Soundtrack: Mor-phee Cyber


Cute leads…liked.

Song title: Hai Jai Rao Khui-kan (let our hearts do the talk)

Artist: Achariya Dulyapaiboon

Official MV

Translation of the lyrics:

Couldn’t reach my hand out to touch

Never say how I feel

But my heart could feel it,

It’s love

Only silence there may be,

But there’s a story behind it

The song of loneliness turned into a love song in my heart…everyday

* [ What’s happening, I know it well

I understand the meaning, every word of it

** [ Let our hearts do the talk just like today

There’s never a need of even a word

Whether while staying awake or sleeping soundly,

Saying I love you,  ]

With my heart ]


Rules that people defined

Articles which sound very touching

In the end, I can say I truly understand the word ‘love’,

When I love you

Repeat [*]

No need to say the word ‘love’

No need to say it over and over

Just use your heart…is enough

Repeat [**]

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