Pob Rak Episode 12 (Final)

It’s time to say goodbye to Yeo and Namrin. It’s one of a few 2014 lakorns that I was with it from the beginning to the end. Now that Namrin got back in her body, she kept changing/wearing pretty dresses  🙂


Episode 12 (Final)

Part 1

Yeo is having a dream of the past and calls out, “Nam, stay conscious…Nam! You must be all right!…Nam, you must stay with me!….Nam, you cannot die!”

Nan hears him and wonders about it.

Grandma says Namrin didn’t come here in a long while and asks if the case she’s the witness is closed now (Yeo lied to grandma that Namrin was a witness he must keep her safe).

Namrin goes along with it and says the case is closed and she has moved back to her house. Nan opens the door and hears them talking.

Grandma says that’s good, before this she was so scared that Nan would know the she stayed with Yeo here. Grandma says she stepped on it (kept it a secret) until her feet swollen so big and laughs.

Grandma says Yeo is getting married with his fiancée. Namrin asks when that is. Grandma says as soon as Yeo’s condition gets better. She tells Namrin to go back and live her life and let Yeo be happy with the one he loves.

Namrin shakes her head and says she can’t leave him yet because she hasn’t told him how she feels for him. Grandma asks why tell him if her feeling will bring him trouble, why make him confused.

Grandma says, “Do as I say, from now on, You and Yeo should live each own life. Don’t trouble anyone anymore, for the happiness of everyone. All right?”

Jeez, grandma.

Namrin comes out and sits alone.

A lawyer comes to meet NubDao and introduces himself. She looks at him and says he’s not the same lawyer. He says someone hired him. She asks who? He says she will know in time. He excuses himself and leaves.

PobThorn is on the phone saying he already got NubDao the best lawyer.

He comes visit NubDao and gives her a smile. He checks the camera then sits down. He asks how she is and he’s worried about her.

She asks if he’s worried that she will reveal it. She says, “Loved ones won’t betray each other. I told you that a snake was an animal holding extreme grudge. Even if with its own life, it must seek revenge.”

He laughs, “You think anyone is scared of you? Haha. Do you think with all evidence you have, it can be used to accuse others? On the contrary, all evidence is pointing it’s you who committed all of it. NubDao, just worried about yourself. Life has nothing certain. Death can happen everywhere….even here.”

Part 2

NubDao yells at him, “Betrayer! I don’t want your lawyer.”

PobThorn: “Who said it’s my lawyer.”

NubDao: “Then whose lawyer?”

Thara and Namrin enter the room. NubDao couldn’t believe they are here.

Yeo is trying hard to think. NokNoi asks if he’s sure he can work. Yeo says he needs to recall the cases he did, and once he can remember it, he should be able to remember the whole thing happened.

NokNoi wonders to himself if Yeo can do it when he looks partially conscious.

NubDao chuckles, “Unbelievable! I killed you twice yet you could come sit here. Why are you so hard to die?!”

Thara: “Stop it, NubDao! Do you know how hard it is to make up my mind to forgive the person who harmed my own child?”

NubDao: “If it’s hard, why come helping me?”

Thara: “The way I become a handicap and had to suffer so much before I had Namrin back, had me think, that a person filled with hatred and ambition, and buried under greed and desires has no happiness.”

Namrin: “NubDao, I did so many bad things to you. I was wrong to be so self-centered and never thought how others around me felt, especially you who are my best friend. (She puts her hands together) I’m sorry. I was wrong. Can you please forgive me? That you wanted to harm or kill me, I forgive you all of it. Think of it as I paid for bad things I did to you. NubDao, can we come back and be friends and do good things to each other?”

Numrin feels a light breeze so she looks around.

Yeo tries to think and some memory about the cases comes flooding back and hits him hard with a severe headache. He cries out in pain.

Thara says she will take care of her expense until the case is closed, to redeem what the two of them, mother and daughter, did to her.

PobThorn: “NubDao, Aunt Thara and Namrin are so kind to you this much so you should be grateful to them by confessing to every charge, so that the judge would reduce your sentence, and if you really intend to change and be a good person, I and Namrin will be glad to help you for the rest of your life.”

Namrin: “NubDao, let’s come back and be friends. I promise I will take best care of you.”

NubDao: “I don’t want your help! I hate you all. This hatred will never go away. Whether it’ll be next world or others, I will never forgive you!”

An officer comes rushing in to hold NubDao while she rampages. PobThorn tells Thara and Namrin to leave the room. “I hate you! Do you hear? I hate you! Pee Thorn!…”

Part 3

Thara comes out with Namrin and PobThorn. She says when NubDao learns to forgive, her life would be out of misery. Namrin says a person filled with hatred for all of his/her life, won’t find happiness so they should find a way to help NubDao. PobThorn glares at her. Thara nods.

Namrin sees Yeo walking the other way. PobThorn suggests Thara head back home. Namrin tells him to take her mother home first. He agrees and looks at the direction she’s looking and sees Yeo is walking away.

Yeo orders a coffee, an iced cappuccino. Namrin looks at him and smiles. She wants to walk to him but Nan comes greet Yeo and tells him to sit with her.

Namrin sits close by to look at Yeo. Nan asks him if something is wrong. He says just now he saw the past, it’s the cases he did. She asks if he can remember anything more. He says not really, it came back in pieces. Nan says it’s good that he starts gaining back some memory, but he shouldn’t be stressed out if he can’t remember because it’s only the memory of a few months, not all of his life.

He stares at Namrin then says, “But I want to remember it. I feel that, that memory was the best time of my life.”

Namrin listens to him and cries. She gets up and leaves. Yeo looks for her but she’s gone.

Thara tells PobThorn that she’s pulling her hands out of business and intends to let Namrin take care all of it. She tells him to help teaching Namrin.

PobThorn argues that Namrin doesn’t like this kind of work, so why not let her do what she likes and let him take care of her and all of the business instead. Thara says she will feel more comfortable to see Namrin take care of all business. She says his position will be given to Namrin, and tells him to prove himself by helping Namrin work with no position in the company. Ouch!

He bitterly says thank you for still trusting him.

PobThorn is looking at Thara’s picture on a magazine cover. “You cold-heartedly killed my father.” He tears her picture in half, “And took everything away from me.”

Nan gives Yeo a box of jigsaw puzzle. She says she read somewhere that doing it is good for the brain and memory, so she bought it for him.

He says, “Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, taking the time to put it together little by little…” Yeo perks up and tells Nan why he feels like he said this to someone before. Nan says not to her, because she heard it for the first time just now.

He opens the box and picks one piece to look at it, then some memory comes back and his head hurt again and the piece falls off his hand to the floor. Nan asks if something is wrong.

He says no and bends down to pick it up at the same time with Nan. Some memory comes back and he sees only the hands of someone but not the face.

Nan tells him to do the jigsaw together so that it will be finished faster.

Yeo utters, “No…it’s not…” He gets away from her.

Nan asks him why. He says he has a headache and doesn’t want to do it now.

Part 4

PlaToo and PooAut are pestering the monk to give the (correct) two digit for this coming lotto round. The monk scolds them that he told already to quit betting. PooAut says she could only get excited for two times a month so give her just two digits. The monk says how about two puppies. LOL.

Namrin comes to see the monk and greets him. He asks kindly what she’s here for. She says she has something to consult him, it’s about Yeo.

PlaToo says why it has to be the monk, could it be someone else? (Meaning himself, he calls her the pretty gal LOL). Namrin says the person she could consult with (aunt Prik) is not around anymore so it’s left only the monk who knew between her and Yeo the most.

PooAut looks at Namrin and says the monk never met her so how he could do that. Namrin says her name is ‘Nam’ , the soul who used to be with Yeo.

The monk says he recall it now and she came in sound only in the past, but now in vision and in broad daylight too.

PlaToo asks, “A soul and a ghost, are they the same thing?”

PooAut says even if she’s not so good with Thai language, she thinks they are the same. She screams, “A ghost is haunting me!”

PlaToo jumps up and gets behind the monk in no time. LOL.

Namrin grabs PooAut’s arm so she screams, “A ghost is grabbing my arm! Luangta (the monk), help meee!”

The monk says in Pali, one relies on oneself. (or sth like that, Buddhism)

PlaToo tells PooAut to leave in peace and to tell him what she wants to eat, and he will send it to her (through making merit). She yells that she’s not dead yet so come and help her.

Namrin says she, too, is not dead. “Look at me carefully, I’m a human, not a ghost.” PooAut touches Namrin’s face and screams.

PlaToo asks if she’s a human or a ghost. PooAut screams that it’s a human. The monk asks why she screamed then. She says it’s was a relief. LOL.

PlaToo offers the monk a cup of tea. The monk tells Namrin there’s a reason Yeo couldn’t recognize her. Namrin says the doctor still couldn’t find the cause of it. He says everything in this world always has its own reason.

He says it’s not a coincidence that Yeo was the only one see her soul. When she could get back in her body and Yeo couldn’t recognize her, it’s also not a coincidence. Everything in this world had been destined.

*All in this lakorn, I translated from what was said, please do not take it as an absolutely correct wisdom from Buddhists’ beliefs. As it’s up to the authors/script-writers how she or he perceived it plus the fact that it’s for entertainment world. The monks usually treated with high respect and women need to sit further away and shouldn’t wear shorts/short-skirts or any clothes which clings tightly around the body or see through etc. This, so that you know, and it also applies when entering all temples as well. You may see some Thais don’t take it seriously (especially in lakorns!) but that’s the way it goes and benefits the ones who being more careful  🙂

Namrin sits down alone and cries. Yeo comes along and greets her. “Khun,..Namrin!”

Namrin asks if he can remember her now. He says she told him at the office but he couldn’t remember when, where, or how they met. He says she told him that they were very close and asks if that’s true.

She says it’s all right, she’s happy enough that at least he remembers that her name is Namrin.

He smiles and walks pass her. Aww…so sad.

Namrin: “Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, and needs to take time putting it together little by little, and in the end, we will have an answer, a completed life jigsaw.”

He stops walking and turns around to ask who told her that. She says it’s him who told her and he even said that she’s the jigsaw piece that completed his life.

Yeo smiles and asks if such cheesy words ever got out of his mouth.

Namrin: “You promised you wouldn’t forget me.”

Yeo: “What did you say?”

She steps backwards and says she won’t give up and she will make him remember the story between them. She walks away while leaving him to ponder on it.

Yeo is sitting at home and looking at the engagement ring in the box.

Eh..did Nan take it off?

Grandma comes down and sits with him. She asks why he didn’t sleep yet when it’s late at night.

Yeo: “Grandma, I got engaged to Nan, does it really because I loved her?”

She says, “Of course, don’t tell me that you forgot that you loved her.”

Now this sweet grandma is lying. I’m so disappointed in her.

Yeo gets uncomfortable and says, “I didn’t forget, …I just…don’t love. I can think of her only as a friend.”

Grandma says, “Then just love Nan.”

He shakes his head and says, “I think I can’t love anyone.”

Grandma asks why that is.

Yeo says, “Love is about feeling, grandma. There’s no reason for it.”

He closes the ring box and puts it down then says, “I feel like I’m waiting for someone.”

Grandma sighs but doesn’t contradict him.

Nan sits alone and recalls how Yeo talked to himself as if someone was there. “Namrin, you were always with Yeo.”

Okay, if you recall a man spent time with a ghost, will you still love him? Something to think about. Hehe.

Part 5

Yeo is dreaming again, “Nam!…Nam! Don’t die!”

Yeo wakes up and says, “Nam!” then he looks at the fish tank. He looks at the red threads. It seems the past is disturbing him.

Namrin sits alone and thinks of when Yeo told her about the red thread that it would never break off, then she said, “Love that can’t be, even a thousand red threads won’t be able to tie us together.”

Yeo closes the box keeping the red threads.

Namrin thinks of when she asked him what if she couldn’t remember him after she got back in her body. He said he would make her remember him, and even if her brain couldn’t remember, he’s certain that her heart would remember him.

Namrin cries and says, “I will make your heart remember me.”

Namrin (in pretty blue dress) comes to see Yeo at his house. He turns around and sees her, “Namrin!”

Namrin: “You know, I used to live with you in this room.”

Yeo: “With me in this room?”

Namrin: “You are the only one who could see my soul. I wasn’t dead and you kept trying to find my body. I can prove it.”

Nan comes to the house and hears Namrin.

Namrin: “Haven’t you noticed that there are so many things added to your room?”

He looks around and Namrin sits down on the bed. “Here, was where I slept.”

She picks up the box which kept the red threads. He says, “The red threads.”

She says, “They were once one thread. You put it around my finger and yours after you told me about the tale of elder Jantra who tied an invisible thread on the fingers of a man and a woman who were soul-mate. That teddy bear, you bought it for me because I loved blue. Do you remember?”

He looks confused.

Namrin: “These two golden fish, you also bought them for me. There was only one at first then you bought one more, because you were afraid the other one would be lonely.”

He touches the fish tank.

Namrin: “You told me that no matter what happened, you wouldn’t forget me. You wouldn’t forget the woman named Namrin. Your brain may forget, but your heart would never forget.”

Nan hears all of it.

Namrin looks at the picture on the wall, “That jigsaw puzzle, I helped you finish it. You told me that I filled up the missing part of your life.”

Yeo is having a headache again. Poor him.

Namrin says, “You helped my soul not to get destroyed by the wicked soul.”

Yeo turns to her and says, “It’s you I dreamed about.”

Yeo says, “I dreamed that I jumped down to pull a woman off the water….”

Nan starts to cry.

Yeo adds, “…but I didn’t see her face.”

Namrin smiles and says, “We promised we would never stay apart.”

Nan cries and turns around when reality hits her.

Yeo gets a little nervous, “I knew I’m waiting for someone. But I don’t remember you!…I don’t remember you!” he repeats.

He gets frustrated and I can feel for him. It’s like the feeling of loving her is still not there.

Part 6

PobThorn is trying to burn the whole room down with all the candles, obviously trying to impress Namrin.

Namrin says he called her so if there’s any important. He smiles and says he didn’t see her for a while now. She says after the accident, she feels that she’s a lot stronger. He says he’s still worried about her.

She says she can take care of herself, and only has something she’s feeling stressful about.

PobThorn: “Nam, my life was once walking down the wrong path, but because of your love for me, it makes me want to go back and be a good person again.”

He shows her the ring and says, “Will you give me the honor of taking care of you for the rest of your life? Nam, marry me.”

Nam says, “I’m not ready.”

His smile faded into a scold, “What?”

Nam says, “I can’t marry now. I can’t love anyone now.”

He closes his eyes trying to appear really calm then smiles, “It’s all right. I made you love me once, so I will make you love me again.”

Namrin excuses herself and gets up to leave. He gets up suddenly and calls her, “Wait, Nam.” he grabs her arm.

She says, “Pee Thorn, don’t follow me. I want to be alone. Soon, there will be a conclusion between us.” She gets his hand off her and leaves.

He gets angry, “Namrin just chose to die.”

He makes a call to someone and says, “Get rid of Namrin and Yeo. For NubDao, the day after tomorrow she will be transferred to be put in jail. Get rid of her on the way. Anyone gets in the way, that one must die.”

He dumps an expensive diamond ring in a glass filled with champagne.

NubDao is being transferred by car. Daranee tells an officer to take care of the transfer and report back to her. They get in the car and head off.

The officer notices that the driver didn’t turn right as he should, so he tells him to make a U-turn ahead. The driver drives into a remote area. The officer asks why came here. The driver turns to him and shots him. He dies instantly and startles NubDao.

NubDao asks, “PobThorn sent you, didn’t he?”

The driver says he ordered him to, “Get rid of you, boss.”

SongKhram is asking if they still couldn’t locate the car used to transfer the suspect. Daranee says the car’s GPS isn’t working and there are no progress on it. He orders her to communicate with the local police and follow up on NubDao’s move on every communication channel. She says yes.

I know what you’re thinking. A loose plot?

Thara is trying to call Namrin and wonders where she is. She sees that PobThorn is coming in so she says, “It’s good that you came. Do you know where Namrin…..” He covers her mouth and nose with a cloth and she faints.

Part 7

NokNoi asks if Yeo doesn’t come to work today and he has a document for him to sign. An officer says Yeo took a leave and he heard that Yeo had a private important appointment. NokNoi wonders where he went.

Daranee invites SongKhram over to her office. When he comes, she tells him that they still couldn’t find any clue on NubDao’s disappearance, but instead, someone had sent an email which clearly can be used against PobThorn.

SongKhram takes a look at it and says it’s an evidence of fund transfer in selling narcotics abroad. She shows him the construction plan of an illegal casino inside Rin Thara Resort, Samui Island, which approved by PobThorn.

SongKhram says, “PobThorn, he’s really behind NubDao like we suspected.”

Namrin takes Yeo in her car. He says it’s strange because he was scared getting in a car before, but now he doesn’t anymore.

She smiles and says, “If we want to overcome fear, we must face the reality (the truth).”

He says someone told him that too, and that person told him to keep riding a car until he stopped feeling scared.

She smiles. They get out of the car. He asks if it’s true that they came here together. She says he told her himself that once she remembered herself, not to forget him. A flashback of the moment.

Namrin looks at him and says, “It turns out to be you who forgot me.”

He asks if he told her that and he couldn’t remember it.  Yeo looks at an ice-cream stall. Namrin looks at him then a flashback.

Namrin orders one ice-cream and asks if he wants it. He shakes his head and walks away.

Namrin keeps looking at Yeo and asks if he can remember anything. He shakes his head.

She puts a pink plastic ring on her finger then a flashback.

She says, “I couldn’t put it on that day, but I can today. Do you remember?”

He looks at the ring and her then says, “I don’t remember.”

At this point, I want to poke his head.

They walk pass a stall for taking photograph. Namrin tells him to stop. The owner comes out and greets Yeo.

Yeo asks if he knows him. The man says he came here alone the last time to take picture but today he brings a girlfriend. He invites them in to take a photograph as a souvenir and he won’t charge them since Yeo is his returned customer.

They get inside and the man says he will go prepare the camera. Yeo says, “I don’t want to take picture.”

Namrin says, “But I want to. A picture could stand for million of words, because it didn’t just capture what’s in the picture but also captured the story and the feeling at that moment, and perhaps, a picture could make someone recall the relationship in the past.”

Flashback to when she told him to come back here and take picture after she got back to her body, and compare when he smile handsomer.

Yeo says all right, he’ll do it. She says give her a minute then she comes back in the same dress when she’s a soul.

He asks why she had to change her dress. The man tells them to get in the position, and for Yeo, the same spot the last time. He told Yeo the way he stood and smiled the last time.

The man tells Yeo to smile since when he came alone he smiled too.

Yeo compares the old and new photo and says he really did come and take photo here.

She says she told him to keep the picture to compare which one he would smile handsomer.

He looks at both pictures and says, “I think it’s this one (the old one). If you say a picture can capture a feeling, then I think in this one I was in love for sure. Take a look. Do you remember who I was in love with at that time?”

She asks, “You cannot remember anything?”

He doesn’t answer her.

SongKhram gets an anonymous call and we see that it’s NubDao on the line. She asks if he’s SongKhram. He says yes, he is, then asks what it is about.

At Nuti’s grave, PobThorn puts Thara down the floor and wakes her up.

She wakes up and sees a gun in his hand, “PobThorn!”

He chuckles, “What? Startled? Why startled?!”

Thara: “Why are you doing this? What for?”

PobThorn: “What for? A person like you can do everything for your gains. You can even harm a person whom you called your best friend.”

She looks at Nuti’s grave, “Nuti?”

Pobthorn: “That’s right, Nuti. A friend who was ready to do everything for a friend.”

Thara: “The death of Nuti remained a sin in my life all this time. These days there’s not even a day that I didn’t feel guilty of it.”

PobThorn: “Guilty? So guilty that you had to make your friend’s son serve you since he’s young until he grew up? Right?! You made the son of your friend, whom you killed, work for you and bring you the benefits. A person like you are cold-hearted, no morals in your mind whatsoever. Have you ever thought of a boy whose heart broken to pieces because of seeing his own father took his life in front of him, and by the hand of a person he called a friend?”

Thara: “PobThorn, I’m sorry.”

PobThorn: “Sorry? Keep it to yourself because I don’t want it. You should go apologize to my father better. But it’s all right. Today, I will make you pay for all the sin you did to my life.”

Thara: “You were the one behind Namrin’s accident, not NubDao.”

He laughs, “You just know that? It’s too late to know, isn’t it?”

Thara: “How can you do that to her? Have you ever loved Namrin?”

PobThorn: “Between love and hatred, if it were you, which one would you give more priority to?!”

Part 8

A gunman is preparing his gun and getting ready. PobThorn makes a phone call.

Gunman: “Ready at the position, boss.”

PobThorn: “Find the target?”

Gunman: “Waiting for the target, sir?”

PobThorn: “The last time…(turns to Thara), it was just an accident…but this time, it’s a murder.”

Thara: “What are you going to do to Namrin? PobThorn, don’t?!”

Gunman: “Target locked and ready to shoot.”

Thara: “If you are angry at me and hated me, don’t do anything to Namrin, she didn’t do anything wrong, kill me! Just kill me!”…..”PobThorn, please don’t kill my daughter. I’m begging you!”

PobThorn: “The more you suffer, the more I’m satisfied!”

Thara: “Don’t do anything to Namrin!”

PobThorn: “Do it! Beg me! Just beg!”

Thara: “Don’t!”

PobThorn: “Fire!”

The gunman fires his gun at Namrin and misses. Yeo rushes to her.

PobThorn hangs up.

The gunman shoots some more. Yeo turns to look where the bullets came from and pulls Namrin to run for cover.

You know, a gunman wouldn’t miss like that, just saying.

Yeo pulls Namrin inside the building and tells her to wait here and take care of herself. Yeo runs upstairs to the gunman who packed his gun and is ready to vanish.

Thara is weeping hard. PobThorn says, “Aunty, don’t worry. I already prepared a place for you to die. You will lie down and die beside dad Nuti. At first, I wanted to bury you alive along with Namrin’s dead body so that you will die beside your daughter’s copse. But, I change my mind now. I will send your soul away with this gun, the god of Death.”

He walks closer to Thara, who is saying, “No…”

He takes aim at Thara and is ready to shoot. Bullets come flying at him before he pulls the trigger. It’s SongKhram and his police officers arriving at the scene.

PobThorn runs away while SongKhram rushes to Thara and hugs her.

The gunman is leaving the building but Yeo intercepts him at the stairways. They fight and of course, a hero always win. Hehe.

It appears to have more gunmen than we saw so Yeo has to take all of them down, because this is the finale and he cannot get injured for the sake of our hearts (^^)

One gunman approaches Namrin from behind and is ready to shoot, but Yeo stops him in time and beats the guy up while asking, “Who hired you?”

PobThorn is on the run. NokNoi chases after him and yells at him to stop, “This is police officer, stop or we’ll shoot!”

NubDao parks her car and tells PobThorn to get in. Once he did, she drives away so fast.

She parks her car under a bridge and stares at him. He says he didn’t think that at the very crucial moment, she would come and rescue him. She says how she can abandon the one she loves and leaves him in danger.

She asks if he regrets now to think of killing her. He says he never thinks of killing her, ever.

He says, “It’s Thara! The whole thing must be Thara’s doing. Dao, I’m sorry that was wrong to you, but now I know who loves and means well for me the most. From now on, I will be so good to you and won’t make you feel sad anymore. I promise.”

She holds his hand which is cradling her face and says, “Pee Thorn, you had hurt me. You treated me like I don’t have a heart, but I still love you, love you the most. I won’t be able to love anyone else this much in this life. I love you so much…that I can’t let you be harmed by others. I won’t let you die by the hand of others. Pee Thorn, enough of your wicked life.”

He calls out, “Dao!” but she fires the gun anyway. He dies on spot.

Tears streaming down her face, she touches his face and says, “Pee Thorn, I love you. If the next world exists, please let me born and be your soul-mate. Let us love each other forever, and no more ending of our love life this way.”

PobThorn pops up outside the car and he touches the blood on his face. He looks around and sees himself with NubDao. Aww…I love this! He’s a ghost!

NubDao calls the police and says she just killed a person and is about to turn herself in at the police station. She drives away leaving his soul there.

The ground is breaking apart and it’s ChonChart who comes up to pull PobThorn down, “ChonChart!”

ChonChart says, “Got an order from hell…your soul will fall down the same hell with me!”

PobThorn cries out, “No, I won’t go! Let me go!…Let me go!”

He disappears apparently down to hell, crying all the way.

Part 9

Namrin comes visit NubDao in jail. She tells her she’s sorry. She apologizes to her for everything she did to her. She says, “NubDao, between us, can’t friendship return? That’s all right. No matter how much you are angry at me or hated me, for me, you will always be my best friend.”

Namrin hangs up and leaves. NubDao looks at her leaving and cries, “Please forgive me. I’m too bad to be a friend of a nice person like you, Namrin.”

Nan comes to see Namrin at her house. She says, “Nan.”

Nan says she has something to talk to her.

Grandma is at home and is asking Yeo why Nan is still not coming, and he said he had something say to her.

Yeo sits down and puts his laptop on the coffee table. He holds grandma’s hand and says, “Nan won’t be coming, grandma. I received an email from her.” Grandma asks what it is. He opens his laptop.

Nan tells Namrin that she called off her engagement with Yeo.

Namrin asks what Yeo and grandma Nuan said about it. Nan says she hopes everyone will understand and accept her decision for canceling the wedding between her and Yeo. “Nothing is sadder than living with someone who will never love you, because he has someone else filled up his heart.” she cries.

Namrin says it’s just as painful when forgotten by the one she loves.

Nan says even though he couldn’t remember her, she knows that in Yeo’s heart, there’s only her.

“You are the one he’s waiting for for his whole life.” she adds.

Grandma and Yeo are listening to Nan’s message.

“It’s time we stop lying to ourselves. A marriage life has to consist of love from both sides, not just one-sided love which, in the end, will end up with disappointment and sorrow from every party involved. Yeo, I submitted a request to study abroad and probably will be transferred to station over there….and won’t come back to Thailand again…”

Yeo looks at grandma.

Nan holds Namrin’s hand. “Please take care of Yeo. I want to see him smile, a smile of happiness for having you by his side. Please go and find your true love. I made an appointment with him for you.”

Nan gets up and leaves.

Yeo and grandma are listening to Nan, “Goodbye, Yeo. We will be best friends forever.” She tries to smile while crying at the same time.

Grandma says, “I’m sorry. I was wrong. I was wrong for making three persons unhappy especially you, my beloved grandchild. Yeo, the nooses which occurred in your life are starting to get loosen one after another. The things you do not understand starting to become clear to you. It’s not too late for you to go find your heart. I do believe that the love of yours will bring back all the good memories between you and Nam. Go now, go find the one you love, who loves you. Go find good memories of yours. (She touches his cheek) You know, your life belongs to you. (He wells up.) Go spend your life the happiest you can be. Grandma is sorry, so sorry…..I’m sorry.” She cries.

Yeo hugs her and says, “Thank you, grandma.”

Grandma hugs him and says, “I love you…I’m truly sorry.”

Thara is at the temple.

She narrates, “My life in the past made me realize that anger in more dangerous than fire, and there’s no fire could be as high as anger. We must extinguish the fire with water, and anger with forgiveness. From now on, my life will change. Forgiveness is the great charity of all. The result of merit from great charity is the happiness of being the giving end of above all the giving. (Inside the temple) I wish to forgive, any karma I committed to anyone in whatever worlds, please let persons with previous deeds on each other forgive me and my family, and hold no more anger and hatred. Also, karma anyone committed against me, I forgive them all and…… that I and my beloved family will hold no retribution for no one.”

[*Thara uses so many specific words which I may not correctly translate them. If anyone has a better version, please kindly share. Basically, what Thara says is she forgives everyone for everything anyone committed against her, and she prays that parties, she committed karma against, forgive her and her family.]

She touches her legs and it’s a miracle that both legs could feel again. She feels overwhelmed.

I know it’s too sudden but let’s think what the message they wanted to send across. Also, her legs may be due to her own stress over her bad deeds.

At a beach, Yeo stands there feeling annoyed. Namrin walks to him so he asks if he came here before.

She’s glad and asks if he remembers now. He shakes his head and says no, can’t.

Namrin: “You must remember. There’s a man who told me that I was such a self-centered, weepy, hot-tempered….”

He smiles and says she doesn’t appear that way.

She says she was like that in the past. She made others feel sad, but that man changed her…”He believes in me, believes in the goodness in me, and I, too, believe in him.”

She nags, “You must remember. You found a girl playing here.”

Yeo continues to shake his head. Well, the fact that he’s with her and tries hard making me think he already falls for her again anyway.

Yeo remains bitter while listening to her. She says, “Why you said once you loved someone, you would love that person forever then?”

A lightning strikes, which resembles the lightning the first time they met, so she gets scared and he quickly holds her in his arms. His memories come flooding all back this time around.

Flashbacks and it ends with Yeo saying, “I’m the person who once love someone, will love forever…and no matter what happens, I will never forget the woman named Namrin.”

Yeo looks down at Namrin and holds her closer. Then he breaks into a smile, “I love you.”

*fall flat on the floor*

She quickly looks at him, “You remember me now?”

He smiles and nods, “I do.”

He swoops in for a kiss on her cheek. “What are you doing?!” she asks.

He retorts, “I remember you stole a kiss on the cheek from me when I was young. Therefore….now I’ll take it back!”

Mark Yeo keeps kissing her cheek until she calls him a crazy man. He says let him have the interest too. Aww…so cute.

SongKhram says she can walk again which makes him very happy. Thara says her sickness this time brought her some nice thing, and that is she has her old friend back. He gives her her favorite flowers.

She says, “Thank you so much for the prettiest and the most prestigious (highest) Kaew flowers.”

He says it may no longer be her favorite flower, but he will continue to pick it for her everyday just like before.

She says she no longer wants the prettiest and the most prestigious flower, because she now has the nicest friend staying close to her and will continue to be by her side forever.

They smile to each other and he puts his arm around her shoulder. Aww…subtly sweet.

Yeo and Namrin are sitting at the dock. Namrin says she wishes aunt Prik is here.

He asks, “Who is Prik?”

She asks if he can’t remember ghost Prik. He looks at her, “And who are you?”

Namrin gets nervous, “You don’t remember me again?”

Yeo: “How could I forget a pretty girl like you? What’s your name again?”

She says, “My name is Namrin, the soul who stuck with you for several months!”

Yeo: “This is crazy. I can’t remember no matter what.”

Namrin: “What do I have to do so that you will remember?”

He makes his cheek bubble up and points at it.

Namrin: “You mean the golden fish. All right, I will get it for you, then may be you will remember.”

Yeo grabs her wrist, “Wait, no need to bring the golden fish.” he makes a big cheek again.

She asks if he wants her to slap him to make his memory come back. He stops her, “Not a slap. Just give me one kiss. One kiss and I will remember. But if you want me to remember all the way, it must be a kiss (on the lips).”

She slaps his arm. He cries out, “That hurts!”

She says then why teasing her. He says, “I should have let you continue be a soul so that it won’t hurt when you hit me.”

She says, “But you can’t kiss?”

Yeo: “Here, let me kiss you once.”

She says, “That’s crazy. You already remember.”

Yeo: “I could forget soon enough, forget in the morning, evening, or for the whole day.”

Yeo leans over and says, “Grandma!” Namrin turns to look but there’s no one so she turns back and Yeo already has his lips waiting and they land right on her cheek. Then he grabs her face for a kiss on another cheek. Aww…the man was under pressure being with a soul he couldn’t touch. Hehe.

She protests and says her face will be bruised now.

Yeo says, “Don’t you think it’s strange. We were together not many months but it feels like we were together for the whole life.”

Namrin: “Someone told me about the soul-mates (true pairing). The soul-mates who have been following each other across uncountable worlds. Do you believe in such thing?”

He holds her hand and says, “I believe that we have red thread tying us together. Whatever world…or location in the world we born into, we will eventually meet…to be together and love each other forever.”

Namrin says she wants to see that invisible red thread. He tells her to close her eyes, “Don’t open your eyes yet.”

He ties a read thread around her finger and tells her to open her eyes. He slides a ring over to her finger along the red thread, then puts it on her finger. “Nam, marry me.”

She’s surprised then smiles shyly and nods.

Grandma and the gang are taking a peek at them.

Grandma says, “You all become quiet so how do I know what they are doing? Tell me!”

NokNoi says, “They love each other.”

Grandma: “And then?”

PlaToo: “They kiss on the cheek too, grandma!”

Grandma: “Kiss and then?”

PooAut: “Kiss then hug…then k.i.s.s…!”

NokNoi: “Then this, he tears off her clothes!”

Grandma pokes his head saying that’s gross, her grandson won’t be that horny (in a funny way) with Nam.

Grandma tells them to leave. PooAut protests that it gets so romantic why leave now. Grandma says to go arrange a procession of the groom’s parents (or relatives) to ask for a wife for her grandson. They sing the song used in such event happily.

Namrin and Yeo stand together by the dock. Yeo says, “No matter what happens, we will love each other forever. All right, Nam?”

Namrin nods and says, “In whatever world or life, we will remain soul-mate of each other forever, Yeo.” He nods.

They hold hands. Then a sudden sound of a woman sobbing caught their attention. Both turn to look.

Yeo: “Hey, Nong (girl/sis),…are you all right?”

Namrin: “Why are you sitting here and crying?”

The girl perks up, “Pee…you can see me?”

Namrin and Yeo look at each other looking stunned.

The camera is panning upward and away into a New Year card, written on the screen is “Happy New Year 2558 na ka…” (aka Happy New Year 2015)

[The End]


That was a cool ending scene leaving us wonder for a possible part II. Well, that’s what I saw viewers speculate. I think it’s just a nice wrap up. A reflection of how it all began.

I was disappointed at first of how Yeo gained back his memory and how Thara suddenly could walk. I was fine with this episode until part 9, they crammed everything in there with such speed.

I don’t like how Nan ended up taking an easy way out of the story but that’s sadly true in real life. The way Thara could walk again could also be seen as her handicap may result from stress, so once she let go, her mind felt at ease and so did her physical condition.

Now how Yeo, with one lightning, could remember everything, either it’s a lazy writing, or running out of time, or editing issue, or…a nice way to look at it…it left us wonder what happened in the past life of Yeo that made things occur like we were seeing. I read viewers’ comments where some said they wanted to see Yeo in the past life and the story behind it. So in that sense, it’s a nice touch.

All in all, besides some loose crime and investigation part, kudos to the cast and crew. Great acting all around including PobThorn and NubDao. The director together with another author wrote this story themselves and it turned out to be a great step forwards. Hoping to see more and more lakorns taking at least a tiny bold step away from the norm in the future.

Love Yeo and Namrin all the way and that goes to great performance from Mark and Bella. Aww…they should have  brought back aunt Prik in the last scene, how I missed her  🙂

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  1. I will leave it here, from Mark IG (Jan 1, 2015)

    “Pob Rak has ended, how was it? On behalf of every party produced lakorn ‘Pob Rak’ , thank you everyone who loving it. Thank you for every criticism. Thank you for every compliment. See you again @metta_and_mahaniyom” (the producer of Pob Rak)

    • OMG does that mean he has another lakorn with the Production company or was this just polite way to end the conversation? I really like this production house. So far I have not been disappointed with any of their productions that I have watched. I have to go back and see if any of their older productions exists that are subtitled in English … hahaha

  2. I’d like to think that the little girl in the end is the soul of their daughter from their past life who will be reborn as their daughter in their new life.

    • Aww…I like it, what a way to put it, and the girl looked lovely too. I wonder if she’s newbie.

      I watched a variety show where the cast and the producer (she’s Thara in the lakorn) of Pob Rak were there. The producer turned to Bella and said, “See you next project.” (or sth similar). Hummm…interesting….for those of you who want to see Mark in a period lakorn, there’s one coming, Buang A-thit-than 🙂

      • Loved this angle to the story. The girl at the end was really, really pretty. Love this daughter angle. What does Buang A-thit-than mean?

        • My guess for Buang Athit-than sounds like someone makes a solemn wish (a-thit-than) which may bind/trap (buang) the parties involved on that particular wish? I haven’t checked the story but saw some fitting pictures, it seems to be both period and modern world into the mix. Take is as a few grain of salt 🙂 The title sounds familiar, a remake, may be?

  3. Excited to read the recap for episode 12. I have been very weary of lakorns this year so it took me some time before I decide to follow this one but I am glad I did. It had its share of faults but overall it has kept me engaged and I kept up with this one. I really enjoyed watching this lakron. Can’t wait to read the rest of the recaps when you have time to post them 🙂

    • “Jeez Grandma” is absolutely correct. I still don’t understand why grandma is forcing Nan onto Yeo when she knows that he is not interested in her being more than a friend. I simply am not able to understand Grandma’s logic esp after Yeo has been so direct about his likes and dislikes and feelings.

      • I think grandma may like a domestic type and Nan has been Yeo’s good friend for a long time and she even took the bullet for him, whereas she didn’t know Namrin that much. Nan defeated by a soul whom he couldn’t really touch. That’s called fate.

    • I’m enjoying that you/others are enjoying it like I do. It’s a good production from a good producer.

      • Absolutely!!!! It’s much more fun to watch when others feel the same way as you and we can discuss/disect etc in the same way. Thank you for completing the recaps for episode 12. Completely agree with all your comments. I did not expect this of myself, but I think I seem to have become a fan of Mark. He looked great, his body language was very good for a cop even in the action scenes and his acting was mostly good. I think he missed out on some emotions here and there but I am not sure if that was due to his lack of acting knowledge or if that was how it was directed to be. I totally missed Prik in the last scene. She was a really favourite character of mine in this lakorn.

        The last past was too cramped. Totally agree regarding that but I did like all the Buddhist teachings that were there throughout the series. Always a good refresher to keep in mind.

        I thought the writing could have been tighter but was not bad overall. Hopefully the future writing will be much better with experience from this one. Would totally love Yeo’s back story. The whole lightening/leg recovery thing reminded me a lot of really old Indian movies i.e ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s where such type of situations would happen in the movies …lol. In one movie a woman’s eye sight magically came back when she and her sons was praying after all the karma was exhausted …lol.

        All in all totally enjoyed this lakorn faults and all. No fault was so serious that in came in the way of enjoying this lakorn. Loved all the different relationships that were explored with different outcomes. There was a lot in this lakorn that can open itself up for further expanding as well as a part 2 lol. They should have the same cast back though!

        • So true, so many things could bring up a new story like how NubDao wished she and PobThorn meet again and be together forever in a peaceful relationship. Baddies reborn as a leading good couple haunted by their past bad deeds, aww…all right reserved! Muahahaha…

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