Update: Ab Rak Online – Last bits


While I can’t say I love the ending, the message sent to the viewers in the end is quite interesting.

Episode 15 Part 9 (summary)

Lipda and Saya come up with a plan for Pranon and Phrao to meet again and reconcile without them knowing.

Pranon gets ready to leave for Munich, Germany. He calls Lipda and tells him that he’s ready to leave with all documents in tact. Both Phrao and Pranon confirm the time and place for the appointment, and both will carry a red rose. They end up waiting at the different side of the garden.

Phrao and Pranon keep missing each other. Phrao has to leave for a job interview in a different town so Lipda tells Pranon to follow her there, which completely surprises Pranon to go such extent with this particular meeting.

I couldn’t believe they filmed while it’s snowing.

Finally, Pranon and Phrao bump into each other near a church. They both are stunned.


Lipda and Saya hang up right away. “Our job is done.” Lipda says with a huge smile on his face. “Boss, do you think we were overly noisy?” Saya asks. His answer is, “Very much!” then he says just kidding and he thinks it’s good what they did.

Back to Germany,

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we meet.” Pranon says.

“Pee Saya told me to meet with a VIP customer.”

“Pee Lip told me too to meet with a customer. He said someone would pick me up when I arrived.”

“Don’t tell me Non went to the garden yesterday.”

“Don’t tell me you waited for me in the garden with a red rose.”

She nods.

“I knew it. I thought it’s kind of strange starting from I was sent to Germany. Luckily I called your family and they told me you were here. I got suspicious a little at first but didn’t think it would be this smooth (unnoticed).”


“Phrao, I think you are misunderstanding something.”

“What misunderstanding?”

“That you said Pee Saya was perfect for me. I think it’s not. Pee Saya is perfect for Pee Lip, and the perfect one for me, is the one standing in front of me now…..Phrao, I’m sorry, sorry for talking to you harshly, sorry for being angry and forgetting what the most important thing in my life was, which is our love, Phrao.”

He says he doesn’t care anymore if she pretended to be Ab Rak or did something bad, because now he knows where his happiness lies, and that is, to be with her because those happiness come from a woman named PripPhrao, not AbRak or anyone.

He wipes her tears and says, “Phrao, you’re the woman in reality, not the one I imagined. The stubbornness, unyielding, fairness and bravery to fight against the wrong, they all come to be you, Phrao, and I love you. I lost you once and I won’t let it happen again. Phrao, please forgive me.”

She nods in tears. He embraces her and they really kiss. Ahem!

Phrao says let’s take picture.

Pranon is on LINE, “I did it. Pee Lip and Pee saya, I can take Phrao to your wedding.”

“Yes!” Saya shouts. Lipda asks if he can ask her grandma to find an auspicious date for their wedding now. She nods so he leans over and kisses her.

Both pairs have their own happy ending.

Saya on her laptop:

“In traders’ world, what we always face with are: information which is a fact, and information which created for business purposes…Marketing must be able to differentiate what is fact and what is fake, so that we can advise our customers to invest correctly. Actually, it’s not different from living in this era where everyone becomes a target of deception, especially technology in the form of communication, which seems to fool us.

It makes us believe that we have so many friends. It makes us believe that we keep ourselves updated on the news and what’s going with our friends. It makes us believe that we stay close to our family and our loved  ones. But in reality, it’s at all not that. We don’t have as many friends as the figure shows, and many times we forgot that, actually, we were alone.

To follow up with our friends’ lives by stills, through communication devices won’t help us stop missing them like we meet them in person, and to keep looking at pictures of our loved ones on a mobile phone won’t make us happy like when we are actually with them. If we can differentiate what is reality and don’t let technology fool us, we will use it just enough and be happy.

Avert your eyes from a rectangular screen in your hands and look at the one you love who loves you once in a while, perhaps he/she has been waiting to make eye contact with you…

Give priority to the one in front of you, because that person is the most real one…

                                                                                           …Awatsaya, the mother of Mar!”

Then life goes on with everyone. Someone greets Pranon and Phrao on LINE. They switch off their phones and hug each other.

Aww…Peter gets to kiss Ann, and Mark gets to kiss Kimberly several times.


Honestly, I didn’t follow this lakorn but I checked the last episode out. I didn’t like that windy wedding scene and the way Saya found out her true feeling for her boss. However, Peter and Mark all the way. These two together always made me grin   🙂

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  1. I was able to follow this one as it was being subtitled. Oh man … I have so much to rant about this one. I used to fast forward Ann’s scenes quite a bit unless it was with the character Run. Run was my most favourite character in the lakorn and I always looked forward to his scenes with anyone. I loved the chemistry between Run and Saya a lot. I also liked the chemistry between Saya and Phrao. Their scenes together were good too.

    Ann’s character Saya had zero growth until she was kissed by Pranon in the last episode and then all of a sudden she turned into a saint. So not believable!! There was nothing redeeming about Saya at all. She was unprofessional, a bully (for the first 11 episodes) and annoying from beginning to the end and her transformation post kiss was unbelievable and even more annoying because of that.

    Phrao’s character was the only character that was well written from beginning until the end. So I really liked here character and liked the way Kim played her. Pranon was also better written with both his light and dark side, but his dark side was redeemed too quickly IMO. That made it unrealistic. Pranon was far too lucky that Phrao was willing to take him back and he did not deserve it.

    Mark and Peter scenes were cute. I think they had good chemistry with each other but their scenes came too late in the lakorn. Run was also a well written character and the actor playing Run had great chemistry with all the other characters that he interacted with. I think more than anything, the writing of the main characters were a let down here esp Saya’s character. She was the main character around whom the story revolves and her’s was the worst written one. All the changes/transitions in her character were done too quick, like someone turned on a switch. Peter’s and Kim’s characters were the only lead characters I liked and wanted to consistently watch from beginning to end. Mark’s acting has improved a fair deal here and he was able to show emotions in a very natural way. I liked that … only if his transitions were not badly written as well .. sigh! I guess I’ll have to think about Officer Yeo’s character from Pob Rak to feel better now … :-D.

    Totally agree with you regarding the windy wedding. They needed a way to get Phrao and Pranon to speak and for Saya to over here that and confirm her own suspicions but I find it difficult to believe that that was only way they found. Anyway… it was not a horrible lakorn but not the best written one out there. The production was good, the graphics, the editing, music etc were all good. The acting was not bad.. it was great in places and good in other places but never outright bad. Better writing would have made this a true winner.

    • I didn’t follow Ab Rak but I fell in love with Peter and will look forward to his next project. I didn’t like Saya’s character and complained with my friend, but she argued that it really existed in any workplace, you know, single mid-aged women who favored pretty boys, so may be that’s how Saya was then learned her lesson later.

      • I had no problem with Saya as an older woman falling in love with a younger man. It happens all the time. A lot of my co-workers are married to older women and are very happily married – with many of the guys preferring this. Even my friend’s parents are the same and they are an extremely loving couple even after 45 years of being married. These relationships are like any other – many work and many don’t.

        I had problems with Saya as the boss and as a human being. As a boss she was a bully to Phrao, unprovoked, since the beginning, all because she wanted to hire Pranon as opposed to Phrao. Pranon even acknowleges that Phrao is the better candidate – it’s true as this is her background in academics and past experience. He gets a lot of help from Saya while Phrao gets no such consideration from anyone. Given all this, Phrao’s actions are only natural even if not always right.
        Does that happen in real life ? Sure. Buddies want to hire buddies all the time but it still does not make it right. I have seen and experienced that in real life so my tolerance of it is low. A friend of mine was laid off during her maternity leave just because her boss wanted to hire his buddy. My friend had to go to the human rights commission to fight this and she won. She took another job, obviously. If they had not made Saya a boss, I think I could have tolerated her more.

        Also, they made it look like it was ok for Saya to be this way and lie through her teeth but not ok for Phrao. They made it a character flaw in Phrao. I am guessing that because this was Ann, whom I am sure has a huge fan base that adores her ( and rightfully) they could get away with her character, Saya. I bet viewers were hating on Phrao instead. Also as a human being, Saya was just a regular scared, selfish person. Nothing wrong with that. Most of us in the world are that way but again my problem was that they made it seem like all that was ok and justified in Saya but not in Phrao. That’s where I had a problem with the writing. Also, from beginning to the end Saya remained that way. Nothing changed. She got everything handed to her on a plate just because she was the lead. Also, I never understood her unreasonable animosity with her boss. She was so rude to him all the time, again which was written as being ok but Phrao’s behviour towards Saya was not considered ok. Saya has the whole world rooting for her, including the boss she treats so badly, just because she is the lead. But on the other hand real life is like this. Real life is unfair and many people who may not deserve it seem to have the balance tilted in their favour. If they had kept the lakorn 100% realistic then none of these would have been problems. It’s would have made for a different type of lakorn but they tried to mix lakorn cliches with realism. Sometimes that works and sometimes it does it. Maybe this story was better suited for a being a movie. That way they could have kept a lot more of the realistic components.

        Yes, Peter’s character was adorable. His acting however was patchy. He did well enough in some places and struggled in others. But his character was such a nice but smart guy that you could help but cheer for him. :). Love the way he laughs. It’s such an open hearted laugh that you can’t help but fall in love :).

        P.S. Sorry about using your space to rant. Feel free to delete this comment if it is too much :).

  2. Exactly my sentiments what you said about the windy wedding scene. There are also many scenes I think were ridiculous but this lakorn made me like Mark and Peter even more. 😀

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