Soundtrack: Luerd Mungkorn – Seua

This song didn’t catch my ears at first despite coming from my favorite singer, but when it was inserted here and there each episode, it started to pull me in and the lyrics are quite cool too.

Song title: Hua Jai Li-khit

Artist: Asanee Chotikul

Official MV

Translation of the lyrics:

It may be fate

Or was destined by the sky

To let us meet today

But from this minute onwards

Our life here on,

Is in our hands to determine which way to go

* [ The sky and earth may have nothing to do with it

** [ No sky or earth could give order to our hearts

If you really love then say it

Don’t wait for anyone to dictate

If you really love then just say the word

With the sky and earth right before us

Could you do it, that one word

Whether you love or not ] ]

Our hearts are ours

Use it wisely

How you feel for someone, it’s only you who knows

It’s true that fate

Brought us together

But the word ‘love’ has to be said only by you

Repeat [*]

Repeat [**]


Khun Ju and Miss Jim are the talk of the town, or at the least, their names. Lol.

Gif cr Pantip

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  1. Thanks for sharing and I loved that scene in the gif. It was so cute and lol-worthy at the same time.

  2. “Khun Ju and Miss Jim are the talk of the town, or at the least, their names. Lol.”

    Hahaha! Tell me about it! What cute names they came up with regardless of how “controversial”, lol. Parob is a bit of a sexist but absolutely heart stopping at times as well.

    Thank you for sharing! Gotta love Luard Mungkorn goodies πŸ™‚

    • My guess is it’s the director’s joke, and I’m surprised Ch3 was quite lenient this time to allow such jokes and real kisses πŸ™‚

      • I am glad Ch3 has allowed for the writers, directors and actors’ vision. It has made for good viewing so far. :). At the same time it’s not so bad and naughty that you can’t bear to watch it. I think they have been at maintaining that balance,

    • Parob is definitely sexist! There are times when I want to poke his head when he says sexist stuff … but at the same time he seems to be open minded enough to accept a change of perception. Anyway, Wanvisa is not shy of calling him out on his sexism and that’s a pleasure to watch :-D. Oh he is also definitely heart stopping as well.

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