BangRaJun Episode 16


It’s hard to say goodbye to this series so I’m taking my sweet time doing it. Things are getting worse for Rajun Camp and it’s time to put their unity to the test.

Part 1

Jai is begging ThongMen not to leave the camp then he speaks in Burmese without realizing it. ThongMen pauses at that.

ThongMen jumps on his buffalo and shouts, “Who wants to go die with me? Come!”

Jai is yelling, “Let me go!” and when he hears Thub calling him and asking how he got out (they tied him), Jai turns around  and orders Thub to go save Por ThongMen.

“Jai, what did you say?” Thub asks.

“Por ThongMen, left the camp!” Jai shouts.

Thub realizes how dangerous that is. Jai asks Thub to let him go help them too but Thub orders Khab to arrest Jai and keep an eye on him at all time, and then he orders the rest to go with him outside the camp for Por ThongMen.

Jai tries to leave but Khab and others beat him up. “Jai, where do you want to flee?!” Khab yells.

Jai fights back and got away. Khab orders others to look for him at the back of the camp.

ThongMen and his men come outside the camp. Suki says he must have run out of ideas to fight, that’s why he’s riding a buffalo out here to die. “Get soldiers out there and kill him, I don’t want to waste any cannonballs.” he orders.

Troops march out to kill ThongMen. Both sides collide and ThongMen got shot twice on his chest. Other Thai men don’t give up and continue to fight despite ThongMen getting shot. Thub and his friends arrive at the scene and join them in the fight.

ThongMen looks at the sky, it seems red to his eyes. He says, “My land, I won’t let you take it.” He gets up and kills more Ava soldiers despite his gunshot wounds.


We see that ThongMen got stabbed many times yet he stands tall and keeps fighting. Ava soldiers surround ThongMen’s buffalo and kill him. An Ava soldier walks over and slashes ThongMen long and hard on his chest.

ThongMen falls to the ground. While lying down, he sees his dying buffalo and it hurts him all the more.  He talks to him, “My friend (Phuen), leave your blood on the green grass, on this land. Today we came to die because we intended to die fighting the battle.” He passes away.

Thub orders his friends to look for ThongMen. They found him on the ground not far from his buffalo. Thub and others kneel down and pay respect to him.

“Bring Por ThongMen’s body back to our camp.”

Part 2

Thub looks at ThongMen’s dead body and feels sad. Sang tells him to take Por ThongMen back to the camp first. “Let’s go!”

Jai peeks at them and weeps. Isn’t he blind or what?

Jai recalls how he shouted at ThongMen not to go out there.

Flashbacks, Jai asks a man sitting at the temple why Por ThongMen went inside Luang Por Thammachoti’s temple. The man laughs and says, “Why do you want to know? I’m telling you, Por ThongMen will never die.”

ThongMen comes out and says, “Son, my skin is thick and can’t be shot, slashed or stabbed, just like how you’ve seen it. My skin isn’t full of wrinkles like you guys think. Haha.”

Jai asks how he won’t die. ThongMen tells him his secret, “Son, if you want to kill me, you have to kill me during the waning-moon night because such night the incantation on me will decline. It’s called ‘Wan Theung Kkat’ (day of death). Now you know, so don’t tell anyone. Do you understand?”

Jai sends out a messenger bird (presumably telling the secret to Ava side). Man, this is his worst conduct to date.

Jai remembers how ThongMen said to him, “Jai, don’t worry about me, just worry about yourself…my son!

Jai cries his heart out poking his head. It seems there’s no place for him to stand. He gets up and continues walking. He hears the sound of troops coming so he tries to escape. Ava soldier throws a sharp dart on him and he passes out.


Everyone sits around ThongMen’s corpse. PunRueang says, “Por ThongMen, rest in peace and don’t worry, we are still here.” he covers ThongMen’s face with a blanket.

They all pay respect to ThongMen.


“Por ThongMen sacrificed his life to protect this camp…and save our lives!” PunRueang declares.

Khun San says, “They (the enemies) settled up three camps with cannons and are taking turn walking towards us. Soon, our camp will fall on their firing range. The cannonballs kept falling closer to our camp. What should we do?! Por Thaen is severely injured, don’t know how many days he will stay alive. Luang Por, our pillar starts wearing out.” he turns to the monk.

They all turn to the monk.

“Soon, our Rajun Camp will eventually fall.” the man tells the monk.

A man walks in and tells the monk that Por Thaen’s condition is now critical. He’s asking the monk to perform a ‘Seup Cha-ta’ ritual for Pro Thaen (everyone has a certain life span and the ritual meant to prolong it, I think that what it is).

The monk stands up.

Part 3

Luang Por Thammachoti is performing the ritual for Thaen. Thaen puts his hands together and prays to the gods protecting the country to heal his sickness, he wants to go out there to protect his Thai fellows. “When I was lying down hearing the sound of firing cannons, I wanted to grab my swords and get out there to fight with them.”

“Pee Thaen.”


“Pee Thaen, you will be able to get out there to fight them, but please take care of yourself and be fully recovered first.”

“You fought with me through many battles. Don’t you be afraid of them.” Thaen orders.

“I’m not afraid of them, but please get well soon. I will wait, wait to stand by your side holding my swords like before.”

Thaen cries.

“Chote, Mueang, Chung.” Thaen calls his friends.

“Mueang.” Thaen says.

“Pee Thaen, if Por In stands on your left side, I will grab my swords to stand on your right side.

“The four of us never leave one another behind. We will fight for our fellows!”

Thaen grasps their hands tight and says, “My fellows, we ran from troubles in Si Pho Thong together and came to depend on Ban Rajun, with the hope of gathering forces to protect the land for Thai people. Do not abandon one another. Do not. You must stay united and protect Ban Rajun together with your lives…with your lives…with…your lives. Protect your stronghold till your very last breath. Protect Ban Rajun with our flesh and blood…with…our flesh and blood.”


Thaen recalls how he had fought bravely in the past. He closes his eyes and passes away.

“Por Thaen left us!” a man shouts.

“Pee Thaen! Pee Thaen!”

Everyone pays respect to Thaen. They realize they are losing a great leader.

That night, Feng says there were only the crying sound inside the camp the whole day. Thub says next time, it must be his turn.

“Die for Thai, there’s nothing to regret.” she says.

Thub says the enemies brought cannons and fired closer to their camp wall now. Feng holds his hand and says, “Don’t you tell me to flee.”


“You know I won’t.”

“Am I so selfish that I couldn’t take it to see something happen to you? I love you so much.”

“I love you too. I can’t live with you. Pee Thub, we must win the battle then go back to our Ban Kamyard, all right?”

He smiles and nods. She leans on his chest.

“Feng, sleep, sleep here in my arms. My life is now filled with so much happiness. I’m so glad to have you in my arms while lying down every night and every day like this.”

“We fought the battle because we feel grateful to the land. It’s a pity if this land will fall to others. Our grandfathers and grandmothers’ spirits must want us to protect our home, our country just like how they had protected it for us. Pee Thub, the camp and the land’s spirits will protect us who are doing for the land.” she says.

He kisses her forehead. “Feng, stay close to me. I will protect my Feng. I must be the first one to die. Feng, even if the enemies come…in ten thousands, I will kill them all and won’t let them come near you. If my two swords aren’t broken, not even one enemy will be able to come near my Feng.”

She kisses his cheek and smiles.

Part 4

A kid tells Feng that the sweets she’s making look tasty. Feng tells them to go wait over there and anyone stubborn won’t get to eat it. The kids run to where Feng told them.

Feng is giving the sweets to the kids when Thub walks by. He counts the number of children and shows Feng three fingers, to negotiate the number of kids he wants to have (I think). Feng shakes her head and shows him just one finger. He pouts.


A little girl says she won’t wait anymore and takes the sweet from Feng’s hand, then all of them run off. Thub gives Feng three fingers again. She gives him just one then leaves. He peeks at her and nags for three again. So cute. It’s nice to have some humor in time of need.

Jai stirs awake inside Ava Camp. Saya asks if he’s awake already then tells him to take the medicine. Jai drinks it.

Saya says he thought Jai’s dead. “Why did you help those Rajun? Is it because of Sabai, Yodia woman, who made you change your mind?!”

“No, it’s not! The reason I helped those Rajun is because they helped me. They let me stay alive.” Jai answers.

Saya slaps him twice on his face. “I really want to behead you. You traitor!”

“You already shot me.” Jai says bitterly.

“You should have died and not just become blind.”

“If you want me to die then why you let Mayi-woon bring me back here?”

“I raised you up along with Uthin. I see you as one of my children.”

“Saya never sees me as your child. You see me as one pet. You fed me food and water, and trained me to be strong in order to use me.” he cries.

Saya grabs a spear and aims it at Jai.

Jai kneels down and says an orphan like him is deeply indebted to him. “Saya, kill me. I’m glad I came back to die by the hand of the person who fed me food and water.”

Saya throws the spear away. He says he let Mayi-woon drag him here because everything he knows will make them defeat Ban Rajun so easily. He says Suk Kayi, a Mon army leader (rank – Nai Kong), is moving cannon camps so close to Rajun Camp now. “Rajun Camp is about to be wiped out…in a few days for sure.”

Jai gets up and appears worried.

His blindness is bugging me. Is he or isn’t he blind? It seems to come and go as he wishes.

Khab is mad that Jai escaped. “Jai!” he yells.

Sabai cries and says, “I will think of it as I and Pee Jai die from each other. The fate between us ends here.”

“Good for you, Sabai. Jai is an enemy. Everything he did, he did for his people.” Khab says.

“But I know that Pee Jai truly loves Sabai. If it’s just a duty, he would have burned down our camp long time ago. But because his heart is with Sabai so he waited and didn’t dare do it.” Feuang says.

“But we can’t love each other anymore.” Sabai cries.

“Sabai, just love, and do love. Love can’t be forced with reasons. Love is love and Pee Jai knows it.” Feuang says.

“But be grateful to the land is much more important than love. If we can’t love each other in this life, and if next life truly exists, please let us born as Thais, …be on the same land and let us love again.” Sabai weeps.

Jai or Ong Nai, in Ava soldier’s uniform, is walking pass Thai captives being tortured. Jai turns away with the sound of painful cries in his background.

Part 5

Ong Nai (or Jai) is taken inside. Suki asks him if his blindness was the work of a Thai woman. He says their cannon towers are getting so close to Rajun Camp so they will see those Rajuns wiped out soon. He says he will fire cannons at them to make them panic, then he will dispatch ground troops to attack them in every direction. He says even one rat won’t be able to escape.

“You don’t have to use that many forces. Just attack them from the front only and those Rajuns won’t be able to withstand it.” Jai says.

Saya argues that he informed him before that they had several access routes to the camp all around. Jai says they built many access routes in order to fool them.

“Destroy them from the front then advance right into the camp’s center. It’s the easiest and fastest way to do without wasting our forces. There’s no cannon inside Rajun Camp so it’s easier we surround and capture them that way.” Jai explains.

“If we do that, those who don’t want to fight can flee at the back.” Saya argues.

“If they don’t want to fight then let them go.” Jai says.

“I won’t let them. I don’t want captives.” Suki says.

Saya says this battle, His Excellency Ne Myo, will not keep any captives and won’t let even one Rajun escape.

“I lived in Krung Sri for many years. I know them more than you do, Ong Nai. Thais treasure freedom and will fight until they die rather than become anyone’s slaves. We mustn’t leave them be. I will destroy Rajun Camp to pieces. I won’t let even one child stay alive…by our cannons!” Suki says. He glares at Jai.

At Rajun Camp, Chote says Rajuns must now be frightened and lost the courage to fight those Ava men. The monk says they can’t bring back Por Thaen so those who are still here must manage, and if they don’t want to fight then flee to the forest.

ThongKaew says if they flee, it would mean they give this camp to Ava soldiers easily. DokMai says their descendants will become captives, living on the land of others (once theirs).  ThongSaengYai says he won’t let that happen and will stay in this camp, this is his home where he was born, he won’t flee!

Chote says Por Thaen brought him here hoping he would protect the land of their ancestors, so if he flees, it will mean he goes back on his words he gave to Por Thaen.

DokMai says he and his men fled to the forest once and won’t engage in such coward act again. The monk asks where they will put the women and children or they want them to fight together.

The monk says he’s a monk already dedicated his life, he can’t discuss killings. PunRueang says please don’t let their sin taint his monk robe and it’s their intention from the beginning that fleeing is out of the question. He says they built this camp and gathered people with the sole purpose of protecting their homeland for the next generations.

ThongSaengYai asks the monk not to engage in this affair. He says he will call for a meeting of both men and women, who will stay or leave, let each of them decide, while himself and his fellows here, will die here!

The monk closes his eyes.

Feng weeps and says it’s Por Thaen who took her here, without him, she won’t go anywhere or flee anymore. Thub asks what they are going to do with both of their mothers, they are old and won’t have the strength to pick up a sword to fight.

He says he wants her to take them away to live somewhere else and he really means it, he feels bad for his mother and her. He says they have no choice now and the camp seniors will call for a meeting tomorrow, she must reach a decision then. Feng hugs him tight.

Part 6

In the rice barn, Rung and her friends pack some rice for traveling. They got caught so Rung tells them that she won’t stay in this camp any longer. A woman asks if she’s sure to leave when the enemies are all over outside, and if she stays, they can help one another.

Rung says she can’t stay here when they fire cannons at them everyday, plus their food supplies are getting less and less and they can’t go outside to find some more. A woman says go outside the camp would mean she’s prone to being captured.

Rung thinks otherwise, going outside may have more chance to survive, while staying here, they could die from cannonballs any day. Rung says sorry but she and her group will have to leave.

Rung sees their empty baskets so she asks if they came to get some rice. A woman says their house ran out of rice. Rung feels guilty so she gives them some. A woman tells Rung to take it with her, to cook along the way. Rung stuffs it at them anyway and says they even have to let the paddies in the fields turn dry without being able to harvest it, so she will leave now.

A woman says she wants to leave with them too but is afraid she will use up her strength along the way. Rung says people must take a risk in life, staying here, they will surely die so leaving may give them the possibility of staying alive. A woman wishes Rung a safe voyage. Rung says if the luck is with her, they will meet again.

Sabai sees Rung and her group leaving so she calls out to them. She asks where they are going. Rung says they won’t stay here anymore. Sabai asks where they will stay outside the camp when there are so many Ava soldiers covering the whole field. Rung says she doesn’t want to stay and do nothing and doesn’t know when she will die.

Sabai says there are many camp seniors protecting them here. She begs her not to leave. Rung says both Por Thaen and Por ThongMen died, so she will leave. Rung tells her gang to hurry before dawn breaks.

Sabai begs her to stay. Rung says Sabai knew well that they will never be able to defeat those Ava so why asks her to stay and fight. Rung says whether it’s fame or rank of nobility, she doesn’t need it, and whether Thai or Ava, she will only be just a peasant. Rung asks if Sabai wants them to come and kill her here. She asks if it’s worth it.

Rung tells Sabai to take care then leaves with her friends. Tears well up in Sabai’s eyes to see them leave the camp.

PunRueang tells his men that Suki is such a wise leader. He set up a camp to give out commands at Khun Lok Field, and built cannon towers which keep moving forwards while firing at them everyday. Their number of casualties is rising.

NuatKaeo says after they lost Por Thaen and Por ThongMen, people inside the camp become frightened. ThongSaengYai says these days more and more want to evacuate and take the risk outside, no one wants to stay inside the camp.

Rung and her friends face with Ava soldiers while trying to flee. Rung gets killed while some are captured.

Khun San says they have only swords, knives, wooden poles, and a few guns. He says they won’t be able to withstand the enemies’ cannons much longer, and there’s only one way to fight, they must have cannons to fight back.

Chote says their camp at Khun Lok was built so strongly that it’s hard for them to attack and seize their cannons. ThongKaew says attacking their camp to steal the cannons will only waste their forces, and if they can acquire it from Krung Sri Ayutthaya, this battle won’t be that hard to fight.

DokMai smirks and asks if Krung Sri will hand it to them. Mueang says don’t hope for it when they won’t even let them seek refuse inside their wall. He says he just feels bad for the elders, women and children in this camp. He asks, if Ava soldiers can get in here, how they will protect them.

In says they must get them out before the enemies barge in. NuatKaeo asks if he means they will lose the battle. Chote says let those cowards get them out of here and run, but he will fight and die here.

Part 7

The meeting inside Rajun Camp convenes. The chubby lady is shouting that she won’t stay, just looking at her body, how she will be able to pick a sword and fight. DokMai says Ava soldiers are all over outside, so they will die if they get out.

The lady shouts that their camp is going to fall and they don’t have any cannon to fight them. Khun San tells them to stop shouting and they are finding a way to get cannons here. A lady tells him not to lie to them so that they will stay, and they won’t stay.

ThongKaew says those who don’t want to stay, tell him now. Mueang asks who don’t want to stay, and says he will take them and hide from Ava to Chai Nat forest, they already made preparation for it.

A woman asks what if they get out and face with Ava soldiers.

In says that’s right, Mueang can’t fight them alone, because he and the rest will stay here to fight. Mueang says he will put his life at risk to take them to Chai Nat forest, but he can’t guarantee their safety.

The crowd gets angry how he can say that, it means they will just leave here to die. Mueang asks who will leave with him. The chubby lady says she will go, her parents are old and her children are very young, so she won’t stay here.

“Who else?!” Mueang shouts.

Three women step to the front, one says they aren’t Rajun people so they won’t die here. More and more stand up to leave willingly.

Feng calls them the ones who don’t love their land  and want to only get away in difficult time. She asks why they don’t think of the camp seniors who fought and won 6-7 battles, and because of whom Por ThongMen died, and whom Por Thaen died protecting. Feng asks why they don’t help to fight in this crucial time, why not go out there and help fighting.

The chubby yells that she and her group don’t know how to fight, that’s why. Feng yells at them to leave then. She calls them ungrateful.

Feng’s mom begs Feng to let them decide to stay or leave willingly, and to put herself in their shoes, too.

A man comes shouting. They bring back many corpses. He says Ava cut off Rung’s head and killed those who sneaked out last night.

Sabai takes a look and it’s really Rung. Women yell at Sabai that her husband is a spy and sent men to kill them. Sang tells Juang to take Sabai away.

Feng yells at them to leave now and let them cut off their heads just like they did to Rung. A woman cries and says what to do, stay here or leave, they will die.

Thub steps to the front and says he volunteers to go ask for cannons from Krung Sri. He says he was Athamart soldier before and his father was a soldier under former King Uthumphon, so he will go there to ask for cannons.

Thub’s mother asks him how he will able to push through Ava Army to get there, and their Royal Army surrounding the capital in hundred thousands.

Thub says he must go or Rajun Camp will be destroyed. Mom cries and asks what if he doesn’t make it to Krung Sri.

Thub says then he will think that he can repay the land only this much. Mom weeps and hugs him. Thub looks at Feng and says, “You too, don’t stop me. I must go.” He kisses her forehead.

Thub tells the camp seniors that he will go ask for cannons at Krung Sri Ayutthaya. ThongSaengYai says he has their gratitude, and if the luck is still with them, he will come back with cannons.

Sang asks Thub if he will try to push through Ava army all the way to Krung Sri. Thub says he must go and it’s only Krung Sri’s cannons that they can withstand the battle. Khab says he will go with him, too.

Thub tells him to stay and the two of them must help the camp seniors overseeing the camp. He says with Jai escaped, they must stay on guard. He says he and his horse will go get cannons to help them fight, and while he’s not here, he wants them to take care of Feng.

Sang tells him not to worry, Feng is like his sister. Thub says if the women already left, he would be less worried. Sang says he knows well the pain of parting alive. Khab tells Thub to just get cannons here and they will take care of Feng, and will wait for good news when he returns.

Part 8

Juang comes to talk to Sabai.

Sabai pulls out her sword and says from now on, she will kill every Ava who steps on their land. She will sacrifice her life to make up for what they say, that her husband kills Thais. She will die in this camp.

Juang says those coward villagers just say whatever they want, so she shouldn’t think of it.

“I could never understand why people hated each another to the point of killing, but now I get it, why we must kill each other.” Sabai says.

 Juang asks, “Why’s that?”

“We must kill each other for others. We hate Ava because they killed our parents and siblings. I must kill Ava because Pee Jai betrayed Rajuns. I don’t understand why people have to kill because just this reason. Juang, from now on, I have to pick up a sword and kill, kill someone I never talk to, someone I never knew, just because they were born to be Ava?”

Juang says if they don’t kill them, they will kill us.

“Pee Jai never thinks of killing me, but I will kill him. I will kill him with my own hand.” Sabai declares.

At Ava camp, Saya warns Ong Nai not to think of saving those Rajuns or let his heart gone weak. Ong Nai says Saya taught him and Suk-kayi to believe in killing, in victory, and to never be defeated. “But I found one thing that you never teach me.”

“What is it?” Saya asks.

“Forgiveness.” Ong Nai answers.

Saya asks if he wants to go against his order. Ong Nai begs him not to make him engage in planing anymore. He says the more he knows, the more he feels confident that Rajuns are a good lot. When he lived there, he knew all of them. He learned their ideal, and even their hearts. “Even if we win, we will regret it later.”

Saya yells that he really has changed and he shouldn’t send him there at all, those people talked him into being one of them. “It’s fine if you won’t help me, but you mustn’t betray our land of Ava!” Saya walks away.

Ong Nai says to himself, “Rajun Camp won’t be able to survive the hand of Suk-kayi and Saya this few days for sure. Sabai!” He thinks of her.

Thub gets ready to leave for a long journey. “Your courage will be told and remembered for generations to come, Thub!” PunRueang says.

Thub says he doesn’t want any praise, only cannons from Krung Sri. ThongSaengYai says Krung Sri should feel for villagers like them. Once Thub tells them, they will send troops to help them fight.

Thub walks to his mother. Feng’s mom says, “We don’t do it for anyone in particular. We endured and fought battle after battle. We had to duck those cannonballs almost everyday. We do it until today because we love our land. You leave now and hurry back.”

Thub’s mother hugs him and blesses him. She says a good person will be protected. “Leave now, one life you born into and have a chance to repay the land is now worth it. You are my son. I had raised you…it’s so precious.”

Thub kneels down to pay respect to her. Thub holds Feng in his arms. She says, “Be safe and I will wait for you.”

Thub gets on his horse and turns to them. “I’ll leave now.”

“Mother, I’m leaving.” Mom wishes him good luck.

Part 9

Thub narrates, “If all of Rajun warriors must die, the whole camp destroyed, I won’t feel hurt, but let us fight having cannons and be able to fire back at them with pride. Rajun Camp is just a countryside village without any treasures. At this moment, we have to sit down and let them shoot at us, and wait for the day to die, but no, we won’t flee, we won’t abandon our camp. We will eventually turn into corpses lying around the camp like some said. If I must die, I would rather have Rajun Camp be my grave!”

Feng throws up. Juang runs to her house with sour ma-yom (star gooseberry) for her. Feng says she’s fine. Feuang asks if her period is missing. Feng says yes and she feels dizzy. Both Juang and Feuang smile. Feng asks what they are smiling about and she didn’t lie. She feels like fainting but not because she’s scared of the battle.

Feuang holds Feng’s hand and says she knows what happens, she and her mother are going to have a tiny grandchild, and it’s inside here. She touches Feng’s belly. Feng asks if it’s true. Three girls are delighted.

Feuang asks if Thub doesn’t know it yet. Feng shakes her head. She says when he returns, he will be so happy. Juang nags Feng to eat these fruits. Feng asks if she has to. Juang says that’s what pregnant women do. Feuang says as if she got pregnant before. Juang says never but she saw others eat it. Juang wonders if it’s a boy or a girl. Feuang says she will love both.

Saya tells Suki that their cannon towers are reaching the firing range. Suki says he will wait until the three towers are in line and fire at the same time, to destroy the camp to pieces, according to His Excellency Ne Myo’s wish.

Ong Nai stands there listening.

Cannonballs attack Rajun Camp. Feng wakes up from having a nightmare. “Pee Feuang, fire! Fire broke out!” Feng screams.

Feuang assures her that it’s not. Feng says she had a nightmare and the whole camp was burning in flames.

“Feng, a nightmare will turn into a good thing. All right?” Feuang consoles her.

Feng wonders if Pee Thub has reached Krung Sri. She prays that Pee Thub be protected and safe.

Thub makes his way in the dark. He tells his horse that they are almost there. He suddenly faces with Ava soldiers. They engage in a fight. Suddenly a cannonball hits the ground and explodes. Thub takes this chance to ride away from them. He reaches the field where Krung Sri troops are stationed, so Ava soldiers retreat.

Thub gets down from his horse and greets the army leader there. He thanks him for saving his life. The man asks if Thub knows him. Thub says his name, “Thun JaoKhun Jao Phraya Rattanathibet.”

Suki is giving out orders. He tells the cannon towers at the front to keep firing into their camp, everywhere, everyday. He says they will rush to protect the front of the camp, then their another ground troops will attack from the back.

“Attack and kill them, not even one will be left alive.”

Thub is being interrogated. Meun Sri says this man is a deserter, a traitor. He says he doesn’t trust him to come asking for cannons to fight Ava, and it could be Ava’s ploy, too.

Thub says he really came from Rajun Camp, Sang and Khab stayed with him at the camp, too. Jao Phraya Rattanathibet says he heard so much about this renown camp, so let’s hear him first.

Thub tells him that at this moment, Ava kept firing their cannons at their camp, without cannons or Krung Sri troops to help, the camp will surely fall and no one will be left alive.

Meun Sri asks why they don’t flee to the forest with such small forces they had. Thub says that land belongs to their ancestors, where he wants them to run. Meun Sri says that’s how stupid villagers think, even Krung Sri Army can’t push them back so what a handful of villagers could possibly achieve.

Thub says they won seven battles already and if they have cannons and troops from Krung Sri to help, he’s confident they can win. Meun Sri says no one will send troops so far as Bang Rajun, and with cannons, surely Ava soldiers will rob them. He says Thub is lucky enough to reach here alive with a hundred thousand Ava’s troops surrounding them now. He tells Thub to stay here and help him fight, no need to go back to Bang Rajun.

Thub yells at him that he’s selfish and always orders soldiers to retreat, that’s why soldiers like him and his fellows were cornered and had to run away and be thieves. He says they were defeated in Nakhon Sawan Battle because he ordered them to retreat and wouldn’t fight!

Jao Phraya Rattanathibet turns to Meun Sri who gets up and orders Thub be captured. He calls Thub a traitor, an Ava spy. Thub challenges him to cut off his head, he would rather die than staying under the coward.

Meun Sri pulls out his sword. Rattanathibet tells him to calm down. Meun Sri says that man was a soldier under his supervision and deserted, so he must let him punish this man himself. Meun Sri orders Thub be put behind bars. Thub begs Rattanathibet to hear him or all the villagers will die.

Meun Sri tells Rattanathibet not to have mercy on a traitor, what if Ava sent him to spy on them, it will put them at a disadvantage. He says Hongsawadee used this tactic before when Krung Sri fell last time, so let him get the truth out of this man, and how he could push through a hundred thousand of Ava soldiers, does he not think it’s highly suspicious.

Rattanathibet thinks about it.

Feng gets up early to prepare food to go to the temple. Feuang says she will help her too.

Thub is locked up in a tiny cell.

“I did my best, my Rajun fellows. I could repay you only this much. Feng, I want to tell you so much that I love you the most in my life. May you be my wife in every life.” Thub makes a wish.


What a sad scene. He did his best with many lives waiting to be saved, and no one would listen to his plea. Sit in despair only what he can do.

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  1. Please can you continue to screen cap Bangrujan? I’ve watched the entire drama raw and loved it even though I did not understand what the characters say to each other😞
    Thank you for your hard work so far 😊

  2. So intense. What a life it must have been. How will Jai ever live with this treachery? I think Jai came to love ThongMen like his own elder. Thank you for continuing to translate this.

    • Can we say he’s indecisive? I think he doesn’t belong in the army but he had no choices.

      • Yes, he definitely does not belong in the army but looks like he might have been an orphan with not many choices. War is such a terrible thing. It never really brings good to anyone. I think when he came to Bangrajun, he saw the villagers as the human beings they are — just like the Ava or anyone else in the world. That will change anyone. That’s why even in real life a lot soldiers leave the army or even refuse to fight. Sigh! Really good lakorn though. Acting, music, production are all spot on.

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