BangRaJun Episode 14


Do you want me to do this lakorn to the end? I mean already I read viewers cry rivers this week. Does anyone still want to inflict pain upon yourself?

Part 1

Jai says it’s just a small wound and it will heal soon so she shouldn’t worry about it. Sabai says it’s their wedding night and her father told her that, if either bride or groom shed blood, it’s inauspicious.

He holds her and says it’s only a threat from the elders who were afraid they would do a bad thing on the wedding day and wouldn’t be happy.

Sabai doesn’t look convinced but says, from now on, she doesn’t need to be scared to be alone anymore since she has him beside her, be with her until they grow old, and she will be with him, be his eyes and his walking stick forever. He says all right.

Sabai is busy preparing food when Jai walks over. She says she’s about to bring food to him at their house, in that case, let’s eat here.

Thub walks in so his friends greet him. Khab says the senior warriors called Thub to make a plan for the next battle, so what it likes.

Thub says they didn’t plan anything yet, and he was called to get appointed as Hua Moo of JanKaeo’s group. Sang glares at Jai who’s sitting close by.

Fak asks if that means Thub’s rank can  give orders in the battle. Klerm congrats him and says Thub would be spending time with the senior warriors from now on. A man (really couldn’t make out who’s Aerb or Chuang) says may be Thub would move into the senior’s house the they say, “Cheers!”

Khab asks Sang why he just sits there quietly, and he should congratulate Thub too.

“We battled together. We were exhausted together. But only one man got the title ‘Hua Moo’ ” Sang brings up the issue.

He spits and says Thub has a good fortune, wherever he is, he gets to stay close to his superiors.

Khab yells at Sang what he’s saying and if he’s drunk then go back to his house. Fak says he will take him home. Sang gets up and  yells, “Don’t bother! I said the truth. Anyone couldn’t take it, then don’t listen!”

“Sang, I’m begging you.” Jai gets up and tells Sang.

Sang asks what he’s begging for, “Is it my feet?!” he kicks Jai and he falls to the ground. Sang  yells at him, “You spy!”

Thub punches him and says he said before not to call Jai that.

“Thub, you listen to an outsider like Jai more than a friend like me? Sure! You’re a good person and always make a progress more than others wherever you are. I was in the battle as much as you did, but only you got promoted and become ‘Hua Moo’ , and advanced in your career with more than a hundred troops under you, obviously you don’t need a friend like me to fight in the battle side by side anymore.”

He turns to Jai, “There, your new buddy and no one can touch him. Jai, a man of innocent face but wicked mind! You spy!”

Thub punches Sang. Fak stops Juang not to interfere.

“I never want to advance in my career ahead of my friends. Sang, if you want to be Hua Moo then just be!”

“Thub, you see Jai as better than me.”

“I see every friend of mine as equally good.” Thub replies.

“But Jai is not my friend! I won’t be a friend of a traitor!” Sang yells.


“If no one in here sees my value and Thub, you count the man I hate as your friend, then you and me can’t fight in the battle together!” Sang shoves Thub away and leaves. Juang runs after him.

At Ava Camp, Saya is pacing back and forth. Uthin tells him to let him go and he will kill all of Rajun people with his own hands.

Juang is begging Thub not to take Sang seriously because he’s drunk and didn’t really want to yell at him. She says she will bring Pee Sang here to apologize to him and Pee Jai, so please don’t be angry at him.

Thub says he knows her husband well, since he was once his best friend.

Juang turns to Feng for help.

Feng tells Thub that Sang said all that because he was mad. Thub says Sang only thinks about himself and lost his senses to listen others’ reasons, so how this kind of man could lead people to war. “Sang is selfish and crazy over titles and ranks. He doesn’t think of people at large and unity, which will help us make it through and be safe.

“That’s not true! I will bring Pee Sang back to be with us!” Juang runs to Sang.

“Juang! Juang!” Feng calls after her then she frowns glaring at Thub, but he turns his back to her.

Juang asks Sang where he’s going. She begs him not to go. He says he can’t stay here anymore. Juang says he must stay and mustn’t go anywhere because this place is their home and their house.

“Juang, I must go.” he pushes her hand away. She kneels down and wai(s) him. “I can wai you, if you want, but don’t be angry or hate Pee Thub, my brother. You knew him since young, Pee Thub never once thought of competing for a better position with you!” Sang turns to her.

Feng talks to Thub, “Pee Thub, the two of you were friends and fought together for how many battles already? You the one told me that Thais must united to be able to defeat the enemies in the war. So why did you hurt your friend’s feeling, a friend who fought through life and death together, over a tiny matter?”

Thub sits down but isn’t back down.

“One day you will understand me.” Sang says and starts to leave.

Jaung holds him back and says he’s leaving her so he doesn’t love her anymore?

“Juang, of course I do. I love you so much. Wherever I am, please know that my heart is always with you.” He touches her face and says, “Juang, take care of yourself.” then he jumps on his horse.

“Pee Sang, don’t leave me! Pee Sang!” she runs after him.

Feng sits down and scolds Thub, “There are only enemies out there, don’t you care whether Pee Sang will live or die?”

“Sang chose it himself.”

“Pee Sang left while feeling so angry, and you are his friend so why didn’t you stop him?” He turns to her. She says, “Pee Thub, the one I know, isn’t a person who would be so cold to let his friend leave and take a risk of  dying.” She walks away.

“Feng!” he calls out.

Part 2

Sang is leaving while Juang runs after him. Khab intercepts him. “Sang!”

“Khab, why get in the way?” Sang yells.

“I won’t let you go! Sang, think carefully, there’s no one out there who loves and means well for you, and is willing to give you a chance like Thub, your friend.” Khab reminds him.

Thub and Feng run to them.

“Stop talking about Thub!” Sang yells.

Klerm, Aerb and Chuang join them. Klerm calls out, “Sang!”

“A man like Thub is god, you guys go ahead and keeps krap (ing) him. But for me, Thub is a friend who only takes all the benefits to himself. Khab, you too, one day he will step on you and raise above everyone’s head. Get out of the way! Open the gate for me!” Sang shouts and rides out of the camp despite everyone calling him.

Jai stops him, “Sang, where are you going?”

Feuang and Feng encourage Thub to stop Sang.

Jai kneels down and says, “Don’t go. I can krap you if you want.”

*(krap = put hands together and bow to the floor with forehead and hands flat on the floor) There are many way to krap which depends on the person you do it to, and the occasions.

Juang runs to Sang and begs him not to go. Sang looks at his friends then turns around and rides away, and kicks Jai in the process.

“Pee Sang, you said you loved me! This place is your home, your family. Come back here!” Juang yells and cries.

They close the camp gate. Sang rides away fast.

Sabai and Feuang try to console Juang.

“Feng, how was it? Pee Thub agreed to go and bring Pee Sang back, right?” Juang asks Feng who walks over.

Feng shakes her head. Juang asks why so, then begs Feng to talk to Pee Thub for her. Feng tells Juang to get a whole of herself and she already talked to Pee Thub.

Juang tells her to try again, Pee Thub believes her because he loves her. Juang says, “Tell Pee Thub to go find Pee Sang. We can’t let him leave to die like this!”

Sabai says let’s wait until Thub calms down and she will try talking to him. Feuang says Pee Khab will go find Pee Sang too.

Juang says by then, Pee Sang would already be a ghost looking after the forest. Feuang warns her not to mention unfortunate things about her husband. Juang says then how Pee Thub and Pee Khab could let her husband leave and take a risk of dying.

“Pee Sang is not a bad man, but Pee Thub doesn’t love his friend.” Juang says. She yells at them to go away since they are all great.

Feng says, “Juang, we are friends.” Juang pushes her away and says no, she will count no one as her friend and will get out there herself to look for Pee Sang.

Sabai says she still has them so calm down. “Sang will be all right and will come back to you!”

Juang breaks down and cries so Feng hugs her.

Sang comes across a village being raided by Ava soldiers. “Take them back to the camp!” an Ava soldier shouts.

Sang jumps down his horse and pulls out his sword.

“Let them go!” he shouts and fights with them. More Ava troops arrive so Sang is captured and brought to Ava Camp.

Sang observes things inside Ava camp where Thais are being tortured.

“You treat women like this?!” Sang yells and causes quite a commotion kicking Ava soldiers.

“Stop!” one Ava soldier calls out. He points at Sang and asks, “Who are you really?”

“I’m a Rajun, former Ayutthaya soldier.” Sang answers.

“That’s good. I’ve been wanting to meet Rajun people.” he kicks Sang. They fight bare hands. Sang kicks the mask on his face away and it’s that soldier working closely with Saya. He defeats Sang and knocks him unconscious.

“Tonight, you will be interrogated by JokEBo (Saya). Take him away!” he orders.

Part 3

Jai comes sit with Thub.

“Jai, if  you came to talk about Sang, just leave.”

“I want you to think about friendships for once.”

“You saw it. Sang yelled at me that I stepped  on others and took all the good things to myself!”

Jai says Sang got angry because Thub helps him and is kind to him. Thub says he won’t break his friendship with a friend due to someone else’s matters.

“Without Sang, who will help you fight in the battle?” Jai asks.

“The whole Rajun Camp” he answers then says, “The whole Rajun Camp who are still united to drive the enemies out. My thought is a bad flesh, if left rotten, it could spread into healthy flesh. Endure the pain now and cut an arm, is much better than the whole body turn rotten and die. Without one man, Sang, Rajun Camp won’t fall.” Thub stares at Jai the whole time.

“I’m going.” Jai turns around and leaves. He comes home and Sabai greets him, “Pee Jai, let’s eat. I will put rice on a plate for you.”

Jai sits down with his back turn to her. She asks what he’s thinking about. He wonders where Sang is by now when there are Ava troops everywhere outside. She says may be Sang will turn around and come back once his anger subsided.

“I was wrong, so very wrong.” Jai says.

Sabai tells him to talk it out and she will listen to everything.

“I want to forget everything, what I had done , and only remember today at this place, that I have you, Sabai, as the anchor of my mind.” Jai says.

“Here at Rajun Camp, we live like brothers and sisters. During the bad days, we suffer together and wait for the day Ava withdraw all troops from our land. When that time comes, you and I will build a house and live here together, all right?”

“I want to dream like you too, but Ava armies must successfully defeat KrungSri Ayutthaya.”

“Pee Jai, answer me this once, give an answer to your wife. Will you choose to be on Ava’s side or your wife’s side?”

“If I choose Ava, your love for me will be gone.” he cries.

“I will never stop loving you. I just want to know how the person I love is feeling.”

He turns away and says, “I’m Ava.”

“But I’m Thai. Then we can’t be together.” she cries in silence.

“If you love me then why do you have to use the words ‘Ava’ and ‘Thai’ to set us apart?” he asks.

She tries not to make any sound while crying. He holds her hand while she hugs him close.

At Ava Camp, a soldier splashes a bucket of water on Sang so he wakes up.

“Take him outside!” a soldier orders.

They have his hands locked at a wood frame so that he can’t move, then hang a whip close by. An Ava soldier walks over and takes off his mask.

“Jerd? You poisonous snake, it’s exactly what I thought!” Sang lets out.

“A poisonous snake? (He hits Sang’s face.) You are about to die yet that sharp-tongued?”

“It’s good that I’m about to die and I will curse you, to be utterly ruined and die under the Thai soil, under the feet of Thais!” Sang says.

Jerd hits him some more. Saya comes over and says that’s enough, don’t let him die just yet. “I want to know about Rajun Camp.” he says.

“I will never betray my fellow Thais!” Sang says.

“I know a Rajun like you won’t open your mouth easily.” Saya signals Jerd to have a heated steel ready.

“Now tell me, how many of you exactly and who is your leader?” Saya barks the question.

Sang spits on him.

Jerd puts a heated steel on Sang’s back. Sang cries out in extreme pain.

Aww…so sad.

Part 4

At the temple, Thub is talking to Luang Por Thammachoti.

He tells the monk that the enemies still don’t withdraw so they have to continue to fight them, and Rajun Camp will encounter a tougher war and so on.

Klerm says when the flooding reason arrives and northern waters come flooding, he isn’t sure the enemies will retreat.

Fak says if they don’t retreat by then, what they should do. He asks the monk does it not mean they will lose their land to them.

The monk says be kind to a crooked mind won’t make any different, because that mind will never be straight.

Thub turns to look at Jai then leaves the pavilion. Sabai doesn’t look happy so Feuang asks what happened. She says nothing.

Khab asks Thub whom Luang Por Thammachoti meant, and if he thinks it’s Jai. He says, “Tell you the truth, I’m not trusting anyone until we capture the spy.”

Thub says he isn’t at ease too, but now Jai is blind so it’s hard for him to sneak around and without seeing, almost no chance he can learn about the war plan.

He says they won the last battle because the senior warriors changed the plan, not the way they used to do it, and he can’t confirm that Jai doesn’t know anything about the spy, because previously so many things in the past pointed at him to be a suspicious one.

Feng tells Feuang she will take the dishes and wash it.

Thub tell Khab to be assured that he didn’t let this matter ride, and when the time comes, he will know what he’s doing. Khab pats his shoulder and says, “I believe you.”

At Ava Camp, Uthin is asking Sang why he is willing to die for others. He slaps Sang’s face and says, “Why don’t you save your own life so that you will get to live with your pretty wife?”

Uthin comes behind and stabs Sang’s back. “Think about it, when you all are defeated, your young wife – Juang, will be entertained by soldiers of this entire camp!”

Uthin tortures Sang some more until he cries out, “Enough! That’s enough!”

“Tell me, who planned the battle for all of you?” Uthin asks.

“There are ten senior camp-warriors totally. Each one of them is expert at war. You will NEVER defeat them?!” Sang smirks.

Uthin punches him some more.

At Rajun Camp,

Thub asks Feng if she’s still angry at him about Sang.  She says she knows only Pee Thub, the one who loves his friends and willing to die together.

“I won’t ask you to understand me now.” he says.

“Good, once you go and bring Pee Sang back, we will talk then!’


She pushes his hand away and leaves.

Part 5

Uthin keeps whipping Sang then asks, “How many weapons do you all have?”

“We have many times less than you, but we aren’t scared of you. We battled with our hearts, with our lives. This is our land, don’t think you can seize it from us. I’m wiling to die!” Sang stresses every word.

Other Thais in the cell get up and yell, “Release us!”

Uthin asks, “My friend, Ong Nai…Jai, is he alive or dead? Saya said he shot him himself.”

“Severely injured, now he’s blind. Even if he’s not dead, it’s likely so. Haha.” Sang answers.

Uthin is furious to hear that.

Back to RaJun Camp,

Sabai sees Jai grab a bamboo tube which contains drinking water. She’s stunned to see a blind man can grab it precisely. She steps away and he could hear her footsteps.

At the kitchen, Sabai walks over and talks to Feng. Her body is still shaking. Feng asks what it is.

“What if Pee Jai isn’t blind? What if he’s fooling all of us?” Sabai asks.

Feng tells her to take her to look at him. They both take a peek at Jai.

He’s using a knife to sharpen something then he cuts himself accidentally (I think). Feng says he must really be blind because a great hunter like him won’t let himself be cut by a small knife.

Sabai gets up the house and tells him she will find some cloth to treat his wound. She asks if it hurts. He touches her face and says not at all. Feng is happy to see the two are still in good terms.

At Ava Camp, it’s time for a meal so some soldiers come to give their captives food. He keeps yelling (in Burmese) “Be quiet!” at them and puts the food in a trough outside the cell.

Sang shouts, “We are human beings, so feed us like human beings, not like dogs!”

The soldier yells (in Burmese), “Eat if you want. If you don’t want to, then don’t!” then he splashes the food into Sang’s face.

“Be quiet! Be quiet!” the soldier yells while putting food in a trough. Sang spits on him so he gets angry and reaches his arm inside the cell. A Thai man grabs his arm and pulls hard, then locks his body against the bars. The soldier panics and shouts, “Yodia!”

Soldiers come running. During the commotion, Sang gets out of the cell and disguises himself as an Ava soldier.

Juang cries thinking of her hubby. Feng comes sit with her with a tray of food. “Juang, if you don’t eat, don’t sleep then how are going to have strength to fight, to slash the enemies?”

“Feng, let me die so that I can be with Pee Sang.”

“What if Pee Sang is still alive?”

Juang turns to her. Feng asks, “Why Pee Sang left you here? It’s because he wanted you to stay alive, isn’t it? Why didn’t you take care of your body and mind, and save your life to wait and see your loved one again?”

Juang weeps so Feng holds her and pats her head.

Part 6

Thaen takes some medicine and lies down. PunReuang tells Thong to watch over Thaen.

ThongMen asks how Thaen’s condition is. PunReuang says it didn’t get better.

ThongMen asks if it stays the same or is getting worse.

“Getting worse.” PunReuang answers.

Khun San says the enemies must be preparing to seek revenge for their leader, who was beheaded by Thaen.

JanKaeo says let them come, “We, warriors, volunteer to die before people in the camp!”

Thub says the enemies surely will bring more troops than before, while their forces and weapons are getting less and less. He says they will win only if they know the route the enemies would use to move forces and then come up with some ploy to stop them.

“But how can we know which route they are planning to take?”

Thub gets up and uses a stick to point at the battle model. “We have Cavalry Forces as our front-line unit so no way they will able to get in….” he explains to them but we don’t get to hear it.

At Ava Camp,

A man in white tells Ne Myo that JokEBo has arrived.

Ne Myo says the South Army led by Maha Nawrahta had moved further and now is close to Yodia’s capital on the west, while his army is still residing at the Mount of the Prasop River, much further away from Yodia’s city wall.

“I have too few of food supplies to move further. WHY IS THAT?!” he shouts his question.

Saya says Thai villagers rebelled against them and wouldn’t hand over their rice easily due to Bangrajun Camp getting stronger, that’s why Thai villagers dared to fight against their forces.

Ne Myo says Ava soldiers lack skills so much that they couldn’t defeat them. He asks if they will let those Rajun villagers run over his army.

“I should cut off your head. That camp has less than a thousand men while my army has troops of more than half of a hundred thousand! Why couldn’t we find someone to defeat them?!” Ne Myo says.

He sits down and continues, “I marched from Ava City, attacked Lanna, Lan Chang and had only victory all the way from the north, and with only one  more step I will reach Yodia’s capital city wall.”

He asks if they will let Maha Nawrahta’s army get a whole of Yodia capital city and hand it to the king before him. He shouts, “Go tell all our army leaders, whoever can destroy Bangrajun Camp to pieces, I will let that person rule the land of Yodia…half of it!”

Saya bows to him accepting his order.

More Thai villagers enter Rajun Camp. Feng tells them to walk further inside, there’s a place to sleep there.

She tells Feuang that more and more come to their camp because the enemies raided and burned more villages everyday. Feuang says because the enemies need food supplies to feed their huge armies so they seized it from them, Thai villagers. She says they aim big to take over KrungSri.

“No way. The only thing they can take over is our dead bodies on this land. We won’t stay under anyone.” Feng says.

Aerb and Chuang walk over and one of them says the war horses they seized eat so much that he couldn’t find grass in time for them.

Thub asks whether those war horses could be compared to his horse, Lao.

Chuang says by the dust! (horses run behind the one the front won’t even see the dust from the first).

Khab asks if he meant Lao (is better). Chuang says no, he meant those war horses. LOL.

Aerb pokes his head to make such joke then says of course, Thub’s horse is the best.

Thub talks to his horse, “Lao, my friend, I have a task for you to do.”

Khab asks where he will ride it to. Thub says he doesn’t need to ride it when Lao is clever like a human. “I need only to tell him and he’ll know how to do it.”

He pats Lao’s back, “Lao, leave now!” and Lao runs off.

At Ava Camp, drum rolls and enter an army leader named “Yae JorAka”.

Saya reads the letter.

“I’m Yae JorAka, army leader from the Navy. His Excellency General Ne Myo Thihapate had entrusted me the task of leading troops to crush Rajun villagers who dared to set up a camp and steal our food supplies. I came to bring back victory to His excellency…” Yae JorAka tells Saya.

Saya says he’ll be glad to arrange troops for him as he ordered, then says, “However, don’t insult the skills of Thai villagers. Battle concisely and don’t be reckless. Rajun villagers aren’t a group of thugs you can look down on their skills. We were defeated four times already.”

“JokEBo, trust me.” Yae Joraka says.

Sang, dressed up as Ava soldier, is listening to them.

Part 7

Khun San takes aim and shoots. He says, “Guns is a battle without having to get close. A gun with precise aiming from the eyes will make us win easier. Everyone, ready! On position! Fire!”

Thub, Khab and Fak  learn how to shoot.

Thub says he will aim at every Ava’s head. JanKaeo says their Artamart Sword skills on horses are second to no one too.

Khun San says but guns are hard to find so they must seize as many as they can from the next battle.

Fak says they will practice everyday, also with men here. JanKaeo says, “That’s good, but even a great weapon isn’t as important as unity. If you’re going to battle, battle as one.”

Khab says Ava kept changing its army leader to lead the troops here; they must think here is only a handful of forces to which they can harm any way they want.

“As long as we still love one another and fight as one, it will be hard for them to defeat us. We must stay united just like how Por JanKaeo told us.” Thub says.

Women also learn to fight with swords.

ThongMen says their skills with swords are great, especially those two (Feng and Sabai), whose skills surplus those of women, and any careless men won’t be able to defeat them. He laughs. He tells them to go take a break.

Feng and others sit down and drink some water. Feng says the enemies will surely come again so they must be ready. Sabai says about the battle, they are ready, but she’s worried about Juang who is still sad over Sang’s matter.

Feng says it’s beyond her brain to beg Pee Thub now, he’s so stubborn. An amused grin appears on Sabai’s face.

Feng says it’s true, Pee Thub is very stubborn and listens to no one. Sabai says it’s the same like her. Feng argues that she’s not the same like Pee Thub and tells her not to say that she’s similar to such stubborn man.

Feng gets up and says she better go see Juang.

Feng greets Juang. Juang wonders how Pee Sang is doing. Feng holds her hand and says, “Juang is here so Pee Sang will return no matter what.”

Juang says Pee Thub won’t go look for Pee Sang, he really can cut ties with a friend. Feng tells her not to blame Pee Thub. Juang turns away.

Lao (Thub’s horse) is running fast.

Thub is telling PunReuang that Ava already dispatched new troops to attack them.

“How many of them this time?”

“Around one thousand.”

“No matter how many thousands they come, we won’t retreat. This land is ours, I won’t let them step on and leave any footprints easily.”

“This battle will surely tougher than the last, and if we win, they will keep sending more troops.”

“For a precaution, we should have the women trained with swords. At the least, to save themselves.”

“I saw ThongMen and ThongSaengYai train women with weapons quite a lot. I think they must want to join the battle and fight together with men like us.”

“At this hour, women or men must fight and save themselves. Perhaps, we can have the women as a back unit, to fool Ava that our forces aren’t less than theirs.”

ThongMen says, “Go back and sharpen your swords. No more than 2 days, they will arrive at Ban KhunLok for sure. We must stop them and definitely mustn’t let them cross the SaTeu Canal!”

Drum rolls and Rajun warriors get ready to leave for the battle.

Thub narrates, “We, City of Sing warriors, Sanburi including Wiset Chaichan, and Suphan whom join hearts to fight the battle and pledge our lives to the land, together we are called people of Rajun Camp. Shoulder to shoulder, Thais hug in tears. Let us die, because we may die any time…”

Women are being trained.

“…for any home, its owner surely loves it, and when others come to harm us at the front of our home, where do you want us to flee? Do you want us to abandon our houses, our children and wives for the enemies to take over? Grandfathers and grandmothers whom we paid respect everyday, let them cross over like slaves? Do not! Even if there’s only one man left in Ban Rajun, we will never back down. Men like us, will lose our homeland to no one!”

Men end their prays, “Sa-thu!”

PunReuang shouts, “Rajun villagers!”

Others shout, “Fight to death! Fight to death!”

PunReuang shouts, “Open the camp gate!”

“The Fifth Battle”

Men march out of the gate.

Part 8

Yae JorAka and his troops arrive at SaTeu Canal. He waves for his troops to start crossing the canal.

Khun San shouts, “Bangrajun!” then they attack the Ava troops. Both forces enter a fierce fight.

After Yae JorAka was killed, Rajun forces shout their victory.

Man, thumps up for those who designed the scenes. Now I can see why they cast young energetic actors for this lakorn: to have them jump high here and there  🙂

Jai is having a dream of the past. What he’s hearing is, “Thais strongly believe they must return the favor to whom they are indebted to, and whoever saves them, they will count that person as their siblings.” Sang yells, “What kind of medicine you gave to my friend?” Sabai says, “Your heart is so cruel. Did you come back to kill more in this camp?” Saya slaps him, “This is the result of your weak mind!”

Jai stirs awake and hears a commotion.

Those who went out for war has returned, Feuang says. They run to them.

Jai also leaves his house. Feng hesitates so Juang asks if she won’t go with them. Feng tells her to go first and Pee Sang might come back with them. Juang asks what about her. She tells her to go and not to worry about her. Juang runs off.

Sabai sees Jai, “Pee Jai!”

He asks her what happened because he heard people running in front of the camp. She beams and says, “We won! We won the battle with Ava again!”

They open the gate and they cheer.

“Pee Khab!” Feuang calls out. Thub doesn’t see Feng come to welcome him. Sabai looks at Jai’s face, not sure how he’s feeling about it.

Feng sits alone by herself. Thub found her and wants to touch face. Feng grabs her sword, ready to protect herself.

“Feng, are you going to stab me?”

“You came making no sound. You’re lucky that I didn’t thrust my sword into your stomach.”

He smiles and sits down. “Until when you will be this fierce? I saw your skin filled with sweats so I wanted to wipe it for you so that it would be smooth like before.” He wipes her skin with a piece of cloth. LOL.

She stops him. “I can do that myself!”

They pull the cloth back and forth. “No!” he says.

“Pee Thub, do you want a hole in your stomach?”

“I’m holding both of your hands like this so how are you going to hold your sword?”

“I’ll scream for help.”

“Try it and I will seal your mouth completely.”

He leans over for a kiss. She scolds, “Pee Thub!”


“Let go of my hands!”

He says no, he won’t. She says he must. He holds her close and says, “I won’t let go. Feng, let me be happy a bit.”

“Pee Thub, I heard you help planning this battle. You knew which route the enemies would take, how did you know that?” she asks.

“I will do everything to win, no matter how angry you are or hate me.”

“Pee Thub, don’t just tease me.”

“Feng, I mean it. Listen to me, I will say and ask you your heart. If I win the next battle, will you stop feeling angry at me?”

“You are asking for a bribe from me.”

“Are you willing to give it to me?…I will ask for one thing only. If I win the next battle, I will ask for your hand, for you to be my wife.”

“Pee Thub.”

He holds her closer and says, “Feng, answer me first. Give me a promise and make me happy, and give me hope to fight the next battle so that I can return home to my wife’s cooking.”

“If you want a delicious meal then find other girls.” She says there are many girls sending him glances.

“Feng, even a hundred or thousand of extremely pretty girls, not one got into my eyes except this woman in front of me. Give me some hope and strength that I will get to hug you as much as I love you, and get to stay beside you while I’m still breathing.”

He leans over for a kiss. She stops him, “Pee Thub.”

He kisses her hand and says he will ask for her hand from aunt Fiem, and how much she ask for the dowry, he will find it no matter what.

She asks if he thinks her mother will be so unkind to ask him a dowry during the war like this. He says, “Besides my homeland which is the first thing to protect, it’s you only, Feng, my life and my soul.”

“Feng, your looks are so beautiful but your heart is more beautiful. Please let me be the only owner of this beautiful body and mind…for the life of you.”

He kisses her cheek then forehead.



Part 9

Ne Myo says Yae JorAka, their army leader, was killed on the battlefield. He says their army was completely defeated by Rajun villagers for the fifth time, what a shame.

He asks if there’s anyone else who will volunteer to kill them and wash out his shame with those Rajun’s blood. He shouts how many more of his men he had to send and get killed by them.

He asks JokEBo how many Thai captives in Wiset Chaichan Camp he has. “Behead them all, a tribute to all the corpses of our soldiers. I will kill every Thai captive we captured until I can destroy Rajun Camp!”

Sang sneaks inside Ava Camp. He tells the captives not to make loud noise and he will release all of them.

Sang gets the key and releases the captives. Ava soldiers shout that the captives are breaking the jail so come capturing them.

Sang helps many and runs. Some get captured back to the camp.

Khab says ThongMen’s Spy Unit told him that they saw Ava soldiers lurking at the back of the field.

Thub tells his horse to leave and do his important task. The horse runs  off. Aerb and Chuang come over and one of them asks where he let his horse go.

Back at Ava Camp,

Sang sees Thai captives are being killed one by one. He endures it and pulls a man back to stay put. “You will only end up getting killed to go there. We have a duty to do.”

“Rest in peace, my friends. I promise, not long, I will cut off their heads to avenge you all.” Sang says.

Drum rolls and enter “Jik-Kae”

He sits down in front of Ne Myo and says, “I, Jik-Kae – Deputy City Governor of Dawei, the one you once saved his life. I volunteer to take troops and attack Ban Rajun, to seek revenge for you.”

Ne Myo says he came all the way to Wiset Chaichan just to take a look at him so he hopes that he will seek revenge for him successfully. “You should know already how much hatred I harbored towards those Rajun villagers.”

Jik-Kae says he too hated them and will kill them all, to clear the route for him to happily attack Yodia capital.

“Destroy Rajun Camp completely. Do not let even one person be alive. Even children, don’t leave them to become our thorns!” Ne Myo orders.

Sang, in a uniform of Ava soldier, stands guard and listens to them.

“They killed my soldiers for five armies already. Go redeem the pride of Ava soldiers back to me the fastest you can!” Ne Myo shouts.

Jik-Kae says he had engaged in trade negotiation in Yodia capital before, so he knows well the route back and forth to Ban Rajun, so he (Ne Myo) shouldn’t worry. He tells Ne Myo that he will kill and behead Rajun Camp’s leaders then lay them down at his feet in 7 days definitely.

Ne Myo is satisfied, “Great!” then glances at Saya, “My soldier must be like this. From now on, I grant a permission to capture Yodia captives only deem necessary,  those elders who can’t work, behead them all!”

“Any soldier of mine let the captives escape, death is the only punishment!” Ne Myo orders.

Saya gets up and excuses himself. Ne Myo gives him a permission to leave.

An Ava soldier spots Sang and calls out, “Stop there!”

Sang quickly walks away and takes off  the uniform by the river.

Thub is telling his friends that he and Sang didn’t want to be defeated in the battle, and didn’t want Thais to shed flesh and blood and let the enemies think they are pigs to slaughter any time.

“I came up with this plan but didn’t think a man like Sang, who everyone looked down on as bad and wicked, would sacrifice his life, leave his comfort and his loved one, and leave everything behind to take a risk of dying for all of us.” Thub says.

Sang surfaces up from the water only to find Ava soldier waiting.

“Sang, do you think you will get away?”

“I think I won’t make it alive, but one life of mine in exchange for your whole army, it’s worth it!” Sang shouts.

They fight. “You duty is now over, but mine is not!” Sang shouts and breaks the neck of his enemy. He dies on spot. Sang walks away.

Sabai tells Jai that Thub will lead the Frontline Unit to battle again. Jai wonders, “Battle?” She says their Spy Unit found the enemies’ troops heading this way so they are preparing forces to intercept them before they reach their camp.

She tells him she will go help them preparing.

“Sabai!” he calls out and grabs her hand. She tells him not to worry and she will hurry back.

Jai recalls in his head, “I know my duty well that I’m Ava soldier. I came here to do everything for Ava Army to defeat the capital of Yodia.” then he recalls how Saya scolded him that he had so many chances to do it when he’s inside the camp but didn’t. “Could it be that…your heart is on Yodia’s side?” Saya once asked him.

He recalls, “I’m not a Rajun. I came here for my homeland, my army.”

Then he says out loud, “Even though I love Sabai, every drop of my blood is still Ava.” he leaves quickly.

Sang stops Lao on his tracks and greets him happily. Sang writes a message on Lao’s back. “Lao, hurry and give this message to Thub, my dear friend – your owner, and take care of yourself and be safe until you reach Ban Rajun.”

He rubs some mud over the message and pats his back to leave. He says, “Thub, your plan is about to make us defeat our enemies.”

Jai sends out a messenger bird. When he walks back, Thub calls out “Jai!”


“You sent the bird to tell our battle strategy to Ava Army. Not that I don’t know that you are a suspicious one, and not that I trusted you to cut ties with my friend, but everything I did, is to give you a chance to turn around!”

Jai drops the bird-cage and approaches Thub.

“Jai, finally, you prove to me and let me see with my own eyes. Be kind to a crooked mind won’t do any good, because that mind will never be straight! Come on, Jai! Trade life with me. Your blood and mine can never mixed.”

Jai says, “Even though the land of Ava and Thai are enemies, it doesn’t mean I have to kill every Thai. Thub, go back now, I don’t want to kill you. You’re a good man and you saved my life.”

“But you brought an army to trample on my land, raid and kill my fellows. Do you think the friendship we once had will make you survive today? Jai, from now on, I will forget that I had saved your life and you must forget that you are indebted to me. You said you were Ava then I will say that I’m Thai! You and I are enemies. Come on Jai, let’s fight like enemies. If I’m not dead, don’t you hope of taking my land!”

Thub continues, “Jai, you are blind so a man like me won’t take advantage of it.” Thub blindfolds his eyes. “Come on, you Ava!”

Jai kicks him first then pulls out his sword. Thub gets ready for the duel.

In the end, Jai is much faster and can easily slash Thub’s throat but he pauses mid-air.

*Note: I read that this is the kind of fight which is hard to find today. There’s a name for it but I forgot, hehe.

Episode 15 Preview

Aerb or Chuang: “This is our auspicious day, Pee Thub gets married!”

Jai: “Sabai!..Release me! Sabai!…Release me!”

Sabai: “I don’t want to hear anymore lies from a liar like you.”

Jai: “Kill me if you dare.”

Ne Myo: “I want to step on the corpses of Rajun villagers. Whether hundreds or thousands of troops you want, take it!”

Feng: “Pee Sabai!”


Oy…getting slower to translate due to the sadness added every episode. Hang in there, my friends!

*Note: Thub and his friends call Rajun warriors i.e. ThongMen, Thaen – “Por Kai” (the Camp’s father) and I feel ‘senior warrior’ suit it quite all right.

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