Hua Jai Patthapi Episode 12 (Final)

I’m still not sure how I felt after watching this episode. I need more time for my brain to process but mostly I felt like something was missing. It was like you watched someone running to the finish line and suddenly he stopped right before that line, and never crossed it. Where was YingYot by the way? Suddenly his screen-time cut short. Let’s go over it again.

Part 1

Ava and Rain pretend to be fighting, and when David walk to them and tell them to stop fighting. They push and pull then tear off the sleeve of his shirt and the tattoo on his arm is revealed. Two girls are satisfied then leave different ways.

Ava calls Rain and asks what to do next. Rain says she needs time to think over something, and she had prepared in advance that their father is Aden. Rain tells her to act like they still aren’t in good term. Ava tells her to take care.

Fayad is on the phone with Rain. He complains that she kept postponing. Rain tells him to be patient because their spy reported that the special unit is getting ready to arrest them. She asks if he wants to go to jail that much.

He tells her to tell him when she’s ready and then hangs up.

David enters the room so Rain tells him that Fayad is ready and also the car. He asks why she changes her mind suddenly (to get involved again). She says she want to pay back what she’s indebted to him.

Arm asks David if he’s sure that he doesn’t have to go with him. David tells him not to come since he still has some charge to be arrested so it could be his disadvantage should some problem arises. Rain tells Arm she will take care of dad.

Kin asks Phurit if they should tell Din about Rain. Thi argues that Rain begged them not to. Phu says he doesn’t want to hide such important matter from Pee Din. Din walks in and tells them to tell him all of it.

Flashback, Rain asks Thi to help her with planting a bug and she will make her father confess all of his crimes. Thi wants to ask Din first but Rain tells her not to because he surely wouldn’t agree, but they have no choices now when her dad already set a date to deliver a huge lot of timbers and then leave the country. She says if her father can escape, more trees than before will be cut down and even with more of officers like them, they won’t be able to stop her father.

Back to present, Pasu doesn’t like what he just heard. Phurit says one more thing he should know, Ava confirmed that David had a tattoo on his arm.

Pasu says if that’s the case then there’s more than making David confess. Kin says they can follow her now. Thi says she put a tracking device on Rain.

David is inside a car with Rain driving. He drinks water then loses his consciousness. Rain speeds up.

The team follows Rain in one car with Phurit looking bored. LOL.

Rain pulls over then ties David to a pole under the hot sun. He wakes up and asks what she’s doing. She says she will stop him from committing more crimes, and if he continues with it and even kills the whole special unit, one day someone will get up and reveal all of his crimes no matter what.


David chuckles and says her real father said exactly the same thing before he died. She says she knew already that he’s the one who killed her father. She aims a gun at him and says, “Dad, if you don’t want to die now then tell me all about it.”

“And if I don’t do what you say, what will you do? Kill me?” he asks.

Rain fires the gun before he finishes his question, and spook me in the process.

Part 2

The bullet scratches David’s face.


“If I do that, all will end too easily. This gun has only one bullet left. Dad, let’s play some game.” she says.

The hidden camera on Rain shows what it captured on Thi’s laptop. Thi says it’s bad and shows Din what’s happening. Din can only speed up.

Rain pulls the trigger and it’s empty. David tells her that her father died because he kept investigating about Aden so he killed Pipop’s spy because the man found out that he and Aden were the same person. However, he couldn’t find anything on the man’s body so he thought of a different way to destroy the evidence.

David (in the past) says if the evidence about Aden is still there, he won’t let him be.

David says so he took her (a girl) as hostage to trade for all the evidence her father had.

Back to that day, Pipop runs to his house and looks at a roll of negative in his hand. He makes a call and tells that person to come get the evidence fast.

He hides the negative behind the clock on the wall. Then he sees a note sticking on the wall. It reads, if he doesn’t hurry go up the mountain, his child will be barbecued alive. “KamPoo!” he exclaims. (KamPoo is Rain’s real name.)

He sees that the dark sky turned red due to wildfire. He curses and leaves for that spot in the forest. Once he arrives, several gunmen are waiting for him. One man shows up wearing a gas mask. He takes off the mask and shows his face to Pipop.

“So it’s actually you, who is Aden.” Pipop realizes.

David smirks. Pipop runs to his daughter as soon as he hears her scream.

YingYot and Thawon arrive at the house but found no one. YingYot alerts Thawon to look at the sky. “Let’s go!” YingYot orders.

Pipop rushes to the girl. David threatens him to hand over all the evidence if he doesn’t want to die together with his child.

“Even if I die and you have all the evidence, one day there will be someone like me get up and reveal who you really are. You won’t get away from all you did!” Pipop says.

David laughs and says there are ten or hundred of a person like him, he will kill everyone who gets in his way. “And now I will start with your child first.” he means to kill the girl.

David’s wife stops him and begs him to stop killing. OMG…so she knows everything?

David says he can’t let him go when he has the evidence telling that he’s Aden.

Pipop asks what if he dies along with the evidence, will he let his child live?

“Kampoo, dad is sorry for pulling you into this.” he leans down and whispers into her ear that the evidence is inside the negative’s case.” he kisses her forehead then turns to David’s wife, “So? Can I leave my daughter’s life in your hand?”

He turns to the girl and says, “I love you, my child.”


He turns around and kills himself instantly with a gun. Oh my, so David didn’t kill him.

The girl is so stunned that she faints. David’s wife stops him from killing the girl but he says he can’t because this girl saw everything. She yells at him that if he doesn’t let the girl live and stop being Aden, she will divorce him. David perks up at that. I mean, really?

Present, David tells Rain that, in the end, he did what her mother asked because he loved her so much. “I didn’t think that your father would be so stupid to kill himself like that. But, if he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t be alive anyway.” he smirks.

Rain asks if he can turn around. “I’m begging you.”

“You shouldn’t ask for something impossible. Untie me now!” he orders.

She touches the camera and tells him that she lets the special unit record all of it.

“I should have killed you at that time!” he’s mad.

Rain sobs and says, “Dad, no matter how worst you did, and never love me, I still love you. I love you very much! I loved you like you are my real father. I don’t want you to commit more crimes.”

The rope tying his hands turned loose so his hands are free. David bends down to grab the gun on the ground then smiles feeling content.

Part 3

David shoots Rain but the gun is empty so he yells at her that she lied to him. Din and his team arrive. David uses Rain as his shield so Din tells him not to do it. David asks if they think a man like David will let them arrest him easily.

“If you don’t want Rain to die, move away! I said move away!” David shouts.

Rain cries and looks at Din sadly, then, without any warning, she knocks David off the cliff and of course, she went down with him too.

Phurit tells Din he will get a rope in the car. Everyone is stunned by what just happened. Wow, my kind of heroine.

Rain wakes up in the hospital and sees JureeJan with her. She asks her how she came here. Mom says Khun Pasu saved her.

Rain apologizes to her for doing such outrageous thing, she wanted to stop what dad is doing. She says she want dad to get scared and turn himself around. “But, even the last minute of his life, dad didn’t regret anything.” Rain sighs.

Mom tells her not to feel sad or apologize to her when it’s not their fault. “It’s me who should apologize to you. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about your real father. After that incident at PhuSuang, you were in shock and lost your consciousness, and when you woke up, you wouldn’t talk at all and couldn’t remember anything, even your own name. I thought it’s good for you that you couldn’t remember that sad incident so I didn’t try to heal that symptom. But if I left you at the hospital, Dad might come and harm you so I thought to keep you close to me. When dad knew, he objected to it but I insisted to adopt you. I begged him to stop searching for all the evidences because Pipop had perished and you had an amnesia.”

Rain says that’s why dad made her work for him without paying attention to how she feels. Mom holds her and says she was wrong when she thought that adopting her and keeping her close would make Rain be safe.

Rain says it’s all right and she should be the one thanking her for saving her life. She asks how dad is. Mom wouldn’t say.

Ava is sitting next to David and cries. She asks why he left her and turned out like this. “Our family, once filled with happiness, had to quarrel.” she sobs.

David opens his eyes and says sorry to her. Suddenly a man comes behind her and puts a piece of cloth over her nose and mouth, she faints right away.

It’s Tul and Arm in the room. Arm tells David to hurry leave before the police outside wake up. David sits up and says, “I can’t backtrack now.”

Thi parks her car at the parking lot and sees David and his crew come out with the unconscious Ava on a wheelchair. Arm tells David that the goods which Fayad ordered are ready. David nods and says after this shipment is done, all of them will leave the country together. They get in a car and leave. Thi follows them.

JureeJan thanks Pasu and his friends for helping Rain all this time. Pasu smiles and says not at all and they are willing to do it. Phurit glares at him then puts his arm around Pasu’s shoulder. “Especially this brother of mine, he’s so willing to do it.” Phu teases and causes everyone to grin. Pasu jabs his elbow into Phu’s ribs as a punishment. Mom tells them to enjoy talking and she will go home to pick up something and will be back.

Both Pasu and Phurit smile. These two are so cute to together.

Phurit tells Rain that his spy told him that they are going to deliver the goods to Fayad today and forestry police are preparing to make an arrest. Rain wonders why the delivery is still on, it could be that dad let Pee Arm oversee it.

Rain asks Kin if Khun Thi successfully recorded the whole confession. Kin says both pictures and voices are very clear so now all the evidences are ready. Din tells her that Sakdisorn’s condition improved a lot and he can remember everything now and he’s even willing to be their witness.

Phu gets a phone call from Thi and lets out, “What?!”

Part 4

It’s Thi on the phone. Phurit says he will ask Kin to locate her (GPS) then tells her to be careful. Kin asks what happened as soon as Phurit hangs up.

Phurit says David had escaped and took Ava with him. “Why does he need to take Ava? He must be fleeing the country with Fayad for sure!” Rain says.

Phurit asks Kin if he can locate Thi. Kin says yes. Phurit tells them to get going. Rain wants to go with them but Pasu stops her and says he will bring Ava back no matter what. He leaves in a hurry. Rain gets up to leave anyway.

Thi is lurking around a warehouse. She wants to make a phone call but Tul snatches her phone away and slaps her hard.

Both Kin and Phurit are busy talking on the phone while Pasu is pacing back and forth impatiently. Phurit hangs up and says the police are coming then asks Kin if he can contact Thi. Kin says he couldn’t and wonders if she’s in danger. Kin tells them to hurry and rush inside or they are wasting precious time.

Pasu agrees so they grab weapons and get ready for battle.

Rain sneaks inside to Ava and Thi. She is untying them when Arm sees her. “Rain! What madness you are doing here? Leave before dad sees you.” he says.

“It’s me who should be asking what are you doing? You knew dad will never get away so why put Ava in trouble?” Rain asks.

Arm asks if she will change her mind and help them instead so that they can flee together and be a family again. Rain says he should know her answer that she can’t do that.

Ava begs him to let them go and asks why he needs to take her. Arm says it’s dad’s order even though he doesn’t want to do it. Thi warns him that her colleagues are probably heading here, so make the decision fast.

Arm pauses and thinks. David fires a gun at them. “Dad!” Arm exclaims.

Arm checks the money in the bags and tells Fayad that the amount is correct so now all the things in here are his and feel free to transport it the way he wants.

Fayad looks around and asks where David is and why he didn’t come with him. “Is he scared?” Fayad asks.

“Scared of what? For this small matter, it doesn’t have to be my father.” Arm argues. He gestures his men to take the bags. Suddenly several smoke-bombs (don’t know what it’s called) are being thrown to the ground. Thick smoke comes up and surrounds them then Pasu’s team, wearing mask, starts shooting.

“Freeze! Drop your weapons! Hands up!”

Arm, Fayad and his men comply. David comes out with three women as hostage. He laughs and says if they don’t want to die then drop the weapons.

Pasu’s team drop their weapon.

“Phurit, so? Your dad is dead so there should be no one to save you now.” David smirks.

Tul sees a green light on David’s back so he shoves him down. A man is shooting like crazy at them. All of them duck while Thi keeps dancing in the midst of flying bullets (*roll eyes*). Fayad grabs her as a hostage. His man uses his body to cover him and shouts, “Fayad, watch out!” and one man down.

Fayad runs outside pulling Thi along with him. Kin sees that and runs after them. “Kin!” Pasu shouts.

Ava gets up and calls out, “Phurit!”. She wants to get to him. “Ava!” Phurit shouts and wants to go to her but Pasu pulls him down. Phew! It’s Arm who grabs Ava and pulls her to safety.

Oh my, the man who is shooting is the cool Sakdisorn. He shouts, “Arm! Put down the gun! I said put it down!” Arm throws his gun away.

“And you, David, come out here!” Sakdisorn shouts. David shows himself to him.

“Today is my day, and you won’t make it alive!” Sakdisorn brags.

“Want to kill me, then hurry and do it. Why keep bragging!” David says.

“Killing you is too easy, the police is about to arrive. I’d rather wait to see you in jail! So satisfied that way! Haha.”

“The one who feels satisfied should be me, not you. Because you are about to die to watch over this place!” David chuckles and presses the remote control in his hand.

Part 5

David presses the remote control and a bomb explodes right at Sakdisorn who disappeared instantly. Poor him. David smiles and orders, “Arm, let’s go!” – Two men down.

Arm pulls Ava along with him. David presses the remote control again. Pasu shouts, “Duck!”

After the smoke is gone, Pasu and his team get up and follow David outside.

Fayad pulls Thi along with him and says he needs her as a hostage or else he would have killed her already. Thi pretends to trip and fall down.

“Get up! Get up!” Fayad shouts at her with a gun in his hand. Thi fights with him to get away. When Fayad is about to shoot her, Kin jumps in and punches him repeatedly. Kin pulls Thi up and asks if she’s okay.

Thi takes the bullet for him when she sees Fayad shooting at him. Kin puts Thi down gently and launches at Fayad who tries to shoot him but there’s no bullets left. They fight with bare hands and of course, how can Kin beat up a serious criminal? Kin ends up lying on the ground. Fayad wants to drop a hard rock on his face. Kin is terrified. Suddenly, Fayad got shot from behind and drops dead. It’s Thi who shot him down. Three men down.

Kin rushes to her and holds her in his arms. “Thi, are you okay? That was quite a shot.” he has the mood to tease her so she smiles.

David and the gang are walking fast. David orders Arm to go that way with Ava and meet him at the spot as planned while he will go with Tul another way.

Pasu, Rain and Phurit run to the spot then Pasu gives a signal for Phurit to go that way while he and Rain rush another way. Pasu and Rain catch up with David and Tul.

“Freeze! Drop the weapons! I said drop the weapons!” Pasu shouts.

Tul puts down both guns. “Hands up!” Pasu shouts. David and Tul raise their hands up. “Turn around slowly!” Pasu orders.

David and Tul turn to face him.

Pasu lowers his gun and suggests, “Just turn yourself in. You won’t be able to get away. What you are doing is not only cutting down trees but also troubling others!”

David chuckles, “If I don’t cut down trees, someone else will do it anyway. Our country is full of baddies!”

Pasu wants to argue but Rain stops him. David grabs a gun behind Tul and shoots Pasu.

Pasu shoves Rain away and cries out when a bullet hits his chest. He fires back but David uses Tul’s body as his shield. The bullets hit Tul so he falls down. Tul couldn’t believe it so he stares at David and utters, “You!”. Another man down.

Phurit is still looking for Ava and probably hears gunshots.

Rain calls out, “Pasu! Tul!”

She stares at David and points a gun at him while he’s doing the same thing, father and daughter at last.

Ava tells Arm that she’s worried about dad and Pee Rain. “Let’s go back and see! Pee Arm, let’s go back! Quick!” she suggests.

David yells at Rain, “You ungrateful!”

“If you want me to pay for the favor of raising me, go ahead and shoot me.” she challenges him.

He laughs and shoots at her leg. She cries out and falls down. “Rain!” Pasu shouts.

“David, are you a human?!” Pasu asks.

“It’s a family matter!” David shouts back (LOL). He turns to Rain and asks if she thinks he wouldn’t dare killing her. Rain struggles to stand up and says, “I know you are capable of it, because you never love me. You never see me as your child!”

David laughs, “It’s good that you know.” then he shoots her leg again. She drops to the ground crying in pain.

“Rain!” Pasu shouts.

Pasu, you were paralyzed or what?

David walks closer to Rain so she closes her eyes knowing he’s going to kill her. Phurit lurks close by so David turns to shoot at him. He ducks behind the bushes. David turns back and shoots at Rain. She slowly looks up when the bullet didn’t hit her. It’s Arm who took the bullet for her. Aww…

“Arm!” David lets out.

“Pee Arm!” Rain screams. Ava runs to them and screams. David pulls Ava to him. Ava cries and asks why he did that to Pee Arm. David tells her to shut up then slaps her when she keeps yelling at him.

“Arm, why did you do that? You stupid!” David yells at his son.

“Dad, enough already. I beg…” Arm passes away before he could finish his sentence.

Both girls scream in agony. “I won’t stop! No one can stop me!” David shouts.

“Dad, stop it! Please stop!” Ava begs.

David wants to kill Rain for making his son die, but Ava stops him. “You, die!” David shouts at Rain. Phurit shouts at David to turn himself in, he won’t make it anyway. David shoots him and the bullet hits Phurit’s arm.

David realizes there’s no bullets left in his gun so he grabs Ava to him and runs. Phurit takes a look at Pasu but he tells him to quickly follow Ava, David has gone crazy.

“Please save Ava!” Rain begs him.

Phurit runs fast after them.

“Dad, let me go!” Ava screams.

When she trips and falls down, he turns into a loving father and says gently, “My child, does it hurt? Get up quickly, we are close to the harbor now.”

“Don’t touch me! From now on, you’re not my dad. You’re a murderer! You could kill even your own child and think only about money. You’re not a human!” Ava yells.

“I order you to go, so you must go!” David pulls her along.

“Let go of Ava!” Phurit shouts.

Part 6

“Phu!” Ava is glad to see him.

“You fooled my child into hating me!” David accuses him.

Phurit argues that it’s not because of others but his own greed. David says if they didn’t interfere, his family wouldn’t be like this. Phurit asks if he still doesn’t admit to the fact that it’s because of the bad karma he committed by cutting down trees and killing people. “Let go of Ava and turn yourself in.” Phurit suggests.

“Haha, what the..! You want to save her so much, don’t you? Then come here!” David shoves Ava away and challenges Phurit for a fight.

Of course, in the end, our boy-man got beat up so bad. Poor girl, she loves both men and can’t decide which side to take.

When David shoves Phurit against a tree hard and wants to squeezes his throat till he dies, Ava begs him to stop. David pushes her away.

David hits Phurit against the same tree so many times that the tree shows a sign of its root is coming off.

Ava concedes to her father and says she will go him but don’t kill Phurit. David kicks Phurit one last time and pulls Ava along with him.

David hears the sound of a tree falling down so he turns around. “Ava, duck!” he shoves her to the side and looks up but it’s too late for him to run and the tree lands on top of him.

If you ask me if this can happen, I will say yes, especially if that tree is dead. However, for a man cutting down trees for whole life like David, he should know which way to run. Oh well, it meant to be, I guess.

“Dad! Dad!” Ava screams.

Choking up in blood, David says, “Ava,…dad…is sorry.”

His memories come flooding back how he tortured and killed others. David passes away so quick that it felt rush to me but it’s the final episode and time is running up.

Phurit holds her to him.

News report, “David, upfront was the owner of David Foundation but behind the scene he’s a huge log trader, exporting internationally. Based on the information, David was also connected to the death of Pipop Piradech and the disappearance of Thawon Phumruksa, the famous forest rangers, more than ten years ago.”

During an award ceremony, Pasu, who is on stage giving a speech, says that HM the King had said, in carrying government service’s duty, do it for the duty and not to think much about bonuses, rewards or benefits, and think that to perfectly complete the job is both an excellent reward and benefit, and it will make their nation peaceful and secure. “…And today I succeed. The way everyone turns to pay attention to the forest, I take it as my life’s most precious reward.”

“I would like to dedicate the award, I received today, to every forest ranger who sacrificed his life carrying his duty with no one acknowledged yet never felt discouraged to do the duty of protecting this land’s forest with their whole heart. Thank you so much.” Pasu ends his speech.

The audience gives him a round of applause.

Part 7

It’s Phurit’s turn to give a speech. He prepared a note but decides to scrap it then says, “First of all, I would like to say that entering government service never came to my  mind. Never even knew how important government officers is and didn’t understand why we need to preserve the forest. Until I have a chance to work in the special unit and come to understand how important government officers is. Our country can’t exist without good government officers. Government officers are like a tree’s taproot. A tree named Thailand won’t be able to exist if not with forest which is a source for water, medicine, food and place to live, also producing us fresh air. Finally, I would like to ask everyone to put every effort to preserve the forest because, the forest is the breath of the nation. Thank you.”

Another round of applause for Phurit. Eva beams feeling proud of him.

Phurit stands by the river and thinks back about his father. Then a really long flashback of what we have seen before. His father asks Phurit to let him do the duty of a father. He answers that he will give him his answer once the thing about David is over. When his father died, Phurit asks him if he remember what he told him. “You told me that you wanted to do your father’s duty, but I haven’t told you yet that I want to do the duty of a good son too.”

Back to present, Ava walks to him and says his father must be proud of him. He says it’s a pity that he doesn’t live to see it. He says he requested to be transferred from the crime unit. She asks why he did that. He says he applied for a job at the Royal Police Cadet Academy because he wants to help grooming a new generation.

Back to the mountain, Pasu and Rain lay bouquets on the grave of Rain’s father. She says, “I did so many wrong things before I knew I’m your child. But now, I will make up for all my sins with the ability I have by becoming a volunteer to protect the forest.”

Flashback, forest rangers gather to lay flowers on Pipop’s grave. Yingyot orders all the officers to disperse. A boy comes to lay a flower on the grave. Thawon talks to his son, “Din, hear me well, uncle Pop was a good government officer. He loved the forest and the land and he wouldn’t regret that he sacrificed his life to protect what he loved.”

“Dad, I want to become a forest ranger just like uncle Pop when I grow up.”

Back to present, Pasu smiles and says, “Dad, I have fulfilled my promise to you.”

In a meeting room, Yingyot says their unit receive more budget to purchase IT equipments and there are many who want to join their unit, but he regrets that Pasu and Phurit want to resign. Oh why?

Pasu says the two of them are going separate ways to do what they love, but he thinks it would surely be something involved with the forest. Phurit says but if he wants their help, they will always be willing to. Does he make way for a sequel?

Thi says both of them won’t go anywhere and only take a leave. Kin says they will leave to charge more power and he guarantees they will be back awesomer.

Phurit asks if they are going together since they take a leave at the same time. Pasu says any good news, let him know. Phurit is humming a wedding song LOL.

“You two, a couple?” Yingyot asks. Boss, you are a bit late for that question.

“I told you there’s no secrets in this world, once it reached Phurit’s ear.” Pasu confirms.

Part 8

Rain walks on the hill and tells Pasu on the phone that she’s already here. She notices several kinds of wild orchids hanging down the trunk of Pasu’s father-tree and lets out a huge smile. Pasu approaches her from behind and asks, “Do you like it?”

She nods and smiles. He hands her a bouquet.

“I’ve seen you faced only stressful matters so I want to do something to make you smile.” he says.

“Thank you.”

“Now you may feel you are alone and have no one, but I want you to  know that you still have me. (He comes closer.) Rain, can I be the one who takes care of you?”

She hesitates so his face turns a little worried but then she nods and smiles. He smiles back and embraces her.

Aww….subtly sweet!

Phurit shows Ava a ring but she gives it back to him. He looks confused.

“You keep it. I really can’t accept it.”

“Why?” he asks.

She says she could guess that he would do something like this today, but she came today to say goodbye. He’s stunned so she explains that she feels guilty that her father killed his father, and seeing his face would make she feel so shameful.

He says he never think that way and her father already paid for what he did. “What’s the use of doing this?” he asks.

“Can you really forget what happened? Forget why your father died? Can you really forgive dad?”

He can’t answer her.

“I intend to pay for what dad did in my own way. Phurit, I really can’t continue loving you. Please don’t force me.” she turns and walks away.

Aww…so sad yet make sense coming from a gentle soul like her, also something for Phurit to figure it out. Both spend time thinking of each other that night.

I agree with some time apart, a tiny one.

Part 9

Phurit tries to contact Ava but she doesn’t pick up his call. He sees a man give his girlfriend a bouquet so he comes up with an idea. I think.

At David Foundation, the lawyer asks Ava if she’s certain about her decision. Ava says yes. He gives her some papers to sign. Ava signs it and gives it back to him.

The lawyer says now all assets and business associated with David Foundation will be donated to Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, in order to rehabilitate denuded forest.  JureeJan thanks him.

Phurit comes to the foundation and asks the lawyer if the place is closed today. The lawyer says the foundation has been closed down and asks what business he’s here for.

Phurit says he’s Khun Ava’s friend then asks what about him. The lawyer says he’s Sherlock family’s lawyer and Khun Ava donated the assets to Department of National Parks… and she just left with Khun JureeJan. Phurit thanks him.

Phurit calls Ava but to no avail so he calls Rain instead. He asks if she knows about closing down the foundation. Rain says she just knew about it and came back to her house but no one is here.

He asks if she can contact Ava because she wouldn’t pick up his call. Rain says Ava didn’t pick up her call too, and she called mom who said that Ava already left and she’s heading for a temple stay, but mom wouldn’t say where Ava was heading to.

Phurit says he will ask Thi to find her. Rain tells him to let her know once he gets the info.

Thi and Kin are having a good time by the beach. Just when Kin is going to propose to her, her phone rings. It’s Phurit on the line.

Phurit asks her to locate Ava because he and Rain called her but she wouldn’t pick up.

“Now?” Thi asks.

“Sorry to bother you.” Phu insists.

She says all right and she will text him when she found her. Phu thanks her and says text Rain too. She says all right and how he loves to use her.

Phurit sighs and feels the petals of roses he bought.

“Thi, does it have to be now?” Kin asks.

“Let’s help him so they end up together already.”

“Just like us?” Kin shows her the ring.

“You’re crazy!”

“What crazy? I mean it!”

Thi beams.

Ava is busy  planting trees (aww). A woman suggests she take a break or she will faint. Ava says she will do a little more than take a break, she thanks her.

Someone hands her a tree to plant so she thanks him, then perks up and it’s Phurit standing there.

“How long will you keep avoiding me?” he asks.

“I still insist on what we talked, about our relationship!”

“If you do that, it means you are looking down on my love. I already have an answer to your question. I admit that I’m mad at your father for being the reason my father died, but I love you so much that I can forgive him. What about you? Do you love me at all? If you love me then forget the past and start anew. Can you do that?”

Ava walks away from him.

“Ava, stop torturing yourself.” Rain shows up.

“But…” Ava wants to argue.

“There are many different ways to pay for what dad did. If you decide to do this then it’s you who don’t forgive dad. Phurit could forgive his father, what about you? Can you do that? Dad would be glad if you have someone to take care of you.”

Ava turns to Phurit and asks if he can really forgive her dad. He nods so she hugs him.

He asks why she does that in a hurry (planting trees) when she can take time doing it.

“I want to grow as many trees as I can, to pay for what dad cut down. But even if I do it my whole life, I’m not sure it will be enough.”

“It will be enough because you won’t be doing it alone. I will help you by your side forever.”

Ava smiles. He adds, “Not only me who will help you.”

He turns her around to look at Pasu walking in. Pasu makes a grand entrance only to trip and almost fall down. Haha. Everyone laughs at that.

Phurit teases that he made such a grand entrance.

Kin and Thi arrive. Kin asks if they forgot their two subordinates. Pasu warns them to be careful walking but it’s too late. They trip and stumble a bit.

Phurit tells Ava that only them who didn’t trip and fall. Ava asks if he wants to try it around this spot. Pasu smiles cheaply and says, “Let’s continue planting trees, and Phu, watch out!”

Phurit pretends to trip then all of them laugh.

Life goes on.

Phurit narrates, “Thi and Kin are still working for the special unit. Looks like they are very happy coming to work everyday. Pee Din and Rain become a conservative couple roaming around doing the by-pass to the trees, while I’m happy staying close to Ava. (He gets down on his knees and proposes to her.) I’m happy to get a chance to take care of my heart.”

Phurit twirls her around and holds her in his arms.

Written on the screen:

“Each year, there were a huge number of government officers sacrificed their lives for the land and forest. Our deepest appreciation to every government officer who passed away.”


The reason I could finish recapping this episode so fast is that there were more action scenes and less talking, and the message this lakorn tried to send across.

For the ending, David’s death was too quick and easy, which made what should have been a climax scene slipped through our eyes so fast that it didn’t allow the feeling to resonate. I’d rather have more of David and Rain than Phurit and Ava in the last two parts. What surprised me though, the director gave the last shot to Phurit instead of Pasu, but I liked how Pasu and Rain become an indie couple, a freelance of some sort, but then why did he need to resign when it’s a promise to his father? Oh well, I don’t mind a sequel if the story fits just right.

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  1. Wow, that was quick! You must have stayed up the whole night to recap it. Thank you so much! All in all I must say the ending was ok but like you said something is missing after all the buit up! Waiting for your final recap! 😀

    • I liked how our heroes and heroines never won when fighting with the baddies. Nop, I didn’t stay up all night but all afternoon. LOL.

      A friendly reminder: For any tree-planting project, please don’t do it in summer or your trees will suffer and die (I’m talking about a large area like a hill, not in a nursery). Do it pre-rainy season for best results and during deep-rainfall season isn’t good either (too much water absorbed on the ground), directly from my experience 🙂

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