Tai Ngao Jun Episode 2


Aww…episode 2 is even better!

Episode 2

Part 1

Buri says if she’s not an employee or a customer, it means she sneaked in to live here. He says the rumor that Khun SoiThip sneaked in people to live here, should be true then.

Flur says why he bothers her so much and she went through proper channel to live here, clear? She moves to another machine further away from him to end the conversation.

Tho looks through the expenses and asks how he could know that these figures are the correct ones. Soi says there should be no mistake and to recheck it will need some time.

He hands the file back to her to recheck it, and he means now and he will wait. “Recheck it here?” she gapes. “You heard it right. I want you to recheck and edit the document here, and right now, so in case you have a question, you can ask me right away.” he says.

Soi wants to move to another corner to do it but he tells her to do right here, in front of him. Soi has to sit down and start on it. Aww…pressure from the boss.

Buri warns Pabu that Khun StaYu is very strict about it so be careful, she could get caught. They end up competing the running speed until Panu trips and bumps her butt on the floor. Trainers come to check on her and ask for her key-card. Buri gets it for them.

The staff checks on the computer and a client’s name shows up. Uh-oh.

Buri asks Pabu how she is. Pabu says not dead yet. The staff comes and asks Pabu how she got a whole of this card. Pabu rolls eyes and says from the street, may be. The staff says in that case, she doesn’t have access to use this place. Pabu asks why not when she stays here. The staff argues that this card is Khun Smith’s, an employee of TS Group. She asks if there’s a relationship between her and Khun Smith. Pabu says she doesn’t know it and it’s Khun SoiThip who took care of it, and she should go and ask her instead. Pabu is getting nervous and dials her phone.

PimPun enters Tho’s office and tells Soi that a staff in the fitness called here, there’s a person using a client’s key-card to use the fitness. Soi perks up and sees that Tho’s staring at her. Pim wants to say the room number but Soi interrupts her and says it must be a misunderstanding, then excuses herself to check on it.

Buri gives Pabu her t-shirt so she says thanks. Soi walks over and scolds the staff for calling Khun Pim’s desk with this tiny matter, why can’t she think what should do or shouldn’t. The staff says it’s an urgent matter and the young lady said she got the card from her. Soi says even that, she shouldn’t call Khun Pim. The staff asks if she really gave the client’s card to…Soi tells her not to talk much and she will take care of it, and if anyone asks, just say there’s a mistake with the key-card data and this client is just a regular client who doesn’t live in this building. “Do you understand?” Soi asks. The staff stiffly says, “I will try to.” Soi tells her to return the key-card then she turns around.

Pabu hears it all and doesn’t like it. Soi returns the key-card to her but when Flur wants to ask more, she tells her to talk in the room better. Buri sees the two leave and wonders what’s going on.

Part 2

Pabu asks Soi how she could give the room of someone to her. Soi says she already took care of it and Flur can now use the fitness whenever she wants. Pabu says but it’s not right, and she would rather live somewhere else. Soi tells her to calm down.

Tho tells Pim to call the fitness and find out what happened.

Pabu starts packing. MathuRot comes over and asks Soi why she didn’t tell Flur not to use the fitness. “Mom, you knew?” Flur asks. MathuRot says she did it because she wanted to help her. Pabu is getting frustrated by that.

Soi hears them so she asks if Flur is her daughter when she told her it’s her niece. MathuRot tells her to talk about that later but what about the room now. Pabu tells her mother not to stress out, if she has to live in other person’s room hiding, she better go home to live in dad’s house.

MathuRot is glad to hear that and asks if she will do that. Pabu says she won’t, she just made an example and she will go live somewhere else.

Soi says she can stay here and normally there would be no problem, but she fell down in the fitness today and the staff got worried so they called Khun Tho’s office. MathuRot’s eyes gone so wide. She is so worried if Khun Tho already knew, what she should do now.

Pim knocks the door and says Khun Tho already knew it and wants Soi to report it to Khun JaroenRung and hand in a memo before noon tomorrow, and about the restaurant’s work, Soi doesn’t have to go back there because Khun Tho is leaving.

MathuRot says she will go talk with Khun Tho and tells Pabu to wait here. Pabu sits down and says why this mess.

Mathurot enters Tho’s office and asks if she can have a talk with him. He says yes and invites her to take a seat. She sits down and apologizes that it’s all her fault. She says her niece just came back from abroad and fought with her father so she left home in a hurry, and that’s why she had to let her stay here.

He asks why she didn’t do it properly.

She says there was no room available and she’s only a daughter-in-law so she didn’t want to make trouble, and Khun Soi assured her that there would be no problem.

He asks if she doesn’t think it will post more problem. He says they are the building’s owner with many companies rented their office space and securities must come first, and now their employee let outsider to stay in a client’s room, if it leaks out, who would trust their company.

She says thing happened already so what he wants her to do. He says she should have asked him before making this kind of decision.

Rung barges in and yells at MathuRot saying the older she gets, the emptier her brain becomes. “What niece? It’s your child from your previous husband! You bragged that he was so rich then why he let his daughter roam around finding a place to stay like this?!” Rung yells.

He stops her from arguing. Tho intervenes and says even though she did the wrong thing, the cause of it is his own staff, and if Khun Soi didn’t offer it, how aunt (MathuRot) would be able to do it.

“Then what do you want me to do?!” Rung asks.

“You think about it tonight then write a report for me tomorrow.” Tho says. Rung yells that he’s not his staff and he has only one boss, that is his grandfather!

Tho stands up and says, “Then keep this matter and wait to report it to grandfather yourself.” He leaves his office.

Pabu is moving out of the room. Tho finds her standing in front of the elevator.

“So it’s you who sneaked to live in my building.” he asks.

“I didn’t sneak, I just didn’t know!”

He says that’s why she helped him the last time, obviously feeling guilty staying in his building. She yells that she said she didn’t know.

“You got caught so now you’re taking all your belongings and flee?”

“I didn’t flee. Why? Are you going to call the police to arrest me?”

“What do you think?” he returns then adds, “If you could only apologize….”

She interrupts him and says, “Great, just arrest me! Go ahead! I’m not scared. It’s good to sleep in a cell, lodging and meal are free of charge. It’s much better than going home to let Miss Botox laugh at me, since my life has been facing only worse things. I had to leave home and no one would hire me blaming that I didn’t finish school, and when I came back to my room, I had to face with this mess and it’s not my fault at all!” She turns around to hide in a corner. LOL.

Tho is overwhelmed by her long rant so he says, “Hey, I was kidding. I won’t be calling the police.”

She says don’t you say it. He wants to touch her shoulder but takes her bags back to the room instead. She asks what he’s doing. He says sending her back to the room. He says actually he came to tell her that she could stay but he didn’t think she would pack this fast.

She couldn’t believe it and asks if it’s that easy. She asks if there’s any trick behind it and tells him not to do it. He smiles and says she has the right to stay in this building because she’s (kind of) a family member. She asks since when she became his family member.

“You’re my younger brother’s sister and my stepmother’s daughter, so you’re like my younger sister. Let’s say whenever you find a new place to stay, let me know. For today, stay here.” he says.

She stops him from leaving. “Wait!”

He moves back a bit away from her touch. “I have a proposal! Aren’t you looking for a restaurant manager? Since we are now counted as relatives, why not hire me? All I ask is a place to stay, and for the salary, it’s up to you, as easy as that, and you can call me to work 24 hrs a day.”

“I already saw your resume.” he politely says.

“So? Are you interested?” she gets excited.

He leans closer and says, “No.”

Then he walks away. LOL.

Note: Tho’s dialogs, so far, was always formal and he had clear-cut manners, very proper. I hope he will loosen up later  🙂

Part 3

At home, MaThuRot thanks Tho for allowing Flur to continue staying there. He smiles and says that’s all right because she’s one of his relatives and they are a family. She feels glad to hear that and says thank you.

He asks if Don come home already. Don just walks in so Tho asks why he came home this late at night. He pulls Don to him and there’s a smell of cigarette. “You smoke?”

“That’s right. So what?” Don yells back.

“Not what, but I will cut your school daily allowance if you have money left to spend on cigarette, to harm yourself like this.”

“Why do have to bother me? It’s my own body so whether I live or die, it’s my business!” Don walks upstairs.

MathuRot scolds Don for talking to his brother like that and tells him to wait for her.

Pabu gets a call in the morning and sleepily picks up.

“There will be a job interview for a restaurant manager this afternoon. If you are interested, I will give you a chance, and if your qualifications pass through, I will be happy to accept your proposal which you said yesterday.” Tho ends the conservation.

Pabu goes back to sleep then gets up and asks herself it that was a dream. She checks her phone and calls that number again. “Eh…are you Khun StaYu? So you really called! Thank you so much. See you.” she couldn’t be happier. She jumps up and down saying she’s getting a job.

Toi, Buri’s friend, walks in the office and teases a girl that she drew her eyebrows so pretty today so he will treat her a meal later (LOL). Buri pulls him over and sits him down. “So, how was it?”

Toi says don’t worry, what’s going on in this company, he knows it all. Buri tells him to get to the point and tell him what happened yesterday. Toi says Khun Soi brought an outsider to stay in a client’s room, then there’s a jackpot, she got caught by Khun Tho then….Buri interrupts that he knew that already but what he wants to know is, what Khun Tho did to that person who stayed here and how that person is now, and if she was chased out already.

“Wait a minute, why are you asking about the outsider but not Khun Soi?” Toi suspects.

“Right, what happened to her. Did she get punished?” Buri smooths it well.

“Don’t know that but I know Khun Soi got fired.” Toi reports.

“Got fired?”

“That’s right, and if Khun Rung knows it, a bomb will explode for sure. I don’t want to think about it.” Toi says.

Rung comes to the office and he’s on the phone saying that the luck was with him last night (at the gambling dent) so he didn’t go home. He bumps into NgamYing and MekPat. She says Tho gave Khun SoiThip, his own staff, a white envelope (money for her to quit or fire her) so how he can still be in a good mood.

Rung asks if Soi got fired. She says yes, and Tho took one of her staff , KaNok, to work in Khun Soi’s place, but he doesn’t make that person work under Rung but report directly to him. She says Tho goes right over his head.

She says Rung’s position soon could become an insignificant one without any meaning (authority). MekPat adds that if Rung weren’t his father, Tho would fire him already. Rung is his father yet Tho dares to slight him. “How could he do this to you?” MekPat shakes head.

“Tho!” Rung shouts.

Rung barges in and asks Tho if he meant to slight him to do that. Tho calmly puts down his work and says, “It’s because I didn’t see you do anything so I had to handle it for you.”

Rung argues that he doesn’t have the right to fire his staff.

“Why can’t I? She is an employee of the company. She deserves for what she did or else how will I answer to our client?”

Rung says if Tho doesn’t tell, the client will never know, and he has his own way to handle it.

“What way? Acting like nothing happened and letting it go, is that it?” Tho asks.

Tho says he doesn’t want to interfere with his work if he only do his job a little, and doesn’t stay in gambling dents everyday while paying no attention to the company’s work, so much so that everyone in the company gotten fed up.

“Tho! I’m your father! You have no rights to teach me. Whatever I do, it’s my business. What? Staring at me like that, do you want to fire me too? Go ahead! Do it!” Rung shouts.

“Father, do I have the right to fire you?…But from now on, I won’t bother you anymore because Khun KaNok will report to me directly.” Tho explains.

Rung asks then Tho makes him sit there to do what? It’s enough that he’s an idiot to everyone’s eyes, especially, his grandfather who put Tho so high above. Rung asks if that isn’t satisfied him enough. “It’s your behavior like this that makes everyone in the house hate you!”

“Father, how should I behave then? Be lazy and pay no attention to work, and let everyone do what they want, is it this way to make you love me and satisfy everyone in the house?” Tho gets up to ask him.

Rung leaves without giving him an answer.

Rung bumps Pabu on his way and gets frustrated. Pabu is a little pissed too. Pim asks her if she came for the job interview. Pabu says yes, and she has an appointment with Khun StaYu. Pim brings her to a waiting room where many candidates are sitting, which quite upsets Pabu.

Jemi is here too and recognizes Pabu right away. MathuRot calls so Pabu tells her that she came for a job interview for SaSiWong restaurant. Mom is happy and says if she gets this job, Khun Tho is kind and the job benefits are great too.

“Mom, really? The benefits here are that bad?” Pabu asks.

MathuRot says she said the benefits were great.

Pabu continues, “The boss is so tough and he works his staff so hard? I heard that too that working for this place was hard and the (restaurant) manager has to oversee every step, starting from the construction. (Other candidates gets nervous hearing that) It’s good that I’m single and if I’m already married, working hard would surely upset my husband and he may secretly have a gig (another girl). What can I do? If I have a choice, I won’t apply for this job.” Pabu hangs up and smiles that others are hesitating about the job.

Aww…I can’t say what Pabu said aloud wouldn’t cause some dismay in real life.

It’s an interview time and Pabu is sitting in front of Tho’s desk.

“I studied marketing for two years, hotel management for one years and took courses in chef school, graphics design and fashion design.” she says.

He looks again at her resume. She says, “You may think my education background doesn’t look good and I didn’t finish any school, but I think wasting time to find what you really love is better than just finishing school for a degree.”

“I won’t judge you only by that.” he assures her.

“You don’t have to worry about my experience working in a restaurant. I love to cook. When I have time, I love to think of a new menu….”

“I want the truth.” he cuts her off.


“From the way you look, it’s obvious that you don’t know how to cook. Excuse me, do you know how to crack an egg? (She’s stunned) The words you memorized like there’s a script on it, I heard it so many time that it bores me. I want to know the truth…without any creation. Go on.” he says.

“Okay, I admit that I don’t know how to do anything. I don’t know how to crack an egg. I don’t have any experience. I didn’t finish school. The reason I want to get this job is money, to survive. That’s it, clear?”

He smiles.

“What more you want to know, say it.”

“Why do I have to pick you to work in my restaurant?” he asks.

“First, I worked in a restaurant before when I studied in the US. I studied in chef school and hotel management.”

“But you didn’t get graduate.”

“There’s still a second, I’m the person you can trust because we are like a distant relative. (He nods) Third, I have the most suitable qualifications among today’s candidates. That young girl, TuiNui, just cross her off, it’s obvious that she applied to follow you around.”

“Khun Jemi?”

She nods and says, “While others, they are married so you can’t call them to work all the time, but for me, I stay in this company. I sleep here. I can put my time fully at work because I don’t have any baggage.”

“That sounds interesting.” he nods.

“And the last one, I’ve fallen unfortunate and nowhere to go. This restaurant is the only way to prove myself to everyone. I must do everything to make this restaurant a success, because if this restaurant doesn’t survive, it will be the end of my life too. Clear?”

“That’s very clear.” he says.

“Then will you accept me?”

He just smiles.

Part 4

Pim asks Pabu if everything is all done. Pabu says yes and asks about SoiThip, how she is. Pim says she was told to leave the company. Pabu asks if they have to fire her. Pim says yes.

Pabu meets with SoiThip in a cafe and apologizes for being the cause of her trouble. Soi tells her not to be serious about it, the truth is, she thought of quitting the job for a while now, working as Khun JaRoenRung’s subordinate, she would never advance in her career, and more importantly, Khun StaYu gave her quite a fund and even pulled some strings to get her a job in his friend’s company.

“Khun StaYu did that?” Pabu asks.

“Khun StaYu is a strict man so he had to punish me according to the company’s rules, but he didn’t close his eyes and just fire his employees without any caring for them. He also neatly looked for an exit door for every party involved. Therefore, Khun Flur doesn’t have to feel guilty about it.” Soi concludes.

Pabu seems impressed to hear about Tho.

At a bookstore, Buri and Pabu meet again and grab the same book.

“Hey, you are still in this building?” he’s glad to see her.

“Excuse me, I’m going to buy this book.”

Buri won’t let her have it. “Me too.”

“But I grabbed it first!”

“I think you and me grabbed it at the same time.”

They push and pull. Buri sets his foot down to have it so, in the end, Pabu lets go. “Go ahead and take it! That book is totally wrinkled and ruined.” she turns to leave.

“But it’s you who did it!” he argues. She shrugs and leaves anyway. The saleslady sends him a glare so Buri grins and takes that book.

Pabu stands looking at the nightlight, taking selfie. She says to herself, “Flur, do you think you are going to get this job? No, you must show everyone that you can do it! You must be able to stand on your own feet. Do you understand?”

A call comes in from StaYu. She answers, “Hello, yes?”

“If you still want to work at the restaurant, come see me tomorrow at my office.” Tho says.

“You accepted me for the job?”

“Well, it depends on how you would think. That’s all.” he hangs up.

You know, the vice-president doesn’t have to call her himself. Hehe.

She screams that she got a job finally, then looks around if anyone notices what she just did.

Pabu comes to see Tho the next day. She greets him so he praises her for coming here early, then tells her to take a seat.

“You already accepted me for the manager job, right? I didn’t assume it myself, did I?” she asks again to be sure.


She squeals and asks what about her lodging. He says she can continue staying there and for her salary, he will pay her the standard amount. “If you can’t achieve what you said or any problem turns up, I will remove you from the position and cancel the contract immediately.”

“I’m an easy-going with great habits, also an Eco friendly. There will be no problems for sure.” she assures him.

“That’s great because you will have to work with my architect. I will introduce him to you.”

“No problems!”

Pim enters and says Khun Buri is here. Tho invites him to sit down and tells Flur that this is Khun Buri, the architect he mentioned who will be working with her.

He tells Buri, “And this is Khun Pabu, the restaurant manager…(Tho pauses when seeing the two are sending each other a killer stare)…You already knew each other?” he asks.

Buri says, “Not really” while Pabu says, “Yes.”

Pabu turns to him and forces a smile on her face and says, “We met 2-3 times and he’s so adorable. I felt greatly connected the first time I met him. I think we can work together without any problem at all. Isn’t that right, Khun Buri?” she turns to Buri.

Buri tries to smile.

“That’s good. I hope you two will work together smoothly without any problem, so that my restaurant will be completed in no time. All right?”

Pabu smiles and nods while Buri says yes.

Tho walks the two out and tells Buri that he will make an appointment with him to talk about work again, and for Pabu, he will take her to take a look at the restaurant in case she might have more ideas after seeing the place, and she can talk with Khun Buri about it.

Pabu says yes. Tho excuses himself when a call comes in.

Buri starts first after there are just the two of them. “Since when I’m close with you?…Khun Pla-bu (a kind of fish)!”

“It’s Pabu, Pabu which means flowers!”

“Flowers? Okay, Khun Flowers, you did that much because you’re scared you wouldn’t get a job, didn’t you?”

“I just want Khun Tho to feel happy that we can work together without any problem…even though it seems a disaster!” she insults.

“That’s correct, and looks like there will be a lot of problems too! I think the best way is for you to withdraw now.” he suggests.

“No way! I will take this job no matter what.”

“Will you make it?”

“Why’s that, when it’s just an easy job like a restaurant manager?”

“You said that, it means…” he leaves it at that and chuckles.


“Nothing!” he grins.

Part 5

Tho takes Pabu to the restaurant which is now a deserted place. A sign falls down in front of them which shows the condition of the place. “Let’s go take a look inside.” he says.

They greet an uncle who looks after the place. Tho greets the fish in the fish tank. Pabu cringes at how dusty the place is. Tho notices it and invites her to get inside.

(My eyes fixes on Great who’s a playful one, and whether or not he could tug that side of him underneath Tho’s character. Haha. Tho hardly smiled so some viewers hope to see him with a big smile one day.)

Tho asks her how the place is. She says it’s good (which contradicts what her face shows). He says she told him before that this job suited someone who was tough, equipped with strong endurance and high tolerance rate, and had a full time on it, and that’s why he chose her.

He says her job is to oversee this place from renovation to decoration until everything is done.

“Well, I don’t think that…” she hesitates.

“Don’t think that you can do it?…Okay, then I will…”

She stops him and corrects that she didn’t think that way. He says it’s not too late for her to withdraw now. “No! I will do it. This kind of task, it’s easy. It’s challenging…(she sneezes). I like it!”

He smiles knowing she’s trying.

Jemi comes to the company and asks PimPun if Pee Tho is here, she made some cakes and wants to give it to him. Pim says he’s not here, he took the new restaurant manager to take a look at the place but he should be back in the evening. Jemi is surprised that he already hired the new manager and asks who it is, male or female.

Pim says it’s a female. Jemi asks how she looks, if she’s as pretty as her, how old she is, and if she’s a trusted person. Pim says she can’t answer that and Jemi should wait to ask her herself. Jemi turns to leave and tries to call Tho but she couldn’t reach him. When she throws the cakes into a trashcan, Buri pops up. He asks if she’s really going to throw it away.

He peeks at the cakes and says what a pity wasting. She says, “It’s my business. It’s my cakes!”

“Up to you then.” he says and wants to get on the elevator. “Wait, why didn’t you let me get inside first? You aren’t a gentleman at all.” she asks. Buri steps back and invites her to go first. He doesn’t follow her inside so she asks if he’s not coming. He says, “No, I don’t want to die in an elevator.” LOL

Tho notices there’s a missed call from Jemi. Pabu takes pictures of the place and says his restaurant is actually pretty, it shouldn’t have gone out of business at all. “That’s true.” he says.

She asks why he wants to bring back this business. He explains, “My grandfather loves this restaurant very much since it’s his first business. My grandmother looked after it in the past and my family would come here to have a meal every week. It’s a place of memory. I want this place completed as soon as possible because my father and uncle want to build a condo instead, so I think if the restaurant is completed, they won’t have any excuse.”

“Don’t you worry, with my skill level, I guarantee it will be completed so quickly.” she smiles.

“That’s good. I want it completed in one month.” he adds.

“One month?”

He nods.

“Hey, this isn’t ‘Restaurant City’ (a simulation game) to which some presses here and there will make everything turn up.” she argues.

“If you can’t do it then it’s all right.” he turns to leave. She stops him and says, “Wait, I was only ranting…just to add value to my present here, and you might increase my salary.”

She looks around and says, “One month? It’s easy!”

He smiles and says she doesn’t have to worry about the decoration because he already had a contractor who will finish the job very fast. He says what will be hard for her is, setting up the restaurant.

“I will fight to death and won’t let anyone build a condo here!” she confirms.

Tho smiles feeling satisfied with her fighting spirit.

ChatChai (Jemi’s father) takes a look at the shape of the (restaurant) land. MekPat says this land is his family’s heritage, he thinks it has a good location and is a beautiful piece so he wants to invite him to join the investment.

ChatChai agrees that it’s a good piece of land and it interests him, but he heard that Khun KitJa wanted to make it a restaurant.

MekPat tells him not worry, and if he’s really interested, he will try to persuade his father. ChatChai says if Khun KitJa and Khun StaYu have no problems about it, of course, as an investor, he is interested.

NgamYing says if father allowed a condo be built, it would have been done a long time ago, it wouldn’t be deserted till today. MekPat says he may already change his mind. She suggests him not talk to father about it and get scolding at, and he already hated him enough. MekPat says if he can’t talk with him then he must talk with someone else. “I will talk to the company’s directors to have a talk with father.” he smirks.

MaThuRot comes visit Pabu and gives her food-recipe books and she could make use of it. Pabu thanks her. Mom asks about her work today, if her workplace is good, if she can get along with her colleague. Pabu says they met before. Mom says that’s good because they can work together easier. Pabu says it may not be that, since she caused him troubles many times. Mom asks if he isn’t so angry with her now. She says he’s the company’s staff while Pabu is an outsider, and if any problem arises, Khun Tho will have to choose his staff over her. Pabu says in that case, she must find a way to have him in control (within her grab).

Part 6

Pabu comes to Buri’s office and asks Toi if Buri’s here. Buri shows up, “Sawasdee, Khun Pla-bu! So you miss me this early in the morning?” She glares at him and says she has something to clear it with private. Heads turn their way.

She puts down a bag of sweets on the table and gives him a big smile. She says she bought it for him, and from now on, they will be in harmony working hard together. Buri cringes.

She says each sweet she bought has a name of good luck (she says the sweet names), so they will become good friends. He glares at her so she tells him not to think it’s a trick, she only wants to apologize for what she did in the past. She suggests he forget personal matters and concentrate on work-related matters instead.

He chuckles and asks if she’s scared to lose her job and that’s why she’s bribing him. He says he’s not a spirit guarding this place so no need to give him offerings. “Take it back and eat it yourself.” he suggests.

“So it doesn’t please you that I bought you sweets? All right, (she grabs the bag) I will make merit and dedicate it to you instead!” she storms out and he smiles.

Toi comes nosy-ing. He asks who that chic pretty girl is, she’s his type. Buri says it’s Khun Pabu, the new restaurant manager. Toi accuses him of keeping his mouth shut like it had a cramp after he got to work with such pretty girl, and didn’t introduce her to him. The lady holds Buri and warns him not to have an affair, she won’t let it happen. LOL.

Buri pushes her away and tells them to stop imagining things, it’s work only. Okay?

Toi says to the lady, that’s right, she should stop imagining it. She pokes his head.

Pim tells Tho that Khun Pabu is inside the cafe. She says she seems enthusiastic and that should satisfy him. He looks at Pabu then continues on his way.

Pabu gets frustrated with the restaurant design and writes comments on it.

Pim tells Tho that she had sent all the restaurant’s details to Khun Pabu, also she already set up a meeting with Khun Pabu for him this evening. Tho asks Pim to brief Pabu on her work because she still doesn’t know anyone here. Pim says yes. Tho asks her one more thing.

Pim sets up a desk for Pabu per Tho’s request. A lady sees it and reports it to NgamYing that Khun Tho hired a new staff, the restaurant manager. NgamYing asks if he already got the restaurant manager when she doesn’t know about the recruiting at all. The lady says she heard Khun Tho interviewed and hired her by himself. NgamYing is mad.

In the meeting, Tho asks Pabu what she thinks of Buri’s design of the restaurant. She turns to glare at Buri then says, “Didn’t you love something new? I think Khun Buri’s design is…too plain. It’s like regular restaurants. Don’t like it!”

Buri asks her how he should do it to not looking like regular restaurants. “If such design isn’t fresh enough for you, any ideas you have, say it then.” he says.

“How would I know? I’m not a designer (people who design). I have no ideas.”

Tho asks Buri about his idea on furniture and decoration. Buri says he will use tables and chairs they already had in place, but there will be some stainless-steel materials added.

“Will they match?” she cuts him off. Buri glares at her.

Tho seems to handle the atmosphere well. LOL.

Tho asks her about the restaurant’s chef, what’s her say on it. Pabu is caught off guard by that so Buri steps on it, “That’s right. If it isn’t managed well and the food doesn’t taste good, no matter how pretty it is decorated, it’s no use.”

Pabu tells Tho not to worry, the chef she will find, will be absolutely outstanding, and about the management, she already had a plan, its details and timeline are already on that document. “Clear?” she says.

Tho flips through the document. She says and about the restaurant’s name, ‘SaSiWong PoChaNa’, she would like to change it, it’s so out.

Tho smiles and says she may do that. He says he didn’t think that she would work this quickly and systemically. She beams and says, “Of course! I told you not to judge me by my education background.”

Buri can’t help saying, “Exaggerated!”

Pabu says actually, if she wanted to finish school or work, she could do it, she just didn’t want to. Buri suggests she be a little humble. She turns to argue that it’s the truth so why she needs to be humble about it!

I love how Tho is stunned every time Pabu says it right out and keeps quiet. Haha.

Pim shows Pabu her desk so that she doesn’t have to work at a cafe anymore. Pabu thanks her. Pim says she should thank Khun Tho who gave her the order. She gives Pabu her own name card for her conveniently contacting people. Pabu thanks her and says she’s just a restaurant manager and will relocate there soon so Pim shouldn’t do this much.

“Well, let me officially welcome you to SaSiWong Group. You can consult me about everything.” Pim offers.

NgamYing shows up and asks if this is the new restaurant manager. “So pretty, must be why Tho accepted you so fast.”

Tho interrupts, “She must have gotten aunt MaThuRot’s beauty. This is Khun Pabu, aunt MaThuRot’s daughter.”

NgamYing is stunned while Pabu greets her. Tho turns to Pabu and says, “This is aunt NgamYing, my aunt.” He then turns to NgamYing and explains that he learned from MaThuRot that Pabu was looking for a job, so he asked her to come taking care of the restaurant. “Having a relative working for us should be more trustworthy. I don’t want problem like the previous one.” he adds.

NgamYing gets frustrated when he mentions that.

Part 7

NgamYing tells MekPat that Tho already got a new restaurant manager. He says why she has to yell when it’s only a new restaurant manager, and they can do the same way they did before – pay the manager to work slowly making no progress. What’s so difficult about it, he says.

She says it’s not that easy this time. She asks if he knows who the new manager is, it’s MaThuRot’s daughter!  He perks up. She says if they do the same way, what if she tell her mother. He says he doesn’t care and will never let it be opened for business.

At a salon, mom and daughter enjoy getting a manicure. Pabu says after she left dad’s home, she didn’t take care of herself at all so thanks to her. Mom says if she loves it, she will take her for a face massage and a full set of spa. Pabu says that’s great. Mom says she does it every week anyway.

Pabu tells her that she met Khun NgamYing today and looks like she doesn’t like that she become the restaurant manager. Mom looks worried and asks if Pabu met her already. Pabu says yes and asks what problem she has with her.

Mom says it’s not her but her boss, Khun Tho. She says they aren’t in good terms. Pabu asks even though they are aunt and nephew? Mom says this family is like this then warns Pabu to be careful. Pabu asks who else in mom’s family which she needs to be careful.

Mom says the ones who would bother her at the company are Khun JaRoenRung – her husband, Khun NgamYing and Khun MekPat. These three are Khun KitJa’s children.

Mom starts telling.

The first one is Khun JaRoenRung – Khun Tho’s father. He’s the head of Admin Department, but Pabu doesn’t have to worry about him because he usually doesn’t bother with anyone and only pays attention to gambling each day, and even doesn’t pay attention to the company’s work, to which everyone is already fed up with.

Rung yells that he won’t sign the document anyone and chases his staff out.

The second one is Khun NgamYing. She’s Khun KitJa’s daughter. Actually she’s a married woman but her husband and her children couldn’t stand her picky nature so they left to live abroad. Jealousy is her nature, she doesn’t like to see anyone be better than her. MathuRot says Pabu needs to be especially careful with her.

The last one is Khun MekPat. He’s a child of Khun KitJa’s mistress so he doesn’t love him that much. Khun Mek is an unexpected child so his age isn’t that far from Khun Tho. Khun Ngam raised him so the two are very close like mother and son.

Pabu asks if his habits totally take after Khun Ngam’s.

MaThuRot says Khun MekPat seems to have many characters, and she’s not close to him so she can’t figure him out. She says sometimes he seems very kind yet there were times when he’s so scary.

She says if Pabu can avoid them, she should, because the three of them, no one likes Khun Tho at all.

Pabu says it’s karma.

Mom says KitJa loves Khun Tho very much so his children are jealous of him, and they try every way to find his faults. Pabu says so it’s like this. Mom tells her that she’s Khun Tho’s staff so they may dislike her, so she should be very careful, especially, Khun NgamYing.

Pabu says she thought at first that after leaving her house, she wouldn’t face with ‘Ma-nood Pa’ (Aunty human-being, a modern slang, calling a woman who has annoying aunty behaviors) like aunt Kate anymore, but once she met Khun NgamYing, she realized there is another ‘Ma-nood Pa’ who would love to chew her alive.

Mom laughs and says it shouldn’t be that bad. Pabu asks what about ThraDon, her brother, what kind of drama he has with Khun Tho. Mom says being disobedient like how the teens are.

Mom gets a call so she complains why a call now and wonders if her nails will be ruined to get her phone. “What?” she listens then shouts.

They walk out of the salon. Mom says what to do when Khun Rung doesn’t pick up her call. Pabu tells her to call Khun Tho.

Tho takes her call and says he will be right there. He tells Pim to cancel his appointment with the customer, he needs to run. Pim says yes.

At a police station, the lawyer tells Tho that he will get in there and take care of it. MaThuRot arrives and asks if he arrived a long while. He says for a while now and Khun DaNai (the lawyer) already processed to bail him out, the charge is, assembling to do drugs. She’s stunned. Tho says luckily, they didn’t find anything after the test. She thanks him.

Pabu walks in so he says she’s here too. Pabu says she’s with her mom so she drove her here. MaThuRot excuses herself to check on Don. Tho says he will wait here because Don won’t want to see him. Pabu says she will go with her too.

MaThuRot asks Don how he is and tells him to be patient because the lawyer is bailing him out. She tells him to come to her. He doesn’t move so she says it again. He gets up and asks why she needs to be so loud, does she not feel embarrassed to others here (his friends).

“If she’s embarrassed, would she dare coming here? It is a police station here, and no one wants to come if it’s unnecessary!” Pabu scolds him.

“And who are you? What has it with you?”

“Nothing with me, I only accompany mom.” Pabu answers.

“Accompany mom? Then where is your mom?” he asks.

MaThuRot tells Pabu not to mind her younger brother when he doesn’t feel at ease. She tells her to get out and talk to Khun Tho, and she will have a talk with her brother. Pabu agrees and leaves. Don stares at his mother and tries to connect the dots.

Pabu comes out and asks Tho why Don got arrested. He says gathering in a condo and they must be so loud that the neighboring room called the police. He says he knew it would be like this one day.

He adds that Don kept thinking about studying abroad, but with him like this while in Thailand and if he allows him to leave, he couldn’t imagine how Don will turn out.

She argues that there are many parents who don’t think like he does, when their children are misbehaved, many send them abroad so that they will have to help themselves, and many returned changing into a different person.

He adds that also there were many who returned bringing back nothing. She pauses then says, “I’m a limited edition, very few exist on earth!”

He says, “Okay, I won’t argue with you. I want Don to finish ‘Mor-6’ (the last grade in highschool) first, am I being too strict to my brother?”

Pabu says no, and she’s worse than him. She also has a younger sister, her stepmother’s child, her name is Bam who is so prim and proper and everyone loves her, that sometimes she just…dislikes her. “Now, am I worse than you?”

He concludes that they are both a bad elder brother/sister. She says what they can do when they don’t have both parents with them (at the same time), so she thinks it’s justified for them to be a little problem one. She asks if he thinks so too.

He says her reason seems like a sound one. She says if they swap it, her sister be his sister, she thinks he will be happy because that girl studies hard like he ever wanted, and let Don be her stepmother’s child, he will happy too because she won’t interfere with his life at all.

He asks, “That much?”

Pabu says if Don lives with her stepmother, she thinks one of them may die (from fighting). She says sometimes her mother is too weak so Don isn’t afraid of her.

“Be a mother is kind of hard too, you know. If being too strict, her child would cringe, but if too kind, her child could be aggressive.” she says.

The lawyer comes out and says everything is taken care of, and excuses himself to leave. Both thank him.

MaThuRot tells Pabu that she will go home with Khun Tho. Pabu says all right and see her later. Don says, “What a pity, I thought I would get acquainted with my pretty elder sister, but that’s all right, it could be later. I’m going home now, my elder sister!” he reaches his hand out. Pabu says no need for that. “See you then, my pretty elder sister.” he stares at her figure.

MaThuRot tells Don to leave now instead of teasing his sister. Tho stares hard at Don who’s also staring back. Tho tells Pabu he will leave now.

Part 8

At home, MaThuRot thanks Tho for taking care of everything for her. She says up to now, she still couldn’t reach Khun Rung so she thinks his phone battery ran out. Tho says it’s all right.

Don walks in so she tells him to thank Tho, once she called about him, Khun Tho come taking care of everything and that’s why he could come out this fast. Don says Tho just did it to show off to grandfather. She asks why he said like that. Don asks why she has to be scared of him, he’s a god or what, or the owner of her life.

Tho yells at him to stop being this aggressive. He says the way he and his friends gathered to do drugs and had some fun climbing the balcony, and worried the neighbor that they called the police, he didn’t…Don yells at him to stop talking.

MaThuRot asks why he did that, what if he fell down. Don yells at her that if he’s going to die, it would happen a long time ago. He tells Tho to stop messing with him already.

Tho yells back how could he not, and what happened just now, if he didn’t rush to clear it, Don would surely be on the front page. He reminds him to remember what family name he’s using, and how grandfather would feel about what he did.

Don yells that he knew it that he’s just afraid of their reputation be ruined. He asks his mother if she can see now that he isn’t a very nice brother like she thinks he is. Don accuses Tho of thinking only about himself and wanting to show off to grandfather.

MaThuRot apologizes to Tho on Don’s behalf, and tells him not to mind his brother. She tells Don to stop talking and go upstairs.

KitJa walks down with Cherry. He asks how come two brothers came home together today. Tho says he passed by Don’s school so he took him home. KitJa asks Don why his face looks so worn out, and if he didn’t get any sleep last night.

MaThuRot says he was playing games till 2-3 a.m. and he wouldn’t listen to her, so may be he should get some scold from him better.

KitJa says children today live such a comfortable life, don’t have to do anything, they born rich so they don’t have to help their parents making income. He asks Don why he doesn’t follow so many role models around. He says if Don can be a fruit that falls down further away from a tree (not taking after his father), his future will surely be much more prosperous.

Rung shows up and says a son of his is like this, but what strange is, how he could have a son like Tho. He asks if KitJa doesn’t wonder why Tho’s life could turn a huge different from his own father.

KitJa chuckles and says surely Tho must got lucky…not taking after him!

KitJa tells his girl to go out and stops to stare hard at Rung.

Pabu walks along the street. When mom calls, she says she hasn’t yet returned to her room and wants to find something to eat first. She tells her not to worry then hangs up. A heel on her shoes  gets broken by a street hole. She screams why broken now and tries to walk along.

Buri intercepts her with his bike and greets her, “Mae Pla-bu-thong!” (teasing her name with a kind of fish again but this time, he adds the word ‘golden’ to it)

She asks what he’s doing here. He says he saw someone taking selfies here and then…(he mimics) “Yes! I got a job! Yes!

She asks if he has so much free time to follow the track of other person. He asks if she thinks she’s that significant. He looks at her feet and asks if she hurt her leg since he saw her walk stumblingly. She asks if he’s mocking her then tells him to leave the direction he came from. He asks if she wants him to drop her off.


“I give you one more chance.”

“No!” she turns around and when she turns back, he’s gone. She yells that what about the third time he didn’t ask. “You cruel!”

Later, she found him standing on a bridge. He hands her a pair of shoes he bought for her. He insists she puts it on so that she can walk comfortably. She accepts it and thanks him, and says there’s some kindness in him too.

She sees the shoes and asks what kind of crazy shoes this is,  and if it’s for a giant for him to buy this huge size. He argues that he doesn’t know her size. She asks if there wasn’t a better one in the store. She accuses him of doing it on purpose, to make her pay for criticizing his work.

He says what he would do that for, and it’s the truth that there’s only this pair in the store.

Flashback, he wants to buy the pink one at first, then the big yellow feet caught his eyes and he changes his mind. LOL.

Back to present, he tells her to put it on to make do since her leg is hurting. He adds that it’s a different kind of looking chic. She changes her shoes while holding him as an anchor. He looks at her feet and smiles then says it’s so trendy. She thanks him.

He asks where she’s going. She says going home, she wanted to find something to eat at first, but now she lost the mood. He asks if she’s not hungry. “Of course!” she answers.

“Want some barbecued-pork sticks?” he shows it to her and says, “Smell so good! Interested?”

She grabs it and says if she’s not so hungry, she wouldn’t eat it. He nags that she’s picky. She asks if he lives around here because she saw him biking to the office everyday. He says that’s right, he stays at a condo for employees just behind the office building. She asks about the restaurant, he didn’t tell her anything. He asks how he can contact her when he doesn’t have her phone number, and asks if she wants him to light an incense stick to let her know.

She says why he didn’t ask Khun PimPun, just a tiny matter and he couldn’t figure it out. He looks at her eating alone and says, “Taste good, right?” then he asks for her cell phone.

“What for?”

“To input my number.”

She tells him to hold the bag of pork sticks and gets the phone for him. He enters his phone number and gives it back. She checks it, “Khun-Bu-ri”. He says she can call him ‘Khan’. She utters, “Kam (karma).” He glares at her and corrects it, “Khan, not Kam.”

“I mean it’s kam (karma) to meet you.”

She gets a call from StaYu. He asks if she reached her room already. She says not yet, she wants to find something to eat first and now she’s with Khun Buri talking about work. Tho says he calls to tell her that his grandfather wants to meet her at noon tomorrow. He tells her to relate that to Buri too. She says all right.

She hangs up and tells Buri that Khun KitJa wants to see them at noon tomorrow. He nods. She says these sticks of this store taste great.

Aww…who’s going to fall head over heels first, I wonder   🙂

Part 9

KitJa enters the meeting room and greets everyone. He say before they start, he has something to inform them. He says he decided to hand over this company and the company’s president position solely to Khun StaYu, his grandson.

Some smile and some doesn’t. KitJa asks if there’s any objection. A man says he totally agrees with him. KitJa smiles and concludes that there’s no objections, then asks what today’s topics are. Tho starts talking about the project KitJa approved last time, 70% progressed, and another 30% needs to be approved by him today. KitJa says he has no objections on it.

MekPat and NgamYing march to KitJa. She says KitJa can’t just give the company to Tho like that. He says Tho already worked in his place for two years so why not. She tries to say that Tho is just…KitJa cuts her off and asks why yelling when he didn’t fire the two of them. She says he did it like this, others will think they are incapable.

KitJa says they already knew that, especially, Rung. He says he still didn’t show up at his office by now, and he says, especially her, management isn’t her expertise.

MekPat asks what about him. KitJa chuckles that his work barely survived. He tells them to talk later because he’s something to do today. He gets up to greet Cherry. She asks what a surprise he calls her here for is. He gives her a key-card to his penthouse, he’s giving it to her. Also, a car for her to drive.

NgamYing asks if he’s giving her the penthouse and a car. He says, “It’s my business, it’s my assets. Whom I’m giving it to, it’s my business.”

She yells why he never gives things like this to his children. He says his children took so many already so why wanting more. He calls for a menu so loud. NgamYing and MekPat walk away while KitJa ignores them and tells Cherry to make an order.

MekPat asks NgamYing if she’s still mad. She yells at him for not helping her and letting her say it alone. He says his talk always means nothing, but he will seek another way. He says since KitJa never sees him as his son and treat him like a pig or puppy, just wait and see, this unlucky son of his will show the whole industry what the huge loss is.

She asks what he’s going to do. He says she will know when the time comes.

Jemi asks her dad if it’s true that grandfather appointed Pee Tho the president of the company. ChatChai says yes. She squeals and says, “My Pee Tho.” She says she will rush to congratulate him now, she will go change. He laughs.

Pabu tells her dad on the phone that she got a job already, a restaurant manager. She turns upset and says if he doesn’t believe it, it’s all right. She says she has to hang up now, she’s very busy and her boss is calling, “Yes, boss. I’m coming!” she hangs up. She’s actually in a convenient store.

Buri stands there and overhears it. He ends up laughing. He says even her father doesn’t believe that she could do this job so he suggests that she give up. She asks why he happened to overhear her conversation here every time. She calls him, “Khun Kam!”

“It’s Khan! Khan!” he repeats then asks if she won’t go congratulate Khun Tho. She asks what about. He says for becoming the company’s president. She is so glad to hear that. He asks if she’s glad to become the president’s staff.

He asks if Khun Tho didn’t tell her yesterday on the phone, he thought an exclusive position like her would know before anyone. She says she doesn’t know it and all she knows is they have to meet Khun KitJa at noon today. Clear?

Tho invites Pabu and Buri to take a seat. He introduces Buri to KitJa, the architect he picked to design their restaurant. KitJa looks at him and says he heard praises about him and finally he gets to meet him in person.

Tho introduces Pabu to him, the restaurant manager. He recognizes her and says she’s the one at the restaurant, they met before. He says that day a server dropped food on her, what a small world. He asks if she’s Khun MathuRot’s daughter, as pretty as her mother. Pabu beams.

Tho tells KitJa to talk about the restaurant. He says why he needs to when he doesn’t work here anymore and Tho can decide by himself. He says he only drops by to greet the staff who will work the restaurant for him.

Buri doesn’t look happy. KitJa asks if Tho made them work too hard. Pabu says not much, but quite something, but it’s all right, she’s willing to fight.

Tho walks KitJa to the elevator. He complains why Tho needs to follow him here when he can find his way out. He gets inside the lift and leaves.

Tho tells Pim to reserve Japanese restaurant for him, he will treat Khun Buri and Khun Pabu.


“What surprises you?” he asks.

“Well, you normally would never have a meal with the employees like this.”

It surprises him too. She says she will call and reserve it for him. He thanks her then he hears Jemi greet him. She congratulates him that finally her Pee Tho becomes the president of the company. He thanks her. She asks where he’s going.

Pabu and Buri walk over so Tho introduces Jemi as Khun ChaKanPa, the daughter of the company’s important client.

Pabu greets her and tries to pronounce her name. Jemi tells her to call her Jemi better. Tho introduces Pabu to Jemi, their new restaurant manager. He says he’s taking both of them for a treat. Jemi says she will go with them too. She says she won’t feel uncomfortable and can go with them.

Tho asks Jemi if they should change to have a buffet instead since she loves it. She agrees and says he really knows her mind. She says only their eyes meet, they know each other’s mind. She says she has so many places to choose and feels so excited.

They sit down in a private room of a restaurant. Jemi asks Pabu why she didn’t sit next to her boyfriend. Uh-oh. That alerts both men.

Pabu asks which person she thinks is her boyfriend. Both men’s faces are so hilarious. Jemi says it must not be Pee Tho for sure. Pabu asks how she know that it’s not him. Jemi says mustn’t be him because, if Pee Tho likes someone, she will know it already.

Tho says actually, Khun Pabu is Khun MathuRot’s daughter. Buri turns him to be sure. Tho says he will go to wash his hands. Jemi says she will go with him too.

Buri asks Pabu what Khun Tho said just now, so it means…She says that’s right. He says so she and Khun Tho are brother and sister.

He says, “That’s why.”

“Why what?”


“You want to say I’m a ‘dek-sen’ (a person who got the job due to connection), don’t you? I don’t care when it’s the truth. “

“You admit it so easily?”

“That’s right and I don’t care how I got this job, all I’m interested is whether or not I can do it, and if I can’t do it, come looking down on me that day. Clear?!”

“That’s long.”

“One more thing, even though my mother is Khun Tho’s stepmother, we aren’t related by blood. Therefore, don’t try to connect us as relatives or call us brother and sister. I’m an employee just like you. Do you understand? Clear?”

She gets out and he’s glad.

It’s barbecue time. They arrange their food on the grill. Jemi asks Pabu if she’s really aunt’s daughter and why she never mentioned her. Pabu says because it’s a private matter so there’s no need to announce it.

Tho tells Jemi not to be interested in that and says she said she wanted to eat this place’s meat. She says all right then takes Buri’s meat and puts it on her plate. Buri could only gulp. Pabu doesn’t like it at all.

Jemi says the pork tastes great and tells Tho to try it. When Tho wants to take his meat, Jemi takes it away. LOL.

Jemi praises the taste of it. She says this piece with fat on it, she can say that it’s such a joy, and judging by the angle it does to the fire, everyone who eats it will feel its tenderness on the tongue.

Pabu snatches the meat away and chews it, then she says it’s so good, exactly like she said.

Jemi calls her bad-mannered, can she not see that she’s barbecuing that piece. Pabu says she saw it, but whoever’s slower wouldn’t get it, and Jemi snatched the meat of Khun Buri and Khun StaYu right in front of their eyes too.

Both men can only turn to each other. This is so hilarious.

A man walks into Tho’s building and causes quite a stir from the girls. He asks the info desk that he came to see his friend who works here but doesn’t know which floor. He gives the name for her to check it for him.

Tho and the gang come back. Pim tells Pabu that there’s someone waiting to see her. Pabu asks who it is. Pim says she doesn’t know that then points her to him.


“Get!” Pabu runs to him and bear-hugs him. She asks since when he come back and why he didn’t let her know. She asks if he knows that she missed him so. He says of course, he knows that or he wouldn’t come see her here.

Episode 3 Preview

Pabu:  “Who did this to my child (her car)?”

Buri:  “It’s so you.”

Tho:  “I already have an idea where to have Khun Pabu stay.”

Tho:  “I want you to be a bumper for me, and protect me from Jemi.”

Pabu: “Not gonna do it.”

Jemi:  “Let’s go”

Tho:  “Khun Pabu!”

Pabu:  “Just take me to the doctor.”

Jemi:  “You like Khun Pabu?”

Jemi: “Khun Pabu is not here and Pee Tho too, which could mean…”

Buri: “Could it be the two of them left together?”

Rung: “What about a chef? Where will you find one? I give you 5 days and if you can’t find one, I will have to take back this project and do it myself.”


It’s fun to see two perfect men walk side by side wooing the girl in every step of the way. I don’t mind both and it must be a tough decision for Pabu.

[Spoiler, you are on your own] I checked the novel, even though she chose one in the very end, she didn’t really leave another one behind (in her heart), and what’s great was, the one she chose seemed to know it too and kept reminding her tenderly that he couldn’t live without her. Aww….[End of Spoiler]

Not gonna say it though. Muahaha….

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  2. I really hope you continue coz 23 of us, read ur recap at the same time from my laptop and laugh aloud ❤ ❤ ❤ So once again thank u soooo much dear 🙂

  3. I dont want to know who she chose… Just want to ask, after 3 episodes how faithful is d lakorn 2 d book? They have followed exactly or quite a few changes? Jeni’s character there in d novel? Pabu and Jeni both are spoilt brats, but I LOVE Pabu’s character, while feel like switching off when Jeni comes in 😀

    • Chapter one is similar to the lakorn only it’s Buri instead of Tho who grabbed the same CD (a bag in the lakorn) with Flur in a shop.

      Flur was described as a woman whose smile could mesmerize everyone. Buri had tiny eyes but bright and cheerful. Stayu had sharp powerful eyes, very careful with his manners. He even checked if both his sleeves had equal length, after he rolled them up, before seeing his grandfather. I’m still looking for Jemi in the novel, will let you know laterrrr….. 🙂

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