Singh Episode 1 (Part 1)

Happy Songkran Festival everyone! It’s that time of the year where anyone can throw a bucket of water at you and all you can do is keep smiling LOL. I survived such dilemma, don’t you worry.

So far, Singh (lion) episode 1 was good. The flow of the story and editing are better than Seua IMO.


The gem of this series must be these four awesome actorsΒ  πŸ™‚

Episode 1

Part 1

Aun (by Aoo Thanakorn) walks in and tells SongGrod (by Tik Jesada) that the car is ready. Aun calls him ‘Nai-noi’ (young master).


SongGrod puts back both of his guns. Aun reminds him that today is an auspicious day but SongGrod argues that his two guns never leave his sides, and asks if Aun thinks that baddies take a break on auspicious events. Aun says ‘Nai-yai’ (big boss, leader) already prepares many men to follow and protect him. SongGrod says let them protect his father, for him, he can take care of himself.

Mei Li is dressing up SongGrod’s father, Tong (the leader of Kaeo Singh Gang). When SongGrod walks over, he turns to him and says finally he came, then tells him they can now get going.

SongGrod asks Mei Li if she will go with them too. Tong asks what’s the problem with that. SongGrod says none, and he knows that his father loves to show off his young wife to his friends. He asks his father if he’s sure that a wife from a tea-house is worth showing off.

The father yells at him, “SongGrod!”

“You don’t need to be loud. I know you are in a hurry. You are so keen to go out these days and choose to attend only important events. My mother’s funeral wasn’t important enough so you didn’t come!” SongGrod says and leaves the room.

We get the relationship between father and son right away, don’t we?

Aun follows SongGrod outside and says, “Nai-noi, that was a long time ago.” SongGrod says even that, he will make sure his father never forget him and his mother, and that’s why he came back to this place.

“Nai-noi!” Aun follows him.

“You don’t have to come with me today.”

“No, my duty is to protect you. Nai-yai ordered me.”

“I’m not Mong! I take no one’s order.”

SongGrod leaves on his cool motorbike.

Tong sits down feeling weary. He says a name (not sure).Β  His assistant reminds him that it’s time to leave. Mei Li offers that she can stay home because she doesn’t want to make Nai-noi feel uneasy. Tong says that’s a good idea so that no problem will occur, then gets up to leave.

Mong coughs so Tong says he’s still not well, in that case, he can stay home with Mei Li. Mong accepts his order.

After Tong leaves, Mei Li gets frustrated that it happens like this all the time. Mong says it’s good for her that she doesn’t go to this event. She asks how that can be when it’s a great opportunity for her to appear beside Nai-yai and announce to everyone that she’s no longer his mistress but the new lady of Kaeo Singh Gang.

“That day of yours is coming soon.” Mong sends her a meaningful glare.

Ah-joo (by Mew Nittha) and her mother are on their way to the market. They have to stop and make way for SongGrod to pass.

Mom curses at him. Ah-joo asks if he’s a gangster. Mom says she doesn’t know which group he belongs to but to drive on that kind of bike, obviously he’s a gangster. She warns Ah-joo not to mess with these people. Ah-joo says these days they are everywhere so it’s hard to avoid them. Mom says she must avoid them no matter what and none of them is good. Ah-joo asks if that includes her father too. Mom yells at her why talking about that man who already passed away.

Sin-sae Wueng is praying inside the shine when two men approach him and invite him to go outside. Wueng asks if he can stay more when he needs to perform the ritual.

Leng appears and scolds his men for being rude, then he chases them out. Leng apologizes to Wueng.

Wueng says it’s all right and his men may have forgotten that the shrine belongs to everyone and they can live together peacefully because they keep sharing.

Leng says it seems he has more to say to him.

“What do you want me to say? If you want me to say then I will say you go pay respect to Quan Yin over there. She’s the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy and she only protects those who do good deeds.”

It’s an auspicious ceremony where all of the gang-leaders attend. It’s the same scene which was the opening scene of series Seua.

Song, now the president of Leurd Mungkorn Society, puts some money in the mouth of the lion – the performance.

Song says it’s regrettable that Seng couldn’t join them in this event and he heard there’s some problem inside his gang. Tong tells him (he calls Song Pee-yai, big brother) not to worry because he already called him on the phone and told him if any problem, just let him know, and he also made an appointment with him that Qingming Festival this year, all of them will surely meet.

Sia asks how many years was it that Cheng passed away, and time do fly. Tong says no matter how long time has passed, he will remember their past and never forget.

Flashback, Tong begs Song to get him on the ship too but he doesn’t have money to buy the ticket, and if he remains here, he will surely die starving. Song says he wants to help him but he has just one ticket so he’s sorry. Tong says it’s all right and he understands.

On a ship (heads to Thailand), a man runs over and says to Sia that it’s all done. Sia smiles while Song is still confused. Tong pops up fromΒ  some sacks to thank them. Song says his name is Song and that man is Tong.

Song asks their names. The man stands close to Song says his name is Sia and that man is his friend, Seng. Tong thanks Seng and Sia and says he’s indebted to them until he dies.

Seng smiles and says that’s just a little thing and tells Tong to come out, there’s no need to be scared.

So this is how these four men come to know one another.

Tong looks at the food in front of him and says he will remember this meal for the rest of his life. He thanks Song for finding this food to feed them. Song tells him not to talk much, today he did it for them so, in the future, just do it for him, and that’s done. “Don’t you forget me or else I will poke all your heads.” Song says.

Back to present, Tong turns to Song and asks Sia if he can remember how many days their big brother stayed without food the longest. Sia says about five days and he drank only Nam-kao (boiling milk-liked water, a by-product of rice-cooking).

Tong says they are so indebted to their big brother. Song tells him not to mention it that way, he’s the big brother so it’s his duty.

Song says soon the time will come for him to hand over his power to Tong.

Tong says he can’t and won’t accept it, and the person who fits perfectly for the president of Leurd Mungkorn Society is their big brother only. Sia agrees with him.

Tong says they could only hope that the next generation will take over, but he isn’t sure if their hope will be fulfilled.

“Because the new generation doesn’t know the taste of hardships like our generation.” Tong says.

Song says, “Talking about the children, when will they come?”

Sia says they are coming.


Not sure will do more. I’m happy that this series started out by first telling us the elders’ background. Liked πŸ™‚


Pics, gif cr Pantip

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  1. Hope those who celebrate had a wonderful holiday! Really looking forward to this next drama in the series!!

  2. It had been a while since I comment since Cubic. Happy New Year to you. Hope you will write Singh ep summary.

  3. Happy Songkran to you and yours!!! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and save yourself from more water splashing :-D. Do you cook any specific dishes/food for the festival?

    Did you watch Seua or did you drop it ? I think the acting really saved they day in Seua. Seua had it’s share of problems but it was not terrible either. I think it was put together in a hurry so the writing and the editing (mostly) was a little weak. The acting saved it. I think it was smart of the production to choose good strong actors as the story was thin. The actors really carried it forward. If the editing was better then I think even with the think story it would have turned out great.

    Thanks for the intro to Singh. Not sure if I will follow it or not though. Busy times right now :).

    • For Songkran Festival, if you are in Thailand, you can say ‘Happy New Year!’ to Thais or others. I’m not good at cooking and with delicious food with decent price around, one can opt to eat-out or take-away, hehe.

      The things I would do during this holiday seasons (April 13-15), first, go pour scented water (very gently) on Buddha image which is called ‘Song Nam Phra’ (available in many places or at home and anyone are welcome to do so without any restrictions – dress decently though), second, buy a bottle of Thai traditional scented water called ‘Nam Ob Thai’ and put some drops (a very few amount or else the smell will be too strong) into a large bowl of water, give it a stir, and then go pick any kind of flowers available to you (no need to buy it, anything in the garden will do – at least for me), then break flowers into petals and sprinkle them into the bowl of scented water I just prepared. Now, I’m ready to go visit any elders or whoever precious to you.

      Once arrive, go ask for their blessing on your knees (if they are sitting down) and ask for their permission to let me pour the scented water over their hands (sometimes on their shoulders – very tiny amount, do not soak them wet LOL, it depends on the culture of the city you live). Normally (for me), after they bless you, they will sprinkle some drops (on their hands) on your head as a blessing for your life to face with only good things.

      When all these are done, it’s time for the real water-splashing session! I used to splash water on people four days straight in Chiang Mai, so fun, but now I retired to my peaceful corner during the season (lazy to get wet). Yesterday when I saw teenagers in shorts with tiny plastic pockets hanging around their necks or waists to fill their cell phones and other things, I looked down at their hands which were holding bags filled with water-splashing weapons i.e. big water guns, my radar went off and I walked the other way LOL. It’s a fun season for the heat this month, but I really felt uncomfortable when someone splashed iced-water at me, you know, your body temperature rise and fall rapidly but I kept smiling. Haha.

      That is some info for anyone to visit Thailand during April.

      For Seua, your reviews were spot on. I didn’t follow every episode due to my busy schedule, still, I couldn’t understand why Parob needed to do what he did to Wanvisa. The ending was ridiculous at some sense but it had called for a good laugh. I watched Ananda’s interview where he said that the director changed the scripts on set all the time and it’s fun for him. Also, I learned that the same director directed other series in this lot too…except ‘Singh’.

      I really liked the tone of ‘Singh’ and felt it delivered what a mafia series should do. Let’s hope it will keep the bar high.

      “Hua Jai Pattapi” is the series impressed me the most. Even though the action scenes were very weak, the story opened my eyes to the circle of those illegal loggers and their chain of command (internationally). I suspect the channel kept this one low key because it wanted the series to air to its finale. The story touched right at the heart of the problem and how officers, who loved the forest, were struggling to do their best, at the same time, save their lives and families. The real culprit would be people who made the purchase orders IMO.

      Wow, a long reply, because your questions inspired me πŸ™‚

      • Happy Songkran to you too. Thanks for the recaps. Yes, I feel the same about Seua’s storyline. It’s ridiculous the way it ends. I missed the first episode of Singh too. Hua Jai Pattapi turns out to be pretty good and I really like the storyline. Can’t wait to see how it ends. Will you recap the final episode? Are you watching Lom Sorn Rukt? It will end on Wed too. I love Nadech in this lakorn. He gave his all and he’s such a hunk but the storyline is weak. Will you recap this final episode too? πŸ™‚

        • @Kool
          Eh…so sorry that I haven’t finished recapping Lom Sorn Ruk episode 6. You probably watched the last episode already. I only caught the latter half, [spoilers] I thought an elephant was cute but a horse too? Just imagine if a boyfriend comes to you on an elephant, will you not smile and forgive him? I rode an elephant once, it’s quite scary being that high with an animal you had no control over. Loved the last part though, Dr. Pranon became his wife’s slave. This last part called for many comments from husbands who do, in real life, whatever their wives say so and they welcomed Pranon to the club. I loved the ending of Anna and Pran a lot. It kept Anna’s character in tact yet left some room for her feeling for Pran to grow. Not sure will recap the last one, it’s pretty straight forward and I haven’t finished with what I’m doing yet. Hehe.

          For ‘Hua Jai Pattapi’ (don’t spoil me!), I will see how it ends first and take it from there. So far, I loved Din and Phurit together, Yam was good in this. Overall, the execution wasn’t as tight but the storyline made up for all of it. IMO if someone dies, it will make a good ending with an open-ending on the culprit part. Let’s face it, this is the world’s organized crime so it will be classic to end as such. Just my own thoughts though πŸ™‚

          • It’s ok, dear. Yes, I love the elephant scene bu the horse is too much especially when she is pregnant! The ending should stop at the red sofa scene, IMO. Now I’m concentrating on Hua Jai Pattapi ending and looking forward to your comments. Thank you! πŸ˜€

      • Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I always love, love reading you all your little tidbits on Thailand and Thai culture. I think by the time I visit Thailand I will be able to collect all the information you give and make a small travel pocket book for my own personal reference :-D. Thank you so much. Also, always love your long replies :).

        Happy New year to you. It’s also the New year for people from many states in India esp the Tamil people. I just finished my new year last month in March – we call is Yug aadi or Ugadi for short – means beginning of the new age/time. I/We celebrate the lunar Ugadi and today i.e. the Tamil/Bengali/Malayalee etc etc etc new year is the Solar Ugadi :-D. Food plays such a bit part for us though. Since this the mango season lots of dishes with mangoes will be made. Phew you inspired me too!!!

        You are absolutely right about Parob. Never understood why they wrote his character like that or maybe they did not write his character fully like you mention in your reply. The director seems to have created these characters and story on the fly it seems. It’s a pity that such good acting, chemistry between the leads etc was not supported by a strong enough story and characterization. I was upset that such serious abuse against Wanvisa was made into a funny revenge in the last episode. Parob should have got kicked a lot more not just once … :-D. Also, Wanvisa was not upset that she was lied to again in the end but I was upset in her behalf. I mean they show all Parob’s friends laughing at her …. grrrr. Oh well… it’s only a lakorn. Usually I dislike characters like Parob but for the first time, I can say I did not dislike him completely thanks to Ananda’s acting. Through his acting he was somehow able to not cross that line even though he was walking on the thin edge.

        Regarding the series itself, I think I read some place that Singh will be the only one with actual action. The next one will be a drama, followed by a Romcom,and the final one will be a drama again. I think maybe that’s why they dropped the “Mafia” from the title ? Wonder how the books are written.

        I really wanted to watch “Hua Jai Pattapi” after reading your introduction but unfortunately it is not being subtitled or recapped. I had to give up. Maybe when I have more time, I can try watching it and see if I can understand anything.

        Happy New Year once again and I hope it’s a truly wonderful year filled with lots joy, happiness, health, wealth, prosperity, and love.

        • Hi Astra, thanks for giving us information on the different New years or Ugadi in India. This is so interesting. I only know about Thai, Lao, Burmese, Sip Song Pana new years!

        • @Astra, thanks for sharing! I read from people who read the novel, some said among the five novels, Seua was the one with the weakest storyline, however, the lakorn didn’t really follow the novel from what I heard.

          I liked ‘Singh’ episode two a lot. The chemistry between Tik and Mew was good. SongGrod will show you that no one can touch his girl. It was fun how he tagged her along and she had to face with many gunfights, so much so that in the end, Ah-joo (the prim and proper) resigned to the situation and asked him to give her a gun for her to carry. He gave her a knife instead saying if he gave her a gun, she might shoot her own toes (or something like that) LOL. Also, Aoo Thanakorn as Aun stole many scenes from our hero with his own loveline with YokManee πŸ™‚

          Happy New Year to you too and hope it’ll be a great year for you!

          • Enjoy Singh!!! πŸ™‚

          • So I found time and watched Singh. Saw the first two episodes that were subtitled. Can I just say that I love Yokemanee and Aun? I am actually more interested in their story. You are so right. Aun stole the scene everytime he made an appearance. This actor is slowly becoming a fav of mine. Good acting always wins me over also he quite good looking :). I also liked that they are giving us information even about Suea in this part of the series as well as more about the Blood Dragon organization/group itself. Mew is doing a good job but I feel like their love story is too rushed. It’s mostly a love at first sight story so it’s not interesting me as much. In Suea, you can see why the two fell in love. I mean they faced such dangers together and their story was good up until the writers made Parob all weird. But I am quite happy to ignore the love story of the main leads in Singh and watch the rest of the stuff as the other stuff is quite interesting esp YokeManee and Aun.

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