Tai Ngao Jun Episode 1

This lakorn premiered last week and its first episode got me hooked. Great Warintorn pulled out a calm businessman so well while Margie also was a lovable spoiled brat. There are two great men for our heroine to choose, which (I think) she will have a hard time picking one.


Tai Ngao Jun = under the moon’s shadow (word for word), interpretation also depends on the storyline

Main Cast

Great as StaYu (nickname Tho)

Margie as Pabu (nickname Flur)

Kanin as Buri (nickname Khan)

Episode 1

[Animated sequence]

Pabu narrates, “Sawasdee ka, my name is Pabu. ‘Pabu’ means flowers…but my life isn’t that pretty like flowers. Let’s say, I do have a family just like everyone, unfortunately, my parents went separately way since I was young so I got to go study abroad, but didn’t actually graduate (in anything). Eight years of living there, I returned with nothing except fashion and how to dress. I can’t understand why most people judge a person by educational success. Isn’t that such a nonsense?”

[Cars in traffic]

Pabu gets off her van to help a lady crossing the street. Cars start moving and she screams at her driver if he doesn’t see that she’s helping that aunt. She asks why he’s honking the horn.

At an office building, a man steps out of an elevator, he’s Stayu (also Tho). His secretary, Pim, is saying that his work in the afternoon has already been postponed to tomorrow, and about ‘The Paradise’, the condominium project, the Design Department will send him the design of it afterwards.

He asks about a present which ‘Khun Jemi‘ wants. She says it arrived just today. He says he will take care of it himself then leaves in a car.

Pabu arrives at a shopping mall and tells her driver not to wait for her, and to come back with her car while she will spend time shopping to kill off her boredom.

She enjoys spending until she grabs the same handbag as StaYu.

“Excuse me, I grab it first.” she says.

He lets go and says, “I’ll let you have it.”

“How could you say ‘let me’ when you and I grabbed at the same time.”

StaYu’s eyes turn wide but he politely turns to another bag, which is also taken away again by her. He asks, “Excuse me, so which one do you want?”

“I’m busy choosing so you will have to wait.”

StaYu is unbelievably calm and asks the saleslady if there is the same kind available in stocks. She says it’s a limited edition and they imported it only one of each.

 He walks over to Pabu and asks, “You still can’t pick one?”

“Not yet!”

“The one on the left looks sweet, I think it suits you well, while the one on the right is classic and chic, I think it goes well with every dress.”

She turns to him and smirks, “You could be right.”

“So, which one will you choose? I’m waiting for a while now.”

“Who told you to wait? If you can’t wait then don’t!”

“If you can’t even come up with a decision about this tiny matter, what will you do with a much greater one?” he criticizes.

She turns to him angrily, “Then, I won’t choose or…buy both!”

She tells the saleslady that she’s taking both bags then tells him, “Sorry for making you wait, for nothing.”

The saleslady tells her that her credit card doesn’t go through and asks if she has another one. After the second attempt, the lady says Pabu needs to contact the bank because this one also doesn’t go through. Pabu says it can’t be when the amount is just several ten thousand, and asks if the machine is broken. The lady says no and suggests Pabu contact the bank first.

It’s StaYu’s turn to smile. Pabu says how it can be when she was using it a while ago. She tells the lady to look at her many shopping bags. “Then I’m not buying it!” she turns to leave.

StaYu steps in and tells the lady, “I’m buying both (he turns to Pabu) because my card went through.”

Pabu storms out the store while StaYu lets out a faint satisfying smile. Love how Great keeps his character here.

Pabu drives into her house and recalls how her stepmother, Karakate, called her a parasite, even her real mother didn’t want her. She smiles and drives her car straight into her stepmother then she splashes water onto her, and it turns out to be her wish only.

Pabu marches to her and shows her her credit cards. Karakate doesn’t deny that she’s the one suspended her cards. “What right do you have to do that?” Pabu asks.

“The right of being your stepmother! You spent so much that the bank called to ask if your cards were stolen. Do you realize how many hundred thousand you spent last month? You father can’t print out banknotes himself, you know!”

“It’s my father’s money and he didn’t criticize me at all so why be a thorn?”

Pabu says Karakate also spent money on doing BOTOX and Fine Thread Lifting that her face looks so tight, so she’s also wasting her father’s money and she (Pabu) didn’t say anything about it. Step-mom says she doesn’t want to argue but the conclusion is, she will give Pabu a monthly allowance of ten thousand, the same amount as her stepsister.

Pabu screams that that amount would be gone with only a trip to a supermarket near their house. Step-mom suggests if she wants more than be a trainee at the car showroom, to sell cars. She says a pretty girl like her should be able to lure many men-customers. Pabu says she’s the daughter of the company’s owner so how she can do the job of a saleswoman. “Does BOTOX get into your brain, aunty, so you could think only that much?”

Ma-noo (Pabu’s father) enters the house and tells Pabu to stop talking to Kate such way. He says about the job, it’s his idea. He tells Pabu to think, she stayed abroad for 7-8 years and didn’t finish any school, and is only spending money everyday. He says he wants her to have a comfortable life but not this way, an unstable life without a job.

Pabu asks why he didn’t wait until she graduate first before calling her back here. He asks if eight years aren’t enough of waiting for him. He says look at her younger sister who chose to study accounting to help his work, whose expenses are much less than hers. He asks why Pabu can’t be a role model for her sister.

Pabu accuses him of comparing her to others and what if she compares him to other fathers too, how he will feel about that.

“Flur!” he yells.

“I’m like this because I have no mother, and the reason of that and my problem life, is you!”

He says instead of blaming her parents and her problem self, why not think positive and behave better.

“Keep those beautiful words to teach your beloved new child!” Pabu yells.

“If you think I can’t be a good father to you, can’t teach you well enough, and you’re unsatisfied with what I’ve been providing you…then don’t live here, just get out! Go!”

Pabu storms upstairs to her room.

[On a balcony of a highrise]

Kit-ja (StaYu’s grandfather) is telling Cherry to eat a lot and clink glass for their good health. When StaYu walks in, he excuses himself for a private talk. Kitja says he heard that Tho (StaYu) won many project bidding this week.

Tho says yes, he did. Kitja thanks him and says Tho never disappoints him (his grandfather). He asks if it’s busy today at the company. Tho says as busy as everyday. Kitja says he intends to appoint him the president of the company, so what he thinks about that.

Tho smiles and says it’s up to him and whatever he says, he will also say the same thing. Kitja asks why he doesn’t look excited and repeats that it’s the president of the whole company he will get. Tho says nothing will change by that because nowadays he’s been doing all of his job. “But I’m glad that grandpa puts the trust on me.”

“That’s a good way to answer. I know that you’re exhausted. You are the only one I can rely on because I lost hope on your father a long time ago, especially, your uncle (father’s younger brother), I don’t trust him at all.” KitJa says.

Tho says yes. Kitja says if he divides the company, it probably will go under within not many months, so it’s better to keep it central where everyone joins together to manage it and manage it well. That way, he thinks the wealth will stay with them for a long long time. He says he hopes Tho understands.

Tho assures him that he does.

Kitja says he won’t tell anyone about appointing him yet, until all the paper works has been done or else there could be chaos. Tho agrees that it’s good that way.

Kitja asks about the restaurant project which Tho’s father manages. He says he heard the administrative work of it is a mess, and his father doesn’t pay attention to his job. Tho says about that, he will take care of it and be done by tomorrow. Kitja thanks him and motions to him that he’s going back to his leisure time with the girl.

Pabu is lying on the bed when her father comes knocking. She doesn’t open the door for him so he calls her on the phone instead, but she doesn’t pick up.

Tho comes to the office and asks his secretary about any progress on the restaurant project, which they approved its budget last month. She says nothing so far and the Admin didn’t send them any document. She says she will follow on it. He tells her not to, he will go there to ask them himself, which surprises her.

At Admin Dept, an employee tells others that Khun Tho is coming.

Tho stands behind SoiThip who is busy putting on her makeup. She gets up quickly and asks him since when he came. “Since you started applying lipstick.” he says. LOL.

Tho walks into his father’s office. “Father, your department seems very joyful. The employees seem to have no work to do.”

JaroenRung, who is busy playing games on his computer, gets annoyed and asks if he has so much free time to come criticizing him. Tho says he came to ask about the progress on the restaurant project, he approved the budget for months but there’s no progress at all. Dad says he’s thinking about it right now, and if it’s not good enough, it could make the business go under.

He tells Tho not to be serious since that plot of land is theirs, not on rental. He suggests Tho put his attention on his hundred or thousand million project better, not this insignificant project. Tho says how it can be an insignificant project when the land situated on prime location, and with only a capable executive, it will never go under. Tho says even though they don’t have to pay rental fees, it could be projected as loss if doing nothing.

Rung says Tho said it like he’s the cause of the loss. Tho asks how long he will have to wait before he comes up with any idea. Dad says when he has it, then that’s the time. He tells Tho to look at piles of work on his desk.

Tho says if he didn’t use up his time going to gambling places every other day, it wouldn’t pile up this much. Dad yells at him to talk with respect when he’s his father.

Tho politely tells him to order Khun SoiThip to send him the document on progress of the project and leaves. Dad goes back to playing games.

Buri walks in the office. He’s an architect. His friend wants his help, to rescue him from a client who is now pissed off. Buri says he will take care of it and walks to the client.

A lady staff sees Buri as her savior and tells the client that their young and handsome architect will explain it to her. After the lady leaves, Buri greets the client and says he’s an architect who will oversee this project.

The client says she has all the design that she wants and they only need to follow it, why they couldn’t be done with it yet. Buri says he wants to follow what she wants but that would create so many problems. She asks what kind of problems. Buri says for example, she will live in the house and feel like staying in a sauna, hotter than in a desert…because there’s no ventilator, with very few windows and not in line with the wind flow. He tells her to take a closer look, her master bedroom will accept direct sunlight.

The client hesitates so Buri says, moreover, this house doesn’t suit her life style at all. He says she’s a health-conscious kind and loves to exercise. She asks how he knows that. He sends her a meaningful glare on her figure and says she’s still in good shape. She smiles a bit. Buri says so for that, the front of the house should be open so that it’s airy and perfect for the sunlight to come through, which will be good for exercise. She says they didn’t talk much but he knows her mind so well. He says he really wants her to feel comfortable and be joyful living in this house. He adds that if she can wait a little longer, he will design a house which meets with her life style himself. “Will that be good?” Buri exercises his charm. She tells him to LINE her and pats his shoulder.

After the client leaves, his friend is amazed that they even exchanged LINE. Buri says take it if he wants then give it to him. The lady staff thanks him for saving her day. She says that client is Khun NgamYing‘s VIP customer (Rung’s sister).

She wants to give him a kiss as a reward. Buri stops her and says this kind of customer, the more they argue, the more things get worse. She says it’s his charm that charms all the young and elder ladies. His friend teases that Buri is their sweetheart then says their Department Head wants him to report to Khun Rung (Tho’s father) in Admin.

Buri comes to Rung’s office where he’s handed a task of designing a restaurant. Buri flips through the document and cringes. He asks if they are going to do this restaurant again. Rung says that’s right, but he knows that they should build a condo instead. He says it’s the vice-president’s idea so he has to follow it. Buri asks if they talked about the concept. Rung says not yet and asks him to come up with one, the details and photos of the old restaurant are inside. He tells him to take a look at it first or he can drive there. Rung is playing games while talking.

Buri accepts the task. Rung says go talk with them tomorrow. Buri perks up, “Tomorrow?” Rung says why not, it doesn’t have to be a complete design, go talk about the concept will do.

“What if I can’t come up with any idea?” Buri asks.

Rung tells him to tell them whatever since he’s an architect, who should be full of ideas. “But don’t tell them that you just receive this work from me, and I will tell your boss to consider a special year-end bonus for you. Are we done?”

“Yes, I will give it a try.” Buri answers.

Rung thanks him.

Pabu decides to apologize to her father and walks down the stairs. She overhears Karakate telling her father that she can’t stand his daughter’s aggressive behaviors, and it gets worse by the day. Manoo tells her that Flur grew up with her grandmother and not with parents like other children, so she should sympathize with her. He says once grandmother passed away, Flur was lost.

Karakate says he always says this, and it’s his weak heart that makes his daughter turn out this way. He asks if she can’t turn a blind eye on it since he doesn’t want any fight in his house. Karakate asks how long he wants her to endure. “When she’s going to get out of this house? She’s the one ruins this entire house’s happiness, and she just doesn’t know it!” Karakate keeps talking when seeing Pabu behind from a mirror.

Bam enters Pabu’s room and sees that she’s packing. Pabu says she won’t live here anymore and tells the housekeeper to help her pack.

It seems Pabu can’t leave any of her beloved brandname handbags behind, but she knows she can’t take all with her.

Bam begs Flur not to leave and stay with her since she just came back from aboard. Dad comes asking where Flur is going. Flur says to rest in peace (LOL). Manoo apologizes for talking harshly and asks her to calm down first.

“I thought it through already. I won’t stay and be your burden, and trouble you anymore.” Flur says.

Manoo says he never thought of her that way. Karakate walks over and tells him not to persuade her to stay, at this age of hers, if she can’t think then let her go. Bam yells at her mother. Karakate says Flur had asked for attention like this many time but never actually leaves.

Flur says she doesn’t ask for anyone’s attention, she doesn’t want to be her father’s burden and will prove to him that she can live by herself. “Thank you for raising me till today. I will come back to repay you when such opportunity turns up one day. Karakate chuckles and says, “If you can only survive, your father can die closing his eyes in peace, without you repaying.”

Manoo calls a stop to her sarcastic talk. Karakate says she would give Pabu one day and once she’s broke, she will surely come back, because a girl like her, can never make it anywhere.

Flur tells the housekeeper to put things in her car. She says she will come back for the rest of her things later. Flur asks Manoo to be generous and give her this car and think of it as the last asset she will ask from him. She thanks him then marches straight to Karakate and prays hard. Karakate asks what she’s doing. Flur says she extends compassion to her already so she hopes Karakate won’t hold grudge and revenge her later. LOL.

Flur comes to a hotel to check in. She asks for the best room available. The front desk guy asks for her ID and credit card. Manoo calls her but she hangs up. He calls again so she picks up and says if he calls to ask her to go back, she will tell him now that she won’t. He asks where she will live. She says it’s her business and he can live with his family. He says he calls to tell her about her credit cards. She says she has enough pride not to use his card.

The front desk guy asks her for another card because this one didn’t go through. Manoo says he calls to tell her about it, that all of her credit cards already been cancelled so he suggests she come home.

Flur grits her teeth and says no, and it’s good he did this to her so that she won’t ask him anything anymore. She hangs up and tells the front desk that she changes her mind and won’t check in here.

Bam tells Manoo to keep calling Flur but Flur doesn’t pick up. Bam is worried where Flur will stay and eat with no money. Dad says he’s worried too and Flur doesn’t know anyone.

Flur comes sit in the park brooding. She crushes all her credit cards and throws them away saying she won’t die without using it. She looks at her grandmother’s photo and says if grandma was still here, she surely wouldn’t face with this. She says even if she’s going to starve to death, she won’t set foot on that house again. Then she realizes she still has her mother, “Mom!”

Flashback, Flur cries and says she doesn’t want to live in that house anymore, aunt Kate forces her on everything and picks a fight with her all the time. She says she’s unhappy. Mom, MathuRot, tells her to calm down. Flur begs to let her live with her. Mom says Flur should calm down first and she will help talking with her father about it.  Flur asks if she also doesn’t want her to stay with.

Mom says it’s not that, but in that house, she’s just a tenant having no rights on anything at all. She tries to explain but Flur cuts her off and says it’s all right, she understands and she will never ask for her help from now on. “Have a happy life living with your new family.” Flur says in tears and leaves.

Mom wants to follow her but her stepson, Tho (the young boy), comes for her saying his father calls for her. Mom says politely that she will go now. Flur sees them walking away and cries.

Back to present, Flur cringes thinking about it but decides to call her mother anyway.

Tho gets on the elevator and calls other employees to get in too. Buri jams in at the last minute and gulps when seeing Tho is inside. Pabu stops the door from closing and says let her get in too.

Tho thinks she looks familiar.

Mathurot, Pabu’s mother, arrives and greets Pabu. She says she almost didn’t pick up her call since it’s an unknown number, and she would be sad if she didn’t. Pabu says she changed her phone number but didn’t tell her.

Mathurot says her daughter is now a woman. She asks why Pabu didn’t call after she came back from abroad. Pabu says she wasn’t sure if she wanted to see her. Mathurot says why she wouldn’t want to see her own daughter, and it’s actually Pabu who didn’t want to talk to her. She asks what got into her to call this time.

Pabu says after that day, she didn’t want to ask for her help anymore, but  now she has no choice and doesn’t know who to turn to. Mathurot tells her to take time telling and if anything she can help, she will.

Pabu says she left father’s house and aunt Kate cancelled all her credit cards and now she has only three thousand baht with her. She asks mom for a temporary place to stay for 2-3 weeks until she finds a job.

Mathurot says about the temporary place, she can find one for her, but she needs to stay in a hotel tonight and she will pay for her. Pabu thanks her. Mathurot smiles and says she’s ready to help. She asks in what area Pabu graduated so that she can look for a  job for her. Pabu says she didn’t graduate because dad called her back.

Mathurot says Pabu went for 7-8 years, why not yet graduated. She asks if Pabu means not yet graduated in Master Degree (LOL). Pabu corrects her that she doesn’t graduate in anything. Mathurot asks if nothing at all, then suddenly she covers her face and says that man is Khun Tho, her stepson, and she doesn’t want him to see her.

Pabu turns to look and remembers him from the shopping mall. Mathurot says ThraDon, Pabu’s (step)brother, fought with him a lot these days so she avoids seeing him. Mathurot suggests that she will leave now to find her a place to stay. Pabu agrees and says she will stay here because she has nothing to do if check in a hotel early. Mom gives her some money and will give her a call later. Pabu thanks her.

She stares at Tho who perks up to look at her too. She leaves quietly and he realizes she’s gone when he looks again.

Rung tells an employee to ask Khun Soi to prepare a document on the restaurant in case the vice-president wants to see it. Mathurot comes to see her husband and says she needs his help. He gets annoyed but allows her to say it. She asks him to find a place for Flur to stay. Rung asks what about her father (Manoo). She says Flur fought with him. She asks if there’s any vacancy at the employee’s condo or the company’s suites, and she wants him to put Flur in any vacancies too.

He tells her to call SoiThip for room and Personnel Dept for jobs. He says there’s no position available in his department, and asks if that’s all. She nods then asks where he’s going. He smiles and says his left eye has been winking so let him get out and have some fun. She nods.

SoiThip tells Mathurot there’s no empty room available. Mathurot asks for a huge company, if there’s no room at all. SoiThip says fully-occupied condo for employees is normal. Mathurot wonders aloud if she can get a room for her niece in time.  SoiThip asks if it’s for her grandchild. Mathurot nods and says she loves her like her own daughter.

SoiThip thinks hard and says there’s a special room she can let her niece stay, but for temporary only and it must be kept a secret. “What kind of room is that to keep a secret?” Mathurot asks. SoiThip shushes her to lower her voice.

ThraDon is having fun with his friends in a guest room. His friends ask why he doesn’t join them playing video games. He shows them a (gambling) chart and says playing like them won’t earn him any money, but not this way.

Tho is walking up the stairs while telling Pim to take care of this client. Boys in school uniforms running by and Tho seems to know where they are heading. He gets on the elevator with them. One boy says Don’s house is so huge. When Tho doesn’t get off on the floor he supposes to and tells Pim he will take care of some business on another floor, one boy recognizes him.

One boy stops his friend from getting off the elevator saying he forgot something downstairs. Tho doesn’t wait for them and walks away.

Tho finds the boys in the guest room and asks who gave them the permission to use the room. Two boys leave right away. Tho asks ThraDon why he doesn’t answer when he asks. Don says the room was empty and such a waste.

Tho says it’s the guest room and outsiders are prohibited from using. Don gets up and tells him not to be possessive over assets when this place is also his grandfather’s company, and later will be his too, not only Tho’s.

Tho says before he could think of being an owner, should he not study well first. He heard that Don didn’t attend classes. Don shouts at him to stop messing with him when he’s a brother, not his father, so don’t show his authority over him, and if he wants to be a good guy, be it alone.

Don leaves the room. “I don’t want to bother too…if you aren’t my brother!” Tho shouts.

Tho tells Pim to clear up this room and says there’s a rumor that some employees gave room key-card to outsiders to access the rooms, he doesn’t want their credit be ruined. Pim agrees to take care of it.

Tho follows Don into the elevator saying they need to talk. When some men get off, Tho starts talking and doesn’t realize Pabu is still in there.

“How long will you keep behaving to ask for attention? Why don’t you put your mind into studying so that you will get a good job once you grow up? Don, father and mother can’t raise you for the rest of their lives. I saw many who loved to behave wanting attention, and in the end, their parents had to keep raising them even when they already grew up, they can’t even help themselves. Do you want to be like that?” Tho asks.

Tho’s words felt familiar to Pabu’s ears so she pretends to be on the phone while saying, “Hello, your father scolds you again? Don’t think too much about it, it’s the elders‘ way, they kept scolding everyday but never asked how the children feel, what they think, what they want. Come on, don’t be sad…” her phone rings so it shows. Haha.

Tho leans over and says, “Don’t forget to call back.” then he leaves.

Manoo calls and tells Flur to come home. He did it out of good intention for her. He doesn’t want anyone to look down on her that she doesn’t finish school and keeps spending his money by day.

Pabu says it’s too late  now and she doesn’t say it sarcastically, but she really wants to prove herself to him. “Dad, don’t you worry and I still love you just the same.”

Buri walks in and hears her. She asks why he is smiling. He says it’s nothing.

It’s dinner time for SaSiWong Family. MekPat asks Rung, his brother, that he heard Tho went to scold him in his department. Rung yells that he’s just Tho’s subordinate in the company. NgamYing says it’s because their father (Kitja) let that young man become vice-president and look after the house and company, while ignoring them.

“That’s because you all are incapable! What are you saying? Why jealous of Tho? Before you get jealous of Tho, look at yourself first why I don’t trust each of you at all. You want to talk then let’s talk today, start with you (NgamYing). You do your job just day by day while being so nosy and getting jealous of everyone!”

“Dad!” NgamYing shouts.

“Don’t you ‘dad’ me, and you next (MekPat), you’re stupid but want to brag your cleverness and how many projects already that you created loss, luckily Tho’s resolved them for the company.”

MekPat says he’s the child who brought bad luck to him since he was born. Kitja says it’s good that he knows.

Kitja looks at JaroenRung and says he doesn’t have to wiggle his fingers. “You also, if you don’t stop going to gambling dents, I will fire you one day! (Rung sighs) Exhausted? I gave you the easiest job! You are way pass your half life and if you don’t feel embarrassed to others that you haven’t completed any task, then at least be embarrassed to your children!”

TharaDon gets up and tells him to stop the drama, it’s so boring.

“Don, you have to listen even if it’s boring! Don!” Kitja yells. Don walks out.

Tho tells Kitja let’s start dinner.

NgamYing talks to MekPat why their father praised Tho so much while hating his own children. MekPat says they are loathed children and not a beloved grandchild. NgamYing says if her mother was here, nothing would be like this. MekPat says even if her mother was here, he would still be her mother’s stepson.

She tells him not to feel hurt when she’s here, and she raised him since he’s young, and she loves him no less than how father loves Tho. He says he doesn’t feel hurt and if father were to love him while the whole house hated him like Tho, he wouldn’t want that. NgamYing says that’s right, even Tho’s own father (Rung) hated him.

MekPat says for them to hate Tho isn’t unusual, but for Pee Rung to hate Tho like he’s not his own son…NgamYing says perhaps Tho’s not Pee Rung’s real son because when Tho was born, there was a strange story. MekPat asks what it is. She says it’s a long time ago so there’s no need for him to know.

Tho walks to ThraDon at the pool and talks to him. He asks if he’s thinking about studying abroad. Tho says he promises he will send him abroad after he finishes school. He holds Don’s shoulder and asks which country he wants to go. Don brushes his hand away and says, “Stop making a good-brother image, grandpa is not around for you to show it off!” and he leaves.

Flur is lying on the bed talking to her grandmother. She asks her to help her find a place to live and a job so that she gets a chance to do things on her own.

Mathurot calls and tells her that she found a place for her to stay. Pabu couldn’t be happier and thanks her grandmother for that.

Pabu drives into a parking lot and tries to move a car for a parking space. Buri sees her and lends her a hand. She thanks him. He says, “It’s you!” When Pabu makes face like she doesn’t know him, he mimics her talking on the phone that day, “Dad, I still love you just the same. Now, can you remember?”

When she gets angry, he says sorry and asks what she’s doing here and if she works in this building. Pabu doesn’t answer.

“I actually don’t want to know. Just ask out of politeness.” he says.

“Then thanks again for helping with moving the car.” she parks her car.

SoiThip shows Pabu and her mother the suite. Both of them love it. Mathurot asks if this isn’t the room where ThraDon brought his friends over, and if Khun Tho knows this, it will be so bad and Tho is very strict these days.

SoiThip says it’s a different room and this room, the customer just left for his country and she’s sure that no one pay attention to this room. Mathurot asks if she’s sure that no problem will arise. SoiThip tells her not to worry, she did it all the time and all Mathurot has to do is keep it a secret, even with Khun Rung (her husband). Mathurot asks her to keep this a secret too.

SoiThip asks Flur if she likes the room. Flur says very much.

They get off the elevator and Flur says she didn’t know that this building has this kind of suite. SoiThip says this building is not only for the company but also for others to rent, and that room is for client who rent the building space. Mathurot says that room is so small compares to the one on top, it belongs to SaSiWong Family, that one is many times larger, but what a pity that no one uses it.

Flur asks which floor SoiThip’s office is on. She says 29th, and on 17th floor, there is employee cafeteria and also a fitness, so Flur can walk around later. Flur says it’s such a multipurpose building. Mathurot says Khun Tho is good at doing business that’s why the company is prosperous, and she heard he’s going to open a restaurant too.

Flur says she will go take her belongings from her car and put it in the room. Both ladies stop her. SoiThip says it’s better she do it at night. Flur asks why so. SoiThip says after working hours, there are fewer people so it will be more convenient. Mathurot says that’s true, many employees are using the elevators now so it’s better in the evening. Flur says all right.

SoiThip gets a call and hears that Khun Tho asks for her now. She excuses herself to do her urgent work. Mathurot tells Flur let’s walk around and may be have a meal together.

Buri shouts on the phone that she wants him with the restaurant design in 10 minutes. He says he hasn’t finished it so what he can bring for him to see. SoiThip says just draw something or he can turn in the old one.

Buri hangs up and his friend asks what happened. Buri says big problem. He sketches his instant design.


Tho looks at Buri’s drawings and stares at him. Buri says his intention is a vintage style with a light touch of a modern. He says the restaurant could be decorated with color of a chic silver stainless steel yet luxurious because that area is mainly working people there, so they could use the restaurant for customer meetings.

Tho says, “It’s pretty…but you just did it, didn’t you?”

Uh-oh, Tho says it isn’t as neat and several details are unclear. SoiThip says Buri received the order in a really short time from Khun Rung.

“Then why didn’t you take care of it before?” Tho asks her.

He adds that she’s the manager and the company hired her to handle everything administration. He says she was in the meeting that day too. “Therefore, even without any order from my father, you mustn’t stay still like this.” he concludes.

She apologizes. Tho says he also went to the restaurant the other day. He asks where most furniture had gone. She says some must have been sold but she has to ask another girl to be sure. Tho says she’s the manager so she should know.

He says whoever did it, there must be a document on it, “It hadn’t been sold just like that, had it?”

SoiThip says yes. “Furthermore, this much information is insufficient.” Tho hands back the file to her. “Please give me all the details.”

SoiThip says yes. He says he will oversee this restaurant project himself. He turns to Buri and says he wants him to be responsible for this project and will find a manager to help him. Buri says yes.

Tho walks to have lunch with KitJa. He asks his grandfather why he came to the company today. KitJa says it’s about handing over the presidency to him. Tho says he doesn’t have to hurry doing it. KitJa says he isn’t in a hurry but he wants to get it done.

He asks Tho about the restaurant. Tho says he has taken over the project so everything should move faster. KitJa tells him to do it fast because both his father and his uncle want to build a condo for sale on that land. He says he doesn’t want a condo but a restaurant the same way it was there, because it’s the first business which made him here today. Tho smiles and says he gives his words that no more than two months, the restaurant project will be completed. KitJa says that’s good but if quicker, it’s also better.

Tho looks at the menu then his eyes caught the sight of Pabu at another table. He perks up to look at her which made KitJa look the same direction.  He notices that Tho seems fascinated by her.

A server drops a tray on Pabu and apologizes. Pabu says it’s all right and asks if she’s new here. The girl says yes. Pabu says she understands her well because, when she’s abroad working as server, she dropped plates like her too.

Pabu says the girl’s wrist is small so doing it that way won’t be able to handle the weight. She shows her how to do it and tells her to spread her hand wide then put it under the tray. “See? Now we can serve the food way easier, and even with high heels, I can still walk (she shows her). It’s so easy, try doing it.”

The girl accepts her tray back and says yes. KitJa teases that she’s actually a previous server. Hehe.

Back to the Design Department, Buri’s colleagues are preparing to hit a karaoke after work. They ask Buri if he wants to come. Buri says no, his work isn’t done yet. His friend teases that he forgot that Buri just got a new project a hundred million worth. Buri wants to hit him for that and chases them out because he needs to concentrate. His friend says all right, he will sing on his behalf. They happily leave. Buri keeps working.

Pabu tells Soi to help her to only at this point. Soi says when she’s done moving, please give her a call to let her know.

Buri gets off the elevator and sees Pabu. She shouts for him to press the button so the lift will remain open. He turns a blind eye on her request.

She slips and her bag falls down the stairs and all inside come out. Pabu screams and wonders if any of her belongings was damaged. Buri can’t help laughing.

“Bags! My bags!” she screams.

Buri walks over and helps her.

“What are you laughing at?” she asks.

“A tree, may be?” he returns. “I’m laughing because of your suitcase burst open.” She says why happened now. He says it’s a suitcase, not a truck, and it would be strange if it didn’t explode when she stuffed it this much.

He takes her scarfs and ties them together. She yells what he’s doing and they are all imported. She tells him not to pull it too strong, it’s very expensive. He tells her to finish putting things back in. She feels bad for her scarfs and says that one is a limited (edition).

He ties the scarfs around the suitcase to hold it together, then sees her worrying face.

“What? Regretting (for the scarfs)? And not even a word of ‘thank you’?” he asks.

“Thank you!”

He helps her pack the rest from the floor and comes across a cow costume so he laughs. “Hey, do you want to be a cow?” he asks.

She grabs it from him. He finds an undergarment so she grabs it from him too then calls him a pervert.

Pabu gets in her room and her phone is ringing. It’s Bam on the line. She asks how Flur is doing and tells her that their father is so worried about her. Flur says they don’t have to worry and she can live like this. Bam asks where she is now. Flur asks if it’s dad’s trick to ask for her whereabouts. Manoo is actually listening to them too. Bam says no, she asked because if there’s an emergency or anything, she could contact her. Flur says dad must surely be eavesdropping. She tells Bam to tell him not to worry, “(Is that) Clear?” then she hangs up.

Bam says Flur hung up already. Manoo says so they don’t get to know where Flur is. He asks if Flur is at Get‘s house. Bam says she called Pee Get and he hasn’t yet returned from the trip to US.

Bam says could it be that Flur went to live in her mother’s house. Karakate walks over and says why worry when his daughter is not a two years old kid, and it’s high time she learn the hardships of living outside since she had been living a comfortable life all her life. Bam and Manoo make faces after she walks away.

Pabu checks her purse and there’s only 3,020 baht and wonders if it’s enough. She tries to sell her Channel bag, “Charles, mom doesn’t want to sell you but you’re the most expensive one. You must sacrifice for all your younger sisters (another bags), all right? Mom is so sorry.” LOL

She takes a picture of it and means to sell it but she can’t. “Mom can’t do it. What did I think of doing to my child? Mom is sorry. Don’t be angry, mom didn’t mean it. Mom is sorry. Mom loves you so much!” she kisses her bag.

Tho arrives at his office with Pim briefing him on his today work. She says Khun ChatChai will come to the meeting with the Design Department. Tho tells her to tell the Design Department to hand in the minute meeting and not to forget to follow on the restaurant project for him, and find him a person suitable to be the restaurant’s manager. He says he’s going upstairs to check the guest rooms, and tell Admin to wait for him with the key-card.

SoiThip gets a call from Pim and runs upstairs. She intercepts Tho on his way. Pim asks if she has to come herself. Soi says she’s responsible for all guest rooms so she came to check how tidy they are.

Tho tells her to open the door. He gets inside while Soi prays at the next door not to come out. Tho comes out and stares at her, “Soi, this customer is coming back soon, send staff to make the room.” Soi says yes and closes the door.

Pabu walks in Admin and a man asks if she came to apply for a restaurant-manager job. She says no and she came to see Khun Soi. He says she’s not in the office at the moment and tells her to wait over there. Flur says that’s all right and hands him a box to give it to Soi, and to tell her that it’s from Flur.

An employee comes in and informs her colleagues that Khun Jemi, Khun Tho’s FC, is coming. Jemi walks in and Pabu sees that she’s carrying the bag she competed to buy with Tho that day.

Jemi asks how long before her father will be done with the meeting. A lady says she doesn’t know and calls her by the real name. Jemi tells her to call her Jemi. Jemi wants to get inside the meeting room but the lady stops her saying she can’t let her in, because it’s her father’s order. Jemi says it’s okay then retreats. She bumps Pabu on her way out so Pabu tells her to apologize. Pabu calls her Khun TuiNui (Ms Shubby).

Jemi says she couldn’t help it when Pabu was standing in the wrong place. Pabu tells her to check it well, she’s just standing still and it’s her who swung (her) elephant’s trunk everywhere. Pabu walks away leaving Jemi frustrated.

Tho asks Pim if it’s the name list of the restaurant’s manager applicants. She says yes, they applied through the company’s website. Tho looks through the list (Flur is among them). He says he doesn’t want outsiders but a trusted current employee. It’s more suitable for the job.

Pim says all their employees’ hands are tied with work load and no one in Admin is available. He asks if she has someone to suggest for the job and he thinks hiring a newbie is too risky because they don’t know if he/she will work for them only half way or not. Pim says she will ask her juniors about it. He thanks her.

Pim says she went down to Admin and saw Khun Jemi come with Khun ChatChai, and she thinks Khun Jemi will surely come up here to see him. He asks why she only tells him now. She smiles while he gets up and says he will come back in the afternoon. He leaves as fast as he can.

Jemi says she will go to see Pee Tho. ChatChai tells his daughter that being a VIP customer, doesn’t mean they can do what they want. She says she misses Pee Tho and he must be feeling the same way. She gets off the elevator while Tho slips inside another one. Phew!

“Pee Tho!” Jemi keeps calling him while chasing after him.

Tho gets inside a cafe and sits down using a magazine (or whatever) to hide his face. Flur comes back to her table and sees him. “Who gave you the permission to sit here?” she asks him accusingly.

Tho recognizes her right away. He turns to peek at the front door. She smiles knowingly and says his friend is at the front door and asks if he wants her to call her here. She wants to wave to Jemi so he grabs her hand, then realizes what he just did. He lets go of her hand and apologizes. He begs, “If you want to get back at me, please do it next time. For now, give me a hideout here, will you?”

Jemi decides to call Tho on the phone. His phone rings so Pabu says she’s still at the front door looking for him. She asks why did he not tell her right out if he doesn’t like her, instead of buying her a bag and that’s giving her hope.

He politely explains that if it’s that easy, he would have done that a long time ago. Buri walks by the cafe and stands at the front door. Pabu sees him so she asks Tho if he’s interested to use her help.

“How are you going to help me?” he hesitates.

“You’ll see.”

Pabu walks outside and greets Buri. “It’s you! Came for a meal? It has good pastry here.” Buri couldn’t believe she’s nice to him. “Did you knock your head with high heels when falling down?” he asks.

“Aww, why see me and curse.” she smiles sweetly.

Buri isn’t sure what got into her. She asks what he’s doing here. He says, “Buy a cell phone, may be.”

“Then choose  a really great phone number because I think you are in bad luck these days.” she suggests. He rolls eyes.

“I will go now. Good luck, you pervert!”

Pabu squeezes Jemi’s butt and walks away. Tho doesn’t miss what she just did. Jemi turns to Buri and calls him a pervert for sneakily grabbing her  butt.


“You grabbed my butt!”

“Hey, if you are prettier with a better figure, I won’t deny it.” Buri argues.

Tho likes what he’s seeing.

“You mean to say that I….Help! This man sneakily grabbed my butt! Help me! Don’t you come near me!” Jemi screams.

“Hey, I’m standing right at this spot so how could I grab your butt?” he shouts.

“I could feel it!…” she yells.

Buri gapes.

“That you sexually assaulted me!” she adds.

“Are you mad?” he yells.

“I’m not mad and it’s you who did it!” she yells back.

Pabu knocks on the window for Tho. He smiles at her for her job well done. She turns around and walks away waving back at him. He’s impressed.

Pim sees Tho smile so wide so she asks anything happened for his great mood. He says nothing. She excuses herself and leaves.

Tho checks the applicants again and sees that Pabu is among them. It’s a pleasant surprise for him.

Pabu applies for a job at many places but fails completely. All of them say they will get back to her later, that she can repeat the words to them. “You will get back to me, but when? If you don’t accept me then tell me straight away, don’t give me hope! Clear?”

Buri sees her on the escalator so he runs after her to say what a mess she created and if she realizes how long before he could clear the matter with Khun Jemi.

“Sorry.” she’s too tired to argue.

“Just sorry?”

“Yeh, pick a fight with me later, I’m not in the mood. I owe you one today.” she says.

Manoo calls and asks if she will come home and where she is, he will send someone to pick her up right away. Pabu says no.

Manoo says he won’t talk to her like that or compare her to her sister again, so don’t sulk. She says she’s not sulking but proving it to him that she can be successful on her own, and she will go home only when she succeeds. Clear?

Buri listens to her and teases that she’s actually a run-away kid. Pabu turns to send him a killer stare. Manoo says it’s up to her then. He asks if she got the 20,000 baht he transferred to her and if it’s enough. She perks up and asks where he transferred it to. He says to her account which has ATM card.

Pabu is stunned because she threw it away. She says it’s all right because she tore it apart and threw it away already. He tells her to make a new one then, and he will transfer money to her every week. “No! I won’t ask for your money anymore. I got to go.” she hangs up.

Buri nods his approval. “You, where is the police station?” she asks.


“I will report I lost my bank book and ATM card!”

Buri laughs.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing!” he says laughingly.

Soi interrupts Rung and says the document sent to Khun Tho got rejected and he wants to see all the details of the restaurant’s expenses by today. He gets angry and says she’s the manager so go manage it!

He tells her to just fill up some figures and Tho wouldn’t know it. He chases her out.

Flur tells her mother on the phone that she went to apply for a job today but no one accepted her. MathuRot says she will help her find a job too then asks if she wants anything since she’s coming to see her at her room. Flur says nothing and thanks her.

She comes to the fitness and meets Buri again. He greets her that they meet again. He says he wanted to ask many time how she could live here. “An employee here? A customer? If not, it means you are an outsider sneaking in to live here for sure.” he says.

She turns abruptly to him in a total surprise.

Episode 2 Preview

Flur:  “Wait!…I have a proposal….Are you interested?”

Tho:  “No.”

Tho:  “From the way you look, it’s obvious that you don’t know how to cook….Do you know how to crack an egg?”

Flur:  “..I’ve fallen unfortunate and nowhere to go. This restaurant is the only way I can prove to everyone….”

Tho:  “That’s very clear.”

Flur:  “Then will you accept me?”

Buri calls Flur ‘mae-pla-bu-thong’ (from a folktale)

Flur screams that she got a job.

Flur:  “Don’t you worry. With a person like me, it surely will be completed fast.”

Tho:  “I want this place completed in one month.”


It’s a fun ride with an interesting intro to every character. The writing was tight and good. Love the contrast between Tho and Buri and how they started to connect with Flur. More dramatic scenes are surely coming with Tho’s background, his stepmother (also Flur’s mother) and SaSiWong Family’s wealth that no one wants Tho to have control over. Let’s hope the cute will stay to the end   🙂

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  1. thank u for recapping this lakorn!!! I have fallen in love with this lakorn but no subs so dint understand everything 😦
    But thanks 2 u, I am understanding 🙂
    Will u continue recapping this?

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