Pob Rak Episode 11

Hello 2015, and I’m still here with Yeo and Namrin. LOL.

Part 1

Thara looks at a photocopy of a check payable to NubDao so she calls SongKhram, who’s saying that he will find out who deposited and withdrew the money.

SongKhram tells Yeo that someone sent Thara information of NubDao’s bank account, and the figure is huge. Yeo says NubDao is only an employee so how she could have such huge amount. SongKhram says that’s what Thara wants to know.

Yeo asks what he’s suspecting now. He says he wonders who sent Thara the info.

PlaToo is looking through the lotto winning numbers, and he’s totally defeated, all six digits. Grandma tells Nan that Yeo said he’s an urgent work to do and took off, and she came just when he left.

PlaToo says it means their fortunes are unmatched. Grandma scolds him for bad talking. Grandma tells Nan not to think too much, and for those who are about to become husband and wife, it’s normal to fight. PooAut says just like a tongue and teeth, it’s a big deal when they crash (they sing Pee Bird’s song).

Grandma yells at them to stop joking when her future granddaughter-in-law is stressed out. Nan says it’s all right and it’s fun when they sing. So Platoo says when the fan asks for it, they have to sing a complete song, and they resume singing. LOL

Yeo comes home and grandma asks where he’d been when Nan waited for him all day. He says he told her already that he had an urgent work. Grandma says he doesn’t have to use work as an excuse and she knows that he’s trying to avoid Nan. He says she’s thinking too much of it.

Grandma says he will marry her soon so why he doesn’t use his free time to take care of his fiancée. He holds her hand and says Nan is not a weak person. Grandma asks if that’s why he chose to take care of Nam instead when she’s not even his fiancée.

Yeo: “Grandma, we already talked about this. If you still don’t understand then I won’t have anything to say.” He excuses himself.

Yeo is looking at the fish. Namrin says grandma is worried about Nan. Yeo says, “But grandma doesn’t worry about how I feel at all.”

Namrin says grandma did everything because she loves him and wants to see him with a suitable wife. She says when the time comes, they should choose the right thing over what they prefer.

He says the only thing he wants to do now is finding her body, then lead her soul back in.

Namrin comes to Thara’s house and talks to her mom that there’s only one Wan Phra left for her to go back to her body, and if she doesn’t succeed, she may not see her again.

Namrin comes to Thara’s side and says, “Mom, my time is almost over. I sorry I won’t be able to stay and take care of you. Please forgive me.”

Thara could feel it so she asks if it’s Nam. Namrin asks if she can see her now. Thara says, “You’re so close to me that I can feel it.”

Namrin says she’s right in front of her. Thara looks around and says she wants to hug her so much. Namrin says she wants her to hug her too.

Thara says, “Even though I can’t see you, I believe in the power of love I have for you.”

Namrin says she wants her power and strength.

“My love for you will shield you from harm and bring you home, Namrin.”

Namrin cries and thanks her.

NubDao asks PobThorn why Thara suddenly called for a meeting. He says he doesn’t know too.

Thara says this urgent meeting is about how NubDao made a deal with the contractor bidding for the project and cheated on the specification of the construction materials. She says there are many pieces of evidence that NubDao received payment for nominating the contractor’s name and took commission for changing the spec of construction materials.

NubDao says that’s not true, she didn’t do it and she’s framed. Thara asks PobThorn if everything must be done according to the company’s rules. He says yes and he will appoint a committee to investigate this matter as soon as possible and NubDao is suspended from work until she’s proved innocent.

NubDao yells, “What?”

Part 2

PobThorn is feeling content drinking wine. NubDao barges in and asks why he didn’t save her in there and let her be the only party suffered. He tells her to calm down and he’s trying to find a way to help her.

She says if there’s an evidence then she will be put in jail on embezzlement, and she doesn’t want to go to jail. He says the more she becomes impatient, the more she loses her senses.

He says he promises he won’t abandon her and will do everything to help her. He tells her she must lay low quietly for now. She nods and hugs him.

Thara says NubDao is Namrin’s close friend and the person she trusted, so she couldn’t believe she dared to do it.

Yeo says, “Greed can always change a person.”

Thara says it must be her bad karma, she hurt so many people for her benefit, and in the end, the one close to her betrayed her.

SongKhram says she paid for her karma enough already and now it’s time for others to pay.

Namrin says she’s scared that her mother won’t be safe. Yeo says SongKhram won’t let Khun Thara be harmed for sure.

Thara asks why he told her to slow down NubDao’s investigation instead of hurriedly putting it to court. SongKhram says YodChat, Busabun and Mr.Liu, all these suspects in drug dealer case transferred fund into NubDao’s bank account, and there’s an evidence that NubDao transferred fund to a gunman who tried to harm her.

Namrin says NubDao was behind her and her mother’s ambushes and also the big boss of an international drug dealer organization. Yeo says NubDao can’t do such a huge job alone. Namrin says he should have believed her in the first place that it’s NubDao.

Yeo says he believes only confirmed evidence and NubDao is connected to many cases so the police must be very carefully and cannot make mistake.

Yeo gets a text message from Daranee that they found the doctor who took care the burned hospital near the sea.

NubDao follows PobThorn’s car then calls him and asks why he came to Thara’s house this early in the morning. He looks if she’s here. She asks if he thinks of betraying her. He says no, he came to get rid of Thara for her.

She says that’s not true and she knew that he secretly hid Namrin’s body, and when she went there to burn it, he saved her again. She says she’s useless to him now so he’s thinking of going back to Namrin. She tells him not to expect she will let him be happy.

He says he kept Namrin’s body for their benefit. She yells that she couldn’t see any good reason beside he still loves Namrin. She says she holds all of his secrets and when it’s necessary, she has to use it.

He says in order to prove his love for her, they will go together to destroy Namrin’s body. She asks if he means it. He says of course, he will give her the address and she can take some men and go there first, and give him time to take care of Thara then he will quickly follow her. NubDao hangs up and throws her phone away.

Thara is talking to herself why today she feels frightened like something’s going to happen. Namrin says may be because her time is almost up.

The housekeeper comes in and says PobThorn is waiting to see her.

Yeo climbs over the house’s gate and gets inside the house. He pulls out his gun and searches each room. Then he opens a door to one room and sees Namrin’s body lying there.

Part 3

Yeo is stunned to see Namrin’s body.

Thumbs up, Mark portrayed this moment so well.

He slowly sits down and touches her hand, “Nam! You’re still alive. You aren’t dead.”

A man’s voice comes up, “Who are you?…How could you get in here?”

Yeo tells him that he’s a police officer.

PobThorn talks to Thara, “I have an important thing to tell you. I can’t keep it a secret any longer.”

Thara: “What is it?”

PobThorn: “I cheated on Namrin. I did it because I was drunk, but I really didn’t mean it, and NubDao had used this to threaten and blackmail me all this time. (Flashbacks)…NubDao was the one put poison in the tea for you to drink. She was behind the plan to harm Namrin and you, because she wants your assets and wants to use Rin Thara Group as a way to commit unlawful acts and to sell narcotics.”

Both Thara and Namrin, who is  also listening to him, are stunned.

Namrin: “NubDao!”

PobThorn: “I feel guilty to you and Nam all along. I harmed the family who I’m indebted to so seriously that I shouldn’t be forgiven. I’m sorry, aunty. I’m so sorry.”

Thara yells at him, “How could you feel guilty only now?!”

He says it’s because NubDao is about to commit the worst thing in her life, and he can’t let her do it.

Thara asks, “What’s she going to do?”

PobThorn: “It’s Namrin. NubDao is going to harm Namrin, aunty.”

Thara: “Namrin? So you knew where she is?”

He nods and says, “Yes, and I’m going to take you to the place NubDao hidden Namrin.”

Namrin gets excited hearing that.

Yeo carries Namrin (the body) out of the room and starts running to leave the house as soon as possible.

NubDao enters the house and sees him so she orders her lackeys to take Namrin’s body back. She pulls out her gun and says, “You think of running away from me?”

PobThorn is taking Thara to the house.

Yeo puts Namrin down to take all the lackeys down. Then he carries her outside. NubDao intercepts the doctor who’s trying to run away, “Doctor, you can’t get away from me.”

Doctor: “Please don’t harm me. You scared me.”

She shoots him down then turns to the direction of Yeo.

Yeo runs outside the house with Namrin in his arms. He stops on his tracks staring at the car then makes up his mind to use it. He carefully puts Namrin’s body inside the car.

He looks at the steering wheel and shakes the fear away. “No matter what happens, I will take your body to the same place so that your soul can get back in.”

NubDao shouts at him, “Stop there!” and starts shooting crazily like firing some firecrackers. Yeo gets inside the car and drives away.

The police arrive and NokNoi pulls out his gun and tells NubDao to surrender when she’s completely surrounded. SongKhram and Nan arrive at the scene. NokNoi tells other officers to get inside and clear the place.

Thara arrives and asks where Namrin is. SongKhram says Namrin was brought here but Yeo already took her out. She asks where Yeo is taking her. Nan says they just missed him and she called him but the line was busy, she thinks he’s taking her to the hospital.

Namrin hears that so she swaps away.

Nan is taking NubDao to the police station. She looks at PobThorn and says, “Pee Thorn, help me. Don’t abandon me.” He looks away while she keeps staring at him. SongKhram is watching PobThorn very closely.

Yeo is driving to the accident site. Suddenly Namrin shows up startling him and says, “You finally found my body. I’m really still alive.”

Yeo: “You show up without any sound.”

Namrin: “You knew how to drive?”

Yeo: “Yes, but too scared to drive. Okay?”

Namrin: “Then you drive to save me. Thank you, thank you so much.”

Prik shows up too, “So romantic.”

Namrin: “Aunt Prik! How could you come?”

Prik: “How could I miss such crucial moment? Tell Yeo, the one you so love, to take you where you had an accident fast or the time will be up. You must go back to your body from there.”

Namrin tells him to hurry and she has to go back to her body at the spot the accident occurred. He nods and speeds up. Prik cries out having so much fun.

Part 4

Yeo arrives at the accident site and puts Namrin’s body on the ground. He tells Namrin to hurry and get back in her body. Namrin says she doesn’t know how.

Prik tells her to concentrate on her body and join her soul and body as one. Namrin closes her eyes and tries to concentrate.

The bad ghost shows up and says he won’t let her live, “You murderer!”

Namrin sees him and gets scared so Yeo asks what happened. She says that ghost came and won’t let her go back in. Prik says she will buy the time for her and tells Namrin to hurry and get in.

Prik turns to the ghost and says, “Today is the last Wan Phra for you!”

The ghost gathers his strength and throws Prik away. He shouts, “Your last day is the day you return my life to me!”

He strangles Namrin and then Yeo, “Your both souls must stay here instead of me!”

Prik pulls him back so he has to let go of both Yeo and Namrin, but the ghost soon is able to break free from Prik’s hold.

Namrin: “Aunt Prik! He has so much power, how can we fight him?!”

Prik looks up at the changing clouds and says, “The time for *sampa-vaesri (spirits roaming after death, not yet go anywhere – not sure about the spelling)  is almost up…..(sth) which hunts down evil spirits is about to appear to take back the roaming ghosts!”

The ground breaks apart and hands come up to pull the bad ghost down.

Yeo: “What’s happening?!”

Namrin: “Hell is sucking down the wicked spirit!”

Prik: “Your time is up, you wicked ghost!”

Namrin: “Hell is hunting down the roaming spirits! Aunt Prik, you are one too so your soul is also unsafe.”

Prik: “Once born, once extinguish. I (her soul) will be extinguished anyway so let’s it worth something.” She jumps to the ghost and hugs him tight.

The ghost shouts that they can’t harm him and he will kill her. Prik says don’t hope for it and just go to hell. Both of them are dropping down to the burning ground.

Namrin: “Don’t, aunt Prik! Let go of him!….Let go of him now!”

Prik: “Goodbye, see you in the next world.”

Namrin: “Aunt Prik!”

Both spirits disappeared. Namrin cries and explains to Yeo, “I made aunt Prik’s soul be destroyed! I feel so bad.”

Yeo holds her and says, “You must get back in your body. Don’t waste Prik’s sacrifice. Nam, join your body and soul as one. You can do it.”

She closes her eyes and tries to concentrate. She disappears into her body.

Yeo smiles and holds her face, “Nam! You got back in your body. Nam! you did it. Your life will turn to normal soon.”

The bad ghost suddenly rises up from the burning ground, “There’s no way you will live. You must fall down to hell with me!”

Yeo tries to protect Namrin but he gets thrown away.

“You must die!” the ghost yells.

Prik shows up, “Get back down!” and she pulls him down the burning fire under the ground. He cries out in pain. Then everything returns to normal.

Yeo got thrown into the water and lost his consciousness. His memory is traveling fast backwards.

Yeo: “I will never let go of your hand…I will go with you…wherever.”

Namrin: “I’m glad to see you are happy.”

Yeo: “I’m happy to have you.”

Namrin: “You said you wouldn’t abandon me so I won’t abandon you either.”

Yeo: “Once I love someone, I will love forever….and no matter what happens, I won’t forget the woman named Namrin.”

Yeo: “What’s your name?”

His memory stops at the accident scene where he met Namrin for the first time.

Both Namrin and Yeo are being wheeled into an emergency room. Yeo’s blood pressure keeps dropping while Namrin is still unconscious.

SongKhram tells Thara to be at ease since she has her daughter now. He says Namrin will survive for sure.

Yeo’s pulse rate is apparently very low. They’re trying to bring him back.

Namrin’s pulse is back to normal but she’s still unconscious.

While Namrin stirs awake, it’s a flat line for Yeo.

Part 5

Namrin stirs awake, while the doctor is looking at his watch and about to declare Yeo’s death, Yeo’s pulse came back.

The nurse tells NokNoi that the visiting hours is over for today so he can come again from 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. He tells grandma that and tells her to go back for today and come again tomorrow.

He suggests Nan go back too but she tells them to go back while she will wait for Yeo here. He says she can do nothing by staying here so she better leave for today.

Nan says if she goes back, she will get impatient and want to come back here, so it’s better that she stays.

Grandma wonders, “Will there be anyone in this world love Yeo as much as you do? I think you are the most suitable woman for Yeo.”

NokNoi takes grandma to the elevator. She asks if he presses the button (to go down). He says he did. SongKhram is taking Thara to the elevator too. He greets grandma, “Sawasdee krap, grandma Nuan. It’s me, SongKhram.”

She greets him back. He asks how Yeo is. Grandma says Yeo is still unconscious and the doctor wants him to stay in the ICU for now to observe his condition tonight.

Thara greets grandma and says her name is Thara and Yeo saved her daughter’s life. She thanks grandma.

Grandma says it’s all right because Yeo is a policeman so his duty is to help the citizens, and getting injured is common for such risky profession. Thara says she would like to take care all of Yeo’s medical expenses. Grandma smiles and says she doesn’t have to when the government will pay all of it.

NokNoi whispers to grandma to help saving cost for the government. Grandma tells Thara that it’s up to her then. Thara says she will pray for Yeo to get well soon. Grandma thanks her and says she will offer food to the monk (make merit) for her daughter too, “What’s the name of your daughter?”

Thara says, “It’s Namrin.” Grandma pauses after hearing the name.

SongKhram is on the phone with his staff saying they can report it when he’s back in the office, which he’s about to go there. He tells Thara she should go back and get some rest, and he can pick her up tomorrow to bring her here.

Thara says she will sleep here watching over Namrin, so that when she opens her eyes, she will see her mother the first one. He tells her to find the time and get some rest too. She nods so he leaves.

Nan cries looking at Yeo who’s still in the ICU.

Thara looks Namrin and says, “Finally, we meet. I feel sad that the bad karma I did caused you such unfortunate. You must wake up, so that together we will fix the past mistakes. Nam, you must wake up, all right?…”

Namrin appears in an old house. She looks around then sees Prik. She calls and runs upstairs to her.

“Aunt Prik, where are you going?”

Prik turns to her and smiles. Namrin asks, “Aunt Prik, why are you…”

Prik: “It’s because I’m about to rest-in-peace.”

Namrin: “Meaning we won’t see each other again?”

Prik: “Of course, we will meet, whether it’ll this world, next world or others. The two of us can’t get away from each other. Don’t want to meet, we will meet. Don’t want to part, we will part. Because we committed karma together.”

Namrin: “How do you know that?”

Prik: “Of course, I know, because this is not the first time the two of us meet. Confused? You’re confused, aren’t you? Still looking pretty even when you’re confused. Do you remember I told you everything always happened having its own reason. We were born for something, just like how you and I were born to take care and help each other in every world.”

Namrin: “In every world? You and I met in many worlds (past lives) before?”

Prik: “That’s right, my young miss (Khun Nu).” (She addresses Namrin  like in ancient time.)

Namrin’s dress changes to a traditional costume worn in the past. (Man, I want her in ‘Kha-Badin’ now.)

They sit down and talk.

Prik: “If young miss and Yeo born for love, between you and me is loyalty. Love, no matter what type, could happen from two things: was helping each other in the past world, or help taking care of each other in this world.”

Namrin: “That means I met aunt Prik and Yeo before?”
Prik: “Young miss and Yeo were husband and wife who lived through ups and downs together, and were longingly parted, most importantly, you had done good deeds (merit) within the Buddhist…(?) together in uncountable worlds, and that turned into a force,,from good karma, pulling your souls to always be together. Just like the Chinese’s tale of the red thread which tied them to meet and fall in love. It’s bup-phe san-ni-wat (state of being husband and wife in the past life).”

Namrin: “Bup-phe san-ni-wat, you say?”

Namrin says but in this life, they both engaged to others. “So our love can never be.”

Prik: “The past good deeds made you meet. The new good deeds will help making you end up together in this life. If you believe and have faith, whether it’ll be this world or others, you will end up together and never part forever.”

Namrin: “Then what about us? Why do we have to part today? (She holds her hands and cries) I don’t want you to leave. (She hugs her) Can’t you stay with me?”

Prik: “My time is up. I already protected and took care of you, young miss. My duty is done. I must leave. Don’t be sad. Where there’s ‘meet’, there’s also ‘part’. Part to meet again. Another type of love made us meet, the two of us won’t be able to run away from each other, young miss.”

(Hope ,at least, you get an idea what Prik said)

Prik disappears and also Namrin.

Back to the hospital, Namrin cries, “Aunt Prik!” Namrin wakes up and sees Thara, “Mom.”

Thara wakes up and sees her, “Nam, you’re awake.”

Thara tells her not to get up yet, her body is still very weak. Namrin says, “Mom, I missed you. I want to hug you.” Thara says the same with her, and from now on, they won’t part again.

Part 6

Nan cries looking at her engagement ring. She recalls how Yeo walked away as soon as he put the ring on her finger and he told her he wasn’t ready to let anyone meddle with his private matters, and he suggested that they keep some distance from now on.

Yeo moves his finger a little.

A nurse asks Nan what her relationship with the patient is. Nan says she’s his fiancée. The nurse says the patient gained back his consciousness, even though not yet awake, he’s out of danger, and the doctor allows the patient to leave the ICU tomorrow. Nan feels glad and thanks her.

Thara tells Namrin that the doctor will do a complete checkup on her which she thinks it’s a good idea so that Namrin will stay the most healthy and be safest.

Namrin asks if she heard any news of the cop who saved her life. Thara asks if she means Yeo, he’s been taking care of in this hospital too. Namrin asks what happened to him. Thara says there was an accident in the water and he’s still unconscious.

Namrin says she wants to visit him. Thara smiles and says take care of herself first. “No matter what, he saved your life which means you and he made merit (had done good deeds) together in the past life, so no matter what, the two of you will meet again.”

Namrin feels something and sees that Yeo is being wheeled into the elevator. Yeo moves his finger a bit and Nan gets excited and alerts the nurse. She asks if he’s awake. The nurse says let’s check first then says no, could be a muscle’s reflex.

Namrin is trying to walk again and gets better by the day. She hugs Thara and says she can walk to hug her now. Thara smiles happily and praises her effort.

SongKhram comes to visit Yeo. He says many days passed and yet he’s not awake. Nan says he moved his body a little but the doctor said it’s only muscle’s reflex.

He asks if she already set the wedding date with Yeo. Nan says it won’t happen soon. She says she won’t abandon Yeo and she has no one but him. SongKhram stares at her with  a watchful eye.

PobThorn is on the phone telling someone that he doesn’t trust NubDao and thinks she could reveal their secrets any time so tell their spy to keep an eye on her, if she thinks of betraying them, just get rid of her.

SongKhram gets off the elevator and finds PobThorn standing there. PobThorn politely greets him.

Namrin is undergoing a physical therapy. Thara says the doctor allows her to go home tomorrow. Namrin says that’s great, she really wants to go home. She asks if she can visit an important person before they leave, and she wants to thank him in person.

Namrin cries looking at Yeo, “Yeo, it’s me Namrin. I’m no longer a soul and now return to you with body full of life. You sacrificed your life to save me. You are in this condition because of me. Yeo, please wake up! Come back and look at me like you used to.”

Nan comes in and sees Namrin, “You…” Namrin perks up feeling awkward.

PobThorn is talking to SongKhram. He says aunt Thara seems to be in a good mood these days, it must be because Nam’s condition improved drastically. He says he can’t help feeling glad to see that his loved ones, the two of them, are feeling happy.

SongKhram says if he didn’t know the past story, he would think he’s such a perfect fiance. PobThorn asks if he come to visit Yeo everyday these days. SongKhram says not everyday because he’s busy with NubDao’s case, and he’s expanding the investigation to find out who else connected to this case.

PobThorn says he’s so mad at himself to fall and used by NubDao. SongKhram says he’s such a clever man so it’s hard to believe that he would be easily used by anyone.

PobThorn argues that sometimes the cleverest one could be the stupidest one in certain matter. They both glare at each other.

Part 7

Nan is wiping Yeo’s body with a cloth. She tells Namrin that it should be a nurse doing it but she wants to practice, in case he would be like this for a long time.

Namrin says he looks like he’s sleeping and like a sick person, so may be it won’t be that bad.

Nan says the doctor said he’s out of oxygen for too long, and it’s a miracle that he survived.

Yeo moves his finger a bit and says, “Nam…Nam…”

Nan hears him so she calls the nurse right away. “Yeo, you’re awake!”

Both women are so happy. Nan’s eyes slowly turn to Namrin and she notices that her hand is on his arm feeling so glad.

The doctor takes a look at him and says the patient’s blood pressure and pulse are back to normal. He suggests the patient rest some more and he will come to check on him again. Nan thanks him.

Yeo looks at Namrin who is smiling from ear to ear. He turns to Nan and greets her instead, “Nan, you came back from abroad?”

Nan says she came back for two months already. Yeo says why he didn’t know about it. He asks if she came back ahead of the schedule. She says no, she graduated then came back. She says they met regularly before this and even worked together on a case, “Don’t you remember?”

He pauses then asks how he turned up at the hospital. She says, “You helped Khun Namrin to escape and there was an accident and you drowned in the water.”

Namrin smiles broadly, “You saved my life, do you remember?”

He gets confused and shakes his head. She asks, “You don’t remember anything? Try to think. You must remember me.”

Suddenly he has a headache so Nan calls the doctor and tells Namrin to leave for now.

Namrin walks out of the room and cries that Yeo doesn’t recognize her.

The doctor says from what he sees, his brain is functioning normally, only a part of his memory was lost.

Yeo says from what he can remember, he was riding his bike home and learned about an accident by the reservoir. Nan tells the doctor that it’s an incident happened months ago. Yeo says he remembers nothing after that.

The doctor says the brain is a complicated organ and they still don’t know what caused it. Nan holds Yeo’s hand to give him a support.

SongKhram asks if Namrin can walk better now. She says yes. PobThorn says it’s because she gets a good support. He asks Namrin if she wants to get some fresh air downstairs and he can take her.

Thara urges Namrin to go and she’s going home. She tells PobThorn to take good care of Namrin. He says he’ll do that. SongKhram glares at him.

PobThorn takes Namrin downstairs and says it’s good to get some air and she may recover slower if staying only in the room. He says he’s so lucky that aunt Thara still trusts him to look after her and the whole Rin Thara Group.

He kneels down and apologizes to her for all the things in the past, and from now on, he promises he will take the best care of her. Namrin apologizes to him for being so self-centered in the past that sometimes behaving unreasonably.

PobThorn: “The two of us will start over and when we marry, I promise I will make you the happiest woman in the world.”

She says to herself, “I will be happy only when I see him happy.”

He bends down to ask, “Who’s that? Do you mean me?”

Namrin says, “The person I love.”

He says he will be the happiest man when they get married.

Nan asks Yeo if he’s having a headache again, and to tell her right away. Namrin and Yeo cross path in the hallway so she smiles to him but he looks the other way. Namrin feels sad and cries.

Part 8

Thara tells SongKhram that she wants to retire and puts all the business in Namrin’s hand from now, and PobThorn should be able to teach Namrin the work.

He asks if she trusts PobThorn now. She says no, but she wants to give chance to a person who had made mistake. He argues that PobThorn was involved in harming her and Namrin.

Thara says everything rooted from herself who done everything for her gains, which in turn making everyone including herself unhappy.

Thara: “From now on, I will be like water (calm and peaceful), keep doing good deeds, always be conscious, reduce anger and hatred in my heart, and learn to forgive. I know it’s hard to do but I will keep trying.”

SongKhram says he will give her support. He wants to see her be happy. She says she’s so lucky to have him as her friend. They both smile.

Grandma and her gang come visit Yeo at the hospital. PlaToo and PooAut are busy with a fruit basket. Grandma asks what those two are doing. NokNoi says eating.  Grandma says that’s for the patient. LOL.

Nan says the doctor said Yeo could go home tomorrow. Everyone cheers. Yeo says that’s too much, they feel happier than the patient himself.

Grandma says they are happy because they can arrange the ceremony for him. Namrin is outside by the door and hears them. They are singing the song used in traditional wedding.

Yeo smiles and asks grandma who’s getting married. PooAut says who else, it’s Nan. NokNoi tells Yeo not to let his fiancée get away, hurry marry her and have kids soon. Namrin listens to them.

Yeo asks if he already engaged to Nan. Grandma says of course, and Nan loves him very much. Yeo is confused.

NokNoi tells Yeo that he got injured this time, Nan watched over him without fail and even didn’t go to work much. Yeo looks at Nan so she says she just finished a big case so it’s like taking a holiday break. Yeo still looks wonder.

Namrin walks away.

PobThorn takes Namrin home. She tells him she can walk and brushes his hand away from her back. Thara says welcome home. Namrin thanks her.

Namrin is annoyed looking at PobThorn. Thara asks what happened why she looks so pale. Namrin says she must be tired then excuses herself to go rest upstairs. Thara nods while PobThorn tells her to do that.

Thara talks to PobThorn if it could be that Namrin is not yet fully recovered, the doctor shouldn’t let her come home. PobThorn says a person after an accident is like this, an outside wound may fully healed, but the mind is still affected. He says he promises he will take care of Namrin very closely so that she will return to her usual-self very soon. Thara thanks him.

He kneels down to her and says it’s him who should thank her for still giving him a chance. “I felt very sad that I hurt the ones I loved the most mistakenly without thinking. I’m sorry, aunty.”

Thara pats his shoulder, “PobThorn, I love you like my own son. When a son made a mistake, how can a mother not forgive. A strong one mustn’t cry, you remember what I told you, don’t you?” He wipes his tears and says yes.

She says a person who sincerely asks for forgiveness, deserves to be forgiven.

Thara comes to pay respect to Nuti. She says, “I’m sorry to commit such bad thing to a friend. Nuti, please forgive me.” PobThorn looks at her trying to keep calm.

Part 9

Namrin comes to Yeo’s house. She opens the gate and says, “He thinks he’s a crime-buster (a cop) so he doesn’t lock the gate like always.” She looks around and walks to the dock and sits down.

She recalls Yeo said, “You think a bird seeing the sky everyday will forget it on a rainy day? Sky is the sky no matter what.” Namrin asks what if the bird is blind. He says sometimes memory is not in the brain which can forget, but the heart never forgets.

Namrin cries thinking of it. Yeo and Nan come home. He sees Namrin so he walks to her. “You…”

Namrin turns to him swiftly and recalls the same incident when he asked her that day, “You…what happened? Why are you crying?”

Namrin says she’s all right. He asks who she is and why sit and cry here when it’s his house.

Namrin: “You really don’t remember me?”

He sits down and stares at her, then he smiles, “Right, I remember you.”

Namrin smiles. He says, “It’s you I met at the hospital and Nan told me that I saved your life, right?”

Namrin’s smile faded. She says, “Between you and me, there are more details than that. I’m Namrin. You loved to call me Khun Nai Yor-yang (madam demanding). Can you remember?”

He has a headache again. Nan runs to him. She sees that Namrin is there so she says, “You, Yeo just got out of the hospital today so you should let him rest a lot. Yeo, are you having a headache?”

Namrin doesn’t know what to do so she says, “Then, please give this sweets to grandma Nuan for me.” Namrin walks away crying.

Thara is combing Namrin’s hair and asks if something is bothering her. Namrin says nothing. When she asks again, Namrin says there’s really nothing.

Thara: “The two of us never talk how we feel inside like mother and daughter at all, because I was so busy working and had no time. From now on, I will spend time with you as much as I can to make up for the time we lost.”

Namrin kneels down and says, “Mom, I promise that from now on I will behave better and stop being so self-centered because it’s like I born again. I want to start a new life by correcting all the mistakes in the past.” Thara nods and they hug.

Namrin comes to see NokNoi. He’s saying that the thing has passed and he had arrested the person who killed his daughter, moreover, the case is closed already so he thinks no more of it.

Namrin says she will still feel unhappy if she doesn’t apologize to him and receive his forgiveness. He says, “Everyone born for something. NokYoong, my daughter, born to pay for her karma which she may committed in her past life, and the person who killed her was YodChat, not you. Therefore, you are free of guilt and I forgive you.”

A wind is blowing so Namrin looks around. Yeo walks over and sits down so NokNoi greets him and asks if he comes to work the first day. Yeo smiles and says he doesn’t want to sleep and waste citizen’s tax money.

Yeo sees Namrin and says, “It’s you again. It’s so strange, I keep seeing you wherever I go.” Yeo looks at his phone and pays no attention to her. Namrin is disappointed.

Yeo comes to his office and looks through files of cases: YodChat, Busabun Spa, Selling of aroma narcotics. He wonders when he had done that.

Namrin walks to him so he asks what he can do for her. He invites her to sit down. Namrin says she only comes to thank him for helping her with so many things.

Yeo: “Many? What I heard, I only took you out of that house.”

Namrin: “Not only that. You helped finding my body, searching info from the document files and computer, and you looked for my body at the hospitals.”

She shows him a file. “Here, this is the info of my name list. You said there were millions whose name was ‘Nam’ so how you were going to find me, but I forced you to look for it anyway. Sorry, I was such a bad person.”

Yeo: “Wait, the more I listen, the more I get confused. You were unconscious so how could you know that I helped finding your body?”

Namrin: “My body was unconscious but my soul was here…with you…right here. We searched for the info together. Can you remember?”

Yeo has a headache again. She calls out for help if someone is out there. Nan runs to them and sees Namrin, “Yeo!…It’s you again.”

Namrin tells her to hurry and take him to the hospital and her car parks in the front. Nan says, “That’s all right, thank you. Please leave.” Namrin wants to look at Yeo but Nan repeats, “Please leave.”

Nan sits down next to him and says, “Yeo, enough for today. Let’s go home.”

Grandma is telling Nan that Yeo kept sleeping in his bedroom since he came back yesterday, why go to work, he should wait until he’s fully recovered first.

Nan says, “It wasn’t because of work, it’s because of that woman.”

Grandma asks, “Who’s that? The woman Yeo had saved?”

Nan says, “Yes, every time he saw her, he would have a headache.”

Grandma says it must be a coincidence, it’s a person and not a disease to have a headache when seeing. Nan says she will go inside to check on him.

Nan gets inside the bedroom and sees that Yeo is sleeping. She tidies up the room saying why this mess.

Grandma hears someone coming and wonders who came. Grandma says, “Nam!” Namrin smiles and greets her. Grandma invites her inside.

Episode 12 Preview

PobThorn: “Life has nothing certain. Death can happen everywhere.”

Gunman: “Target locked, ready to shoot.”

PobThorn: “Fire!”

PobThorn: “I’ve prepared a spot for you to die, aunty….So that you can lie down and be dead beside Dad Nuti.”


Oy. It’s sad for both Namrin and Nan. Keep in mind that Nan never sees Namrin before when she’s a soul, which makes it super sad.

*Happy New Year!*


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  1. Thanks for the recaps! Happy new year once again!
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    • Happy New Year!
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      • I like Kim and Mark and I like Ann and Peter ( from what I see in the teasers) too but I still don’t know if I will or can follow this one. Still debating esp since I don’t know if anyone is going to recap or subtitle this. It seems like it will be very dialog dependent and if we don’t know the language it will be hard to follow.

        On another, yes poor Nan. But why did you do this to yourself Nan? It was such a bad idea to hide the engagement from Yeo esp when you had doubts about how Yeo was behaving. Moral of the story – believe your own gut and intuition. Don’t listen what your love interests parents/grand parents say. They will always try to cover up for their own child. 😀 :-D.

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