Soundtrack: Kha Ba-din

Even though the lakorn itself has ended beautifully, every character still lives on for me…especially those lovely elephant-turn-actors/actresses. This is the song I loved so much and is very well-received. Kudos to all the cast and crew, I can’t thank you enough for bringing this novel to life. Even the author herself praised James Ma on his great performance as Hem. I would say the director, the editing/lighting team, the costume people out done themselves and given us such great viewing experience by far, and of course, every actor and actress.


Love this lakorn through and through.

Song title: Kha Ba-din

Artist: Chirasak Panphum

Official MV

Translation of the lyrics:

It’s this land, I’m feeling content with

It’s this land, I’ve found love

Our ancestors protected it with flesh and blood, until today, the day we are still Thai

* [ Should anyone want to conquer it, I will shout out loud and tell those people,

Even a dust, don’t you hope

Even a sq-inch, don’t you dream

I will keep defending, and treasuring it more than my life

You are my hope, but because of fate, don’t know what will become of tomorrow

It’s this land, I’ve willingly put my guard down and become one of its servants

It’s this land, I’m ready to lay down my life

Though I’m begging, before my last moment arrives,  for only a day, a chance to be with you ]

Repeat [*]

Hem and Lumduan forever!

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  1. Thanks. I love the song so much too. The singer’s voice reminded me a lot of Nadech but after listening to it multiple times I was able to differentiate the two voices.

  2. Yes, Haym and Lamduan 4ever.

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