she didn’t pick up his calls at all. Get crosses his arms.

“Wait, you really don’t know where your girlfriend went?” Buri asks.

“No, I don’t. She said she had an important business, and if you want to know, ask Flur yourself.”

Buri waits for her in a convenient store. When he sees that she’s coming, he pretends to stand by a fridge. “Hey, Khun Pla-bu! What a coincidence! I didn’t see you at the restaurant at all. Where have you been?” he asks. LOL.

“I went to…” a phone message interrupts her. “What did you say again?” she asks.

“I asked where were you?”

“I went to…” a call interrupts her. “Hello. Yes, Michael. Anything I can do for you? Of course, I can. Thank you so much for forgiving me and opening your heart to me. I won’t disappoint you from now on. Okay, I’ll see you at your place. Bye!” she tells Buri to talk later and leaves.

Buri listens to her and his eyes turn wider every time her words sound suspicious.

“Hey, you just came and going to leave now?” Buri asks.

Buri walks in his office with a bag full of snack. The lady tells them to start the meeting without her because she has some business to take care of. Buri asks where she’s heading in a hurry. Toi says for that aunt, must be obsessed over a man, she has a gig (a slang, a man/woman to spend time with, not necessary intimate). Toi says at her age, once she has one, she gets so excited.

Buri says Khun Pabu seems busy these days and behaves exactly like her. “Could it be Khun Pabu have a gig?”

Toi says for such lovely girls like her, having 10 gigs won’t be strange at all. “But what strange! Why do you so concerned with her business? It’s her personal matter, you know. Uh-oh?”

Buri says he only wonders what she used up her working time for, and she leaves him to work alone and sends her boyfriend to oversee the work too. “Doesn’t that call ‘taking advantage’ ?”

Toi says if he really wants to know then just follow her and find out whom, where, what she’s doing. “Trust me, so she will be caught red-handed!”

Jemi overhears it all and smiles.

ThraDon came home and Tho tells him that his teacher told him he didn’t go to school for many days. “That’s right, so?” Don asks.

Tho pulls him to stop walking and asks if he had been drinking. Don walks away so Tho yells at him. He asks if staying in prison doesn’t give him any lesson at all. Don says that’s right and he’s not the good guy or a god born human like him, he always did everything right.

“Don, you chose to be like this yourself! You grown up now so be responsible. Don’t behave like a street gangster not attending class and kept drinking by the day! If you don’t care about yourself then think about your father and mother who love you.” Tho yells back.

Rung comes down and asks Tho why fussing over his brother when he’s his father, and he didn’t say a thing. Rung says Don is in his teen now, he will realize it when he grown up. Rung tells Tho to let it ride sometimes.

Tho argues that it’s because of him who spoiled his brother, and that’s why he misbehaves this way.

“Don is my son, not your son! Don’t bother.” Rung says.

“Am I not your son? Am I not his brother? Why can’t I bother?”

Rung tells him to use his time taking care of his company, and for his own son, he can take care of him. Rung and Don walk upstairs. NgamYing listens to them from above.

Buri starts his mission, follow Pabu.

Pabu comes helping Michael cook for the children again. Michael tells the children that it’s spaghetti with prawns today. “First,ย  boil the spaghetti roughly until it’s cooked. If it’s uncooked, we can’t eat it. While we’re waiting for it, prepare the frying pan over here. What’s this? (children say garlic). Put garlic in….”

Buri peeks at them while Get sneaks behind him and pats his shoulder. Buri turns around and is startled. “What are you doing here?” Get asks.

Buri realizes he’s caught.

Episode 4 Preview

Pabu got drunk and rants, “My life is so sad….just like a nang’ek (heroine) in a lakorn!”

She’s horrified to see Tho then lets out, “Dad?!”

Tho:ย  “So everyone is having doubt about the chef, then I will ask my chef to prove how good he is to you.”

Tho is dancing!!!


I can totally see how men love a woman like Pabu. She wears her heart on her sleeves and doesn’t think in layers. Let’s face it, sometimes we want to enjoy a company of someone who isn’t tricky, doesn’t manipulate people and only enjoys what’s in front of us now. Tho is happy to find someone who opens a new world for him, and for Buri, his story so far is still light so we don’t know what he’s thinking for sure.

It seems Pabu intend to do a good job, but when it comes to making a decision for life, I’m not sure how she will react. That’s kind of interesting.

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