BangRaJun Episode 15


I tried to put myself in their shoes and asked myself what would I do? Flee or fight? Tough question, isn’t it? Then I decided I would go with the majority, do things with a large number of people might turn fear into courage. I think.

Part 1

Jai pauses mid-air then kicks Thub on his face. They exchange punches then Thub knocks Jai unconscious.

Khab kneels down to look at Jai. He says if Thub didn’t stop him, he would be the one cut off his head. He calls Jai a poisonous snake.

“If you’re that great then kill me.” Jai says.

Khab pulls out his sword, “You dare to challenge me?”

Thub stops him and says killing him is like stepping on an ant.  Jai smirks.

“Let him be, I want to know about Ava Camp.” Thub says.

Khab says even if Jai tells them, how they can trust this man of two faces. “Let’s kill him!”

“He’s Sabai’s loved one.”

“He betrayed us like this, Sabai wouldn’t be able to love him.”

“The day Sabai says she no longer love him, Khab, you can have Jai’s head!”

Sabai and Feng arrive. “Pee Jai!”

“Sabai!” Jai calls out.

Thub tells Khab to leave with him, and tells Feng to go too. Sabai tells Feng to leave with Thub. Khab tells Sabai that Jai was sending a message to his army.

Sabai sits down and cries, “You lied to me. What is your heart made of that you could step on my love and trust to this extent?”

Feng says Thub must be very sad that Pee Jai betrayed them. He says there’s a person who felt worst than him. Feng says it’s Pee Sabai.

“Pee Sabai loves Pee Jai so much, love with all her heart. She always thought that love would tie him down here no matter who he actually was, but… “

Sabai sits down in front of Jai. “You kept asking me to forgive you, is it about this? You were well aware every time,…you were well aware when you hugged me, when you told me you loved me.”

“Sabai, I really love you, loved at the first sight of you, loved even when I shouldn’t love…(She weeps silently.) I want to take you to live together. I will  make you happy.” he says.

“Do you think taking me from home, from this land to live in Ava, will make me happy? I love you…love that willing to trade life, but you’re the country’s enemy thinking only to kill Thais, to seize this land from us. Do you want me to be so selfish and run away with an enemy?”

“Sabai!” his tears flow down.

“Do you think I don’t know who you are? I felt the same like Thub, hoping that love and goodness would be able to change you heart.”

She gets up and says, “I was hoping that this land would be a home we lived and died together. But love that I give you won’t make me betray this land, betray my siblings, my grandfathers and grandmothers. I can’t trade my homeland with the love of enemy.”

“Sabai, you won’t forgive me.”

“You knew how much I loved you. For this life, let us end here. If somehow my life ends, please know that my love will live on and will follow you every world. If we born again, in the next life, please don’t let us born as enemies ever again.”

“Sabai!…Sabai!…Sabai, don’t do that!…Sabai!…Let me go!…Sabai!…”

Part 2

Sabai walks alone and recalls what Jai told her in the past.

“I will take care of you until earth covers my face.”

“Pee Jai, you saved my life again.”

“I can keep saving your life for the  rest of my life.”

Sabai weeps.

“Sabai, I love you and want to be with you until we grow old.”

“I will be your good wife and will never be apart.”

“May your love blossom and long last. Be the shades for each other….all right, Por jai? Love and take care of each other, do not abandon, and love each other for the rest of your lives.”

“I’m Ava.”

“But I’m Thai, then we can’t be together.”

Sabai reaches a dock by the pond. She stands still for a while then jumps into the water, wanting to end her life.

The girls run along, “Pee Sabai!”

Feng jumps into the water and saves Sabai.

Sabai cries, “Why did you save me? Why? Let me die, it’s better than live and face people.”

Feng says, “Pee Sabai, listen to me, you cannot die, at least stay alive for our land and help us chase the enemy out of our land…”

Juang says, “Pee Sabai, you can’t leave us. Endure it, all right?”

Sabai asks how she can live when she was betrayed by the person she loves the most. “How can I live?”

Feuang says, “Pee Sabai, listen to me, true love doesn’t only consist of happiness, it also comes with the most bitter taste. If you want to love then you must accept that bitter taste too. The poison of that bitter taste, is what makes our life be strong. We must live for the days ahead of us, not today. Pee Sabai, be strong.”

Feng says, “Pee Sabai, you know, love is what turn a weak into a strong one. Pee Sabai, don’t let love make our strong hearts lose to the pain. All right?”

They hug Sabai.

Back to the camp, “Lao, came back!”

Thub and others look at the message on Lao’s back. Thub says Sang wrote the battle plan of Jik-Kae, the Deputy City Governor of Dawei, to them. Heads turn to Klerm and one asks if that’s what it says.

Klerm nods and says, based on the treatise on war strategy, Sang wants to tell them that, in this battle, the troops will come marching to them in a way of Ma-hing-sa-pa-yuha (how troops are arranged).

That night, they gather at Jai’s house. Fak yells that he wants to cut off his head as an offering to DokRak’s corpse.

“Calm down, Pee Fak.”

“A bad one will never admit that he’s bad!”

Klerm shouts at Jai and asks if he never acknowledges his indebtedness to the food pouring over his head.

Khab says, “He’s not one of us. He’s not Thai. He came to find out the number of troops  inside our camp. He came to open the gate to let his men barge in to kill us!”

Thub tells them to be on shifts keeping an eye on him, but not to let others know, and if the senior warriors know, he will surely be killed.

Fak says they shouldn’t keep a man this type, it’s a burden on this land. “Let me slash him!”

They stop him and Thub says he will interrogate him after Sang returns. “So that we will have a chance to destroy their camp to pieces too!”

Jai says, “You all, will never learn anything from my mouth.”

Thub says, “Then, Jai, don’t die just yet, stay alive and see Thais protecting their homeland with blood and lives. Remember our love for our homeland, then tell others, tell Ava’s children and grandchildren, so that they won’t dare to think of trampling on us whenever they want again. This land must belong to Thais, our children and grandchildren, only!”

At Ava Camp, Saya asks if he found Uthin. The man says he hasn’t seen Uthin since His Excellency Ne Myo left their camp yesterday. He says Ong Nai isn’t dead, but blind, which is equally as dead.

Saya stands up and says, “Ong Nai is still alive?”

The man says he thinks Uthin left to help Ong Nai.

Drum rolls, and Jik-kae’s troops are heading out. The man says Saya should go to send them off.

Drum rolls at Rajun Camp too. Jai says, “The sound of gathering troops for battle. I can’t let them get out there. I can’t…”

Jai struggles to break free while Sabai looks at him from behind.

She walks over and says, “Rajun(s) are heading out for battle, and must return with victory!”


“I know you will use this moment to sneak out and send a message outside the camp, just like how you fooled me every time.”

She walks up the steps. “Pee Jai, don’t try it.”

“I must go and I won’t ask any of your opinion. If you think I deserve to die then kill me.”

She pulls out her sword and points it at him.

“Let me die by the blade of the sword, of the woman I love the most, so that my soul can rest in peace.”

He keeps trying to break free.

Part 3 

Sons, husbands are saying farewell to their loved ones, preparing to leave for battle. Thub is looking at them solemnly.

Feng sees him and calls out. “Pee Thub!”

He kisses her hand and says he’s heading out as a frontline unit to attack Jik-Kae’s troops and destroy them so that they will realize the hearts of Rajun villagers laid down to the land.

Feng smiles and tells them to leave, and she and her friends will be his backup forces, and will wait for an order to go help him.

“This time we’ve planned well so woman warriors won’t have to take a risk out there.”

Feng says she and other women want to get out there and help, even though their swords may not be as capable as those of the men, but their hearts are so arrogant and glad if at least one enemy drop dead by a woman’s sword of theirs.

Thub holds her close and says, “Your heart is a beautiful one. When I come back with victory this time, I will ask for your hand to be my wife, as we promised.”

He wants to kiss her cheek but she stops him.

“Do let me have a deposit and be delightful.”

She lets him kiss her cheek.

Okay, let me say this, Toey Pongsakorn as Thub really did an awesome job. His postures were perfect for a man courting a woman at that time, you know, gentleness is the word.


Jai is struggling to free himself. He says, “No matter what, Thub and his men won’t let me go back alive, and now you hate me and don’t love me anymore. Dead or alive, my life is now worthless!”

“Stop!” Sabai shouts.

“Since I’m going to die anyway so hear me out.”

“I don’t want to. I don’t want to hear anymore lies from a liar like you!”

“I love you, Sabai. Even if I have to die, my love for you will remain only with you. Urghhh!”

Khab also gets ready to leave. “Feuang, I will bring back a victory for you.”

She adds, “For the land we used to grow rice, and for our children and grandchildren. All right?”

He caresses her cheek and says, “All right.” then he kisses her cheek.

Sabai puts the blade of her sword against Jai’s throat.

“Sabai, slash my throat! Look at me as one of your enemies, like how you were on the battleground and slashed Ava soldiers to death.”

“Your heart, your flesh and blood are so cruel!”

He argues, “I have to do it. I am Ava soldier. My duty is to do everything to conquer KrungSri Ayutthaya. Everyone loves his/her homeland. Everyone can sacrifice life for the country. I’m that too! My life is for Ava, but many times you made me want to live here and want the land of KrungSri Ayutthaya to be my place to die, but the blood within me is Ava! It keeps reminding me to sacrifice even my life…for Ava.”

She pulls her sword up high.

“Sabai, slash and kill me, so that our love will end along with my life.”

She slashes a tree behind him forcefully, then breaks down and cries.

“Sabai…, Sabai, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s my fault to cause you such pain because of my love. Kill me…kill me…Sabai, KILL ME!” he yells.

She leaves the house to cry in the back.

Darnit, a great talker he is.

Part 4

“The Sixth Battle”

Not sure why Jik-Kae chose this narrow path to move his forces when both sides are small hills, so ripe for an ambush.

“Bangrajun!” men shout and Rajun forces jump down.

Jik-Kae shouts, “Kill them!”

Rajun’s side planned well this time, dividing into groups when attacking.

Finally, Thub and Khab finish off Jik-Kae  then shout, “Bangrajun!” It’s another victory for them.

At Ava Camp, Sang and other men are hearing sound of a drum rolled. Sang wonders, this kind of drum sound, whether they won or were defeated.

Then enter Ne Myo and his entourage. He checks Jik-Kae’s corpse and says, “Jik-Kae, a skillful soldier whom I trusted the most had to die by the blades of those stupid Yodia(s)! What is the meaning of this?!”

He asks if it means he has to report to the king that Rajun villagers are greater than Ava soldiers.

Soldiers come in to report that they found Uthin’s dead body by the river. Saya is stunned.

“Whose corpse?!” Ne Myo asks.

“It’s Uthin, my skilled soldier. He knew well about Rajun Camp but now murdered.”

Ne Myo asks if they dared to sneak in and murder his soldier inside this camp.

“So what are you all waiting for? Hurry and arrange troops to put them down. Don’t let them feel arrogant for long, whether hundreds or thousands of troops, take it! I want to step on the corpses of Rajun villagers before I attack Yodia capital and it falls! Do you understand?” he shouts furiously.

“Leave now!” he orders (in Burmese).

Saya tells his soldier to take him to look at Uthin’s corpse.

You know, Ne Myo was a famous Ava general, a history figure, and the actor portrayed his role so well that it convinced me that the general put his duty to heart and fought to win his goal no matter what.

Part 5

It’s a traditional wedding for Thub and Feng. Their friends and relatives are happy for them.

Fiem tells Feng that she’s not a kid anymore, and now a woman. Jun, in tears herself, warns Fiem why she’s crying when this is an auspicious day for her child.

Fiem says, “I raised her since she’s a child, and now she grew up and is about to have a hubby.”

Everyone laughs. Feng says, “Mom!”

Fiem asks Jun what happened to her now (to cry). Jun says she feels overwhelmed.

“See? That’s what I meant.” Fiem nags.

“All right! Today is our auspicious day, Pee Thub gets married…”

“…with…Pee Fak!” and another round of laughter.

Thub scolds Chuang to say it well or he will…then he throws something at Chuang. Fak says the two of them will get it from him too.

“Today is the wedding of Pee Thub and Nong Feng, the prettiest one.”

Thub and Feng look at each other sweetly.

“Pee Thub, will you two keep looking at each other like fighting fish? Haha.”

“Look at each other here and there…and then the bride gets pregnant!”

“Bad-mouthed of yours, Pee Chuang!” Feng scolds him.

Jun tells Feng to sit down.

“All right, let’s not waste time. Now it’s the auspicious time, let’s send the bride and groom off to the bridal room!”

Fak stops them, “Wait! Just wait! Pee Thub, I won’t hand over my sister to you easily, I’m telling you.”

“That’s good!” Aerb and Chuang add.

Then a traditional game “phong-phang”. They are singing the ‘phong-phang’ song and turn a blindfolded Thub around and around so that he lose his sense of direction, then Thub needs to locate his bride among the girls.

(phong-phang = a kind of fish trap)

Men are singing, “Oh, phong-phang, small fish or big fish, which fish is inside phong-phang?”

Girls ask, “A live fish or dead fish?”

Thub answers, “A dead fish!”

Then he tries again and again to locate Feng. In the end, they push Feng, who also blindfolded, into his arms.

Aww, see it people, this kind of game is hard to find these days and it’s beautifully filmed too.

Thub takes off the blindfolds both his and her. He hands her a bouquet and kisses her cheek. So sweet.

So much for happiness, now back to Ava Camp, Ne Myo is pacing back and forth.

A soldier arrives and reports to him. His name is “Arka Punkayi” (spelling not sure). He tells Ne Myo that Rajun villagers have great skills and courage, and are willing to die rather than retreat.

He asks his permission to set up a camp near theirs, and by setting up a camp, it means to secure the ground the longest time they can. “If I don’t win, I won’t ever retreat.”

“I agree with everything. Just put those Rajuns down completely. If we let them become stronger than this, they will be an important forces for Yodia Army to attack my main camp at the Mount of the Phrasop River from both sides. Hurry and destroy their camp, and wash out my shame the fastest you can!” Ne Myo orders.

Arka Punkayi says, “With great honor, Your Excellency Ne Myo Thihapate.”

Sang, disguised as Ava soldiers, is listening to them.

It’s the wedding night of Thub and Feng at Rajun Camp.

Feng tries to sit still while Thub comes near.

“My dear Feng, can you tell me a word…(she turns to him)…whether or not you love this man, Pee Thub?”

“Why ask now?”

“I want to hear it. So? (He touches her chin.) Do you love this man, Pee Thub, or not?”

“No, I don’t”

“Feng, you just lied to me.”

“You knew I lied then why ask?”

“I want to hear it and be delightful.”

“If not love or like, why would I marry you?”

“No, Feng, not that, can’t you say love?”

“Pee Thub, you nag like a kid.”

“I can be anything when I’m with you.”

“I…feel sleepy.”

She lies down. He pushes his pillow close to hers then lies down, “Me, too.”

He holds her and says, “Feng, my love, I will love you more than you love me. I will take care of this wild flower tenderly so that it will only be filled with sweetness, and won’t abandon you and cause you sorrow, not even a single drop of your tears.”


He whispers into her ear, “I promise.”

“I…will love you more than my life. I will love you with every breath of mine.”

He slowly gives her a kiss.


Part 6

Feng prepares breakfast for Thub. He walks out so she tells him to have a meal. He asks what she’s cooking, it smells so good. She says it’s ThaePho soup and will bring it for him.

Aww…I’m hungry already.

She puts some of the soup on his plate so he says thank you, then says aww…it’s hot. LOL. That must be real.

He tastes it and says it’s so delicious so she beams. It’s a simple life in the morning as husband and wife for them.

At Jai’s house, Sabai is also doing the wife’s duty feeding her husband. He refuses to eat and says go ahead and kill him. Sabai drops the spoon like she doesn’t really care.

Khab and Feuang walk over. Feuang tells Jai to eat, without eating food or drinking water, he will die. Jai simply says no, he won’t eat.

Khab yells at him that he won’t believe what he said and wants him dead! He says he couldn’t do it because Thub thought Jai would care for Sabai’s feeling. Feuang tells Jai to turn around now and be honest to the one who loves him. “We won’t hate you whether who you were or what you had done before.”

“Kill me already.” Jai says.

“You don’t have to ask for it. A liar won’t get to live very long.” Sabai says, then she leaves the house. Feuang and Khab follow her. When he’s alone, Jai lets his tears fall.

Thub is telling his horse that he’s asking him not more task, and to do it successfully. “Lao, bring Sang back to our camp no matter what. Leave now and do your duty, just one more time. Go!” Lao runs off.

Fak says he hopes Lao will save Sang well. He’s so worried about Sang, kept spying on them inside their camp like that, it’s very dangerous. He prays for him.

Lao runs along fast.

Sang meets Lao and says, “Lao, you so deserve to be the clever horse Thub loved so much. Thank you, but I can’t go back now. I will stay to save Thai captives here first. I can’t leave my Thai fellows to remain captives here in this camp. Lao, eat well and go back as fast as  you can. I need to hurry back too.”

Thub is telling everyone in the meeting that Sang said that the enemies’ plan is to set up a camp at Ban KhunLok in close proximity to their Ban Rajun Camp. They are fully loaded with food supplies and weapons, and will not retreat to Wiset Chaichan Camp until they can put down Rajun Camp completely.

PunRueang says if they think of setting up a camp, this battle could be a lengthy one.

“With forces we have, we won’t be able to do a lengthy battle with them. The elders and children will surely be effected.”

“We only ambushed them in the past. If we face them face-to-face, we won’t be able to withstand them.”

“Then, attack them first.” JanKaeo says.

“That’s right! Attack them first.”

Others agree with him. ThongMen raises up his hand to stop them and asks, “Khun San, what do you think?”

Khun San says he thinks the same way, let’s attack them tomorrow night. “Don’t let them be prepared. Don’t let them finish setting up a camp.”

It’s time to leave for battle.

Thub makes a solemn wish that Luang Por Thammachoti’s holy pra-jiet (inscribed cloth for protecting someone from harm, could be used as scarf or armbands etc.) help him achieve a victory in this big battle, and he thinks that the enemies think of setting up a camp to destroy Rajun Camp completely for sure.

“Such important task of the enemies will be ruined totally by both hands and a brave heart of Pee Thub and of Rajun warriors!” Feng prays.

Thub comes out so Feng says, “Go, Pee Thub, head out to battle. You shed blood for the country. We must have the land for our children and grandchildren to live on.”

He hugs her. She says, “Your wife will wait here, at this camp, for the sound of people cheering, and will prepare the meal and wait to wipe the sweats of my beloved husband.”

He says all right.

“Feng, be delighted. Your husband heads out for battle like a general, to fight and bring back a victory for my wife. People in Rajun Camp will cheer to welcome me after the battle. You will earn a praise among people because your beloved husband brings back a victory.”

He kisses her forehead and gets on his horse, then leaves. “Lao, let’s go!”

Jai could feel that someone is nearby. Khab sits down and shoves Jai’s head to a tree behind him. “I really want to take you with me to the battle tonight if you are able to see, so that you will see how we destroy your people’s camp to pieces!”

Jai just chuckles.

Part 7

“Ban KhunLok Camp”

Ava army leader is having a good time and a soldier orders others to leave the area.

“The Seventh Battle”

Rajun forces attack the camp at night. They move quietly and set the camp on fire.

“Put out the fire. Don’t let it burn the camp!” the leader comes out and orders.

The Rajun starts firing their guns.

“Kill all of them! Quick!” Arka Punkayi shouts and gets back inside his tent.


Thub and his friends enter the camp on their horses.

JanKaeo fights with Arya Punkayi one-on-one and successfully kills him, then he shouts “Bangrajun!” Others cheer.

It’s a victory again for Rajun Camp for the seventh time.

Ne Myo is furious to see the head of Arka Punkayi.

“Those Rajun are just villagers but why all the skilled army leaders I kept sending were all dead! This time they came and burn our camp first so they must know ahead what we planned.”

Saya says that means inside his camp at Wiset Chaichan, there’s still Rajun spy in there.

Ne Myo says Saya is the leader of the Spy Unit, so how he could let those Rajun come and insult him here inside the camp. He tells Saya to find them and cut off their heads otherwise Saya will have to receive this punishment himself.

Saya bows and says, “I accept my mistake and if my war plan this time isn’t a success, I will let you cut off my head.”

Ne Myo says he can’t let those Rajun come insulting him in this camp anymore, so this time he will allow the Artillery Unit to join and fire at them. “Destroy their camp completely. Let’s see if human flesh and swords can withstand cannonballs. But if still we can’t defeat them then cut off your head to me like you said!”

Part 8

Sang and others sneak into Ava Camp at night.

“Move, fast!” Sang orders.

They release all Thai captives. Ava soldiers roll drums to alert others.

The captives, Sang and the rest run for their lives.

They jump into the water and go as deep as they can to dodge Ava bullets.

It’s awesome under water scene! Don’t know how to explain this, I watched it live on big TV screen and the pictures were so very clear. I could hardly sit still and wanted them to escape safely. I especially loved the lighting of most scenes in this lakorn i.e. torches, candlelight.

Saya and his soldiers ride to the scene and he asks what happened. A soldier says the captives escaped. Saya tells them to go catch them and he will behead them with his own hands.

On a road, a group of men is trying to get away from Ava soldiers. A man, wearing black cape, appears and stops Ava soldiers from killing them.

“Who are you to get in our way?” a soldier shouts.

“They are thieves robbing Thais. We shouldn’t kill them. We want to create chaos among Thai villagers so we should be friends with them. Let them go.”

All Ava soldiers attack him but he shows them his great fighting skills.

Saya’s right-hand man and his men come riding and he shouts at them. “Stop! You stupid! Do you know who you’re fighting with? He’s Chin Ong from the Spy Unit of His Excellency Ne Myo Thihapate. Do you all want to lose your heads?! “

“Chin Ong (Suk Kayi – Suki)”

“For Kwaeng Wiset Chaichan of mine, I’m giving you the permission to rob all you want. I never want any assets. What this camp needs is rice only!” Chin Ong tells the thieves.

He shouts, “Leave!” (in Burmese) to the soldiers.

The right-hand man tells Chin Ong that His Excellency Ne Myo sent for him.

At Rajun Camp, they keep practicing sword-fights.

Sang and others arrive at Rajun Camp finally on foot.

“Sang came back! Sang came back!” a man shouts from the camp wall.

Juang hears it and is overwhelmed.

“Open the gate!”

Juang sees the exhausted Sang walking in and she keeps staring at him. Children are shouting for their fathers who arrived with Sang.

Juang and Sang run to each other and hug. She weeps, “Pee Sang!”

Thub and others walk to him.

Thub touches Sang’s shoulder and says, “Sang, you did it.”

Sang looks at all of his friends and says, “Because I trusted you.”

Klerm says, “Sang, I respect you.”

Everyone smiles seeing Sang hugging Juang.

Part 9

Life goes on as usual at Rajun Camp. Sang and others visit the temple.

Sang says, “We, Rajun villagers, pledge every drop of our blood, die hugging shoulder-to-shoulder to protect the land which we grown rice to feed us. We will let no one trample on the fathers and mothers whom we paid respect to.

Juang wishes for them to be protected and be out of sufferings, and have land to live with no harms come to them.

Thub clears his throat when Sang keeps staring at Juang.

He prays for no more enemy attacks which causes them to leave their homes, and for their fellows to find comfort in life and be prosperous forever.

It’s raining and they are delighted. Feng says it’s the first rain of the season (for farmers, the rain means they can start growing crops).

Children comes calling Feng to play in the rain together. Thub joins them.

Sang tells Juang that the battle is over and if it rains like this for 2-3 days, they can start growing rice. She says it’s because of him that the battle is over so soon. He says it’s because of the courage of every Rajun villagers, not his alone, and other villagers could feel hurt if she says like that.

Khab says but if Sang didn’t risk his life and spy on them inside their camp, they (Rajuns) might be at a disadvantage.

Ne Myo comes to hear Chin Ong’s plan.

Chin Ong says Ban Rajun is situated on high ground, located between Kwaeng Wiset Chaichan, Suphan and Sing. They are villagers from many places such as Artamart soldiers from Kwaeng Wiset Chaichan, it’s great sword-masters come together, so to fight with them on open ground, one-on-one, it will be hard to defeat them.

Ne Myo is satisfied and says he made the right decision to send him to live in Yodia for ten years.

Flashback, Ava Royal Court, young men are on a practice ground with Saya overseeing them. Among them are Chin Ong (Suk Kayi – Suki), Uthin (Jerd) and Ong Nai (Jai).

“To kill a person, you mustn’t sympathize with him. Kindness is not a nature for a spy.” They are being groomed.

A group of men comes and tells Saya that Ne Myo sent them to come taking him. A young man stands up and is told that it’s time for him to go live in Yodia.

Young man asks when he wants him to travel.

“Right now!”

“I’m ready!”

Saya says he’s certain that he didn’t choose the wrong one. It’s Chin Ong he chose.

Back to present, Chin Ong is showing Ne Myo his plan. He says he wants to divide the forces into three camps. Each has cannons pointing out from the watchtower and moves forwards alternately to guard themselves from getting ambushed, like how they did it to Arka Punkayi.

He explains, “Slowly moving forwards one camp at a time until the close proximity is reached and in the range to fire. Then I will fire the cannons aiming inside their camp, and once their camp walls fall down, I will send infantrymen to attack and push forwards over the wall, and now, even if they have thick skin, have wings or are invisible, there’s no way they will survive my cannons.”

Ne Myo tells him to defeat them to repay the land of Ava. Then he says from now on, he appoints him the rank of Suk Kayi Nai Kong Yai with the sole authority to kill anyone if gets in the way of destroying Rajun Camp, and once he holds a complete victory over Yodia, he will give the land of Yodia to him, to rule.

“Kan Khap Sepa” (the name of a Thai traditional way to recite a poem)

It says that the rainy reason arrives once again, and the joy during the Buddhist Lent. Relatives all come together happily. Young men and women join together to transplant rice sprouts onto the field. They talk and tease playfully.

Thub and his friends start growing rice in the field. Suddenly there’s an explosion behind them. They are confused at first, totally unexpected. A man shouts, “Don’t go over there!”

They all are running to safety. This is so sad. War is no good.

A spiritual ceremony for Ava soldiers preparing for battle is going on.

Inside the temple, Luang Por Thammachoti opens his eyes.

Cannonballs keep falling inside Rajum Camp. JanKaeo orders his fellows to take everyone to the back of the camp. Villagers are running and Jai is struggling to free himself.

Thaen, who is injured, hears the commotion.

ThongMen shouts at the villagers to go hide at the back of the camp.

Thaen says, “Thong, Duang, why are you watching over me? Go outside and help them. I’m so useless. I can’t go out there and help our men. (He cries.) No need to watch over me. Get out there and watch over those who have hands and feet to grab swords and fight! Get out!”

Thong and Duang leave. Thaen reaches out to his swords but couldn’t make it. He cries out in frustration.

Jai calls out to the passerby to help him. A man cuts off the ropes tying Jai. ThongMen keeps shouting that everyone goes to the back of the camp.

Jai thanks the man and gets up to grab his sword. He leaves the house.

ThongMen sees Jai coming so he asks where he’s going when the enemies keep firing at the front of the camp. He asks Jai why his wife left him to walk and get lost, and didn’t take care of him.

ThongMen orders two men to take Jai to hide at the back of the camp fast.

“No, I won’t go!” Jai shouts.

“Just go, and I will be the one to get out there, to cut off the head of the one firing the cannons.” ThongMen says.

Jai calls out, “Por ThongMen!” He tells the men to let go of him.

Jai kneels down and begs, “Por ThongMen, don’t go out there. Don’t go!”

“Jai, don’t worry about me, just worry about yourself.”

ThongMen touches Jai’s head like he’s his son. Jai cries, “Por ThongMen, don’t go out there!…”

He orders two men to take Jai to the back of the camp and don’t forget to bring him water and food too.

“Por Thong Men, don’t go! Don’t go” Jai yells while two men are taking him away. Then Jai slips out unconsciously in Burmese. ThongMen stops short. He doesn’t turn around to look at Jai and continues walking to the front of the camp.

I think he realizes in the last minute about Jai. Brave men don’t cry, do they?

ThongMen jumps on his buffalo and shouts, “Who wants to go die with me? Come!”

Episode 16 Preview

Thub: “I volunteer to go request for cannons at KrungSri.”

Chin Ong: “He must be running out of a way to fight, that’s why he came riding a buffalo to die.”

Feng: “At a time like this, why don’t you get out there and help fighting with them?!”

Thub: “The enemies brought cannons to fire at us, and almost reach our camp wall now.”

Khab: “Jai is an enemy. Everything he does, it’s for his people.”

Sabai: “The fate between I and Pee Jai now ends here.”


I’m so slow in doing this but really enjoy it. The dialogs were beautifully written with meanings hidden for us to ponder. Friendships is the best thing amid the war IMO. You know, the kind which is filled with honesty and trust, and you can rely on it no matter what may come.

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  1. The acting has been pretty good here for a change. You normally don’t see it that often in Thai lakorns. Jai and Sabai really tug at my heart. Their acting has been fantastic. I think the actress playing Sabai, don’t know her name, has got the be the best lead actress I have seen in my Thai lakorn viewing history. She is a natural and I prefer natural acting. Enjoying Ananda Everingham very much for the same reason in Tiger. The actor playing Thap caught my eye during the airing of Khunchai Ratchanon itself. He is really good too. I am glad he has a lead role here. The whole ensemble case is fantastic here and the story has also been tightly written. Characters have also been well written. I am also loving the traditional settings, clothing, culture etc.

    • The actress’s name is Noon who portrayed Sabai, and yes, she stood out. Her next project (I heard) is a remake (translated to English) The Woman Named BoonRod. I first knew her from a popular movie “Pheun Sanit” (best friends), loved her since. The settings, costumes, music were all into detail and while I was watching it, I could feel right away that they put in efforts to make it close to how it was done. It stays on top of my 2015 lakorn list. Let’s see if others can beat this one. “Kha Badin” also has the potential 🙂

      • Thanks for the information :). I just love watching historicals and traditional setting series from different countries as that’s what sets it apart from the others :). Absolutely right about the attention to detail. The effort of the production team has not gone unnoticed for sure.

        I looked up Kha Badin. Looks really interesting too. I liked James Ma’s action from his first series. I thought he did well for a newbie. What really takes a show or movie a few levels above is when the entire cast can pull their weight in the acting department. That’s where Bangrajun has won out. If the entire cast of Kha Badin can do the same then they have a sure winner on hand. I’ll definitely try to watch it if ever gets recapped or subtitled.

        I’ll have to look and see if Noon’s movies have been subtitled. :). She has definitely caught my eye.

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