Soundtrack: BangRaJun (1)


What a great production from Channel 3 for “Bang RaJun” and the songs…

Of all pairs, my favorite goes to “Sabai” and…her man *sniff*

Song title: Bang RaJun

Artist: Pete Pol

Translation of the lyrics:

Born as Bang RaJun villagers,

Our hearts hold strong on our pride,

On the land we honored, we live as brothers/sisters

We are forever united

Born as Bang RaJun villagers,

Don’t look down on us as merely farmers

Having hoes and spades in our hands, our hearts are of those warriors

When the time comes, we’ll fight all we might

* [ One life will sacrifice for the land (the country)

One heart only longs for you

When danger looms, will keep on resisting and withstanding it

Please don’t be shaken

One life will fight till one dies

One heart only wants the country to be (remain) independent

Will return great favors to the Motherland even when breathing no more

The bravery will be recorded and remembered…never be forgotten ]

Repeat [*]

Some said “Feng” (portrayed by Wawwa) was quite annoying, but she’s in her teens (in the lakorn), isn’t she?

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