BangRaJun Episode 12


This episode was compelling enough.

Episode 12 Part 1


Sabai tells DokRak that our land is so prosperous, good soil, good water, and rice could be nicely grown filling up the whole field, and they would never die starving.

DokRak looks at the rice on the plate and says the name of his possessive rice variety, “Kao Hom PinKaew”. Sabai says that’s right, Kao Hom PinKaew, which he’s so possessive of and he loves to eat it the most. She says she will spoonfeed him. He says all right.

A song comes up to relate the moment to a ceremony to encourage/bring back the rice field’s spirits. It shows how both Sabai and DokRak’s bonded as farmers.

Sabai cries and tells him to eat a lot so that he will have the strength to join the battlefield.

She says, “We will fight protecting the soil, water and rice, for it to become flesh and blood of our children and grandchildren, all right?”

She tells him to eat a lot. Feng looks at them and cries. She says she sympathizes with both Pee Sabai and Pee DokRak. Thub turns to look at her *fanning self*

Flashback to the time Sabai’s performing the ceremony. Beautiful scenes and good editing job here.


DokRak enjoys the meal until he suddenly chokes up. Sabai is startled and keeps calling his name. He falls to the floor so Sabai panics and asks what happened to him. Thub checks DokRak’s eye and says he’s poisoned.

Thub tells Feng to call the doctor, Chuang, Aurb, Sang and Khab. He tells her to hurry.

DokRak keeps staring at the rice hanging down beautifully from the ceiling.

Sang and Khab are looking at Jai. They are getting annoyed and feeling really suspicious of him. Chuang and his buddy alert them that DokRak’s poisoned so they all run to see DokRak.

Jai hears it and thinks hard.


The doctor makes sure DokRak drink a bowl of medicine. Jai quietly takes a peek. The doctor says he’ll be all right, the medicine is doing fine.

Sang says they (Ava) go to such length of putting poison in the rice, it means DokRak truly saw the face of that Ava person. Sabai asks whom DokRak saw but no one dares to tell her. Everyone seems to have that person in mind but keeps quiet.

Jai secretly meets Jerd. He says he told him not to do it yet because they are getting suspicious of the two of them. Jerd says Jai will never be able to kill DokRak because he has a weak mind sympathizing with Sabai.

“I can do it.” Jai argues.

“Then do it. Don’t just keep waiting, or do you want to get caught by those mad Rajun people and be beheaded?”

Sabai and Feng are watching over DokRak. Feng looks at DokRak and asks if it’s really the conditions of driving out the poison like the doctor said. Sabai says his conditions could still be critical.


Aerb, Chuang and Fak tell the two women to call for them if something happens. Chuang teases Feng to call ‘Pee Chuang’ loudly that it echoes to the other side. Fak says they could even make a joke now, then tells Feng that he’s leaving.

Feng follows him outside and says those spies are scary and she couldn’t figure out who they are. Fak warns her to be really cautious and take good care of herself. He says the enemies barging in with swords in their hands aren’t as scary. Feng nods.

He tells Sabai not to trust anyone easily, and not to tell the things doesn’t need to tell to anyone. Sabai says yes.

Sabai says she wants to see the face of that wicked mind and ask if that person is still a human being. She cries looking at DokRak.

Part 2

At night, a man wearing black with face covered sneaks into DokRak’s house. DokRak sees him standing by the door and cries out, “No! No!..”

Sabai and Feng hear him so Sabai tells Feng to get inside and check on DokRak. Feng walks in the house and sees the man so she calls out for Sabai, “Pee Sabai!”

Feng grabs a knife by the door and attacks the man. He ducks and shoves her away. “Pee Sabai, go call Pee Thub!”

The man grabs Sabai so Feng slashes his back with a knife. The man knocks Feng down. Both women fight him and at one point, Sabai pulls down the cloth covering his face and utters, “Pee Jerd?”

The man shoves Sabai away bumping a burning candle to the floor, putting the house on fire.

On the other side, Jai is walking along while observing things around. He sees Thub walk towards him so he greets him, “Thub.”

“Jai, I want to talk to you.”

Jai asks what it is. Thub asks if he already knows that DokRak was poisoned. Jai seems surprised and asks when it happened and who was so bad to do that.

Chuang is taking great care of his fighting rooster chanting him a pray in Pali. LOL.

Aerb bluffs him that when he finishes with the war, he will go to ‘Phitsanulok’ and acquire a rooster, the same kind of King Naresuan’s (who defeated the enemies and declared independence), to fight with Chuang’s.

He says, when King Naresuan’s rooster fought (in the ring), the stakes were the country, while Aerb shouldn’t look for one because his rooster lost to his all the time, but if looks for boiling to eat, then that he could do.

Aerb stomps his foot on Chuang. Then someone shouts that he saw DokRak’s house on fire. Aerb and Chuang repeat, “DokRak house’s on fire?!”

At DokRak’s house, the man is trying to stab DokRak while DokRak stop him, but finally the knife gets to DokRak’s chest and he cries out.

Feng slashes the man’s back and kicks him away from DokRak. The man knocks Feng down and she passes out.

Thub is telling Jai that DokRak kept saying his name, that he’s Ava’s spy. Jai isn’t surprised and says DokRak doesn’t like him because of Sabai. Thub asks whom he was with when they went out into the battlefield. Jai calmly says he’s with Sabai. Both stare at each other challengingly.

Sabai wakes up and calls DokRak feeling worry. Jerd grabs her hair and she cries out. DokRak lunches at him then gets slashed and kicked. “Pee DokRak!” Sabai shouts. Feng wakes up and fights him to release Sabai.

Aerb and Chuang run to the house and see the fire. “Chuang, what is this?”

“Don’t ask now and get inside!”

Both see a man run out of the house so they follow him outside. The man runs away.

Sabai cries calling DokRak’s name. Aerb (or Chuang) tells them to hurry get out of here first. Both men help them get out.

Feuang and Juang hear that DokRak’s house is on fire. A man tells Thub about it. Feuang and Juang run to Thub,”Pee Thub! The villagers are talking that fire broke out at Pee DokRak’s house.”

Juang says, “Let’s just go!”

They take off running. It also worries Jai, “Sabai!” so he runs after them.

Chuang tells Aerb to stay here and take care of them while he will follow that man. Aerb tells him to take care.

Sabai talks to DokRak, “Pee DokRak, talk to me.”

BangRaJun-ep12part2 -1

DokRak keeps telling Sabai to be on guard. Thub and the rest reach the house, only to witness DokRak dies in Sabai’s arms.

“Pee DokRak!…” Sabai repeats his name.

Poor man, and his painful death

Sabai says Ava’s spy came to kill Pee DokRak.

She declares, “The one who killed Pee DokRak mustn’t have a peaceful death. If he doesn’t die by the knife of Rajun villager then he will die by my hands. Pee DokRak, I will kill him with my own hands!…Pee DokRak, I will be the one to kill him!…”

Thub furiously gets up and walks out of the house. Aerb says let him go with him. Jai leaves the scene quietly while Sabai continues to weep in agony.

Part 3

Sabai hugs DokRak and weeps. Feuang tells her to try to contain the sorrow or DokRak would be worried if he knew. Sabai says Pee DokRak kept warning her all along and it’s her fault never listen to him.

Juang asks if Sabai saw the culprit’s face and if he looks familiar. Sabai recalls the incident. Juang asks again if she feels familiar and knows who he is. Sabai says she’s not sure  *headdesk*

Feng says don’t worry, she left some wounds on his back and Pee Thub and his men are hunting him down. “That Ava’s spy will never get away!”

The wounded Jerd is struggling to reach his men. When he passes out, someone found him.

Jai secretly comes looking and unexpectedly meets with Saya, then he sees Jerd (also Uthin – Burmese name) is being carried, “Uthin!”.

Saya says Uthin sent a messenger bird to tell him that he would do it instead of Jai tonight and tell him to wait at this spot.

Saya says he thought Uthin might lure Rajun people here for him to enjoy chopping their heads off, but he didn’t think he would find Uthin in this critical conditions.

“Saya, I told Uthin not to do it yet.” Jai tells him.

Saya slaps him.

“Look at him Ong Nai (Jai’s Burmese name). Take a look at him! The result of your weak mind, wanting to kill a friend.”

“Saya, it’s not that I won’t do it.”

“Don’t you make excuse.”

“I didn’t make an excuse. I know my duty well, that I’m Ava soldier. I came here to do everything for Ava to defeat Yodia.”

“But you didn’t do it! How many times you had a chance to do it when you were in that camp? Yet you didn’t do it only because you were worried about a woman. Or…could it be that your heart is on Yodia side?”

Jai perks up and says, “Saya, no! I’m Ava.”

Saya says he wants the one who is dying to be him instead, and not Uthin. “Ong Nai, look at him. Just look at him and know that it’s a result of your weak mind. Uthin, this friend of yours, is about to die. Look at him!”

Jai cries. Saya orders his soldiers to take Uthin back to the camp.

“If you’re willing to trade a friend, a duty for one Yodia woman, it means you’re no longer Ava, and if that’s the case, remember, that from today onwards, no ties left between us! Any time I see you on a battleground, I swear I will slash your throat with my own hands!”

Saya walks away and Jai wants to follow him, but then he hears Thub and his men approaching. They are looking for the culprit. Aerb asks Chuang if he looks thoroughly enough, how the man could disappear so fast. Chuang says he did look but the man got away so quickly.

Jai quickly wipes his tears away.

Khab calls Thub that he found blood on the ground. Thub says there’s someone saved the culprit and they must have gone that way. Sang says from the footprints, there must be many of them and they must have planned ahead to meet here, that’s why they could save the culprit in time, and most important thing is, they must have known way in and out so well.

Thub stops his friend from following the blood traces further because to do that at night, they could be lured into a trap. Khab agrees and says he thinks there are more than one Ava spy in their camp. Sang says they must locate the rest of them. He asks Thub if he’s suspicious the same way.

“Jai!” Thub says the name.

The villagers are carrying DokRak’s body for burial. Jun says DokRak must have known who they were that’s why he’s killed. Feng’s mother says DokRak came with them all the way here, what an untimely. Jun asks how they can sleep soundly at night now when knowing some Ava are inside their camp. Feng’s mom says that’s true.

BangRaJun-ep12part3 -1

Sabai is talking to DokRak that she will leave him here and when the war is over, she will dig him up to be properly blessed. They put DokRak on the ground and Jai is there to help digging up the ground for the grave.

“Pee Jai!” Sabai doesn’t expect him here.

Feng calms her down, “Pee Sabai.”

Thub and his friends come back and see Jai. Sang  wants to beat him up but his friends stop him. “Jai, why didn’t you go out looking for Ava spy with us?!” Sang asks.

Jai says he thinks he’s more useful here, only getting exhausted to go there in batch.

“Jai, don’t you think that I don’t know!” Sang jumps in and punches Jai’s face. Jai means to fight back but Thub and Khab pull Sang back and tell him to stop.

“If you all are really having doubt about me, then don’t leave me be. Kill me and bury me along with DokRak, so all will be done with.” Jai says.

Eh…it helps that a spy is such a good-looking *cough* He conceals himself so well.

Part 4

Jai says in front of everyone, “A man like me, has no family background (origins unknown). I am the most suspicious one. Don’t waste your time asking when every one of you has a sword in your hand. Just kill me. A man like me, to be born or die, it’s equally the same. I have no father, mother or siblings to worry about. Sang, do it, so that your doubt will end here!”

Sang pulls out his swords, “That sharp tongue of yours. Jai, don’t think I won’t dare?!”

“I know you do, Sang! When DokRak died, it’s obvious my head was marked.” Jai shouts back. Thub says he and his friends don’t make a judge on someone by anger or hatred. Jai says he knows that Thub is a fair man then tells them to recall that the time the incident happened, he was with them. “So, do you still have a doubt about me?!” Jai asks

No one can argue about that.

Jai kneels down and tells Thub to cut his head and kick him down the grave. He says he intended to dig a grave for DokRak so that he would rest comfortably, but if it turns out to be his own grave, he’ll glad to too.

“Pee Jai!” Sabai calls out. Sang lunches at Jai, a sword in tow. Jai challenges him to do it.

“Cut my throat and let me die along with DokRak, to serve the fact that I’m innocent of it all.” Jai retorts.

Thub stops Sang and tells him to put his sword away. He says Jai isn’t a spy.

Everyone seems surprised to hear that from Thub. “Don’t kill a person over a doubt. Jai is clearly one of us. Don’t make our enemy rejoice that we kill each other over a suspicion.” Thub says.

Sang angrily walks away. Thub stares intensely at Jai and says, “I will find the culprit no matter what and make sure he receive the punishment. I swear!” Jai doesn’t avert his eyes and keep them on Thub at all time.

BangRaJun-ep12part4 -1

At “Ava Supplies Camp, Kwaeng Wiset Chaichan”, Jerd is receiving a treatment to heal his wounds.

“Saya, don’t kill Ong Nai…forgive him.” Jerd begs. Saya is startled by his request and thinks back the conversation he had with Ong Nai. He doesn’t give Jerd his answer.

Jai walks to Sabai’s hut. Juang sees him, “Pee Jai!” It seems both girls are still angry. Jai asks where Sabai is. Feuang says she stayed at the barn since last night. Jai walks to that direction. Juang is feeling wary, “Pee Feuang!”

Sabai turns away when Jai calls her. He sighs and walks to her. He says she kept sitting here without eating or sleeping, does she not know that it worries him.

“You don’t have to worry about me, just answer me. Where is Pee Jerd?” Sabai asks with tears in her eyes.


“Pee Jerd disappeared since last night, up to this hour, where is he?”

Jai couldn’t respond to that quick enough.

Feng walks to Thub and asks if he really believes Pee Jai. She sits down and says she went to check his hut and Pee Jerd disappeared. Thub turns to her.

Sabai tells Jai to tell her, from the time the incident happened till Pee DokRak died and till now, where Pee Jerd is, is he not severely injured, so how he could disappear just like that.

Jai stammers, “Pee…Pee Jerd…”

“He disappeared because he killed Pee DokRak! Jerd was the one killed Pee DokRak. You conspired with him. You’re Ava spy like Jerd, aren’t you?!”

Jai is worried how loud her voice is. Sabai shouts at him to answer. “Answer me! You’re Ava, aren’t you?!”

Jai quickly surveys the area. “Why don’t you answer me?!” she repeats.

Thub is telling Feng that DokRak mentioned Jai’s name that he was the one beat him up at the time he was badly injured and lost his memory. Feng says it’s so hard to believe because Pee Jai is such a good man and he helped them and Pee Sabai all this time.

“You killed Pee DokRak. You conspired with Jerd to kill Pee DokRak!” Sabai shouts.

“Sabai! Can you let me tell the truth first?”

“No, I won’t listen! I won’t!” she yells. “Kill me too! I was so foolish to believe you!”

He struggles to hold her hands and says, “Sabai, I will never harm you. I will protect my Sabai.”

“I don’t believe you. I remembered the glint in the eyes of the person who killed Pee DokRak. It’s Jerd’s!” she barks.

Jai is stunned.

Part 5

Sabai says he’s such a cold heart, he killed Pee DokRak and could still remain here.  She asks why he came back, or he came back to kill more people in this camp. She says do it, kill her too, she won’t run and will stand here for him to kill so that she will follow Pee DokRak, who kept warning and worrying about her, but she chose to believe a man like him, the one who had only betrayal in his mind instead. She tells him to kill her.

His hands are on her shoulders firmly when he says, “Sabai, I came back here because I love you.”

“I hate you…I..hate…you.”

“But I love you, Sabai!”

She slaps him and says, “Don’t love me.”

“I came back here because I love you even if I knew that RaJun villagers were getting suspicious of me.” Jan says.

Feng tells Thub that Pee Sang wants Pee Jai to leave this camp. Thub says it’s easy to do that but if he could be caught red-handed, they can use him to ruin his own people. Feng asks if it means he actually doesn’t trust Pee Jai too. Thub says he wants more concrete proof to be sure.

Jai tells Sabai that he knows what kind of a man Pee Jerd is, he’s been taught till it absorbed into his veins by Saya that killing is to end the war, and he treasures his duty more than his life. “The reason Pee Jerd came here…to do everything to make Ava defeat Yodia only and no one can change his mind. Yesterday when I knew about it, I chased him out and lied that I would do it myself, but I didn’t know that Pee Jerd already stopped trusting me, so Pee Jerd killed DokRak himself.”

“You lied to me.” Sabai argues.

“Sabai, why would I lie when I…love you more than my life?”

“Why didn’t you warn me or tell Thub?”

“If I tell, it means I’m killing my own brother. Sabai, do you want me to kill my own brother? Everyone will never forgive Pee Jerd. Thub and others will surely kill him. That’s why I cut ties with him and let him leave, and if I’m going to be wrong in this, I was wrong that I couldn’t hand a sword to someone to kill my own brother.”

“Pee Jai.”

“I can’t kill my own brother. I didn’t think…didn’t think it would come this far, and didn’t know DokRak would be killed, but I’ve already confessed all of the truth to you to prove how sincere my feeling for you is. Sabai, you can kill me…” He pulls her into a hug and says, “…but don’t hate me.”

BangRaJun-ep12part5 -1

Agrh…do you think he meant what he said he meant?

Four girls are looking at DokRak’s grave. Feuang asks Sabai who she thinks is the spy, the person who killed Pee DokRak.

“Pee Sabai, if you want to know deep down in Pee Jai’s heart, I do have a way.” Feng suggests.

In practice session, Sang tells Thub to believe him since he himself was a former bad man, and he believes Jai is hiding something. He says Thub saw it already that his brother disappeared and in the last battle, their group were surrounded by so many Ava soldiers that they almost died, because they (Ava) knew how they would attack.

They fight and then Sang says, and next battle, Ava will surely attack them bad because they know every little thing inside RaJun Camp!

Khab tells Thub that may be it’s good to listen to Sang and it’s interesting what he said. Thub says if they don’t have any proof that Jai is a spy, it will mean they are framing an innocent man.

“Thub, you’re a good man, so how would you know like me what a bad person is up to?!” Sang yells.

BangRaJun-ep12part5 -2

Four girls lay bouquets of paddle stems on DokRak’s grave.

“Pee DokRak, I won’t let your death go to waste. Whoever conspired to have you die, must all die along with you.” Sabai cries.

Part 6

Four girls come to the temple and watch the monk making the holy water.

Jai appears on the practice field. Sang greets him, “So, Jai, the good man, why are you staring at my face? Or some bloody wounds you want today?”

Khab asks what Sang thinks of doing. Sang says a sword-fight practice then he challenges Jai if he’s so scared of Ban Rajun warriors. He shouts at Jai that if he’s going to continue with his secret behaviors, then leave this camp. He declares, “Because this place only filled with warriors who treasure their vows with their lives!”

Jai slowly approaches the filed and picks up a sword.

“Jai, so? Or you’re so scared that your throat will be slashed by the blade of my sword? Then just think you are doing a practice with me, not to the point of death but barely made it.”

They enter the fight. Khab yells, “Sang, that’s enough!”, another man says Jai is in for a bad luck, then another says Sang meant to kill.

Of course, Jai’s skills put Sang in disadvantage in no time. Khab yells at Sang to stop it. “Sang, that’s enough. I think it’s too much.”

Thub jumps in and tells Khab to let Jai fight and the worst case is he’ll only be wounded. Another man says Jai has been concealing his skills so well. Thub says he won’t let anyone die until the truth comes all out.

Jai defeats Sang and Khab wants to get to them. Thub tells him to wait. Feng comes running. She tells Fak that she came to call for Pee Jai.

Sabai tells Jai that Luang Por gave her this hold water and she wants him to drink it in front of everyone here. Jai hesitates then accepts the bowl from her.

Feng says Luang Por’s holy water has high numinous effects, whose mind filled with a wicked plan, that person’s mouth will swell and burn.

Feuang adds that, however, if that person’s mind means well, his life will be prosperous and even more.

Jai contemplates then looks at Sabai. She says, “I love you and that’s why I want everyone to see that you are a good man, the person we can trust. Can you do it for me? To let me know that I didn’t love the wrong man.”

Thub says if he doesn’t want to drink it then put it down, and no one will force him to drink it. Jai looks at him and says, “I will drink it. (He looks at Sabai.) I’m willing to. (He looks around) I want everyone to know that, I’m a part of Rajun Camp and ready to become siblings with people here, ready to fight together with people here. (He looks at Sabai), and ready to die together with people here.”

Sabai feels glad and Jai drink it all *gulp*

Sabai cries and everyone seems satisfied for now.

The men are riding and Sang says Jai dares to challenge Luang Por Thammachoti’s holy water. Fak says may be Jai is not a spy since they tested him like that. Sang spits upon hearing that. Thub says let’s leave. They ride out of the camp.

Jai walks alone in the field and falls down. He’s suffering from stomach-ache, presumably the effects of the holy water. He struggles to fight with the pain and wants no one to see. He recalls Saya scolding him and utters that he didn’t want his friend to die.

Part 7

Jai recalls how Sabai shouted at him for being a part of the plan. He lets out, “Sabai, I love you.” He cries out because of the pain. A mysterious man approaches him and gives him the antidote (I think). He then thanks him in Burmese. “Thank you.” (Viewers are still guessing who the man is.)

Feng comes out of the house and tells Juang that she will help her do it. Then she sees Sabai’s sad face so she asks what’s more for her to worry when Pee Jai already agreed to drink the holy water.

Juang says Feng’s plan should already prove that Pee Jai’s feeling for Sabai is true. Feuang asks Sabai what’s still left in her mind. Sabai says DokRak’s death dissuaded her from trusting anyone easily. She says, “In the past, when Pee DokRak warned me about something, not even once I listened to him. But now when he’s on longer here, my mind keeps repeating Pee DokRak’s warnings over and over.”

Feuang says, “It’s ourselves to tell how we feel. We have to believe in ourselves.”

Sabai gets up seemingly hopeful and leaves.

At Ava Camp, SurinThaJorKong (name spelling not sure) tells Saya that his spies failed the task, and the battle last time they lost almost a thousand troops because the information (from Saya’s unit) wasn’t precise, and that dishonored Ava Army.

“This time, I will lead the army and attack Ban Rajun myself!” he says.

Saya counters that they should know the exact number of Rajun forces first, and these days the number keeps adding until they can’t differentiate anymore how many are the actual warriors.

Surinthajorkong says, “No need! I won’t rely on the work of your unit anymore. It’s a mission failed for you already…(he says Saya’s full name)”

Drums roll, and he stands up, “I will attack and burn down Rajun Camp so that those villagers who are heading to join with Ban Rajun will flee into the wood with fear instead. There must be no Rajun villagers dare to challenge my army ever again!”

His confidence worries Saya.

Sabai comes to Jai’s house and calls out his name. Jai shows up still looking pale. He greets her, “Sabai.”

She asks where he went. He says he went to see ThongMen (a senior warrior). She tells him to bring her along wherever he goes next time. He holds her hand and agrees to do because she already promised him that wherever he is, she will be near him.

She smiles and says she will be with him and will never be away from him. Aww…is this her plan? He smiles.

That night, Jai wants to go out but can’t make up his mind. He leaves anyway and Sabai, who came by with basket filled with food, sees him leave and realizes he be must on to something.

Part 8

Feng almost got slashed by Thub. “Feng! What are you doing here in the dark? Go home!” She asks why he’s right here. He says he will wait here for him. She asks whom he’s waiting for. He pulls her closer and says those Ava spies, he’s confident that they must try to get out of the camp tonight.

Someone is coming so Thub pulls her behind him. It turns out to be Sabai. Feng greets her. Sabai is surprised to see the two together so Feng tells her that they are on the lookout for Ava spies. Feng asks why she’s here. Sabai says she’s looking for Pee Jai.

Thub says if Jai means to sneak out the camp, he should come to this spot, but he didn’t see him. Thub says he will go looking for him. Feng says if Pee Jai doesn’t want to be seen by them, it will mean he is…She stops at that. Sabai looks worried.

They come back so Feuang asks where they went. Thub says they went to entrap those spies. Feuang asks if he found one, and who he’s suspicious of. Thub doesn’t dare say it, out of concern for Sabai, then he says he’s heading back to his house now. He tells Feng that he’s leaving.

Sabai cries and says ever since Pee DokRak got killed, she hasn’t been able to close her eyes. She keeps having doubt even with the one she loves the most.

Sabai asks, “If the one we love lie, can we still love him?”

“Of course, Sabai. Even the worst person could love. If our loved one is a wicked man, for me, I will love him even more. Use our love to turn him into a good man.” Feuang says.

It appears that Jai is spending time with the senior warriors (aww…the guy is clever). The man offers him a drink saying a freshly brewed today by himself. Jai thanks him and keeps his eyes on ThongMen.

ThongMen says, “Jai, you’re a good man. You’re kind. This late at night, you still help watching over the camp so that others can some sleep soundly. In the future…in the future, you will be prosperous. Haha…”

Jai thanks him. ThongMen knocks off to sleep while Jai looks at him and smirks?

Jai comes home and sees the food so he knows Sabai come by. He calls her but she’s not in the house. He sighs and sits down. He recalls how he said to Sabai that he would let her come along wherever he go.

“Sabai, I love you. I must take you out of here…before Ban Rajun falls.”

He recalls how ThongMen praised him and wished him well. He says, “No, I’m not a native Rajun. I came here for my country, my army.”

Part 9

At Ava Camp, Surinthajorkong is saying that the battle this time, he has troops on horses, troops armed with guns,  and almost a thousand fighting-on-foot troops. “We will go and kill those villagers, and barge inside and burn the whole camp down!”

Saya says his planned route to move the army is a roundabout way. It will both waste time and forces. He asks Saya which a better route is, or he has to wait for his spy, who betrayed his friend and turned to Rajun side. Saya says Ong Nai, his student, will surely send them Rajun’s battle plan.

Surinthajorkong says that man betrayed them so he won’t believe him anymore. “The battle this time, I will not rely on him! Wherever I see Ong Nai, I will cut his head and pin it down for everyone to see!”

ThongMen is planning their attack. He says next battle, he will lure Ava to this spot so they will fall in their trap, and the forest around this place will be their place to hide, and this place will also be Ava’s execution ground!

Jai hears it all.

Sabai sees Jai send out a messenger bird. Not sure what’s in Jai’s hand.

Sabai comes back and tells Feng. “Feng, the one I trust the most, the one I love the most is the one betrayed us.” Feng says, “Pee Jai?” then she tells Sabai not to tell anyone yet and she must go tell Pee Thub about it. Feng runs to Thub.

Thub asks where Jai is. Feng asks if he’s going to kill him. He says even death is too less for his punishment when he is an enemy. Feng says she knows that but he’s Pee Sabai loved one, so please give him a chance first. She says she knows it’s a severe crime but could he be able to witness his loved one be killed.

Thub pulls her close and says, but this time Jai will make them all die. Feuang sees both of them talking. Feng sees her and immediately pushes Thub’s hands away.

Feuang and Thub have a talk.

Thub says he and Feng were talking. Feuang asks what about and why he needed to pull her so close and if someone else saw them and not her, people would gossip about Feng. He says it’s his fault for not being careful.

“Pee Thub, if I want to ask you straightforwardly about one thing, will you answer me?”

She continues, “Even if you and I used to be in love and promise that our hearts wouldn’t change, in this life, it must be that together we didn’t do enough good deeds for us to be together. I still love you but it’s the kind of love which can’t be stepped over due to infatuation like before, because I’m now named Pee Khab’s wife.”

Thub says he understands that and says she’s a good woman both physically and mind, and she’s his friend’s beloved wife. The love and infatuation they had built together, are now gone from his heart. What is left now is love and worry for her as his sister.

“Pee Thub, do you still have a heart to love another woman?”

“Feuang, I…”

“Please answer me and let me be cherished. Do you still have a heart to love another woman?”

“If you asked me months ago, I would say no. But now, I…”

“Your heart is loving one woman, love more than you could love in the past and worry about that woman as much as your own life.”

“I love and worry about that woman, not knowing since when.”

“Then love her and take care of her as much as how you loved and ever wanted. Don’t worry about anything else, because the breath during the war could be as short as the blink of an eye. Please take good care of Feng, my sister.”

Aww…beautifully said from both.

Feng peeks at Thub and asks what he talked with Pee Feuang about and if it’s about Pee Jai being a spy. He says he didn’t talk about Jai yet. She asks so what it is about and if now he won’t kill Pee Jai.

He tells her to calm down and says she’s so worried about Sabai. Feng says Sabai is like one of her sisters, she doesn’t want her to cry and Pee Sabai loves Pee Jai so much. She asks which way to turn Pee Jai to their side.

She says she knows that he can help about this matter and he can help Pee Sabai.

“You are asking for something I can’t give you.” Thub says.

“I know you can.”

“Why are you so certain?”

She turns a bit shy so he says, “Because you knew that I will do everything, anything that Feng wants, this Thub will put it down in front of you, didn’t you?”

He says, “During the war like this, one life could be gone with just a swipe of a sword’s blade. Feng, I want to ask a promise from you…but I’m afraid I will become selfish. Wait until after this battle, when I come back alive, I will come to ask the truth from you.”

He’s walking away so she pulls him back and says he must come back alive. He turns back and holds her hand. She says, “I will wait for you.” He smiles.

Eeep…so cute.

Khab looks at his wife and smiles. He backhugs her and asks what she’s doing. She says his shirt torn up this wide, why he didn’t give it to her for darning.

He says, “Who would dare? How would I know how kind you would be to me?”

She says she’s willing to do it. He leans over and kisses her. Eeep…finally!

Thub is telling Feng not to let anyone know about Jai yet and tell Sabai not to behave suspiciously and make Jai know, and to keep an eye on him, and anything strange, tell him quickly.

Feng smiles and asks if they still can change Pee Jai’s mind. Thub sees Jai in the market and wants to launch at him. Feng pulls him back.

Jai is asking a villager what kind of smelling-good soup she’s selling. She says it’s lotus stem soup and offers to let him taste it. He thanks her and says he will come for it later, then he walks away.

Feng says Thub just said not to act suspiciously that Jai would know. Thub says Jai concealed his face so well and so calm too.

Jai backhugs Sabai. She asks if he’s hungry and tells him to wait a little, today she’s making the lotus stem soup which he loves. He pulls her back, “Wait, no matter how hungry I am, I want to talk to my loved one first.”

Thub and Feng are peeking at them.

Sabai asks if he’s exhausted today and where he went with Por ThongMen. He says patrolling the camp and walking as far as Sateu Canal (spelling not sure). She smiles bitterly and says that far? then he should be careful he could come to face with Ava troops.

Jai says Por ThongMen said to make sure that Ava troops didn’t hide close by their camp.

Thub tells Feng to tell Sabai to find a way to separate Jai from everyone, especially Por ThongMen. Feng agrees to do that.

Thaen is overseeing the practice.

“Open the gate! Open the gate!”

Two men on horses enter and one rushes to Thaen and says Ava is preparing to dispatch troops from Wiset Chaichan.

Thaen turns to everyone and says the spy unit told him that Ava troops around Wiset Chaichan Camp were gathering so many weapons and troops, and this time, Surinthajorkong, the high-rank army leader will lead the army himself and they should arrive here in 2-3 days. “We must arrange for tight watchman shifts. I will have a meeting with the camp’s senior warriors and will let you know how to counterattack them.”

Thub asks him, for this big battle, to let them join the meeting too.

“We, Ban KamYard Calvary Forces, battled with Ava troops many times so we may be able to help the camp’s senior warriors and Bang Rajun villagers to a fuller extent.”

One of the senior warriors nods his approval.

Episode 13 Preview

Sang: “I didn’t see Jai come to send us off.”

Khab: “Jai disappeared since last night.”

Surinthajorkong : “Those arrogant villagers will remember my name, Surinthajorkong, till their last breath!”


I disagreed with Sabai for still sticking around Jai and couldn’t think of a reasonable ending for them. Thub and Feuang ended their long time love beautifully and it shows how compatible they are. Khab was so cute around his wife but I disagreed how he got her as his though. Looks like an epic battle couldn’t be avoided.

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  1. Can you please recap all the episodes? It’s so frustrating that they won’t hurry and sub this lakorn. Please please please recap all the episodes! Thanks! : )

  2. Thank you so much for recapping! I really am enjoying this lakorn and it was actually because I stumbled upon your translations for the OSTs that I began to watch it. I love it, but my heart goes out to all the characters.

    I know you mentioned that your favorite couple was Sabai and Jai, so I’m curious as to what you think about his actions and words in the episode? ^^

    • Jai’s character is hard to predict. He truly loves Sabai but he’s here for a reason. The conflicts in his mind are intriguing. He, for sure, loves his country and honors his duty, but once he mixed with Rajun people, he realizes they are only brave men fighting to protect their homeland. He cries in despair when he couldn’t kill them, I think Ava put wrong man for a wrong job.

      For Sabai, just think if she sleeps with him and conceives a child, what kind of life await her and her child? To which brought me back to Khu Kam, Kobori and Angsumalin. Poor girl, she hates herself for loving him yet can’t stop loving him. I felt angry when Jai lied and betrayed these men but when he cried, he seemed truly in pain. May be that’s why these two caught my attention, of course, his build too. LOL.

  3. I love you so much. I really appreciate what you’re doing for us Bang Rajun Fans 🙂

  4. Thank you soo much for recapping Bangrajun!! I am soo addicted to this lakorn😁 Please continue to recap Bangrajun. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Can you also continue to recap episode 1 and onwards? I am soo in love with Khap-Feung and Juang-Sang!! Thank you once again!! I feel so sorry for Sabai and Jai😢

  5. Thank you na ka! 🙂

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