SudKaen SaenRuk Episode 1-2 (Summary)

Here is another well-executed lakorn so far but please be warned, your blood pressure might be at risk. It’s a story which involves three generations of two families whose paddy fields are adjacent to each other, which is where the story begins.

(SudKaen = holding deep grudge, SaenRuk = deep affection, now you can imagine a story when two things were put together in an extreme way)

Part 1

It’s a night with a heavy rain, back in the year 2515 B.E.

At a bus stop in NongNomWua, Nakorn Sawan Province, Muad (Police Sub-Lieutenant) Thavee arrives and is welcomed by a local officer who tells him to follow his car.

LuePong, who operates a public bus, looks around in the rain after his passengers get down and drop him the bus fares.

Yam, the main player in the story, is preparing food while looking at the heavy rain. Her son, Prayong, comes home and asks if dad hasn’t come back yet. He says it has been raining like this these past two days and if it continues for one more day, their paddy fields will surely be totally ruined. Yam tells him to go look for his dad at the paddy fields and tell him to come home, and with this kind of rain, forget about the amount of water in the fields for now.

At another house, Aum asks Urai if her dad hasn’t come home yet. Urai says not yet and he might be worried about the paddy fields be flooded due to the rain, and they may end up with not even one bin of rice. Mom says if that’s what going to happen, what they can do and only to accept it. She wants Urai to go look for her dad but Urai says he will come back on his own in a while, so there’s no need to go look for him.

Khan looks around his paddy fields and sees that someone had dug the ground for water to get into his fields so he’s mad.

It’s Theung who is digging so Khan asks how he can do this. Theung says if he doesn’t do it, his paddy fields will be doomed. Khan calls it a selfish act when it will put someone else’s paddy fields at risk. Thueng argues that he sees that his fields has a passage to let water out.

Khan argues that with this water level how could it be working. He orders him to stop digging and put the soil back in place.

Prayong is on the way to see his father, Theung. The two fathers end up fighting having sharp gardening tools in their hands. Yong asks a man if he sees his father. The man tells him to hurry go to him because he’s draining water into his father-in-law’s paddy fields and there could be a big fight.

In the heat of the moment, Khan cuts Theung’s chest several times then kicks him down the rising water. He realizes what he had done so he runs.

Part 2

Khan bumps into Yong on the way. Yong asks him if he saw his father but Khan simply flees.

Yam tells her younger son, Prayoon, to go look for his father and his elder brother, both hasn’t come home. Yoon refuses to get out in the rain because he’s afraid he will catch a cold then gets back in his room to sleep.

Aumporn and Prayom, Yam’s daughter, are talking about a stylish neckline of a dress these days when Yam walks to her son’s quarter and complains that that’s all they do and asks Aumporn, her daughter-in-law if her husband come back. Aumporn says not yet and she’s worried too because he left for a long while now. Yam asks if she properly prepared the meal for her husband. Aumporn says she did and it’s over there.

Yong shouts, “Mom!”, so Yam runs down the house and sees that her husband is dead. She asks who killed him. A man says it’s Khan and he ran away. The whole family weeps.

A man relates the news to Khan’s family which makes his wife, Aum, faint right away that he killed Theung and fled.

Yam is cursing the man who killed her husband by burning chillies and salt in the kitchen (please don’t do this at home). She wants him die a violent death today or tomorrow and the lives of all his family members be completely destroyed without happiness even for one day.

Aumporn looks at her mother-in-law and feels bad.

Khan runs in the filed and suddenly a lightning strikes and he falls over.

Aumporn walks home to check on her family. A man comes to tell them that Khan was hit by lightning.

Yam is so satisfied to hear the news of Khan’s death. She says she’s not even done with burning chillies and salt, and now receives such good news. She gloats to her dead husband that Khan died because of her curse and she assures him that his death won’t be a waste, Khan’s whole family must be ruined too. She tells him to wait and see.

Yong asks her what’s the use of holding grudge. Yam yells at him for not feeling the hatred for his parents.

Aum wails her loss. Meanwhile, Aumporn’s water broke and the baby is due.

Yam is frustrated that they have to wait for the police to inspect the corpse first before they can take the body to the temple for the funeral. Yam asks where Aumporn is. Prayoon says she must have gone home. Yam curses her so Yong argues that her father died too.

Urai runs to them and tells Prayong that Aumporn (his wife) is about to deliver the baby, so her mother sent her here to tell him and take Aumporn to the hospital.

Yam says let her mother do it so Urai argues that Prayong is her husband. Yam says they are busy so leave now.

Yong wants to argue but Yam orders her son to finish making a casket for his father and says that that woman won’t die easily. She asks if he dares to disobey her.

Yam tells Urai to go back and tell her mother that it won’t end easily between their two families, more still to come in the future.

That’s the first two parts which tell us how two families become enemies (more on Yam’s side).

Aumporn delivers a baby boy at the hospital, later named YongYuth. Yam refuses to have her husband’s funeral at the same temple with Aum’s husband, which is understandable.

She continues holding grudge on everyone in Khan’s family including her daughter-in-law. When Yam keeps picking on her and tries to find her son a new better wife (Suda), Aumporn leaves the house to stay at her mother’s house.

Yam curses Aumporn and tells her to leave like how she came, and even asks back the marriage dowry she got, and says she will never give her grandson to her.

Yong doesn’t know what to do and gets so frustrated with both women. He left home to let out his frustration in the paddy fields.

Aumporn comes to see Yam and asks that she give her son to her. Yam puts the baby in a room and chains the door so that no one can take him away. She orders Prayom that she will be the one taking care of the baby from now. Prayom doesn’t like it at all.

Urai accuses Yam of committing a grave sin for separating a mother from her child. She gets so mad that she burns Yam’s house for not handing over the baby to her family. Later, she concedes to leave for now but they will ask for the baby again.

Aumporn weeps at home for losing her son and knows that Yam will find a new wife for Yong for sure.

Urai is in love with LuePong and, by a stream, sleeps with him for the first time. Yam sees them and can guess what happened. Urai urges LuePong to bring his parents to ask for her hand in marriage. He goes along with it but he knows that his mother doesn’t want Urai.

Yam wants LuePong for her daughter (PraYom) so that Urai will never have him, and even curses that Urai get pregnant before she marries anyone.

Yong comes home and tells his mother never find him a new wife ever. Yam asks him where Aumporn kept the gold and money (the dowry). He says in the cabinet and the key is with Aumporn. Yam tells him to get the key and give her all of it.

That night, Yong sneaks out to see his wife and gives her what his mother wants from the cabinet and some money. She begs him to give back her son. After Aumporn tells him that they can never live the same way again, he begs her to let the baby stay with him and when he grows up, he will tell him what actually happened.

Aumporn says she’s sure that his mother won’t raise her son to respect her. Yong says, in exchange for his son to stay with him, he will never marry again. Aumporn wavers to hear that so she agrees. They agree to love each other and meet like before while she lives in her mother’s house.

Aumporn tells Urai that she will make Yam burn with suspicious of the relationship between Yong and her.

Yam tells Prayoon that LuePong’s mother will never have Urai as her daughter-in-law after seeing the way she burned the house. Yong overhears his mother tell his brother to make Urai and LuePong break up. When Prayoon says it’s a sin to do that, Yam bribes him with a new car to drive to work.

In the morning, when Yam sees that Yong is cooking a simple dish for himself, she tells him to go eat with her from now. He says he already had his own house and feels embarrassed to his brother to do that. She says no one dares say anything when she’s the lady of the house and everyone relies on her, and she’s lonely because his father passed away so she has no one now.

Yam insists that he eat with her from tomorrow and she won’t take back what she promised to give him, income from paddy fields and such. She reminds him to get the key of the cabinet and she will keep that gold for him.

Yong says that he lied to her and already gave all gold and money to Aumporn because it’s hers.

When Yam gets angry, he explains that he asked Aumporn not to report to the police about them for taking her child, so he should give her something at least. Yam asks the amount he gave her and accuses Aumporn of selling her own son. Yong argues that she didn’t do that and it’s him who made an offer, so that the matter wouldn’t reach the police.

Yam asks if he’s sure that she will give them the baby. He says as long as he doesn’t marry again, or else he must return the baby to her.  When Yam gets angry that he gave her such word, he yells at her that these days he doesn’t want to go out because it embarrassed him  when the whole village knows about it.

Yam assures him that she won’t back down and will find him a new wife, and Aumporn will never have her child back. Yong holds back his tears after hearing his mother. Poor him.

Yam orders Prayoon to go to the temple with her to make merit for his late father. Aumporn sees them leave the house.

At the temple, Yam gloats how Prayoon and Prayom are going to be successful in their education and career. She walks inside and sits down the  spot Aum’s family mostly sit. She tells her son to start with the plan and make LuePong’s mother think that he’s courting Urai.

Urai and her mother arrive and see that Yam sit at their usual spot.

Urai says Yam intend to pick a fight. Aum says they can sit somewhere else and tells Urai to keep her mind peaceful in the temple.

Aumporn comes to Yam’s house but Prayom won’t let her go near the baby or  her mother will yell at her.

“I missed my child. Please let me breast-feed him. My beasts are so filled-up and tight that it hurts. Please feel for me.” Aumporn begs her.

Episode 3 Preview

Urai: “If you look down on me this much then let’s break up and never see each other again!”

Aumporn: “Can you see now how cruel aunt Yam is to me? What did I ever do to her?!”

Yam: “Both elder and younger sister are so desperate for men!”

Urai: “Aumporn, you must be strong. The war between us and Yam is still a long way.”



Prayong, poor you.

I really liked the setting and location of this lakorn. Yam is a loving mother who takes care of everyone in her family and loves them so dearly, without realizing whether or not it’s for their best interests. I think Khan, Aum’s husband, was wrong to kill a man over such matter, but when he died suddenly too, shouldn’t both families leave it at that? Such circumstances do exist in real life and each one in such household can only accept it, find a way to live with it and be happy.

The story will continue to the next generation during schooldays and adulthood. I don’t think I will do more on this lakorn, not that it’s not good but I think I can’t handle Yam’s attitude to continue watching. Hehe.

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  1. Yeah, I don’t know the younger cast either but the current cast already are too hot to handle. I also love the verbal battle between Yam and Urai. They both act so well!

  2. Thanks for the recap. Yes, it was such an emotional ride with just two episodes. The female characters all act so well. I feel so sorry for Prayong. Have a feeling that he will die one way or the other. Spoilers please….:-P

    • Yep, the actresses did a good job here. For me, Yam and Urai were fun to watch when they argued. Can’t give you any key spoilers but the pain will continue to their sons and daughters (or grandchildren for Yam). The most interesting pair for me would be Yam and YongYuth (Aumporn’s son) later in the game, and the phrase ‘SudKaen SaenRuk’ should overwhelm both in an interesting way. Let’s hope the part of the next generation will deliver, cuz I don’t particularly recognize the younger cast.

      • Oh, my Gosh, the 2nd generations of casting are so cute…..

        • Yep, and I love the part where Pawarit (Yam’s grandson) has a crush on Rapeepun (Urai’s daughter) and follows her to Urai’s store.

          Start from 32:35 mark

          Pawarit comes to the store and looks around hoping to see a glimpse of Rapeepun, but meets Urai instead.

          Urai: “May I have you?”
          Pawarit greets her which Urai knows that he’s Yam’s grandson. Urai is annoyed.

          Urai: “What do you want to buy?”
          Pawarit: “Eh…I…Eh…want to buy incense sticks.”
          Urai: “Incense sticks? What for?”
          Pawarit: “Incense sticks…eh..for praying.”
          Urai: “Praying? Which one you want, cheap or expensive?”
          Pawarit: “Well, that green one would be fine.”
          Urai: “The green one.”
          She puts one pack in a plastic bag and says, “Here, it’s 25 baht.”
          He gives her one-hundred bank note so she tells him to wait a bit then leaves to get him the change. “Here you go, your change.” Urai gives it to him. He counts it and says she gave him more than he should get. Urai says it’s all right since they are acquainted people and he came to buy from her store.
          Urai: “Something else you want?”
          Pawarit: “No, no more.”
          Rapeepun comes out and asks her mother the kind of noodle soup she wants. Pawarit lets out a cute smile then turns into a stalker trailing behind the girl.

          Rapeepun comes to a noodle-soup stall and orders two bowls.

          Pawarit: “You came to buy noodle soups?”
          She doesn’t talk to him so he tries again, “Hello, Rapee.”

          “How do you know my name?”
          “Rada told me.”
          “The noodle soups look tasty. Let me treat you.”
          “No need. I don’t want to be indebted to anyone.”
          Pawarit keeps beaming until the seller tells him to order the food, why keeps standing and smiling. LOL. Pawarit apologizes and leaves.

          Urai sees Pawarit in front of her store again so she asks, “What else do you want? What more do you want when you just bought a pack of incense sticks.”

          Pawarit: “Eh…I bought incense sticks but forgot to buy candles.”

          Urai: “You want candles? Big or small one?”

          Pawarit: “Eh…big one is all right.”

          Urai: “Is that one big enough?” she points him a huge candle. LOL. Rapeepun grins by that.
          Pawarit: “That’s too big.”
          Urai: “What color?”
          Pawarit: “Well, white is all right.”
          Urai: “White? What will you use the white one for?”
          Pawarit: “Praying.”
          Urai: “For praying, yellow one is normally used.”
          Pawarit: “Then yellow it is.”
          Urai: “How many do you want?”
          Pawarit: “Just one.”
          Urai: “Who sell just one candle? It’s the whole pack.”
          Pawarit: “The whole pack would be fine.”
          Urai notices that he’s staring at Rapee then says, “Here, it’s 30 baht.”
          When he keeps staring at Rapee, Urai exasperatedly says, “What else?”
          Pawarit: “Nothing, nothing more.”

          He backtracks and bumps into some goods, “Sorry.” He leaves and Urai lets out a huge sigh. “This grandson of Yam looks suspicious.” Urai wonders. She turns to look at Rapee who quickly avoids her eyes and gets inside.

          Looks like a plan comes up in Urai’s mind. She later suggests Rapee to make Pawarit fall deep for her then break his heart real bad, to seek revenge of her own.

          Pawarit was so cute while Urai was such a strict mother. Haha.

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