Soundtrack: Kolkimono

Pee Bird, period.

Song title: Dok Mai Nai Jai (flower in my heart)

Artist: Thongchai McIntyre

Official MV

Translation of the lyrics:

Did you ever know

A life without you,

Is a flower deprived of water

Living with a deep lonely heart for so long

Every minute passing is waiting

* [ Each night has only the sound of music to console my heart

Which kept reminding me that there’s still tomorrow

** [ The flower in my heart will blossom again like before

Just the word ‘you love me’, it seems like a drizzle

Wanting you to know, the reason I kept breathing, is you in my heart

This world means nothing if without you ] ]

“Hoshi, you left me to endure the loneliness. This body of Rindara will help us reunited happily once more.”

Don’t know for how long

I kept fighting against loneliness

Only looking at the stars by myself

Living in the darkest world, having no way out

Without you, it seems there’s no air, I’m out of breath

Repeat [*]

“Thun Chai, I don’t know what is this feeling I have for you.”

“The love I have, stands strong and never faded away. What about you? The day I have to return to heaven, will your love still stand strong to me?”

[Japanese lyrics]

Repeat [**]


Kolkimono fighting!!!

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  1. Oh my such a nice voice. So smooth and lovely. It has such a old school vibe but in a very good way. Gosh love his voice. Have you heard him live? Does he sound as good live as well?

    • Yep, I was in his concert several times. His voice is great hearing it live and a great entertainer he is. He was hilarious and good-natured in the concerts and made the audience laugh, smile and sing along (and dance) through the hours 🙂

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