BangRaJun Episode 1


I just want to let you feel the tone of this lakorn, at least  🙂

Part 1

*It’s a period lakorn but let me put it in an easy/present language, you may search for actual history yourself.

On the screen:

“This TV-series produced from the classic historical literary work of ‘Mai Muang Derm’, inspired by the conscious minds of being Thai, so that the next generations realize the great bravery, love, unity and sacrifice that Thai ancestors done for this land.”

“No prejudice intended. Should any errors occur, with this opportunity, we sincerely apologize.”

“One love is her

Love one is friendships

Great love honored above life is,

To have *Thai eternally exist”

*(Based on the spelling, not sure if it goes for ‘Thai’ or ‘independence’ or both)

“2308 B.E.

Kwaeng Ban RaJun”

(‘Kwaeng’ in this period lakorn could have different meaning from the present language so I didn’t translate it, in modern-day language it means subdistrict.)

-Opening Scene-

Thai heroic figures are fighting with Burmese soldiers. (There’s a real statue for them located in Sing Buri Province.)

“Hero – Kamnan Pun Reuang” (the one fighting in the stream)

(‘Kamnan’ = village headman)

“Hero- Nai Thong Saeng Yai” (the one on a wagon)

(‘Nai’ similar to ‘Mr.’)

“Hero – Nai Jun Nuat Kheo” (the one with a mustache)

“Hero – PuYaiBan Thong Men” (the one jumping on the buffalo)

(‘PuYaiBan’ = village chief)

They kill all enemies and shout their victory. SaengYai greets PunReuang saying he knew that PunReuang would be able to escape from them (the enemy) one day.

PunReuang says he’s willing to die rather than being the enemy’s prisoner. He thanks Jun Kheo, Thong SaengYai and Thong Men.

ThongMen asks if the enemy already reached Kwaeng RaJun.

PunReuang says not yet, they still camped at Kwaeng Wiset Chaichan, and he  could escape from the camp and now heads back to Ban RaJun. He says at the moment they raid Thai households and gather so much supplies to feed their army, so much so that Kwaeng Wiset Chaichan and SamKo are in trouble. He says he’s certain that soon they will come to raid Ban RaJun too.

SaengYai says they won’t flee. ThongMen says he, too, won’t flee and will withstand them here at Ban RaJun.

SaengYai says, “PunRuang, let’s build RaJun Camp and fight them!”

PunReuang agrees.

-Opening Credits-

“Ava City”

Speaking in Burmese, then the narration,

“In 2308 B.E. King Mang Ra of Ava, the 3rd king of Alaungpaya Dynasty, wishes to wipe out the Ayutthaya Kingdom so he sent great troops to invade the land of Thai people in two directions at the same time, for the convenience of gathering troops and food supplies.”

“King Mang Ra”

“Ne Myo Thihapate” (Ava general)

“Maha Nawrahta” (Ava general)

The king (speaks in Burmese) orders both generals to take troops and attack Yodia (Ayutthaya), and bring back the achievement as a tribute (royal gift) to his father, King Alaungpaya.

(Map on the screen indicates the location of Ava City, Ayutthaya Capital City and how the Burmese troops advance further down, and RaJun Camp)

“The army from the north has Ne Myo Thihapate as its general. It attacks Lanna, Lan Chang, then advancing in two routes. One attacks Tak, Kamphaeng Phet. Another attacks Phichai, Sawankalok, Sukhothai, Phitsanulok, Phichit. Then both join at Nakhon Sawan and together advance to Sing Buri, Ang Thong. Then set up a huge camp at the outskirts of Krung Sri Ayutthaya (the capital city), at Pa Fai Temple at the mouth of the Prasop River, having total gathered troops of more than 40,000.

While the army from the south has Maha Nawrahta as its general, sets off from Ava City and joins with more troops in Hongsawadee, Mottama, Dawei, Myeik, and Tanao Sri. It achieves the total troops of more than 40,000. Then it attacks Phetchaburi, Ratchaburi, Kanchannaburi, Suphanburi then heads to Krung Sri Ayutthaya. It sets up a camp at Ban Sikuk and Sam Yaek Bang Sai.”

“Krung Sri Ayutthaya”

The king walks down the throne hall.

“Sanphet Maha Prasat” (the palace)

The king pays respect to the monk.

He is “King Ekkathat”

The king tells the monk that he should know that, at the moment, King Mang Ra sent out troops to invade them, both from the north and south. He asks why the monk is doing nothing and not thinking of leaving the monkhood to help him. He asks if the monk isn’t worried at all about the country.

The monk answers that he left monkhood once before to help him when King Alaungpaya came with his armies six years ago, and had to kill an uncertain amount of hundreds, or thousands of lives.

“Khun Luang Wat Pradu Rong Tham (King Uthumphon)”

It’s pitiful and not right as Lord Buddha’s follower, and at the moment, he has a strong intention to keep making merits to dedicate it to the lives he harmed. He tells the king not to ask him to pick up a sword and give order to kill people ever again. He blesses the king.

The king accuses the monk not wanting to take responsibility for the country. He tells the monk to walk to the palace wall and then look out. There are people from everywhere evacuated here. As many as several hundred thousands cramped the capital.

He says if those Ava people surround them till after the flooding season, there will be no throne left on Ayutthaya Kingdom for anyone to sit on. The king tells the monk not to keep making merits only for himself, it’s an act of extreme selfishness.

“Kromma Luang PhiPhit Montri”

She warns the king that the way he said it, he could be criticized by Buddhists. She says the king should rejoice (be glad) over the fact that his younger brother monk practices the great path he wishes.

The king says Prince Uthumphon entered the monkhood because mother took his side wanting to make merits along with him, while leaving him to shoulder the war alone.

Mother says he’s the king so why agonized over the country’s matters. She tells him to look around this throne hall, Krung Sri Ayutthaya’s generals aren’t without skills to win the war.

Mother: “Isn’t that so, Phraya Rattanathibet?”

“Phraya Rattanathibet”

He says he’s willing to serve the king with his life. Then all say in unison that they are willing to serve the king and protect the country with their lives.

Part 2

“Kwaeng Wiset Chaichan, Muang Ang Thong” (Kwaeng Wiset Chaichan, City of Ang Thong)

Farmers are performing “Kwan Lan Ceremony”.

Ava troops come raiding and taking all their rice. Then a grand entrance of our hero “Thub”.

The troops end up killing all the villagers.

Thub arrives at the scene and sees the corpses. One woman cries for help so he looks round and found her naked. He covers her with some clothes and gathers her in his arms. She cries out, “Ava…”.

Thub tells her to be strong and he will take her to the village. She dies in his arms looking totally bruised and blue. He shouts, “Be strong!…No! No!..”

He puts her down and cries. “You (Ava) could do this to my fellows (brothers and sisters)!”

“Ban KamYard” (KamYard Village)

Ayutthaya soldiers approach the village. Juang is busy making medicine for her mother, “It’s done, mom! Drink the medicine first.”

Khab and Sang look at each other. Khab orders the soldiers to search every inches. They walk up the house. Juang and her mother (Jun) look at them.

“Pee Sang, Pee Khab!” Juang drops the bowl in her hand.

Sang asks where Thub went hiding.

Part 3

At “Pra Tamnak KamYard” (Kamyard Palace), Thub comes to see Phra Thieng (phra used for monk), the former ‘Hua Moo Thaluang Fun’ (soldier rank) . He asks Thub if he’s still his son. Thub says he knows well that he’s a son of …(the monk’s former rank under the reign of King Uthumphon).

“But now I decided, I won’t go back to be a soldier under KrungSri ever again.” Thub declares.

The monk says by the day after tomorrow, every Kamyard household will be pushed to leave for KrungSri, to escape from harm of the war with Ava. He asks if he knew already that any deserters (from army service) in any household, everyone in that household will immediately be turned into Phrai Luang (royal servants).

“Then what about Juang, your sister, and your mother, what will you do with them? Have you thought about that? Thub, or do you want to be called an ungrateful child?”

Thub is thankful for his advice.

At Thub’s house, Sang repeats his question to Juang, where Thub went hiding. She answers that she doesn’t know to which agitates Sang even more.

“Pee Sang, even if you kill me now, all I can say is, I don’t know!”

Khab says he had warned her already and if she dared to lie to Nai Kong (a soldier rank) Sang, her head and her mother’s would fall off. She says she really doesn’t know.

“So, is this the kind of family of a soldier? What a pity, Thub used to be my close friend and we learned sword-fighting together. But the war with the king of Ava this time, he simply ran away, abandoned his mother and sister because he’s so scared to die.” Sang threatens them.

Jun says that’s not true and the reason Thub doesn’t join the army this time is because he doesn’t want to serve bad soldiers, “friends who betrayed like you, Sang, Khab!” She spits on him.

“Come here!” Sang drags Juang away while she begs him not to harm her extremely sick mother. Sang tells her to tell him where Thub is hiding. She cries and says even if he slashes her throat with his sword right here, she won’t know where Pee Thub went hiding. Sang is furious.

Khab tells him these two won’t be able to escape them so they better leave for now and wait in case Thub come back to see them, and they can arrest all of them at once at that time. Juang runs back to her mother and tells soldiers to let go of her mother.

Sang tells her he can give her until tomorrow, and she should gather all her belongings. He says he will come pick them up before Ava troops attack this place and take the two of them as their captives then make them feed their armies!

Jun says she won’t leave and will stay and die here. Sang says she can die here if she wants, but Juang, her daughter, must go and become Nai Kong Sang’s wife. They leave and Juang asks mom what they should do.

Phra Thieng looks at Thub who is sitting there crying. He tells Thub to think about it really hard. Thub says he will do that.

Thub asks a man on his way where they are all heading to. He answers that they are leaving for KrungSri with those Nai Kong (soldiers). Thub comes home and calls out his mother and sister.

He sees broken pots lying around. Mom and Juang hug him. He asks what happened. Juang says Sang came here. Mom asks why he came back when Kamyard people are now being push (driven) into KrungSri.

Thub asks if they want them to abandon their hometown and rice fields to hide for safety in KrungSri, and if they are unlucky and face with troops of the king of Ava on the way, if not die, they will become their captives. He says he’s willing to die here on the soil of his hometown more.

Mom asks if there are so many Ava troops. He says so many beyond one’s eye sights. He says along the way here, he saw Ava soldiers raid villages and saw Thais flee from getting killed, and people said that Ava troops set up camp at Wat Pa Fai, at the mouth of the Prasop River.

Jun says let them come, they won’t able to harm their KrungSri Ayutthaya. Mom coughs so they help her sit down. Juang asks if he got the medicine. Thub gives it to her and says medicine is getting hard to find and most villagers closed their doors and fled.

Juang asks him, what if she yields. He asks what she will yield.  She cries and says to become Nai Kong Sang’s wife. Thub calls Sang a bad friend and he dares to do even worst.

Flashbacks, on a battlefield, Sang, Thub and Khab (as KrungSri soldiers) are fighting together.

“Jameun Sri Soralak” (a rank) oversees the fight. He then orders his soldiers to retreat for now. He turns around and heads back while his soldiers are still fighting.

Sang rides close to Khab and says the enemies keep on coming. Khab says but Thub won’t retreat. Sang says if he doesn’t retreat, he will die and be a ghost looking after this field, and their commander is Jameun Sri Soralak, not Thub. He ordered them to fight in line with the forces they had, not to fight till they died. Sang tells Khab to follow him and Thub will eventually retreat.

Khab shouts at Thub to leave now first, then he follows Sang. Thub sees with his own eyes that soldiers are leaving the battlefield, “Sang, Khab, you are cowards!”

Part 4

The commander (his name is too long) is asking Thub if he wants him to order the soldiers to fight till they drop dead, then who will be there to protect KrungSri’s wall. Thub argues that if those provinces are defeated, KrungSri will be in danger too.

“Thub, you dare to talk back at me?!”

Sang yells at Thub to krap (put hands together and bow) him since he’s their superior so they must listen to him. The commander points at Thub’s face saying he’s acting so arrogant when he doesn’t know anything about war strategy (he averts his eyes saying that), and a man like him won’t be successful. Then he walks out.

Khab tells Thub that he’s so lucky that ‘Khun Phra Nai’ (how they call the commander) didn’t order him be whipped to death. Thub says if he’s punished to death, he will die protecting the courage and righteousness, and not retreat his head back in (like  a turtle) then flee.

“Thub! You criticized Khun Phra Nai!” Sang yells at him.

Khab calms both of them down saying they are friends. Thub scolds at Sang and Khab for running away (in the battlefield) like that when they become friends since young and he didn’t think they would worry about their lives more than the country. “We are soldiers and if we are afraid to die, who will protect the country, who will protect our fathers, mothers and our siblings?”

Sang argues that he didn’t run away and just didn’t want to die like useless soldier. “We are soldiers. We must follow our commander’s orders!” He tells Thub to look at him, it’s because he followed the order he got promoted to be ‘Nai Kong’ after they returned.

“Right, you ran back here because you wanted to become ‘Nai Kong Sang’ and leave your friends to die! Khab, you too, weren’t you, wanted to come back and be ‘Nai Kong Khab’ ? That’s why you ran till your tails push back in your butts!” Thub yells.

Khab says he thinks the same way with Sang, a person must know when to save himself. Thub yells that if they think this way then don’t count him as their friend. Sang shouts back that he’s now ‘Nai Kong Sang’ and such rank doesn’t require a friend like him.

Back to present, Juang is spending time at the market. Khab spots her and alerts Sang, “Nai Kong!”

Sang sends her a sweet smile while she sticks her tongue out to him. Sang gets up and  intercepts her. “Juang, let me talk to you.” When she turns away, he grabs her wrist. She threatens him to let go or she will scream. Khab says no use to scream, no one will help her if Nai Kong Sang doesn’t allow.

Sang tells her not to play hard to get when she won’t escape from his hands. He pulls her along to come with him. Thub jump-kicks him from behind and Sang rolls over on the ground.

“Thub!” Khab yells.

“Khab, come on in. Juang is my sister!” Thub shouts.

Sang asks if he wants to keep his sister at home until she grows old and dies, to become Nai Kong Sang’s wife is highly fortunate of her, and his father and mother will get to live comfortably.

Thub argues that even if his family is poor, they are not that bastard to sell a daughter for a living. Sang asks if he just called him a bastard. Thub says that’s right, bastard for harming a woman, bastard for using power to harm the villagers. Sang punches his face.

They fight and then Sang calls Khab for backup. LOL. Thub beats them up.

“You are a soldier, a KrungSri soldier, yet you harm a woman like a thief! From now on, don’t say you are a soldier and dishonor the country’s name!” Thub yells.

Back home, Juang says it’s because of her that Thub, Sang and Khab are no longer friends. Thub says it’s not because of her, Sang has an ambitious nature and loves to show off his power while Khab would do what the boss (Sang) does.

Juang asks what they should do if Sang and Khab bring soldiers to arrest them. Thub says he won’t be arrested, and he can be on the run for the rest of his life but he will take best care of her, mother and everyone he loves.

Jun tells him to give some of the medicine to aunt Fiem. He agrees to do that and smiles.

Part 5

Thub sneaks behind Feuang and greets her, “Feuang, it’s me.” They hug and he says his mother told him to give aunt Fiem (Feuang’s mother) the medicine. She thanks him and asks how he’s been because she heard Sang and Khab had sent some soldiers to arrest him.

He kisses her hand but she says she wants him to answer her. He says why wasting time talking about Sang when it’s her sweet voice he’s hearing. She says she asks because she’s worried about him. He says he feels the same too and that’s why he sneaked in here to see her.

She leans on his chest and he holds her. He says when the war is over, he will tell his mother to come asking for her hand, to be his wife. He says she’s so beautiful then leans over to kiss her cheek.

Feng peeks at them and gets angry so she throws a toddy palm at Thub. Feuang laughs and says it must be so ripe that it fell down. He says he thinks not, it’s someone who loves to peek.

He sees Feng climbing down the tree, “See!” then he runs after her. “You spy, stop right there! If I catch you, I will spank you!” She shouts that she won’t stop. He asks what if that toddy palm hit his head, what she will do.

He jumps and catches her and they bot roll down onto the muddy paddy field. She shouts she peeked at some people flirting right in the middle of the field, and so what. He says he will take her to Feuang so that she can spank her. She argues that she’s not a kid to be spanked. He says she’s a kid, a stubborn kid.

She rubs some mud onto his face and he screams, “Feng!”

Feuang runs to them and tells Feng to stop it. She asks if a crazy ghost got into her to do that to Pee Thub. Feng says the crazy ghost got into Feuang to flirt with a man in the middle of the field. Feng says she will go tell mom.

Feuang says if she does that, she will tell mom too that Feng sneaked out to see men fighting. Feng protests but Feuang says she has a mouth to tell too. She tells Thub to go clean up at her house and pulls him away. Feng throws some mud at Thub one more time and runs.

At Fiem’s house, Fiem asks Thub if he met Fak, Feuang’s brother. He says he hasn’t seen him at all. Feng brings some drink for him so he lets out a stiff ‘thank you’, which gets a stiff ‘you’re welcome’ in return.

Feuang says Pee Fak was conscripted into the royal army for a while now so why he hasn’t yet returned. Feng says Feuang’s thought is a bad one, Pee Fak surely is not dead.

Fiem scolds her that it’s her mouth she will slap. Feng says mom always takes Feuang’s side, ever since they were young, ever since Pee Feung was still in her belly.

Mom throws something at Feng where she retorts that it didn’t land on her, so mom throws again. This time Feng cries out. Mom says how she couldn’t feel shameful talking like that. Feng argues that it shouldn’t be her, it’s Pee Feuang and Pee Thub that should feel shameful.

“Isn’t that right Pee Feuang, the  pretty girl of Ban Kamyard?”

Thub gives her a hard stare. Fiem also wants to hit her so Feng walks out of the house.

Feng sits down alone outside and says “The girl named Feng never do anything right.” When a buffalo makes noise, she turns to say she didn’t ask yet, calling the buffalo ‘Nang Dam’ (Mrs. Dam).

Thub says he doesn’t take it seriously with Feng, she’s only a child. Fiem says if he sees Fak, tell him that she’s very worried about him.

Thub and Feuang walk down the house so Feng hides. He says Fak is a soldier of the royal army while he’s a deserter, and if they meet, chances are there will be a fierce sword-fight. Feuang tells him not to talk like a sign (foreshadowing), she doesn’t want to hear it.

He holds her hand and says “All right, my Feuang.”

She says she doesn’t dare tell him to bow his head to Nai Kon Sang so it’s up to him to decide. She shyly says, “Because I will be on your side. I will wait for Pee Thub of mine, the only one.”

He says, “I will love my Feuang only too. The day I have a change of heart is the day I already stopped breathing.” She covers his mouth with her hand so he kisses it. She tells him to hurry come back to her. He says he will come back for their promise.

He gets on his horse and rides away.

Feuang sees Feng and tells her to get back to the house, or she wants to sit here for the mosquitoes to bite her all night. Feng tells her not pay attention to her, when Feuang got married, she will live here alone and have the mosquitoes and Nang Dam as her friends.

Feuang smiles and sits down next to her. She asks if Feng will stop being her sister once she got married. Feng says Feuang only fallen in love with Pee Thub, already she stopped hanging out with her and kept sitting under those five toddy-palm trees waiting for Pee Thub, so once Feuang becomes Pee Thub’s wife, she will surely forget she has a sister named Feng.

Feng gets up and walks away. Feuang shakes her head and says Feng is only worried that she won’t have anyone to play with.

Part 6

Khab is telling Sang not to forget Feuang’s family when doing his task of moving people to the capital. Sang says he knows what’s in his mind, Khab obviously wants to have Feuang, Thub’s girlfriend, for himself, to hug her while sleeping. Khab smiles and says he hopes Sang’s power will protect him from Thub’s sword.

Sang moves closer and tells him not to be afraid since he will tell Khun Phra Nai that Thub deserted from army service and wouldn’t leave for the capital to fight with the enemy, and that’s a treason against the king. Then they can confiscate Feuang and Juang, and Khab can have Feuang and for Feng, Feuang’s sister, he will make her serve him taking turn with Juang. Khab feels satisfied.

Thub is riding in the dark with his buddy horse, Lao. He sees a group of soldiers pass by so he tells his horse to rest here for now.

Thub could feel someone approaching from behind. He turns and they fight. Awesome fight, love it.

In the end, Thub steps on the man’s chest and says he doesn’t want to kill a KrungSri soldier and waste blood when they are both Thais.

The man is “Moo Klerm”. (Moo = a soldier rank).

More KrungSri soldiers show up which led by Fak (Feuang and Feng’s brother), Chuang and Aerb.

Fak fights with Thub then recognizes him, “Pee Thub!” Thub also greets him. Fak tells Klerm that they actually are the familiar ones. Chuang and Aerb put back their swords and smile.

They come to the temple and report themselves to the monk. Klerm says they are Cavalry Forces under Phra Phirenthorathep which was defeated and dispersed from Kanchanaburi. They were chased by around thousand of Ava troops and their army leaders all ran for their lives.

Thub asks if that’s true. Klerm says it’s so true. Fak says their army leaders, once battle, their only thought was to retreat and not even one had a mind of a soldier.

Another says the enemies burned the barns, grabbed all the food supplies and took all Thai families to be their captives.

Another says this war, Ava troops came marching down like river.

Fak says all of them here think that they won’t return to KrungSri again.

A man says if they go back, they will only become baits to lure Ava troops to have a good time slashing them.

Thub says he thought there’s only him in Kamyard village who deserted army service.

Fak says they are Cavalry Forces and if Thub could be their brain, wherever they encounter Ava patrolling troops, they can satisfy themselves slashing them to pieces.

Thub says let’s do that because he’s so mad that they raided and set Thai families apart, the blood of their fellows had stained the ground and the rice fields, and he won’t allow it. Klerm says he won’t allow it too.

The monk says they all served KrungSri Ayutthaya before so they were once the king’s army, whatever they want to do, think carefully if they think of deserting army service and dishonoring KrungSri soldiers to live as thugs.

At Ava Camp,

“ChubKungBo” greets Surinthajorkong, “Welcome to the North Army Camp, Surinthajorkong.” He asks how his trip from Mottama to Wiset Chaichan was.

“Surinthajorkong” says KrungSri soldiers’ minds were too weak and he has never seen any army break apart so easily like it here. They themselves didn’t even sweat from the fight when they fled like wind.

ChubKungBo says their enemy’s plan is to flee and get behind the capital’s wall, then wait for their camps to be flooded until they will have to retreat.

Ne Myo Thihapate (Ava North Army General) shows up and says they will never retreat. Surinthajorkong greets him. Ne Myo says there’s no way he will retreat due to the flood. He says their enemy’s capital wall won’t be able to protect them anymore and King Mang Ra gave him a definite order that KrungSri’s capital must no longer exist after this war.

Surinthajorkong asks what task he summoned him for. Ne Myo says now they (KrungSri) changed the name from “Ayothaya” to “Ayutthaya” which means a city no one can defeat. He says he will be the one to defeat it.

Ne Myo says he needs food supplies to feed his around hundred-thousand troops before the water run dry.

Surinthajorkong tells him not to worry since now is harvesting season and the fields of Wiset Chaichan are prosperous and filled with so much food. He assures him he can get all the food to feed his army for the whole three months.

Ne Myo is satisfied and says that’s good, and since now there’s no KrungSri soldiers outside the capital wall so hurry and gather food supplies as much as he can and store it here, and if anyone resist, he grants him the permission to punish them to the full extent.

Surinthajorkong smiles and says it’s an honor for him and his family to do this task. He says ‘U-jee’ , a soldier close to him, has taken the task of gathering for supplies for many battles before.

“U-jee” assures him that the task will be accomplished.

Part 7

At “Ban SamKo” (SamKo village), Ava troops come raiding the village.

“Sabai” and the whole villagers are being dragged away. She calls out to her father. “Dad!”

“PooYai Saeng” (village headman Saeng) turns to her and shouts, “Sabai!”

“DokRak” runs to him and tells him to run away first, but Saeng says they should fight and die together.  Saeang orders Sabai to take the women and run,  so Sabai tells the women to follow her.

U-jee and his soldiers arrive at the site. He orders his soldiers to arrest them.

Sabai and the women run along a creek. She encourages them to be strong.

Ava soldiers capture DokRak and Saeng. DokRak sees the temple burned down so he cries.

Sabai found a place for the women and children to hide, then tells them not to get out there and she will go back to the village to bring more of them here. She orders two women to keep guard on each side.

Sabai walks back to the village and faces with Ava soldiers on the way. She screams. A man shows up and saves her from them. He pulls her along with him. “Go!”

DokRak and Saeng are locked up in a prison. DokRak yells at U-jee to kill him. A man yells and asks how they could do this. U-jee points his gun at him and shoots. The man dies on spot.

DokRak yells at U-jee to kill him. When U-jee aims his gun at DokRak, Saeng calls for a stop to it. “Enough! Don’t kill my men anymore. What do you want? Tell me!”

“Uncle Saeng! Don’t be their servant!” DokRak shouts.

“Kill me! Just kill me!” he shouts.

The man pulls Sabai along with him while running fast. He’s “Jai”. He grabs her and they jump into the water together. When they come up from the water, he’s stunned seeing her face. “You are all right, aren’t you?” he asks.

Another two men show up and help them. They are “Jard” and “Jerd”.

Jerd asks Jai if he got any bullet on him. Jai says no.  Jard orders them to take the woman. Sabai hears him so she starts running. “Don’t you come near me!” she screams.

Jai runs after her. Man, these men move so fast.

Part 8

U-jee tells DokRak that he saw a woman run away and his soldier told him that she’s his daughter (he turns to Saeng). He asks where she headed to. Then he shoots one man down and shouts, “I asked where did she go?”

Sabai is on the run and keeps screaming, “Don’t follow me!”

Jerd jumps in front of her while Jai follows her from behind. She gets down on her knees and begs them not to hurt her since today is the Buddhist holy day, she and the villagers were making merits. It will bring them bad karma to harm her.

Jerd leans over and asks, “We saved you. Don’t you have anything to give us in return?” She says she escaped with nothing with her. Jerd asks nothing even money or gold. She says she has nothing and Ava troops are raiding her village.

Jerd says then use her body to pay for it. She says if they are going to harm her then…she picks up a stick and threatens him not to come near.

Jai tells Jerd to stop teasing her. Jerd smiles. “Let me go. Please let me go!” she begs.

Jard asks where she’s going. She says go home. He says she can’t go back, then he walks away.

“You ran away from those soldiers, why go back?” Jai asks.

Ava soldiers found the group of women Sabai had hidden them.

Sabai thanks the three of them. She calls them hunters then tells them her name. She asks if they are siblings. Jai says that is his father Jard and that is his brother Jerd, and his name is Jai.

She asks what village they are from. No one answers her.

The women are taken to Ava camp. Saeng sees them so he asks where Sabai is. DokRak asks why Sabai didn’t come with them. The woman says Sabai disappeared.

U-jee orders his soldiers to drag them away.

Sabai tells them that no matter what, she must go back and help the rest of the villagers and if she’s lucky, she will meet them again. She says goodbye.

“Don’t go yet.” Jai says. “Wait until it gets dark then leave.”

She says she can’t do that because Ava troops are raiding her village and her father Saeng and Pee DokRak and other men are fighting and resisting them. She must go back to take the women and children out or Ava will abuse them.

“Let me go and help you.” Jai suggests.

“Jai, it’s not our matter.” Jerd warns.

Jai begs them to let him help her. “I’ll go and send her off.”

“Jai, don’t mess with it!” Jerd scolds him.

Sabai says they saved her from Ava troops and she couldn’t pay them back enough. She tells goodbye to each of them and leaves.

Jai wants to go with her and tells Jard and Jerd to help her, if they let her leave, she will only be captured and become a captive. Jard and Jerd don’t answer him.

Sabai runs back to the spot she hidden the women, then sees that there’s no one left. She calls their names and goes look for them.

Jerd asks why Jai wants to follow her when she has to go back to her family…or her boyfriend. “Or…could it be that Jai fell for Sabai, father?” Jerd adds.

Jai frowns and says, “Pee Jerd, a man like me, once help will help all the way.”

“But it’s not our concern.” Jard calmly says.

Sabai keeps calling the names of her friends. Ava troops found her. One soldier knocks her unconscious then carries her in his arms.

Part 9

They take Sabai to Ava Camp. Saeng shouts, “Sabai! What did you do to my daughter?!”

“Sabai! Sabai!…” DokRak calls her. She wakes up and looks around. She runs to them and tells Saeng not to concede and give them their rice.

U-jee says whoever won’t turn to their side, he will behead all of them. “So?!” he asks.

DokRak shouts, “I won’t become your servant!”

Sabai tells her father not to concede. DokRak tells Saeng not to concede.

Sabai yells at Saeng that they are Thais, do not give rice to them so that they will eat and have strength to kill Thais. “Father, don’t concede! I won’t be Ava’s servant!”

Ava soldiers take prisoners out and prepare to kill them. Saeng concedes and tells them to go take the food supplies. U-jee assures him that he will take good care of everyone and won’t harm the children and women. He says he only needs food supplies.

Sabai runs to her father. U-jee orders his soldiers to release them. Saeng tells Sabai that he didn’t save only her but every villager’s life. He says be captives is better than they all die.

Saeng yells at U-jee, “But on one condition, you must release all the captives first before you can take the rice.”

U-jee agrees to it. Sabai yells at him to release her father.

“Except your father, until I’m done moving out all the food supplies.” he says.

At the temple, Klerm says along the way he saw Ava troops killed, raided and captured Thais to be their captives. It makes him feel very sad.

Fak says Ava will reach Kamyard village soon. Thub says he will go slash them all, then he turns quiet when the monk looks at him.

Klerm says he has some Cavalry Forces to back Thub up and he can lead them wherever he wants.

The monk asks if they are certain to fight like thugs and not like soldiers. “Especially you, Thub, you’re my son. I’m the former…(name of forces) soldier of Wiset Chaichan.”

Thub says he never  forgets that he’s a soldier’s son and also was once a soldier. He says the monk should know well the reason he become a deserter.


Thub, Sang and Khab, as KrungSri soldiers, come back to Kamyard village. Feuang greets him feeling so delighted that he came home. Thub says he missed her so much.

Feng says, “Then tell her that you won’t leave for war again. You will stay and die on her lap, my dear Feuang.”

Thub greets Feng, “Nang Feng, you know how to dress up prettily like others too? Haha.”

“Why? Pee Feuang dressed me up. Oh right, I don’t have….so I wouldn’t be as pretty as Pee Feuang!”

Feuang pinches Feng’s arm and says she deserves to be hit by a stick. Thub says a stick won’t do, it should be his sword instead. Feng jumps back.

“Come on, Nang Feng of Ban Kamyard is afraid of no one!”

Thub tells her to reduce her courage a bit. Feuang tells Feng that Thub was just teasing her.

Feuang tells Thub to go greet his mother, Jan, first. Feng mimics Feuang’s sweet voice. LOL.

Feng sees Sang and Khab are looking at them so she says, “Pee Khab, are you going to stare at Pee Feuang until she changes her mind from Pee Thub?”

Sang says Feng is a crazy dog. Feng says that’s right then don’t come near her or she will bite. Feuang pulls her away. Sang tells Khab, “Let’s go.”

Thub tells his mom to get up and take the medicine. Juang pours the med for her. She tells Thub that mom had fever and would shiver every early morning, and they went to see Luang Por Thieng at the temple and he gave them the medicine but it’s many pots they boiled already, still she doesn’t recover.

Jan looks at Thub and says she’s all right and once she sees his face, she’s all fine. He hugs her and says he wants to take her for a cure and doesn’t want to see her suffer like this. Jan pats his cheek lovingly. Juang hugs her and says she’s worried about her too. Mom says when she’s going to grow up.

Uncle Therd asks if Ava reached Nakhon Sawan already. Sang says that’s right and he fought hard with them. Sang asks if his son, Toon, reached the age to be conscripted into the army.

Therd says Toon is his only son and never touches a sword. He hands them a bag of coins (I think) and says the two of them are the close subordinates of Khun Phra Nai, and asks if they can help a man from the same village.

When Sang and Khab don’t say a thing, he adds more coins and says it’s for their kindness and please help his younger brother (Toon). Sang grabs it.

Khab says he sees no other way than have someone else go to war instead of his son. Toon smiles. Therd says, “Sang, Khab, let’s drink!”

Thub tells Sang that he wants to take his mother for a cure first, and he heard there’s a monk good at curing in Suphan (Suphanburi).

Sang says Thub can’t do that, he can’t put his mother before the war. He says if he helps him avoid leaving for war, he will be in trouble.

Feuang says Thub will leave for only a few days. She begs them to wait. Sang says Khun Phra Nai (his superior) gave him an order so he can’t wait, he must follow his order.

Feng steps in and says then let another man go instead, such as Toon, Uncle Therd’s son, he already reached the age to be conscripted into the army.

Sang yells at them. “Feng, Feuang, you’re women and don’t know your place. Just go do the chores in the kitchen. Go!”

Feng argues that she and her sister have done their duty in the kitchen without fail, but what about them two, whether or not they failed their duty. She says villagers are talking that they went to uncle Therd’s house and spent time there for a long while, and then Toon got away from the conscription and doesn’t have to become a soldier. “So how much did you get?” she asks.

Sang is furious. “Nang Feng!”

Thub asks Sang if that’s true, that he took money to help uncle Therd’s son but for him, he doesn’t care.

Sang asks if he wants to believe Feng more than his friend. He accuses Thub  of framing him so that he would help. Feng says if she lies then let a lightening strike her right here.

Khab chuckles and says, “What lightening would strike in this broad daylight?” LOL

Juang challenges the two to swear that they didn’t put others before a friend. Sang and Khab get up angrily. Sang says he’s ‘Nai Kong Sang’ while Thub is only a low-rank soldier so Thub must do what he says.

Thub asks Sang if he got the title ‘Nai Kon’ due to his skills or his mouth. He says he just realizes how Sang’s tongue could go round and reach his ears just because uncle Therd spilled a few coins.

Khab shouts, “Thub, stop it! You are scolding at Nai Kong of KrungSri!”

“Khab, you dare say that? The battle at Nakhon Sawan, both of you fled with fear when actually you could fight them!”

“Thub!” Sang kicks Thub hard.

Khab yells at Feuang and Feng not to interfere and move away.

“Thub, get up! Get up and come with me nicely or I will report that you desert the army service!” Sang yells.

Thub says he won’t go and a man like him will serve only a fair and good boss, not a bad boss who loves himself and is scared to die and only care about some coins and his rank. He says the country will fall because of a powerful man but a wicked mind like him.

Sang and Khab pull out their swords and start attacking Thub. Feng sees that Thub has no sword so she throws him a bamboo stick. The two cut it in half.

Three men fight. Khab throws a jar at Thub so Feng picks up a small jar and throws it at Khab too.

Khab wants to harm Feng so Feuang steps in front of Feng and asks, “Stop it! Pee Khab, are you so bad to harm a woman?” Khab stops short because she’s the love of his life.

Feuang tells Juang to pull Thub away. Both women stop Sang from following Thub. “Feng, let’s go.” Feunag pulls the angry Feng away.

“Thub, I will keep seeking revenge and destroying you. You will have no land to lie your head down! Go away, what are you looking at?” Sang yells at the crowd.

Jan cries while treating Thub’s wound. “You are in trouble because of me. Leave now and go hide yourself in the forest.”

He says he’s worried about mom and Juang. Mom says don’t be because his punishment this time is death. She tells him to hurry leave.

Mom cries while Juang packs things for him. She gives it to him and says it’s his food supplies: rice, salt and dried fish. She tells him not to be captured by Sang and Khab.

Thub tells her to take care of mom and he will go look for medicine for her. Juang agrees to do that. Mom tells him to hurry leave and go to Luang Por Thieng, he should be able to help him. She tells him to leave before Sang and Khab bring KrungSri soldiers for his arrest.

“One day the good deed you done will prove you’re innocent.” mom says in tears.

Thub cries and hugs her.

Back to present,

“Sang and Khab, they flatter (their superiors) for rank and title. They aren’t warriors and you want me to go back and serve them, Luang Por?” Thub asks the monk.

Klerm says he hates men who held high their titles and ranks while harming and stepping on their Thai fellows.

A man says inside the capital at the moment, they are divided into groups, so much that it’s hard to stand in the middle.

Another man says there’re also those Thais who robbed Thais, why stepping on the already suffered ones.

The monk says the country isn’t in a normal stage, mostly due to greed even when everyone will eventually die and turn into ashes. He says he had seen so much confusion in the palace so when the previous king ordained, he determined to live under Buddhism’s shade.

“Fortune, title and wealth are all created, but some are willing to die for them. What a pity.”

The monk asks if Thub is certain that he won’t be under the royal army anymore.

Thub looks at his friends and says they all decided to fight like thugs, thugs who want no assets but to protect the land of their ancestors, so that they can continue to live and earn a living for the next generations to come.

“Whoever come to rob or abuse it, we will protect and use our lives as sacrificial offerings to the Goddess of Earth and the Goddess of Grain, so that they know that Thais will give our land to no one.” Thub declares.

*Thub’s last phrase took so much of my time, hope you get an idea what he’s saying  🙂

Episode 2 Preview

Sang: “Thub, put down your sword and may be I can help you as a friend.”

Thub: “A man like me will never ask a bad friend like you for help, Sang!”

Sabai: “Don’t kill Pee DokRak! No!”

Thub: “Khab, you can kill me because without me, your love rival won’t exist!”

Feng: “Don’t worry, they won’t be able to take mom and Pee Feuang further than Kamyard field!”

“Fak, where is your mother?”

Fak: “My mother was taken to KrungSri.”

Thub: “We swear on our flesh and blood…so that they know that Thais value highly of their land more than lives…”


Oy…so many specific names so please take it very lightly including the spelling of names (not an expert on history of Ayutthaya or anywhere actually) and check with trustworthy sites for historical facts. Not sure will do more, sorry. The hardest part is accuracy.


The statue in Sing Buri

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  1. just wondering if there are caps/subs for the other episode?

  2. Thank you for the caps Ka. Please keep the caps going, many of us Non-thai speakers appreciate it very much!

  3. Omg omg omg. I didnt know you were doing this! Ahhhh thank you! I had no clue as to why the king looked weak and didnt send troops to help his people. Thank you. I am addicted to this lakorn. never thought i would be but come on the most of the casts is nearly naked and are constantly flashing their bodies here and there. I couldnt avert my eyes. Muahahaha

    • There were reasons why men like Thub, Sang and Khab left KrungSri Army and joined Rajun Camp. Also, there were reasons why KrungSri didn’t support them at first. My guess is the king must be quite busy looking after the citizens who fled from home into the city wall, and with large number of enemies’ troops camped nearby ready to attack, sending troops elsewhere might leave the city vulnerable.

      After all, anyone taking Thai History class wouldn’t miss this war, the remaining of Ayutthaya today (once prosperous filled with golden temples and all, burned down) and what happened then marked long-lasting scars between the two sides till today.

      Agreed!!! While watching, I should worry about survival rate yet I thought how the breeze could keep their tiny shirts open all the time. Highly distracting!

  4. Thank you for this introduction. It is very hard to translate historical events and characters in fiction as the viewers should also be made aware of the background information etc. So I really applaud your brave and sincere attempt. Thank you for posting the picture of the statue as well. As brave as these people sound, I am glad such times are behind us. It must be so scary to live in times of war in the past.

    • It’s amazing how these people are fighting without armours and shields!!!

      • That’s why their enemies were so pissed, trained soldiers vs villagers.

        Let me make clear that those who made it to the statue were mostly the senior cast while lovelines happened among the younger cast which is understandable 🙂

    • Eh…I’m quite proud of myself for attempting this too, LOL.
      Well, these days they drop bombs from the sky so no need to see faces, and we all know that there are bound to be some innocent lives lost no matter how careful each side claims, those who survive then live to tell, then round and round we go *sign*

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