BangRaJun Episode 13

I was debating between doing episode 1 or 13, then decided to do both. I read that this lakorn would end on March 9th, so there are three more episodes (after episode 15) for us to rejoice over the pain  🙂


Part 1

Thub, Sang and Khab come to the meeting. Thaen tells them to follow him inside. He introduces the three to his fellows that they are Ban Kamyard Cavalry Forces and their skills with swords are up the top, and he wants them to join their meeting. He asks them to trust these three men. The three sit down and greet them.

Sabai asks Jai if tonight can he not go see Por ThongMen. Jai doesn’t answer and gets inside to put on his clothes and get ready to leave. Sabai says she wants to stay with him tonight like this.

“I want to be with you and don’t want to leave you till the end of our lives.” he says.

She hugs him feeling glad, then she tells him to never leave her. He says where he will leave her to when everyday he’s been doing everything for her.

She says in the past she was worried about Pee DokRak, anything she did could make him angry at Jai, but now she wants the war to be over soon then life would return to normal, and the two of them will grow rice and crops together. “Wherever you are, I will be close to you like this until death set us apart.”

He turns away so she asks if he doesn’t want to be with her. He says, “How could you say that? I love you and want to grow old with you.”

“I will be your good wife and give you many children. We will never be apart.” Then she says they will take his father in and she will take care of him. She hugs him tight when he doesn’t answer. He pries off her arm and means to leave. “Pee Jai!” she calls out so he turns back.

She takes her clothes off invitingly. He looks at her and decides to stay.

At Ava Camp, Saya is telling Uthin that he will make every Yodia who harmed him pay for what they did.

In the meeting at Rajun Camp, a man says this time Surinthajorkong, Ava Camp’s army leader, will lead the army himself so what their plan should be to counterattack him. The meeting goes on without us hearing what their plan is.

Sabai is crying in Jai’s arms.

Aww…knowingly sleeping with an enemy…must be painful for her.

Part 2

In the meeting, ThongMen is saying that for this battle, he thinks they need to gather forces almost the whole camp or else they won’t be able to stop the Ava. Thaen tells him not to worry, his men are willing to fight to death and won’t regret it. A man stands up and says he had been through many battle with Thaen so he volunteers to stay with Thaen’s group.

Others say he will fight till he dies, he will join every battle. “They will get out of our land!”

“A man like me never feels scared of them.”

“I will join this battle too, and let Khun San stay to watch over the camp.”

Khun San asks if he thinks his skill with sword isn’t as great as theirs. A man argues that they have limited amount of (gun) bullets so let’s wait until they can’t hold on then he can come as a reinforcement.

“What about me?” JanNuatKaeo asks. ThongMen says his skill with sword is great so he wants him to be the last sword to kill them here. He says people inside their camp are women, children and elders who need to be protected. He asks Jan to stay and protect them.

“For me, I won’t stay. I want to be in the front line. If I’m going to die, I want to die before everyone!”

“I won’t stay at the camp too. I want to get out there and kill them. I want to be the first one to die!”

(Sorry, I lost track on names but they mostly are real heroes who are in the statue.)

They are performing a ceremony before heading out to battle.

Sang looks around so Khab asks if he’s looking for Jai and says he disappeared since last night. Sang says he doesn’t see Jai come to send them off. Thub says Jai is with Sabai. Khab asks how he could know that. Thub recalls he ordered Feng to tell Sabai to find a way to make Jai stay away from ThongMen.

Thub says it’s good that Jai doesn’t come here because he wants to find out something about him.

Sabai cries alone while Jai is still sleeping.

Drums roll and Jai wakes up. He gets up and tells Sabai to wait here and he will join them. She tells him to stay with her inside the camp and let others go.

Men are cheering and Jai says no, he can’t, he must go with them. Sabai falls down and passes out. Jai has to get down and carry her in his arms.

He takes Sabai to Feuang and asks for her help. Jai tells Feng to take care of Sabai and he will go help Rajun warriors to fight.

Feng yells at him how he could drop Sabai on her and want to leave, and what she could do and what if Pee Sabai dies. Juang says she will bring a piece of cloth and water to wipe Sabai’s body. She tells Jai to stay and watch over Sabai first. Jai has to sit down and waits.

“BangRaJun!” Men are shouting.

Jai couldn’t sit still while Feng keeps looking at him. Sabai wakes up so he asks if she’s all right now, then he will leave to fight with them then he will come back to pick her up.

Feng yells at him not to leave. Juang tells her to let him go. Feng says no, he mustn’t leave. Sabai gets up and looks out the window which surprises Juang.

Juang asks Sabai that she fainted just now. Feuang asks what’s going on here.

“Pee Sabai, follow him fast!” Feng says. Sabai and Feng run after Jai.

Jai sends out a messenger bird again. Darnit!

Sabai and Feng come to the spot. Sabai says he surely sneaks out here to send the message. Feng says she doesn’t see him here.

Feng and Sabai look around and still can’t locate Jai. Thub, on his horse, looks at Feng so she smiles at him.

Part 3

Surinthajorkong addresses his soldiers, “Today those arrogant Rajun will remember my name Surinthajorkong till their last breath!”

Jai’s bird arrives safely and his message is handed to Saya.

Saya tells Surinthajorkong that Ong Nai sent him a message that for this battle, Rajun people gather most of their camp’s leaders and the name of the warrior upfront is ‘Thaen’, he is the most important one in this battle.

“The 4th Battle”

ThongMen leads everyone out of the camp.

Saya continues, “Don’t confront them by forces because they will push you to the direction of SaTeu Canal north of HuayPai Field.”

All Rajun warriors leave the camp.

Surinthajorkong argues, “With only one group of a few hundreds men in the front line, if they can withstand my army then we shall see.”

Saya says there are two more groups hiding along SaTeu Canal which are ready to attack them on both sides and his army will have nowhere to run.

Jai runs out and looks around. Two men grab him and takes him to ThongMen. He asks why he came just now. Jai notices the surrounding and realizes they are waiting to attack.

Surinthajorkong says, “Only a handful of foolish villagers like that, how can they be wise enough to come up with some war strategy?”

“If they are such foolish villagers like you said, they wouldn’t be able to defeat us three times in a role.” Saya retorts.

Surinthajorkong mentions the names of three army leaders defeated by Rajun people, then says those men weren’t that skillful and not even as skillful as him.  He says, “Jok-E-Bo (Saya), take a look, let’s see if those Rajun can defeat my army! And you, don’t use the message from your useless Spy Unit to benefit from this victory of mine!”

Saya says he’s only doing his job and warns him based on the message his man sent to him. “Here on, whether or not this battle will turn into a victory, depends on you.”

Surinthajorkong shouts at him that he never believes anyone but his weapon. He turns to his soldiers and says (in Burmese) “March out and attack Rajun Camp, destroy it to pieces!” Soldiers are cheering.

Thaen and his group bravely wait for the enemy to arrive. He says the birds and crows are startled this much, it could be more troops are coming than the last time.

The two forces line up facing each other in the distance. Surin yells, “You stupid villagers, you must all die!”

“BangRaJun!” men cry for battle.

Surin orders, “Kill them!”

The front line of both sides collide. Fierce fight ensues. Saya seems worried.

Thub shouts, “To SaTeu Canal! Quick! Go!”

Surin shouts, “Push them to the west!”

Saya counters that they can’t go that way, Ong Nai told him it’s a trap of those Rajun.

“Don’t you dare teach me! Are you telling me that those stupid villagers are hiding and waiting for me there? Then I will go to kill all of them there! (To his soldiers) Push them to the west!” He launches forward with his horse and the soldiers follow him.

Saya is witnessing the worst where more villagers show up and attack his soldiers.

Part 4

Thaen is leading his group to SaTeu Canal. ThongMen tells his men that they are coming and Thaen and Thub’s groups are luring them to this spot. “Get ready!” he shouts.

Men on horses are riding fast to SaTeu Canal. Some of them ride into the canal. Surinthajorkong and his troops follow them.

“SaTeu Canal”

They fight both on land and in water.


Man, the cast are so good with horses.

Jai sees the opportunity and wants to sneak behind ThongMen and kill him. He slowly approaches him.

More Ava troops armed with guns join in. “Fire!” Surin shouts. Soldiers start shooting and both sides take the bullets. Jai sees that and stops at what he’s doing.

Back at Rajun Camp, Feng is pacing back and forth like crazy. Feuang says the enemy will never defeat brave strong minds of Rajun villagers. Feng sits down and sighs.

“Go!” a man orders more villagers to join the fight. Ava soldiers aim and shoot. “Fire!”

Men keep fighting.

Phra Thammachoti is praying at the temple with the villagers.

Surinthajorkong launches out to fight with Thaen who slashes his chest first.

At the temple, suddenly a little boy cries and interrupts the moment, the candlelight suddenly went out. The monk opens his eyes.

In the heat of the moment, while fighting with Surinthajorkong, Thaen got shot on his knee. He cries out in pain. Thub sees it and tries to get to him, “Por Thaen!”


Surinthajorkong moves his horse forward meaning to kill the injured Thaen. With the last strength, Thaen thrusts his sword right into Surin’s body and pulls out, finishing him off once and for all. Surin drops death on the back of his horse.

“Save Por Thaen! Quick!” a man shouts.

A man says, “Take Por Thaen back to the camp! Quick!”

Thub and another man help carrying Thaen to safety.


Part 5

Sang comes back to the camp with others so Khun San asks what happened. Sang says Por Thaen was shot and is injured. Sang says the number of the enemy’s troops were more than they had thought.

A man says, “Hurry and take Por Thaen to Luang Por Thammachoti to take a look.”

Ava soldiers come rushing back and one man reports to Saya that Surinthajorkong was defeated by Rajun villagers right in the middle of the army, and right now the Rajuns keep pushing them at Sateu Canal.

Saya turns to his soldiers and shouts, “Soldiers, listen to me! Move the entire forces and follow me to Sateu Canal. Attack them on both sides and kill them all!”

At the temple in Rajun Camp, Phra Thammachoti is treating Thaen’s wound.

“Hang in there, Por Thaen!” his friend encourages him.

Khun San asks, “Without Por Thaen as commander, what will become of our Ban Rajun Forces?”

Everyone keeps quiet.

More Ava soldiers armed with guns arrive at Sateu Canal. They line up and take aim while Rajun men are busy fighting with only swords.

Back at the temple, Khun San says, “Por PunReuang, let me go out there and help them. It’s now late in the afternoon, they haven’t yet returned. Looks like this battle is taking a toll on us quite bad.”

JanNuatKaeo says he will go with him.

“What about me?”

“That’s right. I want to go help our fellows too!”

“Pee ThongKaew and Pee DokMai, you stay protecting the camp with Por PunReuang. If all of us leave, who will protect the camp? If Ava outwits us and attacks our camp, we will be at disadvantage.” He says there are many of their relatives in this camp.

“Sang, you come with me!” Jan orders. Sang says yes.

PunReuang says, “Khun San, JanKaeo, you hurry leave. I’ll leave you to command the battle instead of Por Thaen!”

The two rush out. Feng begs them to let her go with them too. Sang asks what she just said. Feng repeats to let her go too. Sang doesn’t stop to pay attention to that.


Sang says she knows well that she’s a woman. Feng argues that a woman can pick up a sword and kill Ava too. Sabai says she will go too, to take revenge for Pee DokRak. Feuang says she will go with her sister.

Feng: “They harmed and stepped on so many of our brothers and sisters. They burned and killed. They set mothers and children apart. So many corpses piled up. I helped Por Thaen kill Ava once so don’t worry about me. Please let me go with you.”

Sabai: “Please let Rajun women join the battle so that we can release our hatred. Let us do women’s duties: to love our fathers, mothers, children and husbands.”

Feuang: “I will be so glad to die next to my husband who is a great soldier, to trade my life for my homeland.”

Sang: “But…”

Juang: “Pee Sang, please don’t forbid us. Don’t let us sit and shake with fear in the houses while waiting for all of you fight in the battle. I want to be by your side whether it’ll be heaven or hell.”

Sang: “You’re a woman. The war is for men like us.”

Sang walks away. Feng yells, “Can’t women join the battle and fight for our country?!” Feng stubbornly runs outside.

Feng grabs a knife. Feuang asks what she’s doing. Feng says, “I will prove that men or women, if they love their country, they too can join the battle.”

Feng cuts her hair short.

Women run and join with the men.

Feng declares, “From now on, women like us will fight side by side with every Rajun man!”


“Open the gate!” Khun San shouts.

They head out of the camp with women joining them this time.

Part 6

At Sateu Canal, Saya orders, “Fire!”

Both sides take the bullets. More Rajun forces join in.

“Kill them!” Saya shouts.

The forces of both sides collide and Rajun women fight alongside their men. Feng yells, “From today, you will no more breathe on my homeland!”

Khun San and his group, armed with guns, take aim and shoot.

Thub get shot on his shoulder.

Saya sees that Jai is fighting with Ava soldiers so he pulls out his gun. Jai stands back to back with Thub. Saya aims and shoots. Jai sees him so he calls Thub and takes the bullet himself. (Not sure whom Saya was shooting at.)

Thub carries Jai in his arm and fights.

Khun San aims his gun at Saya and shoots. Saya sees him in time to lean backward and another soldier got shot instead.

Saya shouts, “Retreat! Retreat!”

Ava troops leave the spot. Rajun men shout their victory.


The girls look out for their men. Thub notices Feng is there but he has to take Jai back. Sang hugs Juang. Khab also runs to Feuang and hugs her. Sabai looks at Jai worriedly.

Feuang asks Khab if he’s all right. He says he’s worried sick about her. “You dare to be so brave. Why came out here? It’s very dangerous. What if something happens to you, how will I live?”

“Then, what if something happens to you, what will I do? From now on, I will fight along with you in every battle.” Feuang says.

“You talk nonsense. I came out here to fight with them because I wanted you to live comfortably.” He hugs her.

They come back to the camp. ThongMen is telling his men whose wounds got treated already to move out for others who got injured to get inside and have their wounds treated.

“The last group has returned!” a man shouts.

“Juang!” Sang holds her. She says she’s all right so he can go taking care of others.

“Close the camp gate!”

Feng looks around for Thub. “Pee In, where is Pee Thub?”

In says he’s with Sabai taking care of Jai at Jai’s house. Feng tells Feuang and Juang that she will go help Pee Sabai. Fak tells her to hurry.

At Jai’s house, Klerm says he will run to get the medicine from the monk. Another man says he will run to get some herbs to stop the bleeding from the senior warriors.

Feng arrives and Thub tells her that Jai got shot to save him. She asks if that means Jai isn’t a spy of Ava. Thub thinks about it.

Feng sees the wound on his shoulder. “Pee Thub, you got shot too, how are you feeling?”

He holds her hand and says he’s all right, it’s just a scratched wound.

“Oh, right! You were out there too, aren’t you scared to die?” he asks.

She says she’s not afraid to die but there’s one thing she’s afraid of. She’s afraid to stay alive and have to serve those Ava, it’s better she joins the battle.

He caresses her hair lovingly. Sabai cries while taking care of Jai.

Part 7

They sit down and look at Thaen.

A man says Luang Por Thammachoti already applied the medicine on the wound but the bullet is still in his knee, can’t get it out yet because they are afraid he won’t be able to endure it, so they wait for him to get a little better first then they will cut the wound open to take the bullet out.

A man says if Today Khun San and JanKaeo didn’t follow them there, they surely end up being the ghosts looking after Sateu Canal.

Khun San says they killed so many of them and less than a hundred made it back to their camp, they must be so angry and will bring troops to attack their camp for sure.

ThongMen says let them come, he wants to satisfy himself by stepping on the face of its leader. PunReuang says for the next battle, Por Thaen won’t be able to lead the forces. He asks them what they think if he wants Khun San and JanKaeo to lead the forces instead of Por Thaen, who is still injured.

“I agree. Khun San is good at shooting and had killed so many enemies while Por JanKaeo’s skill with sword is a fierce one.”

PunReuang tells Khun San that they got more Ava guns from the battle and asks him to train more of their men with guns and set up an armed unit.

Khun San says he will do that and will train them well so that they will shoot the enemies’ heads to pieces.

PunReuang tells JanKaeo to pick some men he likes and make it The Front Line Unit and train them to fight with swords until they become experts. JanKaeo nods.

“I have a feeling that the next battle is coming near. Looks like only a few days from now, Ava troops will surely come to challenge us at the front of our camp.” PunReuang says.

At Ava Camp,

Ne Myo Thihapate (Ava North Army General) is furious. He says a thousand of his troops were run down and killed by those villagers like veggies and fish. He asks JokEBo (Saya) if their soldiers, who were defeated, lacked skills since those are only villagers. He says they couldn’t even defeat villagers then how he could lead an army to attack Yodia capital.

“The fire which is used to burn down Yodia capital must be lighted by my hand, not by Maha Nawrahta’s, that South Army General!” Ne Myo declares.

Saya says his man who disguises and lives with Rajun villagers told him that they become outrageously brave because they are mad that their soldiers raided them, took their food supplies and burned down their villages.

Ne Myo asks if he means they shouldn’t raid or burn their villages because they are afraid those villagers will attack and fight back.

Saya says he only wants to inform him that their plan is not that complicated, but it’s due to a spy of his betrayed him.

Everyone in the hall perks up.

Ne Myo says finally, he confesses. Saya says he already punished him, he shot him with his own hand. “Before this night is over, he will die!”

At Jai’s house,

Jai stirs awake. Thub calls Sabai that Jai is awake. Sabai holds him and tells him to take it easy when he wants to get up. Sabai tells him to take some medicine so that he will feel better.

She hands him a bowl of medicine but Jai’s hands can’t reach it the right direction. He asks her why he doesn’t see her. Feuang asks if he doesn’t see them. Jai says he doesn’t see anything and touches his head. He panics. “Sabai, I don’t see anything!”

Sabai hugs him and says, “It’s all right. You will see me soon. It’s all right, I won’t leave you.” Everyone is stunned.

Is he blind for real?


Thub says Jai turned blind because of saving him. Khab tells him not to blame himself like that, it’s Jai’s fate. Feuang wonders what kind of fate of his.

Sang answers her that, before this, Jai swore and drank the holy water of Luang Por Thammachoti.

Feng says but Jai isn’t a spy of Ava.

Sang says Jai pretends to be injured and fools them again. Thub tells Sang to stop it, Jai doesn’t need to sacrifice himself to fool anyone when he saw it with his own eyes.

“Thub, why don’t you believe me? Jai has acted suspiciously from the beginning. He has no backgrounds. He dared come inside the camp to kill DokRak, so now he’s paying for it. He even swore and challenged the holy water of Luang Por Thammachoti. Thub, you are a good man and love to give a person a chance, but be careful, the harm will turn on you!” Sang warns.

“Sang, if I didn’t give a person a chance, you wouldn’t be standing here today!” Thub shouts.

Sang punches his face and yells, “That’s right, I’m bad. A bad friend like me will warn you for the last time that Jai is Ava spy, he’s deceitful and lies to us! This time he acted like he’s injured, but next time he will open the gate for them to barge inside and kill us all…because of your trust in him!”

Thub jumps in and they fight. Thub yells, “Sang, don’t let me hear you call Jai traitor anymore!”

Klerm and Khab set the two apart.

“Thub, if you….(couldn’t hear what he’s saying)…, one day you will die by the blade of his sword, and you will recall my words then!” Sang spits and leaves. Juang runs after him.

Khab tells Thub not to get angry at Sang because he doesn’t like/trust Jai.

Thub says, “I said before that everyone in here must be united. Don’t let me hear anyone have a doubt about a man who was willing to die to save my life like Jai anymore.”

Thub walks away so Feng follows him.

Part 8

Jai gets up suddenly so Sabai asks where he’s going. He pushes a little and she falls down. “Sabai!”

“I’m right here.”

He apologizes so she says it’s all right. She says she won’t let him go anywhere and he must stay with her. He turns away in despair. “I’m blind. I can’t see anything. What is left in my life now?”

“Me, you have me. I will be your eyes.”

“Don’t stay with me. Go! Go away!” he shoves her away from him.

She hugs him and says she won’t leave him, and whether he’s blind or anything else, she will never leave him. He hears her and cries.

“I love you. I won’t give my love anyone. My life, my heart belongs to you. Happiness or suffering, we won’t leave each other, all right?”

More tears fall from his eyes. “Sabai, I’m not a good person.”

“Whoever you are, you are Pee Jai, the good one of mine.”

He holds her face and says, “Sabai, I’m sorry. Don’t leave me. Don’t go anywhere.”

“I’m right here. I’m here with you.”

They both cry.

At a field, Feng says she sympathizes with Pee Jai and Pee Sabai a lot. Thub turns to her and says he will find a way to help Jai and he must be able to see things again.

Feng holds his hand and says, “Together we will help them. Pee Jai must recover.”

He smiles and holds her hands. “Feng, Didn’t I tell you that when I returned from the battle, I would have something to ask you? Do you still dislike me? Feng, Can you see me as someone you can lean on in your life?” he asks.


“Feng, if you still have some doubt about me and Feuang, I swear right here that what’s left between I and Feuang is the feeling of brother and sister. At this moment, my heart belongs to one woman.”

Feng turns to look at him.

“Her heart is courageous and resolute more than any other women, but it’s not the courage that made me keep missing her face every single day and night. Her constant retorts and sincere smiles are the things that I don’t want to stay away from her. Feng, tell me and delight me, what are you thinking of me?” He whispers into her ear, “My dear, tell me.”


*cough cough* what ancient words he’s using to court her but it’s so sweet.

She stands back and says, “What my answer could be other than…I don’t dislike you.”

She walks away so he runs and stops her, “Don’t dislike…then do you love…?”

“Pee Thub!”

He backhugs her and says, “If you don’t answer that you love this Thub, I will hug you like this till morning comes.”

“Pee Thub, let go of me, someone might see.”

He looks around and says, “Then I will hug you tighter. Please answer me and make me happy how much you love this Thub?”

He turns her to face him so she says, “Wanting to see, wanting to be near, wanting to take care, and wanting to have only the kind of smiles on my face that would make your exhaustion go away. Is this called love?”

He smiles and kisses her forehead. He holds her chin and says, “My dear, Feng, your expression of love was so sweet and I will memorize it deep within my life, my soul till my last breath.”

He kisses her on the lips tenderly. They smile at each other.

Part 9

Sang recalls how Thub told him not to call Jai traitor again. He gets angry.

Khab sits down with his wife and says, “Feuang, if you’re thinking about Thub fought with Sang, I think it’s all right.”

She says Pee Thub and Pee Sang fought because of Pee Jai and it worries her.

He says he doesn’t know when she learned how to use a sword and if one day she gets angry at him, looks like her sword could slash him to pieces.

She smiles and says then don’t make her angry. He smiles. She says she never learns how to use a sword but when it’s time to run and slash the enemies, she doesn’t know where her strength come from.

He kisses her hand and says he’s impressed by her spirits, her bravery, and every woman. He touches her face and says, “But I don’t want women in the battle.”

“Please don’t forbid me. At this moment, our Rajun warriors who are men become less and less while the enemy’s forces keep gaining in number. If you’re afraid something will happen to me, then teach me to use sword well so than I can fight with the Ava.”


Men and women are practicing with swords.

A man calls Thub to see PunReuang. Thub asks if only him to go. A man says yes, only him. Thub follows him.

Everyone looks at Thub and the senior warriors.

PunReuang says, “Por Thaen told me once that you were skillful, honest and had a strong mind. It’s regrettable that Por Thaen is still injured and won’t be able to join the next battle with us. I don’t want our Front-line Unit to lack skillful men.”

“I saw his skills and his courage from the previous battle.” a man assures him.

JanKaeo says, “Come join my Front-line Unit. I will appoint you as ‘Hua Moo’ (a soldier rank).”

Thub smiles and says, “We, Kamyard Cavalry Forces, are delighted to help with such important task.” He turns to his Kamyard fellows and they cheer.

Jai sits alone and recalls how Saya told him he would kill him if he met him on any battlefield and how Saya shot him that day.

“I’m a traitor. Want me to kill Rajun villagers but I can’t. They are so good to me. Sabai, she’s my love.” he says.

He smells her scent from her cloth and speaks in Burmese, “Please forgive me. I’m now paying for all bad karma I committed…Saya.”

ThongMen is watching roosters fight. Sabai sees Jai and calls out to him. She asks where he’s going. He says he’s walking to the practice ground to see her. She says she’s done for today and tells him to go home together. He says if he could see, he would be her fighting partner. She says that’s all right.

ThongMen walks to them. “Jai!”

Jai and Sabai greet him. ThongMen says, “A good person like you, it shouldn’t…shouldn’t be. How will you live and eat when you can’t see? That is too difficult, move in to my house.”

Sabai says it’s all right and she can take care of him. ThongMen asks who she is to take care of him at his house, she’s a woman and people will talk.

Jai says Sabai is his life partner and they live together as husband and wife, just that they didn’t get married. ThongMen chuckles and says Jai wants to take someone’s daughter to take care of her but how come he didn’t go ask for her hand in marriage officially.

Jai says Sabai’s father died during their evacuation to Ban Rajun, so he doesn’t know whom he should go ask for her hand. ThongMen asks Sabai how she can live with a blind man. She says whether Pee Jai is blind or lost his arm, she will never leave him. Jai smiles.

ThongMen tells Jai that she loves him very much, and since both of them love each other so much and both helped him do the battle until now so, in a way, they are Rajun people’s children and grandchildren too.

ThongMen says he will act as their elder and arrange a wedding for them, so that they can live and take care of each other openly. Jai and Sabai smile.

Then the wedding ceremony between Jai and Sabai.


Jan, Thub’s mother, gives her blessing to Jai, let their love blossom and long-last, be the shades for each other.  Fiem says, “Sabai, child, come here, love and take care of each other, don’t abandon each other, love each other for the rest of your life.”

Girls are happy for Sabai.

PunReuang blesses Sabai that since the two of them get married at Rajun Camp so he will count them as Rajun villagers now. He wishes her a lot of happiness.

ThongMen blesses Jai, “Jai, don’t you cheat on your wife. I heard your wife slashed an enemy just once and he immediately torn into two pieces. Haha. May you two be prosperous. Here you go, good luck.” He finishes tying a thread on his wrist and pats his shoulder.

Fiem tells Sabai if her father is still here, he would be out of worry now.

At Ava Camp, Ne Myo says they had looked down on those villagers that they fought like a gang of thugs, but now they had killed four of their army leaders.

“Their unity is much stronger than all of the weapons we have. If we allow them to gain more people, they will become thorns pricking our feet and keep us on our toes worrying about our backs, and it will set an example for other Thais to follow. We can’t allow this.”

He turns to Saya and says, “You, go find our army leader who is especially familiar with Kwaeng Sing Buri to me.”

He walks to Rajun Camp model and says, “I will order him to completely destroy Rajun Camp!”

At night, Jai is having a nightmare where Sabai is yelling at him that he’s Ava spy and to kill her too and says she hates him.


Jai has a severe headache and cries out.

He tells Sabai that he’s all right and feeling thirsty. She says she will get water for him. It looks like he can see again? Right?

He stares at Sabai and stands still. She asks why he’s staring at her like he can see.

He says if he can see again and has to leave her, then better let him be blind and live with her like this. He drinks water and asks why she didn’t sleep yet. She says it’s because his shirt and pant are filled with tears.

He smiles and says it must be when he went patrolling with Por ThongMen and some thorns must have pricked them. He says he owes Por ThongMen his life and can never pay him back enough.

He says without Por ThongMen, it would be beyond his capability to honor her openly like this.

She says it’s good karma they did that the elders are so kind to them. He says since he’s young, he never has any elder love or be so kind to him like this.

She asks why he said like that. He says just forget it.

A needle pricks her finger so Jai quickly grabs her hand and sucks the blood out. She’s stunned. He says it’s only a small wound and will heal soon.

Sabai stares at him. It seems she’s unsure if he really cannot see.

Episode 14 Preview

Sang: “A man like Thub is god, go ahead and keep paying respect to him. He’s only a friend who takes all the benefits to himself…”

Sabai: “Will you choose to be on Ava side or your wife’s side?”

Jai: “I’m Ava…”

Sabai: “We can’t stay together…”

Juang: “Tell Pee Thub to go save Pee Sang. Feng, we can’t let Pee Sang leave to die like this!”


Jai’s mind is still going around in circle and I can see why since he spent time with his enemies for too long. How can you kill them when it’s their rice filling your stomach everyday? Thub and Feng were so cute together and I was thinking, it’s during the war so just make it quick. LOL.

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  1. Thanks! You did great here and your work here is superb!!!

  2. Thank na ja. BR is breaking my heart yet i can’t pull away. Call me crazy.

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