Lom Sorn Ruk Episode 5

I’ll give it a shot but not sure will do all the way  🙂

Part 1

“Can you marry Pran?” PasuWat asks.

“What?” Anna is confused.

“Now Sinthorn is trying to push Thanart to be equals to Pran, and every director backs Sinthorn up while Pran has only me. I don’t know how long I can protect him, but if Pran gets married, he will be accepted and his image will be more complete. While you won’t be just an assistant but one of the main shareholders. Your vote and Pran’s will have more weight than Sinthorn and Thanart’s. Will you help me?”

Patrin sits with her puppy in the field.

Mom asks if she’s still missing Khun Mor (the doctor – Pranon). Pat sends her a glare and says she doesn’t miss him but  is angry at him.

Mom says it’s understandable for a bride to be angry that the groom disappeared and didn’t show up for the wedding night, well, it’s their first night.

“Mom! I’m not angry at him about that.”

“Pat, marrying a doctor, you need to exercise restraint, especially with a good doctor like Dr. Non, who thinks of patients before himself. You need to understand him a lot. A marriage life will only work if a husband and wife support each other, and not go against each other.”

“I know that.”

“Then why are you still angry at him?”

“I’m angry about…our tiny matter.”

“Oh, that. Don’t be angry and pout very often or it will turn out like Jaem in the market. She got angry and pouted at her husband so often, and ended up with four kids.”


Pranon shows up and jams in, “Mother, let Pat get angry. I want to have five kids.”

“Five?” mom asks.

He greets mom, “Sawasdee krap.”

Pat throws something at him so he warns, “Hey, you should be careful.”

Pat says, “I have something to talk to you. Follow me.”

They walk to the house and talk.

“What do you want?” she asks.


“What is the reason you marry me? Isn’t my life ruined enough because of your company? What do you want more from me?!”

“Hey, wait! I didn’t do anything to you.”

“But you knew I had a lawsuit with GLS. You are GLS’s heir and the twin, and didn’t tell me. Why did you marry me? Do you want me to believe that there’s nothing behind it? Am I an idiot to you?”

“I will answer every question of yours, but first calm down.”

“Do you think since you’re rich you can do anything and make fun with people’s lives?”

Pranon sees that mom is coming so he whispers to her not to make anymore fuss or she will be doomed.


He says, “Mother, look at her, Pat missed me so much that she’s crying. Come here.” he hugs her and says, “I missed you too.”

“Don’t you hug me.”

“Your mom will know the truth (he whispers to her then says it louder). I’m sorry for abandoning our important night. Let’s start over tonight, all right?”

He turns to mom. “Mother, please arrange a ceremony for sending us off (to the bridal room), so that we will pick up the thing we didn’t do two nights ago.”

 “Don’t be gross!”

“You don’t have to be shy. Let’s go to our house. All right? Let’s go.”

“I won’t go”

“Yes, you will.”

“No, I won’t.”

“Of course, you will. Mother?”

Mom says, “Khun Mor, just drag her away. I will drive for you.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Mom!” she lowers her voice and tells him, “I won’t go. I said I wouldn’t go! Mor!”

Mom helps pushing Pat to his car. LOL.

“I won’t go!” she puts foot on his car to stop him.

He simply tosses her in his car. Mom tells the puppy to stay home then she gets in the driver seat. Pranon locks Pat in his arms. Pat tells her mom that she didn’t bring any clothes with her so she can’t leave yet.

Mom says she took all of it to Khun Mor’s house already.

“Then hit the road, mother!”

Mom drives to his house. Pat struggles in his arms, “I won’t get in the bridal room with you. Let me go!”

“Just do and be done with it.  I put forward 17 millions to pay off your debt!”

“What pay off debt? It’s all your money! You didn’t lose even a single baht and got to have me too. You are gaining and gaining while I’m losing and losing! Let me go!”

Their friends see them. “Khun Non! Khun Non came back!”

“Yes, I returned!” he shouts.

Patrin tells them to help her. “Help me!”

Mom says, “Anyone who is free, please go send off Dr. Non and Pat into the bridal room on their first day!”

Pranon declares loudly. “Yes, sir. Tonight I and Pat will enter the bridal room for the first time!”

“Dear Dr. Non, your first night in the bridal room and you have  to walk in a procession around the village? In that case, we will lend you a hand.”

The man hails and then, “Everyone! Dr. Non and Pat will enter the bridal room for the first day! Come quick!”

Pat asks why she needs to shout. Mom says, “Let’s not waste time, just hop in!”

They get on the car and leave, cheering all the way. They arrive at the house. Pranon reaches up to help Pat down, “Here, let me help you.”

“Doctor, I won’t go! I won’t!” Pat protests.

“Darling, let this doctor carry you in there. It’s much faster. Come here!”

He tosses her over his shoulder while Pat kicks and hits him. “Let me go!”

“Everyone, let’s go and peek!”

Mom stops them. “Stop there! You can’t enter. Let’s send them off here. The rest, let it be the family matter. All right?”

“All right, aunt Pa. Then we will stay and cheer them from outside.”

“Pat, fighting! I’m giving you a support” then she asks (in Northern dialect), “Can Pat do it?”

“Of course , she can. During school days, Pat always got the highest score, so for this kind of thing, she will get 100 points from Khun Mor for sure.”

Mom blushes hearing them. LOL.

Inside the house,


“What no?”

“I won’t get in the bridal room with you! You liar, can’t be trusted! If you told me at first who you are, I would never accept your offer to marry you.”

“It’s too late now, and if you don’t agree to get in the bridal room, then explain the reason to your mother yourself!”

Mom suddenly comes in and asks, “What? Tell me what?”

“Eh…” Pat stammers.

“Say it, my dear, or you want me to?”

He turns to mom and says, “Mother,…” Pat stops him.

Mom says, “All right, don’t tell me now. Doctor, wait for me in the bedroom and I will bring Pat to you.”

Pranon says, “Aww….yes, certainly.”

He gives Pat a glare before walking to the bedroom.

Mom looks at the clock and says let’s use the 9th minute for the auspicious time.


Part 2

Pranon is spreading flowers over the bridal bed. Mom comes with Patrin, “The bride is here!”

“Please come in.” he says.

Mom simply pushes Pat on the bed and says, “No need for any formal ceremony, just do it as a trick for good luck. Khun Mor, please love Pat and be kind to her. Anything she lacks, scold and warn her about it, and take good care of her. Pat, you too, help Khun Mor with his work and support each other in the right way, all right, my daughter? If anything, help and lean on each other, and talk it over between the two of you nicely, all right?”

He say, “Yes, of course. Mother, I will take really good care of Pat.”

“Pat, and you?” mom asks.

“Well, eh…like you said.” Pat says.

Mom tells Pat to krap (pay respect) her husband on his chest. “What? Why do that?” Pat is horrified. Mom says it’s tradition and to be an auspicious sign because a husband is someone who will take care and protect them (the women).

“Mom, this is not an era where a husband dominates the household anymore. No need to krap him!”

Pranon adds, “All right, in that case, I can krap her. It’s fine with me.” LOL

“Then do it!” Pat orders.

He pauses a bit then, “My darling, please take care of me.” he krap (s) her.

(Oh please, this is in lakorn only, men don’t do that, the elders will poke the bride’s head for sure for pulling such prank)

Mom sheiks, “Oh, the two of you. All right, then the last thing…lie down.”

“Right, this is what I’m waiting for.” he hops on the bed cheerfully, leaving some space by his side for her.

Pat wants to cry. Mom orders her to lie down. Pat turns around and sees her friends are standing there. “What are you doing?” Pat asks them.

“Do nothing, we just love to be in this occasion a little bit. Khun Mor, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay.”

The girl, who always speaks in Northern dialect, tells Pat to do it comfortably and to think that no one is watching. Then she tells mom to continue with it or they will miss the auspicious time. Mom just shoves Pat to lie down close to Pranon, “Just lie down.”

“Khun Mor, please hug her.” mom says.

“Aww…yes!” he crosses his arms and legs over Pat so abruptly that she screams.

The crowd are cheering.

“Why do you hug me?”

“Hey, it’s as trick of good luck, isn’t it?” he turns to mom.

“Yes, that’s right.” mom responds. Mom tells Pat that a husband is someone who will protect us (the women).

“Come here, let me protect you, my darling.” he hugs her so tight.

“Stop it! You were the one krap me so it’s me to protect you! Turn around and I will hug you myself. Just turn around!”

“All right, here, hug me, my darling.” he scoots closer.

She moves back so he follows.

“Just hug him so that I will put a blanket over you, then it’s done.” mom wants to get it done fast.

Pat reaches over his chest and touches him a bit.

“Mother, I think it’s too far.” he nags.

“Closer, my daughter! Get closer to Khun Mor.” mom pushes her to him.

Pat argues that it’s just as a trick of good luck, so this should be enough.

“No, we should hug closely.” he argues.

“Go away. Not this close. Go away!” she screams.

She almost falls off the bed so he rolls her over with him. Mom quickly grabs the blanket and covers them with it. LOL

The two fight under the blanket. “Let go of me!” Pat yells.

“Calm down!” he says.

What a super-fast ceremony from mom. LOL.

Anna parks her car and recalls what she said. “I and my mother are so indebted to you. Anything I can do for you, I’m willing to do everything.” so he asks, “Can you marry Pran?”

Anna walks into the house. Her mother asks if she’s not in a hurry to go watch over Khun Pran today. Anna says she will leave soon.

“Anything happened?” mom asks.

“Uncle asked me to marry Pran.”

“What did you say?”


“You said yes, didn’t you?”

“I said to ask Pran first once he woke up. He may not want to marry me. Mom, I don’t want to marry him. I don’t love Pran, but can’t say no to the person I’m indebted to.”

“It’s all right. Khun Pran is a good man. He’ll make you happy.”

“How can I be happy when I have to marry a man I didn’t love?”

“But the one you love, didn’t he already marry someone else?”

“Mom, Non didn’t love that woman. He loves me, loved me since we were young. He married to make me stop my feeling for him. But no way, Non can sacrifice anything for Pran, but not me!”

Wait, so she loves Pranon? And he her? Oy. What am I getting myself into? Excuse me if I miss type between ‘Pranon’ and ‘Pran’, all you need to do is make a wild guess.

“Then what are you going to do?” mom asks.

She doesn’t know that too, it seems.

At the bridal house,

“It’s our first night, where are you going?” Pranon asks.

“I’m going home!”

Something gets into her eyes due to a breeze. He laughs and says, “Looks like the wind doesn’t want you to go back.” Ah-ha wind of love.

“Let me look at it” he leans over to check her eyes.

She pushes him away, “Don’t bother!”

“Let me ask you this. I, an heir of GLS, so why do you care when the wedding was fake and you already got the money to pay off your debt?…You are seriously angry at me like you think deeply of me.”

-Why I have a feeling Pranon is not what we are seeing?

“What think of you? I just don’t trust you. You intended to fool me into marrying you.”

“If I told you, would you say yes?”


“See, that’s why I didn’t tell you, because I knew that…(he calls her some name I don’t get, must be from previous episodes)…loves to make a fuss.”

“I make a fuss only with someone who lies. It disgusts me, makes me cringe and want to puke that I don’t want to go near!”

“I didn’t lie.”

“But you didn’t tell me that you are the son of GLS owner!”

“Because I never think I am his heir. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your mother or any hilltribe people around here. I followed my mother here to be a volunteered doctor since I hadn’t yet finished school. My mother was my family, only one person. My surname is from my mother, not ‘Poonnawet’. That’s why I never told you who is my father or my relatives, because I forgot…that he’s my father.”

“How can I believe you?”

“It’s up to you. I won’t waste my time trying to reconcile with you. It’s just a fake wedding but you got angry like it’s real. Could it be that you have some feeling for me?”

“I’m not that bad thinker.”

“Feeling shy?” he asks.

He pulls her back when she wants to walk away. “Wait, we will know for sure tonight whether or not you feel something for me.”

He carries her into his house. “Let go of me!”


He tosses her on the bed.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“The first night between husband and wife, what do you think they will do?”

She gapes. “You swore you wouldn’t touch me. If you aren’t scared and want to die a violent death, then come.”

“Are you challenging me? All right.” He throws his jacket away.

“You…you will face with an accident and won’t be able to sustain the wound!”

He tsk tsk and says, “What should I start with?”

“A kiss!”

He gapes, “What?”

“Well, everyone starts with a kiss.”

“How could you say that out loud?”

“Why? It’s so normal for me. I am a city girl so this kind of thing is just a little thing. When I lived in Bangkok, I did more than this.”

“You don’t look like that kind of girl.” he pushes her hand away from him.

She touches his cheek and says, “Hey, haven’t you heard that before? The seemingly shy one, but grasped and swallowed them all (shy girl but catch all men and sleep with them all). Haha. That’s me! Why? Are you scared? Can’t take it when seeing a fierce girl?” she gloats.

“We are going to have fun tonight for sure.” he says and leans over. “I love a fierce girl. Really love it! Then, the two of us…”

Part 3

Pranon says, “In that case, the two of us….each sleep separately! I was only teasing you. I won’t do anything to you. I will go take a bath and go to sleep now.” he pouts.

Patrin lets out a sigh of relief.

“I see that…you’re relieved.” he shakes his head and leaves.

“You crazy doctor!”

Is she fanning herself? LOL.

He finishes taking bath and asks her why just sit over there, go and take a bath. She says she’s totally clean.

He says it’s up to her then, and she can sleep on the bed while he will sleep on the sofa over there. “Okay?” he asks.

“Sure!” she returns.

“Then lie down, why are you still sitting? Are you afraid of me?”


He shows her the pants he’s wearing.

“Hey, are you familiar with Sador pants? When you want to take it off, all you need is pulling this string and it will fall down to your ankles.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I told you in case you couldn’t resist.”

“That’s gross!”

She lies down and turns her back to him while he sits on the sofa and plays a Thai northern musical instrument, Seung.

She rolls her eyes and says, “Trying to be sentimental.”

He looks at her and says, “Sleep with this lovely melody, so that you will have a good dream.”

“So loud like this, how can one get some sleep?!” she complains.

She looks at him and makes sure he’s not looking, then tiptoeing to get a towel and get inside the bathroom.

At the office, ThaNart is staring at Anna so she asks if he needs anything. He praises that she’s pretty today. She says she doesn’t have time to play around with him because she has work to do.

He says he’s working too since he came to invite her to meet with…then he stops and says he won’t say or it won’t be a surprise. “Please.” he gestures for her to come along.

They walk into the meeting room.

“So where is Khun Pran?” one of the directors asks.

ThaNart tells Anna to take a seat.

ThaNart tells everyone that Khun Pran didn’t show up for work for one whole week, so any matter anyone wants to report to him, just leave it with Khun Anna because she’s the only one who can contact him.

“Then tell us, what are these emails of complaints all about?”

Anna flips through the document file and says, these purchase orders, she has never received it from the company.

“The documents were there on Khun Pran’s desk, and were lying there for weeks that I thought the jobs were closed.” Chommanart adds.

“But…” Anna tries to explain.

“Don’t you argue. The reason this work was out of place is because your boss disappeared and didn’t show his face at the office, and don’t give us a crazy excuse like he’s in hiding. If he’s not in the position to manage the company then stop.”

“We reached an agreement on reducing Khun Pran’s certain active roles. We will transfer the authorization to make decisions on all medical equipments to Thanart.”

“What?” Anna exclaims.

“Don’t question us and inform your boss that.”

Anna looks around and it seems everyone is happy about it.

Back to the bridal house,

Patrin stirs awake and looks around. She walks out of the bedroom and sees Pranon at the balcony.

“You woke up, darling.”

“Could you stop calling me ‘darling’?”

“Well, to smooth it up.”

“It’s just the two of us here, so no need to say that. It makes my hair stand.”

He invites her to join him breakfast.

“What is it? Where did you buy it?”

“You need to buy this ‘Kai Kra-tha’ (panned fried eggs)? Looks like you only spent money to get everything for your whole life? Have you ever done something by yourself?” he asks.

“Are you a doctor or a priest? On and on with your preaching.”

“Eat it. I made it myself.”

She tastes it and says it’s quite all right, so he beams. Then she adds, “But it looks local.” he stops smiling.

“Then please enjoy the local food, I’m on shift at the hospital today. You stay home and don’t make a mess of it.”

“Who said I would stay home?”

“Where are you going?”

She glares.

“I asked where were you going?”

“Go look for a job.”

Her answer surprises him.

Back to the office, Chommanart follows Anna into the office.

“Khun Anna, please tell Khun Pran that Thanart isn’t replacing him but taking some burdens off his shoulders so that Khun Pran won’t be too stressful, and if Khun Pran still feels he is over-loaded with work here and wants to give more to Thanart, so that he can be stressed out for him, it’s my pleasure.”

“Yes.” Anna answers through gritted teeth.

“Are you all right? You looked pale in the meeting. Stressed out? Haha, then, please take care. (She leans over.) I’m so worried.”

Thanart calls out, “Khun Supot, Khun Sila!”

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry I’m wasting your time but there’s one matter that you two must know.”

“What is it?”

Pasuwat is on the phone. He asks Anna if they really did that to Pran. She says she never received or saw those documents at all. She says she’s certain that it’s Khun Chommanart and Thanart’s intention to discredit Khun Pran in front of the directors.

Pasuwat says it must be their plan to make Thanart shine and start destroying Pran in order to put Thanart in his place. He says if this continues, they will keep framing Pran until he has no credits left to manage GLS.

Anna says she won’t let them achieve that.

“What are we going to do next? Pran is still unconscious, while Non’s mood changes back and fort, and can’t be relied on.” Pasuwat says.

Pran moves his hand and Pasuwat is stunned. “Pran!”

Part 4

Pasuwat calls a nurse to inform the doctor. “Anna, Pran moved!” he tells Anna.

“Really, I’ll be right there.” she says.

Chommanart sees Anna leave in a hurry.

Pranon is driving along while Pat is on a bicycle. He says, “Pat, if you want to work, I think you should work at your mother’s vegetable field better. There’s more chance for it to grow and more return on income than you work at a company.”

“What I’m going to do, isn’t it my business?”

“I mean well.”

Their friends greet them. “So, Pat, how are you? You look radiant. You must eat and sleep well.”

Pat says nonsense and wants to borrow a notebook (a computer) to apply for a job. Her friend teases that Pat tries to change the subject.

The man walks to Pran and whispers, “How was it last night?”

Pran says it loudly, “Don’t let me talk about it.”

“Aww…that kind of sound means…?”

“That’s right.” Pranon answers.

He praises Pranon that he deserves to be Pha Mok’s doctor. They shake hands.

“Don’t let me talk about it.” Pat starts.

“Why are you letting out a sigh?” her friend asks.

“You girls think about it, as soon as it’s morning, I’m desperately looking for a job right away. How would you interpret that is…well…” Pat says. She points at a bird, “Look, that’s Nok Krajok!” (a sparrow)

Heads turn in the direction. Pranon’s smile faded.

“Nok Krajok!” (kra-jok = petty, poor performance/thing) The girls are disappointed.

The man says Pranon is a doctor but of no use (incompetence). Pranon gapes that he’s looked down on about that.

He points at Pat and says if he’s not on shift, she will face it with him. He gets in his car and leaves.

“Khun Mor, fighting! I won’t tell anyone about it.” the nurse says.

Anna arrives at the hospital and is in a hurry to take a look at Pran.

“Anna, why are you in a hurry?” Sinthorn asks.

“Khun Sinthorn, how could you be here?”

“Why can’t I come here? Why your face turned pale? So surprised to see me here?”

“No, I’m not.”

“What no? You can’t lie that smooth.”

“Do you come here to meet Pee Pasu?” he asks.

“You knew?” she’s surprised.

“I want to meet Pee Pasu too. Let’s go, take me to him. Is it the top floor?”

“I will make a call and tell him to come meet you down here. It’s more convenient that way.” she says. Supot and Sila arrive and one of them asks where Khun Pasuwat is.

They all get on an elevator. Sinthorn asks again if it’s the top floor. Anna tries to text Pasuwat on her cell phone but Sinthorn reprimands her for using a phone in front of the elders (her superiors), it’s a bad manner. Anna has to put her phone away.

They arrive on the top floor and walk pass the door area.

A doctor is checking Pran’s conditions.

Sinthorn tells Anna to open the glass security door. She says she can’t, it must be the nurse from inside open it. Sinthorn is getting annoyed so he knocks at the glass door for a nurse inside to open it for him, then they enter.

“Which room Pee Pasu is in? Take me.” Sinthorn orders.

“This way.” Anna walks ahead very slowly.

The doctor is saying that the reason Khun Pran moved could be a physical response with no meaning to it.

“No meaning?” Pasuwat asks.

Anna walks backwards and says she needs to notify Khun Pasuwant first that they came to meet him. She bumps into a cart and falls down. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

The noise alerts Pasuwat.

Anna takes her sweet time picking up things on the floor. Sinthorn grabs her arm and tells her to stop and let the nurse do it.

Pasuwat walks out of the room and sees them. He lets out, “Anna!”


Part 5

Pasuwat asks what they are doing here.

“It’s us who should be asking what are you doing here secretly?”


“That’s right. Someone told us that you and your son had a secret meeting here.”

“Secret meeting? Sinthorn, did you tell them that?”

Sinthorn steps over and says someone told him so he wanted to prove it himself, and because he doesn’t want anyone to talk about his brother in a bad way.

“What are you trying to prove?” Pasuwat asks. “I  came here only for a checkup.”

“Then please allow us. Sinthorn, get inside and take a look.”

Sinthorn tells the nurse to open the door and says if there’s something, it should be in this room.

They all enter the room but no one is on the bed. Pasuwat looks at the doctor who is shaking his head. Sinthorn searches the room but found no one. “Someone must have been in that room!”

“Khun Sinthorn, who do you think was there?” Anna asks.

“Don’t talk back to me, tell me who it was!”

Pasuwat says, “It’s me. All right, if you want to know, I will tell you. I’m sick.”

“Pee Pasu, you are sick?” Sinthorn is stunned.

“That’s right.”

“Then what is your sickness and why there has to be an EEG in that room?”

“I have…a brain tumor.”

“What?” Sinthorn exclaims.

“Isn’t that right doctor?”

The doctor says that’s right and he’s been trying to talk him into undergo a surgery but he refused. Pasuwat says that’s why he needs to do a checkup here because he wants no one to know or worry about him.

Uh-oh, don’t tell daddy is sick.

“Especially, Pran. I want him to focus on his work only and not to be distracted by me. Khun Supot and Khun Sila, you also are suspicious about it?” Pasuwat asks.

Anna tells Pasuwat to calm down.

“Pran just started his career as an executive and I’m now sick, what if our competitor knows about this, what do we do? GLS’s credit will be gone and it could bring troubles to the company. That’s why I had to be here so no one knows!” Pasuwat shouts.

Anna tells Pasuwat to sit down and tells them to leave for now so that Pasuwat can have a rest.

“I’m sick and now accused of threatening my own company. What the.., next time when hearing something, excercise your judgement and be optimistic!” Pasuwat yells.

The three are leaving and one man says he lost his face bad so he won’t believe Sinthorn next time. Another says it’s no surprise why Khun Pasuwat didn’t push for Sinthorn to replace him, and if he were him, he wouldn’t cheer him for that position too.

Sinthorn is quite mad so he calls Chommanart.

“Khun Pasuwat is sick? No way, it must be something else. Thanart said he hid someone or something there.” she says.

Sinthorn says Thanart surely doesn’t know anything. He says Thanart wounded him bad this time, so tell him, he will make him pay for it. Chommanart gets confused.

Anna asks the doctor if no one knows how Pran disappeared. He says the last time he saw him, he was on the bed. He asks the nurse if no one carries him anywhere. The nurse assures him that.

“Then where is Pran?” Pasuwat wonders.

A nurse comes in and tells the doctor to go take a look. They found Pran on the stairways. “Pran!”

Dr. Pranon comes home and hears a loud music so he says looks like his house turned into a pub.

He hears a scream so he rushes inside. “Pat!  What happened?”

“Mor, look, there’s a company invited me for a job interview! Mor, Look!”

“The reason you shrieked so loud is, a company invited you for a job interview?”

“Of course, it’s a company which imports medicines from abroad having its hub in Chiang Mai, very luxurious and a huge space! I now have a job! Then I will have money to pay you back! So my life as a slaved wife will come to an end.”

“Sa-thu! May you go quickly, and who gave you the permission to use my personal computer?”

She says he has a computer and hid it, and didn’t tell her, it took her time before she could find it. He says how she could argue with him.

She tells him to go cook for her, she’s hungry. He says he’s exhausted from work and she wants him to cook?

“Go do it right now. Go!” she pushes him to the kitchen.

“What do you want to eat?” he asks.

She says he can cook whatever and she can eat everything. He gets in the kitchen and starts cooking.

Pranon drives her to a job interview. He reminds her that he has work to do too.

“Won’t you take care of your wife a little?” she asks. He hands her her handbag and a file. She tells him to wait here and she will come out to tell him her salary, in six digits. He chuckles.

Patrin is called inside a room. She greets the staff. They speak in English. The man says before the interview, someone wants to talk to her personally. Thanart enters the room.

Part 6

Anna says if no one on this floor knew about it and no one carried Pran, it means only one thing, Pran got up and walked to the fire-exit stairways himself.

Pasuwat asks the doctor if that means Pran already woke up. The doctor confirms that Pran’s physical response improved a lot, so he’s certain that Khun Pran will wake up in 2-3 days.

“Pran, my son, hurry and wake up. GLS has many problems and only you can take care of it.” Pasuwat pats Pran’s shoulder.

 He stumbles a bit so Anna helps supporting him and asks if he’s all right. He says he’s all right and it must be because he didn’t get enough rest so he felt like fainting.

She tells him to go back and rest, and she will watch over Pran for him, and if he wakes up, she will give him a call right away.

The doctor says he agrees with her idea and he will walk him out. Pasuwat tells Anna to take care of Pran then leaves.

Thanart follows Patrin outside and asks why she needs to walk away, and if she’s afraid to see his face that much. Pat asks what more he wants from her.

He says he can pull some strings and land her a job in there because now he’s no longer a nobody, he’s the new generation of GLS executives. That’s why he could ask the company, dealing with GLS medical supplies, to send him her information.

“Why do you want to see me? Anything else you want from me?” Pat asks.

“Nothing, it just worries me to hear you got married so suddenly. So, how is it? Are you well?”

“People in Purchasing Dept who aren’t overpowered by love have one certain skill – the ability to see which salesperson they should contact with. For you, I categorized you as two-faced, greedy and you say everything for your own benefits.”


“A man like you won’t invest with nothing in return, but now there’s no more benefits for you to use me, but if there’s one, it’s…(couldn’t hear clear enough what she said).”

“Pat, it’s not like that.”

“Why? You are wondering how I got to marry GLS heir, aren’t you? Right? Now you aren’t a nobody but you should also know that I’m no longer a nobody too. Are you scared of me now? Anything you need my help, let me know. I’ll be glad to arrange it for you all the way.”

She walks away so he follows her. Pranon, who is waiting for Pat in his car, sees them.

“Ever since we dated, it’s just today that I think you’re a clever girl.” Thanart says.

She turns around.

“Because in the past, I saw only a stupid nonsense girl. The kind of girl I could fool with just one rose.”

“Thanart, do not look down on me!”

“I could see that 17 millions was way over your head, but you did the right thing to solve the problem, trading it with your body. Besides paying off the debt, you have so much money to live comfortably too, and that must be a new handbag your husband gave you, right?”

“I’m GLS daughter-in-law so be careful when talking to me.” Pat warns him.

“GLS daughter-in-law? Well, that’s why. With me you were very possessive (of her virtue), when actually you preserved it to use it this way. What if I’m rich? You will trade your body with me too, won’t you?”

He grabs her wrist and says, “Congratulations, for your success. The thing between us had ended, so let it all end and let’s live separate way peacefully.”

Pranon walks over and calls out, “Pat!”

He asks Thanart if there’s any problem. Thanart says no, they happened to meet so he is greeting his ex-girlfriend. “Dr. Non, you won’t mind, will you?”

Pranon asks Pat if it’s this boyfriend of hers who fooled her and made her broke. Thannart asks if Pat told him like that. Pranon nods.

Thannart says, “All right, if she said that and it helps her making progress in life then I’m okay with it. No problems!”

Pranon punches his face. Thanart grabs Pranon’s collar.

“Go ahead. If you dare to punch me then do it.” Pranon says.

Pat tells Non not to do that. Thanart lets go of Pran’s collar and says, “You think you’re Khun Pasuwat’s son so you can do anything?”

“So what? What?” Pran’s mood is changing.

Thannart looks at his phone and says, “Nothing. Who would dare have problem with the son of the top executive? Just do what you want….”

Thanart leaves while picking up an incoming call.

“Pat, are you all right? Pat! Where are you going? My car is that way.” Pranon says.

“You go back first. I want to be alone.”

“Pat!” he grabs her arm.

“Don’t bother me!”

“Hey, I need to go to the hospital. If you don’t come back here, I will really leave you here.”

She doesn’t stop walking. He calls out, “Pat!”

Thanart is talking to Chommanart. He says it can’t be when he saw them go to the fifth floor with his own eyes. He asks could it be that they knew ahead that Khun Sinthorn would go there, so they turned around and tricked them.

Chommanart says it’s Thanart who turned around and tricked his own side. She says there’s nothing there except that Khun Pasuwat is sick and went there for a treatment in secret. She tells him to hurry back and clear it with his adoptive father. She says Khun Sinthorn is furious that he made him lose his face.

“Pee Chom, will Khun Sinthorn stop being kind to me now? Pee Chom, you must help me and explain to him so that he will understand. Please.” Thannart begs.

She asks why he won’t come here and do the explanation himself. He says he’s following Patrin and won’t go back until he’s sure that those two have nothing to do with GLS anymore and live their own life.

“But if it’s not like that, I will nip it in the bud!” he says. Chom is satisfied to hear that.

Pronon walks behind Patrin and follows her till night falls.

When she stops by a bridge, he says, “I thought she would walk to Bangkok.” (LOL)

She continues walking so he sighs. He picks up a call and it’s Anna on the line.

“Hello, Ann?”

“I call to give you the news. Pran woke up.”


“Yes. He opened his eyes once then sleeps again, but the doctor said, within 2-3 days, Pran will surely open his eyes.”

“I will leave Pee Pran in your care. A patient who is just awake, his body system doesn’t fall into place just yet. He must be taken care of closely, along with frequent physical therapy.”

She says, “Yes. Non, one more thing. I’m not sure if your father told you yet.”

“What is it?”

“Your father wants me to marry Pran.”

“What did you say?”

“What do you think I should say?”

“Well, I think…I think it must be a good thing. Pran loved you so much and will take good care of you. Moreover, you can help him take care of his work too. No one is suitable for Pee Pran than Ann.”

“Non, do you really think I should marry Pran?”

“Definitely, one million percent. You will be happy for sure.”

“Actually, I still didn’t give uncle my answer, but if Non thinks it’s for the best, I will marry Pran. I’ll have to go.” she hangs up and cries.

Pranon looks like he ran out of words talking to her.

Now it’s clear to me that he doesn’t love her. Right?

Anna cries and turns to Pran who he’s staring at her (and probably heard what she just said). Aww…I could feel two versions of Nadech now. It’s such a nice touch.

You know, I didn’t expect Patricia’s acting to be good, but she was good and spoke with clear Thai accent. Kudos to her acting coach.

Part 7

Pranon hangs up and walks to Patrin. She asks if he walked behind her all this time.

“Didn’t you want to be alone?” he sits down with her. It looks like he’s still reeling from his phone call with Anna.

The doctor asks Pran how he’s feeling. He says, “Headache…”

“That’s because you just underwent a surgery. Let’s me see.” he asks how Pran feel when he touches fingers on his both hands. Pran moves his hand away twice so the doctor nods to Pasuwat.

“Pran, you are all right now.” he says.

The doctor asks if Pran remembers what happened.

“There’s a loud noise…very loud noise inside my head, and I couldn’t think.” Pran says.

“Pran, son, take it easy. Don’t pressure yourself.”

The doctor asks if Pran remembers any of the people here. Pran looks at them one by one and utters, “Ann…”

“And others?” the doctor asks.


Pasuwat is disappointed.

Pranon is pouting. He asks Pat, “Go back?”

She tells him to go back if he wants. He puts his arm around her which seems to agitate her. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think?”

“Me…think? It’s you who think.”

“No, I don’t and you don’t too. We are nothing to each other so don’t think.”

I think he means don’t think in that way, why he is holding her.

Pat slowly leans her head on his shoulder. He holds her close. They both lost in their own thoughts.

Anna consoles Pasuwat that Pran just woke up after the surgery and his brain was damaged so let’s give him time to adjust, and surely his memory will come back.

The doctor says Khun Pran recognizes Khun Anna, so there’s still a chance he will recall everything.

“It also could be that he won’t remember anything. Pran went against his body’s conditions and walked away from Sinthorn by himself, and stumbled all the way to the fire-exit stairways, it’s very risky to do that. Could it be there’s some complications in his brain? I can guess that, so don’t console me. That Pran stays alive, it’s enough for me and I’m so grateful. It’s the company I’m worrying about, don’t know how long it can wait (for him). ” Pasuwat says.

Anna says if he pressures Pran with high expectations, it won’t be good for Pran.

The doctor agrees with her, “It won’t be good for Pran, and for yourself.”

“Anna, you are the only one Pran can recognize so please take good care of him.”

“He’s my friend so even if you don’t ask, I won’t abandon him.” she assures him.

Man, it’s starting to bug me the way they switch back and forth between Pran and Pranon, the editing, I mean.

Pat asks what he’s thinking about. “Nothing.” he says.

“Liar! I know you thought of something but you won’t tell.”

“How long you are going to keep sitting here?”

“Until the stars rise?”

He chuckles, “The Patrin-duckling Star?”

“The Bad-mouthed-doctor Star?”

“Why do we have to sit and be exposed to the wind out here? It won’t do any good. Why don’t we (he pauses)…Just forget it!”

“That’s right, who is good or bad, forget it!”

“Who loves you or not, forget it! Let’s find some fun things to do.”

“That’s right. We must have fun and be wild to show that it doesn’t worth our sadness!”

“That’s right! What do you want to do?”

“I want to eat.”

“Eat? All right, we will go around Chiang Mai and keep eating.”

“I will eat everything in my way!”

“Everything!” (the words he uses – whether it’s pork, dog, crow or chicken)


He grabs her hand and says, “Let’s go!”

They walk along then he stops and looks at his hand holding hers. He lets go of her hand.

“Let’s do this. Whoever get there last, must pay!”

They run off and laugh along the way.

Part 8

They eat at several food stalls in town.


“You like it?”

“The most!”

“Wait, I have an idea. But we need to go get my car first.”

Pat runs to a strawberry field.

“Aww…the strawberries!”

“Shush…or the field owner will hear.”

“You took me here to steal strawberries?”

“Didn’t you want to eat it?”

“I want to eat but not to steal.”

“Should we go back then?”

She pouts and says, “If I go back, it means I’m scared. I never eat strawberries right from its bushes before. Wait and see, I will take it all.”

“Go ahead.”

“Come here, quick! Give me your jacket.”


He gives it to her. She picks the berries and uses his jacket as a basket. He asks, the way she’s picking it, if she knows which is sour or not. (ripe or not)

“Isn’t every each of it sweet?”

“You don’t know?”

She tastes it and it’s sour. He picks one and says, “Here, like this.”

He tastes it and says it’s so sweet. She tries another one and says, “Is this a strawberry or lime?” He laughs and says she clearly doesn’t know how to pick one. She asks why all she picked are sour.

She wants to eat the one in his hand so he tells her to open her mouth. She takes a bite and he asks if it’s sweet. She says let her have another bite.

He puts it in his mouth instead. She calls him the greedy doctor and stuffs the sour one in his mouth.

She goes picking some more. A man is looking at them and teases Pranon. He speaks in northern dialect, not sure what he’s saying.

Pranon says it’s not what he thinks, and thanks him for allowing them to pick strawberries in his garden. The man says picking it right here, the strawberries would be sweeter.

Pranon looks at Pat who is busy picking the berries and smiles.

They come home and Pranon puts two plates of strawberries on the table. She wants to eat it but he takes it away and says that plate is his, and this is hers (most of them still quite raw).

“Mor, we went picking it together, so we should share.”

He thinks about it and says, “No!”

She leans over and says, “Who’s coming there?”

He walks over to take a look and says there’s no one there. Pat mixes the strawberries of both plates together in one tray.

“Are you mad? What are you doing?”

“They already mixed, don’t know which is which then I will eat it.”

She takes the tray away so he asks if she’s going to eat all of it alone.

They sit down and Pranon stops her from eating.

“Wait, let’s play game. We take turn answer a question, and if you give the right answer, then you can eat one or have me eat it…” and vice versa for him, he says.

He asks if she dares accepting the challenge.

“Sure, then I will ask first.”

He nods.

“When did I last wash my hair?”

“How could you ask that kind of question?”

“The rule doesn’t say what kind of questions could be asked. Therefore, anything could be a question.”

“Okay, you’re  quite a tricky girl. Three days?”

“Seven days.”

He cringes and asks if she won’t wash her hair in a week and what is so funny about that. She takes a bite and says it’s delicious.

“Now, my turn.”

“Let’s see who will get to eat it.” she says.

“What happened between you and your ex-boyfriend today?”

She stops short then says that’s not a question.

“You just said anything could be a question.”

“I won’t answer.”

“Then you must eat. Here, this one.” I think he chooses the sour one.

She picks some and asks, “The matter which is worrying you  now, what it is?”

He just grabs the berries from her hand and eats.

“You still love your ex-boyfriend, and that’s why you went crazy after you met him. Am I right?”

“Wrong. I don’t love him anymore.” she grabs the fruit from his hand.

“Then why..?”

“It’s my turn to ask! I don’t want to talk about it, can you not ask me that?”

“I can’t! I have to ask because….(he pauses) I’m worried about you. I don’t want you to bottle it up inside. Talk to me.”

“I won’t play (this game) anymore.”

“Patrin, wait.”

“He accused me of selling myself to pay off the debt, and that’s what I did. I actually did that. Are you satisfied now?”

He’s stunned and she walks away.

Part 9

Pranon sees that Pat is still quite lost so he comes sit with her. He says, “Pat, the wedding was my idea, not yours, so don’t be so stressful about it.”

“That’s true, but no one knows about our agreement. Everyone must only be thinking I’m a gold-digger. Even if I’m a crazy woman who pours money down the drain, but I do have pride and I spent from my income. I never wanted other person’s money, never thought of stealing or…cheating.” she cries.

“Okay, I believe you. I really do. But I beg you for one thing, don’t mind those words from a worthless man. It’s just going to take up space in your brain for nothing.”

She nods. “That’s what hurt me the most, that why do I have to care and feel hurt by that man’s words? There’s no good qualities in him but how could I love him and even want to marry him? I’m an idiot, so stupid in all three worlds! No, I won’t cry.”

“It’s not just you. Everyone was once stupid too, just forget it, all right? Let’s get some sleep and tomorrow I will take you to a nice meal.”

“I want to have some cakes, a delicious one.” she pouts through her tears.

“Okay, and cakes it will be.”

Pat lies down on her bed.

“Sleep tight and I will let you have cakes when you wake up.”

Pat sobs.

“Here she goes again.”

“I thought it ended but the truth is, it’s not that easy. Why am I like this?”

He pats her shoulder and tells her not to think.

“I’m not feeling sad but angry, so angry.”

“Hey, don’t think or talk. If you want to think, try thinking of some other good things…such as your mother.”

“Mom?…If mom knows this, she will be so disappointed.” she weeps.

“Think about me then.”

“I have no ideas what to think about.”  (LOL)

“Scold me then.” he sits down and says, “Here, try scolding me.”

She turns on her side facing him.

“Stupid doctor, crazy, bad-mouthed, psycho, thick face, ask for a kick in the pants, gross…”

“That doesn’t hurt me even one bit. Now, try closing your eyes and be creative about words to scold me in your mind. Come up with some words to hurt me so bad.”

She closes her eyes and says, “Tricky, cruel, crazy doctor…”

He sits on the bed and feels her cheek. He slowly leans forward and kisses her on her forehead.


“The one word that I would put all my heart into it, is ‘love’

I’m also in so much pain because of this word

Don’t tell me and make me feel good if you don’t really love me

Don’t make fun with love

Because I don’t want to be sad, how many times I had been in pain already,

Please don’t be cruel to me

Do you really love me?

Don’t fool me with this word

I was defeated by it every time

This time I won’t be able to endure it

If you are sincere towards me, please say it from your heart

Don’t let me be hurt over and over again.

I had faced with severe storms that I’m terrified to love anyone

And is still confused inside…”

Pat opens her eyes and stares at him, then she turns on her other side. Pranon tries to see how she feels but when she doesn’t look at him, he resigns to his bed.

At the hospital, Pran opens his eyes and looks out the window. He sees a vase filled with sunflowers. Anna comes in and says the flower shop here has sunflowers he loves, so she told them to arrange it for him, so that once he looks at it, he will be as bright and strong as the sunflowers.

“What are you thinking?” she asks.


“Yes, are you thirsty?”

He nods.

“Be careful.” she brings him a glass of water.

He drinks it.

“Do you want to go to the restroom?”

He shakes his head.

“Are you hungry?”

He shakes his head again.

“Do you want to watch TV?”

He smiles and shakes his head. “You are treating me like I’m a kid.”

“You just woke up so I thought may be you couldn’t think of words (to speak) so I wanted to help. (He keeps staring at her.) I know that, you do recognize me. Now, tell me something else you can recall about me.”

“You’re…my best friend.”

“That’s right.”

“…and…we are a couple.”


“It’s not?”

Before she can answer him, the doctor comes in and tells Pran to let him examine his body, so that he can be assured that there’s no any complications.

Back to Pranon’s house,

Pat wakes up so Pranon (in a pink towel on his waist) asks why she doesn’t get up since she already woke up. He asks if she’s sick.

She says no. He walks over and feels her temperature then says her temperature isn’t that high. He asks if she wants to take a medicine as a precaution and he can get it for her.

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Go dressed up. It’s gross!”

“Hey, I am worried about you.”

“How long will you keep lying down lazily like this? Get up! Get…up!” he splashes drops of water from his wet hair on her.

She quickly gets up and says it makes her get wet.

“A wife of a doctor mustn’t be lazy. Understand? Do you understand?” he gets on the bed and splashes more water on her. (LOL)

“Stop it! Mor, stop it!”

“No, I won’t.”

She tightens a small towel around his throat suffocating him until he has to concede.

“I just teased you a little and you meant to murder your husband? It’s a bad karma, you know, and you will turn into a widow too.”

“You are not my husband, and I won’t become a widow if you die!”

She gets up from bed. He looks at her leaving and says, “Why so fierce today?”

The doctor tells Pasuwat that Pran recovers well, his joints and muscles are stronger, his heart, breathing and sense are recovering well too. The problem could be his swing mood and he could be distressed easily.

“And his memory too.” Pasuwat adds.

“I don’t know if it will ever be fully recovered.” he wonders.

Anna says Pran won’t leave them to solve problems alone, and she believes he will remember everything and come back to help them.

Chommanart shows Sinthorn a document of Pasuwat’s annual checkups in five years, the only thing he had is high blood pressure, but not that severe. There’s no records of any heart problems or diabetes whatsoever. She tells him.

He says Pee Pasu said he had a brain tumor. She asks if he believes him.

He says he’s not quite sure but Pee Pasu’s health is not that good so it could be true.

She says she doesn’t believe it. The elder-brother twin got sick and was kept a secret. The younger-brother twin got married and was kept a secret. Khun Pasuwat got sick and was kept secret. Why so many secrets? She’s furious.

She asks if he believes that Khun Pran popped up abroad here and there from country to country to receive his treatment is true.

“We are GLS. Our technology in medical fields is second to no one. If he wants a specialist, just import one. There’s no need to go abroad for a treatment. Most importantly, which part of Khun Pran looks sick? Tell me. No, it’s not.”

Sinthorn tells her to calm down and she’s too stressed out.

She says she won’t be a stupid head for them to fool her around, and she must know the truth. He says she may be right and may be they are conspiring something. “But don’t worry, we will stay ahead of them and, in the end, we will win. Trust me.” he says.

“Win? How?” she asks.

“In the national forum this Monday, I will make Pran have no place to stand.”

Aeo brings them some sweets she made it herself.

Pranon shows Patrin a surprise, a document showing that all her debt is paid and done, so now she’s free. She thanks him and says she will find money to pay him back quickly.

He says he didn’t ask for money but was telling her that he had done what they agreed. She says she said what they agreed too, and the thing between them is just a plan and once she can return all the money to him, she’s free.

He says, “Okay, and there’s one more thing I want to tell you, and for sure, you will love it.”

Pranon grabs her hand and leads her the way.

Anna helps supporting Pran to stand up. “I will let go of your hands now.” she says. He wants to walk but she stops him. “Don’t do that. You didn’t get up from bed for weeks, so it’s better you don’t hurry and walk.”

“I walked to the fire-exit stairways myself.”

“But what I saw from the CCTV camera, that doesn’t call ‘walk’, it’s called ‘stumbling-falling-crawling-getting up all the way to it’ “

“I can do it.”


He starts to walk.

“Be careful.”

He trips so she grasps him. Then they fall down on the bed together.

Episode 6 Preview

Pranon: “I will never let go of your hand…will not make you sad.”


“Just go and don’t come back!”

Wait a minute another accident for another twin?


I’m fine with the tone of this lakorn and how it’s doing. I just hope the plot moved a little bit faster, but then they needed a profound relationship between Pranon and Patrin for later so it’s understandable. What surprised me though, that I loved Patricia (as Anna) more than Patrin (Taew) at this point, both role and acting. Let’s see when things get messier, which one will turn out the winner.


Pic, gif cr Pantip

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    • You’re welcome. The dialogs in this lakorn are pretty straightforward, with Dr. Pranon talking to Patrin like they are college students picking at each other. LOL.

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    • I will admit that it’s Nadech handsome-ness brought me back to this lakorn, not really care which girl he’s talking to. I mean he has great chemistry with any leading girls, I’ve noticed that for a while.

      I was talking to my friend about this lakorn and she said her mom was so addicted to this lakorn, then we both agreed that Nadech was quite chubby here, haha…and his eyes with the camera….aww…no words….try watching HD.

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