Lom Sorn Rak Episode 6


I went out of town and came back, was secretly hoping some kind soul already picked up this one. I  meant to stop watching, mostly because I disagreed with Pranon the way he treated both girls. I love Pran, who seems to be the only one around here, insisted that he remain who he is.

You guys have to tell me right away if someone recaps or subs this one. The dialogs weren’t that fun to translate at all (lying to your loved one). Also, I may do another lakorn alternately to change my mood a bit from Dr. Pranon’s stressful lies  🙂

Above, Pran and Pranon, lol.

Part 1

Pran and Anna fall down on the bed, then Anna turns away from him. He sits up and apologizes to her. Anna says it’s all right but don’t do that again, do not get up and walk.

“I meant when I was about to kiss you.” Pran corrects.

He says she seemed very startled and scared of him. She says it’s not that, but…He interrupts and says, “It’s all right, may be we aren’t really a couple. It must be only me feel that way.” He pauses then asks, “Right?”

Pranon takes Pat to the dining table. She asks what it is on the plate. He says she wanted to eat some cakes last night but he couldn’t buy it in time so he made one.

He explains it’s called Peng Mong, a traditional sweet of Thai-yai people. It made from ground rice and cane sugar, and it’s great to have it with soybean milk, but for soybean milk, he bought it.

“But it’s not a cake.” she argues.

“Look at it as a chocolate cake.”

“The taste is so much different.”

“You haven’t tasted it yet so how do you know?”

She tastes it and says it’s all right but a little too sweet. He says if it’s delicious, just say it, don’t just say ‘it’s all right’ .

She asks if he really made it himself. He says, “Of course, my darling.”

She asks why he is kind to her. He says he wants to be attentive to his wife or else someone will say the husband doesn’t take care of her.

She says there’s no need for him to be nice to her, because they are nothing to each other. “And when we are alone, don’t call me wife or darling. I don’t like it. Our marriage is fake so don’t waste your time being nice to me.” she says.

“I know that. Why do you keep repeating it?”

“I don’t want you to forget.”

“I won’t forget but don’t you think I may change my mind? I may want what happened between us to be real, who knows?”

When she keeps quiet, he says he’s on shift today so he will come home late.

Anna praises Pran that he’s very good. He asks if he really achieved the Best Executive Award from an international organization. She says he made GLS become one of ASEAN leading companies, and that alone, is exceptional.

He says that’s because she’s his assistant. She says she only supported him but everything came out from his brain, and he’s like this since college where she and Non had to rely on him.

He asks how that is. She says Pran is good at studying, hard-working and very serious in studying.

Flashback, Pranon teases Pran from behind and Anna laughs.

Pran (in present) asks then?

Anna says when Non didn’t want to meet any teacher or other, he would make an excuse that he was in the library when, in fact, the one who was in the library was Pran, and when the teacher went there and scolded, Pran was the one listening till his ears gone numb.

She says there’s one day where Non dressed up exactly like Pran to play a prank on everyone.


Flashback, Non (wearing the same sweatshirt) enters the classroom and sits down next to Pran. Everyone grins by that. The teacher announces that the person who received the highest scores is Pran Poonnavate.

It’s Pranon who gets up and walks to the front of the class. Anna sees it and laughs.

Pran walks over and shoves Non’s back, “What?”

The teacher looks at both of them and asks which one. Everyone laughs.

Back to present, Pran gets tensed up. Anna doesn’t notice it and continues that, without Non, she and him could have gone crazy before they graduated. Studying was very stressful but Non made them laugh all the time.

“Whatever Non did, it’s so funny and whenever my face was serious, Non would tease that he loved Pran so much and missed Pran so much, then give you a hug and kiss your left and right cheek, and I had to laugh every time, or when Non….

“I want to get some sleep!” Pran interrupts.

She asks if he’s having a headache. “Pran, are you all right? Do you want me to call a doctor?”

He turns to her abruptly and shouts, “Don’t do anything! Just get out!”

Anna gets out of the room feeling weary. Pasuwat calls out to her and says a detective, he hired to follow Sinthorn and Thanart, sent him the news that Thanart is now in Chiang Mai.

Anna looks at Pat and Thanart in the photos. She says Thanart looked for Patrin and Non. Pasuwat says Thanart must feel something was strange that’s why he followed them to Chiang Mai. Anna says she will call and alert Non right away.

Pran’s screams come out of the room so both run inside. They found Pran on the floor. It looks like he’s having a seizure.

“Pran!” they rush to get a whole of him. Pasuwat calls for a doctor. The doctor comes rushing inside. The doctor calls for a stretcher and the ICU be prepared.

Pasuwat stumbles so Anna holds him and tells him to take it easy.

Part 2

Pat sits alone and recalls how Pranon said that he might want the things between them to happen for real.

She tells herself that it’s nonsense. She asks her puppy if he is nice to her to fool others that it’s the real thing, and if his worry, tenderness, words and everything else are all just a lakorn scene and nothing is real.  “All right, I’m taking you home.” she puts Coco in a basket and rides home.

Two men are lurking by the house. One man calls someone and says, “I found Dr. Non’s house already. All right, I’ll do it for you.”

Pat complains how her mother gave her only some chlorophyll (the green leaves) for her to eat, and no steaks at all. She hears some noise and is alarmed. It appears to be her three friends.

They sit on the sofa. One girl says this is Pha Mok, and not Bangkok to have thieves around. Another girl says that’s right and this is Dr. Non’s house so no thieves would dare. Pat tells them not to tease her like that again.

Another friend says they brought her a great present. Pat asks what it is. The girl unwraps a package and shows it to her. She asks if Pat recognizes what it is. It’s ‘Tang Thang Cho’ and they even collected it themselves. She says it has many properties but the famous one is…they grin.

One girl says it’s true, it’s a great stuff and very hard to find and they gave it to her so that Pat and Dr. Non’s love will be filled with more happiness.

A friend says let’s take a picture of it but then her phone ran out of battery, so she asks Pat to let her charge her phone. Pat tells her it’s over there behind her.

The chubby girl asks if Pat heard the weather forecast that tonight the temperature would drop further, and she wonders what the newlyweds should do to keep warm.

Pat asks what they are giving her is for Pranon to get doped up (increase his sexual competence). They nod. Pat tells them to take it back when they don’t have that kind of relationship.

Her friends gape. Pat corrects that the two of them don’t have problem about that. Her friend tells Pat not to be shy, it could be that Khun Mor works hard and is stressed out so this will help.

Her friend tells Pat to boil it and let Khun Mor drink it, it’s a herbal substance so there’s no side effects and the more he drinks, the better. Pat gets embarrassed and walks away.

Pranon calls Anna and asks how Pran is.

“Pran is awake but…he’s stressed out a little but he’s okay now.” she says.

Pranon asks if there’s no any other symptoms to worry. She says only Pran couldn’t remember well but not totally like he’s having amnesia. He could remember someone, something, or feelings this person he can trust or not. She says more time is needed for his brain to recover before Pran can go back to work. She says, “Non, we’ll have to bother you a little while longer.”

He says it’s all right and tells her to take good care of Pran, and she can call him any time if any problem arises. Anna asks if he knows that Thanart is now in Chiang Mai. He says he knows that, and Thanart waited for Patrin at a company importing medicine and he was there too. He thinks they must be worried what their plan is, that’s why he came all the way here.

Anna says they don’t know their plan too. She says Khun Sinthorn barged in here the other day and today Thanart is in Chiang Mai. “They keep crushing us in every direction and we don’t know how long we can keep this secret. Non, we have to take care of this problem before they corner us.”

He asks if she already has a plan in mind.

Aeo walks to Sinthorn and asks if Khun Chom went back already. He says she did. She asks if there’s some problem with his work, and since the cheating incident and Khun Pran’s ambushed, she has seen him working all the time. She says she’s worried about him. He thanks her.

She asks if they should take a long break and leave for the countryside once the problem about work resolved, because he didn’t take a break at all this whole year.

He asks why stops. He tells her to keep massaging him. LOL.

“I can take a break only when Pran resigns.” he says.

She asks why that is. He says she doesn’t need to know and just knows that Pran is his only problem now. Aeo guesses that it must be about Khun Pran has to go abroad to receive his treatment and didn’t show up in his office at all.

Sinthorn is startled to hear it from her. She says she’s not a stupid housewife who knows nothing about her husband. He says he doesn’t know that she’s interested in what’s going on with him. He asks what more she learned.

She says she heard that GLS is having a hard time running things, and it took a long time to do anything, and there’s a national forum coming up so he must be worried now whether or not Khun Pran will come to this event.

He says she’s really not a regular housewife when she knows this much. She says if Pran’s twin younger brother is here, he may be a good help. Sinthorn perks up at that and asks how he can help.

She says if Khun Pran doesn’t show up or comes late, they can let his younger brother receive  the guests for the time being. She smiles and says these twins love to exchange places to fool others, Pran be Pranon, Pranon be Pran. She could remember that sometimes even their parents got confused too, so for others, she guarantees that they won’t recognize.

Sinthorn sits up straight and says, “Pran be Pranon, and Pranon be Pran.”

Chom is on the phone with Sinthorn and says why they didn’t think about this at all. He says but Non is not in good terms with his dad so it’s unlikely that he will interfere. Chom says but it’s his elder brother, so it’s likely too.

“Don’t worry. Whether it’s what it is or not, I will be the one to prove it.” she says.

Thanart is on the phone with Chom. He asks why she wants him to keep an eye on Dr. Non. She tells him not to ask and stick with Non, don’t let him come to Bangkok until after this Monday.

Thanart asks if that means he won’t be joining the seminar this Monday. She says what she told him to do is a lot more important than that seminar meant for the country. “Will you choose to do the thing for the country or your future?” *cough*

He says why ask, he will choose to do things for her more. She smiles. He says but at this moment, Dr. Non might already turned mushy because he’s teaching him a little lesson.

A friend asks why Pat sits here looking down, and she told her already to have Dr. Non eat that, it will resolve everything. Pat says it’s not about that which disturbing her.

She asks her friends if a man can kiss a woman whom he doesn’t love or feel anything special. They all say yes. The chubby one says she read from a book that men could do things without love, unlike women.

Pat asks if he’s good, tender and is worried about her, it could mean nothing too. A friend asks if Pat is suspicious that doctor doesn’t love her. Pat says no, how that can be when they already married and had a sweet time. Pat tells her friends not to tell her mother because she’s lazy to answer her mom’s questions.

A friend asks why Pat asked about that or she was kissed by another man. Pat says no. She tells them to leave because she wants to go to bed now. Pat reminds them to go watch lakorn. They hurry back. Pat smiles.

Pat locks the door and sees Nate’s phone on the table. She says Nate forgot her phone here. Someone knocks the door so she thought it’s her friends coming back. She says loudly that they won’t make it back in time to watch a lakorn.

It appears to be a man instead so Pat gets scared and asks who he came to see. The man approaches her so Pat steps backwards. She tells him to take any assets he wants. He says who would want that.

Pat tries to get away so he laughs. More men show up and she screams.

Part 3

Pat screams, “Go away or I will call the police!”

“Call the police?” the man is breaking the door window. He gets inside and says, “Before the police arrives, we will already be gone somewhere.”

“Help! Someone please help me!”

Pat tries to escape. Two men get a whole of her. “Get her inside the house.”

Pranon comes back and starts hitting the man. He fights with them while Pat also keeps hitting the man. “That’s enough!” the man pulls out a knife. Pranon is kicked and punched hard. Pat screams for help.

Suddenly someone blows a whistle. It’s Nate, Ben and Jan. They came back just in time to save the couple. They yell for help and run after the thieves.

Pat asks Non if he’s all right. He says he’s all right and asks if they harmed her in any way. “I’m sorry, sorry for leaving you here alone.” he apologizes.

“I’m all right. I’m…all right.” her tears fall.

“It’s all right and you’re safe now.” he consoles her then hugs her. She weeps in his arms.

Three girls come back. Ben tells Non that they hid a motorbike over there and got away already. Nate says it’s so lucky that they came back for her cell phone. Jan says it’s fortunate too that they were once volunteered workers for the village so they carry whistles with them in case of an emergency, and finally got to use it.

Jan asks Pat if she’s all right and if they harmed her. Pat says she’s all right and tells them not to tell her mother because she doesn’t want to worry her.

Jan suggests that Pat go inside and rest. She tells Nate and Ben to take Pat inside and she needs to talk with Khun Mor a little. Non lets Pat go with them.

Non asks Jan what it is. Jan says Doi Pha Mok (Pha Mok Hill) never occurs to have any robbery and to barge in and harm others like this, it never happens before.  She says he appeared keeping some secrets recently and took a leave from work more often, she asks if he sneaks away to do something.

Non asks if she thinks too much and he took a leave to take care of Pat’s debt, but don’t tell Pat because Jan should how her friend well enough.

Jan says, “All right, I believe you and please take good care of Pat. When Pat said she’s all right, that’s not true at all. Pat is not that strong, and she creates a shield around her only not to worry others. That’s about it.”

Non turns to look at Pat.

He tells Pat to go to sleep and he will send someone to fix it tomorrow. Pat says the door is broken like this, she won’t be able to get any sleep so she better fix it herself.

“You must get some rest, believe me. Let’s go.” he takes her to bed.

Pat lies down. “Don’t be scared and sleep tight. I won’t let anyone harm you again. I will sit here watching over you all night. I will be the window, the door and a home for you.” he says.

“Don’t turn off the light and you mustn’t go anywhere.”

“All right, I won’t turn off the light. Go to sleep, my dear.”

She closes her eyes to sleep.

Late that night, Non gets his hand off hers and looks at her closely. He leans over to kiss her but changes  his mind. Oh, why?

He walks outside and sits down. Non recalls what Jan just talked to him and ponders on it.

Pat wakes up and doesn’t see Non so she follows him outside.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t go anywhere? Without you by my side, I couldn’t sleep.”

He pulls her to him and asks if she couldn’t sleep or is still scared. “I was so terrified and if you didn’t come back in time, I don’t know what would happen to me.” she says.

“I don’t know what would happen to you too…but I wouldn’t be able to live.”

She looks at him.

“Pat, my thoughts are only on you. I don’t know when this kind of feeling started. When you met your ex-boyfriend yesterday, I wanted to pull you away and tell you to look only at me. When you cried feeling sad, I think I felt sadder than you. When you were captured just now, I can’t say how much I was so afraid to lose you. What do you call this kind of feeling?”

“I…” she stammers.

“I call it ‘love’.” (Aww)

She turns away so he asks, “Don’t you…feel anything?”

“I think I better go and sleep in my mother’s house.”

“Pat! Why?”

“We should stay apart from each other or someone will be sad.”

“You don’t feel the same way like I do…between us?”

He stares at her and asks, “Can I kiss you?” *melt*


“I want to kiss you.”

He leans forwards but she calls a stop to it. “Don’t!”

“What are you afraid of? We already got married.”

“Just a fake one.”

“We can make it real.”

“I was hurt by love so much already.”

He holds her hands and says, “I’m not like your ex-boyfriend. I will never let go of your hands. I won’t make you sad. I promise.”  *cough*

He leans over and kisses her. She seems reluctant a bit but she can’t stand Nadech’s charm   🙂

He carries her in his arms.

“You said you wouldn’t take liberties with me.”

“I remembered that, but you…don’t think I’m taking liberties with you, do you?”

She smiles shyly in his arms so he carries her inside the house. He puts her on the bed and turns off the light.

It’s great acting from both Nadech and Taew. This scene could be an awkward one, a guy wooing a girl to let him sleep with her, but they did it so well.

Part 4

At the hospital, Pran wakes up so Anna asks if he’s awake already. He asks why she has to watch over him. She says if she doesn’t do it then who will, and no one knows him more than her.

“I don’t want to see you again.”

“Are you sure? Today I asked a permission from the doctor to temporary take you out of this room. But if you don’t want to see me, then you won’t get to go out.”

He turns to her.

Anna puts him in a wheelchair and takes him outside. She explains that this garden normally opens to public but for now, it’s only for him to use. She says they are lucky that the weather is nice today in the morning. She asks which way he wants to go. He doesn’t say so she says she will take him around and if he wants to stop anywhere, just tell her.

OMG…Pran is so cute when he’s pouting.

Pat wakes up in the morning (fully clothed, ahem!) and sees a flower on the pillow next to her. She smiles and picks it up to smell it.

She hears Pranon is singing a song (a once popular song which sang in northern dialect). “La-lala, dear sis, now I’m a man and there’s a girl running after me, wanting me for a boyfriend. We met 2-3 years ago, I was so young and naughty, loved you as sister and not as a girlfriend then, and you too loved me like a brother. (He looks at Pat.) Dear sis, now I love you and will never be tired in loving you and want to be your brother  no more. La-lala….”

He twirls her around and puts a crown made from flowers on her head and says, “For my darling.” He leans over so she asks what?

“Well, a morning kiss.”

“No, you broke your promise. Be careful, something bad will happen to you.”

“You broke it too. Do you remember what you promised? ‘If you think of something gross about me then may you fall deeply in love with me, and suffer badly because of it’. Now, last night, it’s clear that you too…”

“That’s gross! I didn’t promise. It’s you who came up with it yourself.”

He kisses her cheek anyway. “Humm…so great!”


“What? You want to kiss me too. Here.” he sticks his cheek out to her.

She prays water from a garden hose at him.

“Stop! Stop! Don’t let me catch you. Give me that.” He grabs the garden hose from her and sprays water on her too.

She laughs and says they are all wet now.

He pulls her to him and says, “Pat, about last night, everything I said and done, it was all for real. I truly felt what I said and it’s not a lakorn.”

“I hope that is what it is, because I don’t want to be disappointed again.”

“We are wet so let’s go take a bath…together! Haha.” he carries her in his arms.

“Mor, don’t , stop it! Wait, what’s that on my leg?”

“Just a slug.”

“A slug?!” she screams.

He laughs and tells her to stay still. “There’s one more over there!” he points at it.

Back to the hospital, Anna asks Pran if he wants to sit here.

“Why didn’t you go to work? Why wasting your time with me?”

“This is my work. I’m your assistant.”

“Then I order you to go back to the office.”

“Don’t shoo me away because, no matter what, I won’t leave, and with your swing mood like this, I can’t leave you alone.”

She gets a call so she excuses herself to pick it up.

“Sawasdee ka, uncle. Yes, Pran is awake. There’s nothing to worry, he smiles and is in such a good mood. No signs of stress whatsoever. (Pran pouts) About the seminar on Monday, I already informed Non. Yes, I can. I will call him again to make sure. Yes, uncle.” she hangs up.

“Non? My twin brother?”

She nods so he asks, “What is it about?”

“There’s an important medical fields seminar on Monday, and you need to appear there as GLS executive to strengthen the confidence among several institutes.”

“Then why do you have to call Non over?”

“That you were ambushed and become like this, no one knows. We helped keeping it a secret because we don’t want the company directors to lose confidence in you, so I and uncle asked Non for help to disguise as you.”

“To be me?”

“That’s right. It was Non all along who took care of everything instead of you.”

“Now I’m awake! I can go to work myself!”

“How can you when you couldn’t remember anything? Rest and recover well first and don’t worry about work, and let us take care of it.”

“You want it this way, don’t you?”


“You want Non to be me so that you can stay closer to him, don’t you?”

“I want to stay close to both of you. It’s time for breakfast so let’s go back to your room.”

Pran is angry but doesn’t say anything.

Pat hurries Non to get a slug off her. He laughs and says it’s sucking so much blood till it’s so fat now. When Pat tells him to hurry, he says he can’t just pick it off or the bleeding won’t stop. He says they must pour vinegar over it first, its acid property will make the slug fall off by itself.

He says it fell off already and tells her to wait. He treats the wound so she asks if it will become a permanent scar. He teases, “May be…No, it won’t  and will go away soon.”

She screams and tells him to do it tenderly. “All right, it’s done. Just a small slug and you screamed like a buffalo leech bite you.”

She says if it’s really a buffalo leech, she will scream so loud that it will echo through the hill. He says, “Don’t do that. We are the newlyweds and it’s embarrassing.” (LOL)

“That’s gross.”

“There’s one more on your cheek.”

She rubs her cheek on his chest and he keeps saying it’s still there so she rubs some more. LOL.

“Let me take a look.” he kisses her both cheeks.

“You were teasing me?”

They run around the house laughing together.

Anna shows Pran a photo album and says the doctor told her that it’s the best thing to help stimulating his memory.

“Pran, you take a look and see if there’s any picture you feel familiar with or remember something.”

Pran looks at the twins in the pictures and stares at her.

“I know that already, you recognized me. Now look at the photos.”

“You don’t want to marry me, do you?”


“I heard what you talked with Non on the phone. You said my father told you to marry me, and I saw how you feel. You weren’t happy and didn’t want to marry me, but you couldn’t say no to my father. Right?”

“Okay, if you’re not ready to go over it then rest some more.”

“Ann, answer me!”

“You better not think about the thing which can make you become stressful.”

“Answer me!”

He grabs her wrist and shouts, “Ann, answer me!”



“Answer! Answer! Answer!” he gets louder and louder.

She tells him to calm down and she will call the doctor now.

“Ann!” he throws the album to the floor.

“Pran, what happened to you?”

He gets up and says, “You don’t love me, do you? That’s why you don’t want to marry me! Right?”

She supports him when he stumbles and is about to fall down. “Pran!”

“You love Non, don’t you? He’s an important person for everyone, isn’t he? Not like me, the troubled one and can’t rely on! That’s why you don’t want to marry me, isn’t it? Ann!”


“Ann, answer me if it’s true!  Is it true?!”

“Pran, get a whole of yourself!”

Two nurses rush inside and pull Pran back to the bed. They tell him to calm down.

“No! Ann, answer me!”

Pran keeps repeating that she answers him.

Oy…eh…I take that back. Not sure if it’s a good idea for Anna to marry Pran. He turns into a kid and a little hostile whenever Pranon was mentioned.

Part 5

Pranon asks Pat for her left hand. She asks what kind of prank he’s pulling on her. He says he’s not going to do that to his darling.

He puts a ring on her finger and says, “From now on, you must never take this ring off. You now have an owner.”

Why am I feeling like punching his face? Why?

He  points at his cheek and says, “A reward. Kiss me, darling. Just kiss me.”

When she tries to walk away, he pulls her back and says if she doesn’t dare kiss him then he will do it himself. He keeps teasing her until he sees that they have an audience.

Ben says her ‘Tang Thang Cho’ is working all right. Jan says they are so sweet and she’s jealous.

“Then please excuse me, I need to go cook dinner for my wife or else she will be mad when feeling hungry, and I’m too lazy to reprimand her.” Non says.

Non asks A-lae to come with him. Ben tells them to cook for the rest of them too. Jan teases Pat and asks if Pat’s face looks more radiant this day. Pat feels shy so she walks away. Ben teases that she’s going to Non to enjoy more sweet time. Pat says she’s going to the restroom.

Pat walks into the house and Non’s phone is ringing. “Mor, someone’s calling!” Pat calls out to Pranon. When Non doesn’t answer, she looks at who’s calling and it’s Anna. “Anna? Khun Pran’s assistant, why is she calling?” she picks up.

“Hello, Non. Why didn’t you pick up the call? What were you doing? I called you more than ten times already.” Anna says.

“Eh…excuse me, Khun Mor isn’t available to take your call. I’m his wife. Do you want to leave him a message?”

“I’m sorry. I called the wrong number!” Anna hangs up quickly.

“Wrong number?” Pat wonders.

Non comes in and asks what she’s doing. He teases if she’s starting to check on his phone now. She says someone called so she picked up for him and it’s Khun Anna.

“Must be Pee Pran asked his assistant to call me, must be about work. Then let me call them back.”

Pat wonders, “Khun Pran called about work? But Khun Anna’s voice doesn’t sound that way and why she had to say she called the wrong number?”

“Pat, what happened to you? Why are you talking to yourself?” Jan joins her.

Pat says nothing but Jan says she saw it. Non comes out and says he’s called in urgently and needs to go to the hospital right away. He tells Pat he will hurry back.

Jan asks is he not on a night-shift today. He says there’s a special case come in so he needs to leave now. Pat gets suspicious so she follows him out. “Mor, wait! Mor!”

“Pat, where are you going?” Jan asks.

Non drives away before Pat could get to him. Pat wants to follow him on a bicycle so Jan asks if she’s going to follow the doctor. Pat says of course, she has an urgent matter. Jan tells her to get on her motorbike instead. Pat tells her to follow him fast.

While on the way, Jan asks Pat if it’s not easier to call Mor Non. Pat says she thinks they already missed him.

Pat sees Non’s car so she tells Jan to pull over. Jan asks whose car is parking next to Non’s and whether doctor told someone to meet here.

Pat tells Jan she can leave now and she will go home with Mor Non. Jan agrees and leaves. Pat walks around and wonders what Non’s doing in a place like this, then she found Non with a woman. It’s Anna. Anna turns to Non and hugs him. Pat sees it.

Part 6

Pat sees Anna hug Pranon and lets out, “Khun Anna?”

Non asks Anna, “Why are you doing this? I told you not to come here again.”

Anna says she didn’t want to come but he didn’t pick up her call. She says she can’t take it anymore, for work, she doesn’t know how to keep lying to others, and now for Pran, she has to endure his mood too. “I can’t do everything alone.” she says.

He says she knows that there’s no one else his father and Pran could trust but her, so be strong. Patrin walks closer to them.

Non says Pee Pran’s memory will come back soon. Anna asks, “What about you? What have you been doing?”

“I’m…trying to find the evidence to catch the real culprit who cheated GLS.”

“Are you sure you’re trying to find the evidence and not being so happy that you forgot your father and brother?”


“It’s three more days to the day of the seminar. Do you remember?”

“I didn’t forget.”

“And after the day of the seminar, I want you to follow my plan.”


“That’s right, and you know well what that plan is. Khun Sinthorn is getting very suspicious of us and we can’t keep the fact that Pran is in the hospital a secret for very long. You have no other choice. (She holds his hand.) I prepared everything. Go back to Bangkok with me today.”

Pat’s phone rings so Pranon turns around and calls out, “Pat!”

Pat turns around and runs. “Pat, wait!” he shouts.

Non runs after Pat while pulling Anna along.

Jan sees Pat and says she called her just now then asks if she found Khun Mor. Pat gets on her motorbike and tells her to leave quickly.

“Pat, wait!” Non calls out.

“Non, leave it!”

“Leave it?”

“She’s no longer useful for you. There’s nothing or any information you want from that woman, and if she misunderstands about anything, there’s no need for you to pay attention to it. As the matter of fact, Khun Pat understands it correctly and you shouldn’t make her misunderstand again.”

“Ann, you go back first and I will follow you.”

Thanart and his crew show up. He says, “Look, who meets in secret.”

Pat cries so Jan wants her to talk about it, but Pat tells her to just drive.

“What a huge surprise! Khun Anna flew to Chiang Mai and rented a car and drove this far, when instead you should be in Bangkok preparing the document for the seminar for Khun Pran, but you showed up here, what does that mean?” Thanart asks.

“Well…” Anna stammers.

“What do you want?” Non asks.

“It’s you, Khun Mor, what do you want? You have a wife but sneak out to meet your once close friend, only just the two of you in the forest by the roadside like this, do you love to do this kind of thing?”

“Be careful what you’re saying!” Non barks.

Anna pulls Non away and says they meet each other here, it’s their business and not his. Thanart says he knows that but he has been appointed to find out about the cheating in the company, and Anna and Khun Pran are the suspects. He says may be the two of them want to spend time recollecting their past, but it shouldn’t be the main reason and there must be another reason, which is about Khun Pran.

“Ann, I think you should leave first.” Non pulls her to her car but a lackey stops him.

“Khun Mor, out of nowhere you married a woman who cheated your company. Your brother flew to Chiang Mai and now Khun Anna followed here. What are you putting your heads together about?”

Non walks to him and says, “To find out the truth. You know, I only told Patrin that I would prove her innocence to all this, and she gave me many evidences and a lot of information. So now you become pale?”

“Don’t fool me. She has nothing to give you.”

“If she doesn’t have it then why you are here? (Non stares at him.) Ann, let’s go back.”

Ann gets in her car and drives away.

“The important factor in this game is Patrin and she happens to be my wife. We will know soon enough the real one who cheated the company.” Non gets in his car and drives away.

Anna is on her way and Thanart’s lackeys block the road so she hits the brake. The lackey pulls out his gun and aims it at her.

Part 7

“Bang! Haha!” the lackey teases. Anna is so scared. The lackeys leave.

Pranon comes home and explains to Pat that there’s nothing between him and Anna.

Pat slaps him and asks why he lied to her. She asks why he said he wouldn’t make her feel sad, and wouldn’t lie. Pranon insists that Anna is just an old friend and she came here to consult him a problem about work.

“Consult you? A doctor in a countryside like you, can advise a secretary of a big boss of a world’s giant company? How long will keep lying to me? If you are really innocent, why didn’t you tell me the truth instead of lying that the hospital called for you? You are no different from other man I’ve met.”

“Pat, it’s not like that.”

“Don’t touch me!”

“Trust me, I’m begging you.”

“I thought about it and realize you’ve never told me anything about yourself. I came to know it by myself all this time, both about you have another twin, and you are GLS’s heir and about Anna.”

“I didn’t tell you because there’s nothing to it.”

“Then what was that hugging and caring for each other which I saw?”

“There’s no meaning to it.”

“If you already have someone you love, what’s the reason to hurt me? Isn’t it enough that my life is totally ruined?”

“I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“You hurt me.” she runs outside.

He follows her and backhugs her. She tells him to let go of her. He says she misunderstands and begs her for this just once. He asks her to trust him and when the time comes, he will tell her everything.

She says he doesn’t have to tell her anything because now she knows that everything he does is only to have some fun, like a rich man who thinks he can destroy anyone’s life.

“Pat, it’s not like that!”

“Then what is it?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“It’s something you can’t tell me and it’s about Khun Anna. Why? Why can’t you tell me? What are you afraid of?”

“If you love me then trust me.”

“I never love you. I never say I love you. Don’t think what happened last night means I love you. No, it’s not, it’s just the mood came over me. There’s no deep feeling and it means nothing to me.”

He lets go of her and says, “Right.”

“Stop acting already! I’m sick of it.”

“Yes, my feeling is only an acting. I pretend to be nice to you because I’m mad that you cheated the money from my father’s company. I want to seek revenge and hurt you, and I succeed in destroying both your body and mind. I feel so great and so satisfied, you want me to say this, do you?! It may be an acting to you, but for me, it’s not!”

He gets on his jeep and drives away.

“Great, just leave! Even better if you never come back!” Pat shouts.

Part 8

Pranon drives along the road while thinking how Patrin said she never loved him.

There’s a strong wind along the road so Pranon grabs the steering wheel tight.

Pat releases her anger by playing with a sling but the stone ends up cutting her finger instead and she feels that it could be a bad sign.

Pranon has an accident driving down a cliff. The accident somehow wakes up Pran who is lying on the hospital bed. The doctor tells Pran that here is the hospital and there’s nothing to worry about.

“Hospital?” Pran asks.

“That’s right, it’s the hospital and I’m Dr. Prasert who is taking care of you.”

Pran nods.

“Had a dream?” the doctor asks.

Pran says yes, he had a dream. The doctor asks if he could remember what it’s about. Pran shakes his head so the doctor says it’s all right and he asked because a dream could be a part of a memory. “Let’s me look at you.” the doctor examines him.

“Doctor, what day is it today?” Pran asks.

“Today is Monday.” the doctor says.

Pat’s mom tells A-le to take a break and eat some fruits. He thanks her and teases the two girls who are attacking the fruit basket. Mom walks to Pat and asks if she’s still scared. Pat says no. Mom says it’s great that there’s nothing happen to her and doctor. She tells Pat not to hide it from her next time and there’s no way she would know if she didn’t come by to drop her some fruits, that her son-in-law’s house was robbed.

Mom asks if she had a fight with the doctor. Pat says no, but mom tells her not to lie. Pat’s friend comes calling and tells her to prepare her mind then says, “Dr. Non…” Pat asks what about him.

Anna runs to Pranon’s father and tells him that Pranon drove down a cliff last night.

“He drove down a cliff?” Pat asks.

Jan says no one knows the reason and there’s a strong wind last night when he suddenly drove down the mountain, and it must be a slippery road which made his car slip down the side.

Mom asks why he had to drive down the mountain at such hour. She asks Jan if there’s emergency case. Jan says no. Mom asks Pat what happened (between them).

Part 9

Thanart is on the phone with Chom. He tells her that his men were here and it’s confirmed that Dr. Pranon really had an accident driving off a cliff.

Chom says that’s great so at the seminar today they will know for sure if the twin younger brother is fooling them, disguising as his elder brother. Thanart says he will have his men stay here observing while he will get on a plane to be in time for the seminar this afternoon.

Thanart tells his men to call him right away should something happen. He sees Pat and her mother arrive at the hospital so he hides. Pat rushes inside. He looks at them then says, “Pat, my condolences to you.”

Mom tells Pat to calm down. Pat cries and says that it’s because of her why doctor drove down the cliff and it wouldn’t happen if she stopped him last night. Jan says she will get inside to take a look and will come out to tell her.

Jan comes out and says doctor Non is gone. Pat is about to faint so Jan corrects that his father already took him in a helicopter to Bangkok. Pat cries and hugs her mother.

Pranon’s father ask his employees about the doctor he ordered them to call to do the surgery. He tells them to go get him now. Anna tells him to sit down. Sinthorn rushes to him and says he heard what happened to Pranon and asks how he is now. Anna says they already brought him to Bangkok but they still don’t know his condition.

Chom asks if Khun Pran will still attend the seminar. Sinthorn criticizes her for mentioning it to them now. She says she knows that she shouldn’t but she’s worried that Khun Pran may be worried about his younger brother and ruin the event, and it’s a national seminar and she already gave her word to the minister’s secretary, and if Khun Pran doesn’t show up, how they will explain it to the minister.

Her friend tells Pat that the earliest plane ticket available today to Bangkok is the evening flight. Pat says she will go by bus, but her friend argues that she would arrive much later.

Mom tells Pat to calm down when Pranon is in good hands of capable doctors in Bangkok and his father won’t let anything happen to him, so her arriving late or early won’t be any help.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Pat cries talking to Pranon.

Pranon, in a fine suit, is walking in the airport having arrived in Bangkok. He recalls what actually happened last night. It seems his car really slipped to the side and almost went down. After seeing a call coming in from Anna (Unna), a plan came up in his mind so he let the car fall down the water below.

“Thank you, you pretty nurse.” Pranon says.

It’s Jan on the line. She says how he could tease her now and she went along with him because she trusted him. She says she doesn’t know what problem he has but she believes it must be an important one. She suggests that he hurries clear his problem because she will surely lose a friend if Pat knows that she helps him to fool her. Pranon says yes then leaves the airport.

Anna tells Pasuwat that Pranon has arrived.

“From today, Non will become Pran Poonnavate, GLS executive, while Pran will become Dr. Pranon who just recovered from an accident.” he says.

Anna says Pran and Pranon will exchange role until Pran is fully recovered.

He tells Anna that they should hurry leave for the seminar. Anna gets a call from Dr. Prasert that Khun Pran disappeared from the hospital. She tells Pasuwat that.

Pran comes home and enters his bedroom. He picks a suit from the closet and looks at himself in the mirror.

Dr. Prasert says from CCTV cameras, Khun Pran left the hospital late in the morning and got on a taxi which came to drop a passenger then left.

Pasuwat yells at him how many of them could let one patient slip away. He asks Anna who she just called. She says she called his home and Pran really went home then changed into a suit and left. “Oh no!” Anna realizes.

“Could it be…?” Pasuwat could guess.

At the seminar, the minister arrives and greets both Sinthorn and Chommanart, then she asks for Khun Pran. Chom says he must be on his way here. The minister asks if he will be here in time for the opening ceremony. Sinthorn assures her that if Pran doesn’t make it in time, he will represent GLS himself to give the speech.

When Pran walks in, both Sinthorn and Chommanart are stunned. “Dr. Non drove down the cliff and Khun Pran could show up here. Then our assumption, that the twins swapped, is not true.” Chom turns to Sinthorn.

Pranon also arrives outside the venue and gets a call from Anna. “What? Pee Pran is here?” he asks. Anna says Pran must go to the seminar for sure so Pranon mustn’t get inside the event, no one can see them together. Pranon agrees to leave right away but Thanart shows up and greets him, thinking he’s Pran.

A staff invites Pran to go this way. Pran says he will follow him in a minute. He sways looking at the stage.

Thanart asks  Pranon where he’s going. Pranon says he forgot something in his car. Thanart says he heard his conversation on the phone just now, that he said he would hurry leave, so where he’s going and if there’s some problem.

“Why do I have to tell you?” Pranon bumps his shoulder and walks pass him. Thanart heads to the seminar room.

“What if he sees Pee Pran?” Pranon realizes. He turns abruptly to the direction Thanart is heading.


I still couldn’t see why Pranon wouldn’t tell his wife what he’s planning to do. Poor Pat, she’s in for a big surprise.

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  1. Hi im new here! Please continue the rest of the drama! I want to know what will happen next. thank you 😘

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    p/s : sorry for my english

  10. Thanks for the recaps. I also don’t understand why Pranon has to lie to Pat. They are already in a false marriage. They have become closer. Why not at least tell Pat why he is pretending to be Prang and let her help him in catching the bad guys. After all she was also cheated by the same bad guys. And he has already slept with her!! Give her some credit instead of treating her like a dumb blonde. ( excuse my comparison) 😛 But I also must admit, I can’t get enough of Prang and Pranon. Both are swoonworthy! Ahhhh.

  11. Thanks for recapping this series movie, please keep doing this. I checked already no one subs this. I love this even thought i don’t like the way Non behaves to Pat and Anna. it’s not clear. i still confuse that he still love Anna, but he slept with Pat 😦

    • It’s a surprise cuz normally I didn’t have to do Nadech’s lakorn, not that I don’t like him, but he’s so popular and well-received that I don’t have to worry. Pranon pissed me off but hopefully he will redeem himself to us 🙂

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  14. Thank you for taking the time to do a summary of this drama. I’m enjoying it tons even with Pranon and his “change.” Therefore, I am extremely grateful. Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying it as much.
    And I am also greatly enjoying Tiger, but I don’t quite get the Nadech comparison with Ananda in Luard Mungkorn because there is none. Both actors are worlds apart in experience(projects and longevity) and generation (age and range). Nadech is doing well and probably the best in his generation alongside James Ma. And though I’m not really a “fan” I appreciate his presence and performances. Everingham is first and foremost an excellent film actor and he has brought the gravitas to the small screen and should be compared with his Mafia counterparts if anyone.

    • You are right about comparing Nadech and Ananda. What I was comparing between them was a love scene they were in with their co-stars such as where an actor leaned over for a kiss so close to her face, I couldn’t help comparing the feeling on screen and how spot-on both were, in different degrees, but yes, Ananda should be compared with someone the same age-range.

      I was watching the premiere of ‘Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart’ on ch7 then swtiched back and forth between Seua, I came up with my own choice that Tui Theerapat couldn’t beat Ananda (on the same time slot) so I picked Seua (also didn’t like some materials on Tui’s lakorn, sorry for the fans).

      What I felt uncomfortable with Pranon will come up later so I won’t spoil you guys. Hehe.

  15. Seua is fun!!! I am really liking it esp, esp, esp Ananda Everingham :). His acting is top notch. Was never able to get into Lom Sorn Rak though.

    • Yep, Ananda kept my eyes open no matter what he did. I even thought he made Nadech look so pale in comparison, and not only us, viewers recognized it too and wondered where he had been all this time (on TV).

      I loved his movie ‘Sabaidee Luang Prabang’ (he made it all wonderful even though the productions was a small-scaled one. Also, an Indy movie ‘Shambhala’ where Ananda was too gross at first but the ending was worth it. The teaser is down below.

      Back to Seua, now viewers are worried if the next installment, Singha (Sing right?) by Jik Jade will be able to surpass Seua! I haven’t watched the last episode yet cuz I was busy writing this post. Enjoy it while you can cuz I heard ‘Seua’ had only 8-9 episodes.

      For Lom Sorn Rak, it’s worth to see how twins could turn your life around before you even notice it. It’s fun for them but not for us. Haha…

      • Thanks for the trailer!!! Can’t wait to watch it when I get some time.

        Definitely watch episode 3 of Seua. Ananda’s voice alone is enough to convey his romance and passion. You don’t even need deeply intimate scenes (physical I mean). Just the soft eyes he makes and the way he speaks is enough!!! I must admit .. I am now fan girl-ing Ananda .. LOL.

        You are so right – Ananda is indeed captivating on screen and you absolutely cannot get your eyes off of him. That is precisely why I think he is very well suited for films as they screen them on those huge big screens. You really need the charismatic screen presence to captivate audiences on the big movie screen along with the acting chops. Nadech can definitely be charming on the screen but I think he has still not developed the charisma, confidence and self-awareness for the screen that Ananda has as of yet. It is going to take him a while to be able to get to that stage. Nadech is cute but you need more than just cuteness. Tibet and Shambhala has always been on my must visit list… now after watching the trailer I have to go there. Also must watch the movie.

        Coming to Suea, Kimberley is doing good job keep up with Ananda which is a good thing. Otherwise it would have become difficult to watch. I am usually not a fan of a younger girl and an older guy (10 years or more) stories but for the first time, I can totally buy into it with Suea. It feels like she is a younger girl who definitely needs a slightly older guy like Ananda’s character Parob to be with Wanvisa. For the first time, I am loving this age difference, looks difference and the need for the age gap. I am loving the music too. I am glad that the regular TV viewers too have acknowledged Ananda. Sometimes that can be difficult to achieve. Many times people who are popular on TV don’t seem to make it in films very well and those who do really well in films don’t make it all that big on TV. So I am happy for Ananda and the production team. I love that Kim has taken the risk to do this character. I think many other actresses might have feared the lack of make up and all those gritty island scenes from episode 2 (lol… some that you can’t even mention – hahaha). Why is the production team so cruel to us ? Only 8-9 episodes ? :'(.

        I don’t think the viewers should worry about Singha as yet. Enjoy Suea for now. Singha will be a different story and flavour all together I guess. I think it will be a lot more serious and melodramatic. Granted that the lead actor of Singha is no Ananda when it comes to acting but he seems to be extremely popular. So I am sure his fans will all tune in. I will have to tune into Singha at least to watch Ananda. I think he features in all 5 parts if I am not wrong.

        • The fact that Luerd Mungkorn Series has five lakorns so they made it a shorter run of each or the series could end next year lol. Many viewers, I read, are waiting for ‘Rhet’ not sure why (Andrew and Taew), may be it’s the novel of something. I don’t think Ananda will come back to small screen so soon, he’s a director himself (Thai Full House, I think). He did this one because it’s a personal sworn in or sth with the director.

          I agreed with you about Kim and admired her a lot for keeping up with Ananda and the directors of this lot. It’s taking every inch of her spirit for every scene on that island. She poked herself on a tree so hard during that fleeing-from-thieves scene, if she did that scene herself, that is.

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