Hua Jai Patthapi Episode 1

All leads were doing a good job so far. Well, Mike was adorable, can’t say he’s a good fighter (LOL) but his smile did it all. For Por, he’s Por period. Yam was so pretty and her acting improved a lot while SaiMai was surprisingly good.

Part 1

On the screen:

Hua Jai Patthapi was made for entertainment with points of view interwoven, and meant to create conscious minds to preserve the forest and water resources.

Characters’ names, places and incidents in the story are all fiction. No intentions from the producer to offense any person. Should there be any mistakes, with this opportunity, we sincerely apologize.

                                                                                                             -The Production Team

The narration:

“Deforestation is one of many reasons created Global Warming which has a wide impact. It creates a huge loss of lives and assets. The conscious minds to preserve the forests, is not anyone’s duty but of every Thai.”

Pasu and his team are on a mission in the forest at night.

“Forest one, ready.”

“Forest two, ready.”

They take aim and are ready to shoot.

A woman inside a fully equipped van is looking at a tracking device. “The target is coming.”

A pick-up truck, with many armed men, arrives. Pasu and his team show up. He shouts, “Freeze!”

“Put down your weapons! The is the forest rangers, put down your weapons!”

The men put down their weapons, but when Pasu approaches them, a red small light appears on a man’s chest. Pasu shouts, “Watch out!” then he pulls the man behind a truck and ducks.

They are being fired at and most men, who just arrived, were killed. Gunfight ensues. It’s dark so they don’t know where the bullets are flying from.

“They are at six o’clock.” the woman on a van says.

Pasu tells his team, “At six o’clock.” then the team starts shooting in that direction.

Small dots on the screen slowly disappeared. “They have left.” she smiles.

“Clear!” Pasu shouts. The team spreads out.

-Opening Credits-

A reporter asks the Director-General YingYot that the chief of his special unit worked this hard in every area, is he not afraid of the local mafias.

He says if he’s afraid, he wouldn’t set up this special unit.

Another reporter asks that she heard many of his staff had resigned and only a few remained due to the pressure from some capitalists, is it not true.

He says even with a few officers, he’s certain that his special unit will be able to handle the capitalists. He says these days, deforestation in Thailand has increased sharply, “…And if we don’t get up and seriously do something about it, one day the forests in Thailand will surely vanished and won’t be left for our next generations. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is or how much we have been threatened, I’m certain that our special unit will be able to bring forward the culprits and punish them.”

Pasu walks over to a house and asks how it was. The man says he wouldn’t tell. Pasu enters the room and asks the man inside. “Tell me. Who hired you?”

“I don’t know. We were hired to cut down trees only.”

“Who hired you?” Som asks.

“It’s Nai Yai’s people. We just cut down trees and delivered it to them.” (Nai Yai = big boss)

“So who is Nai Yai?” Pasu asks.

“I really don’t know. I never see his face. I only know that whoever seen his face, will end up dead. I don’t know! I really don’t!…” Daeng is shaking with fear.

Pasu and Som walk outside.

Som tells Pasu that Daeng’s brother recently murdered so he doesn’t dare say much. Pasu argues that he thinks Daeng only know this much, then he asks Som to take care of him according to the law.

Som agrees to do that and asks how Pasu is doing after he got transferred to be with YingYot. Pasu smiles and says it’s quite good since he won’t get kicked out and transferred here and there only because he displeases some big guys.

A four-wheeled truck is parking nearby, a woman lowers the window shade and asks, “Is this the one who ruined our work?” She stares at Pasu.

“His name is Pasu, Chief of the Special Unit under the Director-General. Nai Yai ordered to keep an eye on him. Do you want to me to take care of the one leaked the information?”

She nods.

Pasu turns to that direction but it’s nothing there.

A man is begging to let him be, he doesn’t want to die yet and he has a wife and children to take care of. “Don’t kill me.”

She hesitates to shoot him so she tells him to flee and hide at the border, and not to let her see him again.

“Khun Rain?!”

“I made the decision.” Rain says.

“If you let him go and Nai Yai knows it, he will scold. A rule is a rule – kill everyone who failed.”

She asks him if she fails a task, he will kill her too?

He doesn’t answer so she says she will talk with Nai Yai about this. She tells the man to leave. When she turns around, her buddy shoots the man down then turns to her. He tells her not to let their important task be ruined because of her kindness.

“The duty of everyone of us is to get rid of everyone who wants to be Nai Yai’s enemy.” he says. Then he orders his men to bury the dead man.

Pasu walks to a big tree and there’s a log with the names of his father, mother and his name engraved on it.

“ThaWon”, “Pasu”, “SaengSuda”.

He touches the tree and says, “Dad, I’m back. I came back to continue with your principle…in your place.”

Part 2

At David Foundation,

“Even though, I’m not Thai, I do love this country. That’s why I founded a foundation to repay this country which is like my home. For the past 10 years, our foundation has been engaging in reforestation projects. We admit that there are obstacles but I assure you that I will continue with this foundation until the rush green like before will return to this country which is like my another home.” David ends his speech.

His wife comes on stage to congrat him with a bouquet. Ava and Arm come on stage too and both say, “Dad, congratulations!”

David introduces his wife, Jureejan; his eldest son, Arm, who is his business successor; and his youngest daughter, Ava, who recently graduated from abroad and came back, and she will continue working the foundation.

David announces that on the occasion of the foundation’s 10th year anniversary, they will start a reforestation project on the upstream forest Phu Suang.

David meets Sakdisorn.

“Call off your project at Phu Suang, and go brag (build) your image somewhere else, and do not go up there and mess with Phu Suang again.” Sakdisorn warns.

David says the special unit of Director-General YingYot already arrested all of the illegal loggers and soon they will know who is the mastermind.

Sakdisorn says he’s not that stupid to let them find any clues which could trace back to him. “It’s you who should be careful!” he walks away. David chuckles.

Pasu is telling YingYot that looks like they knew ahead of time so they killed off their subordinates and their (Yingyot’s) spy. He apologizes that the investigation goes nowhere.

YingYot says it’s all right then he praises them for doing a good job. The woman says for such a small team and was able to confiscate this exhibit amount, it’s really great.

Another man says even if he couldn’t catch the culprits today, there’s still tomorrow, even a tree needs time to grow, so nothing comes easy.

The woman teases that his words were almost sharp. Pasu clears his throat and glares at both of his teammates.

The man says what they are seeing on the screen are pictures on the scene of the incident. He says judging by the bullet trajectory and type of weapons used, they must be professionals.

The lady adds, “And must be someone in the area too.”

The man says the local who could do this, there’s only…The lady adds, “Mr. Sakdisorn.”

YingYot says they don’t have any evidence which leads to him so they can’t make that conclusion yet. He says Som is investigating people in the area so they should receive more info soon, and their recent arrest must make ‘Nai Yai’ very upset. Therefore, everyone must be alert, especially Pasu.

Pasu tells him not to worry, he’s not afraid to die and will find a way to arrest Nai Yai no matter what. Everyone agrees.

Pasu is jogging and there are three armed men attack him.  A man shows up and helps Pasu. After the thieves run away, two men do a high-five and hug each other.

Flashback, Australia – One year ago,

Some gangsters attack a man and he fights. Pasu joins him and helps. After the fight,

“Thanks for the help. You’re pretty good.”  (in English)

“Are you Thai?”  Pasu asks.

“Oh, you’re Thai. Thank you for your help.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I’m PhuRit.”

“I’m Pasu.”

Back to present, Pasu asks Phurit since when he came back and why he didn’t tell him.

“For a while now, I meant to surprise you but we met accidentally so there’s no surprise now.” Phurit shrugs.

Pasu says he helped him the last time so this time it’s his turn, so now they are even. Phurit says he saw him from further away and thought someone was about to be robbed so he ran there to help, not knowing it’s him. “What a round world we live in.” Phurit says.

He asks Pasu who they are. Pasu says, “Don’t know. I’m used to it. It happens all the time like this. It must be I have so many rivals.”

Pasu asks if his family knows that he came back. Phurit says they don’t care much about him.

“Still quarrel with your family?”

“Forget it.” he drinks milk. Milk? Man, dear director, what an image for a hero.

“Pee Din, can I stay with you here?” Phurit asks.

*Din is Pasu’s nickname

“Why not? Go bring all your belongings from the hotel here. Totally a waste of money.”

“Thank you.”

They engage a hand-shake.

Phurit asks, “Are you interested in hiring me to be your bodyguard in exchange for a place to stay, food and a tiny amount of pocket-money (he gestures a big amount which contradicts what he’s saying)?”

“I’m in no position (no money) to hire you but if you’re looking for a job, do you want to come working with me? The director-general is looking for some help, a skilled one. Are you interested?”

“No. A civil servant like you, there are too many rules and regulations. A man who loves freedom like me, doesn’t belong here, wouldn’t make it. I prefer living an easy life like this.”

“You don’t have to become a civil servant. You can be a temporary worker first  and if you don’t like it, you can quit anytime. So?”

Pasu gets a call from Som. “Uncle Som? You got the evidence? Okay, I’ll be right there.”

Part 3

Som waits for Pasu at a food stall but doesn’t feel at ease so he leaves. Pasu and Phurit walk there but Som already left. Pasu calls Som and asks where he is and now he’s here at the food stall.

Som says he left because he felt like someone is following him. He says he’s now at the garden by the river and something is strange and doesn’t looking good. A man in black stabs Som and keeps on jogging. Man, that was neat.

Pasu and Phurit arrive and found him on the ground. “Uncle Som!” Pasu calls out. Som stammers that the guy took the evidence.

Phurit turns and runs after the guy. “Phu, be careful!” Pasu shouts.

Pasu tells Som to hang on and starts to make a phone call. Som lets out, “Nai Yai…Nai Yai is….” then he passed away. “Uncle Som, hang on!” Darnit!

Phurit runs after the man and intercepts him. He casually says, “Give me back that envelope.”

The guy snaps the envelope on his waist on the back then tries to run away but Phurit stops him.

Sorry for the fans, eh…Mike’s build didn’t do well with action scenes, he’s more like a dancer. LOL.

Phurit sees a symbol on the man’s neck and pauses. The envelope was left nearby while the guy flees. Phurit runs after him.

Someone on a motorbike stops him and then starts shooting at him so he has to duck. It’s Rain who is on the motorbike. The guy hops on and together they leave.

The two stand by the river.

“Just to grab a thing from an old man, why do you need to kill?” Rain asks.

“But he knows who Nai Yai is.”

“And the envelope?”

He reaches behind but it’s not there. “Looks like it fell out while I fought with him.”

She gets annoyed and walks away. “Khun Rain, where are you going?”

“It’s my business, and find a way back yourself!”

She gets on the bike and leaves.

YingYot is on the phone. “Pasu, thank you for calling and reporting the news to me.” Oh my, his house is made of the whole forest?

YingYot looks at a photo which has himself and Pasu’s father in it. He wonders, “How many more officers have to die, before I can take care of those illegal loggers?”

Som is dead and Pasu and Phurit are at the hospital.

“What a pity I didn’t catch the culprit.” Phu says.

“They must have planned well ahead. (He pats Phu’s arm.) Thank you.” Pasu says.

Phu tells him not to think too much about it when it’s not his fault about uncle Som, so he shouldn’t blame himself.

“Why good officers had to die because of these baddies?” Pasu wonders.

Flashback, Pasu (a young teenager) tells his father that he decided to become a civil servant like him. “I will protect the forest just like how you and uncle Pob have been trying to do all your lives.”

Thawon beams and says he totally takes after him. SaengSuda walks over and says, “What are you two, father and son, thinking? Just you and isn’t it enough risking your life? You want this mother not be able to eat or sleep?”

“We born and die. If I die benefiting the country, isn’t it worth it?” Thawon says.

“Din, you made the right decision and I’m so proud of you.” he tells Pasu and hugs him.

Later, Pasu and his mother are looking at Thawon’s photo. He had passed away. SaengSuda sobs and says, “I warned you not to mess with them! In the end, even your corpse, I didn’t have a chance to see it.”

Pasu talks to his father. “Dad, sleep comfortably, I will take care of mom and the forest after you.”

Back to present, Pasu says, “I will arrest the culprit and the mastermind behind it and punish them no matter what!”

He turns to Phurit and says if he comes working with him, it’ll be great. “You could be an important backup for the team.”

Phurit looks startled so Pasu says, “But I won’t force you, (he holds his shoulder) I want you to come willingly.”

Part 4

“I know that everyone is feeling sad about uncle Som’s death, but no matter what happens, our job must move forward. Don’t let uncle Som’s death go to waste.” YingYot encourages everyone in his team.

An officer comes in and informs YingYot that there’s a mysterious parcel in front of the building. The team rush to take a look. “Please step aside!” Pasu tells the crowd to make way.

Phurit is busy opening the said parcel. He sees what’s inside and shows it to everyone up high in the air. People scream with fear. “Oh, it’s a fake bomb.” Phu says nonchalantly

Pasu smiles and introduces Phurit to his boss. “This is Phurit, the brother I told you about.”

YingYot reaches his hand out and greets him, “Welcome to our team.”

Thicha asks Pakin who that man is. Kin says he doesn’t know.

YingYot tells everyone that Phurit finished the course of  the fighting arts, an undercover-agent programme from aboard so he’s asking him to come helping their team. He says Phurit will help with Din with investigation and planning.

Pasu tells Phu if he wants to ask any questions beside what he had explained to him, he can ask Thi and Kin and they will explain to him some more.

YingYot says, “We must help stopping the loss, and don’t let what happened to uncle Som repeat itself. I was once had to encounter those dark influential people and lose my best friend too.”


“20 Years ago, I, Phipob and Thawon, worked in the government service together. We were great as a team that we earned the name The Three Musketeers of Phu Suang Forest.”

“Drop the guns!” Thawon, Phipob and YingYot arrest some illegal loggers deep in the forest.

“There’s a massive international log-trading gang taking the benefits of the forest. Everyone calls their Nai Yai (big boss) Aden. They work like a Nai Yai, that is, letting the local villagers do the work while giving orders from behind. Many officers had to die because of trying to investigate their circle. Phipob did the investigation until he found the evidence and contacted me to come collecting it. We rushed to Phipob at his house but found no one there.”

“Thawon, look!” YingYot tells Thawon to look at the sky.

“I saw the fire flames in the forest and thought something must have happened to Phipob. The forest fire was so intense that we couldn’t get in.”

“Later, we found out that Phipob died.”

Back to present, YingYot says he thinks those people did it. Pasu sits up straight and says he never heard it before.

“That’s why I created this unit, to fight with those dark influential people. From now on, our work should be riskier so be carefully everyone.” YingYot warns them.

Pasu says they come this far so they won’t back up for sure. “Right?” he asks and everyone nods.

“Thank you. I sincerely thank you all.” YingYot says.

Pasu is walking down the stairs and says he’s going to see uncle Som’s family. He asks Phurit if he wants to come with him.

“No, I don’t think so. I think I will find something to eat then go back to the hotel to pack my things so that I can hurry move into our bridal house, my darling.” Phu teases Din.

Pasu shrugs his hands off him and says, “Then see you at my house this evening.”

“Sure, my darling.” Phu sends him a kiss.

Din wants to poke his head so Phu runs off, but turns back to yell, “See you later, darling!”

“Just go!” Pasu shouts.

Phu is at a restaurant when Ava walks in and yells at Arm. “Is this woman the reason why you won’t go home with me?”

“What?” Arm asks.

“He’s only playing around with you. I’m giving you a well-intended warning.” she warns the girl.

“Ava, that’s enough. Go home!”

Phu hears them and is exasperated.

“No, I won’t, unless you will go home with me.” Ava shouts.

“You won’t leave nicely, will you? Come here!” Arm pulls her along.

“Pee Arm! I can walk myself. That hurts!”

He pulls her outside.

Arm scolds her for messing with his personal business all the time. She yells at him to let go of her and it hurts. He tells her to go home then.

Phurit follows them outside like how a good citizen should do.

Arm tells her to stop messing with him and he wants to stay and have a meal.

“Let go of me!” she shouts.

“Hey, it’s not nice to use force on women.” Phu intervenes.

“And what that got to do with you?” Arm asks.

Ava tells Arm to take it easy. Arm walks over to Phu and punches him but Phu ducks and gets a whole of him. Some lackeys run over to help Arm so Ava pulls Phu away from the scene, “Run!” she tells him.

Arm stops his men from following them.

Ava pulls Phu along with her. He says there’s no one coming after them. She tells him to run first.

“Why are you pulling me here?” he asks.

“I don’t want it become a mess.”

“Afraid your boyfriend will get hurt?”


“Aren’t you feel ashamed fighting for a man like that? You seem pretty good-looking, why don’t you find a new one? A player who loves to use force like that, why fight for him? Once you got him, you will end up in pain.”

Ava laughs.

“What’s so funny? I’m serious here.”

“That man is my brother.”

“That’s why I’m telling you, when you…(he pauses)…Pee (brother)?!”

She smiles and says, “Whatever, thank you so much for helping me. I didn’t think a good person like you still exist these days.”

“Well, I didn’t intend to help you, it just…just happened to be on my way.” he walks away fast feeling awkward.


He waves to her but doesn’t turn back. LOL.

Ava walks back to her brother. Arm asks where that guy is. She says he left already so forget it. She says if he comes home with her at first, there won’t be any fight.

“You’re so annoying! Don’t think you are dad’s love and I have to please you.”

“Are you sure?” she shows him how she will tell dad, “Dad, I came calling on Pee Arm as you ordered but he’s so stubborn and wouldn’t listen to me, and I hurt myself too. Dad, look, so bruised and blue.”

She smirks, “So, will you go home now?”

At Som’s house,

A woman is talking to a reporter.  She says, “Reporter, I want to know who did it too.”

“Before Khun Som died, did he leave anything with you or someone give you anything?” the reporter asks. It’s Rain disguised as a reporter.

“No, nothing. He didn’t leave anything with me. Everything happened so suddenly so no one had prepared.” she sobs.

“It’s all right. Thank you.” the reporter ends her interview.

Pasu, holding a box in his hands, overhears them from behind so he intercepts Rain and asks, “Who are you? Why did you come to see aunty?”

She gives him her name card so he takes a look.

“I’m a reporter. I came to interview aunty about Khun Som’s death…Khun Pasu.”

“You know me?”

“Khun Pasu, a hero who wiped out the dark force and kept opposing the capitalists around and almost got shot on the head many times, and received orders to be transferred to almost around the country. In the end, Director-General YingYot saw your potential so he transferred you into a special unit working solely under him. Correct?”

“How do you know about uncle Som? It’s strange to me that you came following on this.”

“Why? A good officer died in the line of duty due to his investigation on some confidential affair, why shouldn’t I follow it?”

“That’s because what uncle Som was investigating, very few people knew about it. Therefore, a stranger like you surely shouldn’t know.”

“I’m a reporter so it’s normal for me to know deep. Most importantly, I know a lot more than you think. My editor is interested in your work, especially when you’re trying to find out who Nai Yai is, that’s how I learned about Khun Som’s death.”

“Then let me ask you back. How much you found out about Nai Yai and who gave you the information?”

“Why do I have to tell you my source? Please excuse me.” she wants to leave.

“Wait, if you really mean well on all this, then we should talk. We can exchange information.”

“Want to exchange information or want to pick on me? Or…are you hitting on me? Then I’ll know how to behave. Now please excuse me.” she walks away.

Pasu looks at her name card. It reads, “Thai News, Meatinee JaiEar – Reporter”. Pasu calls Thai News and asks to speak to Khun Meatinee. “Went out to do the news? That’s all right, I will call again. Yes, thank you so much.” he hangs up.

Pasu walks into Som’s house and greets Som’s family. “Hello, aunty.”

Rain peeks at them and sees that Pasu is giving Som’s wife the box he brought with him.

Part 5

Pasu says he got info from Som’s son that ‘Nai Yai’ would attend the coming annual function of resort owners.  Phurit says hope he will really come so that they will know who he is. Thi says Sakdisorn will come to this event too.

Pasu says that’s good and they can keep an eye on Sakdisorn too and may be they will get more info from him. Yingyot says if that’s true, they will finally know who Nai Yai is.

Yingyot tells Phurit that it’s his turn to show his skills. Phurit tells him not to worry when it’s his expertise.

It’s party time. Pasu and Phurit come to the event. Thi and Kin are inside a fully equipped van which parks nearby. She says the satellite network is now connected.

Inside the party, Thi talks to both Pasu and Phurit though a hidden communication device. She tells them that their spy said Nai Yai’s man would wear white suit and carry a black briefcase.

Pasu sticks small cameras under the tables while Phurit has one on his necktie.

Phurit walks to the bar counter and says to Pasu that there’s no one here like Thi said. Sakdisorn arrives with two bodyguards. Pasu tells Phurit that another target has arrived.

Pasu walks to Sakdisorn who asks him why he came or he’s one of resort owners. Pasu says he came to see if there’s any resort owners committing any crimes.

Sakdisorn smirks and says, “I heard one of your colleagues is dead. Didn’t you learn any lesson?”

Pasu says if he did, he wouldn’t be standing here now. He says, “Khun Sakdisorn, please remember that I will catch the culprit and the mastermind, and bring them to justice no matter what.”

“Khun Pasu, be careful and don’t turn into a corpse like him.”

David joins them and says it’s a threat what Sakdisorn just said. David tells Pasu that he’s willing to be his witness should he want to file a lawsuit. Sakdisorn walks another way.

Kin tells Phurit that all guests should have arrived so he wants the names of the guests attended this event. Phurit turns and walks to the reception lady, “Hello, pretty lady. Looks like your (fake) eyebrow is coming off.” When she turns away, he captures pages of the guest list on his cell phone.

Ava sees him but some reporters want to take pictures of her so she smiles at the cameras, and when she turns around, he’s gone.

Sakdisorn tells his men to find a man in white carrying a black leather briefcase.

Such man arrives at the party. Phurit sees him so he tells Pasu that the target already walked into the party.

It’s Tul who walks in with a briefcase. Sakdisorn sees him then stops Pasu from following him by asking what charge he will accuse him of now. Pasu pushes him away and  hurriedly goes after Tul.

A person in black, totally covering his face, shows up and blocks Pasu from getting to Tul.

Part 6

Pasu fights with the person in black. Phurit looks around and couldn’t find Pasu so he asks on his mini microphone, “Pee Din, are  you all right? Pee Din! Pee Din!”

Phurit walks outside so Ava trails behind.

Pasu grabs the person’s mask and long hair falls down. He stares at the person’s eyes feeling stunned. Ava screams so the person wants to run away. Pasu grabs the wrist and tears a bracelet off.

Phurit comes running to Pasu. Ava wants to follow them but Phurit tells her not to, it’s dangerous.

Pasu and Phurit catch up with Rain (who is wearing a mask to hide her face).

“Who sent you? You obstructed me from following that man wearing white suit. You are Nai Yai’s man, aren’t you?” Pasu asks.

She jumps down a steep edge to the lower ground stunning both men, then walks slowly to get on a motorbike which is driven away by Tul.

Phurit and Pasu walk back. “You’re still here?” Phurit asks Ava.

She asks them what’s going on and who that person was. Phurit tells her not to ask now and take his brother to tend to his wound first. Ava tells them to follow her.

Pasu sees a leather strap, for wearing around a wrist, on the floor. He picks it up and looks at it.

Thi is yelling at the hotel staff that if the CCTV cameras aren’t working like this, they should throw them away. Kin tells her to clam down.

The security guard says he’s confused too because he left for a toilet for only a short while and all the data was gone. Kin says they must have known.

Tul thanks Rain for saving him in time or else they would have seen his face. She says it’s all right and asks if he already taken care of the hotel’s CCTV cameras. He nods and says he didn’t think they would know their moves. She says there must be someone betrayed Nai Yai.

Tul asks if she wants him to report it to Nai Yai. She says no, and she will find out how much they know about Nai Yai first, and most importantly, she wants to get rid of those who betrayed Nai Yai.

Rain touches her wrist and realizes she lost the leather bracelet she’s wearing.

At David’s house, David asks Ava how she’s preparing to become the president of the foundation. She says so little and working on forest and deforestation is such a delicate task. He says there are very few forests left so they must help preserving them, and he believes she will do a better job than him. She says how she can be compared to the founder of the foundation.

“Dad, do you know how much I’m so proud to be your daughter?” she says.

He asks what she wants to praise him like that. She says it truly came from her heart, their foundation has contributed so much to the society. She says she will work hard to continue the  job and won’t let him down.

He says that’s good then asks where she disappeared to last night. She says something happened but she didn’t want to tell him and make him worry. He asks her what happened. Before she can answer, Arm walks in and asks what they’re talking about and looking so stressful this early in the morning.

Ava says a thief barged into the party last night and caused a staff under the director-general to be injured. Arm asks if she’s all right. She says she’s fine but still a little frightened.

Thi says she checked all the photos from the camera, which Phurit captured, and found nothing. Kin says no ones found suspicious on the guest list too. Yingyot says it’s all right and just keep looking. He looks at Pasu and asks if something bothering him.

Pasu says the only person who looks suspicious is Sukdisorn, because he was the one blocking him from getting to Nai Yai’s man. Thi says they (the criminals) are quite something and even deleted all data from the hotel’s cameras, which means they are taking every precaution.

Phurit asks if she checked the sound from the bugs. Kin says he will do it and if they are lucky, they will get more info.

A lady comes in and tells Pasu that someone wants to see him.

Part 7

Pasu thanks Ava for coming. She says when her father heard about it, she sent her to visit him, and her father must realize that she will need a lot of his help in the future.

Pasu tells her to say thank you to Khun David. He asks how she’s doing studying the documents. She says she’s still a little confused. He says there’s a library here and she can use it. She thanks him.

He asks if she’s scared facing something like that incident last night. She says a little. Phurit walks by and sees her so he teases, “Wanting to work on preserving the natures yet still using a leather bag? Would you do the job?”

“I’m discussing work with Khun Pasu. You bad manners!” she retorts.

“Pee Din, it happens that the director-general is asking for you. (He leans over.) It’s not good to let the superior wait a long time. For the junior guest, it’s easy for me to take care.”

“Khun Ava, any problems, you can consult me. Please excuse me.” Pasu says.

Pasu stuffs the fruit basket in Phurit’s arms and drags him out of the room. LOL.

In the library, Ava is looking at a book when Phurit clears his throat.

“Looks like you’re a problem child who loves to ask for attention.” she says.

“Why would I do that when you aren’t my type?”

She glares at him. He asks if she really wants to run the foundation and adds, “Judging by your looks, you won’t make it. A rich kid like you, just the first project and you are done. I couldn’t imagine how you can wear high-heels and walk in the forest. It’s not too late to withdraw now. I warn you with good intentions, of course.”

She asks why he has to bother. He says who said he’s worried about her, he’s worried about his brother that he has to help her along the way.

“He himself didn’t even complain about it, and let me tell you, I will work hard on this project and won’t back down.” she argues.

“Then let’s make a bet, you definitely will run back home so fast in no more than six months.” he challenges.

“What if I can do it?”

“If you can do it, I will follow one order of yours. Okay?”

“Deal! When that day comes, don’t make me come asking for it!”

She slips a bit on her high heels while walking away and he grins.

Rain is on the phone and says if they get inside the unit, they should know how much they found out about Nai Yai, and they must find out what they think of doing. She says she will contact him/her once she gets the info.

At night, Rain sneaks inside Pasu’s unit wearing an awesome glasses which is also a camera. She looks around taking pictures.

She sees Pasu sleeping on a sofa and hesitates. She writes him a note, “Stop finding out about Nai Yai if you want to stay alive.” then puts her signature thingy (not sure what it is) on top of it. She leaves quietly.

Pasu gets up holding a gun in his hand, he reads the note and follows her.

Part 8

Pasu looks around in the dark. A man shows up and it’s Phurit.

“Phu! It’s you.” Pasu exclaims.

Phurit asks what he’s doing when he went out to buy this. Pasu asks if he got injured by that. Phurit winks and says why ask when it’s nothing at all to him. Pasu says he thought he already went home.

Pasu looks down the stairs so Phurit asks if something happened. He says nothing and it must be his own suspicious nature, he tells him to go get their things and go home.

Rain is inside a car talking on the phone. She says she checked and they have no evidence linking to Nai Yai.

Tul asks if Nai Yai wants them to take care of Pasu. She says these days the media are keeping an eye on them (Pasu’s unit) and if anything happens, it may jeopardize Nai Yai’s work, and Nai Yai said that Pasu was still useful for him.

Sakdisorn is on the phone hearing that the land’s owner opens the bid for the land. He says that land on Phu Suang is a beautiful piece so it’s normal for everyone to want it.

“Find out who will enter the bid and compete with me, and remember, that land must be mine! Do you understand?” he orders and hangs up.

Phurit is busy checking the video from the cameras that night. Pasu asks if he’s still checking that video. He says something is bothering him.

Phurit calls Din (Pasu’s nickname) over and says he feels familiar with this woman. Pasu tells him to zoom in on her wrist, then he sees it’s the exact same leather strap he found that night. Pasu goes upstairs and comes back with the real one to show Phurit.

Phurit asks how he got a whole of it. Pasu says it belongs to the woman who helped Nai Yai’s man that night.

“Who was she talking to? I don’t think it’s Sakdisorn.” Phurit notices.

“Could he be Nai Yai?” Pasu asks.

Phurit turns to him.

Part 9

Phurit says that’s possible. Then he says the man is wearing a green ring. Pasu says it could be an emerald ring so they should look for a man wearing such ring that night. “Let’s do it!” he says.

They keep checking the videos and Pasu found him. Both of them are surprised.

Back to the unit, Phurit says the same hand wearing the ring, on the same finger, and the ring looks exactly the same, also the same kind of sleeves’ edge. “What you two think?” Pasu asks Kin and Thi.

They both say they think it’s the same person. Kin tells Phurit to zoom out and see who he is.

It’s David. Thi is stunned and says it couldn’t be. Kin also says, “Khun David!”

Thi says they must report it to the director-general immediately. Pasu says can’t do that because it’s just an assumption and they must find more evidence.

David is looking at the children eating at his foundation. Pasu greets him and introduces Phurit to him as an officer from his unit. Phurit greets him.

David says he’s treating the children today and asks if they want to join him. Pasu says may be next time and he has something important to talk to him today.

Phurit notices that Ava is here too. David invites him to his office. Pasu tells Phurit to wait for him here then leaves with David.

Phurit sits down near Ava and clears his throat. He teases a little girl and asks if she wants him to spoon-feed her. Ava gives him a glare.

David flips through the photos and asks Pasu why he let him look at the photos from the party. Pasu says he wants to know who that woman wearing a leather bracelet is.

David says he sees only her wrist in the photos so he couldn’t remember who she is. Pasu asks, “If you can’t remember who she is then was there any unfamiliar woman come talking to you that night?”

David says there was a woman come interviewing him about his project on Phu Suang. He asks why he is questioning him about it.

Pasu says that woman obstructed him from arresting the criminal. David says must be what Ava told him about, what a pity, there are no photos showing her face or else he could be his witness.

“Could it be that Sakdisorn sent her to find out about the work I’m going to do at Phu Suang? Now I’m worried that there will be a problem disrupting my work at Phu Suang for sure.” David suggests.

Pasu keeps staring at him.

Ava pulls him outside so Phurit asks where she’s going. “I’m so scared. I thought I was dragged out here to be harmed.” he teases and looks down at his hand which she’s holding.

She asks if it’s the time to get on her nerve, then asks if it’s true that that woman, the killer, came to talk with her dad. He says of course or else why he and Pee Din came all the way here. She says how that could be then asks if she meant to harm her dad which means her dad is in danger.

She touches his arm so he glares at her for doing that. LOL.

“May be there’s nothing to it. If she wanted to harm your father then she would have done that already in the party, except that your father knew her.”

She says how her father could know a killer, his talking is nonsense. He shrugs.

She wonders if it could be something about that strange car. He asks what car. She says these days she sees a truck without license plate parking around the foundation very often. He asks if she thinks too much then suggests that if she’s worried or sees something strange, give him a call.

He hands her his cell phone so she puts her phone number on it. He calls her number and tells her that it’s his number so add it on her phone.

“Did you just fool me to get my number?” she asks.

“Why would I do that? It’s all about work. Don’t misjudge yourself.”


Pasu walks back so Phurit asks if he gets anything. Pasu says David said he didn’t know the woman and she interviewed him about his project on Phu Suang.  “What about you?” Pasu asks.

Phurit says Ava said she didn’t know anything too but he doesn’t know if she lies or not. He says that that rich kid said there’s a strange truck came in front of the foundation very often.

“A truck?”

“That’s suspicious when there’s no license plate on it, but she could be thinking of it herself.”

“I think we made the wrong assumption. It doesn’t look like Khun David could be Nai Yai.” Pasu concludes.

Phurit raises his eyebrow and says then they have wasted time coming here. They walk to the parking lot in front of the foundation and see the said truck, so they take a look closer.

A sound of gunshot makes them run to the spot. Ava follows them.

There’s a masked man shooting at them with David inside. Phurit quickly pulls Ava away from the scene. “Stay here and don’t move!” he orders.

“Clear!” Pasu shouts and takes a look at David.

Ava runs to her father. “Dad! Does it hurt a lot?” David says it’s not that much.

“Khun David, can you think which group they are from?” Phurit asks.

David says he doesn’t have any enemy, but if there’s one, it will only be Sakdisorn.

“Sakdisorn again?” Pasu asks.

“Actually he threatened me to call off the project at Phu Suang, but I never thought he would dare to do such harmful thing.” David says.

Ava asks why he didn’t tell her about it and if he reported it to the police. David says he doesn’t want the society to contribute to their foundation because of such thing.

Phurit tells him that it’s not a small matter now. David thanks them for saving him. “About reporting it to the police, please let it be my decision.”


Just so you get the feel of it. Not sure will do more, so many new lakorns to watch!


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  1. There does seem like a lot of lakorns to watch at the moment that are fairly decent even if not great.

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