Mor-phee Cyber Episode 1


Mor-phee Cyber (Cyber shaman) is kind of neat and if you have a weak heart, watch out!

It’s a weekday lakorn, Mon-Fri 6:30 p.m. on Ch3   🙂

Episode 1

ChonThiCha is busying arranging books in the library. The teacher is telling the students that now they can borrow books for only 3 days instead of 7 days like before, because they are moving the library to a new location. He farts then makes an excuse that he moves just a bit and the table just cracks. He tells them to hurry leave because the smell will be here soon. LOL.

The teacher tells ChonThiCha and Brali that he will go take care of some business. The girls totally know it and tell him not to hurry, they will lock the door for him should he doesn’t return until the closing time.

ChonThiCha says she saw him come in and go out so often today, so he actually has a diarrhea. Brali says that’s why there’s a rotten smell since this morning, and may be also the source of rumor that the library is haunted by a fierce ghost.

ChonThiCha smiles and tells her to hurry put the books back on shelves so that they can go home. Then she sees a book titled ‘Commit Suicide and Where Do They Go….the source of mysterious force.’ so she asks Brali where she should put this book. Brali takes a look and says this book and that whole stack doesn’t come from this room but the room over there.

ChonThiCha walks to the room with a sign on the door that it’s not in service. She enters the room and when Brali appears suddenly, she screams. Brali says she came to keep her company so don’t scold her. She points to ChonThiCha the shelf the books belong to. ChonThiCha tells her to come along too.

ChonThiCha says she’s scared and what kind of help Brali could do for being here with her. Brali says at least she can be her company running out.

Then they see a girl standing there so Brali asks her why she’s still here when the library is already closed. The girl says she can leave so ThiCha asks why she can’t.

“My corpse is over there.” she answers.

Then the girls see that a woman hung herself to death and she turns to them and calls out, “Help me…”

Two girls run for the door as fast but a book shelf suddenly blocks the way.

“Keep me company!” the dead girl says. Two girls scream.

Later that day the dead body is carried out of the building. Amarin shows up and feels like a hand grasp his wrist then disappear. Brali greets him which totally spooks him.

In the car, Amarin complains that there are so many places to die but it has to be the library, so surely it will be on the news. ChonThiCha tells him not to scold the already dead one. He asks if they really saw a ghost. Brali assures him that it’s true and the smell still lingers on her nose. He asks if they are sure that it’s not a hallucination or a picture in a wink like…,then he sees the girl standing on the roadside himself. Brali tells him to continue. He says it must be a hallucination for sure but doesn’t say what he saw just now.

Among residential buildings, a ghost appears (kra-seu, filth-eating spirit). KhaTha (our hero) pops up heavily equipped with ghost-busting tools. He chants a spell and reaches out his hand. “Fire element!” he shouts then calls his backup team to throw the net. Oops, they miss and the ghost escapes.

KhaTha tells them to stop blaming each other and follow her fast. When his friend asks if he knows which room she’s heading, Khatha calls his dog, “Popcorn, my son, get to work!”

They follow the dog to a room. Khatha tells his teammates, Golf and Meng, to wait outside and he will take care of it.

He finds a girl in the shower. “Just surrender, possess others is a sin, you know.” He presses his finger on her forehead while chanting in Pali, extending compassion to all souls. Then he captures the ghost’s spirit in a bottle, then seals it with a spell.

A lady pays them for good job done. One of the team says she can call their ghost-busting service anytime. Another one says if she becomes their regular customer, there’s a special discount.

Khatha says, “Ghost-busting 10 times, get 1 free.” They greet her goodbye. The lady is amazed that they can catch ghosts.

KhaTha narrates, “My name is Khatha. When I was a child, every time a semester ended, I would spend the nights at my grandfather’s house…..My grandfather was a great local shaman respected by every villager like he’s an angel because he saved those who fell unfortunate, while wants nothing in return. However, my father saw him as a con man who used ghost stories to get money from the villagers.”

DeCha (Khatha’s father) enters the house and asks his father what he’s doing. Grandpa says, “Holy-water sprinkling, what else.”

DeCha stops him from doing a nonsense thing and accidentally drops the bowl to the floor. DeCha yells that he’s a police officer and is embarrassed by such conducts of his.

Khatha narrates, “My father told me time and time again that ghost doesn’t exist and grandfather’s words were foolish, but grandpa told me that everyone had some kind of energy resided inside the body, and we called it minds or souls.”

Grandpa is curing a lady who got possessed. He asks, “Mae Ya (female guardian spirit), why did you come to earth?” The lady only smirks.

Back to present, Khatha is talking to the captured soul, “Khun Kra-seu, don’t worry, this cloth with mystic symbols on it, could block only impatient souls. The moment you are ready to leave to born again, you will be free.”

He throws the bottle down the river. It drops to the bottom where many bottles are lying. The teammates divide the income but Khatha tells them to keep it, he’s not good at it.

The guy says, “As usual, first, use it to make merits, second, buy ghost-busting tools, and third, keep it in case of an emergency!”

His friends ask if Khatha doesn’t want to spend the money when they took such risk before they could have the money. Khatha says no, he doesn’t want it, “…because my grandfather taught me that the heart of doing good deeds is – sacrifices.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means…he’s the good guy while you and I..are baddies.”

“Hey, how can you say that?”

“Why not?” Khatha says.

In the water down below, Mae Ya shows up and looks at the bottles, and she’s furious.

Khatha comes home  and praises his dog and tells him to go for his meal. A masked man greets him unexpectedly so he kicks him away. It appears to be Khatha’s brother, Ah-kom, pulling a prank on him. Khatha says what a prank he’s pulling.

Ahkom says it meant to be a tease and asks if he couldn’t recognize at all that it’s him with a mask on. Khatha says he recognized him alright but he felt like kicking anyway, so what?

Ahkom gapes and says he will go tell dad what he did to him.

Khatha walks into the house and greets his mother, Vanee. Mom gestures to him that he’s a dead meat. DeCha, Khatha’s father, walks down the stairs glaring at him.

Dad shows him a pot and says he found it in Khatha’s room. Khatha accuses him of searching his room again. Dad says, “I’m a police officer so I have the right to do so.”

“You might as well set up a checkpoint next time.” Khatha retorts.

“Don’t you talk back to me!”

Dad sits down and starts interrogating, “You’d better tell me, what you kept this pot for?”

“Dad, for a display. It’s an art piece.”

Dad repeats that he tell him what it’s for and don’t lie. “Well, it’s for boiling MAMA (instant noodle brand). I could get hungry late at night.” Khatha answers.

“MAMA boiling?”


“With this kind of pot?”

“Dad, even shark-fin soup comes in a pot. Haha.”

Dad smirks and shows him the pot’s bottom. He asks what about the symbols written there. Khatha looks at it and says how it got burned by a flame. Dad doesn’t buy it and asks if he engages in black magic again.

“I didn’t do anything against the law.”

“Of course, it’s against the law because it’s a nonsense thing and fooling people. Your grandfather embarrassed me and now you want to follow his steps?”

Khatha argues that grandpa is a good man so don’t talk bad about him. “Khatha!” dad’s getting mad. Vanee enters the room to save the day. She picks up the pot and asks if they should use it to boil MAMA to eat together. Dad scolds her that it’s not the time and not to spoil their child. Dad looks again and Khatha is nowhere near. LOL. Dad yells that he come back and finish talking. Vanee suggests that the pot fits perfectly to cook for two.

Khatha thinks back what grandpa said about his father. “Your father’s time of birth was a Brahma auspicious moment. There are (?)…star protecting him and angels taking care of him.”

Flashback, grandpa says forget about (DeCha) seeing ghosts, even ghosts would flee by the sight of him. The boy (Khatha) says what a pity that his father doesn’t believe him or else he would turn a shaman like grandpa. Grandpa says that’s all right because he still has him, his grandson.

Present, Khatha recalls the past how his grandfather fought with a fierce ghost and told a man to take Khatha away. The boy shouts, “Grandpa! Let me go! I will go help grandpa!”

Grandpa asks the woman, “Mae Ya, what do you do this for?” (He asked the ghost who possessed the body.)

“Someone wants you dead! (She jumps down from the wall.) Someone wants your sacred piece.”

Grandpa looks at his sacred sword. She stretches her hair out to get it but he cuts her hair with it. He recites a spell over a handful of rice and throws it at her. It has burning effect on her. He tells her to leave that body now or he will have no mercy on her.

She cries out and surrenders. Grandpa tells her not to talk much, if she surrenders then get out of the body.

“Dream on, you stupid fool. Haha!” then she fights back. She uses her hair to capture him and says, “Old man, you lost!”

Grandpa chants magic words and throws a fireball at her. She grabs his face and asks if he thinks of putting her in flame. She says she will suck life (his spirit) out of him so that she will become immortal. She swallows his soul and grandpa collapses to the floor. Khatha (the boy) wants to go to grandpa.

Back to present, DeCha looks at grandpa’s photo and says, “Dad, if you still see me as your son, please guide Khatha the bright path. Please tell him that ghosts doesn’t exist in this world. (He pauses.) And what am I talking to now? Crazy me.”

At a bar, SaiTarn (looking like ChonThiCha) lures a man outside. He assures her that he’s not that drunk. “If you can catch me, I will let you do everything.” she says.

She leads him to a river and says this area has plenty of room to catch her, and when he asks where that is, she pulls him down the water. The man realizes too late that he’s drowning. Mae Ya shows up and sucks his soul into her.

“Soon you will be like me. It’s your fate to stay guarding this bend of watercourse. My time of a hundred year is coming to an end. Once you turn age of 25, I will be free. Haha.” Mae Ya says.

ChonThiCha is having a nightmare, a recollection of an accident in the past. A family, parents and two daughters, falls into the water during a boat riding.

“ChonThiCha, don’t be scared! Hurry and get on the boat!” (not sure who says it)

ChonThiCha (the girl) holds on to the boat while looking at another girl drowning then disappears.

Jintana (Brali’s mother) wakes up ChonThiCha from the nightmare. “Don’t be scared. You were having a nightmare.”

ChonThiCha hugs her tight.

Brali is telling her father (WiSet) about the just- died ghost she saw. Dad says his hairs stand up hearing it, it’s so scary. He asks if the college found a way to take care of it.

Jintana joins them and strictly tells Brali to stop talking about it. She says Brali saw a dead person so she got scared, thus the hallucination. She says this kind of case (she’s a psychiatrist), she encountered it before.  Brali insists that she really saw it and mom can ask ThiCha.

Mom says that’s enough when she was consoling ThiCha just now. She tells ThiCha to have the meal.

Brali turns to ThiCha and asks why she didn’t tell her mom that they really saw it. ThiCha only keeps her mouth shut.

Wiset comes to the pantry so Jintana explains to him that she had to do it this way. She says he knew that when her brother and sister-in-law passed away, ThiCha was in a trauma and turned mute for almost a month, and if it’s not her, ThiCha would have gone insane.

Wiset agrees that she treated ThiCha till she’s fully recovered. “But how long you will keep treating her? ThiCha needs to have a normal life like a normal person has. You must let her come to terms with the truth.”

“I’m a psychiatrist and also her aunt.” she argues.

“Which means I have no right to interfere, haven’t I?” he drops the conversation.

Brali looks at the pills ThiCha needs to take and asks if her mother gave her a prescription again. ThiCha nods and says aunt (Jintana) told her to take it so that she wouldn’t be stressed out.

“You resembles a golden fish by the day, taking medicine like it’s food tablets.” Brali couldn’t help saying.

“Also a short memory like golden fish. I couldn’t recall any of my past at all.” ThiCha sighs.

Brali drives her to college.

The library teacher comes to the room where the corpse was found. He has a set of offering in his hand. He walks to the spot and starts talking.

“ReuThai, as a teacher, an occasion to do thing like this is so rare. But for you, I’m willing to do it. (He puts the tray on the floor.) ReuThai, for the sake of humanity, I know that you passed away here, right at this spot, but I have to work here too. Therefore, could you please relocate from here? And I will make merits and dedicate it to you. Whatever you want, name it. Whether it’ll be cosmetics, lipsticks or clothes, just say it and I will arrange it for you.”

ReuThai (the ghost girl) laughs.

“Hey, don’t you tease me. I’m your teacher.”

“I want…” ReuThai says.

“What do you want me to do?”

“…you to get the hell out! I want to live here!” ReuThai shows up and scares the heck out of him. “Get out!” she shouts.

The teacher makes his way out with the speed of light.

Brali and ThiCha arrive at the college. Brali asks her friends what they are talking about, let she hear it too. The girl says it’s ReuThai, she haunted the place this morning and it’s worst than yesterday, even the library teacher fainted in extreme shock.

The girl says their seniors (students) are talking what to do. ThiCha asks what they will do. The girl tells her to ask Pee Amarin and his friends, because they don’t want to know.

Amarin and his friends are brainstorming. One says if they leave this be, the library is in the risk of getting closed down. Another one wonders why Reuthai ghost is so fierce when she only died recently.

A man, KamRon, asks Amarin why she had to kill herself. Amarin asks back why he asked him that. KamRon says ReuThai had been trying to woo him before this. Amarin tells him not to mention such when he never paid attention to that brand-faced girl at all. A friend asks why Amarin got so mad when KamRon was just asking.

Amarin says he’s in the management of this place so he doesn’t want any bad rumor. A friend tells them to leave the topic and get back to the matter at hand, what to do with the ghost. KamRon says what’s so difficult, just make merits and dedicate it to her. Amarin couldn’t allow it because such religious event would create even more rumors and who will dare to come study here.

Amarin says ghosts don’t exist and he doesn’t think people could hallucinate everyday. ThiCha and Brali hear them and get out of the room.

KamRon glares at Amarin. Something fishy here.

ThiCha asks Brali what they should do, if they let this go on, no one will come to use the library. Brali says that’s good then they don’t have to fill their shifts. She says let ReuThai haunt all over the place then they don’t have to attend classes. ThiCha asks if that’s a gag. She says they need to do something. “What for?” Brali asks.

ThiCha says for the community, for their department, for the nation’s youth, and more importantly, they will have a library to use. Brali praises her an angel come down to earth.

Brali says she has a way.

The girls come to Department of Industrial Engineering building. ThiCha asks who they come to see here. Brali says there’s a new student recently transferred here, his name is KhaTha, a shaman. ThiCha thinks it’s a joke.

Brali says ghost ReuThai yesterday was a joke too, but can she laugh? ThiCha asks if she’s sure that he can defeat ghosts. Brali says there’s a rumor saying he can communicate with ghosts. She says one day, he ran to inform a teacher in administration that someone is about to commit suicide on the building. ThiCha asks how he knew that. Brali says a ghost told him.

Flashback, Khatha asks a ghost what she’s looking at. She turns to him and says soon she will have company. Khatha tells his friends that someone is going to jump down the building but no one believes him, until the day it happens.

Brali says blood and brain bled and splashed all over. ThiCha gapes. Brali asks if it’s scary. ThiCha asks why she is stepping on her foot. LOL. Brali quickly apologizes.

They walk inside and all-male students greet them. A man teases what gals from Faculty of Business Administration are doing here today, and if there’s anything they can help.

Brali says she came to meet a man named Khatha. All of them compose themselves and politely say the shaman’s room is upstairs to the left.

“The shaman?” ThiCha asks.

“That’s right. He’s so good at telling lotto winning numbers. He’s our financial savior.” LOL

The girls walk upstairs and sees Khatha is talking to himself about today stock market. He says, “Let me ask you, before you died, what did you do for a living? A janitor! Wow, your knowledge on stock market is so awesome. You have my respect…”

ThiCha wants to leave but Khatha stops them. “Are you here to see me?” he asks. ThiCha  says no, they got lost and ended up here and they should leave now.

“You came about the library ghost, didn’t you?” he asks.

Brali asks how he could know that. He smiles and says his janitor brother told him and points them where the janitor is, to which the girls see nothing.

The three come to the library. Khatha looks around for the ghost. Brali tells him to do something already. ThiCha asks if he’s going to perform ghost-busting. He says how he can do that when there’s no tools with him. He tells the girls to relax and this thing calls for tactics. He tells them to trail behind.

He finally comes face-to-face with ReuThai. He chuckles bitterly that she came without making any sound. ReuThai asks if it’s him to defeat her.

Khatha says, “Who said that? I came to borrow some books to read.”

“Liar! The janitor (ghost) told me all about it.”

Khatha mumbles how that ghost is a two-headed bird, and he will put him in a bottle and throws down the river so that he will learn his lesson.

“Fight or flee?” ReuThai asks.

“Give me a time-out.” he gestures the two girls to check it out, then shushes them.

He tells them to leave this spot and he will take care of it. The girls run from there.

“Wow, so fast and not even ask. All right, let’s do it!” he says.

ReuThai squeezes his throat before he could start.

“Who cares about someone who is about to die!” she says.

There’s a delivery for Khatha at home and Vanee gets it for him. She signs the paper and asks what the delivery is and from whom. The delivery man says it seems to be a monk sending it, the name of the monk is MuNee. Also, there’s a letter (from the monk), he says.

She reads it and the letter says that his teacher (Khatha’s grandpa) gave him an order before he died, that on the 5th waning moon of the month of 10th, year of the Snake, to send this thing to Khatha immediately because it would protect him before great danger arrive.

Vanee takes a look what it is and lets out, “My husband’s father sent a banana tree to his grandson?” The delivery man cracks some joke and says it’s Tanee banana tree (a kind of banana), no fruits whatsoever and withered. Vanee wonders why grandpa needed to hand out banana tree to his grandchild.

Meanwhile, Khatha is still fighting with ghost ReuThai. She yells at him to get out and stop messing with her. “I will live here!”

Khatha says the library is a public place so how people can use it then. She says it’s their business then tosses him to the floor. He gets up and says they couldn’t talk nicely then she must face with the four-elements spell.

Amarin and his friends see the two girls running down the stairs. He asks what they ran away from. The girls say the ghost.

The spell fails to take effect and ReuThai yells that his idiot spell doesn’t work. He runs and she intercepts him. “Anything else?” she asks.

“The four-elements spell can be used once a day only.” he explains politely.

“Then you are done!” she shouts.

He uses his magic power to avoid her reach. He then chants magic words so that he becomes invisible to ghosts. ReuThai calls him a low-rank shaman and challenges him to come out and fight. She sees only his clothes on the floor.

Amarin says the girls were fooled by some con artist. He tells ThiCha that he doesn’t believe there’s ghost ReuThai in the library and if that shaman said there was then he’s a con artist. Brali says this is a shaman they can trust because he’s a student here. ThiCha says he’s in Engineering. One friend wonders if it’s that man. KamRon asks who he’s thinking.

RueThai tries to look for Khatha but she can’t see him. He teases her that no way she can see.

Amarin and the gang enter the room and see the naked Khatha. The girls cover their faces from the sight. A friend says just ignore him, he’s crazy. ReuThai marches towards ThiCha so Khatha shouts, “Watch out!”

ReuThai gets inside ThiCha’s body. Amarin punches Khatha to stay away from the girls.

Everyone is stunned to see ThiCha suddenly crying. Brali asks why she’s crying. ThiCha (ReuThai inside) turns to KamRon and yells, “Why did you kill me?!”

KamRon touches her and asks if she’s all right. She slaps him so hard that he passes out then runs outside. Amarin and the gang follow her. Khatha picks up his clothes on the floor.

ThiCha runs outside and tells all the students there, “Help me! I didn’t commit suicide!” then she repeats it again.


It was well-executed with a right amount of comedy and thriller in the mix. So far, I’m impressed for being this good in this time slot (weekday, early evening). Love the cast. The story was funny yet a serious thriller so take precautions watching  🙂

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  1. hi, thank you for recapping this lakorn, i hope you continue this ‘coz i can’t find any videos of it with english subtitles… >.< do you perhaps know a website that will sub this???

  2. Thankuuu for an awesome makes it much easier to understand the plot line since there was no subs when i was watching the episodes!! yea hopefully it ll get subbed cos the lakorn sounds super interesting!! and similar to Sixth sense I & II and Raak boon which i luved so much!! 😀

  3. Thanks for the post. This sounds really interesting and would love to watch it. It kind of reminds me of Sixth Sense. Do you know if anyone is subbing this?

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