Update: Impressions On the Newly Premiered


In case you may want to know whether or not I checked out the newly premiered lakorns, well, I did, not many though.

Lom Sorn Ruk (Ch3)

Sorry, the first episode didn’t win me over. I read the novel a bit and didn’t remember feeling annoyed with Patrin, so I was disappointed, and Nadech’s curly hair bugged me. Hehe.

Then I came back for episode 3 and 4, aww…it’s cute. The show got into its groove so I’m happy to report to you that I like it for now. However, I felt that it’s Nadech who is shouldering most of the show. Thanks to his sweet banters now I started to hear some good feedbacks. The problem is I didn’t see a huge different between the twins yet and was wondering if it’s Nadech’s intention or, you know, he didn’t do a good job. Let’s hope it keeps getting better.

Luerd Mungkorn Series: Seua (Ch3)

This lakorn aired in the same time slot after Bangrajun, which ended with a record high ratings for its finale and set the bar higher, so the expectation was high then dropped in comparison, production wise.

For the first episode, Ananda surprised me with his solid acting while Kimberly was okay, though she’s quite loud (I read that her character in the novel meant to be annoying, so in that sense, her acting was well on the way).

After episode one aired, I checked some viewers’ comments. Most of what I encountered were, the title song wasn’t ear-friendly; Kim was too loud; the opening scene of five leading characters wasn’t done well (not grand enough) with dated action sequences. LOL.

FYI, I read that the opening scene is the same one for five lakorns in this series, and all five stories happen simultaneously. There are five books  and I only bought one – Seua. Hehe, too lazy to read.

For me, who didn’t read the novel or the synopsis, I found the story confusing, the connections and all. I hope the next and next episodes won’t make me even more confused, because that could mean a drop in ratings. Once the viewers get confused, they change channel. At least that’s what I heard happened to The Rising Sun Series. Well, it just started so there’s still time for the ratings to pick up.

These are the only two lakorns I checked out. KaewTa Wan Jai is wrapping up and I grinned watching last night episode. The problem with this one for me is I didn’t find the chemistry between Boy and the little girl endearing, and when that’s the whole point of this lakorn, it didn’t manage to hook me. I read from people who read the novel, Uncle Chang’s character was supposed to be quite domestic so casting Boy (with beard and all) for the role, didn’t live up well to that image, and personally that could be the reason why I didn’t connect with uncle Chang. However, it surprised me though that I learned men loved this show. Humm…may be it’s their ideal girl/wife. LOL.

Now to lakorns I’m looking forward to,

Hua Jai Patthapi (Ch3)- I like the premise and the tone. I’m also aware that the leading female’s acting might not appeal to me much, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawat (Ch7) – I loved the leads in Fah Jarod Sai, so I’m happy they are back with a new lakorn. But, I didn’t like the tone of the story: a man seeking revenge by forcing a woman to be his mistress, while he also has a wife (and she agreed to it too!). A battle is on going among the fans that, while woman rights are being promoted, if it should be put on air at all and whether or not offensive scenes for some are acceptable. This lakorn will air in the same time slot with Seua and already a fan war. I hope the producer could tone it down a bit since the novel was written many years back, but now the world is changing.  I will try to check out the first episode and see what happen then.

There’s another one coming on channel 7, a period (remake) lakorn, Ateeta starring Om, not sure I will have time for it though.

That’s it for the time being. Any lakorn you are watching and love it, please share so others can enjoy  🙂

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  1. I am watching Luerd Mungkorn Series: Seua – again because it’s available to watch easily and it is being subtitled. :). Not knowing the language limits viewing options. My first impressions were that the editing was the biggest weak point/let down. Cinematography could be better too. The opening festival looked like a news clipping to me to be honest. Yes, all the characters in the beginning of the series was confusing. I never knew who this Kanin was until I found out that it was Andrew’s character. The gun fight was silly and the action sequence was dated but I can’t fault that as it was set in 1957. Ananda’s expressions during the fight scenes were the saving grace. These were the minus points.

    The plus points have to be story itself and the acting. I really liked Ananda’s acting. I actually liked Kim’s character in here. I guess I just assumed her character to be a loud one so to me it just came off as being a loud character that Kim was playing. I found her to be quite funny. Her characteristics come off clearly very soon – she may talk a lot but she not a whiner. She has accepted her lot and situation very quickly and she is making the most of what she can. She has fortitude, a positive mindset, confidence, a little naivety. Bad things may have happened to her but she does not dwell on them, instead she lives for right now and today and is open to every opportunity and situation to get out of her predicament when she can. If I was to be lost on an deserted island, I’d rather have Wanvisa with me than someone who does not talk or is quiet … lol. I am also really enjoying Ananda and Kim’s banter with each other and their chemistry. They play off each other really naturally and I am enjoying that.

    I am really looking forward to the remaining episodes of this lakorn. Even of the editing and cinematography remain bad, I think I’ll be able to keep watching if the story, acting and chemistry keep up :).

    • I didn’t hate Wanvisa and I think her character must be why Parob (his name, right?) fell for her deeply (it’s my guess that he will fall hard for her). Episode 2, they changed the title song (phew!) and better editing.

      The strongest point so far with Seua (for me) is its raw dialogs. Something will be lost in translation for sure, the vocabulary they used were original and could offense some viewers, but it’s a nice change. Let’s face it, on a deserted island, just the two of them, who would care about being courteous or polite? To stay alive and feed your stomach each day is hard enough as it is. They are lucky tho to find the source of drinking water.

      I’m looking forward to the part where they left the island to live their own life. I have to say it, Wanvisa was over the board in ep2 with her screams, but the viewers let it ride because Ananda scolded her bad for all the things the viewers wanted to yell at her. Poor Kim, it must be a tough terrain for her to film, and with Ananda at that. I admired her natural chemistry with Ananda a lot 🙂

      • I am definitely loosing out a lot I am sure because of language limitation. I am glad that the language is raw. As you rightly said, two people are lost on an island. They are trying to survive and that too with each other being strangers to each other. Polite conversation is probably the last thing on their mind. The conversations also probably make it more realistic.

        Lol about Wanvisa’s screams. What did Parob say when he scolded her I bet it would have been harsh, straightforward and to the point.

        Also, about Parob falling for her, I agree with you. Parob can say anything to Wanvisa in any manner and she can handle it. There are many men who prefer women like that. Wanvisa wants to hit him for what he says but she does not hold on to anything. She lets it all pass. Also she does not pretend or bother to pretend in anyway. What you see is what you get with her. It’s all open. The similarities in both of them are that they are who they are with each other – straight to the point and without pretence. Parob seems like a tough guy and probably appreciates a woman who can keep up with him without any fuss. I saw ep 2 without subtitles and what I thought was refreshing is that even when Wanvisa’s leg is hurt, Parob does not carry her around, instead she sucks it up and follows him to the waterfalls. He helps her for sure but she is doing all the walking. There was no whining or crying there.

        I admire their natural chemistry too and I also like the fact that their makeup was minimal and their clothing was realistic. It has gotten dirtier as the days go by. Really, really like that.

        • omg I totally love Wanvisa’s drop kick. That was awesome and I totally did not expect. I am just chuckling because of these two and their interactions. I am sure I’ll miss this when they go back and the drama begins.

  2. Hi! I’m watching the remake of Le Ratree and I’m hooked! I love the chemistry between Esther and Sean…though some might disagree with the casting I’m really enjoying them both right now…they are so cute!!

    I was watching the Ban Sila Daeng (love the real twins!) but I’ve sort of stopped half way when it started feeling it was just going in a loop…

    I too am looking forward to MSRFS but only because of the leads from Fah Jarod Sai, crossing my fingers it’s good 🙂

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